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    Yes you read correct. Here, in this thread, I am going to put up several one-posters featuring our favourite couple from the Expanded Universe.


    Latest Edition:- [link=]"Right Side Down"[/link]
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    Setting: NJO/AU
    Note: Based on the song ?Eternal Flame?. Much of the dialogue originates from it, and I hope you enjoy it.


    Jaina stormed into the empty gallery and let her glare sweep the area, coming to fall on the man seated in the back, drink in hand, eyes far away. Her eyes narrowed, before she made her way through the maze of tables and chairs to stand directly before him, hands on hips, waiting for him to acknowledge her.

    ?Good evening, Goddess,? he said softly, voice still hazy.

    ?I?ve come to ask you to stop watching every little thing I do,? she huffed, not greeting him back. ?I may be your apprentice, but that doesn?t mean you can just stare at me all the time. It?s unnerving, and it makes everyone ask questions that I just cannot answer. Even Jag-?

    ?Close your eyes.?

    Jaina blinked. ?What??

    Kyp looked up at her, eyes becoming focused. ?Close your eyes.?

    Jaina eyed him, but closed her eyes, wondering if this was a lesson or just some game that he was playing with her.

    ?Give me your hand.?

    Jaina held her hands to herself. ?Why??

    She heard the sound of fabric brushing, then felt the soft touch of his fingers on hers. ?Please.?

    She hesitated an instant longer, then let placed her hand in his. He held it gently, pulling her forward and placing her hand on his chest. Her eyebrows raised as her breath caught in her throat as she felt his firm chest beneath her fingers.

    ?Do you feel it, Jaina? Do you feel my heart beating?? He asked, a small amount of pleading in his voice. ?Do you understand??

    Jaina?s mind raced. Was he saying...?

    ?Yes,? he whispered. ?And I must know, Jaina. Do you feel same? I?ve watched you for a long time, and when you look at me, I?m swear I see something in your eyes. Am I seeing correctly, or am I only dreaming??

    Jaina opened her eyes and looked down at him, saw the longing on his face. She couldn?t find the words. Only a moment ago she had been able to say anything, ready to put him in his place, but now...

    Kyp stood, moving to gaze out the window and into the rain that was lashing the outside. ?I believe its were meant to be, Jaina. I watch you when you are sleeping, and I just know that you belong with me. And forever have I wondered if you feel the same."

    He raised one hand to rest on the glass as the sun cut through the clouds. ?When you say my name, it?s just like that, Jaina. Sun shines through the rain.? He rested his head against the glass and closed his eyes. ?My whole life, so lonely. You have no idea what it is like to wake every morning and have to face the wide galaxy alone.

    ?It hurts, Jaina. Knowing what I have done in the past, knowing that there is no way I can correct my mistakes. I need someone who can help me. Someone to come and ease the pain.? He sighed as he dropped into a nearby seat, head buried in his hands. ?When I am with you I feel like I am drifting, free from all my troubles, and I don?t want to loose this feeling.?

    Jaina swallowed, her mind a raging river. He meant every word that he said, she could feel it. Her gaze flickered back to his glass, thinking perhaps that he had had too much to drink, but quickly realised that it was a non-alcoholic, ruling out that possibility.

    Jag flashed briefly in her mind, and she thought about every moment they had spent together, and let the feelings that came with those memories wash through her, but they weren?t as strong as they had once been. All she had felt had faded with Kyp?s words, with his confession.

    She remembered every moment she had spent with the Jedi Master, and it suddenly dawned on her that those memories were the ones most vivid in her mind, some among her most cherished. She remembered the guilt she had felt when she hurt him, the pain when she abused him. How her insides would twist when he smiled at her, a smile that she now understood.

    She moved closer to him, her body moving at its own accord as she stopped before him, one hand reaching out
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    Setting- Post-NJO
    Note- This is a weepy story, so it might be an idea to keep a tissue handy.


