~Faith Burning~ (UPDATED 03/23/03)

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  1. bobilll Jedi Padawan

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    okay, okay, don't all jump on me! so phalen's NOT a jedi, he's just an aid. it'll still be interesting to see where this relationship goes! that is, if lily doesn't blow him off like she just did!

    great post!
  2. Tinuviel_Jyana Jedi Padawan

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    great post there :) very intriguing... what next?!
  3. Frazzled_Pip Jedi Youngling

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    To know more, Tinuviel_Jyana's story tells all. :)
  4. Frazzled_Pip Jedi Youngling

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    (continued, part 3)

    When things did die down on Yavin IV and Phalen Peregryne was back in the Senate, Lilanniah didn?t know if she should stay. Phalen replaced the previous senator of Yavin IV and had a lot of work to do.

    ?I should leave,? Lilanniah said as she stood in the doorway of Phalen?s new room. He was busy writing.

    Peregryne looked up from his work. ?Wait, don?t go. Stay, please??

    Harenae walked forward. ?Are you sure that is what you want??

    Phalen set down his pen and pushed his chair away from the desk and walked over to her. ?I want you to stay. Make this your home. I can get a room for you and see if someone needs some work done. You could live on Yavin IV.?

    Lily blinked her eyes and hung her head.

    ?Please, Lilanniah. I want your company and it sounds like your family doesn?t know what to do with you,? Phalen replied. He stopped her by reaching out to her arms and stared into her hazel green eyes.

    Lily nodded and allowed him to embrace her. He didn?t let go for several moments.

    ?I?ll see about a room for you as soon as possible and then I will get back to my work,? Peregryne replied.

    ?I would like that very much,? Lilanniah replied and smiled at the man she loved.

    He smiled back and called for an senatorial aid?
  5. bobilll Jedi Padawan

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    Lily's gonna live with a senator? ooohhh, this is interesting! wonder how fetrin is gonna take this, or the rest of the concil and her family! it's good that she's finally doing something for herself, though! just hope her love for phalen can quench any dark jedi stuff in her!
  6. Tinuviel_Jyana Jedi Padawan

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    awwwww.... phalen wants her ;) [face_devil]

    can't wait to see what's next
  7. Frazzled_Pip Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 20, 2002
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    sorry for the lack of posting. I've been trying to think up the rest...
  8. bobilll Jedi Padawan

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  9. Frazzled_Pip Jedi Youngling

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    Lilanniah settled into her room quickly and without arguing with Phalen. He was willing to walk a tight-rope and possibly get hurt just because he cared for Lilanniah. This made Harenae happy and she hoped for the best.

    Lilanniah entered Phalen?s room and sat down near him as he worked on paper work. She hummed to the music he had playing, which made him look up from his work. He smiled at her; she was so beautiful, especially now that she had taken the time to just be herself.

    ?Hello,? Lily said and put her chin on his arm. She giggled.

    Phalen laughed and ran his hands through her hair. ?How are you??

    ?Wonderful. I haven?t been bothered by a Jedi for days now.?

    Phalen smiled at her, ?I have some work to do, maybe you can go out and take a walk and I?ll join you for dinner later.?

    Lilanniah sighed and responded, ?I think I shall.?


    Lilanniah dressed in civilian clothing, so she wouldn?t be noticed by any Jedis or Dark Jedis. She walked around the bazaar, looking at jewelry and cloths. She felt a tingle down her back, it wasn?t cold out today. At first she thought nothing of it, and then she felt the tingling. It was a Jedi presence. Lily looked around, and pulled her shawl around her face, so the person would possibly not see her.

    Harenae look to her right and saw a Jedi she once knew. Fetrin Harenae stood before her, with his bulky arms crossed.

    ?Have you gone to the Dark side, yet?? Lilanniah asked and walked away from him.

    ?You?re a fool, Lilanniah. Your parents are worried sick about you,? Fetrin replied and followed her.

    ?Funny, I spoke to them yesterday and they were happy to speak with me. They wanted to know everything,? Lily replied and kept walking away, back to the Senate Council.

    ?Shut up and listen to me, girl,? Fetrin growled and pulled her by the arm.

