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Beyond - Legends Episode VII: The Next Force

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by vypernight, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. vypernight

    vypernight Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 1, 2012
    All right, here's my big challenge to myself, to see if I can finish this entire trilogy before the actual Ep 7 comes out (or rather to finish it period.).




    The shuttle craft, followed by several TIE Fighters, flew from the Star Destroyer and landed in the hanger bay of the large space station. Admiral Paxus Warren, flanked by Stormtroopers, stepped down the landing ramp and through the hanger doors, into a long, brightly-lit hallway.

    He stopped before a T-shaped hallway with doors on all three sides. The one before him opened, and a dark-skinned man in formal clothing emerged, flanked by two younger men in military uniforms.

    "Calrissian," Warren said, eyeing the man who echoed his middle age.

    "Admiral Warren," Lando Calrissian responded.

    "Shall we get on with this?" Warren asked.

    "Might as well," Lando said.

    The two turned and the large door slid open, revealing flashing lights and shouts from onlookers, reporters, and personnel. Lando put on his best smile as he and Warren stepped up to the podium.

    "I'd like to welcome you to the Tendrando Station," Lando said as he looked over the people. "When my wife and I opened this trading and business complex, we set out to bring together people from all corners of the galaxy. I have to admit though that I never thought that would include The Empire. And yet, here they are, and hopefully not to conquer us this time."

    His last sentence brought nervous laughter from the crowd, and even Warren smiled slightly as he spoke.

    "Trust me when I say fighting is the last thing we want. After over 30 years of bloodshed, it's time to end this war. That's why Mr. Calrissian has allowed us here today, to announce that in three months, Chief of State Gallus and I will sign the Tendrando Treaty uniting the Rebellion . . . pardon me . . . the Republic and Empire once and for all into the first Galactic Alliance."

    A reporter stepped forward and raised her hand. "There are reports that worlds such as Corellia oppose this alliance. How do you plan to deal with these objections?"

    Lando answered, "From what I understand, Chief Gallus and Admiral Warren plan to visit each of these worlds, hopefully to help them trust each other once again."

    "We cut open too many wounds over the years," Warren said. "I hope we can mend as many as possible."

    Another reporter asked, "What of the reports of Ssurg-"

    "Minister of Defense Ssurg's duty," Warren cut him off, "has always been to develop technology for the Empire and nothing more. His words may seem to carry weight after a his victory in the Vong War, but I assure you he does not speak for the Empire itself."

    "Mr. Calrissian, the last time you stood this close to Imperials, Bespin fell. Does this meeting bring back any bad memories?"


    Sitting in a cantina in the station, Skuzzo Drok scoffed as he watched the monitor. "Yeah, he just handz Cloud City over to thoz Imps just like he iz now. You get themz in my face, and I won't be no backin' down. You canz be sure of that!"

    He took a swig of his drink and leaned back in his chair when someone stepped in front of the monitor, watching it.

    "Hey!" Skuzzo said. "You mindz? Your string-shape iz blockin' the screen! Move it beforez I-"

    The person turned, and Skuzzo froze. "You-"

    The person before him was a blue-skinned boy in his late teens, with short, sandy blond hair and large green eyes. He wore dark gray pants and a light gray, loose-fitting, long-sleeve shirt. The boy looked down at him, and Skuzzo trembled under his stoic gaze.

    "I swearz, just an accident! I'll returnz it all rightz now! Givez me-"

    Before he could finish, the boy turned, staring into space for a moment, then walked away. Skuzzo stood, sending his chair flying back, and raced out of the cantina.


    Following the conference, Lando and Warren retreated to the hallway.

    "I gotta admit," Lando said, "I'm still not used to being around stormtroopers who aren't trying to shoot me."

    Warren smiled. "It'll take time, but I hope one day both sides can overcome these fears."

    He turned to the door to his hanger. "Despite what Ssurg and many others say, most of us do want this alliance, Calrissian. And I swear I'll do my part to make it happen."

    Lando held out his hand. "Good luck to you Admiral. I hope it all goes well."

    Warren accepted it. "Thank you. Once this alliance is complete, I'm bringing my wife and daughters here, though knowing them, I won't see them once they discover Level C." He turned and departed through the doors.


    Lando chuckled, shaking his head and turned to his two guards, Anders Tol, a thin man with gray hair and beard and Scon Brek, an athletically-built young man, with short dark-brown hair and goatee. "Well I think that covers things for today."

    "Debi Dahls wanted an interview with you before you left, sir," Tol said.

    Lando smirked. "I've got a family now. I'm not wasting my time and vacation on some pretty face with no brain."

    "But . . . she insisted sir," Tol said. "And I'm sure business could use the PR."

    "All right fine," Lando said, throwing his hands up. "Just give me a minute."

    "We'll be waiting, sir." Tol and Breck turned and departed through a side door.

    Lando pulled out his comlink and activated it.

    "Sala . . ."

    The response came from a young woman on the other hand. "Nice conference, Dad. Though I haven't seen you sweat so much since your wedding video."

    "Thanks a lot. Listen, they want me to do an interview with Dahls."

    "You mean that bimbo with no brain and huge-"

    "Ratings," Lando cut her off. "Yeah, but I'll try and keep it short. Then we'll be on our way."

    "Okay, Dad. I'll ready the Cobra while you turn on the charm."

    Lando turned off and pocketed his comlink, then walked through the doors his door his guards had used. Tol and Breck stood waiting.

    "They're ready for, sir," Tol said.

    "Let's get this over with," Lando responded and followed his guards through the hallway.

    Halfway through the hallway, they turned and entered one of the station's storage rooms.

    "What are we doing here?" Lando asked.

    Just then, several humans in black and red armor stepped out, pointing blaster rifles at Lando.


    Lando turned to see Tol and Breck also pointing blaster as him.

    "Sorry sir," Tol said. "We . . . I had no choice."

    Lando smirked. "I guess I deserved that."

    "This alliance won't happen," Breck said. "Your death will assure that."

    "But I'm not part of either government," Lando said, raising his hands. "What do you hope to accomplish with shooting me?"

    "A lot of people like you," Breck answered. "They won't like finding you reduced to a smoking corpse." He looked at his rifle. "And the Republic won't like when they learn the people who shot you were supplied with Imperial weapons."

    "I'm so sorry," Tol said again. "I'm just afraid the Imperials-"

    "Enough of this!" Breck yelled and pointed his rifle directly at Lando's head.

    Suddenly, the air vent above them blew open and the blue-skinned boy leaped out. Performing a flip, he landed between Lando and Breck, and the white blade of his lightsaber deflected Breck's blaster shot into the wall. The boy spin-kicked Tol, sending him crashing into one of the other Neks, grabbed Lando by the arm, and pulled him back into the hallway. The door shut behind them, and the boy turned, closing his free hand into a fist. The circuitry next to the door smoked and fizzled, and the boy led Lando back down the hallway.

    Back in the room, Breck cursed and shot the door, then turned to one of the Nek troops. "Tell the others, Calrissian's heading toward hangers!"

    Lando and the boy ran through the hallway and got to the door of the hanger, when the boy froze, and pulled Lando from the door.

    "What're you doing?" Lando asked. "My ship is this way!"

    He started to open the door, but the boy pulled him back as a blaster shot just missed his head. Lando backed away. "Never mind."

    He then turned to a maintenance door. "This way." The boy followed him, sealing the door behind them.

    Running through the maintenance shaft, Lando pulled out his comlink. "Sala, get ready for take-off!"

    "What's going on?" Sala asked.

    "Someone's trying to kill me. Just don't drop the landing ramp till I tell you."

    In a nook of the shaft, Skuzzo searched through a large crate when he saw Lando run toward him.

    "Heyz, whatz the idea-" His eyes went wide when he saw the boy "I swearz, I must've dropped somethingz!"

    Another door opened, and blaster fire shot around them. Skuzzo screamed like a toddler and leaped into the crate. The boy slammed the crate's lid shut and continued running.

    They exited a door into a hanger that held several yachts. As they ran past one ship, the boy leaped into the air, kicked someone, and deflected another blast before landing next to Lando again. Two Neks fell behind them. Lando turned toward them, but the boy grabbed his arm.