    ?If there is one thing I?ve always liked about you,? he?d once told her. ?It?s that you just don?t know when to give up.?

    She lay on her bed, gazing at the ceiling as her mind drifted through a haze. Her eyes hurt, red from weeping as she ignored yet another knock on the door to her cabin. She had shut them all out, locking herself away. She wanted to be alone, to be able to remember.

    Remember him.

    She was his apprentice, but nobody could understand why. They fought almost continuously, neither able to freely admit when he or she was wrong. He was a loose cannon, and she the spoilt daughter of an influential family. Both were great pilots, renown for their feats in the war against the Yuuzhan Vong.

    He was a member of the Jedi Council, a Jedi Master by his own right. Many respected him, but many also hated him. She had once hated him as well, but that was before she had come to know him...

    She rolled onto her side, reaching out to touch the small neckchain by her bed. It had been a present from him upon her graduation. It was a gold chain, from which hung a miniature XJ class X-wing.

    ?Your first love,? he laughed as he hung it around her neck. ?I was thinking perhaps a locket with a picture of me, but you would have probably destroyed it, or your boyfriend would start asking questions.? He had smiled that smile that always made her stomach knot as his eyes twinkled mischievously. ?To be honest, you?ll probably be glad to get rid of me.'

    A tear rolled down her check as she remembered. She had laughed at him, knowing that it was probably true and telling him so. Now, she wished she could take those words back. Take them back and tell him the truth.

    She sat, running a hand through her short hair.

    ?You should grow it long,? he told her as he watched her run a brush through it. He leant against the frame of the door that linked their two rooms. ?Your mother always had beautiful hair, and you look just like her.?

    ?Wouldn?t fit under my flight helmet,? she replied as she set the brush down and applied a small amount of makeup.

    He frowned. ?I thought you hated that stuff.?

    She shrugged. ?I only wear it on special occasions.? She stood, turning to him. ?What do you think??

    He ran an eye over her. ?Those earrings are a little much.?

    She looked back in the mirror, silently agreeing with him as she removed them, changing the large dangling balls for smaller silver hoops from which hung small gems. She looked back at him, and saw him nod his approval,

    He glanced at his chrono. ?You?d better be hurry. Captain Cardboard is one who always believes on starting things on the dot.?

    ?Don?t call him that,? she shot back as she grabbed a jacket and put it on over her dress. ?And don?t look for me in the morning.?

    He raised an eyebrow, but kept his mouth shut. ?Have fun, Goddess.?

    She smiled and left, leaving him to his work...

    Pulling herself to her feet, she crossed to desk, opening a draw and glancing at the contents, searching. As she rummaged, she paused, eyes drifting to award sitting deserted and almost hidden behind a pile of datapads, old guilt drifting up amongst the tears.

    ?Nice job, Goddess,? he had hissed as they left the ceremony. ?Next time something goes wrong, why not just blame me again so that you can pick up the awards.?

    ?I don?t know what you?re on about,? she had answered coolly.

    ?Oh come on,? he retorted. ?Everyone who flew that mission knows that the orders I gave out came directly from
    you. But because they left my lips, I?m the one that had to sit through the trial.? He scowled. ??Let?s all blame the Jedi Master,? they said. ?It?s so easy to get him into trouble, because no one likes him and he already has blood on his hands.?? He shook his head, staring at a spot in the distance. ?But did you tell them the truth? No! You just we
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    ?Any Given Moment.?

    Setting: Post-NJO
    Note: This ones worse then "Lament", so watch it. I was inspired by a TAC ad on the tv, which has very graphic images of... you'll work it out.


    ?You take care of her kid.?

    ?I will Han, I promise.?

    They say that promises are for keeps, but they also say that we can go at any given moment. I swore upon my life to my oldest friend that I would take care of his daughter, that I would protect her. But it just wasn?t enough.

    It was just like any other day, but that morning I knew that something was different. I just lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering what it was that made me feel the way I did when my view was obscured by the most beautiful creature on the planet.

