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Science Fiction EXCELSIOR! Issue #2: AS A JUDGEMENT

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Ramza, Oct 16, 2011.

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  1. Livi-Wan Force Ghost

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    Tabby Smith
    Is wondering how a giant flying dinosaur makes rumbling noises
    New York, New York
    July 15, 2pm

    It would be nice to say that the revelation of the fist dinosaur's robotic nature was a shock to Tabby but alas, it was not. Not that she knew it was a robot when she started fighting it, but rather she had faced things far weirder than giant robot dinosaurs. At least this one hopefully wouldn't try and put her in its pants.

    Shuddering a little at the memory, Tabby followed the robot's line of sight to see a flying woman clad in what appeared to be a green, disco-collared bathing suit.

    Oh good, the other super heroes had arrived.

    "Hey lady!" Tabby yelled, waving her arm to try and attract the woman's attention. "Little help with lizard pants, here?"

    Speaking of... Tabby dodged the lightning, spread her arms out and focused the streams of concussive energy on the flying dinosaur's wings. A little way behind her, the crackling orange energy destroyed a branch of Topshop. Tabby's eyes narrowed.

    "Big mistake, beak face. I was excited for that sale. Tick tick tick BOOM!"

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  2. Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager

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    Does the H in Corridor H stand for hospital? I hope so...


    "owwwwww...my soul hurts..." moaned the merc with a mouth, but all that came out was "whhhhrrrrroaj..."

    He felt like his brain was sloshing around like melted Slurpee in his skull.

    Fun fact, spellcheck recognizes "Slurpee" but not "spellcheck."

    Deadpool tried to pick himself up off the floor, but quickly realized most of his bones were broken.

    "whhhhrrrrroaj..." he moaned again, only this time it meant something along the lines of, "Punchy punchy death time Mister Big Guy."

    Already he was healing, and it hurt. He moaned again, this time clearer, this time the sounds actually coming out as more than a monotone. In moments he was hauling himself up from the floor.

    He gripped both his katanas and launched himself at the brute. "Okay, slugger. Batter's up!"

    And he became as death, a destroyer of big gray zombie guys. And lo it was awesome. And Psylocke is totally checking me out.

    Yeah, sure.

    What? She could be.

    Yeah, dude, if you'd read those posts, you'd know how far off base you are.

    But she can see my leet ninja skillz! SKILLZ! WITH A Z!

    She just watched you get your *** beat down by a dude with a vitamin D deficiency. Good luck, champ.

    Wait, how'd you do that with your mouth?

    Do what?


    I could've sworn I said ***.

    There it goes again.

    Buddy, you're in the middle of a fight scene.

    "Right! Okay Boss Hogg, bring it one! I gotta fever, and the only prescription is your head!
    He kept up a flurry of blows, but had the distinct impression they weren't doing much.

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  3. Dubya_Scott Force Ghost

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    IC: Psylocke
    Corridor H

    As the massive creature proceeded to burst through the wall, Psylocke could see what they were now up against. The creature mumbled almost zombie-like. It looked similar to a grey version of the Hulk, but Betsy knew it was not Bruce Banner.

    Wade lunged at the monster, attacking it head-on.

    Betsy could tell that wasn't working...

    If she could get close enough without getting hit, she may be able to pierce the monster's mind with her psychic blade and force the thing to sleep, and maybe find out who exactly it used to be.

    It was worth a shot.

    Using her ninja skills, she jumped up and kicked herself off the nearby wall. Flipping over the creature, she aimed to land on the back of the monster's hunched shoulders. If she could hold on to the back of his neck, it would be difficult to reach her.

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  4. Mitth_Fisto Chosen One

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    IC: Sophy Vizzini, aka Pirate Indigo
    Albany, New York
    On the crisp evening of July 14, 6PM

    Threats! The yutz was not only too dense to understand what was happening but was threatening her current body, that and giving a brief monologue to identify himself and his circus by. Very well, time to loose this body the new fashioned way by taking a move straight out of the War, Mussolini?s Tower. An old play move that said tackle and injure the quarterback before taking the rest of the forces apart piece-meal.

    Not a very nice play to make in war or football, but still, it works. Enough people said enough on that topic, but she still wished she could?a stayed in the body to see the Ring Master?s face when her current body leapt into the air to tackle him. She of course left the body just as she caused it to leap, ?Yow!? she cried as she floated there behind the body she had just left, the thing had stung like a wax strip being yanked off. ?Which reminds me, I better wax if I want to catch that joker.? She added to herself.

    ?Alright, before we start of a Designing Criminals Commentary trope I just thought I would give you fair warning. For I am the Pirate Indigo, and I don?t take kindly to jokes about my booty.? With that she pulled out her saber and concentrated her energies to the point for a second to make a bright indigo flash to punctuate the last before resuming her more normal translucent form with the coruscating energies criss-crossing.

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  5. s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod

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    Jun 24, 2006
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    OOC: A little DRL made me late to the party.

    IC: Anita Blake
    St. Louis, MO
    July 12, 10:00 AM

    The alarm clock buzzed shrilly on the bed stand and a pale arm reached out to slap it. A young female wearing a large penguin t-shirt slowly sat up. She hated mornings. Her feet slid into a pair of fuzzy penguin slippers and padded slowly out of the bedroom into the kitchen. One hand stifled a yawn as the other opened the freezer and took out a bag of coffee beans. Anita was a coffee snob. She always ground her own coffee and drank more cups than a human should be allowed to drink during the day. She poured her first cup and held it with both hands up near her face while letting the wonderful smell pour into her senses.

