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    Luke and Aulric helped Gallus through the hallway as his office and the adjoining rooms vanishes in clouds of fire. Leia, Kozal, and the Masters helped the other senators escape, though out of the 12, 8 were lost in the explosion.

    "Didn't you sense anything?" Gallus asked as they ran down a flight of stairs.

    Luke shook his head. "It's strange, but it's like a void between them and us."

    Another explosion sent them flying off their feet. Kozal pushed Leia out of the way and pulled his pistol out, pointing in the direction they just ran from.

    "I don't think that's going to help much," Leia said, grabbing his arm as they continued running.

    Kozal shrugged and followed her. "Old habits."

    Luke pulled out his communicator. "C3PO, meet us in the Chief's chambers with R2."

    "We are on our way, Master Luke," C3PO replied.

    A few minutes later, they entered the chambers. Luke immediately ran to one wall, which held several computers and monitors. "Do these connect to the outside?"

    "Of course," Gallus answered, stopping beside him. He pressed several buttons, and the monitors showed the city, with several buildings smoking as lasers blasted them.

    "Those ships are cloaked," Leia said.

    In his fighter, Krell grinned as another torpedo struck the senate building, obliterating an office. With their ships cloaked, enemy fights were scrambling to find their targets, while Krell's squadron was picking them off one or two at a time.

    "Blood Two to Blood Leader," Harn, Krell's second in command said.

    "What is it, Two?"

    The voice sounded way too enthusiastic for someone in the middle of battle. "Just thought you'd like to know we can listen in on their chatter."

    Krell chuckled. They were, after all, in Republic ships. Of course they could listen in on the enemy. "Frequency?"

    "ESB5," Harn said. "Turns out they're not too happy about us blasting them to bits." Harn spun his fighter around, chasing an A-Wing. Closing in, he opened fire and laughed as the pilot screamed he was hit before his craft exploded. "That's 2 so far, Leader."

    "I'm at 17, not counting the holes I punched in the Senate," Krell responded. He pressed a button on his helmet com. "Lord Rasur, send them in."

    "Luke," Leia said, "they have ground troops!"

    Gallus pressed several button. "I've dispatched troops of our own to intercept. Where are they headed?"

    Leia turned pale. "The temple."

    Luke turned to Aulric. "We've got to get over there."

    "But they're still blasting buildings apart," Aulric said.

    "Master Luke, here we are," C3PO said as he and R2D2 entered the chambers.

    Luke turned to the droids. "R2, get over here and slice into the comms for those apartments. 3PO, start evacuating people."

    C3PO looked at Luke. "But sir, I am a protocol droid, not a-"

    "You're programmed to talk to people," Leia cut him off. "So start talking!" She, Luke, and Aulric raced out the door.

    Gallus turned to Tansi. "We need to send out a distress signal."

    Tansi and Shiee walked over to the computer. "We'll help any way we can," he said.

    Sala ran through the passageway as explosions shook the temple. She rounded a corner when she crashed into two soldiers, one with a large gray head and large dark eyes and the other, a skeleton-like creature. Both wore orange coveralls and were armed with blaster pistols. Falling back, she let out a scream.

    "Oh good a Jedi," the skeleton-like alien said. Do you know how to get out of here?"

    Sala blinked. "What?"

    The large-headed alien lowered his weapon. "We got separated from our group during the attack."

    "Who are you?" Sala asked.

    "Apologies," the large-headed alien said. "I'm Fiz Ichabel and this is my wing, Narth Chrag. We're members of Hammer Squadron."

    "Sala Calrissian." Narth helped Sala to her feet. "Sorry about the screaming. If you're pilots, what're you doing in the temple?"

    "One of our squad members is friends with some of your Jedi. She wanted to speak with them, and we just wandered off." Fiz said.

    "We tend to get bored easily," Narth added. "Are you hurt?"

    Sala shook her head. "No, I'm fine. I just need to find any other Jedi here."

    "There you are!" A female cat-like pilot in the same jumpsuit ran over to them. "What happened?"

    "Sorry, Nia," Fiz said. "We wandered a little and got lost. Then we started hearing the explosions."

    "Well you've wandered enough," she said. "Captain Kozal is calling for us to meet him at the hanger, immediately." She turned to Sala. "You all right?"

    "I'm fine," Sala answered. "I have to go see if anyone's still around.

    Nia waved the other two in her direction. "Let's go, soldiers. Those thugs aren't going to shoot themselves."

    "Right behind you," Narth said. He turned to Sala. "Be careful, Jedi Sala."

    "You too, Narth, Fiz."

    As she continued down the passageway, she heard Narth say to Fiz, "You scared her, you know."

    "Like you have a winning appearance," Fiz replied.

    Narth chuckled. "Don't be jealous of my stunningly attractive profile."

    "Or stumblingly impressive self-image," Fiz shot back.

    Several Republic solders entered the hanger when Nek troops started shooting at them.

    "Ran, Arac," Wyn said, "cover the doors so they don't slip past us."

    "How many you counting? Ran asked.

    Arac perform a quick head count. "About two dozen, not counting the ones we vaped running in here."

    They ducked behind the wall and exchanged blasterfire when Wyn took a look at their opponents. "Check out their helmets. Are those sensors on the sides?"

    Arac peeked out. "Looks like cameras."

    "Well that doesn't make any sense," Ran said. "Are they shooting a holo-film on this attac?"

    Darth Rasur observed the various monitors before him. His eyes paused on one with three soldiers firing back. Watching the soldiers, one by one, he closed his hand into a fist.

    Ran suddenly dropped his blaster and clutched his throat.

    "Ran!" Wyn yelled as Ran fell to his knees directly in front of the Neks. The enemy troops wasted no time in blasting Ran in the chest. Suddenly, Arac too gripped his throat and stumbled in the line of fire. Wyn backed away behind the wall and started running. He nearly reached the door to the next room when he felt his throat tightening.

    Dropping his blaster, he turned to see the Neks standing there, all watching him as he fell to his knees. His last sight was several of them opening fire at the same time.

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    "Did you just say a Wookie in Carbonite?"

    "Correct," Jiias said.

    Han's voice suddenly chilled. "I'll be right there."

    The lights suddenly dimmed and the green light flickered. If the power went out before Captain Solo had arrived the life support wouldn't stay active. Jiias stepped forward and looked at the controls on the side of the carbonite slab.

    Deciding he couldn't wait, the boy pressed several buttons and turned a dial. The slab hummed and the shape of the Wookie turned red. Jiias stepped back and watched as the carbonite melted, piece-by-piece. Finally, freed from the metal prison, the Wookie collapsed to the floor.

    For a long moment, Jiias silently waited, then the Wookie, a young female slowly raised herself to all fours, couching and shaking her head. Jiias knelt down to help her. "You are safe now. Someone had trapped you in carbonite." He held her arm and helped her to her feet.

    Suddenly, she grabbed Jiias by his shirt and, with a furious roar, shoved him across the room. He hit the wall and rolled to one knee as the Wookie began throwing clutter from the desk in all directions. Instinctively, he reached for his lightsaber, but he then stopped himself, remembering this Wookie was only hostile because she was disoriented after being trapped for some time.

    Standing, Jiias watched as the Wookie looked left, then right, blinking with a growl. She stumbled, banging into the wall, then she turned and reached for the desk. Since she couldn't see, Jiias stayed out of her reach, at least until
    Captain Solo had arrived. Then the Wookie stopped and sniffed the air. She must have picked up the boy's scent because she planted two large furry hands on the desk, and, with a roar, hurled the desk in Jiias' direction.

    He rolled out of the way, hitting the wall himself, and tried to pick up his communicator. "Captain Solo, please hurry."

    The Wookie then grabbed him by the throat and lifted him off the ground, squeezing. "Captain Solo," he choked, trying to remember Solo's first name, "Han!"

    The Wookie stopped when he heard the name and dropped Jiias. He fell to the floor, gasping for air, and immediately stumbled backward. Seeing the huge shadow, he looked up to see her towering over him. But instead of attacking, she rumbled something that sounded like, 'Han.'