    ?Hello handsome,? she said, brandy eyes twinkling as her hair fell around her shoulders, tickling my bare skin. ?Ready for the big day??

    ?And what might that be?? I asked, reaching up to touch her face, other arm slipping around her.

    ?It?s one year since the fall of the Vong,? she reminded me, lips brushing mine. ?And exactly one year since we started going together.?

    ?You mean having unconditional sex whenever we?ve got time off,? I teased, and was rewarded by her laugh.

    ?Get up, old man,? she gibed, slipping from my arms.

    ?I may be old but I?ve got it where it counts.?

    ?No arguments here.?

    I watched as she dressed, admiring her body, the way it curved as if moulded by the greatest artist. And to think, for a year that day I had been able to call her mine. I remembered how on the day of the fall of the Vong, we had laughed and celebrated. We had left the main group, moving onto the balcony, and that had been when I had taken her in my arms, kissing her with all the pent up love I had kept hidden for so many years.

    I had expected to feel the stinging feeling of her hand as she slapped me, but instead she had lent into me, arms drifting around my neck as she kissed me back. One thing had led to another, and before I had known it, we were lying on her bed, making passionate love.

    The days following had been a blur. With the Vong gone, we were left with the task of rebuilding. Beings were desperate for money, and soon law suit after law suit began piling up upon the key figures of the war, and most of those suits fell upon my head. Thankfully, they were all dismissed as ridiculous and outrageous.

    Another problem arose in the form of Jaina?s boyfriend, Jagged Fel. Less then a week after that night of passion, he arrived back from the front, engagement ring in hand. My heart sank as he went down on one knee in front of everyone, taking the one I hold dearest to my hearts hand in his, seeking her hand in marriage.

    I remember the pain on her face as her eyes drifted from his up to meet mine. Her lips tightened, tears in the corner of her eyes as she held my gaze. Then her lips moved, her words to change my life forever.

    ?I?m sorry Jag, I... can?t marry you. Something happened...? she looked back down at him, pity reflected in her eyes. ?Something that made me realize that the life I have been living is a lie. I?ve denied it for so long, but I?ll deny it no longer. I do not love you, but another.?

    Her words almost caused a riot, but no matter how hard she was pressured, she never revealed my name. Jag left soon after, and though I have seen him, he has never approached Jaina.

    She never revealed my name, though those who looked into their hearts knew that it was I of whom she had spoken. Master Skywalker once approached me, rested a hand on my shoulder and whispered for me to never hurt her, to put her life before my own. I was only too happy to reply that I had been doing so for years.

    And now a year had passed, and there she was, still with me. The outside world knew that we lived together, but most believed the stories that it was because we were partners. Few believed the rumours that we were in truth lovers, and we were only too happy to keep those rumours as nothing more in
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    Setting: NJO
    Note: I told you I'd write a mush/humour piece, so here it is. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


    ?You are an egoistical prick.?

    ?Stop talking about yourself, hutt slime.?

    ?You?re the one that walks around with a drool bucket.?

    ??You?re? the one who bathes in mud.?

    ?It?s good for my skin.?

    ?Yeah, whatever you reckon. I suppose you also run a spice ring as well??

    ?You?re the one that grew up on Kessel. My bets is that there is more then one reason why you survived so long.?

    No matter what I throw at her, Jaina always has an answer. I glared down at the woman trembling before and below me. Trembling with anger.

    ?Better watch yourself, or you?ll fall to the Dark Side.?

    ?What, and destroy a couple of systems like you did? Luckily you destroyed the Sun Crusher when you did, otherwise I?d destroy whatever system you are in.? She smirked. ?Give up Durron, no matter what you say or do, you won?t win.?

    I smiled. ?Is that so.? Before I could chicken out, I leant forward, my lips lingering on hers. As I pulled back I noted the look of pure surprised etched onto her face. Turning and walking away, I let a small smile flicker across my lips.

    Let her think about that.


