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    The SECOND DEATH STAR has been destroyed. It is confirmed that Emperor Palpatine and his right hand man Darth Vader have been killed.
    The people held responsible are THE ALLIANCE OF FREE PLANETS formerly known as THE REBEL ALLIANCE. And even after their recent victory they have a new mission.
    The Alliances next mission is to capture: Dantooine, Kuat and Muunilinst in order to gain enough power to declare themselves the NEW REPUBLIC
    Will they succeed and return order to the galaxy or will the Empire prevail....
    Game Setting:
    The RPG is starting in 4 A.B.Y. (one week after the Battle of Endor). There is a power struggle in the Empire as high ranking officers fight to become the new Emperor. But that wont stop them from fighting the Alliance. Initially the Alliances goals will be to free worlds (Dantooine, Kuat and Muunilinst are top priority). The Imperials goal will be to stop the Alliance.​
    General Rules:
    • All character sheets are to be DMed to the GM for approval​
    • Follow the ToS​
    • No OPing/Godmodding​
    • Be realistic​
    • Try to have a few picture every noun again​
    • Original Characters are acceptable​
    • Legends and Canon Characters are acceptable​
    • If you cease posting for 32 days with no reason, your character may be taken over by the GM as an NPC (prior warning and plenty of time will be given before the character can be killed of)​
    • DM the GM if you have any questions​
    Character Sheet:
    • Name:​
    • Age:​
    • Gender:​
    • Race:​
    • Base Planet: (the planet your HQ is on)​
    • Equipment:​
    • Physical Description:​
    • Allegiance:​
    • Ship under command: (Size varies from one man fighter to small battlecruiser)​
    • Biography:​
    • Other Info:
    Also new player are always welcome :3
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    GM Approved
    Name: Moff Dixon Hendrich

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Base Planet: Jakku

    Equipment: Medpac, EC-17 Pistol, Thermal detonator

    Physical Description: Short brown hair that is usually hidden under a cap, standard Imperial officer uniform, average height

    Allegiance: Empire

    Ship under command: Avenger- class Star Destroyer
    Dixon's parents were killed at the battle of Geonosis were they acted as one of the few non-clone officers. Dixon was then taken to a Republic operated orphanarium where he was adopted by Vargo Hendrich and moved to the planet Bespin.​

    When he was 10 Vargo died after failing to pay a local crime lord for protection. He acted as a petty street thief and pickpocket till he was 11. The floating city he live on (Sky City) underwent a serious criminal protection act. After that he was forced to leave because he knew he would get caught eventually with the new security measures in place.

    He hitched a ride to Nal Hutta where he became a junior bounty hunter. He helped five other bounty hunters take down a rival gang.​

    Then Imperial guards stationed on the planet noticed his strategic skill and at the age of 14 he was abducted by the Empire for an experimental training program. He under went intense training. They would drug him to make him think that certain situations were happening, then they would see how he reacted. His results were unmatched and he beat the other four trainees. Once he completed his traumatic training at the age of 18 he did a years service as a ground forces commander and a years service as a battle ship commander. On his 21st birthday he was promoted to Moff. Now he faces his biggest challenge yet...​
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    Crew of the Carrack-class light cruiser Easy Job
    Allegiance: Rebellion but, are not officially affiliated
    Base Planet: None really but they generally work out of Trìewahl Docking Station
    Captain: Krolik, Male, Lepus Carnivorus, 35

    Equipment: Light shirt, green jacket, tan slacks, and brown boots, blaster in a shoulder holster, wit

    Physical Description: 1.83 meters tall, dark blue fur long ears short tail.

    Biography: Krolik was your average Lepi with penchant for theft. This got him into more than enough trouble, and he spent too much of his time in lockup. He made relationships with many of the other reprobates in there, learning a lot from the older ones. As he bounced in and out he learned more and more soon, becoming something of a leader.

    Using his leadership skills he took control on a small group of other young criminals. Doing odd jobs, stealing from the Empire, wealthy private citizens, it didn't really matter just as long as there was money involved. As happens with criminal groups, they started infighting, and distrust grew. They pulled one last job together, most of them getting caught in the aftermath. Krolik escaped, and formed a new group. This was the cycle he fell into, from a group, group turns on each other, dich group form a new one. As his skills and confidence grew the crews he'd form lasted longer and longer.

    With the money he earned from the jobs he'd pull he bought a little TL-1800 that he called the Sneaky Trix. He started smuggling with a bit of light theft on the side. He started collecting a crew first was a Twi'lek named Zin. Zin had a rebellious streak, always looking for a way to 'stick it' to the Empire. Krolik couldn't care less about the Rebellion but, if they were paying, sure why not steal from Imperials. The next was a Balosar mechanic named Fiisarr, kept Trixy in good repair, even made her a bit faster.

    The fourth member of the crew was a Sephi that called herself Zeedee or Zee for short. She had a knack for electronics fixing them breaking them, even finding ways of effect the systems of other ships while still safely aboard the Sneaky Trix. The last member they found was a giant broad-shouldered Kerestian called Taniwah, he had his usefulness mostly as an imposing figure and deadly fighter but, he usually busied himself with the weapons systems.

    With this crew the Sneaky Trix did a little bit of everything, bounty hunting, thievery, piracy, and smuggling, really anything to keep money in their pockets. They took jobs for the Rebellion mostly at Zin's insistence mostly blockade running and again smuggling.

    Shortly before the battle of Endor the crew came across an Imperial Carrack-class light cruiser docked at a space port. Zin got it into his head that they could steal it, give it to the Rebellion. Krolik was very much against it, how they would even pull that off but, his crew seemed very motivated to try. Well, everyone except Taniwah, the Kerestian couldn't care less but, if the plan involved cracking some Imp skulls, he was in.

    In a hasty planning session a shaky plan was thrown together. First step, get the Captain's voice, they needed to get him talking long enough for them to make a voice overlay. After a little bit of observation, Fiisarr took that job, coming back with everything Zeedee needed, how he'd done it is shrouded in mystery. Next was taking the second-in-command out of commission. Taniwah dealt with that, in the most direct way possible, got into a bar fright with him, and broke his jaw, and several other things. Third step was accessing the comm system onboard the ship. Zeedee took that with glee sneaking onboard though an emergency airlock, that she space walked to. Once they had access the last thing to do was to give a general evacuation call that went out across the whole ship, with the overlay anyone could do it but, Krolik took responsibility, being that he was the leader and all.

    His voice, sounding very different than normal, rang out over the light cruiser waring of a coolant leak and a reactor breach, providing all the right codes and such that the Empire, with all their protocol loved. Soon most of the crew had left and the Lepi and his group just walked aboard and took control.

    They thought it was an Easy Job, but, some of the engineering crew were not fooled by Krolik's message and remained behind. They managed to get a call out that it was a hoax to some of the Imperials that fled. There was no more time they had to leave. They told Zin who stayed onboard the Sneaky Trix ready to pull them out if necessary. The crew had taken control of the cruiser and was making their escape. Some troopers tried to stop them but, Taniwah handled that issue. What was a bigger issue was the Star Destroyer that was now in system. They were asking for codes and information that the Trixy crew didn't have.

    Thinking fast Zin started attacking the dreadnought, pulling their attention, and giving his crew a chance to escape. Krolik tried finding a way to save his friend but, the Empire tore the light freighter to shreds in an instant. They made the jump to lightspeed but, were shaken; Zin gave up his life to save them. None of them were prepared of that.

    The ship was deadly silent as they planned their next move, the original plan was to sell the ship to the Rebellion and make a tidy profit. Now they didn't want to give up their only ship. The question was asked,

    "What would Zin do?"

    The answer was easy, he'd fight the Empire, with a single ship and determined crew. They all knew that it was going to get them killed but, death was coming for each of them, might as well face it head on.

    Engineer: Fiisarr, Male, Balosar, 23

    Equipment: Black shirt under greyish overalls that he uasally has tied around his waist, tool belt

    Physical Description: 1.75 meters tall, white hair, blueish eyes and antennaplaps that extend from his head.

    Biography: Born on Balosar, Fiisarr quickly fell in with the wrong crowd learning how to hijack landspeeders and taking them to 'Chop Shops' to be sold for parts. There he quickly picked up mechanics and working very quickly. When the authorities shut down the operation the crew he was working with fled, scattering across the planet.

    Fiisarr found himself stowing away aboard a smuggling vessel. It was easy for him to hide, being immune to poisons and other pollutants, he could go where other beings feared to go. Eventually he was caught and he convinced them to let him stay trading his mechanical skills for safe passage. With that experience he bounced from ship to ship as a sort of freelance mechanic only staying on for short periods of time, that was until meeting Krolik and Zin, and Trixy. The trio got into a lot of trouble and got out every time, it was fun and challenging, two things Fiisarr had been looking for, that and a pretty girl.

    When Zeedee joined up Fiisarr was drawn to her but, he started to feel differently about her. She was strange, in an endearing way and rather rambunctious. They become partners in crime, always making their own fun, usually involving pulling one over on people they didn't like. He started to see her like a sister and nothing else.

    His heart however was still pulled by a pretty face every now and then, usually leading to trouble. Most times he was saved by Zeedee or the other crew.

    When they stole the Easy Job and lost Zin, Fiisarr felt like he'd lost a family member. When the suggestion of taking the fight to the Empire was made, he was the first to raise his hand, he wanted to hurt the Imps for what they took from him.

    Electronics Officer: Zeedee, Female, Sephi

    Equipment: Dark half robe with a hood and shorter sleeves that comes down to her waist over a simple pink (or other brightly colored) shirt and black slacks, a datapad hidden in in the robe and holdout blaster in the small of her back.

    Physical Description: 1.75 meters tall, black hair, cut short, purplish skin and pointed ears.

    Biography: Very little is known about Zeedee, while she seems bubbly and extroverted she never really gives up anything about her past. Here and there she'll let slip about other jobs she'd done, or other people she worked with but, nothing really telling.

    One can also get the sense that she is far older than her youthful looks suggest. What is known is she is very good with electronics and slicing probably one of the best slicers in the galaxy. She also gets every offended when someone thinks an astromech is better than her, and will prove that she can beat them.

    She joined up with the Sneaky Trix crew on a lark it seemed and has stuck around for reasons all her own.

    When Zin was lost, she hid herself away for a little, no one really knows what went on but, when she left her room she seemed determined. She was the one that asked,

    "What would Zin do?"

    Weapons Officer: Taniwah, Male, Kerestian, 34

    Equipment: Black shirt under a tan vest over similarly colored pants tucked into black boots, a heavy blaster pistol at his right hip and a darkstick in a sheath at his left.

    Physical Description: 2.1 meters tall, with a thick muscly frame, two black runs of hair that run down his back.

    Biography: Taniwah was born on a planet in the outer rim, his family had been brought from Kerest as slaves. His father worked as a bodyguard for their current master, Taniwah was trained to replace his father should he fall. When the day came, the Taniwah slipped into the role of protector. Thought under his veneer of servitude beat the heart of a man wanting freedom.

    When the opportunity presented itself, he ended his 'masters' life and fled into the wider galaxy. He bounced around acting as an enforcer for various groups, but, never slavers, those he killed on sight, and released as many slaves as he could. He had been forced to serve once he wouldn't let anyone else go thought that.

    Other than that one thing, Taniwah had no issues with anything else, piracy, smuggling, robbery and just general violence. He always looked out for himself first, the groups he was with didn't matter. He joined up with the Sneaky Trix crew after being part of a team that tried to steal it. The Trixy crew made him a better offer so he took it, was as simple as that.

    He'd picked up a few skills from his days as a slave and his years spent bouncing across the galaxy. Most notable is cooking. The being could make anything taste great with just a few things. Also weapons systems, he always wanted to make sure his ships could fight back if necessary. These skills have helped him in various situations.

