Star Wars Fall of the Empire

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    IC: Sibar Lank
    Battle of Muunilinst

    The Imperials chasing the escaping Rebel vehicle soon fell back. Clearly they had the survival instincts to know that after the Rebellion just blew up the sewage system under several blocks there was little chance the Imps would be able to gain on them.

    "How many wounded?" Sibar asked Ryssa.

    "four, sir. We lost about 10 back there. No word from the ground troops on how many casualties. They are trying to push an offensive as fast as possible before the Empire can regroup."

    "Lank, I hear you succeeded?" Burkan's image had shown up on the cockpit's projector.

    "Yes, sir thanks to General Calrissian. We are heading back to you while the forward offensive begins. The Empire might try to land reinforcements to take us out here as a retaliation strike. Should all our leaders be in one place?"

    "It's fine. We have added a few more anti-aircraft cannons to avoid landing crafts from the Star Destroyers."

    A few minutes later Lando landed the vessel on the landing pads within the outpost. Now there were tons of Rebel vehicles and troops running around frantically. "The battle is really getting underway" Sibar thought to himself.

    Once in the strategic room Burkan showed them the holo-projection of the fight.

    "We took out most of their walkers and forward assault. The Muun resistance is pushing back from what we can tell but they are still caught behind enemy lines. We want to work our way to them but that might not happen in time. I am thinking we should send your squad in to finally get their leader out of there. Now that we just blew up part of their city tensions are high. If the Empire convinces more Muun's to join them then we might lose our advantage." Burkan said while pointing to a spot on the projection. It was covered with red dots that represented Imperial forces. It was like a sea of blood slowly surrounding the small blue dots more and more.

    "I agree. I will get everyone ready. Do you have any reinforcements for me? Last time we went in through the hole with a full battalion, this time we need an infiltration squad. I only have myself and two other trained infiltrators."

    "Good idea. We cannot spare to send in a full attack force when we are trying to push elsewhere. We have about 50 or so troops on standby. Pick from them." Burkan said while handing Sibar a datapad with the available troops' names and info on it.

    "If you need help I would love to get to get my hands dirty in this fight. Can't do to much flying a transport." Lando said with a smirk on his face.

    "That would be great sir!" Sibar said, trying to contain his gittyness at the fact that THE Lando Calrissian was going to be fighting along side him.

    Sibar look through for those with any stealth or infiltration expertise. Upon finding none who specialized in it he opted to find the best troops who had fought in very populated worlds. They should be used to street fighting and commando missions. He picked out 6 troopers before asking Ryssa and Gandar to bring them to the landing pad outside.

    He had chosen 2 Human males, one had served on Corellia, the other had been on a few missions on Boz Pity. The next were a Gran female, Twilek male, Human female, and Togrutan male who had all fought on Christophsis in several major battles within its capital.

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    GM update I of II. Combo with Galactic-Vagabond

    IC: Mark Consolot
    Stairwell, Imperial Base, Dantooine

    The winding cement stairwell seemed to never end. The poorly illuminated area leading to the restricted area didn't have much in the way of security. No cameras, no bugs, not even a sensor... as far as Mark knew.

    "Ten-Tee, that name is a little to cute for me! How about 'Rebel Crusher' or 'The Elite Menace'?" Mark finally replied to Zee's and Krolik's constant teasing. He didn't have to look to know that Zeedee was trying to hold in her laughter.

    Finally they reached the bottom of the stairs.

    "Zeepee or whatever your name is go slice the lock," demanded Mark as he store at the massive blast doors in front of them. Inscribed on the door was the words: WARNING! RESTRICTED AREA. DO NOT ENTER! Zee worked on slicing the little wall monitor lock screen.

    "Anyway I'm down here because I need to find that map. I don't believe in the Force or magical crystals but I do believ that there are some people who will pay me handsomely for that map. Plus if I get caught I can say I was chasing you and that my commlink is broken," continued Mark as he picked up his comm and smashed it onto the ground. "Now I have a question for you! Why do you help the rebel scum? They are obviously gonna fail. The Empire will prevail, not that I care about that crap!" Zee held in her laughs, mostly at this scout trooper's arrogance. She's surprised his helmet can fit that huge head of his. Krolik smiled as well, maybe soon they'd get their chance to turn the tables. At the base of the stairs the narcissist ordered Zee, slice a door that was blocking their path. The sephi screwed up her face looking at Krolik, more of an expression of look at this guy. Krolik rolled his eyes as he made a subtle signal with his hand. She stepped forward and began 'working' on the lock. The captain on the other hand turned around looking down at the man that had escorted them this far as he explained himself.

    When the crunch of a comlink beneath a boot sounded though out the small space, Zee gasped just a little, "Oh My, Ten-Tee," she said with grandiose gestures "I didn't know you were so naughty."

    Ten-Tee continued interrogating Krolik as to why he still supported the rebellion.

    The lepi smiled, stifling a laugh. "Who says I'm helping them, even if I did, there's money to be made playing both sides." He interlaced his fingers behind his head, still trying to play the part of captive even though his looking for an opening to make his move. "And it's not a sure thing that the Rebels are going to lose, I mean they destroyed Two, count 'em two Death Stars, along nearly an entire fleet of Star Destroyers. From where I stand, looks like an even fight." He threw a quick glace over to Zee normally she'd have this door open by now but, she was buying him time, time to create an opening, "You know, if it wasn't for you hitting a defenseless girl we might have been friends. You have the same mercenary attitude I look for in my crew. Also, you don't care about the war, I don't care about the war, we could have been friends. Then you had to go and hurt my friend for no reason. That I take personally..." Krolik was about to continue when Zee slapped the side of the console she was working on.

    "Fracking piece of poodoo," she shouted.

    "Everything alright over there?" He asked in return.

    "No, it's not alright, I've got a trooper pointing a blaster at me, and demanding that I open a door I have no idea how to, I'm not a frelling slicer, you should have said something."

    "He's got his blaster on me too, what was I supposed to say?"

    "I don't know, that you're the slicer here!" She spat turning away from the controls.

    "But, I'm not, the door was just open when we got here."

    "I know but, he didn't." she gestured to the plastic man.

    "Well now he does. Maker, this was just supposed to be a simple job."

    "Well now what, we can't get past this door, and back the way we came is swarming with other Ten-Tees."

    "Well," Krolik continued, crossing his arms over his chest, hand near his blaster, "That's up to our fearless leader isn't?" He cocked his head to the side still looking down at the man that though he had the power in this situation. "You guys are idiots!" mocked Mark as the unmistakable sound of Stormtrooper boots echoed down the stairs, looks like they followed them and were close by. "Don't you think it's a little weird a Scout Trooper was just chilling nearby." Mark continued: "I was following you! I was sent to investigate your ship, I've been behind you the entire time, I saw Zeedee open the door damn it!"

    Under his mask a smile stretched across Mark's face. But it vanished quickly. Stormtroopers were now in view, although the Storms couldn't see Mark, Krolik and Zee they could see them through the gaps in the stairs.

    "Now open that door!" Mark yelled obviously alerting the Stormtroopers of their presence, Mark didn't want the Stormtroopers to come but he knew that they would make Zee work a lot quicker. The Stormies were two stories away and within moments they would be in firing range. "NOW!" Mark yelled, extending his arm towards Zeedee. Yet Mark lost grip and his pistol went flying in Zee's direction. Mark leaped forward to grab the gun just as the Stormies started firing at Krolik (as he was the only one they could see from their elevated position.)

    As Mark fell to the ground he reached for the gun. It was an equal length from him and Zeedee, who would get it first? Krolik's hand tightened at being called an idiot, he didn't quite like being insulted, however the Scout still held a gun on his friend. He threw a confused look to Zee when he mentioned following them. Had they been that sloppy, that wasn't like them, normally. The thudding boots of the other troopers came closer, and soon armored bodies came into view. Krolik was content to stay quiet taking up a postion in front and to the left of his companion and abductor.

