Horror F E E D (A Zombie Apocalypse)

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    They came without warning.


    Sure, there were a couple news reports about some Middle Eastern disease with some weird side effects. But like all government-controlled media stations would do, they ended it with a perky 'Don't forget your annual flu shot!' spill.

    And then there was the increased military activity.

    Times Square under a temporary quarantine? The news shrugged it off as some kind of military test, and us, being the the naïve Americans we are, believed 'em.


    The final straw came in Connecticut, or maybe it was Colorado. . .one of those C-states. . .

    Some pretty little black newswoman labeled it FEED. She had some detailed meaning behind the name, but all people really remembered from it were the facts: hospitals locked down, some twisted viral outbreak hidden by the government, and victims rising after they'd already passed on.

    A course, the very night she made the broadcast, the newswoman went home and "killed herself".

    There weren't anymore stories after that. .


    Then they started showing up in our own backyards.

    Hospitals were overwhelmed with people. Lots of 'em died and reanimated hours after arriving. The staff was overtaken. Things deteriorated quickly.

    We started calling 'em Feeders pretty soon after the first few outbreaks. They swarmed Austin one night. . .damn, I remember it clearly, all their moaning, and groaning, and running in that half-dragged way. . .


    Austin was bad, like I told ya. There were only a lucky few who got out unscathed.

    They were gonna bomb us. The whole thing was gonna go up in flames, if a couple of them big cities hadn't been so overrun. By the time Washington had dealt with them, they were taken over themselves.

    Communication broke down after that, what with the power grid going out. Really though, there weren't many sane ones left to communicate with. I got my wife out pretty quick, and we took shelter in my parent's old house, but it's never quiet these days. . .

    Even a year later, they still play that newswoman's voice on a loop, on the radios, on the televisions. Sometimes it gets frozen, and her lips will stick around the word.

    But it never changes.

    She's always repeating it. . .

    F E E D

    S E T T I N G

    Consider this game to be a sandbox, at least at the very beginning. Everyone will be able to feature their own storylines, though there is an overarching plot that will affect everyone at one point. :D While it's assumed that the Feeding plague affected everyone across the entire globe, the only setting I plan on using (at least at first) is near, around, or in: Austin, Texas.​


    As lawlessness and chaos descended upon Texas in those final days before the power grid went down, many people had the idea to flee the metropolitan areas. Austin itself became a hotspot for Feeders, many of which still roam the streets a year later. Several people manage to survive in the city even this long after, avoiding Feeders and collecting food and supplies.


    Surviving the Feeders is but one of the many challenges.


    Outside of Austin, there has been a lot of anarchy. The desert is a cruel and unyielding place in some parts, especially for those without proper food and shelter. And the cartels and mercenaries are even more dangerous, proving to be a thorn in the side to many.

    Survival, at this point, is hard to come by.​

    C H A R A C T E R S


    Creating a character shouldn't be that di​

    It's the apocalypse.​

    How has your character survived the first year after the apocalypse? Any number of people from any number of nationalities, occupations, skill sets, etc. could have survived. Be as creative as you like. You can only experience the zombie apocalypse once. ;)

    Fill out this little sheet and send it by me before posting:​

    Pre-FEED: (Life prior to the apocalypse)
    Post-FEED: (The past year of survival)
    GM Secrets: (Doesn't have to be included, but it's always nice to have a few cards up your sleeve. This wouldn't be included in your posted character sheet.)

    R U L E S

    - No God-moding, baiting, etc.​

    - Send CS by me before posting.​

    - Enjoy the apocalypse! :D

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    F E E D E R S


    Reanimated corpses.

    The undead.


    Feeders, well, they feed.

    They feast upon living flesh and blood. Preferably humans, though they will chew on animals if they must. Their skin is usually a greyish-yellow, having decayed over their time after death. Most of the time, patches of the skin is missing, revealing the bloody muscle and bone beneath. Feeders will continue to function until their brain has been deactivated (whether that be through gunshot, stabbing, etc.).

    Feeders have no bodily functions, beside their natural need to eat. In result, they never sleep. They migrate towards sound and light. During the daytime, they are usually more subdued, but at night they wander from light source to light source.

    They’re surprisingly strong, though not strong enough to do anything more than an average person could.

    They do run, though it’s always oddly. A quick shuffle, where one leg drags behind.

    The average young adult could outrun them.

    Mainly, they feed. . .on you.

    That’s all they want.

    Your flesh.

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    Name: Dr. Michiyo Miharu
    Age: 35
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Colorful to put it lightly. With light purple eyes, multicolor hair (normally black), which changes depending on her mood, and fair complexion. She is 5'6", and athletic build. Especially since she is almost wearing her kavalar bulletproof vest, and carries a backpack. She usually wears a jumpsuit, which is city color camo, or dark colors. She tends to keep her skin covered as much as she can.

    Equipment: She has her backpack, where she carries her normal tools, emergency medical supplies, a defibrillator she has used, a few medicines and vaccines she has managed to gather during her travels. She hunts actively for anything to do with antibiotics, and any painkillers or ether.anything to knock someone out. Saline solutions are harder to come by. She also has a glock, and a vest with 3 clips. 2 clips have rounds. She tries her best not to use them unless there is no choice. Alcohol and gloves. Soap.*

    Pre-FEED: Michiyo is a doctor. She has studied in several countries, checking out various techniques and skills, as she was on a year long symposium tour. She was working along with several people connected with an international police task force.

    Post-FEED: She still is a doctor, helping out as she can, as she also collects samples of various things, to see if there is a cure, or more importantly a weapon that will work on the new enemy.
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    Approved by the Awesome SPY!! :D

    Name: Jae Martin ( Jae Lee Martinez)
    Alias: REVENGER
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Height: 5’10”, Wheight: 152Lbs.( formerly 160 lbs)


    Equipment: Katana sword, hunting knife. Multi-purpose swiss army knife, water canteen. Binoculars. Blanket, flashlight. Matches. Small med-kit. Back pack. Local map. Custom made ‘Revenger’ costume. Solar powered music player.

    Pre-FEED: Ever since he was a young boy Jae wished to be in movies. He liked being the action hero type like Jet-Li or Donnie Yen. Raised by his latino father and korean mother, Jae was encouraged to be both studious and to actively pursue his dreams. As he was growing, he landed bit parts in TV commercials, but that wasn’t satisfying. Later, he posted a cosplay martial arts kata of himself as ‘bushy brows’ or Rock Lee from Naruto, which was met with moderate success. His martial arts skill was sadly overshadowed by ‘Rock Lee looks too spanish’ comments. Once he posted his ‘ Snake-eyes’ video ( from G.I. Joe fame), he got well over 10k hits and became a sensation with the CosPlay community across major cities.

    On his IMDb page, Jae is listed as having been an extra on the last Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, landed several appearances as minions on the japanese TV show Kamen-Raider, and even had a bit part as a returning monster in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series.

    Before all hell broke out, Jae found himself at a Texas Comic and Anime Convention. He was dressed as ‘Revenger’ which is his own character based on Snake-Eyes. Jae was scheduled to participate in a demo that day, but best of all, he was most anxious to meet ‘Morigan’, a CosPlay beauty he had been introduced to recently. Everything was going well that day, and everyone cheered when the zombies showed up. They looked so incredibly realistic. Strangely, they wouldn’t stop biting people. That’s when all the screaming began.