    When Zin was killed, Taniwah didn't really feel anything. Zin was a colleague but, not someone he worried about. When Fiisarr and Zeedee suggested turning rebel he didn't have anything better to do, and he'd always suspected the Empire used slave labor in places, so he stuck with the crew, until something better came along.
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    • Name: Sibar Lank
    • Age: 25
    • Gender: Male
    • Race: Zabrak
    • Base Planet: Mygeeto
    • Equipment: E-11 sniper rifle, vibro knife, impact grenades, and a DH-17 pistol
    • Physical Description: Nimble, skinny, and not very strong.
    • Allegiance: The Rebel Alliance
    • Ship under command: (Size varies from one man fighter to small battlecruiser) stationed on a EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate
    • Biography: Sibar grew up on Corellia. He was born 21 ABY. He spent most of his childhood moving around from place to place as Zarbaks were abused by the Empire and its xenophobia. Sibar left his family at the age of 15 to join a rebel cell. He went from cell to cell for a while till he ended up as a lieutenant in the rebel Alliance when Mon Mothma made her official declaration of Rebellion. He was based on the Hydrian way assisting with arms dealing when the Death Star was destroyed.
    Sibar and his garrison were stationed on Cerea during the battle of Endor. A day after the battle they were dispatched to Mygeeto to begin a campaign to take Dantoonine and Muunilinst. His company awaits its deployment to the surface while the first wave of fighters tries to break through the Empire’s defenses. If they can punch a hole through the blockade Sibar and his fellow troops will go down and try to disable the planetary defenses.
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    Name: NN-5648 (Mark Consolot)
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Base Planet: Dxun
    Equipment: E-11 Blaster Rifle, hold out pistol, survival packs, rations, pair of thermal detonators
    Physical Description: Shaved black hair. Around 5ft 8in. Usually wears white Scout Trooper armor, but sometimes wears alternate scout armor. Caucasian. [​IMG]
    Allegiance: Empire
    Ship under command: No ship but he does ride a 74-Z speeder bike
    Born on Bonadan: Mark has had a tough life. His father was a professional con-man who messed with the wrong gang. When Mark was 11 his father tricked a local spice dealer into selling him spice for half price in return for some "genuine" space ship fuel. The fuel was expired landspeeder oil and when the dealer found this out he put a bounty on Marks fathers head.

    The Consolot's were already poor and could barely afford food. So Marks oldest brother killed his father in his sleep and collected the bounty. Marks brother bought supplies and a ticket to Coruscant however Mark wanted in as well. He couldn't care less whether his dad was dead or alive he just wanted to get off Bonadan, so he convinced his brother to buy him a ticket or he would tell the spice dealer that he was working with his father.

    Marks brother caved in and purchased him a ticket (he wouldn't bother killing his sibling as Mark taught himself to fight and had even made an array of daggers and swords out of scrap metal). So within a week Mark and his brother were off, leaving their dying mother behind. The ship they were on was cheap and shifty. As a result the ships faulty hyperdrive dropped out of hyperspace above Kashyyyk. The ship then made an attempt to land but crashed into a tree (that's right a tree). Their weren't many survivors and Mark was one of them. He lived in the jungle for several years and would go to Wookie villages only to trade. When he was 14 he met a fellow castaway- a female Twi'lek- and Mark gained a new best friend. For the first time in his life he felt something. Affection? Love? But one day when a large ship arrived she went to go trade with them (as he was injured and couldn't walk) but she never returned. Mark was heart broken and pledged to find the people who killed her and KILL them.

    At the age of 15 an Imperial garrison landed and dropped off several troopers. Mark persuaded the captain of the ship to take him back to Coruscant so he could train to be a Stormtrooper. The next thing he knew he was accepted into the Imperial Academy, but not as a Stormtrooper cadet but as a Special Forces Scout Trooper cadet. By the time he was 19 he graduated as an honor student.

    He was sent to various jungle planets for a few years. Then when he was 23 he was stationed on the Forest Moon of Endor. After failing to stop Rebel commandos from deactivating the shields he was presented with a strike on his record. He managed to escape and was re-stationed on Onderons largest moon Dxun where Rebel activity was rumored to be going under way.
    Other Info:
    Mark has a soft side (after all he's witnessed he's been a bit weakened).
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    Name: Joseck Desertfire
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male

    Race: human

    Base Planet:Coruscant

    Equipment: E-11 Blaster Rifle

    Physical Description: Youthful, slick, brown hair, skinny, tall, pale skinned, blue eyes. Wears
    Standard Imperial Uniform

    Allegiance: Galactic Empire

    Ship under command: The Messenger (Imperial Class 1 Star Destroy) Personally staffed by handpicked officers and troopers.

    Biography: Joseck is the Minister of Imperial Propaganda and the Ministry of Information. Growing up on Raxus during the Clone Wars, he and his family always felt trapped being the few pro-republic families that were unable to escape when the Separatist launched their war against the Republic. For years, his mother and father told him that all of what Count Dooku said and did was lies and that what he saw on the holonet was merely propaganda. However the fascination of false truth and lies fascinated the young lad and thus for years he learned and studied the ways of propaganda, even going as far as to read Count Dooku’s own Words of Truth, learning how the power of words can influence entire star systems and shape the history of the galaxy, especially by the Dooku Holonet Hack, when the Confederacy used unauthorized shadowfeeds to spread their own propaganda to the republic during the Clone Wars. When the Empire liberated the planet, he was grateful for brining the end to the chaos and to the feeling of being a prisoner on his own homeworld, that he quickly joined the Imperial academy demonstrating a talent for spinning information no matter what it was in the Empire’s general attention, rising through the ministry of information until he caught the eye of the Emperor himself when he was able to turn a factory explosion near the Imperial Palace and make it look like an assassination attempt on the Emperor. He was rewarded and made head of the Ministry and thus secured a place in the inner circle .He is a charismatic speaker yet as a officer in war, he has spent time studying military tactics and space combat , despite his desire to be a general in the war against the rebellion and thus his own egotism makes him ignore most of the wisdom of his military attache. But his loyalty to Palpatine is unquestioned and he will follow no matter what to the letter.

    Other Info
    After the Rebel attack on Bandomeer and the cutting off of the braxant run he was sent to insure the loyal Imperial Citizens that they are safe despite the fact of a loss of an entire trade route.
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    Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls I welcome you to:
    And so it begins:
    It has been one week since the Battle of Endor. One week since the battle that changed the Rebels from ragtag terrorists to a serious threat to the Empire. Now the galaxy is in anarchy. The emperor, his right hand man: Darth Vader, the executor and several other high ranking Imperial officers are all dead. There is a massive power struggle in the Empire with people as low ranking as a moff having a chance to seize power of the entire galaxy.
    But the Alliance are having problems of their own. They must capture three planets for three very specific reasons. Muunilinst for their massive banks, seizing them would have an effect on even the Imperial economy. Dantooine for the databanks that are believed to have been there since the Jedi Civil War, it is rumored that they have a map to the Geindem Crystal, an extremely rare and powerful crystal that can power three Death Stars. And of course Kuat for its endless ship yards. Not only that but the Alliance also have to free other planets in need of assistance.
    Now let the games begin....
    Dixon store at the inhospitable, barren planet that was Jakku. When he volunteered to work on the planet he didn't expect that his job would be so eventful. He wanted a relaxing life on the desert planet, away from the action. Somewhere he could fight the rebellion but not have to deal with the worry of death. Well now the exact opposite of that was happening. He was being shipped to the Imperial capital: Coruscant. A new leader is yet to be decided and he was one of the potential future emperors. His Star Destroyer was about to make the jump to hyperspace when suddenly. BAM! Alarms began ringing across the ship. Dixon fell to the ground as the ship shudderd. Out of his view port he saw TIE Fighters firing at the ship. Traitors. No wonder, many high ranking Imperial generals have been sending their troops to take out the competion, selfish fools want to be the leader of the galaxy, well it won't be that easy. The fighters dived down and started shooting again. Dixon needed to make a decision, fight the traitors or make an escape or even some thing more drastic. It was Dixons choice and if he made the wrong one he could end up dead....
    Tag: Darth Villus
    The crew of Easy Job all crowded around the table, muching away at the succulent meat and exotic fruits the lay in front of them. Krolik was definitely enjoying it the most, well at least he was enjoying the meat.
    "All available troops report to pre-battle, I repeat report to pre-battle" blurted out a speaker.
    A slender, Nautolan waltzed in to the cafeteria of the ship.
    "Oi, you guys what the blazers are you doing? All troops to pre-battle didn't you hear?" he demanded. Krolik stood up.
    "Who do you think you're talking to? We ain't your troops. We just sold you a butt load of guns for half price and to make it up to us you give us this crappy-but delicious- food. Now next time you think of bossing us around you can just--"
    Suddenly the ship violently lurched forward sending crates of ration packs flying through the air. Several monitors showed the battle ship they were in plummeting into Dantooine's atmosphere.
    "Quickly get to the Easy Job in hangar B12. We've been hit and we're going to crash," ordered Zeedee.
    "Right we're going to have to make a getaway," replied Taniwah.
    "Oh no, we're going to go down there and get those data files," answerd Zeedee.
    "You have got to be kidding we are getting out of here," stated Krolik.
    "Oh no we're not" Zeedee replied.

    Tag: galactic-vagabond422
    Josek Desertfire stood observing the battle that was transpiring in front of him. Muunilinst was crucial to the Imperial cause. It the Rebels managed to get past the blockade all hell would break out. A standard Imperial officer stroded up to the minister.
    "Sir, they've broken through the blockade and a small squadron are about to land on the planet. We've identified at least three humans, one Zabrak (Iridonian I believe), two Twi'leks and a Besalisk,"
    The smile on Desertfire's face vanished instantly.
    "What?" He demanded. "They got through. How could this happen? You know what never mind. Get me a personal squadron and we'll land on the planet. I'll kill them my self if I have to,"
    The officer simply replied with: "yes sir."​

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    IC: Sibar Lank
    Battle of Mygeeto, shortly before the events of the Battle of Munnilist.

    Sibar Lank gripped his sniper rifle closely as the U-Wing he was in flew past blaster fire, barley dodging the barrage brought on by the Imperial cruisers above them. He and 6 other Rebel’s had been told to gear up and land on the surface of Mygeeto, on the mountains near an Ion cannon. While 4 of the rebels with them were actually trained pilots, the others where packed into two U-Wing's troop compartment. The other two pilots flew A-Wings in order to quickly take out incoming fighters.

    The squadron began to approach their intended landing vicinity. “Ok everyone Sibar, Gandar, Ryssa, and Dex, get out the moment we land” said the Twilek piloting the U-Wing Sibar was in.

    “Good luck guys” Sibar said as he and Gandar rushed out of the ship and onto the mountain terrain.

    “Thanks but you will be the ones needing it right now. Being the sole landing party is kind of a daunting task” the pilot responded. The U-Wings took off quickly and converted into their snubfighter form and engaged the Tie's that had been chasing them.

    Sibar, Ryssa, Gandar, and Dex were ready to go. Ryssa was a Twilek female and used blaster pistols and was the team leader. Gandar was the heavy, he used two heavy blaster rifles and carried tons of explosives on him. Dex was human and used an A208 blaster rifle.

    “Come on everyone we have to start climbing up the slope before the Imps send transports to intercept us” Ryssa ordered. The team began to hike up the mountain towards the entrance of the ion cannon. They would need to work their way past the platforms of enemy troops that guarded the cannon’s generator.

    Once they were about 20 feet away Sibar set up his perch and got his sniper rifle ready. The others moved forward and hid behind some ruble ready to fire at the Stormtroopers on the platform that was a short jump away from the edge of the cliff the team stood on. Sibar got a Stormtrooper in his scope and gave his signal for the others to attack, that being a blaster shot cutting cleanly through the mask of the Stormtrooper.

    Gandar threw a grenade at the enemy squad. There were 5 troopers stationed by the edge. The one Sibar shot hit the ground before the other Sormies could react. Gandar’s grenade went off right as they began to raise their blasters. Only 2 survived the blast but were in a daze. Ryssa blasted the two Stormtroopers, and then the team jumped over the gap and began waiting for more enemies to show up because of all the noise.

    Sibar moved to the spot where the others had just been hiding, and looked down his scope. A squad of 9 Stormtroopers approached the team. The enemy started firing. They knew they were too far away to hit the rebels but still wanted to force the infiltration team back. Sibar shot down one of the Stormtroopers and proceeded to aim for the next. Ryssa and Dex took cover by some cell towers. Gandar began to fire off his blasters at the attackers. Two Stormtroopers quickly fell dead while another get hit but survived and fell back.

    Sibar shot and killed another one of the Stormtrooper’s who had begun taking cover. One of the troopers stupidly proceeded to charge and got ripped to shreds by Gandar and Ryssa’s fire.
    The other Stormies fired from behind cover. Sibar could not get a clean shot. “Hey Gandar grenade em out of there” Sibar said over the comm. Gandar fell back a bit and Dex opened cover fire for him. Gandar tossed a grenade out and it landed near the enemy. The Stormtroopers survived the blast but had to jump out into the open. Sibar immediately hit one hit a clean shot. “Thanks Gandar” He yelled.

    Gandar chuckled and began to open fire again, gunning down a Stormtrooper. Ryssa took down another while Dex finished off the last one in a barrage of blaster fire. “Good shooting everyone! Let’s move onwards now” Ryssa shouted. The team followed quickly with Sibar putting away his sniper rifle for his DH-17 pistol. He would not need to snipe from afar for the time being since the second platform had much less space meaning they had to fight up close.