    Mornings were not for those whose job was to spend hours each night raising the dead, but Anita was a perpetual believer in training for her job. Not her animator job, but her job as a US Marshall and legal vampire executioner. Anita?s best friend Ronnie was on her way over to go on their almost daily run. Sometimes Anita?s job as a US Marshall got in the way of their workouts, but she tried to be there for them as much as possible. Anita never knew what she was going to run into while on the job and she needed every tool in her bag of tricks when going up against the supernatural.

    July 12, 10:00 PM

    Twelve hours later and about as many cups of coffee Anita Blake stepped from the shower and tugged on a pair of black jeans. She slipped into a black t-shirt and shrugged on her shoulder holster. The Browning 9mm rested under her left arm as she half buttoned a long sleeved black dress shirt over the top of it. She practiced drawing the gun several times to make sure it was sitting correctly for a quick draw in case something went wrong. The dress shirt also hid the knives that were strapped onto each forearm. Her black tennis shoes went on next and she was almost ready to go. A small gun lived in the right pocket of her US Marshall jacket which was the last piece of her outfit for the evening.

    Anita checked the name on the order of execution, Reginald Bishop. In this century the supernatural community was slowly becoming known to all humans. This meant there were new laws and rights being created and fought over. Anita used to be able to stake any vampire she wanted to. Now, she needed an order of execution. It also meant there were willing blood donors but some vampires still chose to take people against their will as Reginald Bishop did. He also didn?t seem to have control over his ability to enthrall people and so he had a small army of followers. The majority of vampire executions take place in the morgue where a victim has it in their will that they don?t want to rise as a vampire. Those were the easy ones. Cases like Bishop?s were the reason she pushed herself so hard every day.

    She pulled her car up to the police barricade and got out. Her badge flashed out to show the new guy stuck on tape duty that she belonged there and made her way up to the captain of the swat team that was going in with her.

    ?Everything ready?? She asked. Without waiting for confirmation she continued. ?Our orders are to take this guy out and anyone who resists. These people are innocents enthralled from the vampire?s spells. Spare them if you can but this is powerful magic and those of the enthralled are dangerous as the scars on my chest and arm can attest to.? She smiled a bittersweet smile. Several years ago a human servant had burned her chest with her own cross that she wore and scratched practically all the way through her left arm.

    The swat team led the way into the building to subdue the mass of enthralled people while Anita hunted for her target.

    ?Reginald Bishop it is over. Surrender or these people will be hurt.? Anita called out.

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  6. Ktala Force Ghost

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    Mary Amuro
    Albany, New York, 6 PM

    Mary slipped through the crowd, and she saw the trailers out back. She was glad than none had seen her. What was she going to do now? This was just too strange for her. Maybe some of the other circus folks werent in on this mess. Maybe she could get some help from them. If not, she had another idea left. She easily made her way out to the trailers ? when she came upon the majority of the circus members conversing amongst themselves. She listened as a few of them began to speak.

    "I will be glad when we can stop indulging the Ringmaster?s silly games," the strongman said. Agreed, replied one of the acrobats. "How much longer must we wait?"

    Well. That was a relief. They were not in on the Ringmasters games of fleecing the crowd. Maybe she could ...

    "The advance force begins to move within the day. Soon the entire earth will inevitably be in our clutches," answered the human cannonball.

    'EEEPP!!!' WHAT?!?!?!?! she thought furiously. Enslaving the earth? Were these guys nuts? What kind of circus was this? She listened closely, not moving.

    "What of the Kryptonian?" asked another acrobat. "Surely he will stand to oppose our efforts?"

    Kyrptonian? Wasn't that the weird guy? The flying one who had lost it? She vaguely remembered hearing something about him going totally mental.

    "Bah, the Kryptonian only acts against threats from without. He would not begin to suspect that any terrestrial threat would come from within," the human cannonball explained. Oh wonderful! But how did these guys plan to take over the earth? And why? After all, these guys seemed pretty regular looking to her. She kept herself hidden as they continued to speak.

    "A reasonable prediction," agreed the strongman. "Now can we please stop masquerading in these ridiculous forms? I move we simply overpower the Ringmaster once he comes out."

    '...Uh-oh...forms?' She didn't like the sound of that!

    "Agreed," stated the first acrobat. And there began startling metamorphosis, and in the place where the circus members had stood were men.

    Little. Green. Men.

    Mary could feel the blood drain from her face. If they weren't speaking so seriously, she would have laughed. Of all the things she expected to see at the circus, THAT certainly was not one of them.

    'What do I do?!?!?!' Mary thought to herself. No body would EVER believe her, if she
    starts yelping about little green men here to take over the planet. They would lock her away for sure! And what about the people at the circus? Were they going to get taken too? If they took that mean circus guy ripping off folks, she didn't care, but the others...? She didnt think the other person who was talking to the ringmaster was in on it either. But what could she do?

    Mary began to look around frantically. She wasn't one of those silly superhero types. And sorry, but being a lone mutant, was easy to become a DEAD one far too easy. Suddenly, her other plan came to mind.

    The animals.

    Mary slipped away, looking for the closest cages she could find. She didn't want to release any really dangerous animals...but having a few running wild, could break the hold on the Ringmaster. Or disrupt what those green guys were yammering about. She needed help, this disaster was far over her head.