    When ID-10T alerted his friends to their presence, the Lepi had enough, he drew his pistol ready to go down swinging at the smug trooper. Unfortunately he was cut off by red lances of energy flying his direction. Zee had remained quiet waiting for her moment, then it came. Was Ten-tee nervous, or had he never held a gun before, either way, now was her chance. She rushed for the arm that now laid on the floor. While the trooper dove for it, Zee stayed up right calling out,

    "Boss, at your feet." In a move that would make a Limmie player proud she planted her right foot and kicked the blaster with the instep of her left sending it skidding across the floor, coming to a stop right at her Captain's right foot. In a flash she drew the blaster from the small of her back pointing it down at him. "Time to go, I don't think they want to talk." She kept her blaster trained on the now prone trooper as she moved back over to the console. Without looking and without taking her blaster of the once dominating plastic man she opened the door with a few taps from her right hand.

    As it slid open Krolik took the hint and rushed through in a serpentine, still firing behind him. Zee moved quickly but cautiously not moving her deadly arm from pointing straight at Ten-tee's head. Once past the threshold she started moving to close the door behind them, possibly breaking the controls so it couldn't be opened again, at least not until they got a plasma cutter down there.
    Mark slid through the door and activated his inbuilt night-vision feature that was located in his helmet. The room he was in was old and wrecked. What was once an iron roof was now falling apart, letting in a heap of dirt.
    A few dim lanterns with the Imperial insignia on them scattered the foyer like area they were in. Several hallways led in at least ten direction each one had a sign above them. One said “Jedi Archives” on them.
    “Come on follow me. I believe that the map is this way,” said Mark gesturing towards a hallway. The group went down the hall. Wrecked bits of steel and machinery littered the hall.
    ‘What is this place?’ Mark thought to himself.’ Some kind of Jedi Enclave? But why’s it all destroyed and under several metres of dirt.’
    The group entered a room with numerous shelves filled with data files, most of which were toppled. "It's dark down here." Krolik commented his breathing labored.

    "What you expected gleaming walls of gold reflecting the natural majesty of the star above?" Zee chided, "We are meters underground boss, no sun's that powerful."

    "Oh," the Lepi said his hand coming to rest on a strange device, "I think I just found a light switch." he gave it a look, not seeing anything that screamed 'let there be light'.

    "Uh boss I don't think you want to play with that." Zee replied moving closer.

    "It'll be fine, all I need is a little..." his finger brushed against a pad or button or something and the console lit up, "Ha, see, nothing..." along with the light the terminal began to beep, then wail, then screech.

    "See what happens." the Sephi yelled covering her ears, "See what happens when you touch things you know nothing about."

    "You know what I don't think this is a light switch,"

    "Ya think?"

    "Let's run."

    "To where,"

    "Anywhere but here." He grabbed her hand and continued down the darkened path.

    “YOU IDIOTS!” Mark yelled. “That’s a –really old- uplink station. Anyone in a certain radius is alerted of our location!!!”

    The group wildly tried to run through a door, not noticing that they were headed into a female lavatory.

    Then suddenly: “MOTION ACTIVATED!” boomed a monotone robotic voice. “INTRUDERS DETECTED! ENGAING.”

    The body of the voice stood up. It was a massive droid. It had one large central eye that glew red. Two massive laser mini-guns replaced its hands. Its body was more like a block then a standard droid body. Two heavy duty legs moved the droid –which had the Imperial insignia on its block like head- towards the group. Cornering them.


    “Frack this shiz I’m out!” yelled Mark as he dived into a toilet cubicle. That left two “pirates”, one gun and a big, mean droid.
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    Just out side the Imperial Base on Dantooine

    "Commander Tarpals, weesa are ready to start unloading troops!" reported a Gungan pilot who was fiddling with the controls of the Queen Apailiana's Revenge. Nuskrak was about to respond when a loud beeping sound filled the cockpit of their ship.

    "A near-by emergency uplink was activated," reported a Twi-Lek co-pilot. "It's coming from undergrond, it could be a strike team that found the map. Shall we go to it?"

    "Absoloutley!" replied Nuskrak.

    A ramp opened up letting the group of troopers led by Tarpals out of the ship. They had managed to dock on a landing pad that was located within the walls of the fort. They suffered heavy resistance but some Y-Wings helped take out the turbo lasers. The entrance to the stairwell which led to the poorly preserved enclave was a couple hundred meters away. A few flights of stairs would lead the troops directly to the (outdoor) ground floor, yet it was wide and open and there was little to no cover. Going down the elevator would lead them to a hallway which hosted a complex of rooms with a bounty of weapons to loot, however going that way would take longer to get to the stairs.

    "Where shall weesa go?" asked the Gungan pilot.

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    OOC: I forgot this was still going on. Otherwise I would have posted sooner
    IC: Commander Nuskrak Tarpals

    The troops were deployed and they were ready to begin. "Weesa goin' to da beacon," she ordered, then motioned for her captains to come closer, "So, here's da plan. . ."

    Moments later, the Apailiana's Revenge Crew shouted their infamous battle cry, "Remember Queen Apailiana!" All of them rushed away from the stairs attracting the attention of multiple stormtroopers. All the while, Nuskrak and another Gungan crept down the stairs. The stormtroopers that stayed at their stations were immediately dispatched via Nuskrak's Atlal.

    "Commander Tarpals, da signal is comin' from da lavatory," whispered her companion.

    "Which lavatory?" asked Nuskrak, hoping it wasn't the men's lavatory.

    "Isa da ladies' lavatory, Ma'am," the Gungan replied, then voluntarily remained on lookout duty.

    Nuskrak kicked the door open, Atlal in hand, and shouted, "Nobody move! Mesa Commander Tarpals of da New Republic!"
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    GM Approved

    Name: Irluuk
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Base Planet: Moraband
    Equipment: Red-bladed lightsaber, various grenades, blaster pistol
    Physical Description: Blood-red robes, Sith armor, tattoos, yellow eyes, black hair, scarred face, Caucasian
    Allegiance: To the Sith, their legacy, his fallen masters, and the Galactic Empire
    Ships Under Command: A small fleet of transport ships, carriers, frigates, one-man fighters, and two-person bombers
    Biography: Irluuk was trained from birth by Palpatine and Vader to join their Inquisitors, Shadow Guards, acolytes, and fallen Jedi. They named him Irluuk, a word mean "fate" in the ancient Sith language. Irluuk would never be Vader or Palpatine's equal and he accepted that. However, when his masters died Irluuk felt it across the galaxy and he wasn't the only one. Many of Vader and Palpatine's servants slipped into the shadows. But Irluuuk swore to avenge the deaths of his masters. He has been rallying the Empire's Force-sensitive agents and protecting the secrets of the Sith from their enemies. He and his followers are based on the ancient Sith homeworld Moraband, where they learn from Sith artifacts and plot the downfall of their enemies, growing in strength...


    Above the ancient Sith homeworld of Moraband a small fleet of Imperial transports, carriers, frigates, fighters, and bombers was positioned to protect the planet and the Imperial space station that orbits the world. On the planet' surface, a small Imperial garrison was located. Many ancient tombs and buildings were in ruin, except for the Sith Academy in the Valley of the Dar Lords, which has been recently rebuilt. In the Sith Academy Force-sensitive agents of the Empire used ancient Sith artifacts to educate themselves or practiced their skills on captured Rebels. Their leader was Irluuk. None of them were Sith. At least not yet. While they trained they planned the downfall of their enemies. They reactivated ancient war droids, searched for ancient weapons, and made alliances. Soon Irluuk hoped to contact other Imperial leaders to discuss strategy and combine forces. And when the moment is right they will strike.

