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MOD Episode 7 Guide to (Better) Posting and FAQ / Thread Index - New 1/16/16

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' started by mavjade, Aug 2, 2013.

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    Episode 7 Guide for Better Posting and FAQ

    If you are new to the Jedi Council forums, welcome! This guide is designed for everyone, but especially for those who are new here. Posting here on the JCF can be a little intimidating, but don't let the amount of people who appear to know each other scare you off. We're all here for the same reason… we're excited for Episode 7!

    Please take a few minutes to read this over and get to know how the forums work. If you have any question, please feel free to ask a mod. Your mods for Episode 7 are:

    Jedi Merkurian
    A Chorus of Disapproval

    I'm a new member, what should I do?
    First off, welcome! We are glad you are here. The first thing you should do is… wait! We know you have great ideas and thoughts you want to share but you need to give yourself time to familiarize yourself with the workings of the forums. Sit tight and observe for a few days and you'll be less likely to make a "rookie mistake".

    You should also take a moment, if haven't already, to read the Terms Of Service and FAQ of the forums in general as these rules apply everywhere.

    Before you post, think: Dose your post add something of value to the conversation? Did you use any questionable words? Did you say something that might be misunderstood as inflammatory by others? If you have any doubts about anything that is in your post, edit the questionable material before you click post.

    I've got a great idea for a thread, can I post it?
    Of course, but before you do so you need to check and make sure there isn't already a thread on that topic. First, check the Index for the biggest threads and check the first few pages of the forum. Then give the main topic a search. (Example: You want to make a thread on Music. You should search music, John Williams, and score to see if any thread pops up) * Note- The search feature is currently down to help with stability of the boards. Please continue to look before posting a new thread.

    If you post a topic that is already being discussed that is what we call a redundant thread and your thread will probably be bombarded with posts declaring it so and very little discussion will actually take place until a mod locks your thread.

    My thread got locked. What happened?
    The most common reasons for a thread to be locked is that there was already a thread on that topic and your thread was considered redundant. It could also be the conversation in that thread had become off topic and despite Moderator warning, the thread remained off topic. Check the first or last post and the mod should have given a reason as to why it was locked.

    What is a good thread?
    Before starting a thread, ask yourself does this topic need an entire thread? Is this a topic that is going to foster a large discussion or can it go in a general thread?

    Threads with your own personal theories and questions are not good threads. Please use already existing threads with those topics to foster discussion.

    Can I start a thread advertising my website?
    Absolutely not. Posting a thread simply to advertise one's website is considered spamming. Your thread will be locked and you may be banned. If you wish for others to know about your site, try putting a link in your signature.

    What is a "troll"?
    A "troll" is someone who posts with a hostile intent, aiming to malign other members and cause havoc on the boards for purely selfish reasons. A person is said to be "trolling" if he/she starts a thread with the obvious intent of riling up the other members, and to "get a rise out of them". This is a big no-no, and will get you a warning and, after that, a banning. Small infractions warrant a temporary ban, which usually last 24 to 48 hours, and are commonly referred to as "spanks". A more serious offense, or a string of repeated offenses, may warrant a permanent ban.

    I think I know someone who is "trolling" or breaking forum rules. What do I do?
    You can contact a moderator (You can find the moderators for any given forum at the top right side of said forum) via PM. Make sure to link to the post(s) where you think there is a troll, spamming or any other rules violation. If it's a serious infraction such as harassment, you can hit the report button (on the lower right of any post) and any mod online will be able to see and take care of it.

    What is "spamming"?
    The act of filling the forums with unnecessary or irrelevant posts is considered "spamming". It is also considered spamming to advertise excessively for other websites, and also solicit (trading, selling or buying). Other examples of spamming include: posting unnecessary comments (ie: +1) for any reason can be considered spamming, posting multiple threads about absolutely nothing, flooding a pre-existing thread with nonsense posts to derail a topic, as well as bothering other people with repeated PMs. Excessive spamming will get you a warning and, after that, a banning.