    As the Rebels approached they instantly got fired upon. Sibar and Dex got to cover while Gandar began to fire on the Stormtroopers with Ryssa getting up close and nimbly dodging enemy fire and swiftly gunning down enemies. Sibar and Dex soon got out of cover and began taking down Stormtoopers. Soon 7 Stormtroopers laid dead while 3 more engaged the rebels with 2 more trying to run. Sibar used his pistol to shoot them but only managed to kill one. The other Stormtroopers soon fell dead and the rebels ran for the main doors before a troop deployment or a Tie run-by could happen.

    Gandar placed an explosive change on the blast door and the team backed up. “Cover your ears” the Besalisk said as he pressed the trigger and the door exploded open in a fiery blast. Before the smoke could even clear enemy blaster bolts whizzed by. Sibar tried to see where they came from and then opened fire on what should be the chest of the shooter. Soon one of the streams of fire stopped. Ryssa began shooting as much as possible into the cloud and seemed to kill one shooter and at least hit another. Soon the enemy fire stopped and the team proceeded through the door cautiously.

    The rebels looked around once inside. There were two hallways, one leading to the control room/barracks and the other to the power generator. “Ok Dex and Gandar hold out here and shoot any Stormies that try and get to the generator. Sibar and I will destroy it. Can you give me the charges Gandar?” Ryssa asked. Gandar handed over the charges “good luck you two” he said in his gruff yet comforting voice.

    Sibar had served with Gandar since his mission in the Hydrian way, and had served with Ryssa and Dex since Cerea.
    Sibar and Ryssa headed off in the direction of the generator. They slowly walked down the corridors waiting for any door - even a supply closet - to spring open with troops inside. The two heard footsteps and quickly hugged the walls. In a few moments two Stormtroopers walked down on their way to the main entrance where Gandar and Dex were. Sibar opened fire on one who quickly dropped to the floor as flames burst from his chest. Ryssa fired 5 or 6 shots into her target who suffered the same fate as his fellow Stormtrooper.

    “Let’s move” Ryssa said. The two knew there had to be more enemies right ahead, lying in wait by the generator. The Rebels reached the end of a corridor where there was an open area and a blast door. As soon as they rounded the bend blaster fire soared at them. The two took cover and fired back even though it was a fruitless gesture.

    “I will hose down their cover with as much fire as possible, you run at them and take em out nice and close” Sibar said. Ryssa nodded and ran towards the opening. Sibar opened fire on the cover the enemies hid behind. He nearly overheated the blaster. Ryssa leaped over one of the cargo chests that were being used as cover. She shot one trooper in the head and kicked the other’s blaster away and shot a few rounds into the trooper’s chest. Sibar charged the other cargo container and took out the Stormtrooper who had popped his head up to shoot Ryssa as she was focused on the other troopers. Ryssa shot the other trooper soon after by heading around the cover as the Stormtrooper jumped up to shoot Sibar.

    Sibar and Ryssa approached the blast doors. They placed one of the charges on the door and backed up. It soon exploded and the two opened fire. Sibar had taken cover at one of the cargo containers and pulled out his sniper rifle. Ryssa hung to the wall by the now destroyed door and sprayed fire all around the room. It was risky to do so because a shot could theoretically take down the generator with the rebels inside but it was a risk they needed to take otherwise they would die and the ion cannon would never go down at all.

    Sibar shot down 2 enemies quickly and Ryssa caught another in a barrage of fire. Both ran into the room with Sibar now using his pistol. Two more Stormtroopers were gunned down by Ryssa and Sibar melee attacked another with his pistol, causing the trooper to topple over the edge of the railing and fall into the generator. Ryssa shot the officer in charge and put blasters to the heads of the control operators. “Run or we will shoot, and if we see you try and grab a blaster or attack our allies you will wish we left you here to die in the explosion” Ryssa said with a conviction that sent a shudder down Sibar’s spine.

    “Come on lets rig these up Sibar” Ryssa said, handing him an explosive. The two placed as many as possible and then ran for it. Once they were at the main entrance again they found that it was being overwhelmed. The two opened fire. “Why the hell didn’t you two tell us that you are being overrun?” Ryssa yelled.

    “We did not want you two to be scared and come to save us before you finished planting the explosives” Dex responded.
    “Thanks for having SOOO much faith in our ability to follow orders guys” Sibar said annoyed. He and Ryssa tried to take out the Imperials that now tried to come through the front entrance, while Gandar and Dex tried to hold off those coming from the barracks.
    Soon most of the enemies coming from the outside had died. “Come on let’s make a run for it!” Ryssa yelled. They all ran out the front door while firing wildly behind them.

    The rebels tried to run as far as possible so they could escape the blast, but do so before the enemy could disarm the explosives. Once the team was on the farthest platform they got ready to turn the whole thing to dust but before they could take cover a Tie fighter flew by and fired at them. In an instant the area where Dex was running blew up in a fiery blaze and Dex was gone. “Nooo” Gandar yelled. Sibar and Ryssa went flying from the blast. Sibar knew there was no time to wait so he pressed the button and the charges went off.

    The team got to their feet and ran as fast as possible. The ion cannon exploded in a massive blast while the rebels leaped to the mountain to get away from the blast radius. The entire cannon which was about 50 feet away from them horizontally and its bottom 20 feet above them, exploded in on last blaze. The platform it stood on and the ones connected fell to the depths of Mygeeto.

    “We actually did it!!!” Ryssa cheered. Everyone was still shaken by Dex’s death and the explosion but there was no time for that they needed to talk to the fleet and tell them to land the shuttles ASAP.

    “Alliance Nebula cruiser: Blockade Crusher, this is Rebellion assault team 5. We just destroyed the ion cannon as you can no doubt tell. You are free to send in reinforcements.” Sibar said over the com.

    “This is Blockade Crusher, sending the troops down as we speak. Get ready to attack a near-by underground outpost. We need their reinforcements cut off and a landing area before we can land more than a few shuttles at the time being. We have the advantage of the Imperials being dazed right now but that will change soon” The Nebula-B frigate’s command responded.

    “Understood sir. We are open for transports to pick us up and take us to the location” Ryssa said.

    “Sorry we can’t get you any closer to the outpost. We will drop the troops off by you and then you can find the top entrance and storm the place. We have to work quickly and get that outpost ASAP” The officer responded.

    “Got it sir. We will meet the troops at the rendezvous. Give them the heads up that we are short a man. Dex was killed” Ryssa said while looking at the others as if to see if they were going to react to hearing it said aloud.

    “Will do. Sorry to hear that, he was a good man. Blockade Crusher out” The officer said solemnly.

    The team began to rush to the coordinates, prepared to take on any Imperial threat that stood in their way. They had survived the days of the rebellion hiding in wait but now they took the fight to the Empire. If they had to take down each Imperial on this world they would in a heart-beat.

    Battle of Muunalist, 4 weeks later

    "Acklay squad tighten up, we're going in" Sibar ordered over the coms. Ryssa and Gandar stuck closely to his X-Wing as they descended to Muunilist. The 3 of them had 3 more troopers following along with them, two humans and a Twilek.

    "Copy that Acklay leader. We are right behind you" Ryssa said.

    The team was the first to attack Muunilist. "Funny" Sibar thought to himself "The Alliance to Restore the Republic attempting to free a world that was a major supporter of the Galactic Banking Clan and the CIS which nearly destroyed said Republic little more then 20 years ago." The Rebellion had made a full frontal assault on Muunilist in order to seize the Empire's banks and hurt their economy. This battle was bound to be tricky. The Empire had tightened security on the planet due to the campaign the Rebellion started in order to make their way to Muunilist and the planets near the end of the Braxant run. Part of the Empire's heightened security was that they had gotten military strategist and head of Imperial propaganda, Joseck Desertfire to control the defenses.

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    IC: Josseck Desertfire
    Battle of Munnulist Present Day

    Josseck Desertfire patrolled the most secure area on Muunlist, the Capital City of Harnaidan in his personal hover car along with a corporal who served as his aid. Of the soldiers he inspected several of them were actual Munn’s. As part of his Propaganda efforts to boost moral, Josseck had ordered the creation of a Munn militia, a ploy to not only cause Rebel forces to hesitate in their assault lest they anger the Munn people, but also to show that Imperial Subjects when down for the count were willing to back the Empire in all it’s endeavors. At least that’s what the populace back on Coruscant and the remaining loyal Imperial worlds would think any way.

    However things were not going well, Rebel forces were already attacking, it was bad enough that the Empire had lost the major trade route. So bases were set up near the major urban population centers, and outpost and checkpoints secured all major roads. The cities themselves were no less abundant with troops as there were checkpoints every five to six miles. Local policing itself was mostly up to the Milita.

    Still Jossecks thoughts remained concerned about the Rebel forces. Deep down he knew that the people were not on his side. Most of the militiamen he either had to bribe with credits or the perks of having power over fellow Muun’s. But it was a good tactic and to him propaganda was just as powerful as any military maneuver.

    “Imperial Scum!” A Munn yelled in the distance, a few more joined in the fray.. “Dogs! Thieves! Murderers!”

    The Imperial militiamen tried to quell the situation by shooting civilians point blank, their aim not as precise or refined as a regular trooper but it still got the job done. Josseck did his best to ignore the situation but still he couldn’t help but feel cold.

    “Ingrates all of them.” Josseck muttered. “The Munn people do not know how well they have it under or rule.”

    His Corporal aid merely looked up at the Minister for a few moments before returning to his work.

    “I used to live in a Separatist world when i was a child.” he told his aid, who had to listen these stories time and time again. “I remember the chaos of the Clone Wars. Or at least from what my parents would always tell me, they were loyal to the Republic, but they could never find a way to escape till they liberated us in those waning years.”

    “The Republic sir?” The aid asked.

    “No...The Empire. It was during the mop up period right after the Clone Wars had ‘officially’ ending. In fact it if my memory of the records serves me well it was one of the earliest missions of the now Imperial 501st legion or as they are now called Vader’s First.”

    The aid gave a bit of a shutter, young as he may be even he knew the tales of Vader’s fist one of the most if not the most elite group of forces the Empire had to offer. “Could Vader really be dead” the aid though. It seemed insane, the idea that someone so powerful was taken out. Even though many Imps feared him they still felt that he was always there to crush the rebels.

    Finally Josseck arrived at the makeshift command center, once the main banking administration of the planet not it was practically a fortress. A garrison of troops were stationed near by, regular Stormtroopers guarded the entrance as a well AT-STs patrolling the outer areas, along with a few heavy turrets on each corner of the building and one AT-AT stationed near by. The Empire was taking no chances.

    As he entered Josseck saw several Imperial Commanders surrounding a holo map of the entire planet showing the Imperial Fleet orbiting the planet already engaged with the Rebel forces.

    “What is happening out there!” Josseck yelled as he approached the map. “Why are our forces allowing even a single Rebel to land on the planet!”

    “Sir, these Rebels are more clever than we originally thought.”

    “I don’t care!” Josseck yelled. “We cannot afford to lose this planet! Do you know how massive a loss that would be for moral!”

    “Do you know how many Munn’s would openly aid the rebellion.” The Admiral said. “You're so called Militia is nothing more than the bribed and local thugs.”

    “And what is High Command doing!” Another general yelled, sounding incensed. “Who is even in charge! Pestage? Isard? Mass Ameeda?”

    Josseck was about to blow before finally managing to calm down, taking a large deep breath. “Look, our Empire, is as united, as it has ever been and I have a plan to stop this.” He taps one of the buttons on the holopad and shows a projection of a ring of Star Destroyers and other small ships surrounding the planet. “To insure that no other Rebel landing parties begin to enter the planet, will complete surround the planet, leaving no opening for any ships to pass. Our ships will lock in rank and no one ship is allowed to break rank. That way no more ships will be allowed to go through.”

    “Sir!” A stormtrooper entered the room in a panic.

    “What is it!” Josseck yelled his anger returning.

    “Sir! Rebel forces were spotted near the edge of the city. They are heading into the sewers.”

    Josseck eyes widened in horror. “Impossible.