    "If I'm getting shot at, I want my own gun!" Lando said. One of the Neck's rifles then flew through the air and landed in Lando's hands. "Thanks, let's go!"

    As they got to the door, the boy stopped and looked back. They both ducked as blaster fire missed them again. "What are you waiting for?" Lando asked.

    The boy stared at the craft closest to them for a moment, then lunged forward and sliced through its landing gear with his lightsaber. He made a sweeping gesture with his free hand, and the broken landing gear hurled towards the blasts. Without its gear, the craft creaked and toppled away from them, crashing into the other craft. Flames shot out from one of the craft causing the station's fire-dispersing systems to drop foam over the hanger and alarm klaxons to sound.

    Lando looked at everything the boy had caused in a matter of seconds. "Well that kills their chance of subtlety. That's for sure."

    The boy then ran past him, grabbing his arm.

    They entered huge hanger filled with several ships, and Lando's modified Lambda-class shuttle, the Cobra, in the center.

    "Sala, drop the ramp, now!"

    The landing ramp lowered, and both Lando and the boy boarded the craft. Inside, Sala, a dark-skinned woman in her late teens wearing a blue and green jumpsuit, stood at the top of the ramp.

    "Dad, what's going on?"

    "I don't know," Lando answered as the punched the button to raise the ramp, "but we're getting out of here."

    The boy had already leaped into the pilot's seat and lifted the craft off the ground before Lando and Sala had even reached the cockpit. Spinning the ship around, he flew it toward the hanger doors. The doors opened to reveal several craft racing toward them. Seeing this, the boy turned the ship and flew back into the hanger. The ships entered the hanger and chased the Cobra, firing shots that the boy managed to dodge.

    "The doors are closing!" Sala said, pointing.

    The boy activated several switches and turned the craft toward the closing doors.

    Lando looked at the controls. "You can't go to lightspeed inside a hanger!"

    But the boy ignored him, closing his eyes to slits, he slowly activated the hyperdrive.

    Lando and Sala grabbed each other and turned away from the window. The craft shook, and they heard the engines jolt, the sheering of metal, then nothing. They both looked up to see the ship had enter hyperspace.

    "No major damage," Sala said as she looked over the controls. "We made it."

    Opening his eyes, the boy lifted a comlink from his belt.

    "Master," he said in a calm, almost melodic tone, "Calrissian and his daughter are safe."

    "Thank you, Jiias," came the reply. "We'll see you soon."

    Lando looked from the boy to the comlink. He recognized the voice all too well;

    Luke Skywalker.




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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Hi there. =D= Awesome, action filled start. :) Please tag when you update. :D
  3. vypernight

    vypernight Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 1, 2012
    Thanks. How do I tag my posts?
  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Hi: If I was tagging you I'd do this: vypernight (Just be sure not to put a colon or other punctuation right after the username.) :)
  5. Rau_Fang

    Rau_Fang Jedi Master star 2

    Mar 28, 2005
    Fun! I never made it past the Yuuzhan Vong books so this'll be a good way to catch up on all the things I've been missing in the EU as well as get a taste for what the new movies could have in store.

    What brought me here was the clever use of the word, force. What kept me is good ole Lando.

    Tag me as well please on your next update.
  6. vypernight

    vypernight Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 1, 2012
    Glad you like it. Since I'm not a big fan of the EU after NJO, I pretty much ignored everything that happened then and made my own story. I tried to make the title similar to those of Eps 1 and 4. Thanks for the replies!
  7. vypernight

    vypernight Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 1, 2012
    "General on deck!"
    Scon Breck, better known to his troops as General Nevet Krell, stormed onto the Nek cruiser's bridge, where Tol waited nervously.
    "I'm sorry," Tol pleaded. "Lando was once a close friend. It's hard to betray him, even for our cause."
    "Put Him on the com, now," Krell ordered. Turning, he punched Tol in the jaw, sending the older man crashing to the ship's deck.
    "Everything of significance is the result of conquest."
    The cloaked figure listened to the image of The Emperor, until a beeping from his chair interrupted. Deactivating the holocron, the figure pressed a switch, and the image of Krell appeared instead. Krell held his blaster pistol out and repeatedly shot someone out of view. When the screaming stopped, he looked up, not with fear or nervousness, but with anger.
    "Lord Rasur, Calrissian escaped." He sighed with frustration. "He had a Jedi with him, and they slipped right through our fingers."
    Rasur remained silent, though Krell didn't seem to care.
    "I swear as soon as I get my troops ready, I'm dropping a bomb right over their damn temple!"
    "How soon?" Rasur asked, in a voice that sounded more like a deep growl.
    Krell, still furious, was caught off guard. "What?"
    "How soon will your troops be ready?" Rasur asked again.
    Collecting himself, he answered, "One month." Staring straight at Rasur, Krell said with ice-cold determination, "I swear to you when we meet the Jedi-"
    "Deal with your troops first," Rasur cut him off. He raised his head, revealing an ogre-like face and fiery yellow eyes.
    "I will deal with the Jedi . . ."
    He pressed a button and Krell's image vanished. Darth Rasur then turned his chair and looked out the window, where in the distance, he could see the Jedi Temple.
    With a guttural snarl, he continued, ". . . and with Skywalker."

  8. vypernight

    vypernight Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 1, 2012
  9. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Oooh, =D= don't ever count a Skywalker out too quick :)
  10. vypernight

    vypernight Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 1, 2012
    @Jade_eyes , Rau_Fang

    The two Jedi, a red-haired human in his late thirties and a middle-age arkanian with short gray hair and pupil-less eyes, exited the Jedi Temple and watched the Cobra fly over and slowly land on and nearby pad.

    "He damaged the wings," the older one observed.

    "He also saved two lives," the younger one said.

    "He's reckless."

    "Look who trained him."

    Jiias stepped down the landing craft first, followed by Lando and Sala. He stopped before the two Jedi, and the older man glared at him for several moments before speaking.

    "Do you have any idea how much damage you caused? Are you aware of the lives you endangered?"

    Jiias lowered his head and listened, but didn't answer.

    "I assure you, young one, we Will discuss this soon."

    "Understood," Jiias finally said, then stepped aside so Lando could step forward.

    The younger Jedi held out his hand. "Mr. Calrissian, I'm glad to see you're safe. My name is Caston Aulric, and this is Jedi Master Del Tansi."

    Lando accepted his hand. "Thank you, and call me Lando"

    "We've already called for a meeting of the Council, Mr. Calrissian," Tansi said. "We'll discuss the recent events and decide how to proceed next."

    "Good, any word on how the Empire is responding to this?"

    "They've been quiet thus far," Tansi answered, "but we're trying to contact Admiral Warren."

    Sala, who was more watching Jiias than paying attention to the conversation, turned slightly when she thought she heard a crash. Looking to her right, she saw small clouds of smoke from around the corner of the temple. Leaving her father and the Jedi, she walked toward it to investigate.

    As she got to the corner, she saw that a speeder bike had crashed into the wall of the temple. It's rider, worn military garb and wearing a cracked helmet, stumbled from the craft and fell against the wall.

    She rushed over to the rider. "Are you okay?"

    She placed a hand on his shoulder, but he slapped it away while glaring at the craft.

    "Bolla neechu!"

    Sala saw that the sleeve's of the rider's jacket were actually cloth wrapped and tied around his arms like makeshift bandages.

    "Oh my, you're hurt! Let me get you some help."

    "Jee settah bolla neechu!" he snapped again. He stumbled back to inspect his craft and began kicking it. "Slimo dwana ma un podoo chawa! "

    He took a few steps, but lost his balance and nearly crashed to the ground, but Sala lunged forward and caught him. "Calm down, it's okay." She tried to remember her Huttese.
    "Soong eniki. Jee hopa uba. Let me help you."

    She gently lowered him so he could sit, leaning against the wall. He was trembling so she touched his shoulders and spoke quietly to him.

    "Soong eniki. It's okay. Just take a breath and relax."

    "Dobrah un koochoo!" he whimpered, shaking his head. "un koochoo!" He rubbed the sides of his helmet. "Ma ooma!"