    What is "flaming"?
    Insulting any other member or antagonizing another member can be considered "flaming". This is absolutely unacceptable behavior, and will result in a stern warning, and if it is repeated, a banning. Here is the important thing to remember: We are here to discuss ideas and theories, not each other. If you’re attacking an argument, that’s OK. If you’re attacking a person, that’s not.

    What about using profanity? Can I just star out one or two letters?
    We have a list of words that are not allowed here on the forums (Disallowed Words List) and any use of these words will be edited. If you must use a word found on this list it must be starred out in its entirety.

    What happens when people are banned? Can they come back from being banned? What do I do if I get banned?
    If banned, there will be a time that is issued, the first ban is usually 24 hours and doubles in time for each additional ban. (For more serious infractions, the initial time may be longer). Discussion of bans is not allowed so please do not ask if someone has been banned or why. If you are banned you will have access to a section of the forums where you may talk with the mods about why and how long you have been banned, and after your ban has been served, ask to be unbanned.

    What is "double posting"?
    Double posting is when you post in a thread and then post again without someone else posting first; this is not allowed and you will be edited and warned. Listed below are quite a few ways to avoid double posting: 1. If you think of something else to say, the edit button is your friend. 2. You can tag someone to get their attention by putting @their user name. 3. To quote multiple people you can hit 'reply on a post, type your thoughts then hit reply on another post. 4. Use the quote button at the top of the reply screen. 5. Use BB code for quoting(remove the spaces): [ quote={name}]{text}[ /quote ]

    ***A Few Other Thoughts***

    ~ Be nice to the new kids on the block - Every single user on this board was at once a "newbie." Remember this, and be kind to new users - always treat others they way in which you wish to be treated. Attacking a newbie will only draw the attention of the mods for flaming. If you spot a new user, offer your assistance and show them the ropes of the JC. You never know, you might discover an incredible person and a new friend along the way.

    ~We're all here for the same reason, to discuss Episode 7! You may disagree with someone's thoughts idea or even feelings, but that is no reason to attack someone. Always remember, debate the post, not the poster.

    A lot of this guide was originally made by the Episode 3SA mods darth-sinister, dehrian, G-FETT, RolandofGilead and HookLineAndSinker. We thank them for their hard work.
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    Note: This is the old Index that was for prior to The Force Awakens being released. For the current Index please see THIS post below.

    There may still be discussion to be had with some of these threads, so we are leaving this index available.

    Welcome to the Episode 7 Spoilers Allowed Index

    Before posting a new thread in SA, please read the Episode 7 Guide to Better Posting. After you have done so and you know the rules, check here in the index to see if that thread or a similar one has been made. We do our best to keep this index up to date, but it's not always an easy job so please also check the first few pages and do a search for key words before posting a new thread. If your thread is redundant, it will be locked.

    With any thread, please check the first post as there may be rules for that thread you need to follow. Ignorance of the rules isn't an excuse.

    Updated 11/23/2014

    Official Info

    Actor threads should also be used to discuss their characters

    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/crystal-clarke-in-episode-vii.50021499/]Crystal[/url] Clarke Cast in Episode VII[/link]
    Episode VII Cast Announced! - The first thread on the inital casting announcement
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/pip-andersen-in-episode-vii.50021500/]Pip[/url] Andersen is in Episode VII[/link]
    R2D2 is in Episode VII - There is picture proof!
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/gwendoline-christie-in-episode-vii.50020659/]Gwendoline[/url] Christie in Episode 7[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/warwick-davis-in-episode-vii.50023834/]Warwick[/url] Davis is in Episode VII[/link]


    Doug Change - Concept Artist
    Episode 7 to Open December 2015 - A place to discuss the movie release (includes a countdown)
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/star-wars-episode-vii-wrapping-production.50024120/]Episode[/url] 7 Wrapping Production[/link]
    Title: The Force Awakens – This is the place to discuss the offical title announcement.