    Post-FEED: Now going completely by the name of ‘Revenger’, Jae has survived the last year by staying away from everyone and killing anything that looks like a zombie. He’s raided shops, convenience stores and many other places with resource in order to stay alive. He’s learned that the zombies respond to sound and light, thus he responds to it as well, but for a different reason. Jae has not said a word since that day. He believes all his friends are dead, some of whom he killed himself, since his weapon is real. He only removes his helmet to eat and drink (or listen to music) and focuses on staying alive. Sometimes he observes other survivors and follows them for a short time without interacting. As long as they don’t turn into zombies, he lets them be.

    With the Gates of Hades wide open, there is no Jae Martin. Only…the Revenger!
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    GM Approved! :D

    Name: Elias "Hobey" Tillman Jr.
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male

    Equipment: .22 caliber rifle, pistol, pocket knife, lariat (rope); old, four-wheel drive Ford pick-up truck, which is broken down half the time, especially due to the shortage in gas; as a result, a horse is usually his primary means of transportation

    Pre-FEED: Hobey is the very definition of the modern cowboy. He worked as a ranch hand on his family's ranch for most of his life. His father, Elias Sr., owned and operated the ranch in southern Texas and proved to be a very successful businessman in the cattle trade. Hobey, the youngest of three brothers, was in charge of his father's best stock and routinely transported the livestock to different pasturelands, sometimes on foot and other times by corralling them onto trucks for longer distances. While it was a simple operation and the family appeared to live conservatively, business was booming and they were indeed quite wealthy.

    Post-FEED: While the rest of the country sought refuge and fled, the Tillman's decided to stay put and isolated themselves on the ranch. They secured the estate by setting up booby-traps and other homemade detection devices around the perimeters to keep the Feeders out. They also took turns on patrol around the grounds in case one of the mechanisms failed - someone was on watch 24 hours a day to ensure their safety. But even that had not been enough one evening in early May. A small horde of Feeders had managed to break through one of the outer fences and stormed the main house. Hobey's mother and older brother, David, were killed that night. That left Hobey, his father and eldest brother, Jake, to fend for themselves. While they tried to keep things normal in the day-to-day – tending to the crops and livestock and patrolling the borders – the horrors of that night still haunted them and they wondered how long it would be until they were forced from the ranch forever.
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    GM approved :D

    Name: Captain Mekaila Carlos (friends call her Kay for short)
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Redish blond hair, green eyes, 5’8, atheletic build. Black shirt, tan pants, hiking boots
    Equipment: hunting knife, compound bow 60 pounds set at 40 for deer hunting, and Cat archery hunting arrow 3 blades arrow heads, hand gun and 5 inch blade knife. A backpack with a emergency first aide kit. A water cleaning kit, food, and a change of clothing. Hygene products and a fire starter kit.
    Pre-FEED: Mekaila was promoted to Captain in the military at age 23. Was sent overseas for six months and was recalled back a year later. She hurt her shoulder during a terrorist attack. She helped train new recruits until being asked to help inforce Martial law.
    Post-FEED: Avoiding Feeders as much as possible and killing any that comes in her way. She raids stores for food and supplies where any can be found. She raided a weapons store where she found some cat arrow head blades. They are efficient for killing prey more quickly then some of her other arrows she owned.
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    GM Approved

    Name: Dylan Phillips​

    Age: 46​

    Gender: Male​

    Appearance: Greying hair, Brown eyes, 5'8, 165Lbs.​

    Equipment: A Luger P80, crowbar, small pocket watch, a backpack filled with spare ammo, water bottles, food, medicine and a bible.​

    Pre-FEED: Dylan is a psycologist. He grew up in Miami, Florida and when he was 21 moved to Austin. Dylan soon began his psycology career and soon made a small buisness. He became very sucessful and got very rich. He was always a fan of World War 2 and spent alot of his money on a model Luger P80 and other World War 2 related things. Dylan is married, had one girl and lived in a medium sized town house. He heard the initial report about the outbreak but thought little of it at the time and would soon regret that decision. He is also a very religious person and reads his bible for answers to issues.​

    Post-FEED: Dylan travels alone now and tries to help people when he sees them. His wife was killed early on and his daughter was bitten. She turned and Dylan put her down. He wanders around the outskirts of Austin searching for people who could use his help but the death of his family and seeing other people get devoured, shot and worse put a toll on him.​
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    Last call for players before game begins. :D I should have the first update within a day or two. ;)
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    OOC: Spy Approved :)


    Name: Maria Jessica Dunn

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    She has an athletic frame, but is visibly underweight. 5ft 5.5in tall. Light brown hair (normally up in a ponytail) and pale hazel/brown eyes. She has a fresh scar on her chin just below her lower lip.

    Equipment: A plastic grocery bag containing a plastic water bottle, a dwindling supply of energy bars, waterproof jacket, Fake ID. She also conceals within it, a tire iron and a screwdriver that she found in the boot of a wrecked car.

    Wearing: Oversized Dark grey Jumper, Dark coloured sweat pants, an old baseball cap and sneakers, she wears a black digital watch on her left wrist. On the same wrist below her watch strap, she wears a crude leather braided bracelet which has sentimental value, despite its unassuming appearance. On her right forearm beneath her jumper, there is a crude bandage stained with dried blood.

    Pre-FEED: (Life prior to the apocalypse) Maria’s life was pretty uneventful prior to the apocalypse. She grew up in Chesterfield, Missouri, the younger of two daughters. She attended a local high-school, had a small group of close knit friends and her grades were consistently good. A talented athlete, Maria took up running at an early age, and her talent for sport did not go un-noticed. She competed for her school in track events, taking part in local competitions before moving up to regionals. After a year of top three finishes, she was invited to compete in a national competition is Austin Texas a few weeks after her 14th birthday. Seeing it as an opportunity to advance her athletic career, she jumped at the chance. A few weeks later she said goodbye to her parents and sister at Spirit of St. Louis Airport and set off for Austin with her team coach and fellow competitors. Life would not be the same after that…

    Post-FEED: (The past year of survival) Caught up in the chaos of the apocalypse, Maria found herself alone and terrified in the outskirts of an unfamiliar city. She was discovered at a service station by a small pocket of survivors as she tried desperately to contact her parents back home using a pay-phone. They took her in, and in order to earn her keep, they had her help salvage and sort equipment and supplies brought back by the group’s self-appointed scouts. She helped with repurposing equipment as it kept her mind occupied and off other things, at least for a while. She was with the group for a year before their safe house was set upon by mercenaries determined to steal the group’s precious supplies. Maria managed to escape the carnage but fled with few supplies. Alone once again, she is now desperately seeking other survivors, with dwindling supplies and increasingly dwindling hope…

    Witnessing the horrors of the feeders and the cold blooded cruelty of the mercenaries traumatized the young woman and has left her with deep emotional scars. She struggles to sleep most nights.
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    OOC: The first of many updates! :D Expect the next few soon. Cheers to each of your (hopeful) survivals. [face_devil]

    F E E D

    Austin, Texas

    The Tillman Ranch

    A rooster crowed.

    The bright rising sun cast a fresh glow over the entire farm, signifying another day in Hell, otherwise known as Tillman Ranch.

    Cattle rustled in their stalls. Their black and white skin clung close to a few of their bodies, but most seemed to be adequately fed. One mother nursed her calf, while two other calves played in the hay. It seemed to be like a somewhat normal morning in the barn.

    Elias Sr. strode the grounds alone.

    Hat fitted to his head, boots sticking into the mud, the older man cast an admiring glance over the entire grounds.

