Lit Expanded universe. Canon or pro fan fiction?

Discussion in 'Literature' started by sithtimelord, Jan 20, 2013.

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    Isn't it aflac? the name of the duck I mean
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    You should get your friend to read the EU, he might like it.
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    I think this thread has passed its due date. As I've said in other discussions, I've been a staunch "the EU is canon"-defender, but in more recent years I've taken a more relaxed attitude towards the canon issue. Nowadays I buy the novels I think I'm going to like and integrate those into my personal canon. I think most authors are doing a terrific job, but they're playing in someone else's sandbox (and I think that sometimes some authors have taken too much liberty). We'll see just how well the post-ROTJ EU is going to mesh with the new sequel trilogy and how much of the Clone Wars EU, that doesn't really fit with TCW, can be salvaged so the question whether the EU is canon or pro fan fiction (which it certainly can't be described as) is moot.
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    Yup. "Personal cannon" is key - there's no other way for me.
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    I usually see that referred to as "headcanon".