    "I am here with Han Solo," Jiias said. The Wookie whimpered something, looking around. Jiias was not familiar with the Wookie language, but he was pretty sure she knew Solo in some way. Getting up, he caught her as she nearly collapsed again.

    "You were frozen for some time," he said. "Allow yourself a chance to rest. My name is Jiias by the way."

    She rumbled something in response as Jiias helped her to a nearby chair. To himself, Jiias thought, Master Skywalker, I believe I have finally passed your test.

    The door to the office slid open and Han burst in. He stopped just before the two, looking from the melted slab on the wall, to them.

    Noticing Han, Jiias said, "If the power faded while she was still trapped-"

    The Wookie rumbled something and Han rushed forward, kneeling before her. "Kalthar?" Looking in Han's direction, she rumbled something, then Han leaned forward and hugged her. "Kalthar!" The two embraced, with tears streaming. "Oh, god, I thought I lost you too, sweetie!"

    "You know her?" Jiias asked.

    Pulling himself free, hand wiped his eyes. "Kalthar is my best friend's daughter. She disappeared a long time ago." He turned to her. "What happened?"

    She growled something. "She said she crashed her ship here after her navcomputer blitzed. Next thing she knew, she was surrounded by some men with blasters." She rumbled something else. "And Krell? Wait, how did you know


    Kalthar answered with a growl and Han turned to Jiias. "He asked if she knew me, and when she answered, he shot her with a stun blast. That was the last thing she remembers," she whimpered something else. "except for-" He looked to the melted slab on the wall and went pale. Leaning over to her, he took her head in her arms. "It's okay, sweetie. I know."

    Han turned back to the door, eyes suddenly narrow. "Hey kid, any way you can get someone to approach us?"

    "You want one of them here?" Jiias asked.

    Han nodded. "I have a few questions for them."

    The three left the office and started down the hallway. Jiias stepped forward, motioning for Han and Kalthar to stop. He then continued forward until he was just out of sight. "Kid?" Han asked after nearly a minute.

    Jiias returned a moment later. "A guard should investigate the noise shortly."

    Kalthar rumbled something. "We didn't hear anything," Han said.

    "He did," Jiias responded. "He approaches from around the corner."

    "Just one?"

    "Just one, more curious than concerned."

    "Here, take her," Han said, handing Kalthar to Jiias. Stumbling under her wait, he had to call on the Force to help him hold her.

    Pulling out his blaster, Han snuck to the corner. As soon as the guard reached it, Han threw him to the ground and slammed the barrel of his blaster into his face. The guard started to scream but stopped when Han shoved the blaster into his forehead.

    "Okay pal," he said, "you want to tell me what happened to her?"

    The guard turned his head. "The Wookie! It's free!"

    Han slammed his blaster against the guard's head. "She's free, blockhead! Now what happened to her?"

    The guard looked back at Han. "When General Krell learned that it . . . she knew you, he decided to freeze her as a trophy."

    "A trophy?" Han lifted his blaster and punched the guard in the nose, breaking it. "She's a living being you slimy piece of trash! Did he happen to realize she'd die if the power went out here?"

    Nodding, the guard said, "General Krell seemed most pleased about that. He said something about it being one step closer to revenge, against you and the Jedi."

    Han punched the guard again. "Revenge for what?"

    The guard spit out bloody teeth. "Revenge kicking him out of the war, for fighting without him, for stealing all of his glory. He said if you wouldn't let him be a hero, he'd make himself one at your expense."

    "He's killing innocent people!" Han yelled. "That makes him a hero?"

    The guard simply shrugged. Fuming, Han shoved the barrel of his blaster in the man's mouth, pulling on the trigger. He nearly fired a shot right through the guard's head when he stopped. He looked up at the other two. Kalthar watched with a gleam in her eye, but the boy's attention was on the hallway.

    "Captain, someone heard you. Act quickly."

    With a sigh, Han removed his blaster from the guard's mouth. The kid was a Jedi in training. The last thing he needed to learn was revenge. Switching his weapon to stun, Han stood and shot the guard. He switched it back and took Kalthar's arm. "Okay, let's move."

    They traveled to where the hallway had originally forked when several more guards appeared nearby. "Intruders!"

    Without hesitation, Han fired, dropping three guards in mere seconds. He stepped away from Jiias and Kalthar and continued firing, both hands gripping his blaster as he dropped one guard after another. Screaming, he fired wildly, sending sparks all over the hallway. Turning his head, Jiias lifted his hand to a switch on the wall, and the blast doors shut, separating them from the guards.

    Han spun around. "What the hell-"

    "More approach, Captain. We should hurry."

    Han snapped out of his fury. "Right, sorry." He helped Kalthar as they continued. Looking back at the body of the guards, all of whom Han had dropped with a single blast each, Jiias asked, "You said you were too old for this?"

    "I'm feeling younger already!" Hearing commotion from the other side of the doors, Han lifted his blaster to point at the switch on the wall, but cursed when it sputtered. "Great I killed the battery."

    Jiias pulled out his lightsaber when the blast doors slid open a crack. "We must hurry."

    Han looked down the hallway. "We won't make it down the hallway in time. Any of those weapons crates nearby?"

    Jiias looked around. "Only back where we came from."

    Kalthar rumbled something. "Hell no, honey. I just got you back. I'm not leaving you behind."

    Jiias looked down another hallway, then turned to Han. "Take her and get to your ship."

    Han's eyes widened. "You can't take them all by yourself!"

    "Nor do I plan to." He activated his lightsaber. "If they chase me, you will have more time. Now go."

    As Han and Kalthar headed down a hallway, she rumbled something. "Luke trained him," Han said. After she rumbled something else, Han responded, "Yeah, no kidding."

    Jiias turned to the blast doors as they slid open more. A guard started to squueze through, and he fired his blaster.

    Jiias deflected it and turned down an empty hallway. "Captain Solo, hurry!" He then raced down that direction.

    He heard the doors slide open behind him, followed by someone yelling, "After them!" Jiias ran down the hallway, turning one sharp corner then another. He started to turn one more corner when he nearly ran right into a dead end. He spun around just as several guards reached him.

    "I'm curious," one guard said. "What does a Jedi do when his epic plan fails?"

    Staring at the flickering overhead light for a moment, Jiias closed his eyes. The light suddenly flashed, and the guards turned away to block their eyes. Jiias leaped over them, tumbling and landing behind them. As he started running again, he said, "We improvise."

    Reaching another corner, he turned only to run into several more guards. Two of them fired, but Jiias deflected their shots back at them. They ducked, and Jiias chose another direction, and started running again.

    He led them on a chase, circling the same hallways at least once before Jiias turned a sharp corner and raced through the doors onto a landing pad. Unfortunately, the pad was empty, and Jiias stopped in his tracks as he reached the edge. He spun around just as the guards reached the doors, and they ran through before he could close them. Spreading out in a half-circle, they stepped closer.

    "I highly doubt you'll block all our shots," the guard from earlier said. "I think you've run out of tricks." They all raised their rifles and Jiias held his lightsaber to defend himself.

    Suddenly, the guards looked past Jiias in horror and started yelling as blaster bolts fired past him and struck several guards. He turned to see the Millennium Falcon hovering closer, its landing ramp lowering.

    "What're you waiting for, kid" Han yelled from inside the ship, "an engraved invitation?"

    Turning off his lightsaber, Jiias leaped, flipping through the air, and landing on the ramp. He rushed into the ship as the ramp closed.

    He reached the cockpit to find Han and Kalthar waiting for him.

    "Nice distraction, kid," Han said. "You're not so bad in a fight."

    Jiias slumped into one of the seats. "Thank you for returning."

    Piloting the Falcon away from the base, Han said, "What, you think I'm going to explain to Luke that I just left his student behind? Speaking of which, we need to get back. Krell's probably attacking by now, and Luke's going to need a hand."

    Jiias looked at him. "He is a Jedi Master."

    "Maybe." Han turned to him. "But to me, he'll always be that farm boy I saved years ago."

    With that, the Falcon leaped into hyperspace.
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    Nia, Narth, and Fiz got to the door to exit the temple, but when they opened it, they found the bodies of dozens of troops scattered on the ground. Several Neks approached, firing in their direction. Nia, rolled out of the way and dropped one thug with a blaster shot between the eyes. Fiz and Narth added to the blasterfire, covering Nia as she ducked behind some crates.

