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Before - Legends Faith for the Family - ~OC~ - Updated ~finaly~ May 20, 2003

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Cyber_SkyForce, Mar 22, 2003.

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  1. Starphyre

    Starphyre Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 16, 2002
    Greetings! I recently found this story, and I eagerly await more.
  2. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    What we do instead is hide the spice in plain sight. We place the spice among the folds of the fabric, just a little in the folds and the rest spread out over it. Then the spice seeps in-between the cracks and gives the silk the blood color. When we get searched, they see only the silk and don?t bother to look any closer. Oooo, sneaky! As long as the authorities don't have dogs or whatever to sniff it out, that's very clever. I like the way the spice colors the silk, as well.

    Okay. Now to sit back and wait for more. :)
  3. Cyber_SkyForce

    Cyber_SkyForce Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 17, 2002
    *in the prossess of editing. I'll post probably in the next few days the real next part of this... Sorry for the inconvience.*
  4. Cyber_SkyForce

    Cyber_SkyForce Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 17, 2002
    Chapter Eight
    Smuggling Droids

    I made my way quickly to the hanger bay. Kinitiy had left me with many things to think about. The silver walls spread out before me. I looked at the floor and noticed it was made of a different type of metal then the walls. It was slightly grooved and pitted. Though time had worn down parts of it. A twin trail wound its way where the little care droids wheeled themselves around, invisible to the people around them.

    I turned the corner and was at the bay. The door slid open under my hand. Sky sat in her corner, Kiki right beside her. Kiki was plugged in, doing something. I walked over and laid a hand on Kiki's domed head. She twittered a hello at me then went back to work.

    I did a quick look around Sky then dropped to look under her. There where black marks near the engines but nothing beyond that. "She looks cared for, did anyone touch her?" I asked Kiki. `siiss'. "Sithspon?" Twitter. "Ok, he should be ok but warn him off if he gets to interested in what Sky can really do. Speaking of Sithspon? here he comes. Hello!" That was to Sithspon.

    "Hello Sim, looking in on Sky born?" He had a smile that looked exactly like Hal's.

    "yea, Kiki tells me you came to look at her."

    "She's a real beauty. From the make of her I would think she runs like one too." He winked and I smiled, fully able to retort.

    "Beauty for running so well when she was dragged out of the scrap pile only two years by gone?"

    "Never was this 'un in a scrap pile. You'd need someone even better then Hal Litonn himself, to make something out of nothing."

    "How long has it been sense you studied under him? He's got a few tricks up his sleeve." I mentally wanted to pull the words back, now he knew I knew Hal personally. That could get sticky?

    "You knew Hal?" I decided to let more out but he saved me the trouble. "No wait? I trained maybe seven or eight years ago. If I remember right, you where that girl that always came in with his daughter right? The one that actually seemed to understand our mumbo-jumbo?" That wasn't me at all. I remembered the group he talked about though.

    "Caught me dead. My friends took it upon themselves to call me Kala. That?s where Kiki's name came from. I don't remember seeing you there though?" My response was a question. He grinned ruefully.

    "You wouldn't have. I was always under some ship or on a ship working when you came in. I doubt you ever looked up or down for that matter!" We traded small talk about what we remembered from Hal's working style for a bit, then he changed it back to Sky. "She's a right beauty. From the way you handled her I would never have guessed that she had been built from scratch. How'd you two ever manage it? Sense I assume Hal helped you."

    "Right again, we didn't exactly build her from scratch. She had a bad engine, hyper drive, brakes, the s-foils where in ruins, but she caught my eye. Hal almost made me put her aside till he found out I'd already gotten some new parts for her. Took us almost a year between his schedule and mine to get her up and running. Kiki adopted me during that time and we've been together ever sense." He was still listing as I described exactly what we had done to her to get her operational. "Kiki was the one thing that made it all come together. She found every part we needed, no madder how obscure." He nodded.