    Announcements - Heard/read something? Post it here first.
    Michael Arndt to write script - Did work on script, has since had a rewrite
    Official Images: No discussion - A place to see all the official images, but please discuss elsewhere
    Officially Confirmed Info - Looking for what is, and what is just a rumor? Look here!



    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/christina-chong-in-episode-vii.50021720/]Christinia[/url] Chong in Episode VII?[/link]
    Darth Vader in EVII? - Will he be a part of Episode 7?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/poll-what-is-the-name-of-daisy-ridleys-character.50023789/]Poll-[/url] Daust Ridkey's Character Name?[/link]
    Death Speculation Thread - Who is going to die in E7?
    Everybody and Yo Mamma wants to be in E7 - You heard famous So and So wants to be in E7, put it here.
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/greg-grunberg.50023112/]Gref[/url] Grunbergin Episode VII?[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/poll-obi-wan-kenobi-in-vii.50020449/]Poll[/url] - Obi-Wan in Episode VII?[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/kiran-shah-in-episode-vii.50024150/]Kiran[/url] Shah in Episode VII?[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/miltos-yerolemou-in-episode-vii.50022903/]Miltos[/url] Yerolemou in Episode VII?[/link]
    Obi-wan in EVII? - A poll and speculation
    OT Characters Dying? - Which ones will Die.. a poll.
    Who's the Baddie - Who is going to be the bad guy in E7
    Who's the Hero - Who is going to be the main hero in E7?
    Yoda's Species? - Going to be in the ST.
    Yoda (as a Force Ghost) - WIll it happen? WIll he be important?

    The Force/Jedi/Sith/The Galaxy

    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/the-inquisition-inquisitors.50022485/]The[/url] Inquisition/Inquisitors[/link]
    The Jedi Temple's Fate - What happned to it after ROTJ?
    Netherworlds? - Will already dead characters be a part/major part of E7?
    State of the Galaxy - How will it have held up?
    The New Protagonist- Jedi, Sith, Grey? - What kind of character will the protagonist be?


    Announcement Discussions - As in, when are they going to announce...?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/when-will-we-see-our-first-ep-vii-teaser-trailer-and-what-do-you-expect-to-see-in-it.50020622/]When[/url] will we see the first Teaser/Trailer and what do you expect?[/link]


    Plot Ideas - What are your ideas for E7's plot
    Sequel Trilogy and the Expanded Universe- The only place to discuss the EU in depth.



    Big Three - Discussion on if, when and/or how Mark/Luke, Carrie/Leia and Harrison/Han will be in E7
    Boba Fett? - Did he really die?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/the-episode-vii-cameos-thread.50023198/]Cameo[/url] Thread[/link] - Who might appear in Episode VII
    Casting's Not over! - Who are the yet to be cast characters, who will be cast?
    Celebrity Stalking Thread - The cast has been spotted where?
    Chewbacca's Offspring - Should they be Force sensitive (and a greater discussion on species and Force sensitivity.
    Chewie's Return - Is it in question?
    Darth Vader's Legacy/Skywalker Family Secret - Will the rest of the galaxy know.
    The Fate of the Big Three - Will Luke, Leia and/or Han die? How will they die?
    Female Lead - If so, are they going after the "Hunger Games" [female] audience?
    Han and Leia still togther? - Married? Divorced? Other?
    Is the Emperor Really Dead? - What it says on the tin.
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/lando-possibly-in-episode-7-or-8-after-all.50020784/]Lando[/url] In Episode 7 or 8 Afterall?[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/will-there-be-a-lead-legacy-hero-character-in-the-st.50023917/]Legacy[/url] Hero?[/link] Will the Hero be a child of one of our former heros?
    Luke have a child? - If so, where's mom.
    If Luke is married what actress would you cast? - Who woud you cast as his wife?
    Luke's Status - Single? Married? Divorced? Widower?
    Main Character - Who do you want it to be?
    Mon Mothma and Ackbar? - WIll they be in E7?
    Monsters in E7 - What kind of creatures will there be?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/prequel-characters-we-might-see-in-the-new-trilogy.50024287/]Prequel[/url] Characters We Might see in the New Trilogy[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/siblings.50024224/]Siblings[/link][/url] Will any of our new characters be siblings?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/vote-if-you-want-to-see-more-skywalkers.50023620/]Poll[/url] - More Skywalkers?[/link]
    Wedge not in Episode 7 - Dennis Lawson says is doesn't want in E7, does this mean no Wedge?


