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    Interesting to see Mike Stackpole's opinion on this- in an interview way back in 1999:

    <PB> Stackpole: Have you heard of the Holocaust of Endor? (aka ... the Deasth Star 2 pieces falling planetside and causing planetwide destruction) ... do you believe that such thing occured after ROTJ? Would you include that in any of your books? <from AvgJoe>
    <Stackpole> I've heard of the Endor Holocaust theory and the fact is that it's not official from LFL, it's not reflected in the books that have visited Endor after the last film, so I don't have to account for it and have not.

    <PB> Since you're known for your continuity patching, would there be a chance of you using the Rogues to stop the Endor Holocaust, which might introduce them to Isard and jump into the comics? <from Jevon>
    <Stackpole> Again, since the Endor Holocaust is not official canon according to LFL, I can't touch it.
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    Hm, it kind of makes me think of those people at the beginning of Star Trek Into Darkness who'd never seen a starship.
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    I have to agree with others I would love to see a Lt. Keetch type story with an ewok. I just reread the Wraith squadron books and the Lt.Keetch stuff with the fake Baron Fel is great. When the Fake Fel tells Wedge/Keetch that Wedge's sister who is the real Fels wife she is working on her own projects and ask Wedge/Keetch if he knows what that means you get the response of "Like Cooking, fixing starfighters, or stabbing Humans."

    Maybe have an older Wes Janson lead a starfighter squadron the is just him and 11 ewoks all in x-wings scaled down for Ewoks to be able to fly.

    these would be for one of the spin offs though not the main films
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