    Sala took a thermos from her belt and gave it to him. "Here, drink some water, I mean. Wata, Yocal ti."

    He raised his helmet slightly and drank some of it before handing it back. Placing it back on her belt, she slowly helped him to his feet. "Let's go inside. Boska. Ta Jedai kava hopa uba."

    "Thank you, Sala," he said, straightening."

    "You're welcome," she said as she walked toward the corner. Then she stopped and turned, her eyes growing wide as the rider lifted off his helmet.

    "Master Skywalker?"

    Luke Skywalker attached his helmet to his belt and held out his hand. "Nice to meet you, Sala Calrissian. And, thanks for the water. Now let's go see your father."

    As they walked away, they heard a beeping behind them and turned to see R2D2 emerge from a hidden door on the side of the temple.

    "It's all yours, R2," Luke said.

    Examining the smoking craft, R2D2 squawked a response.

    "Oh, it's not that bad. Besides, you said you enjoy fixing things."

    They returned to the others and Lando stepped forward.

    "Luke!" Not knowing how to conduct himself, he lowered his head. "Master Skywalker, it's been a long time."

    Smiling, Luke stepped forward and hugged him. "Too long, Lando. Great to see you." Lando couldn't help but smile back.

    "So did Sala pass your test?"

    Luke turned to look at Sala. "She posses both compassion and empathy. I look forward to training her."

    "Training me?" she asked.

    "You haven't told her?" Luke asked.

    "No, not exactly."

    "Well now would be a good time."

    "I don't understand." Sala looked between her father and Luke. Lando took a deep breath and spoke.

    "Sala, your real mother died of an illness not long after you were born. Tendra was a friend at the time who helped me, both through my grief and raising you. A couple years later when we got married, she assumed the role of your mother."

    "I see," Sala responded. "So my mother was a Jedi?"

    "She was strong in the Force," Lando answered. "And we just learned you are as well. All those times you helped me negotiate with and settle matters with hostile customers was more than just skill."

    Sala thought about it for a moment, then looked up shocked. "If I used any Force tricks on people, I honestly never even realized it."

    "You didn't," Luke said. "You have been able to sense the feelings of others and calm them when they're upset, but I believe that's the extent of it."

    "How do you know?" She asked. "I mean I know I'm not some Force master, but if I had tricked someone into buying anything . . . "

    "You didn't when you sold me that bike a year ago," Luke said.

    Sala stared at him for a moment, then smirked. "The desert rider, that was you. I never could place the accent."

    Luke grinned. "That's because I made it up. I actually thought you'd see right through it."

    "However, I am concerned that it doesn't happen," Lando said. "That's why I brought you here. Plus, you've always wanted to help people. Now's your chance."

    Sala turned to her father. "I want to do this then, but will I see you again?"

    "Of course you will," Lando laughed. "Even Luke isn't That strict!"

    "Let's talk more inside," Luke said.

    Tansi stepped forward. "Before we do so, Master Skywalker, I believe you should speak with your apprentice about his recent activity."

    "You're right." Luke approached Jiias, he watched him nervously. Placing his hands on Jiias' shoulders her said, "Thank you, my friend, for rescuing Lando and Sala."

    "Master." Jiias said, nodding.

    "And from what I heard, nice flying," Luke said as they entered the temple.

    "Yeah," Aulric said. "For once, Jiias is the ace pilot, and Master Skywalker is crashing things!"
  11. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Ooh, cool test ;) and glad Sala passed. :) Looking forward to the meeting/discussion.
  12. vypernight

    vypernight Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 1, 2012
    Thanks! I figured, if this really was ep 7, 30+ years later (in movie and real time), I didn't want Luke Skywalker to just walk out as an old man. Luke Skywalker has to make an entrance! I also wanted to echo Yoda's test.

    Also, credit to The Complete Wermo's Guide for the Huttese that I borrowed butchered.

    Most of the rest of my research comes from Wookipedia and the Star Wars RPG, with my throwing in my own creations here and there.
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  13. vypernight

    vypernight Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 1, 2012
    @Jade_eyes , Rau_Fang

    The circular room, once where the Jedi Council resided, now had become a room for all Jedi to meet. Luke had chairs placed all along the walls, even the windows so everyone would face each other equally. Although the New Jedi Council sat on the side near the windows apart from the rest, the room still held a feeling of oneness. Luke wanted everyone who assembled, masters and students, Jedi and non-Jedi, to regard each others as peers, with no one looking up or down at anyone else.

    Sala sat with Lando on one side and Aulric on the other, while Luke sat between them and the council. Chief of State Bail Gallus, a human in his later years, sat across from Luke and was joined by several pilots.

    Luke stood first. "Before we begin, I'd like to introduce our newest member of the Jedi Order, Sala Calrissian. Now most of our Jedi and Masters are still helping the galaxy heal from the Vong War, but a few of our rather colorful leaders are with us today. You've already met Master Tansi. May I present Master Paacense, who watches over our younger Jedi"

    A female Hutt smiled and raised her hand. "Greetings, young Sala."

    "Our combat-training instructor, Master Editha Shiee," A human woman with long gray hair whose beauty was visible even in her later age, nodded and smiled.

    "And Master Lalu Amiscus, who has taken charge of rebuilding our library." The caterpillar-like being nodded his head and turned to look at Luke.

    "It seems," Tansi said, "that our final member is late yet again."

    "That's because I was traveling all over the capital to speak with those who still fear this new Alliance," Leia said as she entered the room with C3P0. "Not all of us get to sit in a room and contemplate the universe all day."

    Luke shot her a look, but she ignored it and greeted Sala and Lando before sitting beside her brother.

    "Leia," Lando said, "You look more beautiful every time I see you." Sala's jaw dropped, but Leia merely smirked.

    "Only you would keep the charm on, even after a crisis. I thought Tendra would've worked that out of you by now."
    Lando smiled. "She has, just not enough."

    "I heard you were attacked," Leia said, returning them to the meeting.

    "Yes," Lando answered, "and Luke's student got us out safe."

    All eyes turned to Jiias, who stared uncomfortably at the floor.

    Tansi grunted. "Did you also hear that young Jiias destroyed at least three ships and caused millions of credits in damage to the station?" He glared directly at Jiias as he spoke, while the young Jedi kept from meeting his eyes."

    "He saved our lives," Lando said. "Hell, I can get the station repaired, and I'll replace all those ships that were damaged." He looked at Sala, who was watching Jias with anything but anger. "Some things can't be replaced though."

    "What about the chaos you caused?" Tansi asked. "People running in all directions and even trampling some."

    "Master Tansi, that is enough!" Paacence glared at the older master, her eyes showing complete shock at his words. "He did the best he could for his first mission alone."

    Lando looked to Luke and mouthed the words, "first mission?" Luke however, ignored him.

    "She's right," Editha added. "Anyway, according to the footage we received, the chaos was caused by blasters firing, and I don't recall Jiias ever firing one shot."

    Jiias looked up. "I did not."

    Luke broke up the chaos that now seemed to enter the room. "We're holding those who tried to shoot Lando responsible, no one else."

    He turned to Lando. "Any ideas as to who it was?"

    "Two of, well I thought they were loyal assistants, but turned out they were Neks."

    "What are Neks?" Tansi asked.

    "They started as a militia fighting to overthrow the government on Corellia," Lando answered. "And at the time, the Republic supported them and gave them supplies."

    "Well that was wise," Tansi said sarcastically.

    "Remember the trick with hindsight," Editha said to him.

    "Well now they have Imperial weapons as well," Lando continued. "They were ready to shoot me with stormtrooper blasters."

    "I knew it," Roor Kozal, a Kel Dor pilot seated next to Gallus said. "I knew they were up to something!"

    Amiscus chattered something and Editha spoke up. "I agree, this seems too simple."

    "Well, there are some Imperials who do oppose this Alliance," Tansi said. "Their Minister of Defense, Ssurg has been anything but silent about his views. It seems like he spends more time on his speeches than on his technology."

    "That's one reason we're not suspecting Ssurg," Gallus said. "He just doesn't have enough time to plot such an assault."