    "We're almost there!" Nia yelled as she prepared to run to the hanger.

    Suddenly several Nek fighters flew over, firing torpedoes into the hanger's ceiling. Nia tumbled out of the way as shrapnel struck the crates, and Narth grabbed her, pulling her back into the temple.

    "I don't believe the hanger is a proper idea at this time," Narth said.

    "Really, what was your first clue," Nia shot back as she pulled out her com. "Hammer 2 to Leader. Please tell me you're not in there."

    "Leader here," Roor answered. "We're in the Senate building and were just about to run for the hanger."

    "Good thing we're both late," she said. "Any other ideas?"

    Roor on the other end was silent for nearly a minute, before answering. "The laboratory. They were planning to move the M-Wings to the hanger next week. They should be operational though."

    "The M's?" Nia asked. "They're not field-tested yet."

    "Well then we'll test them. Meet us there at your convenience."

    "Well that was highly irregular considering the circumstances," Narth said.

    "Agreed," said Fiz. "Why be so polite in such a stressful event?"

    Pocketing her comlink, Nia said, "When the Captain says, 'at your convenience,' he means, 'get your hindquarters there, right now!" She opened the door again and took off running. "Let's move!"

    Sala ran into the padawan training room to find Master Paacence with several Jedi children.

    "Oh, thank heavens, Sala," Paance said. She moved close to her and gave her a hug. "I was so worried. Are you hurt, dear?"

    "No Master, I'm fine," Sala replied. "But they're getting closer."

    Almost on cue, blasterfire struck the wall above Sala's head. She ducked and Paacense raised her hand, causing the doors to slam shut. "We have to get out of here, Master. That won't hold!"

    "I know, dear," Paacense said. Raising her hand again, she caused the door behind her to open. "That passageway runs underground and meets the Senate building. Take the children and find the other Masters."

    Sala started to protest. "Master, I won't leave you-"

    "Go!" Paacense ordered.

    "Yes, Master," Sala replied. Taking the children, she led them through the doorway. She had just turned to look back when Paacense closed the door.

    A few moments later, the other door was blown open, and several Nek thugs ran in. Blasters drawn, they surrounded the hutt Jedi.

    "You shall not harm the children," she said calmly.

    "Well then, hutt," the lead thug spit, "your slimy carcass'll just have to do." They all closed their fingers on the triggers of their blasters.

    Still calm despite the situation, Paacense simply raised her hand, palm toward the lead Nek. Suddenly, he dropped his gun and stumbled into the wall. The Jedi shifted her eyes, and another thug gripped his stomach and fell backwards. One-by-one their faces turned green and their eyes rolled into the backs of their heads as they stumbled, collapsed on the ground, and even lost the contents of their previous meal.

    "I was polite to you," the hutt Jedi said. "I'd prefer if you returned the gesture."

    Luke and Aulric were running down the hallway when they found Sala and the kids.

    "Master Skywalker," Sala gasped, "Master Paacense . . . .in danger!"

    Luke nodded and patted her shoulder. "Keep going through the tunnel. We'll take care of it."

    He and Aulric continued until they got to the closed double doors.

    "It's sealed from the other side," Aulric said as, inspecting the controls.

    "Other side," Luke said, and Aulric stepped to the other side of the door. "On three." Both held up their hands, fingers pointing where the two doors met. "One, two, three!" Calling on the Force, they made a pulling gesture with their hands, and with the sound of tearing metal, the doors slid open. Luke and Aulric leaped into the room before the doors had opened completely, and froze in their tracks at the sight before them.

    Numerous Nek thugs either leaned against the wall or were lying on the ground, groaning as they held their stomachs. Paacense turned, and seeing the two, immediately brightened.

    "Masters!" she said. "Are Sala and the children safe?"

    "Yeah," Luke answered, "they're fine."

    Surveying the fallen troops around them, Aulric added, "We just sent them to the Senate chambers."

    "Oh wonderful," she said as she slithered past them. "I must get to them. The poor things must be terrified."

    Aulric watched her leave, then turned to Luke. The Jedi Master merely shrugged, and the two continued through the temple.

    In Gallas' chambers, R2D2 and C3PO continued to evacuate those in buildings anywhere near the Senate. As R2D2 changed to a different channel, they heard voice growling at them.

    "Oh my," C3PO said. "He's not happy about his program being interrupted.

    R2D2 beeped a response and the taller droid looked down at him.

    "I cannot say that. It's quite rude."

    R2D2 squealed intensely, causing C3PO to jump back. "All right, all right. I'll do it." He responded over the com with his own voice but in the growling dialect of the one he was speaking to. The response was even more angry, but prompted with responses by R2D2, C3PO continued. The response was a monstrous roar, followed by the line going dead.

    "Oh dear," C3PO said, straightening.

    Nia, Fiz, and Narth got to the labs to find Kozal waiting with a male Twilek, female Gungan, male Xexto, and a large, mud-like creature.

    "Ah, Nia," Kozal said, "where are the rest of the group?"

    "Lost 'em," she said. "We got separated in the temple. I found Fiz and Narth, but that's it. I think the rest went to help the Jedi."

    Kozal nodded. "Well this'll have to make due. Mr. Llar, the door, please."

    As the Twilek went to work on removing the lock, Nia looked to her captain. "That's it? They've got about a hundred fighters up there. We've got eight! How is that a match for them?"

    "It isn't," Kozal admitted. "But as long as they're shooting at us, they're not shooting at anyone on the ground."

    "Ready sir," Tol Llar said, opening the door.

    "Captain," Narth said, "the M-Wings weren't designed for ship-to-ship combat, at least not with those on a fighter's scale."

    "I'm aware of that," Kozal said. "Remember all those games of Kenoso. Play a runt as royalty-"

    "And royalty as a runt," Narth finished. "I understand, sir."

    "Enough speak," Freon, the Xexto said. "I want to fly!" he lunged through the door and into the nearest fighter.

    Kozal followed. "Mr. Llar, the doors, if you please. The rest of you choose your fighter."

    "Blood Leader," Harn said, "we've got some new signals coming from groundside."

    Krell tipped his fighter to the side and looked down. "I thought we already took out the hanger."

    "Not the hanger sir." Karn squinted as the fighters rose into the sky. "They flew out from another building."

    "How many?"

    "Only eight, but-"

    "But what?" Krell asked.

    "Fourteen, Twenty-eight, you see 'em?" Harn asked. "They looked like rockets with helmet-shapes over the middle."

    Krell switches his comm's frequencies to listen in on the chatter from the new ships.

    "All wings report."

    "Hammer Two standing by."

    "Hammer Four standing by."

    "Hammer Six is standing by."

    "Hammer Seven standing by."

    "Hammer Eleven standing by."

    "Hammer Three stands by."

    "Hammer Eight standing by."

    "Lock your S-Foils."

    Krell rolled his ship and flew past the Senate to view these new attackers himself. Then he heard the chatter from his own ships.

    "The helmets are opening."

    "I see 'em. They're wings. Why do they have engines along the bodies?"

    "Those aren't engines. They're guns! Break off and back!"

    Krell just got there in time to see one of the new craft open fire, with several turboloasers firing like the wheel of an ancient cannon, and Bloods 14 and 28 disintegrated before his eyes.

    "Bloods," Krell said, "back off and flank them. They don't look like they can move much."

    "I've got one in my sights, sir," Harn said. He chased the fighter, which failed miserably to outmaneuver him. "I've got a lock. Die, you bantha scum!"

    His blasts hit the fighter's body head-on. A few seconds later, he heard chatter from the pilot. "Six here, enemy fighter has made physical contact."

    "Leader here, how bad, Six?"

    "Direct hit. Superficial damage."

    Harn froze. Superficial? He looked out at the craft, which continued flying despite the shots that had hit it. "Boss, they're armored!"

    "No wonder they aren't try to out-fly us," Krell growled. He chose one enemy fighter and followed it. "Two, Nine, you're with me. Fire as soon as you get a lock."

