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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Anime_Fan, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. Anime_Fan

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    Apr 2, 2005
    The year is 4001, nine hundred and fifty four years since the chaos that erupted in Freeze City. The Earth's weary condition has not improved, if anything it worsened over the years. Food is becoming scarce, for humans, vampires and werewolves alike. After years and years of research, the humans have succeeded in their quest for a longer life-span. Taking the opportunity of all the vampire and werewolf deaths caused during the Vampire-Werewolf War, the humans of Freeze teamed up with the scientists of the rest of the world, and together they created a life extending elixir, which has no official name.

    Mass distribution followed. It comes in pills, patches, drinks, even gum. While the elixir doesn't give humans the enhanced senses of the vampires and werewolves, it lengthens their life, and in some cases, where the elixir is taken in a constant daily pattern, they even age slower. Since the elixir's creation the longest a human being has remained alive is three hundred years, while looking no older than twenty or thirty.

    While the humans celebrate their triumph, the werewolves and vampires loathe it. Many of them feel that the elixir was a stolen accomplishment. While the vampires and werewolves of Freeze City absolutely loath each other, those around the rest of the world, and a few from Freeze itself, have agreed that the two races must form an alliance. The humans are too much of a risk now. The longer they can increase their lifespan, the longer the hunters have to enhance their weapons and slaughter them all.

    Knowing that danger lies ahead, the humans have transformed the city of Freeze, into a stronghold. The large buildings where the production of the elixir started, are protected by the most enhanced security equipment, paid for by every human government around the world. There are guards posted twenty-four seven and checkpoints at every corner. Werewolves and vampires who wish to venture into the main section of the city are forced to wear a silver bracelet on their wrists, and in the werewolves case, must stay in their human form. The bracelets are the government's way of keeping track of how many werewolves and vampires enter their fine city. The bracelets also serve as a tag for the morgue, should a vampire or werewolf die within the main city's walls.

    Around the world the once great nations have begun to be rebuilt. All major cities are building laboratories for the production of the elixir, and fortresses similar to that in Freeze, have begun popping up all over the place.

    The forests of Freeze are occupied by the werewolves, though some of them occupy the smaller, sub-sections of the city (where no bracelet is required), keep an eye on both the humans and vampires. The two packs that existed before are no more, and instead the wolves are broken up into smaller packs, consisting of three to six members. The vampires live in the sub-sections of the city, since the only refugee they had in the forest, Itou Mansion was burned down long ago. Most travel in pairs, and on rare occasion there will be a group of four or more. While forced to live somewhat together and still harboring hateful feelings toward each other, the werewolves and vampires have a critical decision to make. Join forces and get rid of the danger elixir, or do nothing and let the humans better the elixir day after day.

    The time has come for the two superior races to decide.

    Welcome to [i]Eternal Love: Downfall[/i]! Nine-hundred and fifty four years have passed since the coil of tension between the werewolves and vampires of Freeze City snapped. The ensuing war lasted [b]four hundred[/b] years and the snow covered city has faced a long and hard recovery from the blood shed. The once strong pact between werewolf and vampire is non-existent in Freeze City, though most of their brethren around the world still attempt peace between them. There are those few who still try to get along, but nothing is perfect after the bloody past in Freeze>
  2. windu4

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    May 15, 2008
    I am sending in a couple!

    I can't wait this seems interesting!
  3. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    OOC: I've been looking forward to this...
    CSes, approved of course...

    Name: Kira Sarken
    Age: 1147 (looks like 23)
    Gender: Female
    Skin Color: Alabaster Pale
    Height: 5'9"
    Hair Color/Style: Reddish Brown, Shoulder length.
    Eye Color: Silvery Blue (red when angry, if it starts seeming to swirl, run)
    Vampire Type: Blood Sucker
    Preferred Blood Type: Human
    Attire: Black cloak with hood, usually up, underneath wears a leather jumpsuit, also black, finally she wears a small white cross that matches her mate?s. This is her main outfit although she carries alternate one in a small satchel.
    Secondary Attire(To blend in): Red T-shirt, Jeans(black), Jean Jacket(Black), Black and Gold sneaker-like shoes, and a black baseball cap with gold outline with K S stitched in gold thread, also on the left side of the jacket.
    -To Prey: Charming, persuasive.
    -To Others: Depends on person.
    Weapons: Dual silver long daggers along with a dozen smaller, hidden about her body, throwing knives. Two handguns, armed with both regular rounds, as well as bullets that have a liquid silver compound in the center. Various Martial Art forms, most with mastery she learned from her mate Marric.