    Did I imagine it, or did Kyp Durron just kiss me?

    I fell backwards against the wall, widening my stance so that I wouldn?t slip to the floor. Why was I feeling like this!? Jag is the one that I love, that I had sworn my life too. No, we were not married, but any day now, I expected him to pop the question. When he returned from his mission, I had a feeling he would do just that, and I would say...

    Yes, it?s Jag I love... But why do I feel like this!?

    I watched as Kyp disappeared into the corridor and caught the smile that played across his lips. Yes, that was it! He?d done it to shut me up, to claim victory in our latest of bouts!

    I wasn?t going to let him have the satisfaction.

    Stepping into the corridor, I tried to settle my stomach. No, he wasn?t going to get away with that one. And I knew exactly how to get him back. I just had to quench these nerves...

    Yes, there he is. In the gallery of our joint rooms, reading over a databank containing a list of all the parts that had just arrived for us to upgrade our X-wings. And we would, tomorrow. But now...

    I walked straight up to where he was sitting and leant over him, catching his mouth with mine. Feeling awkward, I held myself up by placing my hands on his shoulders, and was surprised by how firm they felt.

    I had intended to simply kiss him quick, but as soon as my lips touched his, I just couldn?t move away.


    Well this is unexpected. Pleasant, but still unexpected.

    I felt paralysed as I felt the softness of her lips, but then she moved closer, one knee resting on the seat between my thighs. Her closeness was intoxicating. Her kisses just sent my insides through the twist and turns of Lando?s Folly without any shields.

    Suddenly, I just wanted to be closer. Pushing myself up, I caught her around the waist and lifted her up onto the table. Her arms tightened around my neck as her kisses deepened.

    What were we doing? This was forbidden! I swear! But there was nowhere else I wanted to be...

    Her fingers tugged at the fasteners on my shirt as my own pushed her jacket back from her shoulders. I let my mouth trail down her neck, and heard her moan softly with pleasure.

    ?What are we doing, Kyp?? She whispered as her hands explored my chest.

    ?I don?t know,? I answered, voice hoarse. ?But it feels-?

    ?Don?t stop,? she groaned, pulling my mouth back down onto hers, her kisses intense.

    I smiled against her mouth, hands bracing myself to keep me from crushing her. We had to stop, I know it, she knows it. But I can?t. I just can?t. I... I lo-



    My original plan had been to see to kids about those parts they had and try to ?borrow? a couple of them for the Falcon, but what I saw before my eyes left th
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    ?Let?s Dance?

    Setting- NJO


    The music swept over her, causing her hips to move to the beat. She found herself humming to the lyrics before she caught the words. The rest of her body caught up with her hips, causing her to move and sway as she continued to move around the workshop, looking for parts to repair her swoop bike.

    ?I didn?t know you could dance, let alone sing.?

    She jumped, spinning around and dropping the part she had been holding. ?Oh Kyp! Hi! I thought you were in a meeting.?

    ?I was.? He bent down, picking up the part and handing it to her. He nodded toward the bike. ?What have you done to it now??

    ?The shifter broke,? she answered. ?Which then knocked the repulsers offline, causing me to run into... something...? she eyed him, hinting that she wasn?t going to tell him what. ?Which then bent the stabiliser, cracked the manoeuvring flap, and broke off one of the directional thrust nozzles.? She looked over at it. ?Well, those are the main things anyway.?

    ?Rather a mess.? He ran an eye over it. ?You must have hit a moon or something.?

    She glared at him, moving back to the swoop, turning off the music as she passed. She bent down and began attaching the new manoeuvring flap when the music once more filled the room. She spun around, surprised.

    ?I like this song,? he replied to her unspoken question. ?Nothing wrong with that is there??

    ?I guess not.? She frowned. ?I didn?t know you liked this sort of music. I thought you were into stuff like Dremaline?s Crested Wake.?

