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NSWRPF Archive Exiles - (a massive crossover)

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Dubya_Scott, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. BartSimpson-SithLord

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    Jan 24, 2002
    IC: Angelo, yes...that's right...I do have a second character. :p

    Angelo had stayed to himself since arriving in the strange realm, surveying his surroundings and generally just scoping out all that were around him. It wasn't until the Timebroker arrived that Angelo showed much interest at all to anything anyone was saying.

    Once the Timebroker had finished, and people began to approach the chest, Angelo began thinking about what could happen in his universe. I suppose it could be anything from me never finding a wife to Rhapthorne actually taking over the world. Both, I suppose, would be equally bad for me. I guess I have no choice...I can't wait till one of these fools becomes the requisite naive leader who's always agreeing to errands that are off the main quest without consulting with the rest of the group first.

    It was no use, he felt he was trapped into this commitment, but he was used to being trapped into commitment, so he approached the chest and retrieved a tallus that was of the exact shape and design of a Templar Ring, was easily identifiable as a Tallus.

    Truly remarkable... he thought as me walked away from the chest.

    TAG: Anyone

    [b]IC: Saber[/b]

    Saber, after acknowledging the new female's arrival with a small bow, took her leave of Bond. She had to work some things out inside her head. Just what was going on being one of those things. Another, was how to hide her identity from the strange Galahad. Surely he would recognise her eventually, unless she bore little resemblance to his, the two worlds seemed so similar besides her counterparts gender.

    Thankfully, the Timebroker answered her first question. However, even though she was ready to join and help as best she could, and relieve to hear that all here were allies and not enemies, the Timebroker aroused a new question in her. What was the dastardly fate that awaited her reality? Would it affect Shirou? Would it affect Rin? What would've happened should they not fix the kinks?

    She had to find that out but, as she approached the Timebroker, the man became preocqupied in talking with some small flying being, so Saber took this time to examine the chest of Tallus. What she saw inside was a vast amount of unique shapes and sizes. Sifting through she finally came upon a Tallus that resembled the gauntlet she wore on her right hand. Picking it up, she quickly removed her own gauntlet and fitted the Tallus over her right hand. It was a perfect fit, amazing.

    She was about to make her way over to the Timebroker when Galahad stepped up.

    [i] "Who art thou? What is thy authority?"[/i]

    She smirked, inwardly, because it was just like the Galahad of her time...before she became a Heroic Spirit. Stepping up beside Galahad, she waited for the answer, and for the chance to ask her own question.

    [i]"I was waiting for someone to question that. I am a manifestation of your collective subconcious." He paused. "In other words, I'm here because you're here. I'm sort of your guide in all of this. Think of me as...Jiminey Crickett."[/i]

    She did not know what the Timebroker meant by "Jiminey Crickett", but she caught the over all meaning of the message. However, she waited for Galahad's response. She still did not want to ask her question while the other knight was present.

    [b]TAG: Timebroker, Galahad, others[/b]

    [b][hl=darkred][color=darkred]~[/color][color=orange]*!~-~DOCTOR BEAR~-~!*[/color][color=darkred]~[/color][/hl][/b]>
  2. Ptolemy7

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    Mar 11, 2006
    IC: Galahad

    "I was waiting for someone to question that. I am a manifestation of your collective subconcious. In other words, I'm here because you're here. I'm sort of your guide in all of this. Think of me as...Jiminey Crickett."
    Galahad gazed back at him blankly. Fortunately, he had managed to catch just a bit of that.
    "Thou art our guide? Our leader?" This was delivered in a slightly dubious tone, as his eyes swept the fat little man up and down; he didn't even appear to have a blade. No one knew better than Galahad that appearances can be deceiving, but this was ridiculous.
    Before the little man could answer, Galahad continued. "Who...or the enemy? Thou spake of danger; of what sort? Peril to our souls? Our lives? Do we face the prince of evil?"
    Galahad glanced around at the surrounding people as he spoke. Once again, one maiden's face leapt out at him. Galahad frowned, studying her intently. But no; even as he focused on her fully, whatever strange resemblance had appeared in his peripheral vision vanished. Pushing the matter ruthlessly from his mind, Galahad turned back to the odd little man, awaiting his answer with hand on hilt of sword.