    Biography: Lived pretty much her entire young life on the North American continent. Her family didn't live in the best of neighborhoods and in her teens she got into some trouble for stealing certain items she couldn?t buy herself. Her life changed and in her opinion as she thought on it later, definitely for the better, when she was bitten on her way home taking a shortcut through one of her neighborhoods many alleys. As the years she spent as a vampire or in her case vampiress she became more focused on herself, not really caring much for anyone else except for the occasional fling with another vampire. That was, until she met her future mate Marric. The two at first clashed before becoming attracted to each other. They were both natural loners so they didn't think it would last very long before they separated but to their own surprise they stayed together for over a year and through five different cities. When they did go their separate ways they both planned on meeting up again at a later point and developed a calling card of sorts to find out if the other was in the same city. Eventually she suffered an unstable period that induced her blood rage. Unlike most vampires, when she falls into a rage or similar incredible feeling of emotional stress. Her Rages are few comparatively to normal vampires, but are stronger and make she her self far stronger and faster, even more so than a newborn. This catastrophic event was unleashed on the inhabitants of Chicago. She had, at that point distressed on failing to find Marric that she fell and over the course of months swept like an angel of death through the city, feeding several times a day and the death toll quickly brought in swarms of hunters. Part of this was caused when she killed one of the wealthiest families? daughters, causing an enormous bounty to be placed on her head that continues to this day. Fortunately, when she finally came to her senses , and checked to see if anyone had seen her that had not been killed she found out there was only a grainy photo of her, only showing a blurry part of her hair. To this day, after meeting back up finally with her mate, she is almost constantly on the look out for the very exceedingly rare chance that someone might recognize her.

    Name: Marric
    Age: 1158 (looks like mid twenties)
    Gender: Male
    Skin Color: Pale, but not nearly as much as his mate.
    Height: 6'1"
    Hair Color/Style: Golden Brown, short with no real style put into it.
    Eye Color: Green (red when hungry)
    Vampire Type: Blood Sucker
    Preferred Blood Type: Human (although not too picky)
    Attire: Black trench coat, red shirt, a small white cross hanging around his neck( he along with his mate grew immune to those over the years) , black leather pants and boots.
    Secondary Attire(To blend in): Worn brown leather jacket, black T shirt,
  4. Spatz

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    Oct 10, 2008
    I'll take a shot at this, but don't expect my sheets in today, too busy...
  5. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    Are prior sheets from the last one still good?
  6. artemis_fowl

    artemis_fowl Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 4, 2003
    I'm interested to join. I'll PM my sheet in tomorrow. Have to do some research on werewolves first
  7. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    OOC: To my knowledge, vampires can be, (long lives/immortal) But I'm not sure about werewolves, best ask A_F, or I'll ask for you. If not, you could always play with the descendants. As in, they are related to your past characters. Hoped that helped.
  8. Anime_Fan

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    Apr 2, 2005
    OOC: Thanks Yuul. I did talk with chanbill about it over a PM, but should anyone else who was part of the first game be interested in knowing:

    Vampire sheets are still acceptable, as long as the proper age adjustments are made (aka, add nine hundred and fifty four years to their age) and it might be best to change their bio a little to include what they did during the Vampire-Werewolf war (as in, did they fight or stay away?).

    Werewolves and Human's however, cannot be taken back because it's been too long for both species. The life-extending elixir was created and proven successful after the war, so any human's from back then perished a long long time ago. And Werewolves, it's been too long for them as well, and in all honesty, most of them were probably killed in the War, save for a handful.

    But what Yuul says is true, you can indeed play as their descendants.

