Science Fiction EXCELSIOR! Issue #2: AS A JUDGEMENT

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  1. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: So to explain the similiarities I made a passing mentioning the suit was actually done by someone called STARK. Could be Tony´s father, or Tony himself once . . . or if you do not approve Saint, it could very well be Herman Gunther Stark from Fuhlsbüttel, Germany, the famous train engineer [face_laugh]

    Phantom Zone?

    So many . . . things. Possibilities, long gone moments relived.

    And then, as if he marterilized back into the shape of himself he appeared in the nowhere. That is called existence.

    He activated the suit with a simple push to the button on his left arm and gasped into the helmet. Someone was there, his snesory already warned him of a proximity warning. He had assumed every living thing in there would be a hostile and therefore it was quite sensitive in it´s callibration. The man who had helped build this suit, a pal called Stark, had after all been as paranoid as he was.

    The servos charged, his head turned up and a man in a disgusting green asked who he was supposed to be. His suit really was a crime in itself against the good taste. Well, and that came from a guy wearing his underwear above his overall.

    "Me?" Kal-El slowly raised and grabbed the mans throat to lift him into the air. Through the helmet he smirked at him and then added: "A Kryptonian with a real lack of patience. So where do I find . . ." he stopped and wanted to lay his head aside. Which obviously did not work in a suit. "You aren´t Annihilus by any chance, are you?"

    Breaking his neck and then spend the rest of the day waiting was actually too easy. but somehow Kal-El had the feeling "easy" wasn´t on the menu this time.

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  2. Dubya_Scott

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    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: Psylocke
    Location: Manhunter Base

    Psylocke, still holding the old woman's body over one shoulder, stood with the others as they watched the mass of flesh morph into a being.

    "Sinister!" Psylocke blurted out in anger the second she recognized him. So this mutant terrorist was behind all this. Listening to him babble on, she was about to probe his mind and try to do some damage to this monster through the Astral Plane, but she refrained when the robots surrounded the heroes.

    Damn. With everyone else's lives in danger, hitting Sinister's mind may not be the smartest thing to do... The villain was just to unpredictable.

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  3. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Indian Ocean

    Aquaman knew that he didn?t have much time left. Captain Majestic was, as he proclaimed, almost literally invincible. The bullet shells rebounded off of his impenetrable body, falling into the water. The screams had began to subside, but Aquaman paid no attention. Instead, he tried submerging into the water and swimming away. Unsuccessful, he heard churning water. Suddenly, the hurtling body mass of the mutant Captain barreled in Aquaman?s face.

    Over his own roars, he felt the blood run down his face as he went flying through the air. He crashed back down into the water. Over the roaring noise in his ears, he heard the captain speak.

    "And now for the best part. IMPERIUS -"

    Aquaman glanced behind him. A spear, speeding towards him, began to glow blue. He cursed as he began to swim faster.


    Aquaman sped around the side of the ship. The spear followed faithfully. Aquaman dove down into the water, listening. Splashes in the water ahead meant that the dying pirates were still fighting the sharks.

    [hl=royalblue]?Damn you, Captain!?[/hl] Aquaman cried out as he slid through the water smoothly. He swam right past the gaggle of angry sharks and pirates. Reaching out, he managed to grab onto one of the pieces of clothing. He yanked one with him, dragging the kicking man with him. Aquaman slowed down, hearing the spear closing in. In the last second, he sprung out of the water and into the air, leaving the pirate behind.

    He didn?t stay around to listen for the squelch.

    Instead he sprung his way back onto the ship.

    This would have to end.


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  4. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Mary Amuro
    Manhunter Base, Unknown Island?, ????

    Oh DOUBLE so not good!

    She looked around as others came into the room. Their reactions to what the first persons mutated was, was obviously not good. That he knew there names was worse.

    Girl who exploded stuff raised her hands. "Anybody got a plan?" she hissed. "I could make 'em go boom."

    The big guy chimed in, "Aw crap, yeah, I got nothing."

    The first woman, still holding the old woman's body over one shoulder, blurted out
    "Sinister!" But Mary quickly noted that she did NOT do anything else. Not that she could tell. This guy must really be bad news. Nobody seemed to know what to do.

    Mary reached down, and pulled out Pauley. Pauly had come from this direction. Had to get in somewhere. "Show the way." she whispered to him, and then released him. If there was a way out, he would head for it. At least, she hoped he would. And if they tried to target him, then she would give em something to worry about. Starting with Mister Hackey Sackey Sinister there.....

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  5. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Sophy Vizzini, aka Pirate Indigo
    In the mental cobwebs of a beast, ???

    Well, that was a short lived fantasy down the drain. She couldn?t stay in this weakened body much longer she knew that, but if she could at least light a way out of the place. That would be something, bending down she fired once more, but not at the other monsters, instead she fired down through another of the doors, one they had not taken.

    She kept firing until the other monsters she just knew were going to unleash on her, which left one option. Get out of Sicily before Mussolini showed up and served you raw to Hitler. Not a fun experience, so she?d heard.

    Jerking slightly as her consciousness once more filled her body she coughed a couple times. It was a bit wetter then she liked and as she looked at the little bit of blood she had left on the person carrying her. ?I hope that?s dry-cleanable.? She muttered before looking around the room, ?Never mind I think we all need new clothes anyway.?

    Well, her rescuers appeared to have gotten them all into a jam, one she wasn?t particularly fond of thinking a way out of. After all no matter which body she hopped into, if these things could track her. . .well there was no way she would rely on them not blasting her to atoms in every body she possessed or relied on.

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  6. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: Psylocke
    Location: Manhunter Base

    With everyone stunned and not sure what to do next, the young girl released her bird. As Psylcoke watched it flap it's wings, the old woman's body began to stir.

    "I hope that?s dry-cleanable."

    Psylocke gently removed the woman from her shoulder. "Welcome back," she said.

    (ooc: just a quick post to get you off Psylocke's shoulders :p )

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  7. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    OOC: So you're probably wondering where the update is - well, with my homework load the way it is, and with move stuff demanding more of my attention than it usually would, it's looking like it'll be up on Friday night at the earliest.[face_tired]

    I know my update pace is subpar, and I appreciate y'all's patience as I grapple with a mound of nuclear physics problems.:p
  8. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Konichiwa, keepers of the eternal flame! After tabulating his time tables and knocking numerous numerals out, the apologetic administrator of this rambunctious roleplaying romp has decided that it?s in his best interests to put the game on hold until after the move, rather than starting up a big arc that could be interrupted at a moment?s notice!

    Or, somewhat less bombastically, between my homework/test/thesis/tutoring load, other games, moderating, and the move, it?s more convenient for me to put EXCELSIOR! on hold until after the dust settles. I know that?s probably sub-optimal, but the way my schedule?s working out the update cycle would be even more shaky than usual ? or, to put it another way, I?m not entirely sure this?ll be different than how the updates would work out anyway. [face_worried]

    That said, I will be leaving the thread unlocked, so if you ever wanted to delve into your character?s origin story free of my tendency to put giant monsters, Doctor Doom, and the Punisher in everything I touch, now would be an excellent opportunity. Alternatively you?ll all just bail on me, and hey, that?s the risk my crappy posting schedule brings to the table. And for those of you in that weird, esoteric third camp who can wait it out without posting ? you put me to shame.

    So until then, I?ll see you around the boards, and when next I post in here, it will be THE FUTURE? TODAY!
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