    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/the-force-awakens-to-end-with-a-cliffhanger.50024252/]Cliffhanger[/link][/url] - Will Episode VII end with one?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/clues-from-concept-art.50021187/]Clues[/url] from Concept Art[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/costumes-in-the-st.50021070/]Costumes[/url] in the ST[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/dark-side-of-the-force-in-ep-vii-redemption.50024008/]Dark[/url] side and Redemption[/link] - Can someone who has fallen dark be redemed? Will it happen in E7?
    Dialogue in Episode 7 - Speculate what dialogue there might be.
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/will-any-of-the-original-cast-be-digitally-altered-for-a-flashback-scene.50024216/]Digitally[/url] Altered Cast[/link] Will any of the original be digitally altered for a flashback scene?
    Episodic Endings in a 9-part series - How will the movies end? Like the previous trilogies?
    Filmed on 35mm - E7 is being filmed on film and not digital, discuss here.
    George Lucas and the Mystery Treatment - How much is GL involved in the treatment of E7
    JJ wants Star Wars to feel real - Realism in Star Wars
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/journey-to-episode-vii-the-fall-of-the-empire-the-rise-of-the-rebellion.50024339/]Journey[/url] to Episode VII - Fall of the Empire/Rise of the Rebellion[/link] - What will have happened in the 30 years between ROTJ and TFA?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/on-kasdan.50023331/]Kasdan[/link][/url] - Why was he brought it, what will he do for E7?
    The MacGuffin and E7 - Things that are put in but not really important to the plot
    Opening Crawl - Your ideal opening crawl.
    Opening Scene - With Tatooine speculation in the mix, what might the opening scene be?
    Plot Twists in E7 - What good ones should appear?
    Plot Twists - What Bad plot twist should not appear?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/star-wars-pirates.50024475/]Star[/url] Wars Pirates[/link] - Will there be pirates in the ST?
    Puppets or CGI? - Which do you want to see more of in E7?
    RetCons and the ST - Will there be things we learned in the previous movies be changed in the ST?
    Romance and the ST - Will romance play a part?
    Sequel Trilogy Final? - Is the ST the last trilogy or will it be just the begining?
    Sequel Trilogy - more like the OT or PT?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/terryl-whitlatch-designing-creatures-for-episode-7.50024301/#post-51939233]Terryl[/url] Whitlatch Desifning Creatures for Episode VII?[/link]
    [Link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/will-star-wars-the-force-awakens-say-story-by-george-lucas.50024234/]Story[/url] By George Lucas?[/link] Will The Force Awakens be GL's story?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/poll-what-do-you-think-of-the-title.50024213/]Poll-[/url] The Title, What do you think about it?[/link]
    What Do You Want to See - Discussion on things you would like to see in E7
    What info do you want next? - Character list, Title, Story line, etc. ?

    The Force/Lightsabers/Jedi/Sith

    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/will-the-force-awakens-answer-the-mystery-of-anakins-birth.50024245/]Anakin's[/url] Birth[/link] - Will the Force Awakens Answer the Mystery?
    The Chosen One, the Prophecy and the ST - How will all of the previous mythos fit into the ST.
    The Force - Too much use?
    Force Ghosts - Will we see them? Who will they be?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/what-force-powers-representation-of-the-force-would-you-like-to-see-in-the-st.50017930/]Force[/url] Powers[/link] - Which powers do you want to see.
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/fate-of-the-jedi-temple.50020289/]Jedi[/url] Temple[/link] What is its fate?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/will-we-see-any-lightsaber-advancements.50023696/]Lightsaber[/url] Advancements[/link]
    Lightsaber Battles - WIll they be more like the PT or the OT?
    Luke Skywalker's Jedi Order - New or Old Jedi Order? How will Luke handle the Order?
    Luke want to train other Jedi? - Is this something Luke would do?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/premonition-crises-the-sagas-true-antagonist.50024413/]Premonition[/url] Crises- The Sagas True Antagonist[/link] - How premonitions effect the characters outcomes.
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/should-there-be-a-new-jedi-fighting-style.50015407/]New[/url] Jedi Fighting Style?[/link] - Should there be one?