    Lilanniah gave him a cold stare that caused him to grunt. ?You have become unafraid of me? Am I worthy??

    Fetrin almost replied, but Lilanniah interrupted him. ?Do not touch me. Do not speak to me. I do carry my light saber and I am not scared to use it. Touch me and lose your hand.?

    Fetrin slowly let go of Lilanniah?s arm and backed up slightly.

    ?Thank you.?

    ?You are not welcomed.?

    ?Shouldn?t you be else where? Say, teaching??

    ?That is not your concern.?

    ?Then I am not your concern.?

    ?You are my kin.?

    ?No, you are not a Harenae. A Harenae would never harass another Harenae. You are the enemy.?

    Fetrin went to grab Lily?s arm again, but with a flash she tore out her light saber and sliced his hand off. He yelped in pain and the crowd started to scream and panic. Fetrin quickly wrapped his hand in a piece of his cloak that he tore off just as he heard a voice.

    ?Leave her alone, Fetrin,? the voice said.

    Lilanniah and Fetrin looked towards the voice and saw Phalen Peregryne. He had his gun that he usually totted on a belt now in his hands.

    ?I will not allow you to harass her anymore. You will leave Yavin IV and go back to the hole you crawled out of and never come near Lilanniah again,? Peregryne said, defiantly and fiercely.

    Lilanniah blinked at his awesome speech.

    Fetrin replied, ?You think you?ll kill a Jedi for this?? He pointed to Lilanniah in disgust.

    ?I never said I would kill you. I will bring you bodily harm if you do not leave immediately, just as Lilanniah showed you.?

    Lilanniah realized her light saber was still on and she turned it off, when she looked up Fetrin was gone. Tears pricked at her eyes and she ran to Phalen?s arms. He held her tight and ran his hands through her hair. He kissed her hair and told her she didn?t have to thank him because he loved her.


    Fetrin never came back to Yavin IV and neither did the Dark Jedi ever bother Lilanniah again?

    (end chapter seven)

    ...to be continued...
  10. bobilll Jedi Padawan

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    Aug 8, 2002
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    wow, that was really awesome of phalen to do that!

    though, they didn't exactly have to chop the man's hand off. that was a little extreme.

    not that fetrin wasn't stepping out of his bounds. what kind of uncle is he?

    hm, so the dark jedi is out of the way, and fetrin's out of the way... what new conflict will befall us?

    post soon!
  11. Frazzled_Pip Jedi Youngling

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    bobilll I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm trying to get Phalen to write something, but he can't think. *L* I'm not sure when I'll get around to what's next. But I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)
  12. Tinuviel_Jyana Jedi Padawan

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    ahhh yes... nothing quite like bodily harm

    great post there... can i hurt him can i? there are other appendages one could chop off [face_devil]

    oh wait that would be too cruel

    i'll get a sith to do it [face_devil]

    anyways... great post again... love lily and phalen's relationship ;) can't wait to see how else it shall develop

    *pokes at Phalen* help the girl write :p
  13. Frazzled_Pip Jedi Youngling

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    *gives Phalen chocolate*

    Chocolate for a chapter? ;) :) :D
  14. Xekral Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 19, 2002
    W O W !!! VERY nice!!! *high 5's an author* wonderful writing girl.. very much so. *tosses out random UP's around the place*

    I don't know where to begin, or how to comment.. so i'm just gonna say that its excellent thus far, and keep it up!! w00t! :D ;)
  15. Phalen__Peregryne Jedi Youngling

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    What... me help write other people's stories? What gives you that idea...

    Alright, alright, I'll do it...

    *wanders off to think of some story idea*
  16. Frazzled_Pip Jedi Youngling

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    Phalen you're so nice. *pats you on the back and feeds you milk and cookies. :D

    Xek I'm so glad you like it that much. :)

    J Aren't cliffhangers wonderful? ;)
  17. Phalen__Peregryne Jedi Youngling

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    .:Chapter 8:.

    Phalen muttered under his breath about the bureaucracy of the senate, the stupidity of Palpatine, and many other political matters that meant nothing to Lily outside of causing undue stress on Phalen.

