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Discussion Episode IX Box Office Predictions

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Episode IX - Spoilers Allowed' started by Marathonjedi77, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Lee_

    Lee_ Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2012
    It's important to remember that the crowd that backlashed against TLJ was in large part a bunch of folks that didn't get invited to a lot of parties in high school or college and were virgins past their mid 20's; you know, with Coke-bottle glasses, out-of-style clothes and buck teeth :). That relatively small crowd frankly has little to do with the box office.

    TLJ was not family friendly in content or length, which had a whole lot more to do with why it didn't have a more massive box office take (although all things considered, it's box office was fantastic, it has to be if it was #1 at the box office for the year). JJ will make this more in the vein of TFA; it will be more lightweight, family friendly and not as long.

    1.5-1.8 worldwide.
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  2. Jamtia

    Jamtia Jedi Knight star 3

    Apr 5, 2016

    I think showing Luke in the trailer would be huge. I know the movie will make a lot regardless if Luke is in 9 or not, but a lot of people have said that TLJ was the last film in the saga for them and have no interest in seeing 9. If they are going to tie the whole saga together, there should be an awesome trailer grabbing people's attention. I know trailers mean nothing. TPM had one of the best trailers in the saga and it turned out to be a different movie than what I expected. I am just talking about for the casual movie goer trying to get hyped to go see it.

    I will see 9 multiple times regardless. But I do admit I need something awesome from the trailer to make me excited/care for what really comes next and how the saga ends.
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  3. Skillzwalker

    Skillzwalker Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 24, 2015
    Casual movie goer will not be affected by Luke being in it or not though, that will only affect those overly invested in Luke that like you say have vowed not to return and those numbers are relatively very small
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  4. Jamtia

    Jamtia Jedi Knight star 3

    Apr 5, 2016
    Depends on how you define a casual movie goer and its tastes. Let's say the casual movie goer doesn't care about any of the new characters and only cares about the big name characters. Then what?
  5. Darth Chiznuk

    Darth Chiznuk Superninja of New Films star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Oct 31, 2012
    894 jillion dollars.
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  6. Skillzwalker

    Skillzwalker Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 24, 2015
    I really do not think a casual movie goer will not go because Luke is not in the movie. If they did not like TLJ then sure they may not bother but if they liked it but were a bit sad about Luke they will go to see how it all ends.
  7. The Legions of Lettow

    The Legions of Lettow Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 14, 2015
    I just watched Colbert and JJ on YT. Colbert said $803 min.
  8. Baron_Papanerd

    Baron_Papanerd Jedi Master star 4

    May 1, 2014
    I think the success of Episode IX at the Box Office, will largely be determined on how they handle Luke's inevitable return as a Force Ghost. If they handle Luke's return similar to Yoda's Force Ghost return in TLJ, but with even more screen time and impact to the Story, it could create a lot of good buzz from viewers. Episode IX may not have a super huge opening weekend because of some disappointment with TLJ; but the good word of mouth, from the people who did see it opening weekend, ie. "Luke returns, like you have never seen a Force Ghost before. Even more than Yoda in TLJ. It really puts a nice finish to the Saga", could really give Episode IX good legs in it's overall run.
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  9. jedijax

    jedijax Force Ghost star 6

    May 2, 2013
    Hmmm.....I think there is a possibility that Lion King could top IX in 2019.
  10. IlhamKamaruddin

    IlhamKamaruddin Jedi Padawan star 1

    Nov 29, 2017
    Depending on how Infinity War does but Avengers 4 might beat it up too. I do have a prediction, the top 3 movies ( in no order ) domestically and world-wide will be Avengers 4, The Lion King and Star Wars: Episode IX. Who wins? Disney :)
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  11. Marathonjedi77

    Marathonjedi77 Jedi Knight star 1

    Nov 2, 2012
    I agree with this the end of the 10 year story arc with most of the super hero's dying will be mega huge and Lion King has the potential also to be big.