    Fresh grass was growing in a small parcel near the fence. He might allow the cattle a few nips at them, at least before evening. A small hare hopped along then, from behind the barn and across the field. He streaked towards the fence at a speed that made even Elias Sr. jealous. The little creature squeezed through the holes easily, and made his little way towards a bush.

    A rotted hand dove out from behind the bush, seizing the unsuspecting creature by its throat. The hare’s eyes bulged before popping out. The Feeder crawled out from behind the bush then. Its legs had been cut away, but its arms had no trouble tearing apart the rabbit. It gnawed feverishly, as though it was starving.

    Elias pulled his small pistol from its holster. It was gonna make a helluva lot of noise, but he couldn’t let one get that close to the fence. Especially one on the ground.

    Nearing it slowly, he began to make out the individual details. It wasn’t an it anymore, but a woman, with golden blonde hair stained with blood. One of her eyes had been gouged out, and the other spun wildly in circles. She wore a tattered blue shirt, and Elias could see her chest. The rabbit itself was no longer much of anything anymore, except for shredded fur and blood.

    As he stepped up the fence, aiming the gun directly at the Feeder’s head, she looked up at him. Rivulets of dark blood ran down her cheeks and dripped from her chin. She growled then, a deep inhuman noise that came from the very depths of her throat. Tossing rabbit innards aside, she began to drag herself towards him, using her arms to drag her body. She came close to the fence, snarling up at him and chomping her teeth together rapidly.


    Her head exploded in a shower of blood before dropping rapidly to the ground.

    Elias was already moving away.

    Another morning on the ranch.

    The gunshot awakened Elias Jr. from a nightmare.

    The sun was already completely above the horizon then, filtering through the curtains over his window.

    “Hobey, dammit, was that Dad?” His older brother slipped into the room. Tall and lanky, with his head brushing the top of the door, Jake still held an inner grace that was unnatural for men his size. “He’s gonna be bringing every Feeder this side of Austin. . .”

    He let his eyes linger over his brother, who still lay beneath his blankets.

    “Did you just wake up?” Jake flung the covers from his brother’s bed, “You shoulda done had that firewood ready by now! How we gonna fix breakfast?”

    And though, Jake made a big deal of it, none of them had been sleeping particularly good since the attack.

    Her endless walking had led to farmlands.

    Maria had survived mainly through her own ingenuity and the things she had learned from the other survivors.

    Stay quiet. Move quick.

    It was an interesting art, balancing those two, but could be done, especially considering how lithe and limber the young girl was.

    In the farmlands, the Feeders were significantly lessened. There had been a nest of them on one farm, a whole shift of workers infected. They had caught whiff of the young girl and made a chase, but she was able to get away.

    One older lady living in a tiny cottage had noticed her walking in her backyard, and though she wouldn’t let the girl inside, allowed her a few bites on some moldy fruit. The apples still held some sort of freshness, especially when compared to the energy bars.

    Also, there were endless amounts of wells on the farmers. Underground water that was reliable enough to allow her to drink from.

    For several weeks now, she’d moved at this snail pace away from Austin, away from the hotbed of Feeders that ruled the begotten city. It was on this bright morning, just as the sun was rising, that a gunshot was fired near her.

    A large farm lay ahead, one that could’ve been seen a mile away. It was a beautiful place, one that hadn’t been overgrown with weeds and was obviously still being tended too. In the distance, a few cattle made their morning awakening noises. It was like something out of a dream, compared to the last few abandoned ranches.

    It was as Maria neared the place that the gunshot went off.

    And it was also near the place that a Feeder who’d been standing by a rock turned towards the sound. Maria could see it, a ways ahead of her, moving towards the shot. And there was one coming from a ranch over, stumbling over rocks and ground. It sniffed the air like a dog, leaving its mouth agape so that its sharpened teeth dripped saliva.

    It must’ve smelled something, because it turned and began to approach where Maria was hiding. Slowly it walked, as if it was inspecting first, but it picked up its pace as it approached.

    It smelled. . .her.

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    IC: Maria Jessica Dunn
    Farmlands/Tillman Ranch

    Maria was tired… really tired.

    It had felt like a lifetime since she had fled the centre of Austin and the days had started to just merge together in a blur. She had been on the move for weeks, and her progress had been slow. Each step took her further from the hotbed of feeders that thrived in central Austin, and the urban wasteland started to eventually give way to the rural farmlands that lay on the outskirts. She had cut a lonely figure, wearing dishevelled dirty clothing with wayward strands of hair sticking out from beneath an old baseball cap. In her left hand, she carried a plastic grocery bag filled with the few precious supplies she had escaped with. All the time she was on the move, she mentally repeated four simple words.

    Stay quiet. Move quick.

    The words had almost become a mantra to the young woman. She would have to be careful not to draw unwanted attention to herself, and move as quick as she was able, though this wasn’t always as easy to do. As she made her way across the lands, she had encountered abandoned farm after abandoned farm, overgrown ranches littered with the carcasses of animals, derelict houses and fields of mud…That was all she saw as she made her way through the farm-lands. The feeder outbreak had not been confined to the centre of Austin that much was clear. Their numbers were fewer out here, but they still existed here. She had unwittingly stumbled across a pocket of feeders at one of the first farms she stopped at; their rotten disfigured bodies still clad in overalls and work wear. They had quickly picked up her scent and attempted to chase her down, but Maria had managed to outrun them.

    One of the most disconcerting things was the lack of people around. Many had fled and abandoned their homes to try and escape the feeder threat. She hadn’t seen one solitary (living) person for ages, and had gotten a shock when she encountered an elderly woman living in a tiny cottage. Despite Maria’s pleas for shelter and offers to work to earn her keep, the old woman refused to allow her into her house, she did however give her a few pieces of fruit. The apples were bruised and had starting to go bad, but Maria didn’t have the option or right to be picky; the old woman could have easily ignored her outright. There was still some freshness to the fruit, and a welcome change to her rationed supply of energy bars. After this long eating them, it was starting to feel like she was swallowing sandpaper with sawdust topping… Another precious commodity that Maria needed as well as food was water. Thankfully, most of the farms out here had their own wells, and she made sure to replenish her water bottle at every opportunity.

    At night she would shelter in the cover of bushes or abandoned buildings, anywhere that would provide cover (as long as they were feeder free…) She rarely managed more than a few hours’ sleep a night, due to the fear of being set upon by feeders or the night’s chill cutting through her jacket. She knew it would be too dangerous to continue on in the pitch black without a light source, so the young woman would wait it out until the first signs of sunrise to continue her long march.

    And continue her march she did.

    That morning she had woken just before first light, sheltered in a draughty outbuilding on a fenced off farm. She had woken up feeling drained and a little light-headed. Resilient she may have been, but not invincible…A glance at her watch confirmed the early hour. Taking a few small mouthfuls of water from her bottle and biting off a few chunks of apple and energy bar, she stood up awkwardly and picked up her bag. Exiting her hiding place, she suppressed a shudder and pulled her jacket about her tighter as she made her way across the fields that made up the bulk of the farms land. Whatever crops that had been growing in these fields were now withered and dead.