    Mary grinned. But she could certainly cause a little ruckus. She checked out the elephants first. They weren't kept in cages..or horses. All she needed was to start just a simple stampede in the right direction... Safer then lighting the tent up.

    If she was lucky, she could make a quick phone call too. That should get things going.

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  7. Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager

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    May 23, 2005
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    "Okay, this is not working. There is a failure of communication between my sword and this guy's afterlife."

    He had a brief epiphany. Psylocke's plan wouldn't work because, well, there were walls. Even if there weren't, there was a floor, and having some big gray dude at least eight feet tall and other dimensions wide land on top of you or squish you against something would hurt. A lot.

    I have a cunning plan.

    "Shut up, me. Wait, don't. Plan, tell me all of it!"

    Step one: theme music power up.

    "What if I'm not too keen on theme music?"

    Non-threatening pop tune?

    "That's so not me."

    Threatening pop tune?

    "Now you're talking."

    Okay, step two: we talk to the guy. Offer him some pancakes, some chimichangas. Just some, not all. Because we need them. Obviously.

    "I'm like a biiiiiiiiiiiiiird! I only kill and slaaaaaaaay! I dunno where my home is...."

    Okay, see, you're just not listening.

    He sidled up to Grundy as calmly as possible, hands raised in what he hoped was a non-threatening power stance that channeled his inner ki. Because you can never be sure.

    "So, Sol, buddy, like...let's talk man! Let's gab, chit-chat, yak, have a good ol' chin wag, ruminate and illuminate. Speakify. Enunciate. Elucidate. Sophisticate. And, oh yeah, go easy on Betsy, dude, she's too good-lookin' to die."

    We hope.

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  8. SirakRomar Force Ghost

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    He raised a brow. The thing wasn´t even here to kill him? So it was simply wasting his time?

    "Well, if you got record on it, that means the universe survives, does it? So who cares for the details? Humanity certainly isn´t needed in the grand scheme of things, is it? Neither am I." The end of the universe and especuially his own end didn´t sound too bad. He had been looking for someone to be able to kill him, he knew that. He had fought whatever he found to fight. But especially when he hadn´t cared anymore, most were easy prey. He threw them into suns or burned their brain out of their head by simply looking at them. There wasn´t anybody in the world who could kill him right. Not even kryptonite had been such a threat, after he had begun simply making buildings collapse his enemies had been setting up their traps in. When he had left earth he had realized his one weakness. His unwilling to kill himself. For maybe he was left the only creature on earth who could archieve it.

    And now this man said he was actually about to die? No, it missed the effect it probably had been meant to have. It missed it at all. But it had his effect on him. Only now he realized what this meant. "So I am dead in the future, am I?" He said and lay his head to the side. Maybe he found a fight in which something was for him, after all. Or was it his inactivity that finally brought his death? He had to figure it out, first.

    With lightning speed he appeared before the guest. "And speaking of which, what is the gift you brought?" He could not help but sound impatient. Once his apathy was disturbed, he was always demanding, feeling the world moved so slow, it felt like torture.

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  9. Saintheart Chosen One

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    First Bank of New Jersey, Gotham City,
    July 12, 9 PM

    "Thought you had a solution for the ice-over problem." His voice was a murmur now, whether out of instinct or otherwise.
    "I did," Tony's voice came crackling back. "That's not really the problem."

    Within Wayne Manor, Tony Stark glanced ruefully at the control boards for the Iron Bat. A flickering spark popped on the top right of the board in punctuation. He'd managed to spill the drink over pretty much the whole console. He glanced up again; the suit's visor sensors were icing over as well, putting an opaque, grey wall over the optics. Pulled the wheels on his chair back, looking towards the access panel for the system. "Might take me a few minutes to fix this," he said into the comm. "Just as well you're not inside, huh?"


    He crouched in position, taking a final look at the bank's interior from just next to the window he'd opened. The Dynamo's attack had provided perfect cover for him to move inside without anyone noticing him -- in this, his backup armour, while the primary suit was operated on remote by Tony from Wayne Manor, making a frontal entrance.

    The First Bank of New Jersey was considered by most sane criminals as a hard target, as, indeed, most municipal banks were in reality. One generally didn't try to take money from a place where there was virtual certainty of being identified or filmed before you even got out of the place. Especially when, given the GCPD response time, the odds were good you'd have no more time to clear any more cash from the building than your average gas station holdup. The risk for reward made most banks irrational targets.
    At least, if you were a rational criminal.
    Or if you did not intend to be noticed.

    But it made perfect sense for a trap.

    Thus, he'd separated from the suit, having Tony fly it in while he entered through the side entrance. And had enough time to focus his armour's sensors as the Dynamo went into action.

    The goon who was watching the Dynamo ice over the suit might have heard him coming, but a five-pound fist armoured with metal made it irrelevant. As he turned and threw the heavy bank vault's door shut again, trapping the other one inside, JARVIS's cool tone spoke into his earpiece:
    "Telemetry now, sir. The cold blasters appear an application of cryogenic technologies derived out of the theories of one Victor Nevsky, from the former Soviet Union."
    "Code it."
    The roar of the cold blasters came to an abrupt halt - probably the Dynamo had just heard the bank vault's door close. A whine of servos and hydraulics and heavy, booming steps as the Frozen Dynamo turned back into the bank. Suited eyes paused for a moment to consider him.
    "Devious," said the Dynamo. "A pity all you have foreseen is your doom."
    The Frozen Dynamo raised a hand which glowed with blue fire.