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    GM Notice
    Sorry I've had like no time to update the game lately. Okay that's a lie, but I do have good reasons for not updating.... well kinda good.
    1. Darth Osnil everyone on each battle must (for the time being) post before I can update.
    2. vncredleader WookieeRage @Jid123Sheev I will be updating soon. I'm ow on ideas so don't be surprised if I PM you to combo. Also Jid123Sheeve would usually have to post before I continue yet I get the feeling he won't be online for a while so I'll try to update ASAP.
    3. CosmoHender you can find your first update below.

    And just a message to everyone playing: I'm sorry for lack of activeness.
    GM Update
    Sith Academy, Moraband

    The air was heavy. Irluuk was quite fed up. The "Rebels" still hadn't been defeated and the Empire was in anarchy.

    "Sir, Irluuk, Sir," nervously uttered an Imperial officer. "We have reports a rebel spy is on the planet sir."

    The room went silent. The silent chatter of the sparring "force-sensitive assassins" (as they were called in official Imperial record) that once flled the room immediatley stopped. After about ten seconds of absoloute silence chatter broke out again. Accusations and rumors silently filled the air, yet Irluuk remained silent. Just as the chatter turned from whispers to near yelling an explosion went off.


    The explosion came from nearby, not too far from the academy itself. The space port? The storage units? Where ever it came from it was obvious what was happening. A spy. Obviously a spy was stealing information and wanted to cover their tracks.

    "Sir, that was the...." said the officer "the archive unit."

    WHAT? Irluuk wondered. But how? Who has enough authority to gain access to there that I don't know about? Unless.

    It was so obvious that Irluuk almost laughed:

    A traitor!

    One of the students stood up, turned off his training saber and grabbed a vibroblade off the weapons rack.
    "Well," the student casually commented. "Let's find our selves a spy, master."
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    IC: Krolik and Zeedee
    Imperial Base, Dantooine

    Things were just not going their way today it seemed. Somehow they started following 10-T, weren't they ahead of him? Now they were cornered in a refresher station with a bulky gun toting droid that seemed to know them, and their new friend. Instantly both pirates took cover inside the nearest stall. It was by no means blaster proof but, maybe it would hide them for just a bit. Not that they wanted to find out as both of them seeming to operate on the same channel dropped to the stomachs and began to crawl along the dusty ground.

    No banter or barbs were traded between them, this was serious, a sentient could be reasoned with, or at the very least distracted by witty repartee. A droid not so much, especially a war droid. The pair decided to remain as quiet as possible moving as quickly yet as quietly as they could along the ground. Krolik noticed that ID-10T had disappeared. A good thing in his mind, if they get out of this, they wouldn't have to see his face again, if they didn't same thing, win-win. The silence held until the door to the lavatory was blown open and an atlal wielding gungan stepped through shouting,

    "Nobody move! Mesa Commander Tarpals of da New Republic!"

    From under the stalls Zee and Krolik share a look then roll their eyes, "We're saved." The sephi mouthed. They made no move to get up or announce their presence, waiting to see how the droid would react to the sudden addition of a loud combatant that had immediately identified themselves as an enemy of the Empire. Hopefully this was the distraction the Easy Job crewmembers needed.

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    IC: Sith Academy, Moraband

    Irluuk knew that not all of Palpatine's dark side adepts and acolytes were to be trusted. But he hoped that the current crisis would have prevented the overambitious acolytes from betraying the others. Unfortunately, he was wrong. Already Imperials were falling victim to infighting across the galaxy. Now there were traitors in this sanctuary they had rebuilt. The traitors had covered their traps well. Several other explosions had gone off across the planet. Irluuk made sure that nobody was to leave the planet until the traitors or spies were found. He had put his right-hand woman, one of Palpatine's best agents when he lived, in charge of the hunt, while he saw to the damage. If the traitors were helping the Alliance, they could bring down all he had worked so hard to build, including exposing the countless Force-sensitive spies and agents he had sent to infiltrate or damage the Alliance. Afterward, he was meditating in his chamber. The door to the chamber opened, and at first Irluuk thought it was Mara. But then he heard the hiss of a lightsaber and could sense that it was one of the traitors within the Academy. At last, Irluuk thought. He smiled. He had been expecting for them to come at him eventually. He pulled out his own lightsaber and turned to face the acolyte who had surpassed his security. The acolyte screamed and charged. He was skilled, but unfortunately Irluuk had one thing he didn't. Knowledge from SIth holocrons and other artifacts pulled from Sith vaults across the galaxy. So it was a quick fight. When it was over, Mara and his security team ran in. He had left the would-be-assassin alive, for questioning. There was much the traitor could tell them.

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    IC: Sibar Lank
    Battle of Muunilinst

    Turbo lasers could do a hell of a lot of damage to a transport ship, one to two hits and it is sure to be burnt to a crisp. It takes a great pilot to navigate through an entire wall of turbo lasers, thankfully for the Alliance, Lando Calrissian was one such pilot.

    The BR-23 courier was sturdy enough the Ties would only get a few meaninglessness shots off before being shot down by the A-wing escort. The Alliance troop transport flew right past the walls and into the smoke covered sky above Harnadian. Ties where still swarming behind it but soon fell behind as to avoid crashing into the tall buildings in the inner city, or at least that's what Sibar assumed was happening. No sooner had the Ties turned around when a mass of anti-aircraft missiles came careening toward the transport. Lando was fast enough to get the ship's hull away from the missiles, but not fast enough to avoid one hitting the left tail wing.

    "Karablast!!" Lando yelled. "That is going to make outrunning these missiles even harder."

    The next batch of missiles showed up on the radar a few seconds later. Lando pulled the ship into a dive causing the missiles to fly right past where the body of the transport had been seconds before.

    "I got to get this thing on the ground asap. How close are we to the drop zone?" Lando asked his copilot.

    "About 500 meters sir" the Duros answered.

    "Good! Sibar you ready?" Lando asked.

    "Yes sir" Sibar said as he and his troops got their gear in order as best they could while still locked into their seats.

    "Approaching drop zone in 200 meters...........100 meters" The Duros called out over the roar of the engines as the ship descended diagonally towards the courtyard outside a massive abandoned maglev station.


    The ship came to a halt. Sibar and his troops took their seat guards off and grabbed their backpacks and any other heavy gear. The doors opened up and the Alliance troops poured out. The Duros pilot guided the transport up but was shot down only a few seconds later.

    "Rush for the columns!" Lando ordered.

    The troops ran into near the entrance of the station. Once under cover Sibar peaked out with a viewfinder.

    "We have an AT-ST approaching as well as about two squads of stormies and 4 speeder bikes" Sibar informed Lando.

    "OK, Gandar use your rocket launcher when it gets close" Lando ordered.

    Gandar smirked and rigged up his rocket launcher.

    "Everyone else lets dash for the next row of pillars. Draw in the AT-ST then Gandar can hit it from behind" Sibar ordered everyone.

    The troops ran to the next row and took their positions. Sibar pulled out his sniper rifle and took aim. He focused it on the leader of the biker scouts. Sibar pulled the trigger and a second later the Scout Trooper was flung from his bike, with a blaster wound in his chest. The other scouts swerved in a nervous panic before reforming.

    "Hose 'em down with blaster fire when they come by. They wont be able to dodge very well in here" Sibar told his men while taking up aim again but now at the infantry running at them. He shot two Stormtroopers while the other Rebels gunned down two of the three biker scouts. The AT-ST fired near Sibar, causing him to duck behind the pillar. He had to stick to his cover till the walker was down.

    "About 40 seconds" Lando said.

    Sibar peaked out and saw how close the walker was.

    The feet marched closer and closer until.

    "NOW!!" Lando yelled.

    Gandar fired at the AT-ST and in a blaze of fire and sparks the Imperial walker exploded.

    The rest of the Rebel infantry came out from behind their cover and took out the shocked Stormtroopers.

    "Great shooting everyone! Now lets get into the Maglev station before reinforcements show up" Lando said.

