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DFW, TX Episode II is NOT going to suck

Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by MatthewDanger, Apr 3, 2002.

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  1. jedi_pimpdaddy

    jedi_pimpdaddy Jedi Youngling

    Apr 9, 2002
    Nah, you guys got it all wrong. There are really two ways to look at TPM.

    First, look at it like a decent night of television. Say, Wednesday nights on NBC. First you got "Ed," which is alright. Occasionally funny, kinda goofy, interupted by occasional bursts of burn-out-my-eyes-to-stop-the-pain stupid commercials. Then "West Wing" -- very good, interspersed with a few more "please stop insulting my intelligence, you corporate whores!" commercials. Then the classic: "Law and Order." Also interupted by stupid commercials. So, yeah, it was interupted by a few short bursts of stupidity that you coulda lived without, but the rest of it was a solid evening of entertainment. Nothing blow-your-mind great -- not like a threesome with the two hot cheerleaders of your choice -- but pretty good anyway.

    The other way to look at it is like this: If we hadn't seen the previous three flicks, we all would've wet our pants with joy and swore on a stack of Starlogs that it was the greatest movie we'd ever seen, a modern sci-fi masterpiece.

    Although we still woulda hated Jar-Jar.

    As for AOTC, I figure less Jar-Jar, more fighting, and Christopher Lee equals a freaking good time.
  2. Mithrandir

    Mithrandir Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 2, 1999
    I would have to agree with OBIWAN on this
    McGregor 'Disappointed' by Episode I

    LONDON (Reuters) ? Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor says he was disappointed by the last film in the epic science fiction series, Star Wars: Episode I ? The Phantom Menace.
    McGregor, 31, said fans could expect a return to the style of the first three films when Star Wars: Episode II ? Attack of the Clones opens next month.

    The actor, who plays the Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, said the 1999 film was "kind of flat."

    "One of the things about Episode I [that] I was slightly disappointed by was, I thought it was ? kind of flat," McGregor said in an interview released today by U.K. film company FilmFour.

    "I think there is much more humor and there is much more color in Episode II," he said in an interview to publicize a season of British films on the pay-TV channel.

    Director George Lucas launched the Star Wars series in 1977, attracting millions of fans to his intergalactic tale of good battling evil.

    After the success of the first three Star Wars films, Lucas waited more than 15 years before releasing The Phantom Menace in 1999.

    It broke box-office records when it opened amid huge hype, but it was immediately panned by many critics.

    The Guardian's film critic, Peter Bradshaw, called the film "extraordinarily objectionable" and said "nothing has the right to bore and disappoint us this much."

    The Los Angeles Times' Kenneth Turan called it a "considerable letdown," while the London Evening Standard's Alexander Walker dismissed the story as "infantile."

    The Star Wars team will be hoping for better reviews when Attack of the Clones opens May 16.

    McGregor found fame with the 1994 thriller Shallow Grave and as a heroin addict in Trainspotting two years later.

    He has become one of Britain's most bankable stars, appearing in blockbusters such as Moulin Rouge and Black Hawk Down.

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