    He hurled a small object at the Russian, no larger than a golf ball. Three-quarters of the way through its flight, two tiny antennae flicked out from its surface, and it pulsed a sudden, strong signal, which crashed its way into the Dynamo's circuitry.
    And the hands of blue fire suddenly went out.

    Having one's primary weapon disabled electronically, of course, would be somewhat cliche to respond to in terms of spluttering What? No! Damn you!, but that was exactly what the Dynamo did.

    TAG: ramza, maybe none ... to be continued, in any event.

    (P.S.: the godmoding here was by approval. :) )

    OOC: Dammit, I can't get a picture of the Iron Bat up. For reference, second picture down on this page.
  10. Dubya_Scott Force Ghost

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    IC: Psylocke
    Corridor H

    As Psylocke flipped up over the massive creature, she realized that he was...well...too massive. There wasn't enough room to get over him. While in mid-air, she pushed off the ceiling of the corridor with all fours and dropped back down to the floor next to Deadpool.

    Obviously she hadn't thought that plan out very well. Deadpool was sure to comment on it, but Psylocke would never admit it. Hey, everyone makes mistakes, even the most skilled ninja in the X-Men.

    The pinkish purple energy katana formed in her hands again. She took a stance next to Deadpool. "I hate to ask you, of all people, but...now what?"

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  11. Ramza JC Head Admin and RPF Manager

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    St. Louis, Missouri
    July 13, 11:30 PM

    ?These people are freaking dead!? Reginald Bishop yelled back, somewhat less than courteously. ?Hell, I?m already dead! I never asked for this! I was forcibly converted! There was a man? Baron? something or other? he did this to me! And now I can?t stop, and here you are, and I?m just supposed to surrender or die? I?ll die if I surrender! You don?t understand, it?s more than a compulsion it?s? screw it. I?ll explain it while I feast on your vitae.?

    He turned to his minions. ?Go on now, start killing people.?

    And with an inhuman growl, the thralls leapt forward and proceeded to start doing just that. An experienced hunter such as Anita Blake would realize these were no mere servants ? indeed, they were augmented with freakish abilities, and as the blood began to soak their flesh a monstrous change began to overtake them.


    One of her men screamed in agony as one of the beasts ? fortunately there were perhaps only five ? bisected him for lack of a better phrase, and began feasting on? you know what? This is getting pretty graphic. Suffice it to say things were looking grim.

    TAG: Sey

    Gotham City, New Jersey
    July 12, 9 PM

    ?????? the Frozen Dynamo observed, his tone still eerily empty, as he realized his cryogenic beams had ceased functioning. ?An impressive display of improvisation. If somewhat expected. Allow me to retort.?

    There was a hissing noise as steam escaped from the front arms of his suit. The metallic portions of those limbs clattered to the ground, harmlessly. Beneath them lay arms as icy blue as the glow that emanated from the suit.

    Human arms.

    ?People often assume that I require my suit to protect me from the elements.?

    The Dynamo charged forward, the pilot?s right arm slamming into the Iron Bat?s head, hitting as hard as adamantium. And that?s when things started to go poorly.

    Frost. Spreading. And quickly. Visual feeds were cut off within the space of an instant and? was it just him, or was Bruce Wayne beginning to feel a bit? colder??

    ?This assumption is erroneous. Viktor Nevsky requires the Frozen Dynamo to protect the elements from him.?

    With a swing of his arm, Nevsky sent the Iron Bat hurtling back through the wall of the bank, causing the entire structure to begin to rumble in an unsettling manner.

    Mick and Rex barely had time to realize what was happening before the entire building came crashing down on top of them. Protected by their metallic suits, the Iron Bat and the Frozen Dynamo were somewhat more fortunate.

    Nevsky raised his arm. ?It is a pity that it should end thus. A suit like that must have required a keen scientific mind. Perhaps in another lifetime, one where the accident had never happened, one where Nonna?? A tremendous ice shaft condensed out of the water in the arm. ?Farewell.?

    And then the tremendous spike was bearing down towards the Iron-Bat, who would need to act. Fast.

    TAG: Saint

    Inter-A.I.M. Headquarters, [Classified Location]
    July 13, 11:30 PM

    Solomon Grundy had shifted his weight backwards in an attempt to crush Psylocke. Deadpool?s katanas were scratching furiously at the brute?s skin, but it hardly seemed to notice.


    The psychic X-Woman managed to escape being crushed as she leaped out in front of the monster. The red one was attempting to talk to him.

    Grundy had not talked to anyone in a very long time. The brute paused for a momen/>/>
  12. Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager

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    May 23, 2005
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    Corridor H

    "I hate to ask you, of all people, but...now what?"

    Deadpool looked up at Psylocke's begrudging words. Then Grundy spoke.


    "Huh?" He looked at Psylocke. "Did that just...work?" He looked back to Grundy.

    Oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man think of somethi-

    "To answer your question, Solomon, I do indeed wish to speak with you."

    What are you doing?

    "There are many who speak highly of your...abilities...many whose judgement I trust."

    This is highly irregular, even for you...you're scaring me.

    "I represent an organization, sir, an organization that has decreed that this installation be destroyed, utterly." Beneath his mask, he smiled. The other voice cowered inside his skull. "To be blunt: I wish for you to enter my employ. You will be gainfully rewarded for your assistance..."

