CT Episode V Versus Lucas

Discussion in 'Classic Trilogy' started by Neon Genesis, Nov 5, 2012.

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    Really? Why don't you explain to me, objectively and using proper musical terminology, why Yub Nub is a "horrible song". Keeping your own opinions and preferences to yourself, tell me why Yub Nub fails as a piece of music and why it doesn't work as the closing piece to ROTJ.

    I'll be over here holding my breath.
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    It works as a closing piece to RotJ, but in my opinion, it doesn't work as a closing piece to the saga. Fortunately George felt the same and changed it.
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    EDIT: Can't be bothered


    (Not you, Alexrd, we all know who I'm talking about)
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    I think you are being a troll. You're are Always arguing with me..
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    Argumentation =/= "trolling".
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    Lucas WAS heavily involved in ESB, but, he did not direct it. He handed those reins over to IK. I think Lucas is best (like most of us) when he collaborates more with others. Hence, Raiders was him and Speilberg. ESB, him and Kersh. ANH, him and Gary Kurtz. I think the prequels suffered from the lack of collaboration. Even one of the best scenes in ROTS was with input by Speilberg (Yoda vs. Palps).
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