    ?You need to take time off,? she said, sitting down next to the young senator.

    ?I would love to,? Phalen replied glaring at the data reader he held, ?but with this war on, and so many important things in the senate??

    She gave him a hard glare.

    "Take some time off?? she waved her hand playfully.

    ?No mind tricks,? he smiled and shook his head, ?but you are right? do you have a suggestion??

    ?I have a few idea,? Lily began to gentle massage Phalen?s back.

    Phalen set aside the reader, and leaned forward, settling his head in his hands and rubbing his temples. Lily slowly worked her hands down his back, his tense muscles slowly giving way.

    ?I did make plans for tonight,? Phalen said after a few minutes.

    ?Ooohhh?? Lily smiled and ran her fingers down Phalen?s back, scratching it through his black clothes, ?where.?

    Phalen turned around so he could see her face.

    ?It is a surprise, of course!? his mischievous smiled was returned by Lily, who suddenly lunged for his stomach.

    ?Ack!? Phalen grabbed for her hands too late, ?no tickles.?

    ?Then tell me.?


    Lily began to tickle Phalen aggressively. He grabbed for his hands, intertwining one with his own, but he was having trouble getting the other one? which happened to be her sword-hand.

    ?Surrender!? Lily?s grin was bigger than ever.

    ?Death first!? Phalen finally pinned her other hand.

    She suddenly leaned forward and kissed him.

    ?We will be going soon,? she stated, as she pulled back.

    ?As you wish,? Phalen?s surprise was short lived, ?but you had better get ready??


    Phalen and Lily stepped into the restaurant, the Chosen Star, the best restaurant on planet. Phalen was dressed up in black pants, black shirt, and a black jacket, all cut along military lines. Lily wore a stunning dark purple dress. It was modestly cut, but she was more than stunning in it.

    Phalen escorted her in. He was not wearing a pistol, for once in his life, though he did have a small hold-out blaster concealed on his person.

    ?Ahh, Senator Peregryne, a pleasure,? the host said as they entered, ?your private table is already prepared.?

    ?Thank you,? Phalen nodded and smiled as the host escorted them back to a small room lit only small candles.

    The meal was already prepared, each of their favorite meals, already spread out, along with an expensive bottle of wine.

    ?Phalen,? Lily gasped, ?this is excessive.?

    Phalen merely smiled and led her to her chair.

    ?Not for you, nothing it too expensive for you? besides, I put this on the Republic?s tab??

    Lily glared at him, and Phalen grinned in response.

    ?Hey, I am not as bad as most of them.?

    Lily just sat down, acting very prim and proper, like a perfect lady. Phalen helped her with her chair, and then sat down himself.

    ?If it helps, I put this down as vacation expenses??


    The dinner was over all too quickly. The dining staff was quick with the meal changes, and the subtle romantic music that wafted in from the live band in the main dining area set the mood even more than the now clear table lit by two candles.

    ?I sense something on your mind,? Lily said looking into Phalen?s eyes.

    ?Of course, why go through all this elaborate dinner experience if I did not have something important to say,? Phalen let out a heavy sigh.

    ?We have barely known each other? yet we both feel it,? he said slowly, ?we both know that something akin to destiny draws us together.?

    He stood slowly, and reached inside his coat.

    ?Some would say it is the Force, though I put little stock in the idea of the Force controlling events??

    ?It does not matter in reality, all that matters is a simple question.?

    Phalen knelt on one knee and held out a simple ring, and asked the age-old question:

    ?Will you marry me??
  18. bobilll Jedi Padawan

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    rewind a little. how did lily know what phalen had planed? did she read his mind? why's she exersising these powers again?
  19. Frazzled_Pip Jedi Youngling

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    The words lingered in the air. Lilanniah was in shock and practically held her breath. She slowly nodded and then finally was able to speak, ?Yes!? was the word she squealed.

    Phalen slipped the ring on Lily?s small finger and kissed her gently on the lips. Lily kissed him back and then smiled at him. She held him close, Phalen did not let go of her.

    Lilanniah was surprised that Phalen had asked her for her hand in marriage, especially so soon. She deeply loved Phalen and never wanted him to leave her side.