    The Alliance troops rushed up the stairs that lead to the main entrance. Once inside they found the right passage way. The shields that the trains hovered on where shut down but the metal bars that surrounded the generated track still remained. The Rebels got onto the walkway as Stormtroopers began to enter the main entrance.

    After walking for about 30 minutes while avoiding looking down and trying to avoid getting spotted by Imperial ships whizzing by, the Rebels finally reached the rendezvous point. The moment the Rebels got to the destroyed walkway a hidden hologram turned on. The Muun resistance leader's image stood in front of them.

    "Nice to see you General Calrissian. Please excuse our secrecy but we did not want to draw attention by having a party of troops here. Grapple to the side of the tower to your left and rappel down. You will find my men waiting. Thank you and see you soon".

    "Guess we gotta do that. Everyone got their cables ready?" Sibar asked.

    Once the Rebels arrived on the ground a Muun in armor walked out from behind some rubble. "Good you all made it down. Unfortunately I was the only one who made it to this point. We will have some trouble getting back to the base. The Empire has stepped up its game".

    "That's fine. Sorry about your men" Lando said as he shook the Muun's hand.

    The Rebels proceeded through the rubble till they found an Imperial squad.

    "I got them" Sibar said as he took aim and killed the sergeant. Ryssa jumped out from the cover and blasted away two more troopers while the Togrutan killed the another. Gandar took down all the rest with his heavy blasters.

    "This will get their attention" Lando said

    "I think it already has!" Ryssa said while taking a step backwards. Everyone looked to their right and saw 4 AT-STs and 5 AT-DPs.

    "Follow me as fast as possible" The Muun said as he began to run. The walkers started to chase after them. While still out of range they still had the Rebels on the run. Within two blocks the Rebels rounded a corner to find a massive battle. This was the heat of the Muun/Empier battle.

    The Rebels had no place to take cover. "Just rush through to the Muun troops" Sibar yelled. An AT-DP was gaining on them and blasted away the Twilek male. The rest of them barley got far enough into the battle to avoid the walker's blasts. Once in the heat of things the Rebels began to take cover behind rubble and rush from one pile of burning scrap metal to another. The Gran rebel took out 4 Imperials which allowed a squad of Muuns to break through and create a perimeter around the Alliance troops. The Imperial walkers where to far away to get a clean shot but the AT-STs used their Mk 1/W concussion grenade launchers to rain concussion grenades onto the area.

    "Ryssa you and Cyern sneak around that pile of rubble to our left and take out the Stormtroopers who are giving cover fire for the AT-STs. Then Gandar has a chance to get up high and take one of them out while the rest of us use grenades and mortars to take them out." Sibar ordered.

    "Got it sir" Ryssa answered nodding. The human male and her ran around a crashed hover transport. Stormtroopers slowly approached two or three at a time from behind. Sibar and the other human male took them out while the others readied their grenades and mortars.

    Cyern opened fire on the Stormtroopers who where laying down suppressing fire. He took two of them out before a blaster blot hit his ribs, knocking him over. Cyern crawl to cover as Ryssa shot the gunman down. Cyern got out a thermal detonator and chucked it at 2 more Stormtroopers who had opened fire. The Rebels began to run to avoid the AT-ST's from getting them in their sights only for Cyern to run right into an AT_DP blast. Ryssa was flung backwards from the explosion. She could hear ringing in her ears but still got up and dragged herself away from the line of fire.

    Ryssa hoped to the Force that she had taken out enough of the Stormtroopers as she shot up a flare to signal for attack. Gandar jumped onto the crashed transport and fired right at the nearest AT-ST. The explosion provided good cover since it created a cloud of smoke in front of the others. The rest of the Rebels threw their grenades into the air. The smoke trick was a risk since now the rebels also had trouble aiming. Another AT-ST was destroyed and one was damaged. The mortars where launched next and proved more successful, destroying an AT-ST and an AT-DP.

    "That was good enough. We are going to have to fall back though. The Muun want to return to their defensive perimeter asap. With those Walkers and more Imps inbound we cannot push back" Lando told Sibar over the sound of blaster fire and more grenades going off.

    "Got it General, but I have to get my troops" Sibar said sternly.

    "Of course! Never leave a man behind. I'll send the Muuns and the rest of our troops to the fall back point. It is just around the corner" Lando offered.

    Sibar smiled, meeting Calrissian in person he could really see why people said he was such a good leader. Lando had a natural charisma and charm that could rally anyone behind him. "Don't worry yourself sir. My men; my responsibility" Sibar said appreciatively.

    "You sure?" Lando asked.

    "Yeah I got this sir you stay here"

    Sibar rushed to where Ryssa's flare had went off. A stormtrooper was in his way. Before the Imperial even had time to react Sibar had already shot him. Sibar rushed past more blaster fire before finding several troops approaching a pile hesitantly with their guns ready. He realized what was happening and took out his pistol and fired at two of their backs. The stormtroopers turned around and where suddenly shot in the back again but now by Ryssa. Sibar took out the last one and rushed to Ryssa.

    "You ok!?" He said as he peeled back one of her shattered armor plates that had a been cracked and clearly burned through in places.

    "I am fine. Cyern is dead by the way. An AT-DP got him" Ryssa said, clearly trying to change the topic from her wounds. "More are going to come back, we better leave" She urged.

    "Right" Sibar said as he helped her to her feet. He had fought along side her long enough to know that she would not make a fuss about an injury even if it was life threatening. It would make her feel like she was distracting her comrades from the mission.

    Ryssa could stand well enough but was coughing when running. "Likely a broken rib from being launched like that" the thought to herself.

    They now had several Stormtroopers on their backs and an Imperial drop ship about to land more when suddenly a barrage of blaster fire flew by them and took out most of the Stormies causing the rest to take cover. The drop-ship was hit by several rockets and promptly exploded. A Muun with a heavy blaster rifle stood in front of Sibar and Ryssa. He had several more behind him.

    "Thought you might need help" The Muun said smiling.

    "Commander Kelemunn" Sibar exclaimed. "It is great to see you. I would shake your hand but we should get out of here".

    The Muun nodded and pressed a button on his wrist gauntlet. Suddenly an atmospheric transport rounded the corner. It had clearly been modified for warfare with blaster canons mounted onto it and several one man turrets hanging over the open top.

    Everyone leaped onto the transport as it suddenly jolted away right as the Imperial Walkers got it in their sights. Within seconds two ties where behind them followed by 4 speeder bikes. All of them where soon pushed back however by the Muun canon emplacements outside their base. One Tie exploded and two of the bikes where destroyed.

    The transport landing inside a hangar that was on the fifth floor of a medium sized building. It had canons lined around it and had clearly been through hell. Sibar and Ryssa got out and followed the Muun to the makeshift medbay. Ryssa wanted to be debriefed and discuss what their way of getting Kelemunn out of there was but the Muun leader urged her to stay. "No one is prepping to leave for the time being. Now that the Empire knows you are here it will be quite the process to get us out of here. You are not the only one hurt by the battle. We cannot afford to be foolish, we must allow ourselves to heal" he said waving his long hand to the rest of the room which was filled with injured troops.

    Once in the strategy room Sibar finally got to speak to the Muun leader personally. "Sir if the Empire is pushing at this location this hard we must get you out of here asap. Otherwise they will overtake us. We need you to rally the Muun people".

    "If we let this place fall it will be a symbol to my people, that we are not strong enough to protect ourselves from the Empire. We must push them back enough for your troops to bring more supplies then we can make our big display and get the Muun people to overthrow the rest of the Imperial reign of this world." Kelemunn said while studying the holoprojection of the city in front of him.

    Lando spoke up "We are trying to break through now sir but honestly it will take a while without the full support of your people. The rest of the Muun leadership has been bought by the Empire. They all see you as a brave but foolish leader who stands no chance or that you are dead. The Empire has already declared you dead publicly. We have to get you out of here to show them that is not true. That the people of Muunilinst can fight back".