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    Character Sheet, ordained by the GM

    • Name: Admiral Klark Reist
    • Age: 40
    • Gender: Male
    • Race: Human
    • Base Planet: (the planet your HQ is on): Muunilinst
    • Equipment: Imperial Admiral Uniform, comm link, always keeps a blaster at his side along with a vibro-steel knife. "No man if fit for battle if he forgets his weaponry!"
    • Physical Description: He stands tall and powerful, casting a shadow of gravitas wherever he goes. Pale steely eyes that show no remorse, nor mercy. Short brown hair pushed back. His facial features are sharp like his mind, his hands nimble, yet strong and capable. Everything about him is neat and organised - his uniform shows no dust or crinkle.
    • Allegiance: Not to the Emperor, whomever they may be - but to the Empire.
    • Ship under command: (Size varies from one man fighter to small battlecruiser): Praetor Mark II-class Battlecruiser -The Augustus-
    • Biography: Klark hails from the outer-rim. Born into a slave family, his early life was nothing but work for his cruel overlords. But, when the Republic came - it all changed. He recalls fondly seeing Republic Capital Ships descend from the skies, bringing not war - but liberation. As soon as he was of age, Klark joined the Republic Navy, and very quickly rose to the rank of Admiral. Becoming Admiral at the young age of 32 was strange, and was bound to bring hostility from his so-called peers. But he would show them. A master tactician, he swiftly crushed any and all enemies the Republic set him again. All he wanted was more - more respect, more power, more enemies to crush. After some time, Klark saw the cracks in the Republic's foundation. It was too weak- not willing to do what must be done. He welcomed the Emperor's radical reforms. Now nothing could stop Klark conquering in the name of the Empire - to bring glory for himself and his Galactic Nation.
    • Other Info: Klark is blinded by nationalism for The Empire. He views the death of the Emperor and the destruction of the Second Death Star as nothing but set-backs. He believes he alone can bring the Imperial Navy back to it's former glory. He has however, like all men, still got emotions and lust. He has developed a formbidden romantic relationship with his First-Mate, Miss Amelia Binsof.
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    IC: Easy Job Crew
    Dantooine, falling fast

    "Zee," Krolik almost pleads, as the crew moves briskly towards their docking bay. "I know you really want to find that crystal,"

    "It's not just a crystal Boss," she retorted, "it's the Geindem Crystal. Got enough punch to power three Death Stars."

    "While that's amazing Zee," Fiisarr jumped in, "Are you sure it even exists?"

    "And that's another thing." Taniwah growled, "When did we become treasure hunters? What are we a Falkirk crew?"

    "Hey," Zeedee piped up, trying to take control again, "Those crews find what they look for, legends exist, and this one is real I can feel it."

    "Look," Krolik said, the conversation continuing without breaking step, "Is it really worth all this?"

    "Yeah, you really want to tangle with the thing that can bring down this ship with a single hit?"

    "And if it's imps," the Balosar said turning his head to his crewmates, "we're karked. They're going to blockade this place and then we'll never get out."

    "But, this could be our only chance to get this information, it'll only take a minute." The Captain glared down at the purple skinned slicer. "Ok maybe a bit longer to download the whole databank but, if we find that crystal it could turn things around."

    "Zee I know we made a promise to help the rebellion but this, this is too much."

    Zeedee stopped cold, eyes looking up with determination, "Would Zin give up?"

    Krolik halted, letting out a breath. The silence held for a long time, too long by Taniwah's estimate as he continued on his path. Invoking their dead friend's name was a sure way to get Krolik's attention. His fist clenched, no Zin would find a way, or just figure out a plan later. His long ears drooped down a little recalling the last moments of the Tw'lek, as their first ship was torn to shreds.

    Fiisarr Gave a quick look between the two beings. "Guys we don't have time to wait, this ship is going down, fast." Krolik and Zeedee start walking again, the Captain still mulling over what was said. As they caught up to their towering companion the Krolik turned to Zee,

    "Open a line," he said, "ship wide."

    As she complied Taniwah snarled, "What are you doing?"

    "Lending a hand," Korlik replied,

    "Do you know the kind of strain that many people are going to put on our supplies?"

    "It will only be for a little while we'll drop them off at their base it'll be fine."

    "We don't have the food or water to supply even a quarter of this crew."

    "We won't be taking on that many, besides we can resupply elsewhere, it will be fine."

    "Don't think…"

    "This is not up for debate Taniwah" Krolik replied a tone of finality in his voice, "The Law of the Stars applies, You help a ship in distress."

    "Your karking law will send us all to the great darkness."

    Zee handed her captain a comlink already broadcasting over the shipwide PA system.

    "All Alliance forces, this is Captain Krolik of the Crarrick-class cruiser Easy Job, seems you're in a bit of trouble, if you cannot make it to an escape pod or other exit vehicle we are currently parked in Hangar B-12, we will only has a small window to affect our own escape but, we will happily take on more passengers." He switched off the comlink and turned the corner entering the large landing bay that held their ship. "Zee, open her up." He said.

    The Sephi smiled broadly and moved briskly up to the main gangway. She said some words in a language none of the other crew had heard before and the ramp descended. The crew got onboard an took their places, Krolik at the helm, Taniwah at the weapons station, Zeedee at the sensors, and Fiisarr back at the engines. The captain made all the preparations to take off but, held back, he'd wait, wait as long as he could, if any took him up on his offer they'd be in for one hell of a ride, no matter which way de decided to go.

    A decision he was still on the fence about, should he descend to the planet below, and begin the search for a legendary, possibly nonexistent, gem or try to escape. He didn't have long to wait and see, he'd have to do something soon.

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    IC: Admiral Klark Reist
    The Augustus, Helm, above Muunilinst.

    "Rebel Scum" Admiral Klark loudly thought to himself, as his eagle eyes peered out across the vast space in front of him from the bridge of The Augustus. Dotted around were ragtag groups of Rebel ships, all attempting to break through the Imperial blockade of Muunilinst. The Augustus was by far the largest ship in the defence, the only Praetor Mark II-class Battlecruiser amongst Star-Destroyers and Lancer Class Cruisers. The admiral stood, back straightened, hands neatly behind his back and feet to attention. He alone would rip glory from the jaws of the disgusting rebels.

    Around him, other ships had been firing since the start of the battle, trading Turbo-Laser blasts back and forth. The line was holding, yet some rebel ships had managed to make it through. A minor set-back. Inside the Bridge, the mellow hum of computers and personnel chatter filled the room. At the far end was the view port, with a slim walkway leading up to it, arching over the dug-out command room, where officers sat and carried out the will of the Empire.

    "Miss Binsof," Reist purred, authority carrying in his voice.

    "Yes, Admiral?" the youthful ginger haired woman replied calmly.

    "Inform the staff that we will be putting the plan into action very shortly."

    "If you will sir," a slight tone of worry carried on her voice, "what plan?" Admiral Reist turned his head slightly towards where Amelia was stood behind him.

    "My plan" he answered, returning to staring out of the view port.

    "Yes sir." Amelia rushed off to the nearest terminal.

    "Sgt Murray" the Admiral called out, louder. "Begin charging all weapons. Divert power from the hyperdrive towards main engines. Quickly. Sgt Gers, begin targeting key structures on the nearest Rebel ships." With a shout of confirmation, the staff began to set things in motion.

    Klark's lips pursed slightly, a rush of anticipation shot down his spine. He must remain calm however. His plan must be executed perfectly. He lent forward slightly, pushing a communications button on the terminal in front of him.

    "Admirals Freude and Ulrich," Reist addressed the admirals of the Star Destroyers to the left and right of The Augustus. "when my ship pulls back towards the planet, you two are to plug the gap. If even one rebel ship slips by you in my absence, I will personally kill you and every tenth man on your ship." He cut off communications before they could reply. Walking around the terminal and down the walkway towards the view-port, he addressed Sgt Murray, who sat calm, poised and ready at his position. "Begin immediately" the Admiral ordered. "Fire all weapons."

    After a second's delay, a barrage of Turbo-Lasers shot forth from the Augustus, the power of which it would take multiple Star Destroyers to match. Giant green bolts of searing hot plasma darted towards the closest rebel ships. Explosions soon followed, the rebel ships being hit in key vital positions. If the ships weren't outright destroyed, they were crippled or forced into retreat. Another barrage followed. And another. And a final, fourth set of shots to finish the job. By no means would this stop the advancing fleet. Nor would it destroy many ships. But it would definitely create a window of confusion to enable stage two of the plan.

    "Sgt Gers, full power to the reverse thrusters. I want us in the atmosphere above Harniadan as soon as possible.". Another shout of conformation followed.

    Reist straightened his back again, as he watched his ship slowly pull back, and the Star Destroyers hastily move in to reconnect the ring of Imperial ships around the planet. Just as the ship started to shake slightly from entering the high atmosphere of Muunilinst, Reist heard footsteps hurry behind him.

    "Miss Binsof" he did not need to turn to know who it was.

    "My Admiral, the Ion Cannons are primed and the Turbo-Lasers are finishing up cooling.". The Augustus shook more as it passed through the mid-atmosphere. What a sight it must of been to take a look to the sky - and see such a mighty imperial vessel descend down from the Heavens.

    "Excellent" the admiral replied, stroking his chin. "Come, Amelia, stand by my side and watch.". Without hesitation, the First-Mate walked up to the view-port. Clouds mixed with the endless beauty of the horizon as the ship began to slow it's descent. It stopped with a shudder.

    "The vista is beautiful sir" the woman said, staring out across the sky.

    "There's an even more beautiful view down there" Reist said eerily, staring down towards the city's outskirts. Amelia followed his eyes, and saw the battle raging on outside of Harniadan. Even from all the way up here, the horrors of war were easily felt. Thick rural countryside was scarred by massive, black craters, with smoke oozing out of them, drifting along the lands. Tiny traces of blaster and artillery fire could be seen through the trees.

    "Inside that forest, there is a nest of degenerates." Klark began. "There is a "rat" problem in the sewers, so I've been informed, leading into the city. Therefore, I will destroy the nest, and the rats will come out to play."

    "Of course Admira-" Binsof was cut off by the Admiral reaching for his own commlink.

    "Commander Desertfire, your Imperial troops have thirty seconds to withdraw from outside of the city. They will be decimated along with the rebels if they choose to stay." he once again cut off communications before a reply could be given.

    "Take it in, my dear Amelia. That view is about to get significantly better."

    30 seconds pass. The readied silence echoed loudly through the Bridge of The Augustus.

    "Begin" is all the Admiral muttered. The Sergeants in the command pit exploded into calm, yet quick, orders. The collective shudder of Turbo-Blaster charging and Ion-Cannon loading could be felt anywhere on the ship. The weapons primed, and a brief moment of strange serenity, hanged in the air. But then, Hell fell from the Sky.

    The incomprehensibly loud chorus of weaponry boomed for miles across. All 100 Turbo-Lasers fired, all 40 Ion Cannons discharged - all towards the battlefield - precisely where the main rebel force was. Hot plasma death rained from the sky, indiscriminently decimating anyone fighting on the battlefield. Hopefully the Imperial Forces got out in time.

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    IC: Captain Sibar Lank
    Muunilinst, outside of Harniadan

    Sibar and Acklay squad landed not far from an Imperial outpost intended to guard the massive elevated highways and Maglev tracks.

    “You know the mission everyone; take down the outpost to give our shuttles a place to land near the highways. First we need 3 troopers to get spotted on their way into the sewers of the capital and then blow up the main turrets. This will create a hole in the defenses allowing us to attack through that opening with our newly landed troops” Sibar said as he and his troops got out of their fighters. By some miracle (or the will of the Force) they had actually made it to the ground in one piece. The battle of Muunilinst will be a tough battle but then again that has never stopped Sibar before.

    Imperial transports would land down near the place where the fighters had been landed. Gandar had rigged them to explode so the Imps would be in for a surprise.

    The female human with them, a Twilek male, and Gandar were sent to deal with the sewers. “See you on the other side” Sibar said as he, Ryssa, and a human male went on their way to the outpost.

    Once the team got closer to the outpost Sibar ordered his troops to make their approach while he got a good vantage point on a hillside. They sat in wait for about half an hour before they got a message over the comms. “Sir we just walked past the sensors. Unless they are dumber then we though they know we are here” The human woman spoke over the comlink. At that moment Sibar saw two Lambda shuttles take off and a AT-ST transport carrier leave the outpost.

    He waited about 2 minutes for the shuttles to leave before saying “OK you two, I just got word that the others have been spotted. Fire when ready” Sibar ordered. Acklay squad made its first move with the human male using mortars to fire upon the enemy troops over the wall of the outpost. Seconds after the explosion an alarm went off. The Rebel’s raises their weapons and readied them for the onslaught. They had set up shop right outside the main doors behind some rocks.

    The blast door opened with an AT-ST walker and 3 Stormtroopers at its feet. The human opened fire on the walker, using an anti-vehicle missile launcher. The Ryssa shot at the Stormtroopers. The Imperial troopers died quickly, but the Rebels had to fall back quickly as the walker began to fire having recovered from the initial hit. Ryssa chucked a grenade at the walker while the human used the mortar again to damage the walker. It soon toppled over.

