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San Fran, CA Event: Lightsaber Fighting Lessons

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Woz_Dragonfly, May 24, 2010.

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  1. Woz_Dragonfly

    Woz_Dragonfly Jedi Youngling

    May 24, 2010
    Dear Fellow Jedi's

    Want to experience a fun opportunity to get some lightsaber martial art training in a fun, low stress and friendly environment in the SF bay area? Join Me on June 5 and 6 at Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley for a unique and exciting event. Learn a real martial art (British Quarterstaff) and become adept at lightsaber battle. Sorry, but at this time these classes are for men only. See Below:

    S.F. Bay Area and U.S. Debut!
    Quarterstaff Practice Event
    A Medieval European Martial Art
    A Rare Opportunity for Men!

    Hombres-G a San Francisco bay area peaceful warrior fraternity) Presents:

    Ian Rose, Senior Instructor of The British Quarterstaff Association (BQA)

    And invites you to enjoy a 4-part series of Quarterstaff Instruction by Ian.
    A rare, one-time only opportunity! Initial Instruction For Men:
    Saturday & Sunday, June 5-6, 2010 9:00AM?5:00PM

    Where: Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley, CA - 11 Spinnaker Way, North of the west end of University Avenue Marina/Northwest Berkeley (Look for Hombres-G and BQA banners ? Bring Lunch & Water)

    Bring Your Quarterstaff!: An Ash or Oak wood staff, 3? taller than your height, 1.5 ? 2.5? in diameter. Limited number quarterstaffs available on site.

    For more information about quarterstaff see:

    Follow-Up Lesson: Saturday & Sunday, July 3-4, 2010 (Times and Location to be announced)
    Suggested Donation $30 - No person turned away for lack of funds

    Contact Jose R. Merida for RSVP & more information:
    (510) 418-2704

    May the Force be With You!

    Yvette Edit: Locking as this appears to be spam. Please don't join and post just to promote outside activities. FanForce also has strict policies on lightsaber training. PM me if you have questions.
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