    The Muun stood still for a few long seconds "fine. We will launch one attack on the Imperial forces surrounding us that will create a hole for you reinforcements" He said while pointing to an area on the map where the sea of red that represented Imperials was very close to being broken by the Rebel troops. "If we could get a few drop pods through then get into the transport and take off we could hold this area long enough to get the message out to my people".

    "Sounds like a plan Commander. Let's start prepping" Lando said as he zoomed the holotable in on the area Kelemunn has pointed to.

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    Dec 2, 2016
    IC: Sith Academy, Moraband

    Irluuk had isolated himself in his chamber. Before him was the holographic image of a rare starmap, which he was studying intently. The starmap showed the Unknown Regions, and Irluuk was trying to locate one planet in particular. Many of these planets held Sith artifacts and temples, but one had the biggest treasure trove of all. He grinned as he found what he was looking for. A forgotten world only found on the oldest starmaps, such as the one that had come into Irluuk's possession. Now he had the location of the lost world and the secrets that could be found there.

    "Dromund Kaas..."

    Darth Rozic
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  10. Darth Rozic

    Darth Rozic Jedi Knight star 3

    Dec 27, 2015
    GM Update I of II
    Sith Academy, Moraband

    Finally! He had found it! Dromud Kaas. The ancient Sith world, lost in time. Very little knew what the planets even was, Irluuk was one of the few that did.

    On that planet he would find the key to winning this Civil War. Irluuk knew that that wasn't all. There were countless artifacts on their, but he needed help in retriving them. There were three groups that could help him get to Dromund Kaas, all he had to do was choose which one to contact.

    The first was the Noghri Death Commandos: primitive beings, few in numbers but plentiful in skill.
    The second choice was the Bounty Huters Guild: for a price a team of highly skilled mercenaries would happily accompany Irlluk to Dromund Kaas.
    The last option was the Death Trooper Squadron: a group of experimental soldiers, highly trained, highly dangerous.

    The decision was up to Irluuk.

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  11. CosmoHender

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    Dec 2, 2016
    IC: Sith Academy, Moraband

    Irluuk made the preparations for his departure. He would leave his second-in-command in charge and was taking only his bodyguard droids with him. He would first take his ship to a secret Imperial base to retrieve the highly trained and dangerous experimental Death Trooper Squadron. Few knew about their existence and they had yet to be unleashed. That was about to change. They were slightly unpredictable, but Irluuk didn't doubt their loyalty and their deadliness. There were battle-ready, but the death of the Emperor over Endor had postponed their deployment. Now Irluuk would take command over the elite soldiers and use them against the rebels.

    After making the pickup Irluuk would then go to Dromund Kaas, a forgotten world of secrets shrouded in myth and legend. There were rumors of powerful Sith artifacts, remnants of a mighty Sith Empire, and ancient superweapons. Just rumors, but likely with a basis of truth. Whatever was waiting for him, Irluuk would find out soon enough...

    Darth Rozic
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    Mar 28, 2016
    Darth Rozic has recruited me as his co-GM and this is my first update (duh). Please message Darth Rozic if you have any questions or concerns etc.

    The Imperial droid paused and it’s head swiveled around proceeding to scan the Gungan. Before the droid could even get its blasters positioned, Nuskrak launched her bomba at the droid. The droid began shorting out and before it could recover it was already hit with another bomba. The droid was on the floor smoking by the time anyone could blink.

    “Yousa okay?” The Gungan asked as Zee got up off the ground.
    “Yes we are fine thanks to your stupid move there” Zee said.

    “Meesa did not know theresa was a bomba droid in here” The Gungan said clearly a bit embarassed. “Sorry”

    Mark came out of his hiding spot “Enough talking let’s get out of here”

    The Gungan did a double take “Oh No! Whysa there a Imperial here? In fact who are yousas, one of the strike teams?”.

    “He's an Imperial who tried to get us to help him find the Geindem crystal for his own profit, and yes we are a team of freelancers who are helping your Rebellion find the crystal.”

    The group proceeded to go through the rest of the tunnels with 2 more Gungan troopers for assistance. Mark insisted upon coming as well but agreed to be handcuffed.

    Suddenly Tarpals ears shifted “Battle positions!!” she shouted as a something rushed out of a hole in a wall. It was dark but Krolik could make out several legs. The creature grabbed one of the Gungan guards and they all heard a deafening scream. More of these things came out of the walls and the ensuing dust cloud.

    Darth Osnil @galactic-vagabond422
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    Dec 2, 2016
    IC: Dromund Kaas' Orbit

    The pick up went just as well as planned. With the experimental Death Trooper Squadron in tow, Irluuk set the coordinates for Dromund Kaas, the forgotten Sith world.

    Soon his ship was in orbit over the mysterious planet. Wreckage of ancient ships was caught in orbit, evidence of some huge battle that was once fought over the world, during the final hours of the ancient Sith Empire before being destroyed by their Republic and Jedi enemies. The surface of the planet was covered in dangerous jungles, ancient temples and tombs, and the remnants of Imperial cities that were once home to millions. Long ago the Sith had abandoned this world, which was once capital of their mighty Empire. For thousands of years the planet remained lost and forgotten. All that was about to change. It was the time for the Sith to reclaim Dromund Kaas.

    As Irluuk's ship grew nearer, he could see violent storms happening across the surface of the planet. There was an unusual sensation that seemed to originate from the planet. An odd presence, traces of the Sith who once called the planet home and of powerful Sith artifacts hidden in the ruins of a forgotten empire. Powerful Sith artifacts Irluuk could use to destroy the Alliance and turn the tide of the war.

    There was something else odd. On his ship's scanners Irluuk was detecting something odd. Life forms gathered at what appeared to be a settlement. even though the planet had supposedly been abandoned and uninhabited for thousands of years, after Sith survivors fled from the armies of the Republic and their Jedi leaders. And yet, somebody had made the world their home. Settlers, perhaps? Colonists? Refugees? Criminals? Pirates? Smugglers?

    Whoever they were, Irluuk would find out soon enough what secrets this planet had to offer...

    Darth Rozic
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    Oct 2, 2016
    Who can I talk to to get in the Game?
  15. vncredleader

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    Mar 28, 2016
    Send a PM with your character sheet to Darth Rozic
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  16. Darth Rozic

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    Dec 27, 2015
    GM Update
    The Second Battle of Muunilinst

    "Alright Lank, you seem to be ready," stated Burkan. "Now a shuttle should be waiting outside for you and your team. There you'll be transported to the frontlines, the Imperial Command Center!"

    Suddenly the room went quiet and Sibar could hear a few people gulp. A map of the Command Center and the area surronding materialized on top of the holoprojector.

    "You will enter through this access point here." Burkan pointed to some large blastdoors at the side of the base, it had two lasser cannons next to it and a small squad of stormtroopers in front.

    "Then you will walk down this hallway and into the computer room on the left." The computer room was protected by a cluster of red dots the symbolized stormies and a few large red dots which- according to the legend- symbolized heavu assault troopers armed with miniguns and thick armor.

    "Once in there you will use codes, provided by the Bothan Spy Network, to disable the shields surronding the Center. At that point you will have mere minutes to get out of the area and back onto the transport before Y-Wing bombers move in to blow the base of the face of the planet."

    "Ahh I see, with the Center destroyed communication would be cut off and so would the anti-air cannons," casually commented Lando as if the mission was no big deal.

    "Exactly, general! Then our reinforcements will sweep in and quickly obliterate Imperial forces. So Lank, you ready?"

    TAG: vncredleader

    Drummond Kaas

    Irluuk's ship landed at what appeared to be the mysterious settlement. As he stepped out of his ship he saw what appeared to be a fully operational base. All over the mysterious building was flags that flapped in the harsh winds of the storm. Each flag had a deep red background and a strange black symbol.
    One of the Death Troopers yelled some giberish at his captain who responded with more giberish. A black protocol droid approached Irluuk and said: "sir, the captain if the Death Troopers says that according to his in-helmet holo-display this is a type of Imperial flag, however he does not recognize it."