    "And General Warren seems like he honestly looks forward to this Alliance," Leia added. "I don't suspect him."

    Asmiscus spoke up again and C3P0 translated for him. "He says that we should begin our search at Corellia itself. Perhaps then we can gain more insight."

    "I agree," Luke said. "We can learn more while escorting Lando home."

    Lando smiled. "Thanks, I'll feel much safer having a Jedi with me. Just like old times, huh, Luke?"

    "Unfortunately Lando, I have to stay here to train the younger Jedi."

    "But," Leia said, "I have someone in mind."
  14. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Intense meeting but I'm glad there were those present who could keep on-task :p and on-topic :) =D=
  15. vypernight

    vypernight Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 1, 2012
    Thanks. I wanted to keep the number of characters from getting to large, which is why I sent most of them out of the galaxy and kept the current council small.
  16. vypernight

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    Nov 1, 2012
    @Rau_Fang , @Jade_eyes

    The huge hanger had been built decades ago to hold hundreds of TIE Fighters. Now, though, the Republic and Jedi shared it, dividing it into numerous, smaller docking bays.

    Leia entered the hanger, passing Roor Kozal and his squadron. Captain Kozal was watching as two of his pilots sat playing a board game, staring intently at disc-like stones as they took turns stacking and pushing them across the board. Leia remembered hearing about Kozal's rather unorthodox training methods, which he divided between rigorous [physical games and mind-twisting mental ones. Of course, considering Hammer Squadron's success rate,
    Kozal had to be doing something right, even if he still held on to past mindsets of hate.

    She also passed the Cobra which Lando recently donated to a local transport company. The ship was still in good shape despite its past adventures, and Luke's apprentice nearly flying it right through hanger doors. Lando was in his luxury apartment, discussing recent business deals with his wife before he returned home.

    Finally she arrived at the transport, a large, oddly-shaped, older ship that had seen far more battles than any soldier in the hanger. Leia circled the landing gear of the Millennium Falcon and followed the sounds of metal clanking and human cursing.

    She ducked as a wrench flew by her head, breaking it in two as it slammed into the wall.

    "Piece of rusted junk!" Han Solo said. He was dressed in his usual black pants, though his white shirt, was now gray as his hair, and just as matted. Leia hadn't seen his favorite vest in years. Han sat on a crate, inspecting with disgust a panel lowered from the underside of the Falcon .

    "Well it doesn't work too well when you throw it against the wall," Leia said, picking up the pieces and disposing them in a nearby garbage container.

    Han scoffed. "It's junk! It's all junk." He looked up at his ship. "All of it. Falling apart, inside and out. Too many problems." He sighed, looking down and running a hand through his hair. "Too many years."

    "Too much mileage maybe," Leia said, walking over to him, "but that never stopped you before from getting her up and helping to save the galaxy."

    "Don't need her anymore," Han mumbled. "The kids are saving the galaxy. You're saving the galaxy."

    "The kids are saving another galaxy," Leia corrected him. "And just because I'm out there doesn't mean you can't be."

    Han turned back to the panel. Picking up another tool, he fiddled with the panel again.

    "Besides," Leia continued, "we have a mission to get you and the Falcon out of this hanger and back into space."

    "Oh really?" Han said.

    "Lando needs a ride back home," Leia said. "And on your way back, we'd like you to stop by Corellia. Maybe Wedge has some information on the group that attacked Lando."

    Han continued to work on the panel, not looking up or acknowledging Leia's words.

    "Did you hear me?" She asked.

    "Yeah," Han grumbled. " Chauffeur Lando home and ask Wedge to save the day again."

    "We're asking You to save it," Leia said, staring down at him.

    The panel Han was working on sparked, sending him tumbling back over the crate. Rolling to one knee, he lunged forward and smashed the tool over and over again into the now-smoking metal.

    "Stupid, useless, worthless pile of . . . ." He stormed around and started kicking one of the landing struts. "It should've been scrapped a long time ago."

    "Han, what's really the problem?" Leia asked.

    Han spun around and glared at her. "What the hell do you think the problem is?" He gestured to the Falcon. "Her copilot's dead, one kid's dead, the others are out who-knows-where, you're out on your own heroic missions!" He turned back smashing his tool against a lowered part of the Falcon's undercarriage.

    "But the Falcon, she's just standing still. She's not out saving anything. She can't, even if she wanted to. She just isn't what she used to be." He turned to look at Leia again.

    "She's standing still" He collapsed again the ramp, burying his face in his hands. "She's just standing still."

    Leia watched him for several moments, then walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder. "She's not dead, Han. Don't bury her yet."

    "You think I want to?" he mumbled, fingers running down his face.

    "Well do you?" Leia asked. She turned to leave, but stopped and turned. "What do You really want, Han, to bury her or fly her again?"

    As she walked to the door, she looked back. Han was still sprawled against the ramp, but with a sigh, he slowly looked up at his ship.

    Luke met her as she reentered the temple.

    "So?" Luke asked, falling in step beside her.

    "He'll do it," Leia answered. "Though it might take a bit to get her off the ground."

    "If anyone can get the Falcon in the air again," Luke smiled, "Han Solo can."
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    @Jade_eyes , @Rau_Fang

    Sala readied her training saber and watched the small remote as it floated near her. To her right, Luke leaned back against the wall, watching her. The two had spent the entire morning training in a room that once held various artifacts collected by the previous Jedi. Now, Luke had converted it to a training room.

    The remote spun, and with an electronic hiss, it dove down and fired a stun bolt that caught Sala in the leg. She stumbled back, falling to one knee, but she managed to block the next bolt with her saber. The remote darted from side to side, firing bolt after bolt. Sala ducked and rolled to the side to dodge the blasts, stopping only when one struck her shoulder, sending her rolling into the wall.

    Catching her breath, she looked up to see the drone floating over her. It fired several blasts at once, and she managed to deflect them away from her. However, her attempt sent the blasts into the walls, with one hitting a small statue and sending it tumbling off a platform, shattering when it hit the floor.

    Luke turned to look at the shattered remains, and Sala stood, bracing herself.

    "You've trained well with your reflexes, and your ability to sense your surroundings is excellent," Luke said. He turned to her, smiling. "But we must work on improving your aim."

    "I'm sorry, Master," Sala said. "I'll pay to have it replaced."

    "These are all just cheap decorations I bought to brighten things up," Luke said as he started cleaning up the pieces. Deactivating her saber, Sala helped him.

    Tossing the remaining pieces in the trash compactor, Luke turned and led Sala out of the temple. "I think now would be a great time for a break. Let's take a little walk."

    It was a typical morning on the planet, cool and sunny. Luke chose a walkway that took them away from most of the bustling crowds.

    "I chose to keep the Jedi at the old temple so we could be part of the Republic. I wanted an alliance between the Jedi and the Senate, rather than our being separate organizations."

    He stopped, looking to several buildings in the distance. "Sometimes it helps to have an outsider's view to help you gain insight."

    "But if they aren't trained like Jedi, how can they tell us if we're making mistakes?" Sala asked.

    "I learned a long time ago," Luke answered, "that using the Force doesn't put you above others. Everyone and everything is a student and everyone and everything is a teacher."

    "Master Gesna," Sala said with a nod.

    Luke smiled. "Ah, so you are paying attention, good."

    As they continued walking, Luke pointed to a tall pillar in the distance, just past the senate building. "That's the Pillar of Peace. After the fall of Emperor Palpatine, members of races from all parts of the galaxy worked together to build it. Since then, people travel to it everyday to sign the pledge."

    "The Pledge?" Sala asked.

    "The Pledge that we would no longer enslave or assault each other, that no race or group is superior to an other. We made one promise; that we are all equal."

    "I hope we continue to keep that promise," Sala said.

    "So do I," Luke agreed.

    As they passed a series of apartments, Sala thought for a moment. "Master, may I ask a question?"

    "Please," Luke said.

    "Are all Jedi trained in the same manner?"

    "Of course not," Luke answered. "Different students, different Masters, different training methods. I care more that they reach the same goal."

    "What goal is that?" Sala asked.

    Luke answered, "Learning to use your abilities without harming yourself or others. I'm sure in the past, you've done things out of impulse, possibly acting through fear or anger."

