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Fairytales from the Old Republic -- The Story of Ragen and Timeromè -- Chapter 1

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by iejasu, Mar 4, 2001.

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  1. iejasu

    iejasu Jedi Youngling

    Mar 4, 2001
    Fairytales from the Old Republic

    by Iejasu (

    I wrote this story because I could not get it out of my head...It has some adult contents so if you are not at least 16 years old, I ask you to stop
    reading now. Many thanks to my proofreader Llarian.

    Any comments are welcome as long as you don't rip me apart :) grin



    It was a dark and stormy night and the young Padawans sat together in their sleeping quarters, one of the youngsters closely
    watching the door. Suppressed laughter and giggles were heard. They were jumping over the beds, throwing cushions at
    each other, simulating fights with their blankets and behaving just like any other bunch of youngsters though out the universe.

    All of them hoped the Masters would not come in and send them back to their beds, restoring order. Some of them looked out
    of the window, watching the old oak bend in the storm, his mighty trunk entwined with a glowing alderaanian vine. The leaves
    of both rustled and the wood groaned under the pressure of the strong winds.

    "Brother, the tree outside makes such terrible noises, it squeaks and creaks. It drives me crazy, I wish someone would cut
    that damn tree down," the fourteen year old complained.

    Obi-Wan, the eldest of the group smiled. "You mean that tree outside, the ancient one with the dark leaves? The Masters told
    me he is nearly 1000 years old."

    "There is more to this tree than meets the eye, my young Padawan."

    All children looked around in shock. How had Master Qui Gon Jinn entered without being detected? The Jedi Master sat
    down with the children and looked at the young faces. Did they not discern that, just a short time ago, he had been one of
    them, listening to that old tree in a stormy night... He realized it was now his turn to tell the children the story of ......

    Ragen and Timeromè

    Chapter 1

    A long time ago, when the Jedi were powerful and the Sith feared, a young Padawan traveled together with her Master into a
    far away region of space, trying to uphold the law and helping the citizens of the republic.

    She was a young girl, barely 16 years old, her Padawan braid shining between her golden locks. Her Master was a wise and
    powerful Jedi Knight, guiding her though this difficult time with the care and love of a father.

    Timeromè had never been outside the great temple as she looked around at the marketplace, fascinated by the strange
    smells and sounds. He heart was beating rapidly, so deeply she did she experience the living Force.

    Master Dorban looked at her with a sad smile. Timeromè was so young and so innocent it made his heart ache. Life would
    change that soon. He saw her literally dancing through the many people, ignorant of the dirt or the poverty. She had never
    seen poverty or had felt any need. Raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, she had never known hunger or cold, taken from
    her parents at the age of only 5 months, she had never even felt homesickness. Sometimes Dorban wondered if it was right
    that Jedi never knew a real family or home. He was aware of his biological brother, blind to the Force, but still genetically his
    own sibling. His brother was so different from him, led a completely different life, it was hard for Dorban to think of him as his
    brother. In his mind only his fellow Jedi ranked as such.

    He saw her pointing out to something and his eyes followed her gesture. He saw something quite ordinary, but her comment
    made him smile sadly.

    "Master, look. How strong this old woman must be! Look at the size of her bag!" She pointed at an old hag, staggering under
    a bundle of wood.

    "No, Padawan, I am afraid she is not that strong but still she has to carry it. There is no alternative for her because she is

    His young Padawan repeated his last word without making a sound, trying to understand what her beloved Master had just
    said. He could see her mind working. Suddenly she see
  2. iejasu

    iejasu Jedi Youngling

    Mar 4, 2001
    Chapter 2

    Two hours later the door to her prison opened. The Dark Lord himself entered, carrying a small bundle and tossing it into her

    "Put this on, girl. We will dine together." His voice was curt, it was not a question but an order. She knew the difference too

    She tried to look regal when looking up and hoped her fear did not show.

    "What will you do to me, Sith?"

    He smiled at her question. Timeromè realized that his smile would have been beautiful if not for the hatred in his eyes.

    "What do you think I will do? A young maiden and an evil monster... Do you think I will rape you? Maybe I will, but probably
    after dinner. Dress or you will be punished." Then, without giving her further attention, he turned and left.

    Timeromè stood there, shuddering. What should she do? The Masters at the temple would advice her to withstand the dark
    side, but what was in her power? This man was the ruling Dark Lord of Sith. He had killed many upstanding Jedi. What could
    a mere Padawan like her do to him?

    She looked at the fabric realizing that it was a dress and a pair of high heeled sandals, a beautiful but quite low cut dress.
    She had never worn a dress, only her plain jedi tunic. Her hands held the soft fabric, it was so beautiful. The young girl
    emerged as she asked herself how she would look in that extravaganza.

    When Timeromè entered, the young Jedi learner felt strange. The soft fabric of her dress caressed her body and the shoes
    with their high heels made her feel clumsy and awkward. She entered the room closely guarded by his servants.

    The Dark Lord just sat there, waiting for her.

    When she entered he got up from his seat and approached her. A small smile graced his lips but never reached his eyes.

    "Ahh, you look most satisfying, my dear Padawan learner. A young girl should never been submitted to such vile garments as
    that rough Jedi tunic. No, my dear, you are made for shining silks and glowing brocades."

    He held out his black gloved hand and she reached out to take his offering seeing no alternative but to respond in this

    Smiling with satisfaction he bowed and brushed her knuckles slightly with his lips. Obviously she was not as stupid as he had
    feared. Neither did she scream nor did she try to be stubborn. When he looked up, his eyes shone in their yellow fire, piercing
    her heart like daggers. "We would be honored if you would join us for dinner, my Lady."