    The Universe/Empire/Rebellion/Ships

    Advance Technology - What new tech will we see?
    Coruscant - What role will the planet play in the ST?
    Different Kind of Government? - Will there be a new type of govenrment in the ST?
    Enemy Droids - Would you want to see them again?
    The Empire's Fate - What will be come of the old Empire?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/poll-will-there-be-an-empire.50021458/]Poll[/url] - Will there be an Empire?[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/millennium-falcon-in-e7.50016653/]Millennium[/url] Falcon in Episode VII[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/monsters-in-the-st.50020286/]Monsters[/url] in the ST[/link] - What creatures do you think we will see?
    Planets - What planets will we see in the ST?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/new-r2-unit.50023810/]New[/url] R2 Unit?[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/ships-of-the-st.50021881/]Ships[/url] of the ST[/link]
    Should there be nebulas, black holes... - Discussion to space things and E7
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/stormtroopers-here.50016967/]Stormtroopers[/link][/url] Will there be Stormtroopers in the ST?
    Tatooine Speculation - Why go back? - Discussion on if they are going to use Tatooine.
    Vehicles and Technology in E7 - Will we see new tech/vehicles, old ones, some from EU?


    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/how-could-ep7-top-empire.50024197/]Could[/url] Episode VII Top Empire?[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/when-will-you-judge-tfa.50024239/]When[/url] Will You Judge Episode VII?[/link]
    Disney, Star Wars and the "Industry" - Will E7 be lick the OT, or follow more recent movie formulas?
    Dr. NerdCalm (Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the speculation) - Tired of all the negativity? Here's a place where we only share how excited we are.
    Essential Elements to Star Wars- What basic things make Star Wars, Star Wars?
    Ideas for JJ - What's your 1 idea for JJ?
    Merchandise - Toys and other Merch for E7
    Reception of the ST? - How will the ST be rated overall as movies? How will the rate compared to the OT and ST?
    Rebels, TCW and the ST - How will they all relate to each other?
    Skeptical about Rumors - Supershadow and why oldbies are skeptical.
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/story-wise-do-we-really-need-a-sequel-trilogy.50020858/]Story[/url] Wise, Do we really NEED a Sequel Trilogy?[/link]
    Viral Marketing - Will they use this type of marketing, or traditional?
    What we think we know - Things we think we know, but are we sure?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/based-on-what-you-think-you-know-where-does-episode-vii-rank.50023603/]Where[/url] Do You Think Episode VII will rank[/link]
    Which is more anticipated - Prequel Trilogy or Sequel Trilogy?
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/worried-for-episode-vii.50023861/]Worried[/url] for Episode VII[/link] - List the things that worry you here.
    Why I Think TFA Is Going To Resonate With a Lot of Young People - Discussion and social commentary on the prevalence of minority and women characters in Episode VII


    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/massive-woodland-battle-scene-with-thousands-of-extras.50023486/]Battle[/url] Scene[/link] Leaked woodland battle scene with thousands of extras?
    Concept Art – Possible leaked concept art
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/episode-7-plot-detail-from-badass-digest-updated-the-lightsaber-talk-to-the-hand-hand.50021786/]Plot[/url] Detail - Hand in space[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/new-location-photos-video-9-10-an-alliance-starship-base-new-pics-same-location-starts-pg-24.50023089/]Location[/url] and ships[/link] Photos and video of possible location and ships.
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/tmz-has-a-bunch-of-set-pictures-up.50020647/]Set[/url] Pictures[/link]Possible set picture from TMZ