    He burst out laughing. ?No, not at all. Dremaline?s stuff makes one hell of a tune to make a dramatic exit too, but that?s about it.? He raised an eyebrow. ?You?ve got to admit that it is a rather impressive piece of music.?

    ?Indeed.? She set her tools aside, standing up and crossing her arms. ?And you ?should? know I can dance, considering how many balls and such we were forced to attend, what with you one of the first Jedi, and me the daughter of the Chief-of-State.?

    He shrugged. ?True, but I wasn?t referring to that kind of dancing. Anybody can waltz with the proper training, but not everybody can shake their booty.?

    Jaina gapped. ?Did you just say...??

    He grinned, leaning against one of the four pillars in the room. ?I?ve been to my fair share of party?s Solo, and I don?t mean the cocktail, ?keep all your clothes on? sort either.? He picked at a piece of dirt under on of his fingernails. ?In fact, before the Vong, I was a rather popular party guy. Couldn?t keep the women off me.?

    Jaina leaned against the pillar diagonally across from him and crossed his arms, eyeing him sceptically. ?Really? First I?ve heard of it.?

    He waggled a finger at her. ?Ah, but you?ve never been to one of said parties, have you??

    She narrowed her eyes. ?I?ve been to a couple.?

    ?Not any further out then the Inner Rim, I?ll bet.?

    She let out a careful breath, knowing he had a point. ?So what was it that made you so popular? The fact you were a Jedi didn?t have anything to do with it, did it??

    ?I always went by the name Zeth,? he informed her. ?No last name given, so how were they to know?? He shrugged. ?Let me put it this way, I know a couple of things about dancing that drove the women wild. That and the sex appeal that is.? He raised an eyebrow. ?Apparently, in my younger years, I wasn?t too bad to look at. Still not, so I?m told.?

    ?That and egoistical and arrogant.? She smirked. ?And the word ?vain? springs to mind as well.? She looked him up and down. ?I just can?t see you as a dancer, Durron.?

    He raised an eyebrow. ?Really? Well whenever I look at you, I think you look more like a politician then a pilot. Probably because you look like your mother.?

    Jaina glared at him, knowing that he once more had a point. He was getting way too many as far as she was concerned. ?Come on then, show me.?

    He chuckled. ?Here? Like this? Nope.?

    ?And why not??

    He gestured around them. ?One guess.?

    Jaina looked down,
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    ?Double Dare?

    Setting:- NJO (as always)
    Tagline:- Same game, different galaxy.


    ?I dare you.?

    ?Yeah? Well I double dare you.?

    Jaina Solo fumed, glaring laser bolts at the man who stood across from her, his own dark eyes shining blue murder. ?Fine. Your place at 1900 hours.?

    Kyp Durron clenched and unclenched his fists. ?No distractions, no onlookers, no comlinks. Those are the rules.?

    ?My only amendment is this; wear what you are wearing now.?

    Kyp spun on his heal. ?Be seeing you tonight.? As he vanished into the hall, his voice echoed back to her. ?That?s if you don?t wuss out.?

    Jaina growled, before shouting after him. ?I?ll be there!?

    * * *

    They sat across from each other, the chrono on the wall shining it?s numbers; 1913. Neither had moved for over ten minutes, simply content on glaring across the table between them, the silence broken only by their breathing. On the bench beside them their boots and weapon belts, Kyp?s cape and Jaina?s spare jacket, the only onlookers to the event that was about to take place.

    If by some unspoken command, Kyp?s hand slowly raised, settling on the deck of Sabacc cards in the centre of the table. Picking them up, he shuffled them, then dealt them out, his eyes remaining locked on the woman across from him. Jaina picked up her cards, keeping her eyes locked with his before looking down at her hand.

    They didn?t speak as they each took their three turns at changing and trading the cards, faces impassive; the Force not called in to play by an unspoken rule.

    ?Show ?em,? Jaina called over the table, eyes resting once more on his.

    He lay down his cards. ?21.?

    Jaina swore softly as she chucked hers onto the table. ?19.?