    Timeromè could only swallow the lump in her throat and followed her enemy.

    The table offered many dainties she had never seen in her life. Her eyes widened as she saw the opulence and variety.

    He offered her a glass of wine and led her to a small sofa. Timeromè sat down asking herself what would happen next. Her
    eyes searched desperately for some means of escape.

    He made her lift her glass and taste the wine. "Drink, my dear. You had been under a great stress lately. This will make you
    relax a little." He seemed to have read her thoughts, Timeromè could see it in his eyes but his voice was calm and measured.

    Timeromè shook her head and pressed her lips tightly together. Tears were swelling up. She was helpless but she would not
    give in that easily.

    Ragen frowned for a second. Suddenly his eyes widened in understanding. "Oh, you think this wine is drugged, girl?" He
    laughed and took a long swallow. The wine still moistened his lips as he continued. "See? No drugs... Will you now drink with

    He saw her questioning eyes as she took a small sip from the offered goblet.

    Ragen smirked and reached out to stroke her cheek. She shuddered as she felt his gloved hand touching her bare skin but
    he continued caressing it. "Does this hurt you, young Jedi? Please, tell me. Do I hurt you?"

    Ragen wondered briefly why that would interest him. He had killed many Jedi, but hurting that girl made him feel uneasy.

    Timeromè stared at his huge form. Tears finally found their way. "You, you .... you killed my beloved Master, you bring me to
    your...your castle, you
  3. Djuva

    Djuva Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 25, 2000
    :) Watch the formatting, it can be treacherous on this board. Great to have you here! A Sith story? Oh yes!
  4. iejasu

    iejasu Jedi Youngling

    Mar 4, 2001
    Chapter 3

    She felt his chest moving and discovered that he had now held her with both his arms, his thumbs and hand caressing her
    body. She felt so trapped, her heart bet like a caged bird fighting against the bars of her ribcage. What was her body doing?
    She felt so very much alive. Her senses seemed more alert and her hearing was enhanced. She could hear his heartbeat.
    She shook her head unable to speak.

    Oh, the Masters would look at her with disgust, she betrayed the light. The Sith smiled and bent down again, this time settling
    for a deeper kiss.

    Her mouth opened on instinct as she felt his tongue invading her.

    Now her heart would surely burst, she thought for a second. Her hands were trying to find strength in the cushions surrounding
    her, grabbing them so violently, her knuckles turned white. While he kissed her, she felt his hand sneaking up to her breast,
    caressing it so very gently. How was it possible that such an evil man was so gentle, that it felt so good, so....wonderful.

    Timeromè was afraid, now even more of her own body than of that Sith kissing her.

    Ragen lifted his head, meeting her eyes again. She saw his question and shook her head, pale with fear. But when he saw
    her response to his silent question, he smiled and started to kiss her neck, slowly, delicately uncovering her left breast with his
    hand, caressing it gently until her nipples became hard. Suddenly he stood up. A part of her felt a pang of disappointment.

    He straightened his black brocade tunic, trying to catch breath.

    "I am displaying bad manners, my lady. I suppose you are hungry and wish to dine."

    Timeromè realized that he was fighting to regain his control. She lifted her hand to cover her chest again but he held her back.
    "Please, my dear. Your breast is beautiful, let me look at your loveliness while you eat."

    Nobody had ever called her beautiful. She was just a Padawan, one of many. To be a woman was something entirely new to
    her. In fact, she could feel his eyes on her body, drinking in her sight and somehow... it was strangely alerting her senses. In a
    way she felt powerful, like a temptress.

    The obeyed his wishes and stood up slowly. A part of her brain wondered why her knees were not wobbly. Her head swooned
    but she walked steadily towards the table, looking at it. She saw the Sith taking off his gloves and offering her the many
    delicacies with a wink of his hand.

    "Maybe some sweets? I hear females like sweet things. This is called chocolate mousse. It is very rich and tastes like ...
    nothing you have ever experienced." He took a spoonful and lifted it to her lips. She tasted the strange sweet and it was
    indeed magnificent, never had she eaten such a delicious dessert. She ate a second spoonful and a third, smiling at the
    taste. Timeromè spilled some of it and looked down to see if her dress had been spoiled. Relieved she realized that it had
    not fallen on her dress but on her skin. She wanted to wipe it away but he held her back.

    "Please, allow me." He bent down and for a second she thought her heart would stand still as he gently licked the mousse off
    her breast, savoring the mixture of flesh and sweet. Timeromè closed her eyes, fighting her own body.

    Suddenly his arm was around her, taking in her mouth like a hungry beast. She felt his need and it made her shrink back. She
    fought him and tried to push away. And indeed, he stepped back from her, looking puzzled.

    "I lost control. Forgive me." He retreated towards the buffet, taking a glass of wine and drowning it with one mighty gulp. It
    seemed to help him. When he looked back at her, she had covered herself, studying him with wide eyes. Suddenly the mighty
    Dark Lord felt exposed.

    "Why are you so reluctant to allow your instincts to take over. You enjoyed what I did to you but still you fight me." He seemed
    genuinely interested in her answer.

    Timeromè swallowed hard. "You are a Sith, you are evil!"

    He seemed hurt by her statement.

    "Why do you say I am evil? Because I kill Jedi? Well,
  5. NamelessAlien

    NamelessAlien Jedi Youngling star 3

    Nov 25, 1999

    Ooo, one of my favorite fairytales! Great!
    Welcome, Iejasu! Hope to see you around here!

    -Redone, always the Evil Gungan
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