    Hope that cleared that question up :)
  9. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    GM Approved

    Name: Alexander Billings III
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Hair Color/Style: Long and jet black.
    Skin Color: Light tan
    Fur Color: Same as hair color but with a white patch on his face.
    Eye Color: Silver
    Height: 5'8"
    Pack Standing/Rank: Alpha of the South Forest Pack(Seven Members)
    Attire: Black muscle shirt, black leather trench coat, loose black denim pants and black sneakers.
    Weapons: Two pistols, two daggers, and when transformed fang and claw.
    Personality: Silent type, but he exudes authority. He is very protective of his pack and all those in his territory. He is not one to accept any type of threat, if something threatens any of his pack mates he tends to rip it into multiple pieces.
    Short Biography: Born the descendant of the Guardian Chandler Billings, Alexander is a well regarded entity among several Werewolf packs. Born after the wars he has a great distrust of all beings outside his territory, all of those who live in it are either pack mates, or humans who had long served along side his family during the wars. He is now the Alpha of the South Forest Pack and has managed to hold his borders against even the slightest intrusion by outsiders, only allowing passage through when absolutely necessary.
  10. windu4

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    May 15, 2008
    OOC: Been busy CS coming in soon.
  11. artemis_fowl

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    Apr 4, 2003
    GM Approved

    Werewolf Character Sheet

    Name: Luka Cavante
    Age: One hundred and eight (looks nineteen)
    Gender: Male

    Hair Color/Style: Short brown hair, textured and spiked
    Skin Color: Tanned
    Fur Color: Brown with a line of dark brown running down his back
    Eye Color: Light blue
    Height: 6 feet

    Pack Standing/Rank: Member of Jacob's pack

    Attire: Brown t-shirt with a hooded black camo jacket, jeans, black hiking boots
    Weapons: A long sword, pistol for backup; sword and claws when transformed

    Personality: Easy-going and friendly, but introverted. Luka tries to always do what's right, but finds that it's not always easy. Very loyal to the pack and his fellow werewolves. Can be stubborn at times, and has been berated for being too trusting. Youthful and inexperienced.

    Short Biography: Luka was born to werewolf parents long after the Vampire-Werewolf war. His mother died in childbirth, causing Luka to blame himself for his mother's death. His father, however, refused to fault his son, constantly telling him that it was something no one could have prevented. Nonetheless, the young werewolf carried this guilt with him. His family had always shunned away from the conflicts of the other races, and Luka did the same. He lived in the forest for most of his young life, traveling to the city only a few times with his father. As a result, he bore no ill-will towards both the vampires and the humans. Luka's father taught him how to fight, but warned him only to fight in self-defence, never unprovoked. He became skilled in melee combat, and his father presented him with his very own sword at the age of fourteen.

    When Luka was fifteen, his father died while on a hunt, leaving him to fend for himself. He never found out who or what killed him. He lived by himself for a year, before he met Jacob and his pack. He befriended them and was soon initiated into the pack. Being the youngest, Luka found himself constantly learning from his fellow werewolves. He was grateful for the protection and friendship that they offered him, and felt himself indebted to them.
  12. Anime_Fan

    Anime_Fan Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 2, 2005
    GM Mode

    I'm awaiting a few more character sheets to come in, and for a few to be posted and we'll be able to start this up soon. And should you know anyone who might be interested, character sheets will still be accepted, up until we get at least one human in the hundred or so age range, as well as at least one more vampire.

    For now there is only one slot left in Jacob's pack (a female werewolf would be appreciated :)) and still seven in Alexander's (chanbill5390) pack. Of course if no one wants to take the female spot, or be a part of Alex's pack, those missing pack members will become NPCs. Which, by the way, can only and will only be controlled by myself and Yuul. Interaction with NPCs is crucial and should you go willy nilly and do whatever you want with them, there will be consequences.

    The only exception to that is chanbill5390 because, any of his missing Pack members will be NPCs and since they are members of his Pack, he can control them. Mind you chanbill, those are the only NPCs you can control freely.

    And as of right now, Faith will be an NPC, under my control. Should anyone become interested at some point during the game however, I will still take your application to take her role.

    Alright, we'll get this started soon I hope.

    Talk to you all later :D

  13. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    GM Approved, here's my first character's wife.