    TAG: Timebroker, Arturia, others.
  3. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    The Prince Sharaman II

    Sharaman turned to Farah, and in a flash, he was in a strange place.

    He spun, grabbing the Dagger.

    "What new devilry is this?" he cried, hoping beyond hope that the Vizier was, truly, dead.

    Tag: Timebroker, all
  4. Dark-Enigma

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    Feb 8, 2006
    IC: V
    The End Of Time

    [blockquote]V could only listen in awe and wonder as the Timebroker commenced with his speech, informing why all of these divergent types of characters were united. V collected that there were some interferences with the chain of time, and this legion of heroes were summoned to "untie the knots." After the speech was over, V could only nod and say, "Indeed," to no one in particular.

    Hearing of the Tallus, a brilliant invention in V's mind, he put on his black hat, covering the top of his straight haircut, and inserted one of his gloved hands into the chest. Searching around until he found the form of the device that suited him best, he pulled out a golden necklace that, when wrapped around his neck, hung to his chest. A bit too long for his taste, so he stuffed it under his black jumpsuit.

    He had to admit that he was anxious for this to begin, for he had only used his knives for a few sessions of target practice in the past few months, awaiting the fifth of November. Now, he was unsure if that day would ever come. This raised a question in his mind, one worthy of being brought to the attention of the timebroker.

    "Excuse me, Timebroker," he said in his cold and somewhat echoing voce. "Curiousity engulfs my mind at this particular moment in time. If we are to fix all of these kinks in the chain of time, what will happen afterwards? Will we revert back to our normal lives?" [/blockquote]

    Tag: Dubya_Scott, any
  5. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Roland Deschain IC:

    Roland quietly stood his ground, no one talking to him so he didn't talk to no one. He observed his surroundings quietly and then listened intently as this "Timebroker" appeared and explained what was going on and a few other things as well.

    "Ka, always spinning," mumbled Roland to himself quietly as he walked past the others and grabbed his tallus, a gold trinket that was on a chain, a necklave of a sort. He put it around his neck and tucked the trinket under his shirt.

    Funny how he went from a personal mission to save all of reality and time to a group mission to do the very same. Ka worked in its own way indeed.

    Tag: Any

    OOC: Going to try to get my other character up tonight.
  6. SephyCloneNo15

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    Apr 9, 2005
    (ooc: My apologies for the confusion. Those who are familiar with OOT would know that Link is actually a Hylian (The OOT equivolent of a human) but when his parents died, he was raised by the Kokiri, hence not having one before his adventure began. Navi was sent to guide him when he needed to go on his quest, whereas most Kokiri have a Guardian Fairy from birth)

    IC: Link

    Link listened to the Timebroker speak, and when he indicated a chest full of "Tallus", Link sheathed the Master Sword and approached the chest. What he found, was a Tallus that was roughly an adult-sized version of the Goron Bracelet he had worn as a child to help him lift Bombs. He slipped it on easily. Navi fluttered back to him.

    "So," Link piped up, "When do we start? And where?"

    Tag: Timebroker
  7. whiteeagle

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    Dec 24, 2004
    IC: Ironman

    Ironman finished talking to Galahad and then the Timebroker appeared. He listened intently to what he said. He looked around at his comrades and wondered why was I chosen? He thought to himself "Surly there are more powerful beings than me. What has set me apart? Why am I here?".....

    TAG: Anyone
  8. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: And here is my second character enjoy the odd choice...hey, I needed a laugh. And there's infinite ammo because I'm looking around and seeing stuff like the Master Sword and the other characters powers and abilities, for this guy..infinite ammo should do the trick to somewhat equal him out. :p


    Name: Barney

    Alias: N/A
    Franchise from which you originate: Barney
    Weapon of choice: Spas 12 Shotgun that was enchanted with infinite ammo, also his kid songs that in some abstract way or another, creates a slight amount of fear in the enemy and boldens his allies around him.