    The blast doors that led into the base suddenly opened- letting the unnatural light from inside flood outside. An Imperial Stormtrooper squad walked through the entrance and began speaking to Irluuk and his troopers.

    "Halt! This is a restricted location!" said the stormtrooper who clearly recognized the fact that Irluuk's ship was Imperial. "Please show your identifacation or we will have to engage you!"

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  17. MandoA101

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    Oct 2, 2016
    GM Approved (Thanks Darth R)

    Name: Sgt. Walt Santana
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Base HQ: Endor
    Equipment: Silenced X-8 Night Sniper Pistol, DLT-19X Targeting Rifle, Basic Survival Kit
    Description: 6'2, White, buzz cut brown hair, short brown beard, Confident, Brave, smart
    Allegiance: Rebellion
    Ship: None (Although, the Fleet above has some fighters and cruisers)
    Bio: originally from Kuat, his parents worked on the Republic ships when he was a baby. When the Empire came, his parents and other workers were overused and their unions disbanded. Shortly after, Walt's parents were killed in a crane accident. He decided to do some investigating, and he found out the Empire didn't want to deal with the annoying union problems, so they killed people involved. Ever since then, Walt vowed revenge. He joined the Rebellion at the age of 15. Too young to join the fight, he helped around the base. He quickly proved himself resourceful and fast, and at 17, he started to show his skill in marksmanship. It wasn't long until he, at 20, was made a full fledged sniper and soldier of the Rebellion. Before he could complete his special operations training, he was deployed to Endor. Even 4 years after the defeat of the Empire and destruction of the Second Death Star, neutralizing pockets of Imperial Resistance have proven difficult. The Moon is one giant battlefield, each side evenly matched and casualties skyrocketing. The mission of the 23rd Infantry Corps (the unit Walt has been assigned to) is to keep Imperial Forces from combining and creating a united front.
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  18. Darth Rozic

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    Dec 27, 2015
    GM Update
    Alliance Command Center, the Forest Moon of Endor

    "Quiet! Quiet everyone," boomed the voice of a Pandoran man. He was a relatively new addition to the Alliance but he climbed the ranks quickly and is now the Commanding Officer of the Endor Unit. "Please everybody calm down."

    The chatter in the room came to a stop.

    "Thank you," said the man. "As you all know I am Commanding Officer Pau-Chay, your leader here in this isolated little section of the galaxy. Now, you may have heard that Domino Squad has been missing in the forests for about five rotations now. They were patrolling a small Imperial camp on a recon mission when suddenly their communication cut out. Normally we would assume that the Imps killed them but their helmets had a live cam connected to it and they were quite a distance away from the camp when we were cut off from them. So we are going to properly investigate," continued Pau-Chay. "We are going to dispatch Nexu Squad of the 23rd Infantry Corps. They will wait out in a local Ewok village overnight, waiting to see if the killer returns to they scene of his crime. If the killer is found then the squad's sniper- something Santana I think his name was- will fire a stun shot at it and bring his findings to us. Understood?"

    The whole room replied with 'yes, sir' in unison.

    "Good, then Nexu Squad get your gear and make your way down to the location."

    One of Walt's squad mates walked up to him.

    "You ready, mate?" he asked.

    TAG: MandoA101

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  19. MandoA101

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    Oct 2, 2016
    IC: Walt

    I turned to Falin. "Always. Alright squad. Let's move." We exited the former Imperial Bunker and were immediately enveloped by the thick and lush underbrush. In front of us, a U-Wing, hovering right above the ground, its engine humming and pushing the weeds and tall grass down. Grasping a handle, I pulled myself into the Compartment and sat down in the troop bay. Our 8 man squad piled in, and we lifted off the ground and began our 5 minute ride to Sector D-7.
    "Alright, Nexu Squad. I've got direct orders from Pau-Chay." The loadmaster yelled over the running motor. "We are dropping you off at the checkpoint, and from there, you continue of foot to the village."
    He peered over his shoulder, looking at small meadow overlooking a massive cliff. "Here's your stop!" He shouted. "Good luck!" The Pilot lowered the U-Wing right into the clearing, and the bay doors opened. We grabbed our supplies and leapt down onto the grass. The Loadmaster gave us a salute, before the doors abruptly closed, and the U-Wing vanished beyond the tree line.
    Not too far from us was a make shift village, tents erected around the massive trees. A figure welcomed us to the encampment. "Welcome to The Dirtpatch, Nexu. Our humble abode." Instantly, I saw where they got the name. Blackened earth was thrown up around the site, and small craters were everywhere. "What happened here?" I asked.
    The Lieutenant shrugged and gave a small smile. When we first got here, there was a run in with an Imperial squad, and the ground got torn up a bit. We had em' runnin though."
    I grinned. Good ole rebels. He beckoned us to follow him. Just follow this cliff line for about 5 miles, and you'll reach a massive waterfall. Turn East up the River for a mile, and then cross it. The Village will be right there. Have fun! Kill some Imps for me." Ge gave another crooked grin, and off we went.

    3 Hours Later

    It was dark when we finally reached the village. Some Imps had been trailing us, but we lost them when we crossed. Soaking and demoralized, we finally saw the illuminated treetop town in the distance. There was a faint drumbeat that echoed throughout the relatively quiet forest. Then the drums went silent. Then more, from farther away. Then the closer drums. "They're communicating." One man said.
    "Even a stormtrooper could figure that out." Another chastised.
    "Shut up," I told them. They fell silent, and the primal noises of the wilderness took hold again. Suddenly, I lost my footing and a fell flat on something hard. I got up, cursing. Wait... I thought. It was a wooden plank. And another. And another. "Follow me," I whispered. We traversed up the stair case and into the village. The Ewoks looked at us, and the closest nodded and said "Shub tub dug nub." He disappeared into a hut, and we followed him. He pointed at 8 make shift bed rolls on the ground. I nodded and handed him a piece of my venison jerky ration. I then collapsed on the roll, instantly falling asleep.

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  20. CosmoHender

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    Dec 2, 2016
    IC: Dromund Kaas

    Irluuk could sense the dark side around him. It felt ancient. Powerful. The second he stepped on the planet's surface he felt much stronger...

    With a wave of his hand blasters flew out of the hands of the stormtroopers. Irluuk's lightsaber leaped into his hands and he ignited its long red blade.

    "My name is Irluuk of the Galactic Empire. I am in command of the Emperor's special dark forces, based on the ancient Sith world of Moraband. I have come here seeking knowledge and artifacts to help the Empire destroy its enemies. You will either assist me or stay out of my way. Bring me your leaders and have them explain your purpose on this forgotten Sith world. You have less than five minutes to comply."

    The Death Troopers leveled their blasters, preparing to fire if provoked.

    Something new was dwelling inside Irluuk now. He now felt like a true Sith. But he was not a true Sith Lord. At least not yet. But that may change soon enough. Time will tell...

    And then the galaxy and the enemies of the dark side would see what he truly had to offer.

    Darth Rozic
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  21. Darth Rozic

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    Dec 27, 2015
    GM Update I of II
    Dromund Kaas

    The leader of the stormtrooper squadron decided he'd rather live and told Irluuk and his soldiers to follow him. They walked down a long, narrow hallway which had an unnatural brightness to it. To Irluuk's left and right were doors, each with a sign indicating what was behind them. F-11D Assembly Line, Next Gen Helmet Design, Resurgent-class Design just to name a few.

    At the end of the hallway was a large room with a holoprojector in the centre. Crowded around the projector was a group of Imperial Officers. One of them spoke up.

    "BQ-2182, who are these people?"

    The squad leader replied with: "They claim to be Imperial Special Forces."

    The officer (who's rank badge indicated commander) sternly looked at Irluuk.

    "What brings you here?" he asked.