    Name: Elisabetta Billings
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Hair Color/Style: Platinum Blond, long, almost to her calves.
    Skin Color: Pale white
    Fur Color: White
    Eye Color: Bright Blue
    Height: 5'6"
    Pack Standing/Rank: Alpha Female
    Attire: Black body suit and trench-coat with black knee-high boots.
    Weapons: Longbow(With a quiver of 50 arrows) and two daggers. When transformed the same as her spouse.
    Personality: Elisabetta is the embodiment of the protective mother. If even a hair is threatened on one of her family members she's ready to rip out someones throat. She is however very level headed and a great strategist. She along with Alexander have proven to be one of the South Forests great leaders.
    Short Biography: Born to the Hierarchy of the South Forest werewolf pack Elisabetta was a natural leader, when she and the descendant of the guardian Chandler Billings married it was the first occurrence of a real power couple. Together they solidified the presence of the southern werewolf pack, even managing to create a known border for their territory, most outsiders not leaving without a scar unless they were refugees. Though she has no children yet she treats all of the younger werewolves and the few scattered humans in her midst as children, protecting them as she would her own.
  14. Twinky_Stryder

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    Nov 16, 2003
    CS Approved

    Name: Mary Sutherland
    Age: 21
    Gender: female
    Hair Colour/Style: brown in a jagged bob
    Skin Colour: not too pale
    Fur Colour: steel grey with a stripe across her right eye and a white tip at the end of her tail
    Eye Colour: grey
    Height: 5'6
    Pack Standing/Rank: South Forest Pack, lowest ranking member
    Attire: worn jeans, boots, long sleeved green tshirt and old black leather jacket.
    Weapons: hunting knife strapped to her hip, teeth and claws in wolf form
    Personality: Quiet and does as she's told because that's what she's been told to do most of her life, underneath that she's a very emotional person. Wishes she could get away from the pack system, but she's too much use in a fight to be allowed to leave.
    Short Biography: Mary has been a werewolf from birth and when she was twelve her parents were killed, her mother by a hunter and her father hung himself. She was then pushed from pack to pack, never being fully accepted, constantly told to keep her head down and do as she was told. She joined the South Forest Pack recently, after she argued with the Alpha of her previous pack over killing a human prisoner.
  15. windu4

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    May 15, 2008
    Name: Jason Veers
    Age: 40 though he looks like he's 19
    Gender: Male
    Hair Color/Style: reddish Brown
    Skin Color: tanned white
    Fur Color: brown
    Eye Color: green when human, alternates between green and yellow when wolf
    Height: 6''1
    Pack Standing/Rank: Guardian in Jacob's pack
    Attire: Jeans and a t-shirt. He typically dresses casually.
    Weapons: He often carries a pistol with him.
    Personality: He is somewhat cocky but he is loyal and people can depend on him.
    Short Biography: Not much is known of Jason Veers. He was brought up in his pack and maintains a steaady dislike of vampires. He serves as a Guardian and is known for his dependability.

    Name: Michael Smith
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: male
    Hair Color/Style: black,
    Eye Color: black
    Height: 6'3
    Vampire Type: All types
    Preferred Blood Type: Type O
    Attire: Black trenchcoat, black shirt and pants with boots, he also wears glasses
    Personality: He is mysterious and grim. Not much is known of Michael.
    Weapons: He often carries "human" weapons. A shotgun, pistol with a silenecer and various other weapons.
    Short Biography: Michael is a mysterious figure. He has spent years hunting down werewolves and killing them and has become a threat to the werewolve community. He is known for his unsatable desire for blood and he often targets young, pretty women when he is hungry. Some humans see him as an asset because of his abilities and often tip him off to werewolves. Though Michael often turns on humans and kills them without a second guess. It is a known fact that Michael "toys" with is food before he eats it.
  16. Anime_Fan

    Anime_Fan Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 2, 2005
    GM Mode

    Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in this. We really could use a few human's, but that won't be a problem to get us started. I'm working on the opening post now, and I will still be taking character sheets.

    Feel free to PM myself or Yuul with any questions you might have. We'll get this under way soon :)

    Talk to you all later
  17. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    GM Approved.