    The victory was short lived however since the Rebel’s almost instantly got shot at by more blaster bolts. The human trooper was killed in the issuing fire. Sibar had not had enough time to get a good shot when the scout troopers had popped up on the wall’s edge. He quickly got his bearings and took one of the snipers out. Having given away his position, Sibar ran from his vantage point and took aim at the next sniper while running and proceeded to fire off two shots before he hit the next target.

    The rest of Acklay squad had run to the outer wall and had their backs to it in order to avoid being easy targets. Seeing Sibar being shot at prompted Ryssa to leave the cover and shoot one of the scout troopers. Sibar dodged the enemy fire and leaped to the cover. The last scout trooper looked over the edge to shoot at the Rebels only to get a blaster bolt to the head. Before she could get her bearings a squad of Stormtroopers walked out from the blast doors right next to Ryssa.

    “Charge em!!!!” Sibar shouted.

    Ryssa and Sibar rushed the enemy and dodged the incoming blaster fire as best as possible and took out the shocked Stormtroopers. Only 2 survived, both of which were taken down by melee attacks by the Rebels as they closed the distance. As they did this a massive green blast fell from the sky and disappeared over the mountains only to result in the ground shaking and smoke coming from afar. Another blast hit a few miles away. The Rebels looked into the sky and saw that an Imperial cruiser was firing at the planet. There was no time to dwell on that however.

    Two more Imperials were on the left side of the doors and opened fire on the rebels. They only got off a few shots before Sibar took one out with his pistol while Ryssa killed the other.

    The Rebels began to notice more fire coming from deeper into the open staging area.

    “Get to cover” Sibar yelled. “You got any more mortars?” he asked once the two were hiding behind some crates.

    “One left” Ryssa answered.

    “OK then use it ASAP” Sibar ordered.

    Ryssa readied her mortar and fired. The explosive flew up and landed right on top of a number of Stormtroopers. The crates they were behind exploded as they did. Ryssa and Sibar left their cover and pressed through the flames to get the drop on the rest of the troopers.

    The main building’s doors opened and 5 more Imperials began firing. Sibar ducked down and took out his rifle killing two quickly while Ryssa shot down the other 3 with her twin pistols.

    The two Rebels entered the building to find it most abandoned. There were a few troopers here and there that they killed. Sibar spotted something as they searched the place “wait is that a back door?” he asked as he got closer. The two looked at each other and ran through it to find a bunch of Stormtroopers getting into a Lambda shuttle that was about to take off.

    “Should we let it go Sibar?” Ryssa asked. “I mean we let the other shuttles leave”.

    “No we should take out as many as possible. If the others actually are still alive we can’t let even more troops converge on their position” Sibar responded as he loaded his sniper rifle.

    He opened fire on the Troopers going up the ramp of the shuttle. The men inside quickly closed the door, locking out the troops still outside. The shuttle took off, abandoning the remaining 7 troopers. Two of the Stormtroopers fired at the rebels but the others knew they had been beat. The two who attacked were killed quickly by Ryssa. The remaining 5 got on their knees and the Rebels cuffed them.

    Once the troopers were in the outpost’s prison Sibar and Ryssa got to the command tower and contacted the Rebel fleet. The MC-80 Liberty Class cruiser, Resolute was in charge of the landing troops. “Resolute, this is Acklay leader, identification code 134-535-936-438”.

    “Identity code accepted. Is the outpost ours?” The bridge officer who answered the comm asked.
    “Yes, now get General Madine” Sibar responded.

    “Madine here. By the Force, you did it. We are prepping 2 GR-75’s at this very moment” Madine’s voice rang over the comms. He sounded stressed. Sibar could hear the ship rattling from hits every few seconds. “We just lost most of the Muun’s ground forces. The Empire rained hell upon them”.

    “We saw. Don’t worry, we will pull through. I will let you know the moment the turret’s go down. You will still have heavy opposition but at least this is a start”.

    About 2 minutes later a massive explosion shook the outpost. Sibar and Ryssa ran to the window. They could see fire in the distance and once they looked through the macrobinoculars they saw that the turret’s had been destroyed.
    Sibar’s comm went off almost instantly. “We got it!!” Gandar’s voice yelled over the speaker. “I was the only one who made it but I am on my way back to you right now” The Besalisk sounded exhausted. Ryssa shook Sibar’s shoulder in excitement.

    “Good work. I will inform Madine” Sibar responded with a smile on his face.

    “Sir the turrets are down! Send reinforcements ASAP. If any attempt to send a team to take this outpost was on their way already, they would be heading back right now with their tails between their legs to run back to their leaders for more orders. Now is the chance” Sibar said excitedly.

    “They are on their way now Acklay leader. Good work, all of you. Madine out”

    Sibar and Ryssa looked out the window with their macrobinoculars and saw way up high two Rebellion transports on their way to the planet. The ships were swarming with enemy fighters, but the Rebels were not slowing down.

    Sibar and Ryssa ran to the outpost’s cannons and manually used them to provide assistance. The Rebel landing crafts soon came close to the ground. The Rebel Snubfighters seemed to be getting more and more aggressive. Soon there were no more tie’s attacking.

    Sibar and Ryssa ran outside to greet their allies. The vessels dropped down some cargo and their doors opened up revealing tons of Rebel troops.

    Soon Sibar, Ryssa, Gandar (he had showed up soon after the reinforcements came), and the leaders of the Rebel garrison that had just landed sat around a holotable and discussed the battle thus far.

    “Why haven’t they bombarded us yet?” one of the captains asked.

    “We have no idea. They did that to the Muun’s earlier so it must be something. Possibly they are having some infighting. I doubt all of the Imperials were OK with someone bombarding their troops” Commander Siv Burkan said.

    “That or they don’t want to harm the highway and Maglevs” Sibar suggested as if the answer should have been everyone’s first guess.

    “Good point. That is likely why. They already have us down here. Last thing they want is to cut off their own troop supply anymore” Burkan responded.

    “So we should use some speeders to use that highway to our advantage. Put some bombs on them and have them detonate near the entrance to the Maglev station. It would give us an advantage later” Ryssa suggested.

    “Yes lieutenant Zolder. You tell the demolitions team to get that started” Burkan said.

    Ryssa left the room. Burkan turned to Sibar “Captain Lank, I want you and Acklay squad to be the field leaders”.
    “Wait WHAT” Sibar said with a shocked look on his face.

    “Yes the Muun people need to know that we are sending in our best. They heard of your exploits on Mygeeto. I know you just became a Captain and got put in charge of Acklay squad but we think the people need to see someone like you. A man who has become so much from standing up to the Empire will rally them” Burkan said this with enough authority and boldness that one could not help but hang onto his words.

    Sibar was still very worried “Sir I am not use to leading hundreds on the field. I can head a squad but not manage all these men”.

    “I get that but you are our best man for the job since I am staying here to lead from afar”.

    “Fine I will do it” Sibar said after taking a deep breath.

    The entire plan was ready and everyone was prepping for the attack in 5 hours. Sibar watched from afar as troops ran back and forth carrying gear to transports and people worked on fighters.

    Ryssa walked up next to him. “Hey you’ll do fine” she said reassuringly.

    “I know” Sibar said unconvincingly.

    “I get it you are a sniper and a more of a commando. You are not use to being at the front of a fight leading all these men to battle. I know it is daunting but they trust you. We all do” she said.

    “It is not about that. I got this position because of Mygeeto. Everything I did there was as a soldier not as a leader. Sure I was in command of all the survivors of the first wave of the final battle at the Imperial citadel but that was cause all the commanders died. Even then we had heavy losses” Sibar said while looking at the troopers running by. “Hell look at how today went. I lost a solder almost instantly”.

    “That was not your fault. The fact that either of us lived shows how great you did” she said.

    “I know but……I can accept loss. Good Gods I am a soldier in the rebellion. It is different when the troops that die are under you. YOU are the one who did not command them well enough or worse yet, had to let them die or have to except that people will die. It is part of war. I get that and I will go out there and lead these men to take the fight to the Empire. It will not stop eating away at me; I doubt it ever stops for any leader. I am fine. Sure I am anxious but hey when have I not been that way before a fight?” Sibar said. It was as if he came to grips with his situation midway through the statement.

    “Now let’s go see what’s up with the fly boys” he said as he walked towards the fighters that were being repaired.

    As the sun started to set in the distance the Rebel forces were ready. Everyone had geared up and they were all twitching for a fight.

    Everyone had just been briefed by Burkan. Sibar stepped up in front of all the Alliance troops. “We all know what we are going to do. The Empire had likely fortified the hole but we now have troops. They can use all the armament they want but that won’t stop us. We are gonna begin the attack on Harnaidan. We are the ones who are going to turn the tides and will get this whole planet to take down some Imp scum. So come on for the Rebellion, for the Republic, for Muunilinst!!!!” Sibar yelled as the troops cheered.

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    Bridge of the Augustus, the Battle of Muunilinst
    Admiral Klark Reist solidly stood viewing the battle below him. His first mate Miss Amelia Binsoff approached him.
    “Sir the rebels down below are preparing for something, should we send down a garrison of troopers?” she suggested with a hint of fear in her voice, as if expecting Reist to start yelling at her.
    “Not yet, but have one ready just in case. I want to spectate what the Alliance is doing. Tell Sgt Gers to keep me updated on what’s happening.”
    Amelia abruptly replied with a simple “yes sir.”
    Klark continued to spectate. On monitors he could see fuzzy images of the Alliance troops loading crates into transports. What were they doing? They couldn’t possibly be preparing for a land battle, could they?
    “Miss Binsoff please alert Minister Desertfire that we can see some strange activity just outside of Harnaidan,” requested Klark as Amelia made her way out of the room.
    “Yes sir,” she replied with. She always replied with that. As if she were a droid, mindless and obedient. But Reist knew she was much more than that, much more indeed.

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    Outside Harnaidan, the Battle of Muunilisnt
    The room was tense. Captain Sibar sat with his fellow troops. They discussed things: aside from war. They talked about their homes or girlfriends, but all this talk just made Sibar more anxious. He took another sip of his Correllian brandy. He still couldn't believe he was leading all the rebels, yet he was.

    "Listen guys I gotta go get ready and you guys should to. And don't drink too much drunk soldiers are as bout as useful as Stormtroopers" stated Sibar trying not to sound like the 'bad guy'. A few guys laughed, a few sighed. When Sibar stepped outside the outpost he saw how many troops their were. From former Terellian office workers to Weequay housewives the Alliance really did have a mis-match bunch.

    "You ready for the battle?" Commander Siv Burkan asked patting Sibar on the shoulder. Sibar looked at him then turned his head away almost to say: not even a little bit. But even though he didn't feel ready he had to be.
    "I guess so. I'm just feeling nervous. I don't get how these guys can just sit back and laugh or drink. Their not at all anxious," replied Sibar. "When we signed up for the rebellion we signed up to give away our lives without second thought. But I don't know if I can." Tears began to swell up in Sibar's eyes. "I may sound selfish but I don't think I can do it. I couldn't care less about me dying but if I lead all these men into battle and even one dies I couldn't live with myself. On Muunilinst I led a tiny task force and one died. I could barely contain my emotions then. What if I fail? What if my men die for nothing? I don't think I could live with myself."

    Burkan seemed shocked at Sibar's reaction. But he knew how to handle the situation. "Hey, hey Sibar it's okay. You and all these men may have signed their lives away when they joined the rebellion but we aren't rebels anymore. We are the Alliance of Free Planets. And we are going to free this planet no matter what. Now are you ready?

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    Combo with Darth Rozic
    IC: Sibar Lank
    Battle of Muunilinst

    The lush green hills of Muunilinst were framed against the sky’s first moments of daybreak. Suddenly the roaring sound of engines sounded as soon 5 Corellian Corvettes flew through the sky. Each had about half a squadron’s worth of X-Wings around them. The Alliance could not use any other kind of Snubfighters because A-Wing were not powerful enough and were too fast to give ground support and the other ‘wings were not quick enough to dodge all the laser fire that was sure to come.

    “Sir urgent transmission from Burkan” one of the pilots called to Sibar, for the cockpit of the Corvette. “Yes sir” Sibar asked into the com.

    “Lank we just heard some Imperials talking about a Muun rebel holdout being created after an ambush by the Muun resistance leader. You and a few squads should break away from the fight and get there to help and show the people of Muunilinst that the Muun’s that have went ot the Empire are weak and that their resistance is still fighting” Burkan said over the coms.

    “Got it sir. Getting off the coms now; we are bound to be attacked by Tie’s at any moment” Sibar said as he walked back to the door of the landing bay. He filled the troops in on the development. He was half way through when the frigate shook. “Looks like the Empire decided to attack finally” Sibar said with a smirk on his face.

