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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by HandofSkywalker86, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. HandofSkywalker86

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    Aug 12, 2004
    Esrul: Shadows of Juran
    [hl=yellow]PLEASE PM YOUR SHEET TO ME[/hl][/

    [blockquote]For 1,000 years the Holy Empire reigned over the continent of Esrul, bringing with it vast prosperity and peace. The stewards of this Empire were the Knight of Nysert, a group of Humans who wielded Praetyn in defense of the Emperor, Sirin Sal' tain III, and his subjects.

    Times have changed and the Empire has grown corrupt under the weight of the immense bureaucracy and the cancer of crime syndicates. The only justice that a citizen may ever see is from the true servants of the Empire, the Knights.

    Dissatisfied with the roll of the Knighthood in the Empire, Juran Edmarr, a Knight of the highest order and cousin to the Imperial family, led a revolt in the Holy City of Seramoor that ended with the Assassination of the much beloved Imperial Family. The only surviving member was the Imperial princess Elynna who was taken by Juran to his personal fortress on the Isle of Dragons. Accompanying him is a third of the Guild, those that endorse the rule of the Touched.

    It is evident to everyone that Juran intends to marry Elynna after the necessary Mourning Year has passed and become the new Emporer. Instead of joining together to end the threat of this would-be usurper the Three Governors of the land have greedily begun to carve out their own kingdoms.

    As is usually the case, the task of safeguarding the Empire falls to the Knighthood of Nysert. They have begun to gather those that remain loyal in Holy Seramoor. Their goal: to free the Un-Crowned Empress and to see that their traitorous brethren are dealt with accordingly. [/blockquote]

    Welcome weary traveler to my humble game. Within you shall find a world full of magic and mystery. If you should endeavor to join please Read all of the First Post. I know its long.

    The World

    There are three continents in the World of Nyseria: Esrul the domain of Men, Baudria the Unholy in the west and, in the east lays Isteria realm of the Drahzmut.

    Esrul was not always the domain of man however. Long before man fled from the ruin of Baudria the dragon-spawned Drahzmut were the Lords of Esrul. They inhabited the dense Kholla forests that once dominated the entire continent.

    They lived in numerous tribes that integrated peacefully with all those about them. In their flowing language they didn't even have a word for War.

    The coming of Men changed all of that. At first the war weary humans who had fled the supernatural doom of Baudria were welcomed with open arms by the peace-loving Drahzmut... without their generosity the Human race may very well have expired in the treacherous Mountains of western Salmeer.

    Then as humans became more numerous they began to expand. With steel and fire the numerous humans drove the pacifist Drahzmut to near extinction. The grand Kholla forests were burned to the ground using Praetyn.

    By the time the long lived Drahzmut were able to adapt they were pushed into a corner of Kholla forests. There they have remained in their land of eternal summer, waiting.

    So it was with the fall of the Drahzmut that Man gained dominion over Esrul. Over the intervening centuries 3 kingdoms arose. In the south among the sand dunes and vipers arose harsh Sanzar, whose wealth of Shurrel crystals has made it mighty; Salmeer a land of plenty that holds the lion share of people; frozen Argor in the north where Half-Giants prospered.

    Then came Sirin, out of Salmeer who boldly welded the Knighthood to his will. With this group of powerful beings serving him the other two kingdoms fell within two decades. The Kings would be forced to bend the knee or be put to the sword. So it was that Elmaeon the Weak Kneed and and Atrin the Unworthy became the first governor's of Shurrel and Argor.

    Sirin's eldest son would later take over after his father passed away. So it would continue 'til the acts of Juran.

    The People

    Salmeerians: A chivilraic people that are proud of their heritage.
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    HandofSkywalker86 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 12, 2004
    The Rules
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    5. PC may interact with low level NPC's in whatever fashion they wish; however when interacting with high level NPC's please await the response of the GM.
    6. Have Fun
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