    The three craft moved in a pyramid formation and fired on the fighter at the same time. Their turbolasers dug into the armor, sending sparks flying, and causing cracks in the cockpit.

    "Four here, I'm hit. Ejecting before I lose pressure."

    Harn fired again. "You think that windshield is blast-proof?"

    Krell fired. "His suit isn't," he said with a smirk.

    "Leader, thisa Three," Amma said. "Captain, Tol isa lost. Repeats, I lost mine wing."

    "Three, Leader here, stay put and we'll meet you."

    "Easy for yous to say," Amma replied, struggling to dodge more laser fire.

    Sala and the Jedi children ran into the chambers to find Gallus, Tansi, Amiscus, and Editha. "Masters, they're in the temple!"

    "You'll be safe here," Editha said. "Children, come with me. let's find you some food."

    "Mr. Gallus, sir," C3PO said, "R2 says a number of people are headed in this direction from the path we came from."

    Tansi looked up from the computer. "They're not Neks. They must be fleeing from the offices."

    Gallus ran to the door and opened it. "Come in, everyone hurry." A blaster shot just missed his head as he helped an elderly woman through the door. Amiscus rolled forward through the doorway and pulled out twin green lightsabers, deflecting the blasts back at the shooters.

    "That's it, Master Jedi, come back in." He started to close the door behind the Jedi, when a large alien with black and purple fur over mountains of muscles ran in.

    "Oh, oh my," C3PO said, and the alien turned and charged straight for him, growling in the same language he had heard over the com before. Amiscus rushed forward to stop the alien when a building on the monitor exploded. The alien stopped, watched the monitor, then looked back at the droid. Suddenly, it stepped forward and picked the droid up. "Oh no, R2, help me!" The alien picked up C3PO, spun him around, then lowered him back to the ground.

    Amiscus looked to Gallus who just smiled. Tansi shook his head and returned to the computer.

    The alien then used all four of its mouths to place kisses all over the droid's metal head.

    "Oh, oh," C3PO said, "you're welcome, madam."

    "Hammer Six to Leader," Fiz said, "we're still alive, but they've chosen to attack in swarms."

    "It doesn't help that we can't even see what these swarms look like," Nia said, as her craft shook from another shot.

    "I know, Two, Six," Kozal said. "Just keep them firing at us for as long as you can."

    "We're doing our best . . . sir, more signals approaching!"

    "We just got your invitation. Can we join the party, Captain?" Wedge said.

    "Rogue leader?" Kozal said. "You're more than welcome to join. There's plenty of dances for everybody."

    "Where are they?" came one response.

    "Follow the blasterfire," Kozal said. "They're cloaked."

    "We didn't give them cloak," Wedge said as his fighter joined Kozal's.

    Kozal looked to his right to see the X-Wings join his formation. "Well someone did."

    "Blood Leader, you hear that?" Harn asked.

    "I heard it," Krell answered. "Rogue Squadron. All nearby wings, those're your new targets."

    Krell and Harn raced straight for the X-Wings that entered the sky. Harn picked one and got right behind it.

    "Leader, this is Three, I've got a tail."

    "That's right, you do," Harn chuckled as he fired. The fighter rolled and lifted up higher into the sky. "Keep up the stunts, Little Rogue, it'll make me enjoy this more." He fired a few wide blasts and one struck the fighter's wing, but not hard enough to destroy it. The fighter regained its control and continued to try and escape. "Like a cat with a mouse," Harn said. "Keep spinning and flipping, Little Rogue, but it won't do any good. Do you see me?"

    "No, but I hear you, smart chops," came the reply, and Harn snarled. Then he heard another voice.

    "But thanks for firing on my friend. Now I see you." It was Wedge Antilles' voice.

    Harn looked up and saw the X-Wing headed right for him. "General-" was all he could say before Wedge blew his craft to pieces.

    "Harn!" Krell yelled. He slammed his fist on the control panel, then regained his composure he searched for the X-Wing with his sensors. "Okay, Antilles, you want to play?" He found Wedge's fighter and fell behind it. "Six, Nine, cover me." He narrowed his eyes. "I'm so going to enjoy your last moments, Antilles."
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    The Millennium Falcon emerged from hyperspace, and Han brought the ship into the planet's atmosphere. Even well below them, they could see the flashes of lights and fire from the fight below.

    "Well," Han said as he made the ship dive straight down, "we didn't miss the party."

    Kalthar rumbled a response and Han answered. "Yes, honey, I'm sure you're dressed well enough to be fashionably late."

    Jiias just looked at the two of them with wide eyes before Han responded. "It was a joke, kid."

    The boy looked at them for a moment longer before turning his head to observe the action below them. "If you use humor as a way to combat the tension, then I hope you have more jokes ready."

    Entering Gallus' chambers, Luke and Aulric joined Leia, Sala, and Gallus as they watched the monitors.

    "Has the temple been cleared?" Luke asked

    "Masters Tansi and Shiee have returned to search for anyone else in danger," Leia answered. She then motioned to the far corner behind them. "The children have strangely clung to Master Amiscus."

    Luke and Aulric both looked over. "Well, kids like bugs," Aulric chuckled.

    Leia shot him a glare. "Castin, that's a Jedi Master you're talking about."

    "Well He's the one who originally said it," Aulric shot back defensively.

    "As long as they're safe," Luke said, "that's what matters." He turned to the monitors. "How are they doing?"

    "Rogue Squadron's trying to help Hammer Squadron," Gallus said, "but now both were getting ripped apart."

    Luke clenched his fists. "I hate feeling so helpless like this."

    "I know," Leia said, touching his shoulder, "but with the hanger destroyed and not even any speeders nearby, we have no way to get you to a ship."

    Aulric turned to look at Luke. "You've done as much as you can. We'll just have to find another solution."

    Luke looked again at the monitors. "Are you sure there are no more speeders-"


    "Jiias!" Luke said aloud. He turned to R2D2. "R2, check the sensors for other ships."

    R2D2 beeped a few negative results before responding excitedly.

    "It is the Millennium Falcon, Master Luke!" C3PO translated.

    "Great! Get a hold of them." R2D2 beeped and connected them. "Han, it's Luke. You there?"

    "Right here to the rescue, kid," Han answered. "Your student also helped me save someone."

    Luke heard the Wookie growl and smiled. "Well, I'm glad Kalthar's safe, but I don't think you brought her anywhere better."

    "I can see that," Han said, looking out the Falcon's viewport. "Actually I can't. What's going on down there?"

    "Krell somehow found a way to cloak his ships and still see out of them," Luke answered.

    "Well there's no way you can cloak each little ship and there's nothing in orbit except the debris of a cruiser." Kalthar rumbled a question. "That would've been pretty smart," Han answered, "but if Krell really had another ship cloaked in the debris, we would've crashed right into it as we flew through."

    Luke paused for a moment. "It's gotta be coming from the ground then, but we haven't been able to figure out where."

    Jiias suddenly sat up straight. "Fly past the temple and Senate."

    Han turned to him. "You have an idea where it is?"

    Still staring into space, Jiias said, "Can you fly between the buildings?"

    "Well, they've gotta be easier to dodge than asteroids," Han answered. "And plus we're not being shot at this time."
    Just then, the Falcon shook as two fighters fell in line behind it, firing their cannons.

    Kalthar growled a comment. "Sorry," Han said in response, and brought the Falcon down between the buildings.
    The ship rolled and spun as Han, following Jiias' rapid instructions, maneuvered the ship around the structures and eventually found a small clearing with a single towering structure in the center.

    "It is there," Jiias said, pointing ahead of them.

    Han gaped out the building before them "You've gotta be kidding me!"

    "What's going on?" Luke asked over the comm.

    "Kid, you're not going to believe this," Han answered, "That cloaking shield they're using? They turned the Pillar of Peace into a giant antenna!"

    Krell brought his fighter into the mix as Wedge opened fire on another cloaked Nek fighter. Apparently, Wedge figured out pretty fast how to find the enemy by targeting where they were firing from.

    "For frag sake," Krell yelled over his comm, "Stop firing! Everyone back off and cover me." The other Nek fighters followed Krell as he began chasing Wedge. "Let's see how good you really are, Antilles!"