    Name: Liam Boreal
    Assumed Age: 17
    Actual Age: 406
    Gender: Male
    Hair Color/Style: Long, patchy and usually covered in leaves. Reminiscent to dreadlocks. His hair is a brownish color that appears burgundy in sunlight.
    Eye Color: Almost indefinitely black, on certain rare days, they settle at a mysterious and deep greenish silver.
    Height: 6?5?
    Vampire Type: Restrained
    Attire: Slightly ragged white jeans and clean, foliage-stained white v-neck shirt, both slightly undersized. He wears a pair of dirty, tan moccasins. He occasionally must steal new clothing.
    Personality: Liam is a mostly pleasant individual, with undertones of past hardships. He suffers from staggering bloodlust and hunger. This condition keeps him from settling down, so he is very distant and, often times, a poor conversationalist with regular folk. He has very powerful convictions about who he is as a person and how he lives. Though he is intelligent enough, he was never much of a thinker.
    Weapons: Liam finds no need for weapons as his size usually diffuses potentially dangerous situations. When that fails, he always has that wicked right to fall back on. Obviously, his teeth and nails are useful, as well.
    Short Biography: Liam was a football and basketball player, as well as a boxer, in his former life. He was a big partier and overall, one of those guys that almost everyone likes. Even as a human, he was rarely denied anything. Despite occasionally over-drinking, Liam was a very pure being.

    When he was bitten, his life was thrown into disarray. He refused to accept the fate of a vampire and attempted to go without feeding. Liam grew increasingly maddened and savage with hunger. When he was at the peak of his fast, even a whiff of blood would send him into an uncontrollable rage.

    When his older sister, home from college, cut her leg, he couldn?t stop himself from leaping at her. The smell of blood was just unbearable. It assaulted him from every angle and he could smell it under his family?s skin. He drained his sister and then his mother and father in minutes.

    Beyond mortified at his actions, Liam fled. It took him more than a hundred years to come to term with his past. When he did however, his life was infinitely easier to live. He stopped avoiding towns and was able to easily find clothing replacements. Having developed a system of only feeding on animal blood, Liam had no problems in that regard, except that fasting for so long, in his newborn state, had left him eternally thirsty.

    Liam avoided most of the Vampire-Werewolf conflict by his nomadic lifestyle, but he was forced into a few battles. He killed a fair share of werewolves and vampires during that bloody epoch, but was able to revert to peace after he had escaped its confines.
  18. Anime_Fan

    Anime_Fan Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 2, 2005
    GM Mode

    Here is the opening post. Remember, all players must interact with the NPCs without taking control of any of them. For now, the third and final werewolf in Jacob's pack will be an NPC. chanbill since there are four slots open for your pack, you can control those remaining four. Make sure to keep a fair number of males and females, and don't forget, Yuul and I might occasionally take control of those NPCs.

    Thank you for your patience everyone.


    [color=silver][b]Vincent Itou[/b]
    [i]Freeze City; Subsection East[/i][/color]

    [i]Freeze City; Subsection East[/i]

    The sun's rays shone brightly through the windows of the small houses and shops in the Eastern subsection of Freeze City. The clock from the large tower in the main section chimed, and as if on cue the shops signs were turned to 'Open' and the working humans left their houses, some heading for shops nearby, others heading for a different subsection and the majority heading for the main section. The guards at the entrance to the main section were rotated, their guns ready. Sitting a top one of the rooftops, was [b]Faith[/b], her eyes glued on the surrounding trees at the border of the Eastern subsection and [b]East Forest[/b]. Her green eyes searched the movements in the forest as she listening to the fluttering of leaves and occasional snapping of twigs.

    Meanwhile, deep in the forest, Vincent stood behind a tree, his eyes focused on the small herd of deer only a few feet away. His eyes shone a dangerous black, showing his hunger. His grip on the tree tightened slightly and the bark snapped. The deer heads snapped up and younger ones retreated a few paces away. The buck approached the tree, and Vincent stealthily moved farther from the herd, drawing the buck to him. As the large meal got closer, the silver haired vampire pounced, biting into the buck's jugular to prevent it from crying out. His powerful grip stopped the animal from hitting the ground loudly, leaving the rest of the herd unaware.

    Within minutes he drained the powerful animal of it's blood, the black in his eyes swirling to a light gray as he opened them. Vincent took in a deep breath, and froze, the scent of another vampire filling his nostrils. He climbed the tree quickly, crouching on a branch and scanning the area, while the herd of deer went back to picking at the grass, unaware that their leader had just perished.

    The restrained vampire took in another deep breath. In a blur, Faith climbed onto the branch, sniffing the air as well.

    ?What is it Vincent?? She questioned, her blond hair flowing with the breeze. Vincent glanced at her, before returning to his survey of the area.

    ?Another vampire is near...leaves are mixed in with his scent.?