    A smile spread across his face as he locked eyes with her. ?You lose Jaya, therefore you must pay the penalty.?

    Jaina glared at him for an instant before she took off her jacket, tossing it onto the bench. ?There, happy??

    He nodded, gathering the cards and pressing the button, randomising them. Handing them out once more, this time he only used two of his three turns before calling the hand. Placing his cards on the table, he grinned as he displayed his pure sabacc. Jaina grinned at him before showing her Idiot?s Array.

    Kyp glared at her as he tossed his own jacket down beside hers. ?You?re turn to deal.?

    ?With pleasure.?

    Jaina dealt the cards as they began the next round, keeping their hands close to their person. Kyp looked up sharply as Jaina called early.

    ?22,? she said triumphantly. ?Let me see you beat that.?

    ?Will a pure sabacc be good enough??

    Jaina?s mouth dropped open as Kyp layed his cards down. She glared at him as he smirked, then removed her shirt, tossing it aside. She watched him run his eyes over her newly exposed flesh, noting the hint of disappointment on his face.

    ?What?s the matter Durron?? She teased. ?Where you hoping I wasn?t wearing undergarments??

    ?I might have been.? He gestured to the cards. ?Deal.?

    Jaina dealt out the cards, beginning the next round. She smiled as she saw her own hand, changing only one card before calling the hand. Her smile abruptly vanished as Kyp once more managed a better scoring hand. She sighed before pulling off her pants and tossing them onto the growing pile. ?Your turn to deal.?

    Kyp nodded, picking up the cards, a roguish smile tugging at his lips. ?You eh? wouldn?t mind playing standing up would you? You have great legs you know, and the table kind of blocks the view-?

    ?Shut up and deal.?

    Kyp laughed, handing out the cards and picking up his hand. He had barely even read them when Jaina called. He glared at her, before dismissing the call and switching cards, but nothing seemed to work. Giving in, he dropped his low scoring hand and found himself looking at Jaina?s pure sabacc. Rolling his eyes, he tugged off his shirt and tossed it aside, slightly amused to see Jaina?s eyes bulge slightly.

    ?What? Just because I?m a fighter
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    ?Storm Approaching?

    Setting:- NJO


    I shudder, despite the warmth in the air. I stood at the top of a hill, not far from the base, watching the clouds gathering on the distance. The humidity collects the sweat on my damp skin, before gravity caught it, dragging it down and leaving wet streaks. I blink one of those droplets from my eye before it took a stinging hold. I wasn?t afraid of the coming electrical storm; in fact, I looked forward to its arrival. Not because of the power the storm held, though I found it breathtaking, but for the sheer beauty of lightnings many colours, the smell of the soothing rain.

    On Yavin IV I had often sat on the top of the temple, marvelling at the great many storms. The others had thought I was crazy, that I would eventually be struck by one of the powerful bolts, or the rain would soak into me, the chill making me ill. They had been right, for on several occasions my storm watching had left me bedridden, and but once I had almost been struck, but that was all part of the thrill.

    The wind picked up off the hills, bringing with it the distant rumble of thunder and the sweet smell of rain. I close my eyes, letting the wind catch me, feeling it run through my hair like fingers, tug at my clothes like a beggar. I widen my stance, forcing myself to remain upright as the elements strove to bring me down. I was a warrior, a Jedi, physical training part of my routine. I was strong, and no natural phenomena would bring me down without a fight.

    I catch my own name on the wind and looked back to see my former apprentice making her way up to me. She smiles, eyes drifting to the rolling clouds as lightening danced across the seemingly solid wall of darkness.

    ?Your fascination with storms makes it easy to find you,? she says, stopping beside me, the wind reaching out to pull at her, her skirt dancing.

    ?I thought you would be back with the others celebrating our latest victory,? I reply, closing my eyes not only to concentrate on my other senses, but to block out my view of her breathtaking beauty. I must not let my lust consume me.