    "Jal's Atom is the same way. Could have been a smugglers droid if given a second chance." I was surprised at this. Jal owned a smuggler droid aye? Well? that put him on the spot pretty quickly. I resolved to have Kiki look into the computer systems ASAP! If Atom had been doing anything and Jal helping then it could be possible that they had left some trace. Sithspon was still talking. "That little droid has gotten us many parts that we needed. Maybe he'll do even better with your Kiki to help him."

    "Yea, and I know Kiki'll be glad to help. She enjoys searching for things just as much as flying." Another mental tally, Sithspon needed ille
  5. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    I'm suspicious of everybody! Nice to get more introduced to the ship...& to the droids! I have a feeling that Kiki will be a major player. :)
  6. Cyber_SkyForce

    Cyber_SkyForce Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 17, 2002
    ;) We shallt see shant we?
  7. Cyber_SkyForce

    Cyber_SkyForce Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 17, 2002
    Chapter Nine

    As soon as Sithspon had left Kiki disconnected from sky. She turned on her wheels to face me. "attmm" She tried to say.

    "Kiki, I really need to get a speech modifier for you. I assume your talking about Atom?" She whistled consent. "Can you go do a back round check on him and Jal? It would be interesting to find out where a simple pilot would get a droid like that, and why he would." She twittered accusingly at me. "Hey! I have an excuse, let me remind you, you adopted ME not me buying you." She snickered. "Besides," I lowered my voice so only she could hear. "I'm no ordinary pilot!" "Theeth!" She rolled away and I followed her.

    She plugged into the nearest socket and ignored me as I stood next to her. I watched the screen above her head as information flew across it. She stopped momentary at a page that detailed everything Jal had done sense he came on the Ala. Then went on.

    Someone was hailing me from behind, I turned quickly and Kiki unplugged. It was Anston. He had a sneer on his face. I leaned back against the wall, feigning nonchalance. Even though my mind was in a panic. He was a computer tech wasn't he? What if he'd seen what kiki was doing? Would he tell anyone? Why was he here anyway?

    "So? The new pilots digging for information is she?" Damn he'd seen what Kiki was doing. "What is there about that Damn Jal-Corbath that you pretty little thing would want to look at? Wouldn't someone like me be more interesting?" The hits at Jal stung so I decided to get some satisfaction back.

    I took a step forward then shot out my fist. It hit him square in the jaw and he fell over. Kiki had managed to get behind him so he fell hard over her. He was momentarily stunned but got up quick enough. He came forward swinging. I ducked his punch and tripped him. His face was full of surprised fury as he sailed past. A door opened right in front of him and he fell face first at the feet of the opener. It was Stephanie, the Captain. She looked inquisitively down at him then sent a questioning look my way.

    Kiki had made scarce by then so Stephanie didn't see anyone but Anston and I. She shrugged, grabbed his arm and hauled him up. I stood at attention, hoping I didn't look too ridiculous. "At ease, I don't make my people do that infront of me. I suppose you wouldn't tell me what was going on?" Anston took up the thread in a half whine.

    "Sir, I wasn't doing anything when she attacked me for no reason." She rolled her eyes then looked at me. An eye brow went up that told me that she didn't belive him.

    Truth is the best theory I always said, just not too much? "Captain, I was looking up some information when Anston came up. He made too many side comments about Jal so I decided to shut him up." She nodded.

    "Well, it seems to me that this is nothing that requires my attention. Anston, we've had this talk about you not disturbing the pilots, unless one talks to you. I can't say you haven't been having this coming. You know how tightly bound all of them are. Thank goodness you didn?t say that to Muind, you'd probably be dead not just bruised up! I subject you leave very soon and get back to work." He turned away quickly but then turned back, malice shinning in his eye.

    "What about her? I demand satisfaction for what she did." The captain shook her head and sighed.

    "What do you want me to do with her?"

    "Fire her."

    "You know I can't do that. I don't have control over the pilots directly, I have to apply to higher powers to get one of them fired, I've already had to apply for four other people, and Sim seems to be a good enough pilot too actually last. Request denied." She was looking him in the eye, not blinking. He dropped them first. He turned away to leave through the same door way she had come in. He shoot me a look so full of malice I instinctively put my hand in my pocket to touch the light saber. The door slid shut without a sound be hind him.