    [b]Tag: NickLitYouAFlame[/b]
    [color=darkblue][i]Freeze City; Subsection West; City Entrance[/i][/color]

    A loud sigh left the guards lips as he took two clipboards off the wall of his tiny booth, sliding them out into the hands of [b]Marric[/b]. The vampire smiled lightly, and the guard pointed to the second booth to the left of the one he sat in.

    ?Take it to him when your done. Don't forget that any entrance into the main city will require you to put on a silver band. Those are available at the checkpoints outside the main entrances.?

    He grabbed a map of the city, handing that to the vampire as well. ? Here. The ones in blue are the subsections. East, West, North, South, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest. So on and so forth. If theres 'v' beneath the subsection name, that means it's vampire dominate. 'H' stands for human and 'w' for werewolf.?

    Marric returned to [b]Kira's[/b] side, handing her the second clipboard to fill out. The guard adjusted his helmet a little as the taller vampire behind Marric walked up, dropping his identification card into the guards waiting hand.

    [b]?Michael Smith.?[/b] The tall vampire nodded, and the guard grabbed another clipboard, handing it to Michael, along with a m>
  19. Twinky_Stryder

    Twinky_Stryder Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 16, 2003
    IC: Mary

    Mary had been walking at the back of the pack's formation, eyes down. They were looking in on a disturbance on the pack's lands, and it looked like they had found the source of it.
    When they came across the four in the forest, Mary's back instantly went up. This group smelled of the thrill of excitement, no doubt toying with the local humans. Mary didn't like humans the same as any werewolf, but she didn't think that hurting and scaring them was going to help the werewolves in the long run. A scared human was likely to do something stupid, like take up a crossbow and silver tipped arrows.
    One of the other wolves in the pack told their Alpha to attack the four. Mary didn't exactly think they needed to be that drastic, but she slowly got into position where she could jump immediately into a fight once the Alpha gave his word. It had been a while since she'd gotten into a fight with another 'wolf, and something in Mary was itching to take out the arrogant laughing girl in front of her.

    TAG: Alex, Jacob
  20. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Liam Boreal
    Freeze City; Subsection East

    Liam stood motionlessly on a sagging and low-hanging branch. He was ten feet from the forest floor and his prey was about thirty feet away. His eyes watched, emotionlessly, a bull moose that had enough blood in its veins to satisfy three full-grown vampires. His thirst was great enough, that even if he drained the entire beast, he would hardly be quenched for a few moments.

    Liam needed the entirety of the blood, to staunch the desire to ransack half the town. His control was considerable, that he hadn?t already acted in such a fashion. Around Freeze, there was scarce enough game to go around and Liam wouldn?t even think to kill anything as rare as this beast, if he didn?t know that the population would not die out. The mate of this creature, had, just yesterday, given birth to a healthy male. There were only three other of their kind in the whole of the forest. As all were female, this male was a blessing to Liam. His primary prey were grizzlies and moose, as they alone, had enough to keep his thirst at bay.

    Liam halted his reverie and crouched. He used the branch as a spring, to vault the distance to the bull moose. Whilst flying, the moose caught scent of Liam, but it was already past time for it to flee. The second it had set itself for flight, Liam was already crushing it with his considerable weight. His teeth found the animal?s neck immediately and he drained.
    Liam stood at the foot of the carcass, wiping blood from his face and neck with a piece of the moose?s pelt. When he finished his task, he surveyed his shirt. He leaned down to scrutinize the fabric. Only a single drop of blood. He smiled. It was near his side, but was largely unnoticeable, even on its white canvas. Liam nodded approvingly and started walking away.

    His pace eventually quickened into a run, and just as quickly, he was sprinting, faster than could be seen by an unaided human eye. He was about a thousand yards away, when he caught scent of another vampire. He halted his trek without a second thought. His temperament was effortlessly tranquil and his body, devoid of motion.

    He looked around, searching for a splash of color on the evergreen landscape. No such luck. He was still a little ways off, just out of seeing distance. Normally, Liam wouldn?t have stopped at all, but he had, unfortunately, smelled two vampires. He could still probably combat both, but not without suffering injury. He started forward, slowly, with his arm aloft, topped by an open hand. The showing of palm, signified his peaceful demeanor.