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  22. MandoA101

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    Oct 2, 2016
    IC: Walt Santana
    Forabok Village, Forest Moon of Endor

    I woke up in a cold sweat, breathing hard and shaking. I blinked and came to my senses, realizing I was not in a vat of liquid metal. I rummaged around in my bag for a cloth. It was pitch black in the confined hut. I stumbled into the wall, trying not to hit a sleeping squadmate. I finally found the exit and duck under. It was early in the morning, and birds softly called through the massive trees (confirmed by Wookiepedia as Redwoods, so I'm just going to say that). The sun was cast on to the river, light refracting off of it. I didn't realize it at first, but it was cold. I was in a tank top with only my camo fatigue pants and boots. Peering at the small hut I had just left, it was amazing how the Ewok insulated their buildings so well with just sticks. Primative, but genius.
    To my left, some Ewoks were gathered around a crackling fire, drinking a warm green beverage. One came over and offered me some. I took it, and tried a small sip. It was sweet and a bit spicy, but good. I smiled and gave him a thumbs up. He returned the gesture and went back to the fire. I draped the towel over my shoulder and went down to the river. It was running, and small fish jumped in and out. I knelt and let the cool water run over my arms and through my fingers.when I pulled them out again, there was a line between the tanned white skin and the brown, coarse skin I hadn't submerged. I dipped my hands in the water again, rubbing it over myself like a lotion. It felt good to finally get at least a little clean. Then I heard sticks snapping and something said, "Fan out; I heard something."
    I dived in a bush and swore violently under my breath. Clutching my towel to make sure none of it was sticking out, I slowly drew my vibroblade from my boot. Let them pass, don't see me, I begged to no one in particular. One stepped 5 inches from my leg, and I saw his white shin guard. Stormies. I counted feet. 6. 6/2, 3 stormtroopers. My head was going on autopilot, and instinct kicked in. I slowly rose behind the guard and kicked him right in the knee joint. He bent backwards, and I managed to snap his neck, even with a helmet. The other turned. "Hey-" ran up to him and stabbed him I the chest, blood covering his armor. He shrieked in pain. I turned him to face his only friend left. Fortunately for me, that last stormtrooper finished the job, firing right into his partner's back, clearly aiming for me. I dropped my knife and the dead imp and charged the last one. I tackled him to the ground, and pulled his helmet off.
    To my surprise, it was a girl. She was blond and about 25, with a nice face. Too bad she was trying to kill me. I punched her in the mouth, and there was a crack as her jaw snapped. Blood seeped out of her mouth. But she did not give up. She pushed me off her and took a swing. Years of training prepared me, and I ducked. But she was trained well too. She drove her knee into my gut. I spit out and gasped. Reflexively, I caught her leg. Her eyes widened as in surprise. She stumbled and fell back right onto a rock. She looked dazed. She tried to get up again and fell back. I think she knew she was dead. I picked up the E-11 and aimed it at her.
    "Wait," She croaked. She reached into her belt pouch and pulled out a picture of a man holding a kid, standing next to her, laughing. "Take this... Take it. Corellia..." She reached up and lay a hand on my face. It was a miracle after hitting the rock she had stayed conscious for as long as she did. Her eyes went in and out of focus. As she slipped away, her hand fell from my cheek, leaving a bloody print. I stared at the picture, conflicted. Finally I stood up.
    "Damn," I said. "Damn." I started to walk away, and realized I couldn't just leave them there. Not knowing what to do, I dragged the two dead stormtroopers to the riverbank and tossed them in, watching them drift away. "Screw this war," I muttered, dragging the girl to the small sandy store. Then she stirred. She was alive. "Oh, God." I said. I picked up the E-11 and turned away, closing my eyes. My hand trembled.
    "BANG!" The clap of a discharged blaster bolt echoed through the forest.

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  23. MandoA101

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    Oct 2, 2016
    OOC: I'm sorry... That last part might have been too graphic.
  24. vncredleader

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    Mar 28, 2016
    OOC, I will defer to Darth Rozic on the violence but I would suggest just having the fight and removing the assassination. Not Rebel protocol, unless you want it to be that he lost his cool and it will be a character thing later, Court-marshal arc or whatever
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    Mar 28, 2016
    IC: Sibar Lank
    Battle of Muunilinst

    “Yes sir!!” Sibar said and then proceeded to leave the room with his strike team with him.

    The team loaded into a newly made U-wing, the Alliance only had a few out already after they had just started putting them into production again thanks to the Bothawui staryards.

    The U-wing pilots had limited training in the fight/gunship. These two had been selected from the best of the pilots in the initial attack on Mygeeto however, so they had more experience than most others would with the vehicle.

    The Rodian co-pilot turned on the in-flight signal and his Neimoidian partner lifted the vessel off the ground with a sudden jolt.
    Within a few minutes the U-wing was approaching its destination. “Contact our support Blue 3” Sibar told the pilot. They had to approach on their own as to avoid the Empire knowing an air attack was amassing. The pilot got onto his com unit “This is Blue 3 calling for strike alpha to begin; I repeat strike alpha is ready to begin”.

    Suddenly a squadron of A-wings, 6 X-wings, 3 Y-wings, and B-wings approached from all sides. There were also two Corellian Gunships and a Corvette.

    The Imperial naval forces began to engage as the Rebel ships approached. The A-wings began chasing eyeballs while the rest stuck in formation. The U-wing and some X-wings found their way through the command center’s turbolasers while the others fell back.

    One X-wing got hit and its debris slammed into the U-wing. One of the wings came off accompanied by a screeching sound.
    “Hold on guys!!!!” Blue 3 yelled as he tried to get control of the ship.

    The other X-wing matched the U-wing’s speed and clamped down its wings to hold onto the U-wing. The wings where barely holding on but the pilot was able to guide the U-wing to the landing point before its wings came off and it crushed under the pressure. “May the Force be with you” Sibar thought to himself.

    The U-wing had gained control and was able to lower its altitude and speed while passing by the drop zone. Sibar and his squad stood by the door as it opened, they had a window of about 15 seconds to jump.

    Sibar leaped out and watched as the ground approached him quickly. When the time was right he flipped so his feet faced the ground and activated his jump pack. He hit the ground hard but was still kicking. He whipped out his blaster pistol and took out two Stormtroopers. Another one died from a blaster bolt that came from above. Ryssa had opened fire as she was landing. Gandar slammed down onto two Stormtroopers. The Gran who was with them took out another the moment she landed.

    One of the human troopers was killed by blaster fire as he jumped, but the Togrutan, Twilek, and Corellian had made it down safely. The remaining 2 Stormtroopers got to cover behind one of the turbo laser towers. Gandar threw a detonator where one was. The other was able to signal for help to the troops just beyond the door. A small cannon came online that was above the blast doors. It nearly caught Sibar who rolled to the side Lando just landed at that moment and took his shot. The cannon exploded seconds later.

    “Ok Gandar take the door down before they can contact anyone else.”

    Gandar took out a rocket launcher and opened fire on the door. It blew open sending the troops inside flying.
    Sibar and his troops quickly made their way through the command center. “They know we are in here by now. Just make sure we stay one step ahead of them, prisoner cells are up ahead.”

    They entered a 3 story complex with an open floor plan and cells going up the walls of top 2 stories. The bottom was a processing area which had some tables and connected to guard bunkers. The moment the door opened several guards opened fire with live rounds. “The upper level guards would only have stun blasters as to avoid the inmates getting live ones, that would be an good advantage for us” Sibar thought.

    Ryssa blitzed the enemy and took out 3 troopers. The others gave cover while Sibar took out Stormtroopers who were on the higher levels. Sibar shot a grappling hook to the 3rd level and went up. Several enemies where on the walkways and began firing. Stun shots or not they would still stop Sibar real quick. Like planned, Lando and Gandar blasted into the command room and made the warden unlock the cells. The guards must not have noticed as they seemed surprised when the Muun prisoners began tackling them and pushing them over the side.