    I feel her move closer, her hand brushing lightly on my arm as the wind tore at us once more. ?I noticed you were gone and wanted to find you. It is you who they should be toasting, not the Bothans?. You shouldn?t have let them take credit for your discovery.?

    ?I don?t intend to.?

    ?Then what do you intend??

    ?For the moment, to simply stand here.? I drew in a deep breath, opening my eyes as a white-pink streak cut it?s way across the sky. ?Isn?t it breathtaking??

    She looked at me, shaking her head. ?Why are you so fascinated by power??

    ?It is not the power that fascinates me,? I answer, eyes following another streak of lightening. ?It is the beauty of it, and the satisfaction. Have you ever noticed, before a storm, the tension mounts in the air. You feel it, it makes you uneasy, and when the storm arrives, the tension breaks. It rages, unleashing its beauty into the heavens, and when it dies away, it leaves a calmness, the land refreshed.?

    Jaina shakes her head, looking toward the gathering clouds. ?I?ve never really thought about it that way before. When I see a storm, all I see is its power.?

    ?You should learn to see beyond that. There is much more to a storm then power, just as there is more to a being then how they look on the surface. I?ve known the ugliest being to have the kindest spirit, and the wisest mind.?

    Jaina lowers her eyes to stare at the ground. I watch her, tracing the contours of her face with my eyes, and wonder if perhaps her skin really is as soft as it looks. The wind catches her skirt, tossing it around her, the split up the left side revealing a smooth, perfectly shaped leg. I have to force myself to look away, to regain control of my emotions.

    She raises her eyes once more, her gaze moving to my face. ?I?m sorry about what I said to you before the battle. I didn?t mean it, it?s just...? She sighs, looking toward the ever gro
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    Read all these before, but still wonderful. When's the new one going to be posted? :D

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    Soon I hope. It is going to be a songfic.
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    I read all these before, but I never commented (bad duskwings!) so I'm commenting now. I love them all. :D But I think my favorite would have to be "Double Dare." It's just . . . so incredibly tense and funny and yet also mushy. I loved it the first time I read it, and I still love it. :D

    Oh, and more soon? Yum . . .

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    Some excellent writing. Very impressive. :)
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    "Hanging By a Moment"

    Setting- NJO
    Note- Based on song "Hanging By a Moment" by Lifehouse


    I?m desperate for changing
    Staving for truth
    I?m closer to where I started
    I?m chasing after you


    Kyp Durron sighed as he watched Jaina Solo issue out orders to their squadron, orders that once again did not include him. He knew he had told her not to so that they could spend more time with her Jedi training, but he still longed to fly.

    She was beginning to trust him again. It had taken a long time to make up for what he had done to her on Sernpidal, how he had lied to her, but there was nothing he could do to take it back. Besides, it had worked, they had destroyed the worldship, but ever since then she had not believed what he had said. But now she was beginning to once more have faith in him.

    He watched as she waved to their comrades, Jagged Fel waving back stiffly before his ship vanished out of the hanger. Turning, Kyp moved back into the gallery, finding it empty, just as he had thought he would. It pained him to see her with Fel, but now that he was gone, he might be able to ask her what he had been wanting to ask her for so long.

    Now was the time for honesty.

    I?m falling even more in love with you
    Letting go of all I?ve held onto
    I?m standing here until you make me move
    I?m hanging by a moment here with you


    He picked up his drink and sipped it, letting the liquid sit on his tongue before letting it continue it?s fiery path down his throat. He looked up and saw her walk in, an exhausted look on her face as she brushed her hair from her eyes. He longed to get up and tuck it behind her ear himself, but knew it would end with a nice red handprint on his clean-shaven face.

    He looked back down at his drink and took a longer sip, instantly regretting it as his mouth burned, but feeling good for the pain. It took his mind off other things? such as the thing that was moving toward him now.

    ?You don?t look happy.?

    He smiled up at her, his eyes twinkling. ?Since when am I ever happy??