    Something changed. No! Not yet, more time! So close!

    "...with all the chimichangas and pancakes you can imagine. Pancakes! Come on, who doesn't love 'em?" He turned to Psylocke. "Am I right?"

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  13. Livi-Wan Force Ghost

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    Sep 29, 2002
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    Tabby Smith
    New York, New York

    Tabby smirked in satisfaction as the flying dinosaur dropped out of the sky, landing roughly ten blocks away and, hopefully, ceasing to be her problem.

    This was New York, after all. Shouldn't, like, the Avenger League or the Justice Titans or something be on the way by now?

    "Damn mutants!" a passerby called as Tabby scrabbled along the rubble, completely ruining her shoes. "Go home!"

    She responded with a rude gesture.

    "This is my home, morans."

    Like, get a brain. Everyone knew that the X-Mansion was in Westchester. Anyway, there was the walking dinosaur to worry about right now. Tabby was just about to wind up a nice big boom when a strange figure leaped off of the street and began wrestling with it. Tabby's eyes widened at the spectacular sight.

    "OMG." she breathed. "Is that a mohawk?!"

    But Tabby had very little time to reflect on the fashion vagaries of this weird defender of Earth, for it was at that point that the flying dinosaur returned to continue its vendetta against her. It lurched wildly, middle head enveloped in a cloud of smoke, screeched with the remaining two, and fired some more lightning.

    "Oh, come ON." Tabby groaned, dodging as best she could, and flinging an arm out to direct a line of explosive energy at the leftmost head. "I said BOOM."

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  14. Dubya_Scott Force Ghost

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    Jun 11, 2002
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    IC: Psylocke
    AIM corridor H

    Did the big creature just say he wanted to talk to the "red man"...Deadpool?

    Psylocke relaxed her battle stance a little as Wade began to speak to the monster. Was this really happening? "I don't believe it..." she muttered under her breath.

    Maybe Wade's craziness was finally paying off?

    "...with all the chimichangas and pancakes you can imagine. Pancakes! Come on, who doesn't love 'em?" Wade said, turning to Psylocke. "Am I right?"

    She figured she had better play along with Deadpool's plan. "Uh... Right. Chimichangas and pancakes." She paused. "And plenty of TV shows starring Bea Arthur and the Olsen Twins," she added, surprisingly taking a page out of Deadpool's repertoire. She turned to him and shrugged.

    She couldn't believe she said that either... Maybe the two had spent too much time together in X-Force. He was rubbing off on her. Psylocke mentally cursed herself.

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  15. Ktala Force Ghost

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    Sep 7, 2002
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    Mary Amuro
    Albany, New York, July 14, 6 PM

    'What the?!?!?!'

    Mary was not sure what was happening. She had tried to steer clear of the scary green looking guys, looking for the elephants. She had finally found them, and had started making her way towards them, when suddenly something grabbed her hand tightly, and would NOT let go. What was this?! It was certainly nothing she had ever encountered before.

    Whats worse, those scary guys seemed to know instantly that something had triggered whatever she had stumbled across. No fair! As she yanked at her arm, she heard one of the green men talking. When had he gotten so close?!

    "Force field wouldn?t react if there were nothing there. Invisible maybe? Hrr."

    BUSTED! A force field? Like in the comic books? Oh crap, this was not good!!! What to do?..what to do?

    He raised his left arm, and within the space of an instant, it was on fire. "Best reveal yourself then. Would be a shame to have to try and flush you out with fire. If somewhat entertaining." Then the sucker laughed. Or she sure hoped that sound he made was a laugh.

    She stared at the arm on fire, as she thought furiously to herself...wadda im gonna do.wadda Im gonna DO!??? She open her pouch, in case Pauly had to fly away. She thought of letting him go now, but the greenie guy might toast HIM instead..and that would be horrible.

    So..she did the only option that came to mind.

    She plunked down on the ground, sitting on her knees, and she began to wail like any other small child or kid.

    "I WANNA SEE THE ELEPAHNTS..I WANNA SEE THE ELLANAFANTS...!!!!!" She began to cry, making as much racket as possible. "I DONT WANNA SEE MEANIE CLOWNS..I WANNA SEE ELLAPHANTS!!!"

    She made enough noise and tears to wake the dead. And if she sounded like she was not all there..and perhaps much younger than what she looked...(if they could see her)..even better!!! She figured she would not let them know she could control it. (Which was only partially true)....

    "WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!... I WAAANNNA SEE ELLAPHANTS!! I GOT CRACKERS, FEED NICE ELLAPHANTS!!!!" She continued to howl and scream like a banschee, to see what effect that might have, as she continued to pull against the force field from her sitting position.

    Lets see how superior minds deal with THAT!

    And while she was at it...


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  16. Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager

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    Corridor H! Still!

    "Hey, I like Bea Arthur."

    Dude, what the %&$#! What just happened? You were all...



    Deadpool glanced at Betsy. It seemed she hadn't noticed his normality, and he silently cursed himself. 'Cause she'd totally go for you. TOTALLY.

    He turned to Solomon again. "Sound good amigo?"

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  17. Ramza JC Head Admin and RPF Manager

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    Inter-A.I.M. Headquarters, [Classified Location]
    July 13, 11:30 PM


    The big brute scratched his chin.