    Reaching the farms perimeter fence, Maria reached up and pulled herself up to climb over. She winced as she pulled herself over, a throbbing pain starting to radiate from her right arm. Hopping off the fence on the other side, she stopped and frowned as she rolled up the sleeve of her jacket and jumper. Half-way up her forearm, a scrap of yellow fabric dotted with dried blood was tied around it. It started to spot with fresh blood. Holding her breath she gingerly removed part of it from her skin and peered underneath it. An angry looking jagged cut marred her skin, half healed, and it felt painful to the touch. She had aggravated the injury and it was starting to bleed again. “Dammit” she hissed. Was it starting to get infected? She would have to clean it again soon but needed to find more water first.

    The weary girl continued to walk the farm-lands and fields as the sun rose higher in the sky, though her pace was slower than normal and it frustrated her. In the distance, Maria’s eyes suddenly fell on a building in the distance. Was that a ranch? She stopped at looked again. It was a ranch, but it was different to every other one she had seen so far… the lands around it were well maintained; the buildings didn’t look damaged as far as she could tell, and the sound of cattle could be heard faintly in the distance. It was like something out of a dream. Despite the way she was feeling, she pushed herself onward towards the ranch. The closer she got the more abundant the foliage became, bushes and grass thrived here. There could be people there, people who might help her!

    She was pulled out of her hopeful thoughts by the sound of a gunshot.

    Maria flinched; her eyes went wide as she looked about. Was someone shooting at her? She gasped as she suddenly saw a feeder a ways ahead of her. It was heading towards the ranch, had it been attracted by the noise? A flash of fear ran down her spine when she spotted another lumbering nearby, stumbling across rocks and ground. She ran towards a cluster of bushes, crouching down as far as she could behind them. Reaching into her bag with shaky hands she pulled out a tire iron. It felt heavier than it had felt a week ago… The wandering feeder stopped not far from her and the teenager held her breath. It stopped and sniffed the air; its mouth hung open, revealing its sharpened teeth. The creature then started lumbering towards her, slowly at first, but then with more purpose.

    It had caught her scent.

    Maria could feel her heartbeat thudding in her ears and she gripped the tire iron tighter. Now it had honed in on her scent, it would not stop until it got its teeth into her. She had to get away from it. The feeder was so close now she could smell the rot and decay. It reached into the bushes with a grey-yellow arm and Maria brought down the metal pipe down onto it with as much force as she could muster. There was a crunching noise and Maria barreled out of her cover, running for the ranch, the tire iron still in hand. She didn’t look back, she just ran as fast as her exhausted body would let her. She shouted for help, inwardly praying that if they were people alive here, someone would hear her cries.

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    F E E D

    Austin, Texas

    City Street

    The morning started slow in the city.

    A soft sun rise, cresting over the high-rises, shed new light on the Feeders that strolled aimlessly down the streets.

    As silence seemed to simmer over Austin, save for the emotionless moans of the zombies, a commotion broke out.

    Mekaila Carlos could hear the screams from her on the rooftop of an apartment. These buildings were close enough that she could hop roof to roof, and some had entrances from the roof, where she was able to scavenge for food and supplies appropriately.

    The screams broke her morning, just like those broke that of the doctor Michiyo Miharu, who had been raiding a small pharmacy. It had already been raided early on by some gangs, so it was one of the last on the list of pharmacies that the doctor needed to visit. Luckily, there were still a small amount of bottles and meds scattered around. A Feeder had been behind the counter, gnashing and groaning and running into walls, but he proved not to be a problem.

    From a rooftop, and out shattered glass doors, the two women could see into the street. Feeders had been meandering around in their usual listless walk, but now they focused their attention on panicked cries coming from a tall business building. It was across the street and to the left of Mekaila, but right in front of the pharmacy.

    In the revolving door, a blonde woman was crying out for help, screaming as loud as she could. From inside the building, gunshots carried. It was almost like those noises woke the entire city.

    It wouldn’t have affected the two women (who knew nothing of the other), had the revolving door not shifted a bit, and a small child slipped out. Bright blonde curls that reflected the radiant morning light. Her dress was dirty and torn, and she wore no shoes on her feet, but the look on her face could be plainly seen. Tears that glittered and fell down her cheeks only seemed to draw the Feeders closer. She turned back around to the revolving door, where the taller blonde woman was thrashing and kicking at the doorway.

    The door didn’t budge.

    The Doctor had an easy shot across the street to the child before the Feeders could get to her, but there was no guarantee those revolving doors would open, and getting back to the pharmacy would only draw the zombies there. The Captain, if she was able to shimmy down the side of the apartment, might be able to shoot off a few Feeders from the girl, in time to get that revolving door revolving again.

    That was, of course, if the women even tried to help.

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  13. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Mekaila Carlos
    Location Austin Texas

    Mekaila Carlos ex-captain of the US military had finished raiding a known drug dealers home. And with luck, she discovered a generic silencer fitted for many different types of hand guns. She had finished fitting it on her hand gun and taken all his spare shells. “You won’t need these anymore,” she said to the corpse that very morning. She found the dealer lying on the bed shred to the bone by a feeder she had shot as she entered the apartment. She raided any extra food and money he had. She shook her head as she walked out onto the balcony and climbed up to the roof lugging behind her a couple of bags. One full of food and the other had bullets and the hand gun she planned to use as a spare. She smirked. There were a couple of more dealers she planned to raid before leaving the city.

    Just as she finsihed climbing to the top of the roof, screams broke out from across the street causing her to rush to the edge of the roof and looked down. The scene that greeted her caused her blood to run cold. There was a little girl in torn and tattered clothing with no shoes on and a woman was trapped in the revolving doors. She shook her head, the blonde woman was only going to continue to attract more of the feeders milling about the streets and alley’s. “Shab it,” she swore the mandalorian language from the Star Wars saga. Stop screaming, she wanted to shout out. You’re only going to continue to attract more of them. If she shouted out from the roof top, she would only attract attention to herself then she would be of no use to anyone.

    Mekaila ran to the side of the building where an emergency ladder was, she stuffed the bags into her back pack and slung the pack over her shoulder and began to climb down the side of the building. She stopped long enough to glance down to see if any feeders were waiting for her at the bottom. So far the screams held the attention of the feeders giving her enough time to climb all the way down.

    Mekaila hopped off the ladder and pulled her gun off her belt. She put the bag down and silently edged around the building as the little girl headed back to her mother as gun shots rang out. She aimed her gun at the nearest feeder and prayed the silencer worked.

    Mekaila pulled the trigger, the silencer muffled the worst of the noise of her hand gun. The feeder closest to the girl fell down in a dead heap. She aimed at the next nearest feeder and pulled the trigger taking out the feeder. The trick was to cross the street and get to the woman and girl without being caught. She glanced around and knew there was only one way. She picked up the back pack and pulled both straps over her shoulders. She was not about to leave this behind.

    spycoder9, Ktala
  14. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Dr. Michiyo Miharu - Morning, Austin Texas
    In a pharmacy near you...

    Morning. Morning was a good time. Usually meant that the feeders were slow and aimless. It was kind of like the light confused them. They did didnt respond to much then.

    Except sounds.

    So of course, some idiot was out there screaming. REALLY?! Come on now, Its been over a year since as some would say, the crapper hit the fan. After the news feeds died, little other news was out there. But you learned the rules real quick, if you wanted to live. They dont sleep. Aim for the head. Move during the day. Dont go out at night unless you have to and for the love of anything, shut the heck up. So the screaming was REALLY annoying.