    Description of Appearance:


    Short Bio/History: Barney helped kids have fun and use their imagination to their fullest, making their lives happy and grand(while annoying teenagers and some adults in the process). At the same time in another reality he was seen as a television show where more kids enjoyed him and his lessons(yet more teenagers and some adults were annoyed).

    However the crossing of realities has made him much different in personality than what he was, only the survival of life and his return to his reality will make him go back to normal...despite being seen as at least, somewhat "cooler" in his new personality...mainly by the older generations.

    The problems of reality have made the purple dinosaur become sarcastic and having the possession of a sometimes dry wit. He smokes, he swears, he'll drink alcohol if thats what is lying around. And he's bloodthirsty for those causing the problems. Taking up a Spas 12 Shotgun and singing a kids song to it, enchanting it with infinite ammo...Barney has become more nimble(able to do flips) and is ready to kick some ass.

    He hates you, you hate him, we're all one big kick ass group. This purple dinosaur is ready to rumble, are the others?
  9. Darth_Vaders_cousin

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    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: The Punisher (Frank Castle)

    Gun fire errupted from the room behind him, he could here bullets sinking into the wall he was using for cover. His back pressed tight against the wall, the clip on his magnum empty, and his shotgun laying in front of the open door and atleast twenty feet away.

    He'd faced worse odds. Last time something like this happened, he didn't have a flash grenade.

    Of course, he'd never thought he'd have to use one.

    He slowly unclipped it from it's possition on his belt, and pulled the pin with his thumb. A quick toss sent it into the door from the side, a bullet almost grazign his hand as he threw the grenade in. It didn't hit his hand luckily...but the next bullet found it's mark in the grenade.

    Exploding with great heat and a burst of light, it was closer to the door than in should have been, and the room around Frank filled with an intense flash. That wasn't shouldn't have had THAT much effect on the room he was in...

    When his vision returned he was in a place completely different from the warehouse he'd just been. Wooden floors...but no walls or ceiling. Filled with beasts he'd only seen in cartoons and other fanatsy outlets. A giant robot, knights...beings bristling with armor...

    He hadn't been there but a few moments when a balding portly man started to speak. Listening intently, Frank worked to grasp what he was hearing. Alternate realities? Tallus?

    He absently reached into the chest, pulling a Tallus out. It instantly changed to fit the size he wanted, taking the appearence of goudy dog tags, and he quickly placed it around his neck, all the while listening to the questions the others asked.

    "I was waiting for someone to question that. I am a manifestation of your collective subconcious. In other words, I'm here because you're here. I'm sort of your guide in all of this. Think of me as...Jiminey Crickett."

    "Well why don't you talk with the blue-fraggin-fairy and get us the hell home." He said in a gruff voice. He had no wish to be here. Frag extrademintional travel or what ever. He was an avenger...not a fixer.

    Tag: Dubya

    IC: John Constantine

    It had been a rather lax day. No selling his soul. No battling egotistical vampires. Just a nice calm exocism.

    He should have known. He NEVER had a calm day.

    He'd just finished up an easy exorcism...Summerian demon...and was standing in the stingy hall way of a poor apartment complex on the wrong side of town. He was lighting up another cigarret, and thinking abit about how his habit would take his life eventually. When the room brightened, and he felt the familiar tug of multi-deminional travel.

    Either he'd just died...or he'd really pissed someone off.

    When he landed, and I do say landed. He'd gotten so used to travel, he didn't even stumble as he entered anymore, he found himself standing in a room full of odd beings...even by his standards.

    From a muscular gun totting "bad-ass" type to a giant robot and everything between, he was sure he'd never been here before.

    The floor was hard wood...not exactly the composition of every hells...and everything else wasn't there...or atleast wasn't visisble.

    A little stout man spoke as John re-lit his Cigarret, which had been extinguished during travel.