    Social Threads/Fan Ineractions/Fun Threads

    All things fan made - A place for your fanart, fanfilms etc. for Episode VII
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/bob-deal-or-no-deal.50020437/]Bob-[/url] Deal or no deal?[/link] Discussion on the JCF's favorite character we named Bob! (Creature seen in the Force for Change Video)
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/are-you-planning-on-camping-out-for-tickets.50023941/]Camping[/url] Out for Tickets?[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/itt-please-share-your-episode-vii-related-dreams-that-youve-had.50022550/]Episode[/url] VII related dreams[/link] - Share with us the dreams you've had about E7
    Get In Line v 2.0 - The social thread where we get to know each other while waiting for E7
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/how-many-times-are-you-planning-on-seeing-episode-vii.50020399/]How[/url] Many Times Will You See Episode VII?[/link]
    Interrogation Room - The 7SA Member Interview Thread
    Is it Tomorrow Yet? - A thread for when you've heard there will be announcement tomorrow but when tomorrow never comes.
    Poll – The Episode VII Dismemberment Thread – Which will be the first body part to go.
    October 30th 2012 – Where were you? – A reflection thread on where you were when you found out about Episode VII
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/post-your-1-sentence-review-of-tfa-now-fun.50024390/]One[/url] Sentence Reviews[/link] Post your one sentence review of Episode VII before it comes out.
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/one-year-into-the-sequel-trilogy-how-do-you-feel-about-it.50016013/]One[/url] Year In, What are your feelings on the ST?[/link]
    Why I shall be Spoiled - Why do you want to be spoiled?

    Episodes 8/9 and Beyond

    Official Info- [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/rian-johnson-to-be-director-for-episode-viii.50021127/]Rian[/url] Johnson to Direct Episode VIII[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/will-there-be-pressure-expectation-to-make-episode-x-xii-right-after-ix.50023528/]Pressure[/url] to make Episodes 10-12 right after 7?[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/who-should-direct-episode-ix.50023929/]Who[/url] should direct Episode 9?[/link]

    No Longer Relevant Threads
    Announcement Expected : October 30th
    Title Announcement- When will it come?
    Title Speculation- What is the title of E7 going to be?
    Get in Line - The 1st social thread in 7SA, now locked.
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    Index has been updated and more categories used to make threads eaiser to find.
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    The Force Awakens Index

    This index is the post release of TFA Index. To see the pre-TFA release index for old threads, please look HERE.

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    General Actor/Character Discussion Threads
    These threads should be used for general discussion on the Actor or character they play.

    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/crystal-clarke-in-episode-vii.50021499/]Crystal[/url] Clarke Cast in Episode VII[/link]
    Episode VII Cast Announced! - The first thread on the inital casting announcement
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/pip-andersen-in-episode-vii.50021500/]Pip[/url] Andersen is in Episode VII[/link]
    R2D2 is in Episode VII - There is picture proof!
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/gwendoline-christie-in-episode-vii.50020659/]Gwendoline[/url] Christie (Captain Phasma) in Episode 7[/link]
    [link=[url]http://boards.theforce.net/threads/warwick-davis-in-episode-vii.50023834/]Warwick[/url] Davis is in Episode VII[/link]

    In Depth Character Discussion

    Character Specific


    Bets! Will Finn Develop Force Powers? Or Become a Jedi








    Snoke Background - Non Sidious/Plagueis speculation



    In Depth General Discussions


    First Order/ Resistance

    Jedi/Sith/Light Side/Dark Side

    Movie General
    The Cave - The Haters Sanctuary - Really disliked the movie? This is the place for you!
    The Final Shot - Discussion on the final shot of the film.
    The Force Awakens... Reviews (Official Reviews)




    All things fan made - A place for your fanart, fanfilms etc. for Episode VII
    Get In Line - Socal Thread version 3
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