    Sibar entered maximum security and took down a few guards with electrostaffs. He made his way to the Muun leader, Kelemunn. Kelemunn looked up with a shocked expression. “Rebels? You made it in here, are you insane?”

    “Maybe sir, but what’s important is getting you out of here” Sibar said while tossing him a E-11

    He walked Kelemunn to the grappling hook “Go down there and my team will get you out of here and to the computer system. We are taking this place down”. Kelemunn made his way down while Sibar looked out for him. Once the Muun made it to the bottom Sibar began to grapple down, he made it to the second level before 3 Death Troopers came out of nowhere and attacked him. Sibar leapt to the bottom level as his team rushed out to the hallway. He was able to roll away to a protrusion from the wall in front of the blast door in time but that cover would not last.

    One of the Death Troopers took out a thermal imploder and got ready to throw it. Before he could his arm hit the ground and a blue and grey blur hit the ground behind him. The blur kicked the imploder to the side and rolled to the left of the leftmost trooper. The assailant stabbed a vibroblade through the trooper’s helmet and dodged the other one’s fire. They sliced the blaster which cut about halfway through which was enough to disable it.

    The Death Trooper threw a punch which the attacker was able to catch but clearly only nearly stop. They then slashed with the vibroblade into the Death Trooper. The remaining one grabbed a scout pistol with his one remaining arm and went to shoot the assailant, Sibar blasted Death Trooper from behind.

    The rest of Acklay squad came out from behind the cover with their blasters focused on the assailant. “whoa whoa whoa, don’t shoot yet” Sibar said as he got between the groups. He then faced the assailant “Thank you for that friend, though, if you don’t mind me asking, who exactly are you?” Sibar said.

    “An ally that’s what you need to know at the moment” the individual said, which Sibar was able to tell was a woman from the voice. He could now tell she had Rebel Specforce infiltrator gear on but with a black visor covering the eyes.

    “I beg to differ. Thanks for the save but we need to know, it is kinda important to the mission” Ryssa said clearly annoyed at the lack of hospitality from the specforce trooper.

    “Let all the Muun prisoners make a break for the hangar with the rest of your team like planned and then I will tell Captain Lank”

    Sibar knew if specforce was involved it must be serious. “Ok let’s move onward then”. The rest of his team was clearly uneasy but they moved along.

    “Ok Muuns get weapons and move along with Acklay 5, 8, and Lando to the hangar. Get yourselves out of here but have on ship pick us up at landing pad 5” Sibar ordered.

    “Make that pad 6 Captain” the Specforce trooper said sternly “I will explain on the way from the computer”.

    Knowing he would get no further answer Sibar sent the others on their way with only the Gran, Gandar, and Ryssa with him as well as the Specforce trooper.

    “So what exactly is going on?” Sibar asked as they made their way to the computer mainframe.

    The Specforce Infiltrator took a few seconds before speaking “I am part of a covert mission to take out the propaganda director stationed here, Alliance Intelligence sent me in about 5 hours before the attack began. I was told 2 hours ago that your squad would come through here and that I was to get your assistance in taking down Desertfire by any means possible before he can escape”.

    “I may be a sniper but I am not privy to assassinations…..sir” Sibar said since he had no idea what her rank was.
    “We are an army, you where trained for this and have carried out several before…..and yes I have read your record. I was sent here to get your assistance in the first place. Someone in command wants your help. Besides we will attempt to take him prisoner. We will only kill in live combat, that’s how the Alliance operates.”

    Sibar was taken aback, someone in command wanted his help? And they had sent Specforce to watch and assist him? “Understood, I did not mean to insinuate…”

    She cut him off “I took no offense either way Captain.”

    Sibar wondered what she meant by that but had no time to pry.

    “Ok the rest of you go to the computers then make your way to pad 5, tell the shuttles to pick you up there, tell them to send another one to us on pad 6 when we ask. Do not send one sooner than we say to, understood?” The Specforce infiltrator said.
    “Wait but what if we sent it to late and the bombers….”

    Ryssa was cut off by Gandar “Understood sir, come on guys we got work to do”.

    Sibar looked at them “don’t worry I got a plan, just worry about getting out of here yourselves”

    Ryssa looked frustrated but Gandar just nodded at Sibar as they left.

    Sibar and the infiltrator worked their way to pad 6 quickly. They shimmied along the side of the landing pad until they were behind some crates. They waited in silence for the rest of the team’s signal. It came in a matter of minutes, they saw a shuttle fly underneath them as Imperial ships flew out of the base and a red alert was sounded for the entire station. The attack was about to commence. The last shuttle had taken off late to make sure it could be near to grab the others and began somewhat slowly flying around beneath them while TIEs attacked. Sibar did not want them to hang around, however ordering them to leave might end up getting them spotted.

    Seeing that Sibar was about to break, the Specforce infiltrator turned off her vocalizer and used her soundproof com unit to tell the shuttle to get out of there and that they were safe. She looked at Lank and nodded when he mouthed “thank you”.

    The Y-wings began to approach in the distance as the blast doors opened and Desertfire ran out with 2 death Troopers alongside him. At that moment Sibar got up from being cover and took aim, he shot down both Death Troopers. Desertfire grabbed his pistol and opened fire. Just then the Y-wings attacked the other side of the command center shaking the platform.

    Desetfire and Lank fell over. Lank was getting up as Desertfire shot again, clipping Lank’s chest and knocking him back down. Before Desertfire could fire again the infiltrator shot a slug from a slugthrower from atop the crate and cut down the Imperial propagandist. “Well that will give the Empire some new material” the Specforce trooper said as she helped Lank up.

    “Sorry” Lank began

    “No time to apologize just get ready” She said.

    The Y-wings came around for a second run but ahead of them was one of the Lambda shuttles that the Alliance had stolen. It slowed down just enough for Sibar to jump pack himself and the Specforce trooper onto the lowered ramp where a Muun reached out his elongated hand to catch them.

    Once onboard the Y-wings began reining all hell loose on the command center as fellow Alliance ships approached.

    Sibar put a bacta patch on as Lando informed his team of the successful escape. Sibar looked at the Specforce trooper, “sorry about that. Had I not gotten tagged we might have been able to bring him in, now you have to deal with the Empire spinning it to make him a martyr and vindicating his claims”

    “It’s fine, I wanted to see him dead anyway, and more importantly I was supposed to get you out of there, was not about to let you get offed by a freaking propagandist” The Specforce infiltrator said as she removed her mask, revealing that she was an attractive Mirialan in her mid to late 20s.

    “So who exactly asked you to watch me?”

    “Wait till we dock” They soon did so with a Nebulon B and she walked Sibar over to the empty barracks and took out a holocommunicator. The image of a middle aged human male with a face that looked like it was used to scowling stared at Sibar. The man saw who he was addressing and smiled with a genuinely relived look on his face.

    “By the Force, you made it out of there in time Captain. I see you met Lieutenant Shadra Beshenal. I am “

    “General Draven” Sibar cut him off by accident having recognized the face of the man who helped build the Alliance. “Sorry sir I did not mean to interrupt, it’s just an honor to meet you”

    “It’s fine Captain, now I have a lot to explain but before I do, I have an offer: join my personal Alliance Intelligence team. You squad will become Specforce troopers undergoing whatever regiment training is best for them, and you will become one of my few direct agents. I am putting together a force worthy of making a push into Imperial space with a hand picked armada. Essentially we are part of the forward offensive now. And so can you if you are willing.”

    Sibar thought for a second, all of his troops would now be involved in the front line push in Draven’s personal armada. It was to good to be true.

    “I accept sir!”

    “Good then, Beshendal will be partnered with you, defer to her until you are vetted and trained fully. She will fill you in on the rest and set you up to join us directly, here on out you will be part of my elite.”

    “Understood sir” Sibar said, grinning ear to ear.

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