    He understood most of what the man said...extrademetional travel and all that...ripples in time space and what not, but he was aprehensive of this Tallus thing. In his experience, there were two kinds of Talismen...Good and Bad...and the red ones that shape shifted usually fell into the latter catagory.

    But, he wasn't really big on the end of civilzation either...with out humans to pester, it would be an all out war between the different gods...or they may just go away...leaving the big two...who would linger due to their mass of devoties.

    Either way, it wasn't his time to die.

    He reached into the chest, pulling a bracelet Tallus from it. It was the least conspicuous he could find with out it being easily removed or lost.

    A thin gold peice of jewlr
  10. Dubya_Scott

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    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: as James Bond and the Steel Clan Robot

    Bond listened to the Timebroker's speech and was stunned at the supposed fate that he was to meet if he didn't join this group. Bond could almost feel the pain in his...groin...just thinking about that laser cutting into him.

    He walked up to the chest and pulled out version of the Tallus that was shaped like a rather large pocket watch. Figuring that will do, Bond slipped it into his suit jacket. He then stepped away.

    A large gargoyle-like robot walked past Bond and reached into the chest. The robot pulled out a compact disk-like Tallus. Knowing that it was in fact a disk, he opened up the chest plate again and inserted the Tallus disk into the ROM drive underneath the small plasma screen.

    As the Steel Clan Robot stepped back from the chest of Talluses, the information on the disk was downloaded into his internal hard drive. There was now a networked connection with the Tallus. But something odd was happening. The Robot felt the urge to...speak. Even though his metal mouth was welded shut, a monotone robotic voice came from within. "I can talk..."

    TAG: Anyone who may have heard the Robot's voice...

    [b]IC: as the Timebroker[/b]

    He knew everyones questions would come flying at him all at once.

    [i]"Thou art our guide? Our leader? Who...or the enemy? Thou spake of danger; of what sort? Peril to our souls? Our lives? Do we face the prince of evil?"[/i]

    "Well," the Timebroker began, "I guess I could be considered your leader. And the `enemy` you are fighting against would be fate...or time. Little hiccups within the time-stream have disrupted these many realities. It is your guys' job to travel to these realities and accomplish some form of mission in order to set the events straight in that reality. Then you travel to the next one, and set those events back on the correct path as well."

    [i]"Excuse me, Timebroker. Curiousity engulfs my mind at this particular moment in time. If we are to fix all of these kinks in the chain of time, what will happen afterwards? Will we revert back to our normal lives?"[/i]

    "Once the chain of reality has been corrected, yes, you will be teleported back to your normal lives." The chubby man straightened his tie while he spoke.

    [i]"So, when do we start? And where?"[/i]

    "Patience, Hero of Time. You will begin your journey shortly." The Timebroker hoped he didn't leave any questions unanswered...

    [i]"Well why don't you talk with the blue-fraggin-fairy and get us the hell home."[/i]

    "Ah, Mr. Castle. Good of you to join us," the Timebroker responded, knowing that the Punisher was sort of a loose canon.

    [b]TAG: Galahad, V, Link, Punisher, everyone...[/b]>
  11. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lara Croft

    She followed Bond to the trunk, after listening to the Timebroker, and retrieved her version of a tallus.

    Hers took on the form of the piece of the Atlantean Scion that she had successfully retrieved, a semi-circle of gold metal lattice, with the orange jewel at it?s centre.

    As she retreated to make room for others, she noticed that the ?heroes? gathered around were not only composed of strangers from unknown realities, but also characters from books, games or comics that she had been vaguely aware off in her much-travelled and much-read life.

    One she recognised from a thick paperback she had consumed whilst travelling across rough Peruvian roads in a jeep with broken suspension.

    As she walked past the tanned gunman, she nodded vaguely in his direction.

    ?Hile, Gunslinger.? She greeted, not thinking very much about it, distracted by the purple dinosaur...