    Stephanie was looking at me now. Then she started to laugh. I
  8. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    Hands up, everyone who thinks Anston's going to be trouble? :D

    So Sim is gathering info as subtly as possible. Can't wait to see what she uncovers.
  9. Starphyre

    Starphyre Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 16, 2002
    *raises hand*

    I think that man will definately be trouble.

    Great Post. I eagerly await more.
  10. Cyber_SkyForce

    Cyber_SkyForce Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 17, 2002
    sorry sorry sorry, life got totaly hectic for the past month, i swear i'll be better at posting! Soon it'll be up!
  11. Cyber_SkyForce

    Cyber_SkyForce Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 17, 2002
    Finaly the rest of this chapter. hope its ok.


    The hallway was full of people going to their stations from lunch. They chatted as small groups disappeared though the doors leading off the hall. A few hailed me. I waved, not knowing exactly who they where. They must have seen me and decided they know me now? I'll find out their names latter. I prayed Kall was back in our rooms, I didn't know where the guys bunked and didn't really want to go looking for them.

    I was in luck, just as I reached the door Kall came out. Jal was with her. They looked up when I called their names. Kall smiled. "Well, if it isn't Sim. What have you been up too? You've been gone almost two hours!" She winked still smiling. "We thought you might have gotten lost, or Sithspon had dragged you into a long and dull conversation about mechanical parts."

    Jal cut in. "She only thinks Sithspons talks are dull cause she has almost zero mechanical ability. She's one of the best pilots, excluding everyone but Sam? but relies entirely on Sithspons judgment in matters of her ship." The broad grin that was cutting across his face make the remark more comical. Kall slugged him in the shoulder. He jerked back pretending to be hurt. Sam stepped out of the door behind them. Seeing me he stepped forward.

    "Ah, Sim, flower of my everlasting delight, how is it that you have left me in the company of barbarians, wanting only for civilized company?" Jal punched his arm.

    "Sam, for some reason I don?t think it was you of all the people on this ship that Sim wants to see right now. For that I can't blame her either, you are kind of painful to look at!" He ducked Sam's playful punch. I decided to cut in before they managed to show off Too much.

    I grabbed Sam's fist before he could swing again. I smiled sweetly up at him. "Sam, you know I'd LOVE to stay and chat but, I've got some other things lined up. You'd be doing me and major favor if you would pay our Kall some attention. She must be rather lonely right now. Do that for me would you?" I saw Jal start to crack up. Sam called my bluff but played along.

    "Why of course I would, just tell me,. How about dinner together? Just you and me."

    "Of course I will Sam, but only if I don't have to be present." He laughed but conceded that I had won this round. Jal held out his arm and we walked away.

    Once we where out of sight he turned and looked at me full in the face. His eyes seemed to stare strait into my mind and see everything I thought. In the face of those eyes I grabbed at the force to build up better defenses around my mind. Who knew what kind of powers Jal might have, better safe then sorry. I didn't do it quick enough.

    "Why didn't you tell anyone you have force abilities? The team should know something like that." I couldn't look up. Jal shouldn't have been able to see that. "Though," he went on, "I can't really blame you since they don't know about mine either." I looked up at that. How could he really blame me for playing the waiting game when that was the one he played himself. He changed the subject away from himself. "You've got some talent there. Your strong, why aren't you out becoming a Jedi Knight? If I know them they would have found you, no matter how you hid yourself."

    Discretion was the rule around someone like Jal, force sensibilities often let more out then the person wanted to reveal. "I don't think I should tell you that."

    "Some one has trained you. You use it too well to be self-taught."

    "You'll just have to figure that out yourself, now won't you?"

    The tension dropped. "No matter, I'll find out eventually. What can I do for you? I figure it wasn't for the pleasure of my company that you sent Sam and Kall scampering off."

    "Na, actually, I was looking for Muind. Sithspon said he couldn't tell me much more about him then you could. I was hoping to ask him some questions." He raised his eyebrow.