    Michiyo moved from behind the counters, where she had been able to grab some vital bottles and medications. Stupid gangs, they ripped the place off for drugs long ago. But they were stupid, and destroyed stuff too. But at least some small supplies of real medicines survived, so she was quickly gathering anything she could use. Bandages and any stirile items was also a godsend. This place had been so useful, she didnt even mind the feeder she had found earlier. Luckily, he was the only one, and she quickly dispatched it.

    Mi looked out into the street. Blonde woman was screaming her bloody head off, crying for help. Mi could also hear gunshots. Not a good combination this early in the morning. And of course, every feeder was being drawn to them, like moths to a open flame. So why didnt the woman shut up and run...? Ah, Mi could now see that the woman was having issues with the door. A revolving door. Yep. Deathtrap there. Anything get into the tracks, and its a potential problem. But somehow, a small child managed to run past the screaming woman. A cute little thing, a little girl had somehow run past the woman at the doors, and was now staning out on the street...

    Right where the feeders were now being drawn to. NOW.. the kid decides it not a good idea, as she looks towards the revolving door. Towards her mom, maybe? But the door is not moving. And the lady is still making noise.

    Michiyo usually didnt like to get involved. It led to bad situations. The kind she didnt like. But this one involved an innocent. Kid couldnt help it if the lady at the door didnt have sense to shut her mouth. Michiyou frowned. Her survival instincts were telling her to shut the heck up, turn away, and not watch what was about to happen.

    But she coudlnt. She reached into her backpack, and drew out a huge meat cleaver. "Yeah...this is stupid." she thought to herself, as she tightened her backpack, The cleaver she tucked into her waistband, ready to be drawn quickly.

    She pulled down her mask. No need to freek out the kid anymore than necessary, as Michiyo moved to position herself to move from her place of safety. She then shot out of the door, moving towards the girl. While she wasnt sure if she shouldnt head back to the pharmacy, the kid would most likely fight that, so it would be easier to get the other door open, that to try and deal with a struggling kid. And Michiyo was sure, that at a full run, and putting her body weight against the door..well, SOMETHING was going to move.

    "Run!" she hissed softly, as she made her way to the young girl. Suddenly, a feeder that was getting a bit too close, suddenly collapsed. Michiyo leaped, changing her trajectory a bit. Was someone was shooting? She had not heard anything. If the kid was not moving, Michiyo would scoop the kid up, and keep moving for the doors. Hopefully, whoever was shooting would keep dropping feeders, and not her, as she did not drop her pace. Michiyo planned to put her full body weight into the door. If that woman didnt move..well, things were about to get messy. If she had to break the door, that would be another issue to deal with, but it couldnt be any louder that the woman at the door, and the gunshots already was.

    She was going to need some asprin after this. Or maybe a drink.

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  15. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Hobey
    The Tillman Ranch

    Every night was the same since the incident – collapse onto the bed due to exhaustion, drift off to sleep rather quickly and wake up an hour or two later with the same recurring nightmare. Everyone dreamed of Feeders now and then, especially since the outbreak started, but this was totally different. In his nightmares, it was the same Feeder with the same, gnarled face with patches of flesh hanging loose just below the cheekbones, which exposed its jawbone and what remained of its rotten teeth. It wore the tattered remains of jeans and a flannel shirt – the same clothes his brother David had been wearing the night of the attack.

    And then there were its eyes. It had the distinct eyes of his brother, even in death, and every time it turned to seek him out, Hobey swore there was some connection there, as if it had recognized him. That’s when it would lunge at him, arms outstretched with a renewed vigor as if it knew and it was consciously acting on that emotional trigger. Hobey knew that was impossible and completely beyond the mental capacity of the Feeders, at least, as far as he was aware, but it seemed real all the same. He would hear himself yell out in terror and that’s when he would wake up.

    After that, it became impossible to sleep. The rest of the night was completely shot to hell. From that point on, it was a waiting game until the sun rose up over the horizon. Sometimes, he would have a couple of hours to wait, while other nights seemed to drag on for eternity. On this particular night, it was the latter and all he could do was toss and turn as he feigned sleep, counting his blessings that he was still alive.

    That is why when his older brother, Jake, came barging into his room that morning, it hardly came as a surprise. Hobey had heard his footsteps creaking on the old, wooden floorboards down the hall as he approached, had inwardly groaned when he heard him turn the doorknob and–BANG!

    Was that a gunshot? Okay, maybe he hadn’t been prepared for that!

    Hobey, dammit, was that dad?!” his brother cursed as he finally flung open the door, his body silhouetted against the doorway from the morning light that was spilling into the room behind him. ”He’s gonna be bringing every Feeder this side of Austin…”

    It was true. Hobey clenched his jaw and rolled over at the thought of it. Those damn corpses were like flies attracted to a horse’s behind. Any little sound brought them scrambling, despite probably not being able to actually hear. They were most likely reacting to the change in vibration around them to draw them to their prey. A gunshot left one hell of a shock wave…it was like a neon beacon flashing in pitch darkness for them to follow.

    ”Did you just wake up?!” Jake groused as his attention finally shifted to Hobey’s limp form beneath the blankets. There was a faint rustle before his brother reached down and ripped the blankets away from his body with a sharp flick of his wrist. “You shoulda done had that firewood ready by now! How we gonna fix breakfast?”

    “Forget ‘bout breakfast!” he snapped as he sat up in bed, clad only in his dirty Wranglers. His dark hair was sticking up on end, but that was quickly smoothed over when he placed his worn cowboy hat atop his head. “If we don’t git out there, we’re gonna have a whole damn horde bearin’ down on us.”

    He stood up, grabbing a shirt off of the nightstand and hurriedly shoved his arms through the sleeves. “What the hell was he thinkin’…” he muttered under his breath, obviously referring to their father. He idly wondered if the old man was starting to go senile after everything they’ve been through. He loved his father and all, but it had been a bad idea to put him on the graveyard shift, especially if he was going all trigger-happy on them. Shots were only to be fired unless absolutely necessary.

    Like with David…

    Hobey shook his head angrily at the reminder and didn’t even bother to finish buttoning up his shirt as he grabbed the rifle hanging on the rack on the wall above his bed. He checked the chamber to make sure it was loaded and turned on his heel for the outside, brushing past Jake in the process.

    The crisp, morning air hit him instantly as he staggered out onto the lawn, the mud squishing between the toes of his bare feet, which was still quite cool from the morning dew. The fact that he had forgotten to pull on his boots didn’t even faze him as he took a cautious step forward and searched the horizon with his eyes. So far, so good. Everything was quiet except for the occasional whine of the cattle at his back. In fact, it was almost too quiet…eerily quiet. Of course, that’s when the screaming began. It was only after a moment that the screaming could be made out to actually be someone calling for ‘help.’

    “God-dammit!” he cursed loud enough so that Jake could hear him. “Maybe Pa wasn’t shootin’ at the Feeders after all.” He nodded off to the side to indicate the route their father had most likely taken. “Go check on ‘im and make sure he’s okay.”

    He didn’t even bother to see if he got an acknowledgement from his brother; his gaze was now fixed on the figure that could now be seen drawing ever closer to the main house. He was too enthralled to figure out how this most recent ‘intruder’ had managed to bypass their security perimeter, especially since he had built much of it himself. Oh well, he was always up for a good challenge. A sardonic grin crossed his features as he raised the rifle and peered through the scope to get a better look.

    What he saw twisted his stomach. The fleeing figure was actually a child, barely into her teens, by the looks of it. It was hard to tell with all of that baggy clothing. But one thing was certain, she was scared and the Feeder that was right on her heels was relentless and would never give up until it had her flesh between its rotten teeth.