    "Well, maybe once or twice," Sala responded, her eyes falling to the pavement.

    "We all have," Luke said honestly. "And you've seen the damage that causes. Imagine doing that while being able to manipulate your surroundings." He looked pale for a moment. "And losing your temper becomes a lot more dangerous. That is the real trap of the dark side, not controlling the Force, but using it when You are not in control."

    He stopped and looked at her. "That's why I have every Jedi in training pushed so hard. It's not about controlling the Force. It's about controlling yourself, no matter how terrified or furious you feel."

    They started walking back to the temple. "You will make lots of mistakes, Sala. I know from experience. Just be aware of them, learn from them, so you won't repeat them."

    "Guess I have a lot of learning to get through," Sala observed.

    "The first step to learning," Luke corrected her, "is knowing you'll never be through."

    As the walked past the hanger, Sala began asking, "Master, do-"

    She was cut off by an explosion from inside the hanger. Both spun around to see Han and

    Lando scrambling outside as black plumes of smoke followed. Han slammed a fist on the switch, and the door slammed shut. Both men fell back against the hanger wall, gasping for breath.

    "Are you all right?" Sala asked, making both men jump.

    "Yeah Sala, we're fine," Lando said. "We just had to take a little break."

    "How are the repairs coming?" Luke asked.

    "Oh right on schedule." Another explosion from inside immediately followed Han's answer.

    "Okay, maybe we're a day or two behind, but we're almost there."

    "Yeah, nothing to worry about," Lando added, right before alarms inside sounded. "You two just go about your training. We'll handle this."

    As several rescue craft landed at the hanger and emergency personnel ran in to help, Luke and Sala returned to the temple, and Sala remembered her previous question.

    "Master, do you have all Jedi go through the same test you put me through?"

    Luke thought for a moment. "I try to do something similar with most new Jedi. I just want to see how you react, inside and out. It also helped me understand the best ways to have you trained."

    "Well if I may ask," Sala said. "How did Jiias do when you first trained him?"

    "Oh, Luke chuckled, "he failed miserably."

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    General Krell, dressed in a dark green flight suit, stepped into the ship's conference room and looked to those seated around the room.

    "Here's the mission." He walked to a platform in the center of the room and pressed a button. A hologram of a city appeared.

    He pointed to a large, dome-shaped building. "The Senate meets here. We'll drive them deeper inside so they can't react. Next, we'll take out the hanger and apartments."

    His eyes narrowed. "Then we'll hit the Jedi Temple." Krell didn't smile, but there was no missing the satisfaction in his eyes. "Now the building itself resists a lot of punishment, even from your missiles.

    Looking up, he addressed the troops in the hologram. "That's where the ground team comes in. When Lord Rasur gives the signal. You'll attack the temple itself, and everyone inside."

    "Including the children?" one hologram soldier asked.

    "They're Jedi!" He snapped, causing even those in the hologram to jump. Waving one hand around, he said, "With a simple gesture, even the little ones can lift you and send you crashing to the wall in pieces!" He slammed his fist against the table, again startling everyone who watched. "Never forget that!"

    He took a deep breath, and then looked back to those in the room. "As for the rest of you, if you see anyone or anything not belong to the Neks outside the temple, train your ship's weapons on them. That goes for men, women, children, and droids. If they don't respond to our signal, they're a target."

    "But those weapons are designed for other vehicles. Isn't using them on people overkill?"

    "If they're not us," Krell answered, turning to the pilot. "take no chances."

    He looked back at the room. "I've already sent you specific targets for each of your flights. I'll lead the Bloods as usual, and we'll cover your skulls so you can make your hits. Any questions?"

    Another pilot stood. "Sir, even with Blood Flight covering, we're still sitting dralluks for their defenses."

    "Don't worry about their defenses," Krell smirked. "Lord Rasur and I have one other surprise planned."
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    Rubbing her shoulders, Sala entered the atrium. The large room with a domed glass ceiling and filled with various plants contained a number of Jedi seated in a circle below the stars. Sala knew this well, every night, Jedi would meditate together, reaching out and helping one another find peace. The group meditations were never required, and no one frowned on those who preferred not to participate.

    Many Jedi also used the time to reach out and feel each other's pain and a rough day of training. Although Sala had joined in on several of these, she decided to sit this one out. Although she had endured several weeks of intense training that had pushed her physically and mentally to limits she never knew she had, sitting was the last thing on her mind. Of course, the fact that her backside throbbed from another training saber session that went anywhere but well didn't help.

    Sala walked through the atrium until the outside breeze hit her face. Formerly, this was a landing pad for smaller Jedi ships, but Master Skywalker had it converted to a large balcony overlooking the city.

    Despite the time of night, the lights and sounds below were as noisy as the middle of day. Sala reached out, sensing the various lives below. Countless lives, going through their routines, some happily, others suffering. she felt for them all, even those she couldn't see.

    Looking down, she saw Jiias sitting on the edge of the platform, hands in his lap, legs dangling over the sides as he looked out over the city.

    "Oh, sorry," Sala said. "I didn't see you there."

    "This is not mine," Jiias said, "just my preferred place to sit."

    "Yeah, I've never seen you sit in the atrium with the others."

    "Too quiet," Jiias answered.

    "Isn't that how you're supposed to meditate, in a quiet atmosphere?"

    Jiias shrugged. "Probably."

    Sala turned and looked out over the city. "Besides, how can you focus and find peace with all the bright lights and noise?"

    "It forces me to focus," Jiias answered. "Only way I really can find peace."

    Sala nodded. "Well, Master Skywalker said different methods for different people."

    "That I did," Luke said, stepping onto the balcony.

    "Master," Sala said, turning to face him. "I didn't see you approach."

    Luke looked over the city. "It's easy to be distracted by all of this." He turned to her. "Sala, may I have a moment with Jiias, please?"

    "Of course, Master. Jiias." Sala nodded her head to them and left.

    Luke looked out over the city again. "A rather quiet night."

    "Than usual," Jiias agreed.

    Turning back to his student, Luke said, "Jiias, I have a favor to ask you. This is not an order, and you're free to say no, but I could use your help with this, my friend."

    Jiias stood up and turned to Luke. "What do you need?"
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    "Hey Luke, we got up and running, and right on time!" Han lowered himself from the opening to the landing gear as Luke approached. He ran a cloth over his face and tossed it into a nearby toolbox. "As soon as Lando says goodbye to his daughter, we're out of here."

    Luke glanced up at the Falcon. "Nice work, Han. She doesn't look much different after all these years."

    "And she's just as fast too, junior," Han said, picking up his jacket.

    "I'll believe it," Luke said. "You're still going to Corellia after you drop Lando off?"

    Han started toward the landing ramp. "Yeah, I figure Wedge might shed some light on this Krell person and his gang."

    "I'm surprised you didn't ask Leia to come along with you, or are you afraid Lando will spend the trip charming her?"

    Han frowned. "Very funny. To be honest, I've been too busy here to talk with her, well since she volunteered me for this little mission."

    She's been avoiding you too, Luke thought. How tragic that his sister and best friend were clashing, all because Han felt he was the only one standing still while the rest of the galaxy moved forward. Of course, Leia was being just as stubborn.

    "I was thinking, Han, you could use a Jedi to help you dig up some information."

    "Great idea, Luke," Lando said as he entered the hanger. "just like old times!".

    Han brightened. "I wouldn't want it any other way, kid. Welcome aboard!"

    "Sorry," Luke said, "but the Council and I are meeting with Gallus when he returns in a few days. But was thinking my apprentice could join you instead."

    "Aulric?" Han said. "Sure, he's just like you, and great for conversation."

    "Aulric doesn't return from his trip until tomorrow night."

    "Then who else-" Han shook his head. "No, not that kid."

    "Works for me," Lando said as he started up the ramp, "as long as he doesn't blow up any more ships."

    "Luke," Han protested, "I don't think this is a good idea. Can't we just wait a day for Aulric or something?"

    "What's the problem?" Luke asked.

    Just then, Jiias entered the hanger. Han turned so he was facing away from the younger Jedi and lowered his voice. "Kid, no offense but he creeps me out."