    I don't have much of a plan for how the landing will go so other then them breaking away to find the Muun leader you have free reign on the attack.

    A roar sounded across the land as five squadrons of TIE Fighters swooped in. An Alliance soldier called out to warn the others but it was to late the TIE's began to rain lasers down.

    "Scatter!" demanded a Sergeant as the bolts hit the ground causing massive explosions and resulting in several casualties. The TIE's went up and prepared for another swoop. Sibar grabbed his gun but realized that it would be futile against the Imps fighters.

    The TIE's were about to fire again; Siabr had to do something fast.

    "Everyone get cover under the ships!!!" Sibar yelled to his men as the Tie fighters turned around. A few of their troops get hit before they could get to safety. "X-Wings engage the Ties" Sibar yelled over the coms. The transports could not take much more punishment. The X-Wings and Ties began attacking each other. Soon fighters were falling out of the sky and crashing.

    "Come on we might as well get a move on or else they will send bombers" Sibar said. The Rebels began to rush over the hillside, at the entrance to Harnaidan. Blaster cannons began to fire at them. More Rebels quickly fell. "We will get shredded if we don't get rid of those soon" Gandar yelled over the sound of blaster fire.

    "I know hold on" Sibar yelled back as he grabbed a fellow snipers arm and signaled to him and the other snipers to follow him. Sibar and 6 snipers got under a ray shield one of them placed. They got in position and stuck the barrels of the guns out of the shield. "Aim, fire!!!!" Sibar yelled and he and his men opened fire on the stormtroopers manning the first line of one man turrets.

    "We are to far away sir. We are barley making a difference" one of the snipers said.

    "I know wait for it" Sibar responded. With the first wave of cannons gone the Rebels all stopped running and dropped to the ground. At that moment 2 X-Wings flew over their heads and opened fire at the Imperial defenses set up to protect the hole. The Rebels got back to their feet and began rushing again while heavy troopers fired missiles the closer they got. One of the Rebel transports took off and headed to the hole and began firing at the remaining stormtroopers.

    Soon the Rebels had breached the hole and were directly confronted with tons of Stormtroopers in the streets or on balconies. Now things were gonna get messy. Sibar signaled for Acklay squad and two other squads to follow him as their troops engaged the Imperials. Sibar was in the back of their formation in order to get a safer sniper spot to take out snipers.

    "We need to go this way. The rest of the troops are gonna hold off the thickest amount of troops while we breach their barricade and find the Muun holdout" Sibar said as his troops got behind cover and began fighting another barrage of enemy troops.

    Then suddenly Sibar could feel something wasn't right. Something had gone wrong. A massive roar that could be heard from a mile away sounded. At least twenty TIE Bombers dived down, ready to kill. Sibar began sweating he knew the ray shield couldn't handle that stress.

    A fellow sniper store up at the sky, eyes wide with fear; he almost looked as if he would cry.
    "RUUUUN!" he called out but everyone already had started. As the first wave of bombs hit the ground the hill shuddered. The shudder reverberated across the ground all the way to the city. All hell would brake out soon.

    Sibar soon found a durasteel building and called for his troops to run into there as fast as possible. "Blue Leader do you copy?" Sibar yelled at his com over the sound of the bombs hitting the city.

    "Yeah what the heck is going on? The Imps just started bombing their own troops and the city." The leader of the X-Wing squadron responded.

    "We don't have much time. obviously you are trying to take them down but try to force the bombers to head to the wall. Maybe we can get them to destroy their own defenses and hopefully get them away from hitting the civilians" Sibar said hoarsely as the dust from the explosions went into his lungs.

    "Got it sir" Blue Leader said.

    The Bombers were getting closer and closer to the heart of the city. Hitting each block with a few torpedoes. The X-Wings soared over the Ties and proceeded to attack them from the front, forcing them to turn around. The bombers were down to about 10 remaining.

    With the bombers being forced away for now Sibar took control of the situation. "Come on lets get the hell out of here. We need to find the Muun rebels. After this if we can save them then we just won this conflict".

    "Clearly the Imps have no regard for their own troops lives," commented a troop as they made their way out of the shed. They looked over at the city, smoke billowing from the buildings. Then a strange mechanical sound could be heard and the a BANG! A few meters away a massive explosion went off.

    Sibar hesitantly looked behind himself. A towering AT-AT store at him and was about to fire. Through all the commotion no one noticed that three AT-AT's, five AT-ST's and eight AT-DP's had landed. And now with the air support occupied the ground forces would have to take them down themselves... somehow.

    The Rebels stood in disbelief. "It never rains, it pours" Ryssa proclaimed over the sound of the walkers crushing the streets with heavy footfalls.

    Sibar was not even listening. He had already began to run through the street to their left while waving for his troops to follow. They got behind cover quickly. "OK everyone with anti-vehicle weapons get em ready. Get yourselves into a few of these buildings and fire from the windows. Trust me I have a plan" Sibar said confidently, the Empire had forced him even more into guerrilla combat to their misfortune. "Everyone give infantry all the explosives" Sibar ordered before signaling for the infantry to follow him.

    Sibar ran towards some At-STs. As they opened fire the heavy Rebel troops fired, destroying the walkers. Sibar and his troops rushed past blaster bolts till they arrived in the middle of a street. The Rebel's stopped for a second, confused. Sibar blasted at the ground and leaped into a hole. His troops realized his plan in that moment. They quickly leaped into the sewer system, behind him.
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    GM update II of II
    Dantooine, Easy Job, About to crash and burn

    The crew of the Easy Job hoped into their positions, they also had some extra baggage. About twenty five troops had hoped on board the Easy Job to seek refuge. The grassy plains of Dantooine drew closer, and now a massive Imperial base was visible. The Empire had reconstituted the abandoned Rebel base and added several hangars, armory's, barracks and defenses.

    "Alrighty then let's do this," encouraged Krolik as he sat on his brown leather seat and grasped the controls.

    "Okay then let's do this," replied a random Alliance soldier as if he was Krolik's best friend. The soldier reached out to the ignition button but didn't get to push it because Krolik slapped his hand away.

    "If we die because of this I'm gonna kill you and your moral Zeedee!" yelled Taniwah from the other side of the ship.

    "Hey if we get this crystal we can sell it for a fortune," answered Zeedee as she messed with a junction box.

    Then suddenly out of nowhere the ship started tumbling out of the hangar. Easy Job fell from the Nebulon-B frigate it was in. The Nebulon spun around in the distance as the Easy Job continued to fall. All systems were offline and they weren't coming back on.

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    IC: Easy Job Crew
    Dantooine, Still Falling

    "Sit," Krolik barked at the Republic trooper trying to start the Easy Job. The ship tumbled out of the carrier, and wasn't coming online.

    "Fiisarr," Krolik called back to engineering, "give me something."

    "Working on it boss." A bit of crackling came over the comm, "Couple of the power couplings have come loose again."

    "I thought you took care of that?" the Captain snapped back.

    "I'm just one Balosar, not a full engineering crew."

    Tainwah, having had enough of everything, opened up the comm, "Fix it now or I swear I'll come back there and send you to the Great Darkness myself."

    "Yes," Zeedee, shouted still buried in the junction box, "because threats are going to make him work so much faster."

    "I'm not through with you either Zee." The Kerestian roared, extending one finger towards the lithe being, "If we die I'm finding you in the Black and killing you again."

    "Frack you too Taniwah," she replied making an obscene gesture with her right hand.

    The burly being just snarled, turning his attention to his dead station.

    "Fiisarr, we are about to become part of Dantooine," Another ship in a similar situation descended past the viewport. They were falling stars now, he needed some kind of control or they'd burn up on entry or be smashed into pieces. "Hurry it up, we're about to burn up." A bright orange light lit up the interior as the ship fell unabated though the atmosphere. They were fast approaching the point of no return, if Krolik didn't get control back soon, this mission would be over very quickly.

    "What about, only engineer did you not get boss?" Fiisarr snapped back. "Our tumble out of the Neb-B must have done more damage than I realized." Another sound of an electrical arc, "Frell, that's it." the line went quiet.

    Looking over his shoulder the captain could see Taniwah reaching for his darksitck on his left hip. Zee was still deep into the junction box messing with something. The seconds felt like an eternity as the base grew closer. Bigger than when the Rebellion used it, though at this height that was all the Lepi could tell. Krolik's heart pounded in his chest. Zee was furiously working on connecting the auxiliary power hoping to get some sort of juice to the bridge. Taniwah was glaring at all the beings crammed into the bridge, looking to see if they'll lose it as their death approaches.

    Only a few moments before there was no more hope of recovery the engineer burst over the comm, "Trust in the Fiisarr, the Fiisarr is good." Suddenly all the lights came on and finally the captain had control. He pulled hard on the yoke feeling his stomach drop as he pulled up as hard as he could. A few laser blasts from the ground below flew up at them, glancing harmlessly off the shields. The tops of trees snapped on the hull of the ship as it leveled out and started to climb.

    Krolik threw the throttle forward giving him a burst of acceleration. He looked up to the clear blue sky above him, it was so close, he could just go full burn and escape. But, Zee was still behind him, staring daggers.

    The ship shuttered then started to lose altitude. "Fiisarr," Krolik called out,

    "What, it's a temporary fix, we need to set down." The Balosar replied.

    "I that you said you were good?"

    "I am, I just saved us from getting turned into mush but, I just jury-rigged a few couplings together, it'll never hold, not under the stress you're putting her under. We need to set down so I can fully repair it."

    "Yes good plan oh great one." Taniwah growled, "Just set down on the Imperial occupied planet."

    "You rather take your chances with a crashed ship on an Imperial occupied planet?" The ship shuttered again, "anytime boss, ah…dang it." the sound of a fire suppressor came over the comm, "We need to set down now."

    "Alright, alright." The captain started slowing the 350 meter long vessel. It shuttered a few more times before it was finally stopped and hovering on its repulsors. He set the Easy Job down a little roughly due to the speed at which he had to get to the deck. The collection of Alliance personnel started applauding, more to the fact they weren't dead than any fancy flying done by the captain.

    For his part Krolik let out a long breath sagging into the chair. This mission was only getting started. Taking another breath he looked over to Zee who had finally extricated herself from the junction box. He gave a little hand signal to her to lock down the controls on the bridge. It wasn't that he didn't trust the Alliance troopers they'd picked up, he just didn't want anyone pressing something they shouldn't, even on accident.

    She nodded her head tapping a few keys on her workstation, the helm, weapons, and sensor board all go dark. Giving a thumbs up to the captain she rose from her seat and made her way back to engineering. Krolik followed stopping to turn to his passengers.

    "If you all would like, we have a mess hall where you can relax while my crew effects repairs" he said. As he passed Taniwah he whispered, having to get up on his toes to reach the burly being's ears. "Keep an eye on them."

    "Always," the Kerestian replied. The pair made their way back to the engine room in relative silence other than the soft thud of the Lepi's boots against the metal deck. Zeedee always seemed to move in near silence, her feet making barely any noise.

    In engineering it was a mess of cables and tools spread out all over the place. A few projects half built littler the area, and in the center of it all, Fiisarr, sweating and out of breath, sitting on a makeshift chair made out of spare parts.

    "So," Krolik called out, "What's the damage this time?"

    "Oh," the Balosar said as he turn around on his seat, "Well, I think one of the power couplings shorted out and caused a chain reaction down the line." He guestured to the web of wires that ran from one end to the other, "As you can see I bypassed that run and spliced some cables together."

    "How long is it going to take to fix?"

    The engineer took a drink of something from a nearby cup. "Not sure," he wiped a bit of liquid from his lip, "Few hours maybe, gotta swap out a bunch of couplings, and make sure their associated components aren’t affected."

    "So what you're saying is we're stuck here for a while."

    "That's the long and short yeah."

    Zee gave a look to the captain, eyes bright. "You know we could…"

    "Save it Zee, I know what you're going to say." The captain cut her off with a wave of his hand, "Since we're here we might as well check out the base."

    "Come on Krolik, most of the troops are fighting up above, the base will be empty. I can get in and out in minutes with the data we need."

    Krolik shook his head, "You're not going alone,"

    "You volunteering boss?" Fiisarr piped up.

    "That depends," Krolik said rolling her head towards the purple slicer, "You going even if I say no?"

    Zeedee just nods her head.

    "Then I guess I have no choice." He replied shrugging his shoulders, "I'm coming with you on this ridiculous mission." The Sephi's eyes go wide and a smile blooms on her face. Krolik pulled his comlink to his mouth, "Taniwah," he spoke into it.

    "Yeah," a gruff voice grumbled back.