    Tag: Roland Deschain
  12. Ptolemy7

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    Mar 11, 2006
    IC: Galahad

    Galahad hesitated...then nodded, releasing his sword hilt. However strange the little man might be, his words (despite their odd intonation, and utterly new vocabulary) rang of truth. Galahad reached down into the chest, and picked up a tallus in the shape of a pommel stone. Clipping it securely to his side dirk, Galahad turned back to the Timebroker.
    "Then I have only one more question," he said. "How do we find what needs to be done in each of these...worlds? Shalt thou speak to us by enchantment? Or art thou to accompany us?"
    Once again, he glanced around at the onlookers. Some seemed at home with the situation, but others had asked good questions. A man in a very strange mask, a large purple dinosaur, the woman whose face sent goosebumps up his spine (though he couldn't tell why), and a tall man with a Northern Brittanic accent and an odd sort of flimsy coat were standing about him.

    TAG: Timebroker, V, Barney, Arturia, Bond, anyone.
  13. agap_afima

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    Dec 19, 2005
    OOC: Sorry, computer problems kept me away.
    IC: Gideon Wyeth

    Gideon slipped on his jumpsuit and attached the Tallus to his left forearm. Suddenly he heard the robot he was standing next to say,
    "I can talk..."
    "What?!" Gideon exclaimed. "You just told me you couldn't!"

    TAG: Steel Clan Robot
  14. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: as The Timebroker

    Turning to Galahad, "Oh, no. I won't be traveling with you. That's what the Tallus is for." He pointed to the knight's Tallus. "It will tell you what needs to be done." Putting up a hand to stop Galahad from saying anything, the Timebroker added, "And before you ask, yes, it will talk to you. Think of it as...a magic talisman."

    TAG: Galahad, any others...

    [b]IC: as the Steel Clan Robot[/b]

    The man who spoke to him earlier said something. The Robot turned and said in his new voice, [color=blue][i]"It must be the Tallus. It has given me the power to speak."[/i][/color]

    He was beginning to like this new ability. Not even David Xanatos was able to give him a voice. Anxious to use it some more, he said, [color=blue][i]"I am a Steel Clan Robot made by Cyberbiotics. I am an SS3 model and my serial number is 2441-5B."[/i][/color] He reached out his mechanical arm to shake hands.

    This Tallus was practically giving him a new life. This was incredible! He was really enjoying this.

    [b]TAG: Gideon...[/b]>
  15. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    OOC: The last big post in my crazy catch up session today! And I'm glad I made it in before we all started off on our big happy journey! :p

    [b]IC: Envy and Armstrong[/b]
    [i]Location: Central [/i]

    "You shall not pass!" Armstrong shouted valiently punching the ground with his strong-arm style of alchemy. The streets of central seemed empty as the battle raged on, Alchemist versus Homunculi, good versus evil. The street burst open as rocky spires shot up from the ground, ripping out towards Envy.

    The agile homunculus jumped into the air, handstanding quite acrobatically upon earthen spire versus spire. It was literally brawn versus grace, heavy versus light power. The homunculus flew down at Armstrong, delievering a strong kick to Armstrong's face.

    Envy rolled on the cobblestone streets, the sprung up, cockily grinning.

    "Aww. Did that hurt Strong-Arm Alchemist? Poor Baby."

    Armstrong, his neck muscles bulging, cracked his head back into position.

    "My pain is nothing put a fraction of what my righteous body shall dispense upon you foul beast!" he shouted, rushing Envy at a suprisingly fast speed. As the man's fists flew wildly, Envy ducked and jived, focusing on keeping himself one step ahead of this ox. All he headed was to wear this guy down, and he could return back to Sloth with the intell.

    As Envy dodged another blow, he suddenly felt a large pulling force from behind him. The Homunculi turned around and saw a huge swirling portal opening up behind him. Huh?

    Envy turned to Armstrong.

    "What the heck?" he asked.

    "This is not of my doing Homunculus." the tall man said, looking quite confused and straining to fight the pulling force of the vortex. Envy was already slipping towards it, transforming his hands into two sickles to gain traction in the street.

    "No way a vortex is taking me out." he said, teeth gritted in he tried to keep himself embedded it the street. Suddenly there was a white light, followed by a disorienting effect, and then falling.