    Hobey lowered the rifle slightly and sighed. It was a sad sight, really. It was enough to push him beyond his comfort zone and to let go of his personal belief to only watch after his own skin. He couldn’t just let a child succumb to such a fate. Even he wasn’t that callous.

    His finger started to squeeze over the trigger, but he caught himself before he could get off a shot. No, no shots. That would bring even more of the corpses down on them. He had to handle this the old-fashioned way with manual labor.

    Without thinking, he was charging forward, his feet making suction-like noises as he ran through the field in the child’s direction. The Feeder’s eyes grew wide for the briefest of moments once it spotted Hobey’s approach and it started to change its trajectory to intercept the source of the new prey.

    Fortunately, that was the only move it was able to make. Once Hobey reached their position, he hoisted the rifle into the air and brought it down like a club over and over again. The butt of the rifle connected with the Feeder’s skull twice before the whole mass split open, and its brains spilled out onto the fertile soil. The corpse twitched a few times before teetering over at the waist, lifeless.

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  16. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Maria
    Tillman Ranch

    Maria breathed heavily as she willed herself onward. Snapping a glance backwards over her shoulder, she immediately regretted it. Her efforts with the iron had left the feeders arm a broken mess, a grey jagged bone jutted out from its sickly flesh, but it had not been enough to disable the creature, who remained in pursuit of the frightened teen.

    Forcing her gaze forward once more, her eyes suddenly went wide in a mix of surprise and fear. There was a man in a hat, a man with a gun in his hand. And he was running straight for her. She let out a startled shriek, was he going to shoot her? It all happened so fast. The man put himself between her and the feeder and the creature was immediately drawn to him. Maria stopped suddenly and braced herself for a gunshot but there was none…instead the man started bludgeoning the creature with the weapon, raining blows down onto it. One final blow smashed in the feeder’s skull, the body twitched for a few final seconds before it fell limp and lifeless on the ground.

    Maria stood rooted in place as she looked at the scene before her. As adrenaline rapidly ebbed away, any remaining strength seemed to drain from her legs and she sank down to her knees in the soft mud. Her eyes settled on the man in the hat as he stood over the unmoving feeder. The sight of the feeders gruesome remains and the putrid smell of the corpse assaulted her senses and her stomach lurched painfully, the young woman doubled over retching, losing whatever little was left of her “breakfast” She started seeing spots dancing around her field of vision as she drew in much needed air, in through her nose and out through her mouth to try and combat the dizzying feeling. She wiped her mouth with her jumper sleeve before glancing up at her rescuer, a grateful look in her weary hazel-brown eyes.

    “T-thank you s-sir, Thank you!”

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  17. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Mekaila Carlos
    Austin Texas

    Mekaila saw someone help the child as she took down two more feeders. She glanced down both sides of the street noticing more feeders headed their way. They were far enough away allowing her to join the others on the other side of the street. She kept her handgun drawn as she rushed across the street to join the girl and the woman who helped the little girl.

    Mekaila rushed up to the woman and girl as she glanced down the street. More feeders had grown closer. “We don’t have much time.”

    spycoder9, Ktala
  18. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Dr. Michiyo Miharu - Morning, Austin Texas
    On the Road again...

    As Michiyo reached the girl, as was preparing to grab her in order to get speed to ram the door, she saw movement close to her. But it was not the shambling run of the feeders, but of another person. Perhaps military or police maybe. Body movement. Either way, she was not trying to chew on them. She did note the woman had a pistol in her hand, as she rushed over towards the pair. So definitely not a feeder. Didnt look to be a scalper either.

    “We don’t have much time.” the woman announced to them. What Michiyo was thinking is not available to be shown in this point in time. She simply turned to the woman, and replied. "Hhai!" She then pointed to the doors where the woman had been standing there screaming.

    "Ramming speed?" she stated with a grin, as she turned, and began her run towards the revolving doors at full tilt. As she had mentally stated earlier, something or someone was going to either move.. or be moved.

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  19. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Mekaila Carlos
    Austin Texas

    "Ramming speed," the other woman said before taking off to where the screaming woman was. Mekaila raised an eyebrow as she eyed the automated door. In case of power failure, it shouldn't be that hard to move one manually. She glanced down at the small girl looking confused. "Come on squirt, lets go help your care giver."

    Or what she assumed was the caregiver, she could've been the girls mother. "All you have to do is push," she instructed as she quickly followed behind the other woman with the child in tow. "In case of power failure, they act like a manual rotating door."

    Ktala, spycoder9
  20. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    F E E D

    Austin, Texas


    It was a way-station.

    Formerly a restaurant, it had been deserted in the ensuing apocalypse. Betty Mae and her two sons found the place as their own personal haven, and over the course of a few months, acquired a generator, supplies, and a few other survivors to help develop the place into a functioning station. The stories spread by word of mouth throughout the city, and survivors began to venture by for food. It’s mainly vegetables and meat, that of which can be scavenged and used, but it’s a delicacy for many.

    Men patrolled the grounds with axes, and two stood in the doorway of the establishment, checking for bite marks, infection, etc. If anyone needed a place to sleep, there was an old barn off to the side where some men stood guard, with plenty of hay to rest on. Any altercations, and all parties involved were thrown out.

    It was a very lawful way-station.

    Dylan had heard of the place several times in his travels, but a teenage boy almost eaten by a Feeder, had it not been for Dylan, led him down the road a piece to the fine establishment.

    “You’re allowed one night, and two meals,” The teenage boy, whose acne spotted his cheeks almost as badly as his freckles, told Dylan as they approached the place. Sun was finally setting on the day, and soon the Feeders would be out roaming the streets, even out in the small areas, “Prevents overcrowding and running out of food, a’course.”

    They came to the front gates, where two large men holding axes stood guard.

    “Here’s where I stop, man,” The teenager patted Tim on the back, and offered a reassuring smile, “Can’t thank ya enough for savin’ my butt back there. Maybe this place’ll help enough.”

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  21. Heavy Isotope

    Heavy Isotope Jedi Knight star 4

    Oct 10, 2013
    Watch out we got GM approval goin' on here! [face_mischief]

    Name: Dao-ming 'Sally' Leong
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (Pictured without gear)
    5'7" 125lbs

    Equipment: Compact pack containing: Misc MRE packaged foodstuffs, a flask of crown royal whiskey, basic individual first aid kit, two boxes of 5.45x39mm ammunition, two pipe bombs, multitool, wiring materials, multiple small antennae, batteries, duct tape, other explosive materials (black powder, various types of fuses, shot, etc.), and The Anarchist's Cookbook. Carries her remote detonator in a pouch on the left shoulder strap, has a safety mechanism to prevent unintentional triggers.
    Black tactical belt with: two double magazine pouches with four loaded magazines on the left side, a canteen pouch with canteen cup and canteen on the right, and a knife sheathed on the backside.
    Carried: AKS-74U with loaded magazine,silencer, and reflex sight.
    (Most of this gear was stolen during the beginnings of martial law, the weapon, mods, and 'ingredients' were traded from gun runners in the desert for food and few lessons on explosive making.)

    Pre-FEED: The mass media cast off the warnings as nothing. A military exercise here, disaster response practice there, blah blah blah... Media guidance is such a ****ing joke.