    "Some how I seriously doubt that statement, but wh
  12. Cyber_SkyForce

    Cyber_SkyForce Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 17, 2002
    Chapter Ten
    Talking to Muind

    Jal left me alone in the bright hallway in front of the door. Muind was just inside. I sent a silent prayer to whatever deity that might be listening, that he would be able to help me. I lifted my hand to knock, but right before it hit the wall the door swung open. Muind stood there looking slightly supprised to see me with my hand still upraised to knock.

    I brushed my hair out of my face. Now or never I thought. Now that the time had come to talk with him, I was slightly nervous. What if he couldn't help me? "Umm? Can I come in?"

    He stumbled over his words. "Well, I was just leaving. I've got to take some of this work down to Kinitiy in shipping. I promised her I'd get this to her today." He looked down at the papers in his hand then back up at me. "Walk with me, we'll talk on the way down."

    We walked down the hall. I wondered how to begin. Muind took that off my mind by starting the conversation himself. "You want to know about Jal, don't you?"

    I was startled. "Yea, but how did you know? I didn't make up my mind to come talk to you until fifteen minuets ago!"

    "I knew the look in your eye when you looked at him during lunch. He didn't tell you much about himself now did he? What do you want to know?" Muind's abruptness startled me. From the way everyone spoke about him I didn't expect him to be so forward.

    "Well, I was kind of hoping you could tell me everything you know about his past." He looked thoughtfully down at me as we strolled down the halls. I could tell he was weighing how much to tell me. His next words confirmed that.

    "I can't tell you everything. That would be betraying his trust. I can tell you truly want to know. Why is a different matter all together." He looked inquiringly at me. "I suppose you can't tell me can you?"

    "I'd rather not." Muind had me pegged. I hoped he would still talk to me about Jal.

    "Ok, then I'll tell you what I can."
  13. Mistress_Renata

    Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 9, 2000
    Hm, it's hard to figure out where Sim's investigation is leading her! Guess we'll just have to sit back and wait to see!

  14. Cyber_SkyForce

    Cyber_SkyForce Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 17, 2002
    Chapter Eleven
    Jal's Story

    "Jal has led a hard life. When he was five he and his family moved to Corcuscant. Before then they had lived Corllia. They where really low key kind of people but somehow his parents big city relatives convinced them that the only way to live was to be in the cities. So they saved up the money and moved.

    They had been gardeners there. Gardeners. He continued with the narrative.

    When they arrived, Jal's father couldn't find any good work, so he signed on to do some work for the bartenders in the lower districts so that he could get money to keep his family up. Unfortunately, he never learned how to keep his mouth shut and ended up offending one of his employers. It wasn't anything bad he said, just a word about the patrons that kept company there. He said he - his boss - should think about turning some of them in.

    His boss didn't take too kindly to that to say the least. His father never made it back home that night. His body was found in a dark alleyway. It hadn't been a neat death. His head was beaten in, and was barely recognizable. The police did a DNA check to be sure it really was Dan. It was. Jal's mother never really got over his death. With her husband dead she had to forge a living out of nothing. They got kicked out of their place when the landlord learned that they had no way to pay for the rent. The relatives that had convinced them to come live here weren't any help. They weren?t going to help the widow of one of their brothers. It was beneath their station.

    Lucy, Jal's mother, got a waitress job and finally got Jal and her off the streets. She kept her mouth shut though. By this time Jal was eight and could do a little more to help out. He took odd jobs as a courier, for people that couldn't send their messages electronically. Or didn't want anybody to know what was in them.

    While he was off on one of his "jobs" the cops picked him up. They thought he was just a stray kid on the streets. The package he was carrying got opened, which was the worst thing that could happen to him. The package was an order for someone to attempt and assassination of one of the senators coming in. He got charged with participating in the actual planning of this deed. He almost got thrown out with the rest of the trash but at his trial was a Jedi.