    The Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing ? MODOK, as we continue to remind you in the excellent Excelsior effect ? screamed so loudly in frustration that it could very nearly be heard even in Corridor H! A tremendous psi-blast pulsed forth from his forehead, obliterating a nearby console.

    ?Uh? sir??? One mook dared to interrupt its angry rampage.


    ?That console, that was? uh? I?m not sure how to put this??


    ?That was the repressor control.?


    ?For? uh? project A, sir.?

    ?Project? oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, that?s not good.?

    There was a humming noise.

    <img src="http://i395.photobucket.com/albums/pp39/darthramza/Manhunters_001.jpg" width="180" height="345">


    They were decimating the Inter-AIM agents then ? a deadly, incomplete new model of Sentinel, based on alien technology not yet fully understood even by the superior intelligence known as MODOK. Uncontrollable. Unstoppable. Unrelenting. Pulsing green lasers shot out, and when they fired, a man died. Powerful hydraulic arms tore apart those lucky enough to dodge the incendiary beams. Bullets ricocheted, useless against the Manhunter Sentinels? metal carapace.

    It was then that MODOK knew fear ? even if he somehow got out of this alive, the Big Three would have his head for this ? and his head was most of his body!

    It was just in time to witness the destruction that our unlikely band of Deadpool, Psylocke, and Solomon Grundy arrived in the main room.

    And then the robots turned on them as well.

    TAG: Peng, Dubya

    New York, New York
    July 15, 2 PM

    And just like that, it was over. Tabby Smith?s second blast ripped across the flying monster, and it tumbled to the ground, stone dead. For real this time. The other monster was similarly vanquished, tossed to the ground and literally torn to pieces by the awesome OMAC, who vanished almost as suddenly as he had appeared, and Kevin Kho went about his business.

    Tabby Smith, being somewhat less capable of turning into another form, was not quite so fortunate. The monster?s fall, it seemed, had caused quite a bit of damage to the surrounding area, and the large group of people amassing around her were all too quick to point out that that nice blonde fellow with the hammer would?ve at least gotten the monster out of the city before bringing it down. Oh, and was she a mutant? Because they were rather unfond of mutants, as they pointed out with language somewhat less amicable than that presented here.

    To top this off, her communicator was making noise ? the Nextwave one, incidentally, not the X-Men one, Alex Summers probably had his hands full considering the events of the last couple of days ? to the effect of ?Tabby, this is Monica, we?re getting reports of large monsters in New York, can you confirm?? grumble noise ?We really need some kind of team patrolling that city, dunno why nobody?s ever gotten around to doing that? Wait, is this thing still on send? Son of a -?

    TAG: Livi

    Albany, New York
    July 14, 6 PM

    Kl?rt the Super-Skrull had encountered nearly every combat scenario imaginable. Raised to become the finest specimen of Skrull military upbringing, Kl?rt had been trained in every tactical school known to the empire ? traditional Skrull, Shi/>/>
  18. Livi-Wan Force Ghost

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    Tabby Smith
    Hated and feared
    New York, New York

    Ugh, can you believe it?

    Not only had the monster's collapse utterly destroyed several of Tabby's favourite shops (including the cute little jewellery store with the inattentive sales clerk and no security cameras) but now people were blaming her. As if she had been the one breathing lightning across several blocks. The mohawk guy and swimsuit lady, possibly predicting this turn of events, had both completely vanished.

    "Whatever." Tabby sighed, turning up the collar of her coat against the glares of the public and slipping down a sidestreet as quickly as she could. "Enjoy being lizard lunch next time, losers."

    What was it they said when she was recruited? That she would always be defending a world that baited and cleared her? Tabby was never very good at politics.

    It was at this point her NEXTWAVE communicator trilled. Tabby snapped it open with practiced ease and listened as Monica's usual bossy tone cracked out of the speaker.

    ?Tabby, this is Monica, we?re getting reports of large monsters in New York, can you confirm?? unidentifiable grumbling ?We really need some kind of team patrolling that city, dunno why nobody?s ever gotten around to doing that? Wait, is this thing still on send? Son of a -?

    Tabby rolled her eyes. Old people.

    "Yeah Monica, we had like a dinosaur robot attack just a few seconds ago." Overhead, the smoke from the downed pterodactyl-bot curled lazily towards the sky. "I gave them the explodo and they died."

    She decided to leave out the other two heroes. It would only confuse matters. "I hope that's all of them cause I haven't got, like, much more charity in me today, you know?"

    [TAG ramza]
  19. Mitth_Fisto Chosen One

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    Sep 29, 2005
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    IC: Sophy Vizzini, aka Pirate Indigo
    Albany, New York
    On the crisp evening of July 14, 6PM

    Okay, she had to give the guy credit for flare, beyond the wardrobe of course, which brought his villain score up a couple notches. Especially when he summoned something big and green, and also an astral projection. It had been a long time since she had fought another astral projection, frankly the fight didn?t far and eventually a trade agreement was established with the aid of a few individuals in the Caribbean. Some reason she didn?t think it would on the brute, maybe it was the taunting, and the whole ?I am the strongest? bit.

    Either way she wasn?t about to try to haggle with a dimwitted projection, instead she was left with an age old pirate tradition. Run!

