Saga Eternal moment, for the MMM challenge with Qui-Gon and fanart, authors thanks

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    Title: Eternal moment
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: intertrillogy Saga 11 years before ANH
    Characters: Qui-Gon, OC?s
    Genre: mush for MMM
    Summary: a visit to a waterfall and Marhin Adin sees a ghost

    Eternal moment

    Lovely, serene, tranquil and soothing to the senses was the scene. A waterfall was cascading down the rocks into a pool vibrant with colour from the surrounding trees, rocks and flowers. Birds were singing and small insects were scurrying or flying their patterns.

    Qui-Gon saw them coming. Marhin, the baby was carried by his mother Aranella and Kaagi Adin the father was carrying a basket.
    His friend ? the great Jedi healer Aaqu Maerhin ? accompanied them.

    Qui-Gon had known the two men all his life. They had been there when he was an initiate in the Jeditemple.

    Going to the healers? ward for a treatment or getting his shots was fun when he had them as his healers. Kaagi and Aaqu always gave him presents, presents not appreciated by certain knights or masters. Young Jedi knight Jocasta Nu had been fuming when he wetted her with a plastiform syringe, fuming because the documents she was carrying were wet and the ink on them became a big black blob.

    Kaagi had been his therapist when he sprained an ankle and that had been after ? again ? an accident in the archives, this time colliding with Shh-kir, a big Barkanian lizard. And he wasn?t alone in the healers? ward. Benno Perion and Mace Windu had been there. And that accident had been the beginning of a preference for room number 9.

    Becoming the Padawan of Count Dooku he didn?t see Kaagi and Aaqu that much anymore or it must have been when he had found another pathetic creature needing treatment. Count Dooku preferred the Twi?lek master healer or one of the droid healers.

    Becoming a master of a Padawan had him again visiting the two healers. Missions could be dangerous ? even with a young Padawan ? and the Padawan or he ended in a medbed for a long or short stay in the healers? ward.

    His last Padawan ? Obi-Wan Kenobi ? had been a notorious and frequent visitor to said ward.
    And because of the very strong Master ? Padawan bond both were usually staying together in one room. Obi-Wan or he had been mostly sitting in a comfortable chair but after some harrowing adventure both were sleeping in a comfortable bed.

    After Naboo where he had used his skills to become one with the Force he had seen Obi-Wan and Anakin in the same room in the healers? ward.
    Anakin landed his master in the ward or the reverse.

    And Qui-Gon had sighed when yet another daring stunt or reckless driving had Obi-Wan staying under the care of Kaagi and Aaqu.

    One time he had to use his skills to sent Obi-Wan back and living in the eternal Force where time had no meaning he knew that that accident would trigger a memory when the time was right.

    That time came just before Anakin invaded the Jeditemple and began slaughtering the Jedi with his squadron the 501th. Kaagi had his vision and was able to flee to Moniron.

    Qui-Gon saw his Padawan fighting his friend on Mustafar, unable to kill him and seeing the good that was still left in Anakin. Obi-Wan had to flee or he would have been the victim of the Sith lord that was coming.

    Qui-Gon grieved when he saw Anakin being transformed into a machine. He grieved when he saw the birth of the two babies. He grieved when he saw the face of Obi-Wan giving Luke away to Beru and Owen Lars.

    Qui-Gon comforted Obi-Wan when he sat down to meditate. And when Obi-Wan found in his old durasteel trunk evidence that Kaagi and Aaqu had survived the Purge he had told him that he would teach them too.

    And now he was doing that again.

    What he didn?t count on was the baby.

    Marhin saw him and started to cry. And no talking and soothing had given the baby comfort.

    Qui-Gon hid his presence in the Force and saw Kaagi sitting down on the soft moss and fallen leaves.

    He would wait.
    He had all the time in the world

    This was for him an eternal moment.

  2. VaderLVR64 Manager Emeritus

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    Absolutely wonderful story AND art work! =D=
  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Force Ghost

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    What a beautiful interweaving of the paths and lives of the two gentle healers with the wise, compassionate Qui-Gon. You captured his essence perfectly.


  4. AzureAngel2 Jedi Grand Master

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    A perfect moment caught in a perfect way by a perfect artist.


    Thanks so much, dear bird!
  5. Jade_Pilot Jedi Master

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    You made me cry!!!! :_|

    Just wonderful earlybird!!! Great addition to the MMM challenge!

    Bravo! =D=
  6. ratna Jedi Knight

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    so sweetly told and such lovely illustration!
  7. earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master

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    Thank you all for your kind words and great replies

  8. Valairy Scot Backpacking One Pack a Day Mod of New Films

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    A lovely story and artwork, as always.
  9. ginchy Jedi Master

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    Sorry I'm late! You always get your story and art right-on. You've shown such a beautiful moment in two different mediums. Wonderful work!! =D=
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