    "Could you keep an eye on our guests while I'm away?"

    "Don't tell me the little imp charmed you into doing something stupid."

    "Can you keep an eye on them or not?" the Captain snapped back a little exasperated by the whole situation.

    "Sure but, bring the girl back in one piece, I would have words with her."

    "I'll do my best." He turned off the comm and nodded his head towards the exit. "Let's go,"

    "Alright." Zee said pumping her fist into the air.

    As they left Fiisarr looked over his shoulder, "Be careful out there your Purpleness." She smiled back at him,

    "Always am."

    Again they made their way quietly to the boarding ramp. Next to it was a rack of Imperial speeder bikes, leftovers from when they'd stolen the Easy Job. The Captain pulled one down and hopped aboard.

    "Come on," he gestured to the space behind him, "One speeder is harder to see and find than two." Reluctantly Zee slid behind the Captain griping the bars behind her to steady herself. Krolik accelerated forward into the forest, dipping and dodging around trees. He knew his way to the base, he saw it as he was plummeting out the sky. Zeedee behind him kept a sharp eye out for any patrols, giving him a heads up before they got too close. Faster than either of them thought would be possible they found themselves outside one of the gates. They dismounted and hid the bike.

    "You think you can slice the gate?" He asked looking up at the imposing thing.

    "Yeah, but, the problem is, if I open it they'll know someone is coming."

    "Got another idea?"

    "We could disguise ourselves."

    "As what Stormtroopers?" He pointed to his tall ears, "these things don't fit in helmets."

    "Well maybe as farmers dropping off goods?"

    "Does that look like a market place?" He said thrusting his chin out towards the base, "It's an imperial facility they probably have their own food shipments with imperial insignia slapped all over them."

    "I don't hear you coming up with ideas." She retorted.

    "Alright give me a second. He looked around. The tree line had been cut back, leaving no tree tall enough to scale the wall near it, there didn't seem to be a tunnel or anything like it that he could see. Looking back at the gate, there was an exterior control, could they be networked. "Do you think you could open all the gates from that one?"

    "I mean maybe? But, then they'll know someone's coming into the base."

    "But, they won't know which side we're coming from will spread them out."

    "What do we do about the guards that are most assuredly on the other side, we can't just waltz up there and open the gates without someone investigating."

    "You're right," how could he forget about that, he looked to where they hid their speeder bike. "Well there is always that."

    "No," she snaps following his sightline, "How are we going to get back if we blow that up."

    "Then let's go back, you're the one that wanted to come out here." He jerked his thumb back towards the way they came.

    She let out a breath, "Alright, do what you will, we need to get in there."

    Krolik nodded his head pulling the vehicle from its hiding place. He dragged it back a fair distance, he'd need a good run up. Once far enough away he jumped on it and sped towards the wall. Just before leaving the treeline he lept form his seat, letting the craft barrel right into the wall. It crashed with a screeching sound of shearing metal followed by a thunderous explosion.

    Quickly the gate opened and two troopers came rushing out checking the smoldering ruins. It was now or never. The pair rushed in low trying to stay to the side of the plastic men, one of the draw backs of Stormtrooper armor, poor peripheral vision. They just barely make it past as the two stormies called for backup. Once inside they immediately stuck to the walls and shadows. Zeedee led them hoping to find a terminal somewhere. Down one path Krolik's ears pick up the sound of approaching boots. Acting on instinct he shoved Zee against a wall, pressing himself up next to her. With his arm braced across her he put a finger up to his lips, telling her to be quiet.

    They stayed like that for seconds that felt like minutes, both of their hearts pounding. If they got caught it would all be over. The boots continued straight getting quieter, until they stopped suddenly. Krolik stood up straighter, had they heard them? He held his breath, his heart beat growing louder in his ears.

    Zee could feel the sweat bead on her temples. Already she was making plans to bolt and finding a way out of the cage she had willingly put herself in. The alarms had already gone off so the base was on a higher alert, they could be suspicious of every little noise. Following her captain's lead she held her breath as the boots came closer again. Every second, every footfall Zeedee was preparing to run, tightening the muscles in her legs.

    Krolik listened hoping that he was wrong that he'd been noticed. Thump, his heart jumps, thump, his hand tightened around Zee's shoulder, thump, he grit his teeth. A moment passed without a noise, was it all over now? Had they been spotted? Thump, the sound was quieter now, thump, it had gotten softer, thump, Krolik let out his breath, Zee followed suit, seemed the patrol lost interest.

    With their scare over they moved slowly, and far more carefully though the base, eyes peeled for thing. They slipped into an outbuilding though a side entrance hidden from the main thoroughfare. It looked like a storage shed of some kind, maybe but, along the wall was a terminal, just what they'd been looking for.

    Zee was instantly upon it already slicing her way in.

    "Ha," she said softly, "I have control." She quickly cycled through screens and screens of information, eyes merely scanning the pages as they came up. Soon her face soured.

    "Something wrong?" Krolik asked noticing her expression.

    "It's not here, it's not on the network."

    "Maybe it's on its own network or something."

    "No, there's nothing, not even a mention in communiques between the higher ups."

    "Like they would discuss such a thing though memos." The Lepi said looking back to the entrance.

    "You'd be surprised…" she replied offhandedly, "…Wait,"


    "I'm seeing references to some sort of ruin, or enclave beneath the base. I think it might be there."

    "Are you sure? We don't have a whole lot of time to investigate a hunch."

    "I'm positive, I've looked everywhere else."

    "Alright how do we get to this enclave?"

    "Follow me." He did as so moving slowly and cautiously, avoiding patrols that seemed to be on every corner, he thought I'd be more cleared out than this, his heart hadn't stopped pounding as he moved close behind his crewmate. She stopped coming up to a rather nondescript building that looked like the rest before and after it.

    "Really, here?" the captain asked a little disbelieving.

    "What," Zee replied softly, "You expected a huge sign saying 'Underground Ruins here'?"

    "I just didn't expect it to be so…plain."

    "Not everything is like the holo." They approached carefully keeping out of sight as best they could. At the door it opened right away for Zee, they moved silently inside, this time it was Zee the pulled Krolik against the wall. "Sensors," she pointed up to the small back spheres above them. "Looks like we might be in a blind spot."

    "You got something that can spoof them?"

    "Maybe, give me a boost." He crouched down a little interlacing his fingers. She set her foot on the pad bracing herself with a hand on his shoulder. He lifted her up and she replaced her hand with her other foot. A small grunt left him as she put her weight on him. She messed with her datapad shifting her weight on his shoulder causing him to grit his teeth against the pain. She was lighter than most but, that didn't mean she was a feather on his shoulder. After a few painful moments she hopped down. "There, I've looped their data, should buy us a few minutes…or seconds."

    She moved briskly over to a doorway and opened it, in the dim light the Lepi could see a staircase leading down into darkness. "You ready?" Zee asked.

    "I've come this far." He relied taking the first step down.
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    Jul 9, 2016

    In the main Imperial Commander center that once made the main administrative bank, Josseck began to sweat as he watched the Rebel forces begin to fortify their positions and continue their assault on both the capital. The alerts were coming out that the outpost in the rural areas were being attacked, each outpost lost would be a blow to the supply lines on the planet, even if the blockade continued to be in effect. The other general watched as the Ministers clear lack of tactical know how was showing, he had to think hard and quickly.

    One of the Generals looked at the Minister with a stern look, clearly his impatiens was getting to him. “Well Minister, what would do we do?”

    “We pull back.” Josseck finally stated. “We need to get rid of these Rebels in the sewers first, i will not allow any major urban population to have a hint of Rebel forces. It will ruin our sense of Imperial unity.”

    “But sir what about the outpost.” Another General stated.

    “Not all the outpost will be abounded, far from it, just the one’s near the Capital, that we have a stronger defense here.”

    “What about the Rebel’s that have already landed.”

    “The forces in that area are well positioned for now, it’s not like they can’t possibly handle a few squads. No, here is more vital. Control the major population centers control the planet. ”

    Several of the general looked at each other with concern, giving the rebellion such a easy target would seem like suicide but the even they knew that they could not allow a large battle to ensue in the capital, less they show any sign of weakness.

    “With one massive push, will crush the rebel squadron hear, and then return the pulled soldiers back to there originally positions….I assume there are no objections.” Josseck sneered looking at his commanders who dared not question him. “Good” he beamed.

    *****Outside near the city streets several of the Stormtroopers followed by the Munn militia began to make defense parameters near the cities outer areas. Encircling the Rebel forces that had already managed to enter the city through the sewers, every open pot was had at least two or three troopers securing it, while squads of commandos were sent down to hunt the Rebel forces.

    Munn residence looked through their windows as Troopers marching side by side passed them a few TX-130t Tanks following behind.

    “All these troops for a small band of Rebels.” Stormtrooper TX-1122 whispered to his friend as they marched towards the main defense position.

    “Hey I don’t question orders.” His friend responded.

    The troops continued to marching, all seemed quiet with the city until at last an explosion occurred causing the troops to scuttled and take cover.

    “Sir a turret is gone.” TX-1122 yelled.

    “Secure the area!” The Stormtrooper sergeant yelled.

    Several troops got into a position, even within their helmets one could sense them sweat. Stormtroopers were meant to be tough fearless, but moral was now low, they, something inside them knew that they were in there last thoughts and the Empire was weak and beginning to fragment. Now it wasn’t about patriotism or order, now it was simply about survival.

    “Alright men….” The Stormtrooper Sergeant whispered as his men began to move in. “Get ready, Rebels are known for their dirty tactics.”

    Slowly the troopers headed into the combat zone, a few of the troops seemed a bit jumpy as they looked for Insurgents. The streets were quiet only the echoes of the guns up above and in the distance could be heard.


    A Sniper came from after knocking out one Stormtrooper cold dead. The others took cover and randomly started shooting a few more troops were taken out. The Sergeant got under cover with a few more cowering troops.

    “Come on men...This is kill or be killed.” The Sergeant replied.

    “What does it we’re dead either way.”

    Back at Imperial Command Minister Josseck saw the battle beginning to ensue seeing his troops being pinned down by the more better trained and advanced Rebel troops.

    “So much for Imperial might.” A general muttered to his fellow commander.

    “Quiet!” Josseck hissed. "Are you just going to give into cynicism so easily."

    "When we have Rebels both in and outside the city, i will definitely being to consider it a option."

    “Don't think i don't realize that. But this city is what matters and our troops are still standing! And I want whatever it takes to make sure it stays in Imperial Hands. Once we re-secure it, we’ll deal with all the Rebel forces and crush them once and for all.”
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    GM Update I of II
    IC: Mark Consolot
    The Imperial Base, Dantooine

    "You ready?" Zeedee asked.

    "I've come this far." Krolik replied taking the first step down.

    Zeedee was about to follow when she felt something poke her back.

    "And where do you think you're going missy?" asked a scout trooper as he pushed his gun further into her spinal area.

    Zee let out a little scream as she saw the trooper. Mark wrapped his arm around her neck and pointed his pistol at her left temple. Krolik immeditalety spun around and threw a punch, however he really should have looked where he was aiming because he hit Zeedee in the nose.

    "Oh, you two are pathetic," Mark teased. "But that's what makes you such a cute couple. Am I right?"

    Krolik reached for the blaster on his shoulder ready to fire it if the scout did anything.

    "It's not like THAT!" Zee yelled as she attempted to elbow Mark in the throat. However he was to quick, he pushed her against a wall and slapped her with his gun.

    "You son of a Bantha!" said Krolik as he went to throw another punch, this time in Mark's direction. Mark -with little effort- just extended his leg and kicked Krolik down a few steps.

    "Hey I tell you what would be funny. This," Mark said as he smashed his fist against a fire alarm.

    Suddenly water began spurting from the ceilings and the already present alarm sound got even louder.

    "Now let's dance, m'lady," Mark continued as he pushed Zee down the stairs.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Krolik and Zeedee
    Imperial Base, Dantooine

    Krolik held his ground, fur soaked, as Zeedee walked forward, followed by the man clad in scout armor. His hand hovered near his blaster. Zee subtlety shook her head warning her captain that now was not the time. In a huff he turned around and began descending the stairs.

    "Sorry about the nose." He said calling over his shoulder.

    "Just watch where you're punching next time." The Spehi replied wiping a bit of blood from her lip. Water dripped from her hood. "And fracking draw your blaster next time."

    Krolik hissed a bit through his teeth as he continued. "Yeah your friend there just got the drop on us. How'd that happen anyway?"

    "Donno, just appeared, put a pistol in my back." She rubbed the back of her head where the unhelpful trooper stuck her. "That head crack didn't help."

