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    After all the rumors about Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford & Billy Dee returning, I have come to believe that they will cast all of them if the actors are willing. Supposedly Fisher was being sarcastic when she said she would return but I don't buy it. She will. Disney / Lucasfilm know the majority of fans really want to see the original cast. Why else would Lucas have met with Hamill & Fisher long before we heard any news?

    Im sure there will be many brand new characters that we will grow to love, but I honestly believe that most, if not all of the main OT characters will return. Here's my list of Cast characters that I believe have an excellent chance of returning for Episode VII:

    - Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master)
    Mark Hamill

    - Leia Organa (Jedi Knight & Queen!)
    Carrie Fisher

    - Han Solo (Leader of the Rebel Alliance)
    Harrison Ford

    - Lando Calrissian (Rebel Commander)
    Billy Dee Williams

    - Wedge Antillies (Commander of the Rebel Fleet)
    Dennis Lawson

    - C3-P0 (owned by a new young jedi)
    Anthony Daniels (at least his voice)

    - R2-D2 (owned by a new young jedi)
    He will play himself. They don't need Kenny Baker anymore.

    - General Chewbacca
    Peter Mayhew, or could easily be a different actor.

    - Clones / Stormtroopers or possibly Boba Fett
    Temuera Morrison

    - Qui-Gon Jinn (Force Ghost) ...This is the only non-OT character in this list but I still think he could be back.
    Liam Neeson

    - Yoda (Force Ghost)
    Frank Oz voice

    - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Force Ghost)
    Ewan McGregor

    - Anakin Skywalker (Force Ghost)
    Hayden Christensen


    - Admiral Ackbar

    - Warwick Davis cameo. ...maybe Wicket??

    - Jeremy Bulloch cameo. But It's impossible for him to be Boba now.

    - Ian McDirmid cameo. I really don't think the Emperor is coming back.
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    I agree. Plus, Sideous, Plagueis, Tenebrous, Maul, Windu, Ventress, Star Killer.
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    I'm being serious dude. You just wait. Any of the characters that I listed are entirely possible.
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    I am being serious too. I am a fan of Tenebrous who hopped into Plagueis.
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    I hope your right!
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    Should the next films be darker?
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    No Hayden. Please. Please? I want the ST to be good.
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    As I can see I am not the only one that want to see the old cast return for the new Star Wars and I made a petition to show Disney and Lucasfilm that the fans want to see that happens.


    Share the link with everybody who you think wants to sign the petition.
    Everytime we hit 1000 more I will send an email to Disney and Lucasfilm to show the support.
    When the target is reached I will put up a higher limit.

    Let's make this happen!