    Her name was Jean Lindaver. She sensed something in Jal so rescued him. It turned out that he did have the ability to manipulate the force. She took him under her wing and he became her apprentice. That got him out of that political scandal. He and his master dropped out of sight. That senator is still holding a grudge against the Jedi for getting him out of it.

    His mother got killed eventually, they never found her body. That left him totally alone except for his master Jean. He was her apprentice till he was twenty. That was maybe twenty years ago.

    Usually Jedi don?t get married but Jal found the perfect woman late in his masters life. When Jean died, they got married. They had a little girl that was their pride and joy. Unfortunately when she was about five both the girl and his wife died. He never told me how though. That is the only detail I think he has kept all these years.

    Her death broke his heart. He gave up being a Jedi after that. The Jedi still come to try to have him come back but he won?t. Says the life of a Jedi only brought him sorrow. They are convinced he will turn to the darkside without knowing it. We fires try to keep him up though. Kall knows a little about him. Not that he is a Jedi, but that he?s got something the republic wants him to do but he won't. Frank doesn?t even know that.?

    Muind shook his head. ?Jal hasn?t had fun. He thinks that maybe his child may still be alive somewhere. He never saw her body. Its been about twelve years though. So the hope is very faint.?

    ?Does he still carry a light saber?? I was curious. Jal?s story was sad, but not enough to make me stop thinking.

    Again, Muind shook his head. ?He says he lost his
  15. Starphyre

    Starphyre Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 16, 2002
    Well, after being attacked by DRL I get to come back to three new posts...

    To quote Anakin: "Yippeee!!" :D :D :D
  16. Cyber_SkyForce

    Cyber_SkyForce Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 17, 2002
    perfect i'm about to put up new stuff.
  17. Cyber_SkyForce

    Cyber_SkyForce Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 17, 2002
    Chapter Twelve

    "I'm not telling you." Kinitiy announced.

    "Ahh Kit?" His voice rolled off.

    "But I will tell you that you need to not be here right now." I perked up. Where else should we be?

    "Here's your paperwork? what's up Kit?" Muind's eyes where looking her strait in the face. "What use could there possibly be for fighter pilots now?"

    Her voice was too smooth. "The Captain is thinking that our next stop isn't going to be exactly friendly and wants some of you to head in first." She wasn't telling everything. Even I could see through that face.

    "Exactly how many does she want to go?" That was me. If Muind was missing this set up then he was blind.

    "Ahh? only two of you? say? Jal and umm? you." Her eyes knew all. Ah shoot, how the heck did she know about that?! We are Defently going to have a talk when I get back I thought. No way is she getting out of this that easily. Her spies would be REALLY useful in tracking this guy.

    "Her and Jal? Why?" Muind wasn't dense he just didn't know the entire picture. "Why not her and Kell? Makes more sense them both being female." Her eyes betrayed nothing. I prayed she would say nothing to blow it. Muind would be able to blow my cover so much easier then anyone but Jal.

    "Lets just say, Captain Stephanie wants to slit up our little hot heads. Didn't you hear about the sweet one Sim landed on Anson's nose?" He nodded no. "Kell managed to give herself a bad name the other day when Sim came to us. Captain does notice when one of her pilots goes sailing across the room. And Franks needed here. Its against creed to send the leader out. Your out for obvious reasons." I didn't know what they where. But other then that her reasons made sense. "That leaves Jal, so him and Sim are going to fly ahead in their little wing and scout."

    "Ahh? makes sense." Muind was done with that.


    "Kit, call me Kit."

    "Kit, how soon am I leaving?" And why exactly again did I get paired with the only other force sensitive person. For some reason I knew Kit knew what Jal was, and that Stephanie knew too?

    "Get yourself up to your rooms, if I'm thinking right then Kall will have already packed for you. She'll take you and Captain will explain the rest." She was all busness? I knew she shouldn't know me 'n Jal where off. Captains just didn't tell cargo people that. They just didn't. Well, that'll have to wait.

    "Sorry to come and leave then, See ya Muind."

    "Luck Sim. You'll need it there in space." A quick wink back and a comment and I was gone.

    "How much trouble could I get into? It's only space!"
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