    High-tailing it as an astral projection takes on new meaning, as her legs kinda look like a tail when not even used to fake step it out of there. ?No kidding you?re the strongest I could fit in your deltoid for krimminey cricket! I just meant you were a dimwitted doop for letting a bad guy control you, not to mention a bad dresser.? With that last parting words while floating quickly away she turned to exit stage rear, if this thing could really do damage to the physical with a blow, and had those muscles. . .yikes. Innocent civilian casualties are always bad for business, ends up bringing in the stench of feds that linger and make earning a living for her shadier dealings harder. Not to mention if they actually bring in snoopy heroes, nothing worse then that.

    Ever seen an astral brick wall? Just get a mystic hero and one?s style is really cramped when you try to fly through it. Aye-ya-yei. The memories still hurt.

    TAG: Ktala, Ramza
  20. Ktala Force Ghost

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    Sep 7, 2002
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    OOC: Silly me...I had a great first post...and the silly boards keep hanging up... Ate the post! :(

    Mary Amuro
    Wow..it worked!! - Albany, New York, July 14, 6 PM

    Mary sat on the ground, silent as she gathered up more air in her lungs for another onslaught, when she heard the green man speak.

    "? Hrr?" he grunted. "Human. And a child, no less. Mutant maybe? Hrr, that would explain it. Definitely too young to pose any threat to?"

    Mary was glad to hear that! He deffinately couldnt see her then, and the act had paid off. But, what made him suddenly stop talking in mid sentence? Usually, that was not a good sign. She began to look around, as she serched for something strange. And then she heard a strange sound. The green man suddenly seemed very worried.

    "Impossible. We are much too far from? no? that is not..." He turned to stare at Mary. "FOOLISH EARTHLING! Your shouting must have attracted them to this location! Do you have ANY idea what you?ve done?!"

    The green man paused as he ground his teeth. "No? no I suppose you do not. You are just a child. Like my son. Hrrrrrrrrrr."

    He had a kid? Suddenly, Mary could feel the Force field around her hand vanish. She quickly jerked her hand down, rubbing her wrist as she came up to a crouch position.

    "Use that power of yours and run. Hrrr. I will not have it be said that Kl?rt caused the death of a welp." He paused, then added, ?Assuming you haven?t gotten me killed.?

    So, the green man was called Kl'rt. She then looked in the direction she saw him looking towards. And there they were, in the distance. Whatever they were. They looked big. And scary. And deffinately something that should not be here.

    What in heck were those!?!?! Were they good guys? If green guy was a bad guy, and it sure sounded like he was earlier, then these guys might be good. Course, bad guys were known to fight other bad guys too. And those things didnt look like anything she had ever seen before. She had a feeling that it was bad news, and it was getting worse by the moment.

    She looked back towards the green guy who had been talking to her.


    And then Mary took off running as fast as she could. But she headed back towards the tent. She knew she had to at least try to warn people. If it would work, however was another issue. She ran to the opening she had snuck out of not so long ago. She was still invisible, when she leaned in, and yelled to the top of her lungs:


    Well, that last part might not be true, but made yer yelling would break the silly hold he seemed to have on folks. If nothing else, it was a distraction. With her duty done, she turned and ran away from the opening, not looking to see what, if anything her shout had done. The way that green guy had talked about the things flying towards them, they were bad news. HAD to be bad news, if HE was worried about them killing him. She ran over towards a nearby tent, moving around whatever she could find to hide.

    She found a hidden spot, and crouched down, becoming visible. She then pulled Pauly out of her pouch, and pointed to some trees. "Go hide, Pauly. Danger." she told him, as she shooed him off. "Go!" Pauly was smart, and would wait for her to get clear as well. He could always find her, no matter what. No use for both of them to get into trouble. She then began to move, winding her way out to the outskirts of the circus area, and away from what was about to happen. She would find a safe spot, and watch. She wanted to see what these flying things were...and what they were going to do.

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  21. Dubya_Scott Force Ghost

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    IC: Psylocke
    Corridor H

    The beast, Grundy, as it called itself, was speaking in broken sentences but showing some form of intelligence.

    "Big head man?" Betsy repeated. Her mind was shuffling through the super villains she knew of that had large heads... Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when she felt a psi-blast come from deeper within the complex. It came from somewhere other than Corridor H.


    - - - - - - - - - - -

    As the three progressed to what was referred to as the "main room", they were greeted by a humming noise, and then a new army of some kind of soldiers Betsy didn't recognize.

    "Oh, bugger."

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  22. SirakRomar Force Ghost

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    Mar 30, 2007
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    The City of Kandor.

    Of all the things that one might have brought him, this got his attention. The remains of his world. Kryptons legacy, preserved in a splinter of what had once been the home of his father and mother.

    "This is a generous gift, for sure. Too generous almost, considering my history with your Master."

    Brainiac. Kal-El felt the urge to rip this massenger apart only for delivering the words of his old enemy. But once he restrained himself. as much as he hated to admit it, they had his attention. The two things he desired most were promised to him. Death and home. How could he not follow the tracks of both? How could he not spring this trap? and a trap it certainly was. Brainiac always had plans within plans and could not be trusted. But the lack of knowledge he had on this was probably his undoing. Did he think Superman would still be bound by his oce of honor? It sounded as if he was. Superman wasn´t there anymore. The Kryptonian would not allow anything to keep him from ending this, this time. Once he knew what Brainiac knew, of course.

    "And your Master was right indeed. I do understand who and what I am dealing with. So where will we meet, him and me? What field has he chosen this time for us to . . . " Kal-El gave the massenger a hint of a bitter smile. " . . . play?"