    "He's loyal," Luke said. "He won't let me down."

    "I hope you're right."

    Luke turned to Jiias. "Right on time." He placed a hand on the boy's shoulder. "Jiias, again thank you for doing this. Be careful"


    Han turned back and cleared his throat. "So, kid, I hope you don't mind, but since we finally got the Falcon back together again, I'd like to test her a bit." He added a little cockiness to his voice. "You know, a couple barrel rolls, some flips, a few nose dives. You up for all that?"

    Jiias looked up to the ship for a moment and nodded. "Whatever you feel you need to do, Captain."

    "Hey," Luke said. "Why weren't you that calm when I performed those maneuvers?"

    Jiias looked at him in horror. "You performed those maneuvers in a speeder."

    "Well let's get going," Lando said, "before the glue holding the Falcon together dries and cracks."

    Han turned and glared at him. "One more remark like that and something's gonna crack."

    They boarded the ship, and Luke watched as it lifted off, for the first time in years. At first, Han seemed to fly the ship cautiously, then suddenly, it bolted into the sky, spinning like a top as it flew.

    Luke could almost hear Han shouting, "Yahoo!"
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    Nov 1, 2012

    Darth Rasur studied the image of the Emperor before him before a beaping from his chair interrupted him. Turning the holocron off, he pressed a switch, and the image of the Emperor was replaced by Krell.

    The soldier stood holding his helmet, the fire in his eyes all too visible, even in the hologram. "We're leaving now. All troops ready for the assault."

    "Two days ahead of our schedule," Rasur said as he watched him.

    Krell's eyes narrowed. "Don't worry, Lord Rasur. I've been waiting a long time for this, and I don't intend to fail."

    Rasur noticed immediately that Krell didn't end his sentence with, 'you.' To him, the mission was much more than simply an assignment he was ordered to perform. "Just make sure you focus on your objective."

    "Oh, I'm focusing on my objective," Krell said with contempt in his voice. "I've been focusing on it for the past few years, and I'll be focusing on my objective when I drop a great big bomb on its ugly head."

    "Good," Rasur replied. "The troops you sent me are also ready. With the Senate and Jedi crushed, the rest will think twice about this peace, so be ready." This time it was Rasur who narrowed his eyes. "I don't want that treaty signed."

    "It won't be," Krell promised, "not over my dead body. I've been waiting a long time for this."

    Deactivating Krell's image, Darth Rasur turned his chair to look over the trophies he collected over the years, his eyes stopping on the lightwhip and the Bryar pistol displayed on the wall.

    "We both have."
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    Nov 1, 2012

    Coronet, the capital city of Corellia, bustled with ships taking off and landing, and filling the sky with crafts of every shape and size.

    In the office of General Wedge Antilles, leader of Corellian defense, met Han Solo and Jiias. Except for his gray hair, Wedge still looked like the young pilot who flew with Luke against the first Death Star and Lando against the second.

    Wedge looked at a monitor on his desk while it brought up various data. "Nevet Krell? Haven't heard that name in a while, but here he is." He brought up an image on the screen.

    Han looked closer. "Oh yeah, now I remember him. Didn't we kick him out of Corellian Defense for shooting his squadmate?"

    "That's him," Wedge said. "They got into a firefight with some thugs, and his squadmate got caught in the middle."

    Han nodded. "And Krell just shot right through him. He didn't even bother finding another way."

    "He didn't seem too concerned about his actions either. Well, until we discharged him." Wedge looked again at the screen. "Look at his last report; short temperament, lack of empathy, general lack of concern for the safety of those around him."

    "Yeah, a real people person," Han grumbled. "So what about these Neks."

    Wedge looked up. "During the war, we had serious problems with leadership going into hiding. I think that went on everywhere."

    "Pretty much," Han agreed.

    Wedge continued, "At the time, the Neks were just some gang that appeared to be defending people. Since we were looking for any help we could find, we outfitted them."

    Han looked up. "Outfitted them with what?"

    Wedge punched some keys on the screen and new information appeared. "Blasters, fuel, a cruiser, E-Wing Fighters-"

    Han's face went white. "You gave them E-Wings?"

    Wedge held his hand up in defense. "Hey, calm down. I didn't even know about it until now. But apparently, we did."

    Han turned and looked out the window. "Great, so we have a mental case leading a gang who's using weapons and ships we gave them." He sighed. "So what happened to them?"

    Glancing down at the screen again, Wedge said, "Well, Krell and most of them simply vanished a couple years ago. No one has seen or heard from them since."

    "Some remain here," Jiias said.

    Both men turned to look at the boy. Han, for his part, actually forgot he was in the room. "How do you know that?"

    Jiias stared out the window. "A lot of anger," he finally said. "The same kind I felt on the station."

    "Well, a lot of people here oppose that Alliance treaty," Wedge said.

    "This is different," Jiias said. "It feels like great anger felt by few."

    Han looked at Wedge. "You might still have Neks here. It might be worth taking a look."

    "Agreed," Wedge said. "Time to do a little detective work."
    A few hours later, the three entered a bar in one of the lower parts of the city.

    "I can tell I'm not as young as I used to be," Han said. "I suddenly feel nervous."

    "I'd feel a little better if I had my squadron along," Wedge agreed.

    "I'd feel better with just Chewie," Han said. "How about you, kid? You all right?"

    Jiias, meanwhile, was taking in all the sights, seemingly without concern. "Master Paacence once mentioned plants that actually turned toward the sun, but that was the first time I saw them actually move."

    "Let me guess," Han said. "You and Luke have seen seedier places than this."

    Jiias shrugged. "Many here survive this way because they see no other alternative. Few seem to seek aggression."

    "Well those few are the ones we're concerned about," Han said as he walked to the bar's counter.

    The bartender turned to Han and Wedge. "What'll it be, strangers?"

    "Info," Han answered. "Some thug made off with my credit chips. I saw him run this way."

    The bartender eyed him suspiciously. "What'd he look like?"

    Han looked to Wedge, who shrugged. "He wore a flight cap, but he had scars on his face and some kind of dog tattooed to his shoulder."

    Eyes widening, the bartender muttered, "Neks?"

    "Who's that?" Han asked, leaning closer.

    Shaking his head, the bartender walked away. "Nothing, look either order something or leave. I'll be back when you decide."

    "Well something spooked him," Wedge said, watching the bartender.

    Han nodded. "Yeah, the question is, what?"

    "Captain," Jiias suddenly said, "danger."


    "Right here, Solo."

    Han and Wedge spun around to see several Nek thugs with blasters pointing to them. Han's fingers fell to his blaster, but one thug placed his blaster against the back of Jiias' neck. "Don't do it, Captain."

    Han tried to relax, or at least look relaxed. "You know me?"

    The thug chuckled. "You think Han Solo and Wedge Antilles can just walk in here without us noticing?"

    "Where's Krell?"

    "Not here, obviously," the thug closest to Han said. "But he gave orders to deal with you for him. Now hands up."

    The three slowly raised their hands. Han hated feeling helpless like this. He looked around the room and counted eight thugs total. Five were guarding him, four were guarding Wedge and one was threatening the kid. Not bad odds, but it only took one to pull the trigger.

    "You do realize," Wedge said, "that killing us is going to get you noticed.

    The lead thug snorted. "When you disappear, no one'll be any wiser."

    The thug holding his pistol to Jiias head laughed. "So, boy, do you see a happy ending in this?"

    "Not particularly," Jiias answered.

    Why is the kid so calm, Han thought. Then he noticed Jiias was slowly turning one hand so his palm faced the thug.

    "Good luck with that. I've lived with a price on my head before."

    The thug looked at Han. "They're stupid. They should've killed you when-"

    Suddenly, Jiias raised his head, looking straight up, and the thug's blaster pointed the same way, firing into the ceiling. He then spun and drove his other palm at the thug's chest, sending the man flying across the room. Wedge dove behind a table, while Han whipped his blaster out and dropped the two closest thugs. Spinning, Jiias waved his hand, causing bottles to fly in the faces of two other thugs. Using the table for cover, Wedge blasted a thug in the chest, and Han dropped another with a headshot.