    "Kid, we've got a problem," Han said as the Falcon flew around the Pillar of Peace.

    "What's wrong?" Luke asked.

    Fire from the Nek's blaster cannons shook the ship again. "We've got too many buildings around for me to get a good shot at that thing." He twisted the Falcon into the air, rolling to avoid another shot by the enemy. "Any chance you can get over here and take it out?"

    "We'll try," Luke responded, "but I think someone's onto us. We've got another brigade trying to break into here."

    "Well we better think of something," Han said, spinning the Falcon around for another dive. "I've tried twice to dive-bomb that pillar, but I can't bring the Falcon up fast enough to get a good shot."

    Beside him, Kalthar rumbled a question. "No, honey," Han answered. "Even if we could fly by it, the quad cannons won't do enough damage to drop that thing."

    Jiias turned to him. "Does your ship have a top hatch?"

    "Yeah, just past the landing ramp," Han said. "Why?" He turned, but the boy was already out of his chair. "Kid, what are you doing?"

    "Fly as close as you can to it," Jiias answered before disappearing out the cockpit.

    "Oh yeah," Han muttered, "no problem."

    "What's going on?" Luke asked over the comm.

    Han answered, "Your student thinks he has a way to take that pillar out.."

    "By himself?" Han heard him say to someone at his location, "We need to find a way out of here, now!"

    Wedge tried to spin and roll his fighter away from the other craft, but Krell stayed right behind him. "I'll bet you're wishing you never got me kicked out now, aren't you?"

    "No, I'm actually thinking I should've shot you when I had the chance," Wedge said.

    "Either way, Antilles," Krell chuckled, "you're proving to be a complete failure." He kept chasing the X-Wing and grinned as he finally got a target lock.

    Han tilted the Falcon and maneuvered between the buildings again, moving to the clearing with the pillar. Behind them, Nek fighters continued firing at the ship as it spun and rolled to avoid enemy fire.

    "Kid," Han said to Jiias over the comm, "I'm not going to be able to slow down." A light on the console beeped, signaling that the young Jedi student had opened the top hatch but kept the platform down.

    "Maintain your speed, Captain," he said calmly.

    Han grumbled, "Maintain my speed." He then asked. "We're nearing it, kid. Get ready."


    Jiias held onto the clamps and looked up as the buildings flew past him. He waited until the Falcon circled the pillar, and then he leaped right out of the top hatch. In mid-air, he pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it. As he nearly collided with the pillar, he drove the blade into the stone and used the momentum to spin around it. With his blade digging into the structure, he threw himself in a downward spiral toward the ground.

    Krell sneered as he got his target lock. "Go to Hell, Antilles!" He started to fire, but the circuits in his ship suddenly sparked and his viewport flashed as the cloak fell. He spun his fighter away and fought desperately to control it.

    Wedge meanwhile flew his ship in the other direction as his systems blared. "Rogue Leader to Hammer Leader. I'm hit."

    "Hammer Leader here. How bad?"

    Wedge winced as his sparks flew from his control panel. "Bad enough, I'm ejecting."

    "Copy," Kozal said. "Six and Seven are on their way to cover your landing."

    "Thanks," Wedge said. "Take over Rogue Squadron for me. I'm gone." With that, Wedge ejected from his fighter.

    As his chute lowered him toward the ground, he saw two M-Wing fighters circling above him, providing cover until he could get to safety.

    "Copy leader," Kozal said. "Rogue Squadron, I'm taking command. Whatever happened to the Neks, they're now visible. Hammer Squadron, pair up with the nearest Rogues, split the enemy, and send them home."

    In the former cantina that the Neks had converted into a base of operations, Colonel Grast panicked at the results on his digital readout. "Lord Rasur," he called, "they found a way to break the cloak!"

    In his chair, Rasur watched his own readouts, raising his head with a growl.

    Jiias landed on the ground in a crouch and looked up as the pillar shook, the marks where his blade had dug revealed where the stone was shifting as gravity took hold. Turning off his lightsaber, Jiias attached it to his belt, and took a deep breath. Closing his eyes, held his hands out, palms toward the pillar, and called upon the Force.

    For a moment, everything was completely silent. Then the structure groaned as the pieces cut with the lightsaber shook . Jiias brought his arms back so the backs of his hands touched his own chest, and the stone pieces of the structure began to tremble, scraps of stone falling as the parts of the pillar started to give way. Then, letting out his breath, he pushed out with his hands, and the center pieces of the structure shot out from the pillar. The top of it began to crumble, and in seconds, the entire structure crashed to the ground.

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    "What in blazes happened?" Colonel Grast asked as all of their monitors shut down.

    A nearby technician jabbed the buttons with his bony fingers, trying to get something to work. "They must've found our antenna. I'm getting no signal at all."

    Pounding the console, Grast ran into the other room. "Lord Rasur, they found the antenna. We've got nothing on the computers." He rushed into the chambers. "Lord Rasur? Lord Ras-" He stopped as he found the chambers were empty.

    "Colonel, we've got company!" Several thugs were already shutting the shielding over the windows.

    Pulling out his blaster, Grast ran back into the room. "Seal the door! Get your weapons ready!"

    "Where's Lord Rasur?"

    Grast shook his head, his entire body trembling with it. "I don't know, but we're on our own."
    He jumped back as something thumped against the door.

    "Weapons up!" Grast yelled, pointing his own at the door. The thumping continued all over the door. Then all was silent. Grast and his men looked to each other in confusion. Then, the blue blade of a lightsaber dug through the door.

    "It's one of those Jedi monsters!" One thug cried, trying desperately to keep his weapon trained on the door.

    "Steady men," Grast said, though also to himself. "It's only one Jedi. We can take one Jedi."

    The blade of the lightsaber ran slowly in a circle around the outline of the door. Then it disappeared.

    Grast steadied his pistol. "Get ready!"

    Despite his words, Grast and his men were definitely not ready as the sliced circle of the door blew loose, hurtling toward several thugs, who threw themselves out of the way. Grast fired his pistol, and the rest of his team followed, but the blasts were deflected back into the room. Grast ducked behind the console and heard screams from behind him. Risking a glance back, he saw two of his Neks lying on the ground with smoke coming from their arms and legs. He turned back to the door, again readying his shaking weapon as a figure entered through the smoke.

    Stepping through the smoke, Leia appeared, holding her lightsaber in a defensive position with her left hand with her right hand training her blaster pistol on Grast. She fired and Grast jumped back, dropping his weapon as the console exploded. Grast fell back on the ground, looking up as Leia pointed her pistol just below his midsection.

    "I missed the first time," she said. "Do you trust my aim again?"

    "Drop your weapons!" Grast cried out to his team without hesitation. One by one, they threw their blasters to the ground.

    "On your feet," Leia demanded, and Grast obeyed. "Now gentlemen, form a line. We're going to take a little walk. If you behave yourselves, there's a good chance you'll all survive the trip.

    Exhausted, Jiias slowly surveyed the damage around him. The Pillar of Peace now lay in crumbled heaps all over the courtyard with only the waist-high base remaining. Smoke still filled the area, slowly lifting up to the sky as if following where the pillar once stood. No one else was around, no one was harmed. Various flashes of light and glints of metal appeared in the sky. Those must be Krell's ships without their cloaks.

    Jiias started to reach for his comlink to contact Master Skywalker when his senses screamed. His lightsaber leaped into his hands and ignited as he dropped to a crouch. Suddenly, a huge dark figure leaped through the smoke kicking him to the ground with a roar.

    Rolling to one knee, Jiias readied his weapon and looked at his adversary. Throwing aside his cloak, the ogre-like Darth Rasur ignited his lightsaber, the huge red blade resembling less of sword and more of a monstrous club. With an inhuman roar, Rasur lunged forward, bringing his thick blade down in and overhand slice. Jiias brought his blade to block it, but the impact crushed him to the ground.

    Jiias quickly tried to stand, but Rasur swung his blade in a sideways strike that sent the boy crashing into a piece of the pillar. Holding his weapon with one hand, he held out his other, palm facing his opponent, and pushed out with the Force, but Rasur simply backhanded the Force-filled blast aside. Holding his own hand up, he used the Force to lift Jiias off his feet by the throat and hurl him across the courtyard. He hit the ground with a loud thud and rolled until his body wrapped around a tree.