    When Envys eyes opened he found himself on some wooden floor, with that ox Armstrong on top of him.

    "Get off!" Envy shouted, kicking Armstrong hard... repeatedly... in an attempt to get up. The Homunculus sprung up, ready to continue the battle with the Strong Armed Alchemist when suddenly, he realized they weren't in central anymore.

    "Hold your attacks foul creature." Armstrong said, holding up his mighty hand. The last thing he needed right now was an angry enemy. Armstrong looked around him, seeing a group of strangely dressed people standing nearby. "Due to our abrupt change in location, I propose a temporary truce in so that we can figure out what happened to us."

    Envy narrowed his eyes. "Yeah, whatever State Alchemist. Don't think I will not hesitate to kill you when I get a chance though."

    "And I shall refrain from vanquishing you until then!" Armstrong said majestically, then turned to the strange group of people. "You there! Hello fine citizens! I was wondering if perhaps you might be able to help us. We have seemed to be lost. Do you know the shortest way to Central?"

    Envy rolled his eyes from behind Armstrong. What a dolt. Surely he realized these people weren't from anywhere around Amestris. Right?

    [b]TAG: Any and all [/b] >
  16. agap_afima

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    Dec 19, 2005
    IC: Gideon Wyeth

    If the Tallus could make a mouthless robot speak, what could it do to Gideon? Gideon reached out his hand and shook with the robot. The robot seemed mindful that it could break Gideon's hand, so Gideon said, "So you've never been able to speak before? Wow." He paused. "I'm Gideon Wyeth. What should I call you?"

    TAG: Steel Clan Robot
  17. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Roland Deschain IC:

    Roland looked quietly just one brief moment more at his tallus, it had actually turned out to be a necklace with the cross hanging at the end, much like the one he already had on him, except gold. Interesting.

    Noticing around him at his apparently new companions, he watched as a woman of voluptious beauty walk past him.

    Hile, Gunslinger.

    Surprised, but showing it for only the briefest of seconds, Roland smiled and put a fist to his forehead and cocked out a leg, bowing a bit. The traditional gesture.

    "Hile stranger, we are well met...despite our confusing situation. Ka spins, say true."

    Ka is a wheel and if you didn't follow it, it would crush you on its turns, so it was said, say true.

    Tag: Lara

    Barney IC:

    Barney quietly looked around him in the hardwood floor area...this End of Time. He had appeared at about the same time the Timebroker had and so got the reasoning for this place as soon as he got here...which was good, his new personality loathed patience.

    He had a large smile on his face, till he learned he had to travel with all these other people. The purple dinosaur scowled. Better not slow me down.

    Checking to make sure his Spas-12 was hung around his shoulder, Barney marched his way past some people and to the chest.

    " what to grab, they all look so good."

    Reaching in and pulling out a golden tallus in the shape of a teddy bear, he smiled...which slowly turned to another scowl and he shoved it back into the chest. Barney closed his eyes and rummaged around.

    "Come on, give me a better one than that stupid thing!"

    He pulled something and was looking at a golden heart. Barney merely stared at it...before ripping it in half and tossing it away.

    "Dammit, give me a better one. Where the hell didcha get these things? Toys R' Us?"

    This time almost sticking his large head into the chest as he rummaged around, a gleeful cry was heard as he pulled out his tallus. When he turned around to face everyone again, Barney had a tallus in the shape of a golden cigarrete in his mouth, that he was smoking happily

    "Now this is more like it," he said as he took it out and exhaled before sticking right back in his mouth.

    "Alright, I'm ready to kick some ass. Timebroker dude, lets get moving."

    Tag: Any
  18. Ptolemy7

    Ptolemy7 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 11, 2006
    IC: Galahad

    "Think of it as...a magic talisman," said the Timebroker.