    Jiias turned to see one final thug standing before him. The thug slammed his bottle against the table, shattering it, and held the broken shard menacingly toward the boy. He the noticed the lightsaber in the boy's hand, and seeing the white blade come to life, he threw the shard aside and raced for the door. Lowering his weapon, Jiias held his hand out, and the thug was sent crashing into the side of the doorway. Slowly, the three of them looked over the room, preparing for any other sneak attacks.

    Seeing none, Han holstered his blaster and turned to Jiias. "You okay, kid?"

    Jiias turned off his lightsaber and replaced on in his forearm sheath. "Unfortunately, this may be all they have here."

    "Unfortunately?" Wedge asked.

    "I think he means Krell's got his army somewhere else."

    Wedge knelt down over the fallen thug. "Well, considering he's the only one still alive, I say we pick this one to question."

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    Nov 1, 2012

    "His name's Glunt," Wedge said to Han as they looked over the remaining Nek thug, now sitting in a Corellian Security interrogation room. "Apparently, they were also told to set a trap for you." He smiled. "I guess that didn't go as well as they hoped."

    Han watched through the window. "Yeah, and I'd like to know how they found out I'd be here."

    The interrogator entered the room.

    "Did you get anything else out of him, Roan?"

    Roan shook his head. "He's not cooperating. He just said they're supposed to kill Solo when he got here."

    Han looked at him. "What about Krell?"

    Roan shrugged. "Not a word. He didn't even respond to threats. Maybe I need to keep my promise."

    Wedge shook his head. "I'd rather you not use force unless absolutely necessary."

    "Well then," Roan said. "there's your other option."

    "What option?" Wedge asked.

    Roan motioned with his head to Jiias. "Send the Jedi in."

    Jiias turned to look at Roan.

    "I'm not sure that's such a good idea," Han said.

    "Also," Jiias said, "I am only an apprentice."

    Roan held his hands up. "Well I'm out of options, Wedge. You want to know what Krell is up to, you better think of something." He looked back at the thug sitting in the other room. "And if he helped you take out a room full of thugs, he might be able to at least shake this guy up."

    Wedge turned to Han. "It's up to you two. What do you think?"

    Han glanced to the thug, then to Jiias. "It's up to you, kid. Think you can get anything out of him?"

    Noticing everyone was looking at him, Jiias turned to the thug, then back to them. "I will do what I can."

    As he entered the room, Han said, "Just don't hurt him." Ignoring Han, Jiias closed the door and, locking eyes with Glunt, he walked over and sat before him.

    "So, they sent the Jedi kid," Glunt said with a smirk. "Good luck with that, brat."

    For a moment, Jiias just stared at him. Then he said. "You were sent by General Krell."

    Glunt smugly leaned back in his chair. "Who?"

    "Thank you," Jiias said as Glunt gave him a puzzled look. "Krell sent you to kill Captain Solo."

    "I never said that," Glunt responded.

    Jiias nodded. "Again, thank you."

    Glunt sat up in his chair. "I didn't say anything."

    "You did." Jiias paused for a moment. "General Antilles gave Krell and the Neks weapons and ships. Where are they?"

    Throwing his hands in the air, Glunt scoffed. "What ships? What weapons?"

    Jiias stared at Glunt for a moment, then again nodded, "Exactly."

    Glunt suddenly lost his smug demeanor. "What are you trying some Jedi mind trick on me?"

    Jiias tilted his head slightly. "Those only work on the feeble-minded. At the beginning of our discussion, you pointed out that you were strong enough to resist it."

    "That's right," the thug said. "I am." He grinned. "Nice try, kid. What else you got?"

    "If you really are as strong," Jiias continued, "I would not be able to enter your mind, to delve deep into your thoughts, and to dig sharply through your memories for information about General Krell." He paused for a moment.
    "Or his hidden base."

    Glunt frowned. "I never said a word about Krell's base."

    "Are you certain?" Jiias asked.

    "I know I didn't."

    "Did you not?"

    "Forget it, kid, I'm not talking."

    "Krell's base is not here."

    Glunt started to sweat. "I didn't-"

    "It is on another world."

    "No, he doesn't-"

    Leaning forward, Jiias narrowed eyes, staring into Glunt's. "Where is Krell's base?"

    Trembling, Glunt tried to lean as far back in his chair as he could, but he couldn't move. And he couldn't break the boy's glare. "No, no."

    "Where is Krell's base?" Jiias repeated.

    Glunt brought his hands to his head. "What are you doing? Stop! Please! Stop!"

    "That's enough, kid," Han said, entering the room with Wedge and Roan.

    Jiias ignored him. "Where is Krell's base?"

    "No," Glunt cried, "Stop! Get out!"

    "Jiias, stop it, now!" Han placed his hand on Jiias' shoulder, but the boy was like a statue, frozen in his trance-like state.

    Jiias deepened his voice, his eyes glaring like flames. "Where is Krell's base?"

    After a minute of complete silence, Glunt burst into tears. "Alyor! It's a mining colony just outside the Pastil Sector!"

    "Any other questions, Captain Solo?" Jiias asked, eyes still locked with Glunt's.

    "No, kid, that's enough."

    Nodding Jiias turned and stood up. Glunt suddenly collapsed against the table, trembling as he coughed. As he got to the door, Jiias turned to a shocked Roan. "He should rest, then he will recover."
    An hour later, Han and Jiias returned to the Falcon. Since the interrogation, Han hadn't said a word to the boy. In fact, no one had, save for thanking him for his help. Even Wedge though was shaken by what they all saw.

    As they walked to the Falcon's cockpit, Han decided he couldn't keep quiet any longer. "Look, kid, I know you were only doing what Wedge and Roan asked, but I gotta admit, I'm not too comfortable about you using the Force to rip a guy's mind apart."

    He almost expected the boy to respond with hurt feelings or insisting that Han, who had no Force experience, should mind his own business. Instead, Jiias nodded. "Agreed, which is why I never learned to use it."

    Han stopped and looked at him. "You mean you never got good at it?"

    "I never learned to use it at all," Jiias answered.

    "Then what the hell was all that?" Han asked, pointing back where they'd walked from.

    Jiias looked up at Han. "He merely thought I had affected his mind and panicked. I acted accordingly and guided him until he revealed what you really wanted from him."

    Han could only stare wide-eyed at the kid. "So you bluffed him?"

    Shrugging, Jiias said, "If you feel I acted in a way Master Skywalker would disapprove, I will admit to my actions when we return."

    Han shook his head. "No, you didn't do anything wrong. I just, you didn't learn that from Luke. What were you doing before he found you?"

    "I grew up in the streets, hiding from darksiders who had hunted my grandfather and parents," Jiias answered.

    Slumping in the pilot's seat, Han nodded. "I'm sorry kid. I know how it feels to lose those you care about."

    Jiias sat in one of the passenger chairs. "Looking back helps no one. All we can do is here those who are with us now."

    "Good point." Han turned and looked out the cockpit window. "Well, I guess we should return home so they can find Krell's base."

    "We are not going?" Jiias asked.

    Covering his face with his hands, Han sighed. "I'm not as young as I used to be, kid. There's only so much I can do anymore. Time to let the kids be the heroes."

    Jiias stared silently into space for a moment. "We must go."

    "Yeah," Han said, "right. Let's get home so Luke can-"

    "To the base," Jiias said, cutting him off. "We must go, now."

    Han looked at him. "Why? What's wrong?"

    "I am not sure, but someone is in danger."

    "Well yeah," Han said. "A lot of people are in danger. That's why we have to tell Luke-"

    "Master Skywalker would help, but we have no time." Something in Jiias' voice was urgent. He even seemed concerned. "We must go to the base, immediately."

    "You sure you can't see anything any more clearer?" Han asked.

    "I would tell you if I did."

    Han hesitated. The kid wasn't giving him much to work with, but he saw more than once that Jedi like Luke tended to be right about their feelings. So that was it, just him and the kid, an old man and a Jedi in training, flying to a base where Krell kept his weapons, ships, and army.

    Punching the coordinates into the computer, Han flew the Falcon into Corellia's atmosphere. "I have a bad feeling about this."