    The rest of the evening was splendid. The dessert was delicious and laughter filled the table the young couple sat at.

    The marriage happened late in the fall on Aldeeran, where?s Lily?s family (except for Uncle Fetrin) was. Lily?s youngest sister was the flower girl and her brother was the ring bearer. It was a simple wedding with only a few people in the wedding and the families in the audience. The vows were simple, the music was simple, and the gown Lilanniah wore was beautiful. It was a white gown with blue hues. Her shoes were her mother?s and the jewelry was from generations ago. Phalen Peregryne was as handsome as ever, wearing a simple tux. They were both happier than they had been for years?

    But that?s not the end of the story?Lilanniah?s faith burned, she had never been so happy and she was in love. She knew that there really was love, but it was under the strangest circumstances that you would find it?
  20. bobilll Jedi Padawan

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    Cool marriage! Glad that her family know where she is!
  21. Tinuviel_Jyana Jedi Padawan

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    awwwwww how cute ;)

    i had to wait til Pip responded to Phalen's post before i could comment


    now only if i had my obi-kins [face_love]

    or oliver wood (from harry potter the first three books... to my knowledge)... that would be nice too
  22. Tinuviel_Jyana Jedi Padawan

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    and now for a quick word from our sponcers.

    this would be to she whom i dragged onto the boards kicking and screaming... well not really. much kudos to her.

    if anyone's interested i have my own story, last update was 10-27... if you're interested.. the link is in my siggy

    but on the other hand...


    and now we take you back to our show originally in progress
  23. Frazzled_Pip Jedi Youngling

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    J, for you. You wanted sweet lovins, you got it. ;)

    (part one)
    (two years later)

    Lilanniah pounced on her husband in bed after putting the baby in her crib. She began tickling him in the ribs.

    ?No tickles!? he laughed and tried to crawl away.

    Lilanniah stopped and kissed him gently on the lips. Phalen took her head in his hands and brushed her cheeks. Then he proceeded to kiss her back. The laid there kissing in eachother?s arms just as there was a knock on the door.

    Phalen pulled away and winked at Lily. ?Now who could that be??

    Lily moved in closer and kissed Phalen again, ?Let?s ignore whoever it is.?

    Phalen pulled away again, ?It could be important.? And he kissed his wife?s neck.

    Lilanniah giggled and the door was knocked on again. She sighed and fell back onto her side of the bed. Phalen put his shirt on and went to the door.

    ?We can go back to this, can?t we?? He asked, almost as if he was sad.

    ?If I?m still in the mood to,? Lilanniah said and pulled her covers up over her neck. She gave him a silly grin.

    As Phalen opened the door he was greeted by his assistant. ?What is it, Bradley?? He asked.

    Bradley was a shorter man with dark hair and blue eyes. He seemed upset about something. Lilanniah leaned over to hear what he was telling Phalen.

    ??there?s a war beginning, sir. Some Jedi are on their way to speak with you and your wife. It seems that enemy forces are on Yavin VI. The clone wars, as they call it, are beginning,? Bradley replied.

    Lilanniah moved out of ear shot, she didn?t want to hear anymore. She had a baby that was only 15 months and she didn?t want there to be a war. And the Jedis? Coming here? Well that turned her off.

    Phalen shut the door and took his shirt off again and climbed into bed. He brushed away Lilanniah?s red locks. ?I suppose you heard.?

    Lilanniah pulled away and faced the wall.

    ?Oh, come on, dear. It?s not like the Jedi are going to bring us harm. They?re here to help,? Phalen said and tickled Lilanniah.

    Lily held back a giggle for a short time but it got to be too much. She turned to face her love and kissed him on the lips.

    Even with the war beginning they gave each other sweet lovins...
  24. Tinuviel_Jyana Jedi Padawan

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    great post... but i think i didn't make it clear that in my story the war was 2 years old... :p but it could be that the war was starting to hit Yavin IV and no one noticed it before... just a suggestion

    good post other than that ;) lovins good ;)
  25. Frazzled_Pip Jedi Youngling

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    T_J oh well, I can't think of how to fix it so it's staying how it is.
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