    Rasur gave a low-throated chuckle as the boy struggled to his feet. Weary, bruised, and spitting out blood, Jiias gripped the handle of his weapon with quivering fingers and held it up before him, his eyes locking with the glowing yellow eyes of the Sith monster.

    "You're a Jedi?" Rasur grunted smugly.

    With a growl, he lunged forward, swinging his lightsaber like a heavy metal weapon, but Jiias leaped out of the way. As he did, he swung his own weapon around, and Rasur shrieked in surprise as he felt something bite his face. Lifting gray, swollen fingers to his chin, he felt the burn where the boy's lightsaber had left its mark. Before him, the boy stood ready with his weapon, his eyes revealing no hint of emotion, despite the dirt and bruises over his face.

    With a roar, Rasur lunged forward and swung his blade. Jiias blocked it, but the impact made him stumble. But that was only the first strike. Losing himself in his inhuman rage, Rasur swung his weapon down in a series of overhand strikes, which the boy tried desperately to block, Rasur's blade burning the boy's hair and parts of his face.

    Unrelenting, Rasur brought his blade down over and over again, and with each block, Jiias felt himself falling, first to one knee, then to both. A kick from the Sith monster lifted him back to his feet but off balance. Rasur then swung his blade in an underhanded swing, which sent Jiias completely off his feet and crashing into the crumbling base of the pillar, his head bouncing off the base, and his body landing in a crumpled heap.

    Leia marched the Nek troops to the Senate building, where security and Sala met her.

    Watching Leia lead all the troops with only her lightsaber and blaster, Sala said, "Would I be out of line of I said I found my role model?"

    "You have your own strengths," Leia answered, "and you'll develop them over time."

    One of the security guards stepped forward. "We'll take it from here." Turning to Grast, he asked," Who's your commanding officer?"

    "Lord Rasur was in charge," Grast said, "but he abondoned us."

    The guard looked to Leia and Sala, then back to Grast. "Lord Rasur?"

    "He's a Sith who was working with General Krell."

    Sala turned to Leia. "A Sith? What is he doing-" Suddenly, she felt it, just like she had months earlier when her father was in danger, but now much clearer since she spent time training. "Jiias is in trouble!" She took off running, with Leia following.

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    Wow! You must have a lot written to be posting so much stuff one right after another. I hope this doesn't mean that you are almost done with this. You've definitely got a great story going on here and hopefully some of it will be in the next movie.

    Please tag me when you update further.
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    Thanks. I actually finished it the other night, but my wife and I have been proofreading it. In total, it's 22 chapters, plus the prologue and epilogue, though the last couple chapters are kind of short.

    I'll keep you posted when I get the rest here.
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    Darth Rasur laughed a deep, growling laugh as he approached the fallen Jiias. The young Jedi's body had actually broken the stones of the pillar when he hit it, and now the boy lay broken among the clutter of stones. Kicking the Jedi's lightsaber away, Rasur lifted his own and brought it down to cut the pathetic Jedi in half.

    Instead, it was blocked by a bright green blade than knocked him aside. Rasur turned to his new opponent and grinned. "Skywalker. The Sith have awaited this confrontation."

    He swung his lightsaber in the same overhead slice he used to drop the boy, but Luke knocked it aside. He tried again, but again, the Jedi Master parried his attack. Exploding in a rage, Rasur leaped through the air, throwing out attack after attack, overhand, from the side, from the other side, and even underhand. But without little noticeable effort, Luke kept deflecting the blows. He tried a straight thrust, but Luke spun and performed a leaping kick, catching Rasur in the ribs, and causing him to flip in the air, crashing hard onto his back.

    Luke held his weapon at a low angle with one hand, but he cautiously approached the Sith monster. "Maybe you should've waited a little longer."

    With a hiss, Rasur lifted himself to one knee and glared. Luke braced for another assault, but instead, Rasur lifted his free hand in a, 'come here,' gesture. But it wasn't to Luke.

    Suddenly, several dozen Nek troops rushed over, blaster rifles firing. Luke spun around, deflecting the blasts, and redirected them back at the thugs. Standing, Rasur roared and lunged again at the Jedi Master's back, but a golden blade this time blocked his.

    "Not today," Aulric said.

    With a growl, Rasur pulled his blade loose and swung it sideways. Aulric blocked several blows, but Rasur charged close and slammed his elbow into Aulric's skull. He then swung his weapon and sent the Jedi flying off his feet. Aulric landed in a roll, and crouched, he preparing for the monster's next attack.

    "We shall see, Jedi," Rasur smirked.


    Sala rounded a corner to see a thug holding a sniper rifle, aiming directly at Master Skywalker. With the Jedi Master deflecting the shots of several nearby troops, there was no way he could see that shot. Without a thought, Sala rushed forward, yelling, "No!" as she held out her hand.

    The thug's rifle shifted enough for the shot to completely miss Master Skywalker. Dropping it, he spun around and pulled out his blaster pistol, pointing it at her as he squeezed the trigger.

    "Stop!" she said, more out of reflex than anything else. To her surprise, the confused thug released the trigger. "You don't want to do that."

    "I don't want to do that," the thug repeated, lowering his weapon.

    I wonder if this'll work, Sala thought, before saying, "You want to do something else with your life."

    "I want to do something else with my life."

    "Something that doesn't involve killing."

    Still confused, he repeated, "Something that doesn't involve killing."

    "Like growing a garden."

    "Like growing a garden." Dropping his blaster, he smiled. "Yes, a garden. What a great idea! I'm going to grow one right now! Thank you."

    He took off past her, disappearing between the buildings. Sala watched him for a moment, then turned and continued running.


    Regaining control of his fighter, Krell spun it around to rejoin the fight. Ahead of him, his squadron, now all-too visible, were still holding their own against Republic forces, but it was mostly because they still outnumbered the enemy. If they could keep the numbers game in their favor, they could still win this battle.

    A flash of green below him caught Krell's eye, and he tilted his fighter to get a better look. Circling, he saw his troops closing in on a figure with a green lightsaber. Considering he was holding his own against numerous troops, he had to be the Jedi Master Skywalker. Narrowing his eyes, Krell flipped his fighter over and dove for Skywalker. With a sneer, he armed his proton torpedoes and awaited a lock. His own troops might be too close to the impact, but luckily Lord Rasur looked like he'd be out of blast range.

    A series of beeps told him his torpedoes were locked and he smiled grimly, closing his fingers on the trigger. "Let's see you deflect these, Skywalker."

    Suddenly, shots from a blaster cannon struck his fighter and caused it to spin out of control. He swung his ship up and away from the ground. "What the hell was that?"

    "Payback," Han said as the Millennium Falcon entered his view.

    Krell's eyes blazed. "Solo. So you've come to enter the fight, old man?"

    "I've come to see if I'm still young enough to whip your hide. You up for a duel, General?"

    "I've wanted this for a long time, Captain," Krell said, bringing his fighter around. The Falcon twisted in the air, but Krell brought his fighter right behind it. The Falcon shot forward at its top speed, but Krell kept in the chase. "Well that was easy, old man. I guess your ship isn't so fast after all."

    Kalthar growled at him over the comm. "Is that the Wookie I captured? I see she's free from her metal prison."

    Aboard the Falcon, Kalthar rumbled a comment. "No, keep talking," Han said. "I've got an idea." He looped the Falcon around couldn't shake Krell's fighter. "That's right, Krell. I saved her. Sorry I can't say the same for your base, or rather what's left of it."

    Krell fired his blaster cannons, but the Falcon's shields absorbed most of the damage. "I must apologize, Solo, but the carbonite chamber I used to freeze your friend was in pretty bad condition. No doubt, she wasn't in any comfortable hibernation." He fired again, noting on his screen that the Falcon's shields were weakening. "You know what it's like, don't you Solo? Trapped in metal, not being able to move, not being able to breathe, not being able to scream, not being able to die."

    "Are you granting me that now, Krell?" Han asked as he brought the Falcon through another loop.

    "I think I've tortured you both enough," Krell answered. "You won't take this victory from me."

