MN Episode 2 Planets (Minor SPOILERS)

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by Salacious_Crummy, Dec 15, 2000.

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    Well, as you probably have already guessed, in SW:Episode 2 we will return to Naboo (although some middle-class areas will be included), Tattooine, and Coruscant (besides the senate, also some of the scummier sections of the planet, i.e. the lower levels). But two new planets will also be visited.

    The first planet is Geonasis. It is a (red?) rocky planet with towering stalagmites. The beings who live on this world live underground and thus most of the stuctures are built under or into the planet. You'll also notice that Geonasis sounds awfully close to Genasis, the first book of the Bible telling about the beginnings of everything. This will give you a clue about a couple things that will happen there.

    The other planet is Kamino (named after the El Camino possibly--don't ask me why though). It is a planet entirely covered by water. The cities are built on top of the water with support columns reaching to the ocean floor below. It rains all the time on this planet also. I can't really say much about the importance of this planet without getting into big spoilers. Although part of it is that someone from a previous film is rumored to have residence hear, besides the bigger spoiler.

    If enough people want further indepth spoilers (i.e. bigger spoilers) about what goes on here, I will post them in a few days. Or just talk to me in ICQ since my e-mail isn't working right now. Or if you post when, I could talk to you on AIM. I've been reading pretty much every spoiler I can get my hands on from several different sites, so I can tell you about a wide variety of things if you want to know. That is all for now though.
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    Slight correction:

    "Geonasis" is actually spelled GeonOsis.


    Geonosis is where the battle droids are made; and is also the location of the first battle of the Clone Wars. Kamino is where the clones are grown.

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