    I was friends with some independent journalists, truth-seekers and the like. Of the many things people liked to call us; left-wing extremists, edgy or angsty teenagers, a bunch of pissed off kids, the blame America first party... Well you get the idea. Most labels are nothing but fallacies, people fear what they don't understand. People fear freedom.

    Growing up in China will give you an intense hate of powerful people and rulers. Before long you only see the need for self ownership. Anarchy. Then this happened, martial law. People started believing in the police state real quick after that. But, I had a plan. The national guard was well prepared and equipped, for keeping the people oppressed, I mean. But once those 'feeders' came running... Ha! You shoulda seen it. Even I wasn't ready for that.

    I stuck to my plan though, I hit some hunting stores, fought through some crowds for supplies. Met up with my friends that night. They got the materials together, fuses, wires, batteries, antennae; just about everything you need for a good old home made bomb. Our plan was to break through the weak point in the lines. Make for the hills and wait this thing out. In the chaos one of my crew was able to move his SUV near some homes on the edge of the city. That was our plan, blow through their lines using the rioting as cover and drive out. Simple enough.

    Post-FEED: Well, it worked. We made it through, could've killed or hurt some people but who cares. We made it through. Made it to Devil's Cove, up the Colorado River. We lasted for the better part of a year, grew our own food, had a ham radio. The SUV still worked, we even made trade with some of the other survivors out in the boonies. Picked up lots of gear, traded food and knowledge for a real weapon, not just my knife. We were in a perfect hiding spot, not ideal, but eventually... They found us.

    Some wandering monsters attacked us in the dark of night and... Well, that was it. We got 'em, but they got us, too. I don't know how I survived, honestly. But having to kill what was once your best friend. That'll change you. Now I'm driving back to Austin, not sure why. But I need a new crew to run with. Almost out of gas, adjusting the ham radio every now and then to see if I could pick anything up. I've got some supplies I stole and traded for, even some bombs. But, I can't do this alone.
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  22. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Hobey
    Tillman Ranch

    The sight of blood and gore splayed out upon the grass did very little to move him. Hobey had seen worse since the nightmare began. It also helped to think of these things as empty husks without a shred of humanity left within their bodies. They were without souls with everything that once made them human completely gone. Some still held onto the fact that these Feeders were once family members and friends, making it extremely difficult to survive. Hobey was beyond that way of thinking and had shut that idea from his mind long ago. He was now bettering the world with each Feeder he took down.

    Taking comfort in that fact, Hobey lifted an arm and tilted his hat slightly to wipe at his brow. It was only then that his attention returned to the child he had seemingly saved from what could have been a gruesome end. Unfortunately, she wasn't very keen on first impressions. She was standing there, bent over at the waist and retching into the open field. Hobey frowned and let out a sigh as he propped himself up casually against the rifle and waited for her to recover.

    Finally, she straightened and wiped her mouth with her sleeve before turning her eyes on him. Her gaze was weary and more than a little scared. "T-thank you s-sir," she muttered quietly. "Thank you!"

    Hobey merely studied her under a careful gaze, slowly rising back to his full height. She appeared as if she hadn't slept or had something decent to eat in days. That made him wonder - just how far had she come? Had she made it all the way from the city? If so, he had to admit, he was impressed. But judging from her haggard appearance, all the questions would have to wait…that is, if Pa would even allow her to stay.

    "C'mon," he drawled with a quick nod of his head, not even bothering to acknowledge her gratitude. "You don't belong wanderin' round out here."

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  23. Master Selkath

    Master Selkath Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 5, 2013
    IC: Dylan Phillips

    Dylan watched the teenage boy walk away and turned his head to the barn that was to the side of the station. He nooded at the two front guards and started to walk towards the barn. He got to the entrence and was greeted by a guard. He checked Dylan for bite wounds and when he passed the examination, he checked the backpack that Dylan had. The guard checked it and then let Dylan pass.

    Inside the barn he could see alot of hay on the ground and old rickety wood pillars that made the foundations of the barn. He walked past a few people that scattered themselves around the barn. He found a small corner that he could lay back on and sat down. He stared at the roof and began to think about everything that happened today.

    Dylan thought about how the teenager he had saved reminded him of a member of his first group. The boy from that group had been the son of a manager of a fast food resturant at the edge of town. He had learned how to farm with the small patch of land that had been behind it. The boy was a good kid and had a long life ahead of him but this outbreak cut that short. They had a good thing going for them until the feeders broke through. They slaughtered everyone and only his daughter and himself had escaped. He remembered seeing the boy with a feeder ripping into the kid's stomach and the cold in his eyes as he died. When he saw the teenager today in the forest it reminded him of that memory and he didn't want to witness that again. He grew to not think of these things as people because he knew that they were nothing more than an abomination to humanity and whoever they were before death had no impact on what they were after death.

    He remembered taking his crowbar and driving it right into that feeder's skull and ripping it out with the blood pouring out. He had learned quickly that the only way to kill it was to take out the brain when he had to put so many bullets into his wife when the outbreak first began. He remembered the look on the teenagers face after he was done killing it, gratitude. The whole outbreak saddened him because when he saw both that boy from the first group and the boy from today he thought that they should be worrying about school, shoes and girls not weapons, security and if they would survive the next day if this outbreak hadn't have happened.

    He shook of these feelings and looked around at the people. None of them deserved to be here and shouldn't have had to go through this pain. So many had lost people they loved and people they cared for. So many didn't have any faith in god anymore but to Dylan, it was one of the only things that kept him going. He knew that one day he would die and be able to see his wife and daughter again but of corse he hoped it wouldn't be anytime soon.

    With that thought he slowly drifted to sleep.

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  24. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    F E E D

    Austin, Texas

    Outlying Communities

    The roads were dangerous.

    After the utter collapse of modern civilization, transportation in the way of vehicles became a thing of the past. A relic that littered the streets as trash had, in the before times. Some people had been bitten in their vehicles, or changed over as they fled cities. Main interstates were overflowing with abandoned cars. The side roads weren’t as troublesome, but there were many pile ups and infested areas.

    Sally had lived this world for a year now. She knew the troubles that driving entailed, though she did so anyways, because it was one of her last hopes.

    Along the roads, she’d already had to squeeze past forgotten cars. In one, a car seat cast a shadow. In another, a person had raised their head from the steering wheel and watched Sally drive by, their dead eyes following her. Also, there were the few Feeders that still wandered the roads. One had stepped from behind a car, in a raggedt-shirt and short-shorts. It had been a girl, who at one time might have been beautiful, but now half of her face had been ripped away. Her teeth gnashed as she ran directly in front of Sally’s car. The impact had sent the Feeder girl away.

    The closer to Austin, the worse the roads got.

    Eventually, in a small suburban community, the engine sputtered out and died.

    All of a sudden, really.

    It just died.

    The car gave a final, long beep. It was a shrill sound that could be heard from far away.

    And that was when the Feeders came.

    A mailman missing an arm came from a backyard.

    An elderly woman with pearls in her ears rose from the road. Her legs were only stumps, but her jaw snapped hungrily at the car.

    All over the neighborhood, the creatures were turning and approaching the car.

    Jae Martin had been there the whole time. The outlying communities of Austin were ripe for the picking, seeing as everyone had struck at the inner city areas and fled. Also, there were plenty of Feeders to kill, which the young man did well.

    He had been a few houses down when the loud beep echoed.

    Should he look out the window, he could see Feeders from all around turning and limping towards the dead car that hadn’t been there moments before.

    Before thoughts would be able to process, a loud moan came from behind the man.