    A slight grumble left the captain's throat. He should have been prepared, should have paid more attention. It was sloppy, careless. "Well," he started, speaking rather loudly so all could hear. "I guess, it's time we introduce ourselves, I'm B'uggs Bunni." He began his voice dripping with sarcasm.

    "And I'm Gemini." Zee added same tone in her voice.

    "And what shall we call you my friend. Wait, wait, I think I got it. THX-1138 right, that's gotta' be it."

    "How about ID10T." Zee shouted almost forgetting about the armed trooper behind her.

    "ID10T I like it, Ten-Tee for short." A smile grew on Krolik's face, "So Ten-Tee you should know, you didn't start on the best terms with me. Getting me wet was not the best choice." He continued on still chatting, "So I'm curious Ten-Tee, why didn't you call for back up. Isn't that standard protocol for you Imps. I mean you got the drop on us but, it's two against one here. The odds are stacked against you should things change. That is unless you're stupid.

    "Or a Corellian." Zee interjected.

    "Same thing really," Krolik continued without missing a beat, "Secondly why are we going down this stairway. Shouldn't you have taken us back your commander or something?"

    "Or maybe he's just curious about what's down here too." Zee added, "But then that raises the question of why wait till now to check this place out."

    "Good question."

    "Were you not allowed near here or something? Standing orders, some kind of poodoo like that. Why you going against it…." she paused but, only for a little bit, "or maybe you've decided to go rogue, to try to defect."

    "Or turn criminal." The Lepi jumpped in, adding the staccato rhythm that the rather fast paced conversation had taken on.

    "That gem below us would set you up for a lifetime."

    "Or get you set up as a kingpin."

    "We can help you with that, as you can see we're good at getting into places."

    "We can be really useful if you want to escape this horrible place." The pair continued to talk and walk, trying to distract the man escorting them, waiting for their moment to turn the tables. It could occur at any moment.

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    GM Approved!
    Name: Astra Panceila, callsign; Red Fox

    Age: 28

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Base Planet: Coruscant

    Equipment: Custom Cycler Rifle, Sub-Machine Slug Thrower strapped to lower back, trip mines, large knife concealed in boot. Fiber Optic cloak that adapts to the surrounding automatically. Multi-filter HUD-goggles capable of nightvision, infrared, close range sonar for seeing through nearby walls.

    Physical Description: Red haired, Slim and Athletic.

    Allegiance: Empire.

    Ship under command: None


    Astra was raised in the Criminal Underworld on Coruscant by her Mother, Shrii Panceila. An expert assassin with many contracts under her belt, Shrii eventually was tasked to a contract with a wealthy businessman by the name of Mel Salazar. Shrii went M.I.A. during this contract. Astra continued to live on her own for many years in the criminal underbelly of Coruscant, begging and stealing to survive. Eventually she was picked up by the Empire, trained and put to use within a classified sector of Imperial Assassins with her specialty being; Long-Range ballistics and targeting, however she is capable of deadly hand to hand fighting. Snide and Cocky, the Red Fox refuses to settle for less than perfection in her work with over 57 confirmed sniper kills throughout her career. Resourceful and adaptable, she is capable of infiltration and blending in if the need arises.
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    GM Update II of II

    IC: Admiral Klark Reist
    The Bridge of the Augustus, Above Muunilinst

    "So Red Fox according to officail Imperial records you have quite the rep!" stated Reist as Red Fox stood in front of him. "Well listen. I need a job done. Below us are the sewers of Harnaidian, inside those sewers are some Rebels!" continued Klark. "I need you to kill their current commander, Sibar Lank. He's a Zabrak Iridonian. And he's a threat. I have a landing craft ready to take you down to the surface, just get your objective done or I'll kill you personally."

    The Admiral wasn't lying, he was notorious for killing Imperials when they failed me, not as much as Darth Vader though. Red Fox prepared to make her way to the docking bay when Admiral Klark noted one more thing.

    "Also Red, don't let Minister Desertfire find out about this, I believe he is already suspicious of me."

    Tags: @WookieeRage vncredleader
    Harnaidian, The Second Battle of Muunilinst

    The Alliance troops advanced. They retaliated against Josseck's men and were advancing across the city. Then suddenly out of nowhere ten Y-Wings dove down and began bombing the battlefield, making sure to do as little damage as possible to non-Imperial things.

    "We've got several Y's and a small Rebel army on us boss. WE NEED BACK UP!" yelled a Stormtrooper captain into his commlink.

    "Listen we got no more troops until the next lot of transports. But they can't release them until those Y's are taken out." replied an officer standing in the command center.

    "What if we send the rest of he Muun militia, some of the guards here at command and the Stormies at the Maglev station? We could storm the rebel base, take some high ranking hostages and force them to call of the Y's. It would be quicker then waiting for the TIE's to take them down and achieve more the bombarding the base," chimed in a nearby officer.

    "You know that's not a bad idea. But it would leave the Maglev's open to attack, it's unlikely but what if the rebels manage to get to the Maglev station, what would happen? It would be best to check with Desertfire first!" stated the first officer.

    The future of Muunilinst now lay in Josseck's hands. One wrong move and the Imperials would be defeated yet if he succeeded then the Alliance would be pushed out of the Obtrexta Sector entirely.

    Tag: @Jid123Sheeve
    Sewers, Harnaidian, Muunilinst

    As the tunnels grew smaller the smell grew worse. An ocean of sewerage was waist high on the group of Alliance soldiers.

    "Oh god! There's crap all over me. Is this even worth it? What's so good about a galaxy any way?" joked a Twi'lek soldier.

    "Something's not right!" commented another soldier. "Why are the Imps just letting us parade through the sewers. It's just too easy!"

    "You call this easy?!" yelled the Twi'lek.

    "They're going to send a squad or assassin down here to kill us,"

    The Twi'lek was about to talk back when suddenly a screech could be heard.

    "Oh no!" said a Rodian demolition expert instantly recognizing the sound "I didn't even know they had these on this planet. Someone must of smuggled it before the battle."

    "It sounds angry. It knows we're here, it's coming for us." said another soldier.

    "What are you guys talking about? What's angry?" asked a Sullustan scout.

    Sibar answered with fear in his voice: "Rathtar!"

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    Mar 28, 2016
    IC: Sibar Lank
    Battle of Muunilinst

    “Check your fire men!!” Sibar ordered as the Rathtar that hurtled towards them bit down on a Rebel it was taken from one of their other squads.

    “Make sure you hit it. We don’t want to hit have blaster bolts bouncing around or hitting gas pipes”.
    Ryssa took aim and hit the rathtar in the mouth. It recoiled but kept rolling at them. It smashed into another Rebel, killing him on impact.

    “Get a move on troops. Lay down suppressive fire when possible” Sibar yelled while taking aim with his sniper rifle. His troops ran past him. The Rathtar was in his scope before he get hit by one of its arms. As it coiled around him a red streak whizzed by, severing the arm of the Rathtar. It rolled to the side and leaped at Gandar.
    Gandar stood his ground and shot into its mouth point blank as it grabbed him. The Rathtar fell dead on him.

    “More will be on the way. Help me move this off him” Sibar said to his scared troops.

    “What now sir?” asked a Twilek trooper as they ran to another major sewer piping system.

    The squads that were missing likely had already engaged the Rathtars if not Imps.

    “Ryssa has anyone heard anything from squad 4?” Sibar asked while making a left.

    “No sir. Squad 3 confirmed that 2 got hit.” Ryssa responded, clearly frustrated. All of them where used to having a decent amount of info on what was happening. Now they were in the dark and in the middle of a sewer with their troops up top being taken out more and more by the AT-AT’s.

    “Sir Stormtroopers spotted ahead” A trooper yelled.

    At that moment Ryssa’s com went off.

    “We got more Rathtars! They are all over us!!” a voice yelled from the com.

    “Don’t engage the Imps. Inform all squads to head to point alpha got it?” Sibar ordered. The Stormtroopers were rushing at them. “Now!” he yelled.

    Sibar and his troops ran as the Stormtroopers opened fire. He got to his knee and took aim. Sibar managed to hit one in the head as the others closed in.

    “Squad 3 is going to cross paths with us soon sir.” Ryssa informed Sibar.

    “Good. Get ready for those Rathtars everyone” Sibar said as he once again took aim behind them and hit a Stormtrooper as they rounded a corner.

    Squad 3’s footfalls could be heard before they saw them. They ran past squad 1 and squad one opened fire on the Rathtars.

    “Let’s get a move on everyone” Sibar said as he grabbed an injured trooper and helped him get on his feet.

    “Sir where are we heading?” Ryssa asked as they ran even deeper into the complex.

    “To the last gas line. Squad 4 likely did not get their job done and we need to distract the Imps from what we were doing.” Sibar said.

    “Wait! You mean we are going to try and rig another one up? That’s too big of a risk. We should be content with what he did so far and get to the surface in time.” Ryssa said angrily.

    “I am going to complete this mission. Our men are getting slaughtered up there and if we don’t do this then the Empire will get a hold on the city again.” Sibar yelled back.

    “Inform the troops on the surface that they need to get off the streets. Get some transports to break through and land on the buildings. Get as many civilians as possible up top and some out of the city.” Sibar ordered.

    “Yes sir” Ryssa said, still frustrated with the risk Sibar was taking.

    “Sir Squad 4’s signals are back on the radar, and they look to be very closely packed together” a trooper said with a hint of fear in his voice.

    “Sith-spawn! Ok snipers let’s get ready.” Sibar ordered.

    The blip got closer and closer. As it was about to round a corner to the Rebels; the sound of roaring echoed through the tunnel. The Imperials behind the Rebels closed in.

    The Rathtar rounded the corner. The Rebels opened fire on it. Another quickly rushed at them as well.
    Sibar gasped “Everyone get to a wall.”

    The Stormtroopers shots bounced off the Rathtars who became even more enraged and rolled at them.
    The rathtars hurtled past the Rebels and bashed the stormtroopers to a pulp.

    “Come on keep going” Sibar yelled as he ran forward.

    They soon reached the final gas main.

    “Ok we are done. Air support do you have Evac ready?” Sibar asked over the comm.

    “We got the civilians on the roofs or hiding in the buildings. Most of our men are ready to fall back the moment you are ready.”

    “Good tell them to fall back now. Do you have a ship at our escape point?” Sibar asked.

    “Sorry sir we cannot get a shuttle through to there. You will have to get to the surface.”

    “That is going to be impossible. The Empire will have sealed the exits off.” Sibar responded frustrated.

    “Wait someone says he might be able to pick you up.” Burkan responded quickly. “Wait you’re really thinks you can make it? Ok Ok I get it” Burkan said to someone else.

    “Ok so just head to the Evac point and he will be there” Burkan said.

    Sibar and his men rushed closer and closer to the sewage drain that sat in the middle of a wall outside of the city. It was a long fall so they needed a ship there to get out.

    “I see the grate” a trooper yelled.

    Suddenly a hook attached to the grate and pulled it out of the hole. Sibar grabbed a trigger and pressed it as he and his troops leaped out of the hole and landed into a waiting cargo hold beneath them.

    Suddenly the whole city shook and the sewer began to crumble. “Get us out of here” Sibar yelled.

    “Got it” a smooth voice called from the cockpit. “I don’t know just fly anywhere but here” he said to someone else in the cockpit. A Sullustian responded sarcastically.

    The streets had tons of Imperial troops on them now. They closed in on the retreating Rebel troops thinking they had them on the run. The ground began to shake and every street exploded in a mile radius. The AT-ATs legs were taken out as they pummeled to the ground.

    The Rebellion has just taken down the Empire’s defensive.

    Sibar walked into the cockpit. “Lando Calrissian?” he asked.

    “Yep. Just arrived to the battle and heard you needed some help.”

    “Thanks for the save out there general.” Sibar said

    “It was nothing. You did a number on the Imperials right there” Lando said while pointing out the window. The Empire’s remaining troops and walkers could be seen running around with no idea where to go. Their fighters whizzed about clearly trying to figure out what to do.

    “Now it is time to land our army. We are securing this place asap” Sibar said determined.

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    IC: Astra (Red Fox)

    Lucky Son of a - The slug was taken instead by a Rathar. Astra readjusted her goggles, this time she switched them to thermal instead of the standard HUD. Her scent was hidden by the sewage and her cloak blended her into her surroundings. She had been there for days waiting for this opportunity. As she stalked her prey, knee-deep in **** she observed the target ordering the planting of charges. At this point, she opted out, climbing up through an adjacent grate to street level. But her mission wouldn't end here. Still cloaked, she made her way to the target's escape craft. As she ran by, she stuck a tracking beacon to it and diverted into an alley-way to pull out her Datapad to observe.
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