    The Falcon then looped and dove straight toward the ground. "You expect me to fall for that, old man?" Krell asked. Instead of following, he circled in the air above it.

    Suddenly bolts from blaster cannons struck his fighter again. "What the?" His eyes darting around, Krell rolled his fighter and noticed the Falcon had fired its quad cannons backward, and since he hadn't been trying to evade, the bolts scored direct hits. He swung his fighter around, trying to regain control when his sensors blared that the Falcon was right behind him.

    "Looks like you did," Han said. "I said this to one of your peers, years ago, but General, kiss my Wookie!" With that, he fired his weapons.

    Krell laughed as he spun his fighter to avoid more blaster fire before realizing nothing was striking his craft. A new alarm blared, alerting him that the Falcon had missile lock. He slammed his hand on the eject button but was one second too slow. The Falcon fired a concussion missile, and Krell and his fighter vanished in a cloud of smoke and fire.

    "Thanks General," Han said. "I'm feeling younger already."


    Lightsabers blazing, Aulric and Rasur continued to attack each other. Aulric held his own, using his speed and strength to keep the monster at bay, but Rasur kept knocking him around. Out of the corner of his eye, Rasur saw Leia approaching, her own weapon ready to fight. Aulric turned for a half-second to look as well, and Rasur took advantage of the distraction. Lightning shot from his fingers and struck Aulric, who screamed, dropping his lightsaber. Still blasting him with the Force lightning, Rasur lifted him off the ground and sent him crashing into Leia.

    Sala ran over to check on them, and Rasur laughed as he approached, leering at the young Jedi in training. To Leia and Sala’s surprise though, the Sith monster turned off his lightsaber and placed it on his belt. He then closed his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest. Everyone watched as he stood there in silent peace.

    Suddenly, he threw his arms out, hands wide open, eyes glowing like flames, and let out a deep-throated scream. The scream, backed by the Dark Side, struck everyone like a tidal wave. Leia threw herself over Sala and the two covered up, but Aulric, lying on his back directly in front of the Sith, was struck dead-on by the blast, froze in place. His own troops even fell to the ground, and those who were far enough away turned and ran.

    Luke, however, stood strong, ignoring the Dark Side blast of hatred. “Forgetting someone?”

    Turning, Rasur approached the Jedi Master, and the two circled each other. “No one will forget this, Master Skywalker, well no one who survives.” Iginiting his lightsaber again, Rasur roared and lunged forward.

    Luke met the Sith’s blade with his own and parried it. The two exchanged a series of attacks and deflections while everyone else watched in shock. Rasur called on the Dark Side to build his strength, throwing more and more assaults at the smaller Jedi Master, but Luke kept dodging and deflecting them.

    “You’re fighting a losing battle, Skywalker,” Rasur said swinging his club-like blade sideways.

    Luke leaped over it and met the monster’s blade again.

    Growling, Rasur threw his blade in a series of underhand to overhand strikes. “You can’t block forever. Soon you will fall, as will the Jedi.”

    He slammed his blade forward, but Luke blocked it. Standing over the Jedi, Rasur used his strength to driver his blade down against Luke’s forcing him down to one knee. “You’ve already failed; you just don’t know it yet. The Sith will succeed with your loss. You’re nothing, Skywalker. You’re the last of the old, dead Jedi Order.”

    “No,” Luke said. Releasing his lightsaber, he suddenly slammed the palm of his hand against Rasur’s chest. A blast of Force energy struck the Sith monster, sending him flying into the air. “The first of the new.”

    Rasur’s roar turned into a scream as he was hurled through the air. He barely disappeared from view before crashing through the windows of the top floor of an apartment building in the distance.

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    "Leader, new signals approaching from space."

    Kozal sighed. They were already badly outnumbered to being with. Who else could be attacking? "Rogues Two and Three, join Hammers Five and Six below the hard deck. Perhaps we can use the Neks as shields."

    "Leader, Two here. I'm getting a message from our orbital eyes. Star Destroyer entering Sector Three-One Zero. TIE Fighters emerging and entering our atmosphere."

    Cursing, Kozal maneuvered his ship around to engaged the new foes. Then his comm opened with a new voice.

    "This is Admiral Warren. All fighters are to aid Republic pilots in any way needed. Repeat, aid Republic fighters and eliminate Nek forces."

    "It's Warren!" A Rogue shouted over the channel.

    Dropping from the sky, TIE fighters blasted Nek fighters, moving to cover and X or M-Wings as they engaged. A TIE Interceptor flew past Kozal's M-Wing and destroyed a nearby Nek fighter with a series of laser blasts. The comm channel filled with cheers from various pilots, and the battle quickly turned with Nek fighters getting destroyed in record numbers.

    "They couldn't have arrived at a better time, Leader," Nia said.

    "Yes," Kozal agreed, watching the TIE. "Too convenient." Finally, he brought his craft behind the TIE. "Two, Eight, cover me."

    "What are you doing, Captain?" Nia asked.

    "Something's up, I know it. I'm not letting them fly in and flank us." Kozal fired his blaster cannons, but the TIE rolled and dodged the blasts.

    "Captain," Nia said, "They're already proven they're with us. Don't do this."

    "Stay with me, Two," Kozal said as he fired another volley of shots, all of which were evaded. "That's an order."

    "Leader, this is Rogue Three. If they wanted to destroy us, they would've by now with their cruiser. They're trying to help us."

    "No," Kozal snapped, "They're not! I've seen this before, and they won't get the jump on us, not on my watch." His next few blasts struck a panel on the TIE's wing, causing it to lose control momentarily.

    Then he heard Han's voice over the comm. "Captain, this is Solo. What do you think you're doing?"

    "Protecting us, Solo, as is my duty."

    "They just helped clear out the Neks and you're opening fire on them?"

    Kozal pressed a button on his console, his targeting computer searched for a lock on the fighter. "You wouldn't understand. You've been away from it for too long. This is going to end now." His computer beeped as it locked on the TIE and he prepared to finish it off.

    "Hammer Leader this is Gold Leader," Han said, taking on an authoritative voice. "As senior officer, I'm assuming command of all squadrons loyal to the Republic. And I'm ordering you to stand down now."

    "You don't have any command, Captain. You gave it up-"

    "I repeat," Solo snapped back, "I'm assuming command. Stand down now or I'll consider you a threat and open fire. That's an order, Captain!"

    "Yes sir," Kozal finally said, veering away from the TIE. "Standing down."

    Solo continued. "Rogue and Hammer Squadron, bring your fighters in near the temple. Admiral Warren's team will follow."

    Kozal followed his orders and landed his fighter with the rest of his squadron. To his astonishment, the TIE fighters did the same, landing without incident. Those still in the air fought off the remaining Nek fighters.
    As Nek troops on the ground threw down their weapons and surrendered, Leia ran over to Luke. "You all right?"

    "I'm fine," Luke said, turning off his lightsaber.

    "What was it?"

    "I don't know," Luke admitted, "but I have a feeling it's only the beginning."

    "Master Skywalker!" Sala yelled. They turned to see her kneeling next to Jiias. The boy lay in the rubble, body contorted with his face in one direction and legs in the other. Both of his eyes were closed. "Jiias, can you hear me?" Sala asked. "Jiias?"

    She cradled his head, but his body lay limp in her arms. She whispered to him, but he didn't respond.

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    Chief of State Gallus walked with Admiral Warren as they approached the Jedi Temple. Warren, followed by his pilots, had order them to remove their helmets, deciding Republic forces would feel more comfortable seeing living faces.

    "We owe you a debt of gratitude, Admiral," Gallus said.

    "I'm just glad we received Master Tansi's distress call in time," Warren responded. "Although it looked like your pilots did an admirable job at holding their own."

    "Speaking of our pilots . . . " Gallus looked up as Captain Kozal, flanked by Hammer Squadron, approached. He glanced back to his squadron and they stopped, before he looked to the two.

    "Admiral Warren," Kozal said, "I apologize for my actions. I didn't trust you or your forces, and I was wrong." He turned to Gallus "As squadron leader, I accept full responsibility for my actions, but please leave my pilots be. They only followed my orders and even tried to stop me."