    "As do I," Jiias responded.

    "Kid, you're not helping."

  24. vypernight

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    Nov 1, 2012
    Luke, Leia and Aulric, along with Masters Tasni, Shiee, and Amiscus, sat in the Senate office, across from Chief of State Gallus, Captain Kozal, and several senators. The meeting had entered its second hour of debates, and even Leia was starting to roll her eyes in frustration.

    "Master Skywalker," Senator Lott of Drall said, "aren't you training new Jedi?"

    Luke turned to the senator. "I'm actually training just one at the moment. I just decided to give her a day to rest."

    "Back on topic," Gallus said, "Admiral Warren have just completed our tour of the core worlds, doing our best to ensure the galaxy that this Galactic Alliance is necessary if we are all to survive."

    "I'm sure no one doubts that it's needed," Kozal said, his deep voice resonating through his breath mask. "The problem, which I know many agree with, is trusting the Empire."

    "Many in the Empire share your thoughts toward us," Gallus said, "but Admiral Warren and I agree, it's time to take those steps forward."

    "I think we're all just tired of hating each other as well," Leia said. "Or are you just wishing for another war, Captain?"

    If Kozal was offended, he hid it well. "Of course I don't want another war. No one does. But have you forgotten this is the same Empire that blew up your own planet?"

    This time, Leia refused to take the bait. "No, I haven't forgotten. None of is will, ever. And you're wrong, this isn't the same Empire."

    Kozal grunted. "And yet in the years since Endor, we've fought officers, warlords, anyone attempting to claim Palpatine's throne." He raised a fist, extending a finger with each name. "Zsing, Isard, Dalla, Thrawn. How do we know Warren's any different?"

    "I've spent over a year speaking with Admiral Warren," Gallus said. "He's as tired of this war as the rest of us. He wants to move forward, and so do I."

    "And what of those within the Empire besides Warren?" Lott asked. "All I hear from them is protests from Ssurg's people."

    "We've covered this enough times," Gallus said, straining to keep his composure. "Ssurg is the Imperial Minister of Defense. He controls a sector or two at the edge of the Empire and spends his time researching technology for them. He's just one voice, and the only reason you keep hearing it is so the holo-news reporters can have something to throw at you!"

    He took a deep breath and turned. "What do the Jedi think of this alliance?"

    "I can't speak for all the Jedi," Luke said, "but we fought together during the Vong wars. I trust Warren and feel he wants this as much as the rest of us."

    "Master Shiee and I were padawan learners when Palpatine assumed the throne," Tansi said. "We saw more than our share of bloodshed, and I'm not so certain we've seen the last."

    Shiee cut in. "However, neither of us sense any deceit from Warren or danger from this alliance."

    "I was basically born, orphaned, and grew up during the war," Aulric said. "Who really wants to live in a world with that much violence and hatred? How many of us really-"

    Amiscus suddenly began chittering in his language, racing to the window.

    "He said we are in danger," C9, Amiscus' droid translated.

    Kozal threw a hand up. "Finally, someone agrees."

    Amiscus chittered again, turning to face the group. C9 spoke up again. "He means we are in danger now."

    Gallus' desk com suddenly beeped. He turned it on to reveal a holo of a soldier. "Sir," the soldier said. "A Savage-Class cruiser just appeared out of hyperspace and collided with our orbital platform."

    "Why didn't sensors pick it up before?" Gallus asked.

    "We don't know sir. Something's jamming our . . . . we're picking up over a hundred E-Wing fighters entering our atmosphere!"

    "Launch Red and Green Squadrons. That few fighters shouldn't be a problem."

    "Already scrambled sir," the soldier replied.

    Everyone stood and stepped to the window as X-Wing and A-Wing fighters took off from their hanger and lifted off into the sky.

    "This should be a short fight," Gallus said.

    Moments later, the soldier reappeared in the holo. "Sir, they're gone!"

    Gallus turned to the soldier's image. "What do you mean, 'Gone?'"

    "They just . . . vanished, sir."

    "What were they," Gallus asked, "an illusion?"

    He looked back out the window as they all stared at the sky. They could see the ships from Red and Green Squadron but nothing else. For several more moments, the room was silent.

    Suddenly, Luke yelled, "They're cloaked!" He leaped away from the window and pushed Gallus out of the way. The Jedi did the same for the senators as laserblasts suddenly struck the window.

    Sala sat at the edge of the balcony platform, forcing her mind to find peace despite the bustling of the city in the distance. Jiias had somehow found a way to calm his mind in spite of all the distractions, but she had yet to master it. After what felt like an eternity of attempts though, she finally stopped trying to force the lights and noise out of her mind and just observed it. Whenever a noise or object distracted her, she noted it and returned to emptying her mind. Instead of fighting it, she simply allowed it to flow in and out of her view.

    Which is why she noticed the fighters lifting off with mere curiosity. They were looking for something, and were in a hurry to find it. A few moments later, the fighters dropped back down, and flew in strange formations, as if the object of their search had vanished. It was quite a bizarre sequence-

    Suddenly alarms blared, not on the ground, but in her head. Without even thinking, she rolled backward, leapt to her feet, and raced to the building. She had just passed through the doorway when lasers blasted the platform behind her to pieces.

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    Nov 1, 2012

    "Power's flickering," Han said as the Falcon hovered over a barren landing pad. During their first fly-by, they had noticed lights fading out over the station. "You wouldn't happen to sense anyone nearby."

    Jiias stared out the canopy window. "Not close to here. Perhaps they are on the other side of the station."

    "Hopefully," Han said. They landed the ship and exited into the station. Walking through a hallway, Han found a path that branched into several hallways. "Where is everyone?"

    Jiias turned his head, looking down each path. Pointing down one, he said, "A small group is that way.."

    "And you don't sense anyone else?" Han asked. "An ambush or something?"

    "Not close enough to be an immediate threat." the boy answered.

    "I'll guess we'll just have to chance it then." Reaching into his pocket, he tossed Jiias a communicator. Jabbing a thumb down one path, he said, "I'll go this way; you check the other. Let me know if you find anything."

    "Understood," Jiias said, and started down the hallway.

    Jiias traveled down the hallway, finding several crates on the sides of the walls. "Captain Solo," he said, "I found crates with blaster rifles in them. They must be for a future assault."

    "It's possible," Han said. "But the question is, what are they doing now?"

    Staring into the dimly-lit darkness of the hallway, Jiias reached out to the Force, but to his surprise, the Force responded suddenly, in the same manner as before. It sounded through his head like alarms, louder than before they had arrived, and more urgent. Following the path, he stopped before one door that was locked electronically. Normally, this would've held back most people, but Master Skwalker had shown Jiias how to use the Force to bypass locks.

    Staring intently at the door, he reached out and found the electronics inside. Using the Force, unplugged the wires keeping the lock in place. With the a clicking sound, the door opened.

    Jiias entered what looked like an office, with a desk at the center of the room, various sketches on the wall, and several datapads laying on the desk itself. "Captain Solo," He said, "I found Krell's office."

    "Hey, you cheated!" Han said over the communicator. "I don't have the Force to help me."

    Since the only light in the room was coming from a blinking green light on the wall, Jiias found a switch and lit up the room. He returned to the desk and looked over the datapads.

    "Captain, according to this, Krell ordered power conserved in most of the station until he returned."

    "Returned from where?"

    Jiias continued reading. "He is leading a group called, 'Blood Squadron' to attack the Senate and Jedi Temple."

    "Great," Han said, "That explains why this place seems deserted. I guess we just missed them."

    "We should warn Master Skywalker," Jiias said.

    "We can do that from the Falcon." Han said, "But I have a feeling they already know by now."

    "Agreed." Jiias examined another datapad. "It also looks like planned his attacks according to where the Jedi and Senate would be at a specific time."

    "That doesn't make any sense," Han said. "Krell doesn't have the Force. How could he know what to attack and when?"

    "I cannot-" Jiias looked up at the wall with the blinking green light and froze. "Captain Solo, you need to get here as quickly as possible."

    "Why? What's wrong?"

    "On the wall," Jiias said, "is a Wookie frozen in Carbonite."