Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith

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    EPISODE 3:
    written by A. A. Silver

    A small Sith Starship heads through space to the small world of Naboo. Numerous ships are stationed there. Federation ships overseeing the operation. Corrielian freighters offering assitance. Refugees ships helping the Naboo off the dying world. Personal craft for the brave, speed in all directions away from their home. The small starship heads for the Federation flagship. The Sith starship lands and is meet by small platoon of driods. Darth Trydoon, a Sith Lord, comes down the ramp. Rushing to greet him is Nute Gunray, Viceroy of the Federation. The Viceroy is accompinied by Lott Dott.

    NUTE: ??Lord Trydon, welcome to my Federation ship Lukea. Please make yourself at home.??
    DARTH TRYDON: ?? I shall. I have new orders for you Viceroy.??
    NUTE: ?? Simpler ones I hope.??
    TRYDON:?? For your small brain, yes. My masters wishes for you to speed the destruction of Naboo.??
    NUTE: ??Yes My Lord, now if only the means-??
    TRYDON: ??You willreceive the appropriate amount of driods for that task. I want the Kyber Crystal! At any cost! Continue searching the mines! I want Lord Sidiuos to be greeted with a pale sick world on the brink of death. Do you understand me???
    NUTE: ??Perfectly Lord Trydon.??

    The mountainous world of Janus.

    On this world, two driods travel, with occasional bickering between them. The innocent looking castle ahead is the destination.

    C-3PO: This is all wrong! R2 were going in the wrong direction!
    R2-D2: Swee He He!
    C-3P0: Qualified? Who do you think you are a secret agent?
    R2-D2: Innocent beep
    C-3PO: I know, that?s the problem. Neither of us are qualified for this mission.
    R2-D2: Beeps
    C-3PO: I?m an interpreter, you an astrometric unit. I never saw ??Secret Agent?? as a task that goes with either of those jobs.
    R2-D2: Beeps in agreement.
    All too soon., they came to a deep chasm between the road and the castle.
    C-3PO: You?d think they have the courtesy to lower the bridge. After all, we did call.
    R2-D2: Beeps
    C-3PO: Yes, I know your equipped with rockets. However, you are not built to withstand my weight.
    R2-D2: Defiant beep
    C-3PO: Well, maybe I?ve see u use them, but-
    The Drawbridge lowers. The cranky chains groans under the strain of a lifetimes work. The wood is moldy.
    R2-D2: Uncertain beep.
    C-3PO: I suppose we should go across. After all, action speak louder than words.
    R2-D2: Beeps in agreement.
    Continues beeping to himself as the duo head across the rickety bridge.
    Loud splashes are heard.
    C-3PO: What?s that?
    Looks down below the drawbridge. Several man-eating alligators are hissing up at them.
    C-3PO: Oh dear!

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