    Liam started jogging, with his eyes to the treetops, searching for two of his kind.

    Tag: A_F
  21. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    OOC: Sorry for the relatively late post, working on my finals paper but after tomorrow at 2:00 I'm free for a long time.
    IC: Kira & Marric

    ?Take it to him when your done. Don't forget that any entrance into the main city will require you to put on a silver band. Those are available at the checkpoints outside the main entrances. Here. The ones in blue are the subsections. East, West, North, South, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest. So on and so forth. If theres 'v' beneath the subsection name, that means it's vampire dominate. 'H' stands for human and 'w' for werewolf.?

    It had been a while since the pair had returned to Freeze, and to say that Kira was happy with the new rules and ridiculous restrictions the humans saw fit to enforce was like saying that she was a 'vegetarian'. Because of it she had been a bit short fused the last couple days that they had spent days registering and going through mountains of paperwork to gain entrance in even the outskirts wasn't helping. The fact that they had 'Vampire-speed' to write them was not the point.

    Because of this Marric had to be a bit careful in what to talk about during this time period. They both finished the forms in a few seconds before giving the completed forms to the mentioned guard. "So," Kira began, leaning on the desk-like post with her elbows with her hands supporting her head, "any other of these ridiculous rules we need to know about?" She said with an almost predatory smirk.

    "Kira..." cautioned her mate from behind her, his arms wrapping around her waist, partly for comfort, partly to restrict her in case things got out of hand. While his focus was on his mate and the guard a bit warily, as always, with most vampires, especially those that fed on blood, and not that of an animal, a part of his focus was keeping a watch on their surroundings, the sights, the sounds, and, especially, the smells. The sounds of the mall just inside the main district, the smells of human food, and more importantly their blood, the sights of the populace going on its daily business with most of the humans feeling that they were safe with their security and perhaps something similar about their new lifespans.

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  22. artemis_fowl

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    Apr 4, 2003
    IC as Luka Cavante
    Freeze City; South Forest

    Luka doubled over in laughter, clutching his stomach, unable to stop the guffaws that rumbled out of his throat. It was hilarious, their prank. The pack of 'wolves were sitting in the forest, celebrating their 'victory'. Luka had just managed to calm himself down when Rachel threw out another wisecrack, causing him to burst out laughing all over again. He wiped the tears from his eyes, straightening as Jacob berated them good-naturedly.

    All of a sudden, there was a noise behind them. Their demeanors changed, as the pack stood up and got on the defensive. There was a rustling of leaves, and out stepped Alexander Billings and his wife, Elisabetta, trailed by Mary Sutherland and the South Forest Pack.

    Luka stiffened slightly when he saw them. The South Forest pack were notoriously strict about who crossed their lands; the two packs had had run-ins before. Personally, Luka would prefer to avoid any conflict, but it looked like trouble.

    ?We aren't hunting on your grounds, Alex. We were just having a bit of fun that's all. No harm done.?

    Snarls were traded as the 'wolves sized each other up. It was obvious that they were outnumbered. Luka glanced at Jacob. Their Alpha looked calm, as he studied the opposing Alpha and his companion.

    ?You know my pack and I won't cause any trouble. We were just passing through.?

    More threatening growls. Luka bristled. He shifted his weight slightly, right arm twitching, ready to grab his sword if needed. Whispers were traded within the other pack. He frowned as he heard Rachel argue that they could take the South Forest pack down. She was always the more combative one. To his relief, Jacob shook his head in the negative.

    "Let's just back off Rachel. It's not gonna do anyone any good if we fight. Besides, we're on their land."

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    May 15, 2008

    Jason wiped his eyes blurrily still chuckling silently. He stared at the other wolves discerning there opinion on the current issue.

    ?Come on guys, we haven?t got the time to start another pack fight.? Jason stood up staring evenly at the other wolves. ?If you want we?ll just leave this isn?t the time for us to get all riled. We have enough problems as it is the last thing we need is endless fighting. If we want to draw blood we can draw blood the normal way.?

    Jason folded his arms. He actually didn?t remember what the normal way was anymore things were so skewered lately. Still he really didn?t feel like getting into another blood bath. He still was healing from one last week.