    "So I heard," Warren said.

    Gallus looked at Warren. "Admiral, if we are to form this Galactic Alliance, you'll be in charge of our military forces. I think then that this decision should fall to you."

    Kozal turned to Warren. "Very well."

    Warren looked at the Kel Dor pilot. "Captain Kozal, if we are to form this Galactic Alliance, we first must learn to trust one another." He paused for a moment and took a deep breath. "I believe that also means we must forgive as well. You're an exceptional pilot and squadron leader, and since no one suffered any harm, I see no reason for disciplinary action." He held his hand out. "I want this alliance, captain. Do you?"

    Kozal accepted his hand. "I do, admiral."

    Warren smiled. "Then consider this a step forward."

    "I will, sir," he responded.

    He turned to leave when a female Imperial pilot with short dark hair stepped forward. "Captain?" As Kozal turned, she continued. "I'm impressed that you kept up with me."

    "That was you?" Kozal faced her. "I apologize. I was out of line."

    "Actually," she said, "I'd like to know how you maneuver those heavy fighters like you did. They're not designed for that, are they?"

    "I like to give my pilots rather unorthodox training methods," he answered.

    "Like what?"

    "Like kicking our tails in his board games," Nia said from behind him.

    The Imperial pilot seemed genuinely curious. "I'd like to learn some time, Captain."

    Nodding, Koz said, "I'll show you."

    Turning to Warren, Gallus said, "I think our alliance is taking a huge step forward right here."
    Han found Jiias sitting in his usual spot at the edge of the balcony. The boy's right arm was in a sling and his face was covered in bruises, which he seemed to hide by staring at the darkness below.

    Nervously, Han approached. "Hey kid, I mean Jiias, I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for everything. I really appreciate it." Jiias continued to stare downward, as if ignoring him. "I just wanted to say that." He turned to walk away.

    "How is your friend?" Jiias asked, not looking up.

    "Better," Han answered. "It's still going to take a little time for her sight and strength to return. I'm taking her home so she can be with friends and family."

    Jiias didn't respond, so Han walked away, leaving the boy to his thoughts. He met Luke inside, and the two walked.

    "He's still not doing too well, is he?" Han asked.

    "Physically, he'll be fine," Luke said. "But he feels like he lost that battle."

    Han looked at him. "That's crazy. He helped me rescue Kalthar, took down Neks in the bar, and took down that pillar." He raised his hands up. "I'd consider that quite a win."

    Luke nodded. "I agree, but he also went against a Sith for the first time and lost horribly. I think it's haunting him."

    As they continued walking, Han asked, "How about Aulric? How's he doing?"

    Luke sighed and turned a corner, glancing into a room. Aulric slept on his side as a medical droid watched over him. "Whatever Darkside power he was hit with, it hurt him badly inside. They've had to give him medicine just so he could sleep."

    "He's strong," Han said. "Hopefully, he'll be fine."

    "Yeah," Luke agreed. "I hope."

    As they walked away though, Luke heard Aulric murmur in his sleep, "Eyes . . . those eyes . . ."
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    Luke and his Jedi joined Hammer and Rogue squadron, along with several Imperial pilots, in Gallus personal suite to watch the wall-size screen. Luke, Leia, Wedge, and Sala sat together while Jiias and a still-shaken Aulric sat by themselves.

    It had been two months since the attack, and the galaxy was finally coming together. Systems who had previously opposed the alliance changed their views once they heard that The Empire had helped Rogue Squadron and Hammer Squadron rescue the Jedi and Senate from Krell's Neks. Politicians who have previously spoken out, venomously distrusting the Empire suddenly threw their support behind it. With one single battle, the entire galaxy seemed ready, finally for the alliance to form.

    The group watched the screen as Gallus and Warren, aboard Warren's Star Destroyer, newly named The Unity, prepared to sign the treaty to form the Galactic Alliance once and for all. The meeting room of the ship, draped in red and white, the new colors for the Galactic Alliance, was filled with officials from both sides. Republic senators stood with Imperial Grand Moffs, soldiers stood side-by-side with stormtroopers, who held their helmets presenting themselves as living, breathing beings, rather than the faceless terrors the galaxy had known all too well. The Empire and Republic's top leaders stood together as Gallus held the datapad before him.

    Presenting the datapad to the camera, Gallus said, "This treaty, once signed by myself and Admiral Warren, declares that on this day, The Republic and the Empire reform, ultimately ending our decades-old war." He signed it and handed it to Warren. "Your turn, Admiral."

    Warren took the datapad, looked over it, and said, "I've been waiting for this for a long time. I'm tired of this war, and I look forward to seeing what peace will create for our worlds." He signed his name, then handed it back to Gallus.

    "It is now official," Gallus said, holding the datapad up, "that our war finally ends. I hope this brings nothing but peace and prosperity for our galaxy. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the First Galactic Alliance."

    He placed the datapad under his arm and clapped, with Warren joining in. Soon, everyone in the room began clapping as well. All over the galaxy, from Corellia to the Imperial world of Bastion, every world, every species, celebrated as well.

    Gallus turned and shook Warren's hand. "So what are your plans for next-"

    He was cut off as Warren's comlink beeped. Pulling it Warren said, "Is this the best time?"

    "Sir," came the response. "Cruisers docking at every port."

    "Cruisers?" Gallus looked at a puzzled Warren. "Where did they come from?"

    "The appeared out of nowhere, sir."

    Warren studied the comlink. "Cloaked? Seal off the ports at once."

    "Too late," came the response. "Strike Troopers entering the ship! Repeat, Strike-" The comlink went dead.

    "What the hell?" Warren motioned to his troops. "Weapons ready. Guard that door."

    Republic and stormtroopers readied their blaster rifles when the doors blew open. Blasts struck through the smoke, dropping the troopers before they could respond. Appearing through the smoke were troopers in gray armor, their faces hidden beneath helmets with diamond-shaped mouth pieces and ribbon-shaped visors that ran around the sides of their helmets.

    Once the soldiers fell, the strike troopers turned their weapons on the officials in the room. One trained his weapon on Gallus and fired, but Warren jumped in front of him, taking the shot in the chest. "Admiral-" he started to say before another blast caught him in the side of the head, sending his body tumbling over a nearby railing. In a matter of moments, the entire room was silent, and every Alliance person lay on the ground.

    Clutching his chest, Warrent started to crawl, reaching for his comlink, when the nearest strike trooper kicked it away. "What do you think you're doing, soldier?" he asked.

    "You won't be needing that, sir," the trooper answered. "Everyone already knows what happened here."

    Warren coughed and tried to call up strength to his voice. "I'm your superior office, soldier."

    "No sir," the trooper answered. "We're taking over."

    Coughing blood, Warren looked at the carnage around him and scoffed. "You and what army?"

    A large black boot rested over Warren's throat "The one you just gave me, Admiral."

    Turning to look at the source of the voice, Warren's eyes went wide. "Ssurg!"

    The large, muscular, black-scaled, lizard-like Trandoshan regarded Warren with a smirk. "Do I look harmless now?" He reached over, putting all his weight on his foot. There was the sound of a loud crack, and he stood up.

    Approaching the camera, he glanced over the datapad in his hand before raising pitch-dark eyes to address the camera.

    "Whoever is watching, I am Ssurg." He raised the datapad. "Speaking as the highest-ranked official in this room, and now the Galactic Alliance, thank you for signing this treaty."

    He sneered, revealing rows of razor-sharp, white teeth. "Thank you for giving me My Empire."
    The End.
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    Again, some really great things going on with these two sets. Definitely looking forward to the ending which you apparently just posted. This story was really awesome. Congratulations. =D=
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    Thanks. Glad you liked it. It's the longest story I've ever written and first time I completed such a long story.
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    That was a very good story! The details were well laid out. Jiias is one of the most likable characters I've read in quite a while...even though you don't really give us much about him exactly, his unique characteristics pull through and give him an awesome spot in the story. I think I liked him the best.

    Very nice job!
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    Thanks. Glad you liked it. I tried to keep Jiias mysterious while trying my best to keep him from being annoying at the same time. I might do a backstory for him in the future, either before or after I write Episode VIII.
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