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Discussion in 'EU Community' started by C-3PX, Mar 11, 2003.

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  1. C-3PX Jedi Master

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    Jul 2, 2002
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    So I was bored and wanted to vote in some polls.

    Open polls about Star wars:

    What color lightsaber would you have (revamped)
    Coolest Starship
    How have you reacted to the NJO after the death of a major character in Star by Star?
    Do you think that Jedi are capable of flying (like Superman?).
    Best New Republic Ship?
    Which squadron is better, Rogue or Wraith?
    Pilot most likely to survive a load of skips alone (best NJO pilot)
    What force power would you particurarly specialise in if you were a jedi?
    What is your favorite SSD?
    What goverment would you rather have if you were in the GFFA?
    Who's the best/worst/greatest villian?
    Smartest tactician from ANH to NJO?
    What was the best EU Lightsaber duel?
    Who is your favorite Star Wars Female as of New Jedi Order?
    Who's the sexiest babe in the Star Wars galaxy?
    Who is your favorite Rogue/Wraith pilot?
    Who's the hottest girl in Star Wars?
    Who's the most competant Star Destroyer captain?
    Who should Luke have married?
    Okey Dokey People! What is the best NJO book so far and why?

    Open polls about other stuff:

    Where are you from?????????????????? :)
    The New EUC Social Thread ~ Vote Now!
    Do any songs remind you of the EU?
    How long have you been into starwars
    Who would you want to spend a week with?
    How many hours do you spend at the jedi council per day.
    If you were a Jedi wat would be your costume of choice?
    Are you guy or girl?
    Has the JC lost it's luster?

    If DarthAttorney and Genghis12 say it's ok maybe we could suggest ideas for polls. Since only they have the power. ;)
  2. flying_fishi Jedi Knight

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  3. C-3PX Jedi Master

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    Jul 2, 2002
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    Then sue me. [face_mischief]

    It is the American way. :p
  4. Fire_Light Jedi Knight

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    Mar 24, 2002
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    She's Australian (<- I spelled it right this time! :D )

    Good job though, Threepiecks.
  5. Elfsheen Jedi Knight

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    Feb 9, 2003
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    You must have been really bored, luv ;) Great job!
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