Lit eu books/comics with no force user's?

Discussion in 'Literature' started by jacktherack, Jan 5, 2013.

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    Tyria Sarkin. She'd been told she wasn't strong enough in the Force to train as a Jedi. She became one later on, anyway.

    Also, Corran was in Solo Command.
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    So, technically, there are some force users, but, since they aren't refined yet, for practice purposes, there are not any.
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    Personally, I would say that if there's no Force use in the story, that can count as not having a Force user. For example, Vader could show up for a cameo, but unless he uses his Force powers in a meaningful, plot-affecting way, there are effectively no Force users in the story.

    Comics that haven't been mentioned yet:
    Novels that haven't been mentioned yet:
    • Death Star (mostly)
    • The Bounty Hunter Wars Trilogy
    • Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina (mostly)
    • Tales from Jabba's Palace (mostly)
    • Tales of the Bounty Hunters (mostly)
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    Okay, two minor exceptions. Even then, Vader only appears in an expository flashback, not the story proper.
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    Perhaps, but I think that is a retcon. It has been a long time since I read them and I could be remembering incorrectly, but I don't believe the Force was really mentioned.
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    I'd go further and say that what really matters is whether the story is about Force-users. I mean, Darth Vader shows up and Force-chokes a guy in The Hutt Gambit, but it doesn't make the Han Solo Trilogy any less completely about the underworld and free of Force/Jedi/Sith storytelling. I think you could also push this to a lot of the Marvel and newspaper comics -- sure, Luke and Vader were in them, but there were numerous story arcs where the Force was basically irrelevant and they were just telling stories about a scrappy band of Rebels fighting the evil Empire. Or flying snakes, or whatever. They're not "Force user" or "Jedi" stories. Something like Scourge, which shoehorns a Jedi into a Fringe story and has him using powers and everything, that would count as having a Force user, but where you've just got people technically qualifying as Force-users appearing and maybe limited, incidental Force-use, it doesn't change the character of the story enough for me to think it should be disqualified for anything other than a technical exercise in listing the few books that somehow managed to slip through without a single Force-sensitive appearing.
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    yeah but isn't the twi'lik from the coruscant knights trilogy a force user that uses a blaster...
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    Yeah, she uses blasters. But, her Force abilities are more evident in that. Much more evident than a blink-and-you'll-miss-it vague indication of findsman abilities.
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    I'm also wondering what Star Wars novels that are normal and don't involve Jedi, Sith and da force.

    I know there's the X-Wing novels that dont involve Jedi and jedi magic.

    any other normal Star Wars novels that involve regular people like smugglers, bounty hunters, politcians, and primitive but smart beings like Wookies and Ewoks that worship trees?
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    Death Troopers, and the Adventures in Hyperspace young readers novels.