    Galahad nodded, knelt on one knee, and drew his sword. "Then my life and service are thine," he said, proferring the hilt. "...until this is over. But..."
    Galahad stood, and spun his sword around so that he was holding the hilt once again. It was a beautiful blade, of shining white steel, an elaborate golden crosshilt, and a shining ruby pommel. Galahad raised it in front of his face resolutely. "...if thou hast lied to us, if thou plotteth even now treachery against us...woe betide thee."
    With that rather ominous vow, Galahad sheathed his sword again. For a moment, there was a strange sensation as though the surroundings had inexplicably darkened, though there had been no noticeable glow about the sword.
    Galahad bowed in a courteous manner to the Timebroker. "Then, Master Timebroker, I think the question upon the minds of each of us is...where and when? That is, where are going, and when do we leave?"

    TAG: Timebroker, others.
  19. SephyCloneNo15

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    Apr 9, 2005
    IC: Navi

    A question occurred to Navi. "Once we succeed and return to our own worlds, will we retain memory of these events?"
  20. Ptolemy7

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    Mar 11, 2006
    OOC: Just to let you know, I won't be here for tomorrow and Saturday, though I should be back on Sunday. If you move on the game, just bring Galahad along with you. Thanks.:D
  21. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    The Prince

    The Prince, keeping to himself, picked up on a lot of information. He strode forwards, picking up a tallus, and slid it onto his belt.

    A wise choice, My Prince, remarked the Dark One in him. The Prince was shocked; he'd assumed that the Dark One was gone, destroyed from his mind permanently.

    Don't be so surprised, Prince. You and I are one and the same, remember?

    The Prince stood near the back of the group, untrusting of the others..

    Tag: Any who have seen the Prince
  22. Dubya_Scott

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    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: as the Steel Clan Robot

    He thought for a moment. `Thought`? Wow. This Tallus was doing wonders for this robot.

    He had never thought about having a name before... I am a Steel Clan Robot. I suppose `Steel` will do. Pleasure to meet you Gideon Wyeth.

    TAG: Gideon...

    IC: as the Timebroker

    "Once we succeed and return to our own worlds, will we retain memory of these events?" the Hylian Fairy asked.

    "Yes," the Timebroker said simply. He then walked out to the middle of the large group and said, "Everyone... You may be feeling your Tallus' `warming up`. It is about time to jump to your first mission."

    Then all the Tallus' began either rumbling, heating up, giving you a telepathic message, or some indication that it was preparing to teleport.

    "Any last minute questions?" the Timebroker asked.

    TAG: All players...

    (ooc: Since the Tallus' are all connected, you will all be teleporting at the same moment. And I'll post the teleportation tomorrow. I just have to finish up my plans for your first mission. ;) )
  23. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Debgate and Lara

    The two's gaze met across from the disparate places where they had ended up, and they exchanged unspoken thoughts in that instance.

    They had worked together long enough for the decision-making to be instant, unanimous, and accurate.

    As one, the girls headed across to the grey and orange eighteen-wheeler truck that was Optimus Prime, and climbed up into the offered cab.

    The backs of her bare thighs brushing across the warm leather seats, Croft budged over to give the shaman room to climb up and enter.

    "So," Lara enquired conversationally, "You have a radio? A music station?"

    Tag: Optimus Prime
  24. Dark-Enigma

    Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 8, 2006
    IC: V

    [blockquote]V was ransacking his mind, attempting to find the slightest distinction between what was real and what was not. He still didn't fully grasp the concept of what was going on, other than the rope of time had twisted itself into a few knots. But how? And why? And, after all, a purple dinosaur was a rather rare sighting.

    Then he abruptly felt his chest getting warmer, and his neck. At first, he thought that something was occurring, inside of him, as if an internal organ had gone awry, but he remembered the Tallus that was wrapped around his neck and dangling against his chest, which was the source of the heat.

    He had a feeling that a mission was to commence soon. [/blockquote]

    Tag: Any
  25. agap_afima

    agap_afima Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 19, 2005
    IC: Gideon Wyeth

    "It was good to meet you, Steel. We're in this together, now." Gideon nodded at the robot and began to look around. He saw a figure clothed in black and wearing a white mask. What the... Gideon approached him and held out his hand. "Hi there, I'm Gideon Wyeth. You would be...?"

    TAG: V
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