    It was a large African American man, whose bare stomach overflowed his undergarments. His teeth grinded and his arms reached for Jae greedily, associating the new noise with this young man.

    He wanted food, and that food at this moment, was Jae.

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  25. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Jae Martin (Revenger)
    Austin, Texas - Outlying Communities

    He’d long ago stopped counting the days after the Gates of Hades opened and sent the world into unfathomable chaos, just as he’d also stopped counting how many demonites he’d killed…these ‘feeders’. On that day, when the gates opened and the feeders came, many good people he knew, friends and friends of friends, died before his very own eyes, in ways he dared nor recall in his waking moments, but haunted him through unending nightmares in his sleep. On that day, Jae Martin had also died inside of him, leaving only… The Revenger, wielder of the King Razor Sword.

    His mission was clear and simple. Kill the demonites. Destroy the feeders. Why else would he still be in this hellish world? Nothing else mattered, he had no other purpose, no other reason to remain among the living…if one could call….’this’ at all. Everything he knew was almost completely forgotten except for his abilities to slay feeders. Those skills had only increased over the course of….how long has it been? A year?

    Jae had followed a small group of survivors the night before, but from the way they acted, he could tell something was wrong. There were only four of them, but one of them…he already knew, was turning into a feeder. It didn’t matter how it happened, they were all already doomed if they kept the woman with them. It looked like a small family. Father. Mother. Son. Daughter. The girl couldn’t stop crying, no matter how much her brother tried to get her to be still. Jae silently followed.

    As the Revenger, he was a cold and insensate killing machine. He killed only feeders, never people, unless it was in self-defense. Jae’s supplies were running low, that was his reason for visiting the area. That’s when he spotted the fleeing family. They had payed no heed to the feeders that followed them, so wrapped in their fear they were. The King Razor Sword made sure no feeders followed, only Jae.

    The four retreated into an abandoned apartment, ground floor. Jae followed and listened from the outside, hidden, unseen. The woman was dying, slowly turning, and still their attachment prevented them from doing what they knew should be done. No, it was never easy and it even seemed cruel. That was life in Hades.

    Voices rose in panic and more crying ensued. Anger, fear, frustration. It didn’t matter, it wouldn’t save them if they didn’t act. And like a flash of lightning, it happened.

    Revenger heard a shrill scream and sprang to action. He made the scene with but a glance. The woman, the mother…was biting the son on the neck. The boy screamed and tried futilely to get his mother off him, abject fear etched upon his face. The girl, the daughter…huddled in a corner, screaming her head off. The father…beating his wife with his fists, trying desperately to pry her off of their son, but his strength failed him. He was a broken man. Behind them, the door at the far end, two feeders approached. Unnoticed by the family.

    The mother and son were already dead, in varying degrees. There was nothing he could do for them, so Jae moved with the speed and grace of a black panther as he bolted past them, KRS ( King Razor Sword) already unsheathed and in his hands. The first feeder tumbled forward, spurred by the smell of fresh blood and the hellish screaming. Jae grunted with intent as he performed a horizontal decapitating slash and cleanly separated the feeder's head from the rest of its body, which simply tumbled to the floor due to its forward momentum.

    Behind him, the screaming continued. That wasn’t good. With seamless precision, Jae reversed the two handed horizontal slash at the second feeder, slicing cleanly through its abdomen and mid-section. Before the top-half ever made it to the floor, a quick flashing slash lopped off its head.

    Two down.

    Another glance. The husband had not been successful in separating the mother from the son, instead, he ‘d gotten her attention as she now attacked him. She tried to bite his neck, but he warded off her attack with his arm and instead was bitten in the arm. Damn it!!

    The sister still screamed. The son was now on the floor, convulsing, blood spilling all over his upper body. The father falls on the floor and continues to struggle with his former wife, now turned feeder. Jae leaps over them all and lands in front of the screaming daughter, who screams even louder now. The Revenger has no choice, as the young girl is past all reason. A black gloved hand smacks her with sufficient force to stun her out of her panic, at least for a moment.

    The husband calls out his wife’s name, still trying to reason with her. He refuses to see the truth still? Is he a fool? No, he’s a man living in Hades. Kate. That was his wife’s name. Without a moments hesitation, KRS is at Kate’s neck. She turns her head and hisses…but never gets to finish. KRS flashes and Kate is no more.

    Jae stands there for a moment.

    The son is turning now, the sickly grey pallor is almost all over him, his eyes are already unseeing and dull. The father weeps openly as he pushes his wife’s body off of himself, he looks at his son and then his wife. He rises and looks at the black form of the Revenger. He stifles a gasp amidst his sobs, fear and confusion register in his eyes. Is it death he sees before him? Suddenly he remembers his daughter and he goes to her. He is barely aware that he’s been bitten.

    Before anyone can move or say anything, two more feeders lumber through the front door. A third can be heard outside. A muffle scream fills the room as the father places a hand over his daughter’s mouth. It’s time to dance again. The dance of death.

    It doesn’t take long to dispatch the three feeders that enter the apartment, but even so, it takes long enough for the father and daughter to slip away during the short fight.

    One step is taken to give chase, but the son rises, almost as if to protect them. He snarls and bares his teeth like some fanged animal, which he is not. He is a demonite now, a denizen of Hades, a feeder. There is no pleasure in what comes next.

    That was last night.

    A new and relatively secure location was found where a few hours of rest could be taken. Today’s mission:Resupply. Well, that was the intention until the blasted car horn probably alerted every feeder within a mile radius. Inside his helmet, Jae’s eyes became slits.

    He looked out the window and sure enough, feeders were shambling and crawling towards the beeping vehicle. He counted at lest two feeders closing in, and several others making their way there. Hmm, that car wasn’t there before. Was anyone in it?

    No matter, he’d have to silence the darn vehicle if he was going to do any ’shopping’ in relative peace.

    A loud moaning sound, very close. Too close.

    Jae immediately ducked and tumbled to one side. The feeder’s hand missing him.

    The loud car noise and the stench already in the room masked the large feeder’s approach, but thankfully, it had given itself away. From the looks of it, this feeder was mistaking Jae as the origin of the disturbance.

    The Revenger was used to feeders who had been dead for sometime taking bizarre appearances. Such grotesqueries usually involved some equally bizarre tale, but at the moment, he had no interest for a class in forensics.

    With practiced precision, Jae slashed at the feeders knee as he quickly rose, robbing it of its mobility. The creature crashed under its own weight with a loud thud. By now he knew what followed. The feeder would resort to crawling next, as it was driven by an insatiable hunger. Jae stepped back, avoiding a swiping arm, which he cut off with a counter slash of his sword.

    These creatures did not feel pain, they seemed to become vexed only when feeding became a problem, like now. Outside, the car horn continued to blare. He had to make this quick, lest the whole area became overrun with more feeders. Even the Revenger had limits…unfortunately.

    Another arm swiped at Jae’s leg, and the creature lost that arm in response. Now it undulated toward him like some slug. A double handed head splitting slash ended that particular spectacle.

    Two quick flicks to clean off the icor off the blade and KRS was back in its sheath. Jae left through the window, since taking the stairs would be risky now. As he made his way out, The Revenger reconned the area to get a better idea of how he should move. So far he’d spotted no living beings. The beeping car did give him an idea for the future. A car bomb would be a good way of dealing with groups of feeders, but that was not the focus now.

    So far, he spotted about half a dozen feeders. Damn it! He needed to silence that beeping car asap!

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