    ?Good point.? She sighed, shaking her head. ?I?m glad they?re gone. Now we might get some peace around here with just the two of us.?

    A smile flickered across his lips, making her stomach twist. ?Yes. Just you and me.?

    She frowned, the room suddenly feeling smaller. She took a step back, not wanting to be near him, not liking the way her stomach knotted at the prospect of the two of them alone. ?Well, I?ve got things to do??

    He slipt out of his seat faster then her eyes could keep up with him, stopping in the doorway, blocking her path.

    She narrowed her eyes. ?Move.?

    The smile broadened. ?No.?

    ?Move now.?

    ?Make me.? His eyes twinkled, then hardened as he raised a hand to cut off her reply. ?Jaina, we need to talk.?

    Forgetting all I?m lacking
    Completely incomplete
    I?ll take your invitation
    You take all of me now


    Jaina crossed her arms, eyes narrowing further. ?Well??

    He looked down, as if trying to find the words. ?Do you really like Jag??

    She blinked. ?Of course I do! He?s my boyfriend after all-?

    ?It?s one thing to say you love someone and to actually love someone.? He sighed, eyes drifting everywhere but on her. ?It?s another thing to actually love someone but not to have the guts to tell them.?

    She looked at him, puzzled. ?But I don?t-?

    ?I?m not talking about you Jaina, I?m talking about me.? He met her eye, finally. ?I think I?ve fallen in love with you.?

    Jaina swallowed, her mind trying to reject what he said, but her heart beginning to beat faster as her stomach twisted, her nerves singing. ?You ?think???

    ?Fine. I know.?

    Jaina met his gaze and saw that he meant every word he said. Somehow, she had known it, and somehow, deep inside?

    ?Jaina.? He shook his head, eyes slipping once more to the ground. ?I wouldn?t be surprised if you slapped me right now, so just go ahead.?

    ?Slap you fo
  15. JainaDurron Jedi Master

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    Very cute, and Jaina's lying to herself. It's that simple. :D More yes?

  16. Jaina_Solo_Durron Jedi Padawan

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    As a wise man once said, Denial is a long, long river...and it seems Jaina's floating down it, going nowhere fast...

    lovely post, TJP...more soon please?

  17. duskwings Jedi Youngling

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    So maybe Jag lacked a lot, including a personality . . .

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Sorry, that line just stuck out at me. I read it and I just couldn't help but laugh . . . Jaina is so not in love with Jag.

    Jaina's visiting a certain river in Egypt . . . we all know she loves Kyp. :D Now, she just has to admit it to herself, and kiss Kyp already! 8-}

    Lovely addition to your fic collection.

  18. the_jedi_princess Jedi Padawan

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    They liked him because he was Wedge?s nephew. If she married Jag, then she would finally put a tie between Wedge and her Uncle. But that was wrong, to simply marry her off to a practically boring guy just so the two survivors of the first Death Star could finally be related.

    My view of the whole Jaina/Jag thing by the way, and isn't it true. DOWN WITH CONVIENIENCE CHARACTERS!!!!
  19. C3SoloP0 Jedi Padawan

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    LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Up again. Why no one read this?
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    hey you stole my title 8-} but it was awsome ^_^ Sorry i didn't get here sooner!

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    Ohh...I read that Double Dare for the fourth time. [face_love] Such tension in that one!! I luuuv it!

    This last one was great too! The way you ended it was really sweet--so suggestive. :) Absolutely fantastic work again!
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    I loved that one!!!!!! I didn't notice it, I thought you'd just reposted them [face_blushing]
    Do we get a sequal to that one where Jaina comes out of her denial? :D
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    Oooooooooo, there better be more to this! There wasn't even any kissing!! We all need MUSH!! [face_love] Heehee. Great viggie TJP ;)

    The way I see it, Kyp and Jaina have to get together some time in the series. They're just like Han and Leia were. Plus there are all the little hints like Ta'a Chume's quote in my signature... :D
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