    His so-called allies had not managed to lure him out of his apathy, but probably it had needed an enemy to do so.

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  23. Ramza JC Head Admin and RPF Manager

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    Jul 13, 2008
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    <center><h2>They thought they could stop him.</h2>

    <h2>They thought it would end.</h2>

    <h2>They thought wrong.</h2>

    <img src="http://i395.photobucket.com/albums/pp39/darthramza/CastleSpectre.jpg">

    <h1>EXCELSIOR! Issue #2: AS A JUDGEMENT</h1>

    <h2>Because DRL can take my game when it pries it from my cold</h2>

    <img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4042/4454737866_f6d270e7a7.jpg">


    <img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_FRI8NZ068sE/TUr-0N0uPVI/AAAAAAAACSA/pTSgEgKc5Z4/s1600/k%252CMzM5NjYzMzIsMjgzMDMw%252Cf%252CGhostRider.jpg">


    <h3>Beginning within 24 Hours.</h3></center>
  24. Saintheart Chosen One

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    Iron Bat

    Gotham City

    Had he been inside the prime suit and not its backup, he quite possibly would have had some problems.

    As it was, the backup suit did duplicate one or two functions of the prime one.
    He raised a hand. Ignored the ringing in his ears that had been the Frozen Dynamo's impact...
    Clenched his fist, released it.

    The ultrasonic from that hand's palm radiator would've been enough to make his nose bleed in most other circumstances. Here, though, its only task was to protect, not disable. Fine ultrasonics bathed the air in front of him.

    And the ice shaft shook itself to pieces, shattering into a thousand harmless ice crystals which hit the backup suit like a small snowstorm, but nothing that either its skin or the visor could not handle.

    His other hand came up. A small panel in the wrist slid open. A peashooter's muzzle emerged. From it, with a barely audible phhhht, a small ball of something flicked across the distance, smacking (so he guessed) head on against the Frozen Dynamo's chest.

    Another barely audible phhhtt; and suddenly the air between he and the Dynamo was filling with a greyish mist, in a sudden cloud.
    "Smoke will not hide you from me," said Nevsky, impassively, drawing back for another strike.
    He tapped one button. The suit's visor extended, locked down over his head. The backup suit's air supply powered up.
    "It's not smoke," he replied.
    Nor was it a gas, which would have been vulnerable to Nevsky sublimating the material.
    It was, rather, a powder; one he'd brought back from the East. A powder distilled from the pistils of the Cusalis Chrysanthemum, the active ingredient of which was a chemical compound with a name as long as your arm. Absorbed through the skin, or indeed on inhalation. The ... people he'd learned it from had called it the Slumbering Moon.
    Knockout gas was much closer to its actual purpose and function.

    As Nevsky found out, as the powder clouded into his skin, into his pores, into his lungs, and the chemical combination did its work.

    Lights out.

    TAG: ramza

    OOC: Erk. Sorry for delay. Busy. Back.
  25. Ramza JC Head Admin and RPF Manager

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    Welcome back, true believers! Our blushing bullpen has been battling a hefty dose of severe RL commitments, but we're back just in time for the exciting followup to the already collectable first issue of EXCELSIOR! Frozen agents of Russian super science have been bested by a man in a metal suit, the Manhunter Sentinels have been unleashed on an unsuspecting New York populace, giant monsters have been toppled in Manhattan, and somewhere deep in space a Man of Steel prepares to meet a Steel Man! You won't dare put this issue down until you've read it once, twice, thrice! Ask not for whom the bell tolls, for it tolls...



    ????, ????


    There was an immense white light coming down from a ceiling, they realized. Oddly, that's usually the first thing people notice when they're in less than ideal situations - whether or not there's a light source. Maybe odd's the wrong term. Regardless, there was a light source.

    Next, they noticed that the weight of their bodies was being held up by cold, metal bars about their wrists, ankles, and midsections. This had the predictable effect of restricting their movements. For my next trick, we will draw your attention to the small, electronic devices in each of the bars specifically designed to neutralize the majority of superpowered threats to the security system. There were perhaps one or two notable exceptions, or else this would end up being really dull.

    Third, they noticed that, contrary to the popular cliche, they were still fully clothed. Fans of unnecessary fanservice were perhaps disappointed by this development but frankly they're all a bunch of perverts. So yes, the clothes were quite intact.

    Fourth, each of them became aware of the fact that theirs was not a unique predicament. Indeed, looking around, they would make out the forms (Excluding, of course, whichever form was theirs) of a man in a tight red and black costume, a teenage girl, probably no more than 14 or 15, a woman who by all physical appearances seemed to be in her forties but still seemed much older for some reason, a younger woman, probably around 30, who was wearing what, by sensible accounts, would be considered a swimsuit, a still younger woman, perhaps in her early twenties, no doubt clothed in something quite fashionable, and a man who was... was he green? That was weird. Well, weird by most folks' standards, anyway.

    "Hrrrrr..." groaned the green man.


    "Oh, das't me..."


    "... Kl'rt.


    It was then that they saw the... thing that was talking.


    And, I'll be honest, it ranks up there with green man for sheer weird factor.


    TAG: Peng, Ktala, Mitth, Dubya, Livi

    Gotham City, New Jersey
    July 13, 8 PM

    "You know, Gordon," Harvey Dent, longtime Gotham City district attorney and perhaps the third most recognizable face in Gotham/>/>
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