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EU Fic: This is just not my day

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Wedge_Antilles_Cmdr, Nov 24, 2002.

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  1. Wedge_Antilles_Cmdr

    Wedge_Antilles_Cmdr Jedi Master star 3

    May 22, 2002
    Title: This is Just Not My Day
    Author: Wedge Antilles, Cmdr.
    Date begun: 24 November 2002
    Summary: Wedge?s X-Wing is sabotaged.
    Notes: EU ? Rogue Squadron

    Wedge finished his pre-flight walk-around inspection of his X-Wing by giving a tug on his port stabilizer, ?Hmmm,? he thought, ?Feels good.? He grinned as he looked over at Hobbie, Tycho, Wes, Corran and Gavin doing the same to their ships. The other half of Rogue Squadron was on the other side of the tarmac and finishing their inspections in preparation for the air show.

    The Corellian pilot and commander of Rogue Squadron shook his head, ?These air shows are a great PR and recruiting tool,? he thought, ?Rather be doing this than going on diplomatic missions to show off the Rogues.?

    Wedge walked to the ladder leading up to his cockpit, climbed it and slipped into his pilot?s couch; wriggling his shoulders, he settled into its well-worn contours and pulled on his flight helmet and gloves. ?Gate, close the canopy,? he called to his R5 unit as he toggled switches, finished his pre-flight check and started his engines. Switching over to the squadron?s frequency, ?Call in by numbers,? he said into his mic then listened as the other five participating members of Rogue Squadron called in their readiness. (Wedge ? Lead, Tycho ? Two in the Left Wing position, Wes ? Three in the Right Wing position, Hobbie ? Four in the Slot position, Gavin ? Five in the Solo position and Corran ? Six in the Opposing Solo position, Nawara Ven is narrating the show to the crowd).

    ?Begin your take offs,? Wedge commanded as he eased his craft up on to its repulsorlifts and maneuvered into the lead position with Tycho and Wes as his wingmen and Hobbie behind him; the noise from their sixteen engines deafening the crowd as they run their engines up for take off. Lead through four take off in their famous Diamond Formation with Corran taking off next and executing a 3600 aileron roll as soon as his landing gear is up and he has cleared the tarmac. Gavin is the last to lift off; he points the nose of his X-Wing straight into the air and accelerates 30 meters into the air before leaning the ship back on to its canopy and angling back over the crowd, upside down, in the Split-S maneuver. As Gavin and Corran are taking off, Wedge and the others reposition themselves behind the crown and then do a fly by overhead in the Diamond Cloverleaf smoke highlighting their wing tips.

    As Lead through Four flew the Diamond Cloverleaf, Gavin enters from the right and Corran from the left in bound at the show center so that they pass canopy to canopy at 1200 mph in the Opposing Knife-Edge Pass.

    Wedge brings his Rogues in from the left flying in the trail formation where each wingman flying directly behind the one in front of him. As they enter the turn to transition into the Rogue Diamond in the Trail-to-Diamond Bottom-Up Pass, Wedge felt a slight shift in the way his X-Wing is handling and Gate begins to warble that the two starboard engines were suffering some sort of catastrophic failure; text rolled across the data screen that he was working as quickly as he could to isolate it and fix it.

    Wedge hit his comm, ?Rogues, I?ve got some serious mechanical problems, may have to---? he was interrupted by Gate, ?Ok, ok, got you. Get ready to be ejected buddy,? he told his astromech. He has lost control to all his flight system and was going to crash ? he hit the switch to eject his R5 unit and looked up to see that he was headed straight for the crowded Grand Stand filled with spectators, ?Sithspawn,? swore under his breath as Wes, Tycho and Hobbie?s voices crowded his communit. He heard them telling him to punch out but he couldn?t ? he had to try to keep from hitting the stands, ?I can?t crash there and kill people, I just can?t,? Wedge kept telling himself, ?They?re innocent people down there.? He felt his stomach turn in on itself, the bile rise in his throat as he struggled to use brut strength to keep from hitting the stands ? his stick did no
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