    Tag Wolves


    Michael nodded again and sat down filling the form quickly. He watched as a shapely female walked down a nearby corridor and he swallowed another one of his urgings. Michael finished the form and nodded at the security guard as he handed it in. Michael wasn?t exactly sure why he was here he had been drifting but the vampire was confident that he would end up satisfying his hunger by the end of the day.

    Michael slung his bag over his back and walked to the bathroom. In the stall he rummanged through his bag and pulled out a box and opened it. In it were parts to his custom made silenced pistol. Michael planned to mingle in the city a little while maybe nab some humans and take out a werewolf or to. Than he would skip town.

    Michael assembled the parts with relative ease before he slipped them into a holster on his waist. He stood up and smiled he was fully decked. Michael nodded at Marric and stepped by him.

    ?So what is your business here?? Michael said softly. ?Going hunting??

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  24. Spatz

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    Oct 10, 2008
    Name: Onikami Arrance
    Age: 110 (In human form looks 22)
    Gender: Male
    Hair Color/Style: Black hair worn in a minor emo style, with red streaks brazing through.
    Skin Color: Light skin, relatively Icelandic (In comparrison)
    Fur Color: Black with red strakes marking along his back and spine.
    Eye Color: Heterochromida, one red, one gray.
    Height: 5' 11"
    Pack Standing/Rank: Lone-wolf
    --Human: Black shirt with a silver moon on the back, black pants with blood red trim, and black shoes. Black headband, and read bandana around his neck.
    --Wolf: No clothes, except for the bandana, which doesn't tear. This is due to the fact that he always remembers to remove his clothes prior to transforming.
    Weapons: Four kunai, held on the back of his headband.
    Personality: Onikami is a relative sociopath, as he doesn't feel remorse for his negative actions, and will change anything about his personality or identity to stay outside of trouble. He also has a way of getting what he wants, no matter what his actions are. Despite this he does have feeling of caring and love, and has found himself in love with a a vampire. He is currently unsure wether or not she shares the feelings.
    Short Biography: Onikami was born to no-one and raised by the earth. This statement is true in the fact that he was left as an orphan at an age that h could not remember his parents. He was then raised by a caring hermit, who had found the young Onikami wandering aimlessly through the forest. Onikami was raised to be a nature loving being, though had exhibitted his werewolfness multiple times while being raised. The last time he had, he was about sixteen, and had accidentally killed the hermit. Because of this traumatic event he had gained his current personality, and began living alone, and never acted freindly to those who offered him help, partially out of fear that he may accidentally make them end up similar to the hermit.

    For the next 96 years he travelled about, never staying one spot for long, as he didn't want to get attached to any location. When he turned 109, he met Jade, a female vampire of similar age, and found himself deeply attracted. Despite this he was worried as to what her attitude towards him would be, but persisted to follow her as he wanted to discover her feelings towards him.


    IC: Onikami - 5 miles north of Freeze City

    Onikami was exhausted, this vampire had kept him running for three days straight. Well not the vamp itself, but his wanting to follow her. She was obviously chasing something, or coming to were something of her interest was. His fur was ragged and matted, as the few past nights of running was through the rain. His rucksack, of which contained his clothes, was hanging lazily across his side. He had just stopped for a breather, and was watching as the vampire surveyed her surroundings, she was evidently getting her bearings, and he was glad that she had stopped. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, and there was a musky scent about him that suggested the lack of bathing. This was true as he had barely stopped during the run, and even picked up food while moving, not stopping to even enjoy any of it. The vampire had qualities that surprised him, first was that she igored the scent of human blood altogether, as if she didn't care for the easy pickings in some of the smaller towns. She was also very oddly clad for this amount of running, as leather caused excessive sweating, which lead to his belief that vampires didn't sweat, or at least not enough to care not to wear leather.

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    OOC: Just remember, in case you forgot, Kira is talking to a guard with Marric right behind her, aka in guards hearing range, unless you whispered it so only a 'wolf or vamp can hear it. I'll assume the latter for now based on the 'said softly'.
    IC: Kira & Marric

    ?So what is your business here?? Michael said softly. ?Going hunting??

    Marric turned his head slightly and replied, barely moving his lips, "Perhaps, though I am somewhat hesitant, things are already bad for those of our kind living here, as well as the 'wolves. I'm no fan of the packs, but I do agree that the humans are the greater threat with their new lifespan, and that is growing quickly."

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