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Beyond - Legends Falling Back (Takes place on Csilla)(5/18)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by JediSolo13, Apr 3, 2004.

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  1. JediSolo13

    JediSolo13 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 13, 2004
    Okay, here it is.I have about two other stories I'm working on too.

    Title:Falling Back

    Summary:Luke,Jaina,Jacen,Anakin,and all of the rest go to Csilla since Jag and Jaina are dating.But a young Chiss Knight who is on the dark side seeks Luke out for his help. And Jaina,Jacen and Anakin must help another Chiss Jedi who is close to destroying herself with the dark side.

    Characters:Luke,Jaina,Jacen,Anakin,Han, some OC characters, Jag Fel, Soontir Fel,and others.

    Falling Back

    Baron Soontir Fel sat in his office on the world of Csilla. The Chiss lived here and Soontir was grateful they?d let him live among them. He was very proud of his son. Jag had brought Jaina to Csilla since she did not get to come the last time. She?d brought her family with her. There was some unrest among some of the Chiss because so many outsiders were here on their world. Soontir was afraid they?d try to take action against the visitors. Though most of the Chiss were glad peace now existed among the Yuuzhan Vong and the galaxy, some were still not happy one of the Vong was here. Harrar was different, but that wouldn?t stop the Chiss from killing him. Soontir would never forget that he?d lost children during this war. Soontir was grateful he still had two of his children alive today. Wyn was growing up fast and she?d taken a liking to Jaina?s brother Anakin. But Anakin and Tahiri were very close. Jacen was here also, with Danni Quee.

    ?Baron Fel,? a Chiss said in front of his desk.

    ?Yes, A?rynok?? Soontir asked.

    His real full name was A?rynokiyins N?shurodo, but he was mostly called A?rynok.

    ?Someone wishes to speak with you and I think you should listen wholeheartedly,? A?rynok said, his voice stiff.

    Soontir got up and frowned. What was so important that A?rynok himself advises me to listen? Soontir thought. A?rynok left and Soontir followed him. Outside in the hallway Soontir saw the brightest red eyes among the Chiss he?d ever seen. They were bright with evil.

    ?N?orlanashank,? Soontir said.

    ?Please Baron Fel, just call me N?orlana,? N?orlana S?horklyd said with a mischievous smile.

    ?To what do I owe this ? pleasure.?

    ?Don?t sound so disappointed in my return to Csilla, Baron. I?m here to tell you some very good advise,? N?orlana said.

    ?And that advice would be??

    ?To cast the visitors from Csilla.?

    ?I can?t. My son-?

    ?Your son has joined the Galactic Alliance. He brought them here and you sanctioned them. You?ve both brought death upon them.?

    ?You?re saying that you?d try something against them?? Soontir asked with suspicion.

    N?orlana looked to both sides of the hall. Then her red eyes widened ever so slightly. She backed up a pace.

    ?Is someone after you??

    N?orlana gave him one last look and fled. A?rynok took off after her, although Soontir knew N?orlana would go right to her ship and go to her hiding place in the mountains. Something was going on. Soontir had been best friends with N?orlana before. Ever since she?d turned to the dark side though ? things had been different. N?orlana was a Jedi, trained in the ways of the Force by her human Jedi Master named Valyn Moortin. When he?d died, well, that?s when she turned towards the dark side, but she hadn?t been on its path yet. No, not until her Jedi son, L?eranshad, joined the New Republic and turned to the dark side himself. Soontir shook his head and felt sadness for the friend and her very good pilot son he?d lost. All on that dreadful day.

    ?Hey, I need a hydrospanner over here,? Anakin Solo told his sister.

    They were both working on the Millennium Falcon along with their father.

    ?Jaina, you?re pushing yourself too hard,? Anakin said, looking at his sister, who had ignored him and her face red with frustration. He pulled her up and hugged her.

    ?You?re acting like you?re the older sibling here,? Jaina said.

    ?I think you need a break from that every once in a while,? he said, smiling.

    He showed her a crashcouch with the Force and told her to get some rest. After she left H
  2. JediSolo13

    JediSolo13 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 13, 2004
    Luke Skywalker sat on board the Millennium Falcon , meditating. Harrar sat across from him.

    ?I wonder if maybe one of my people would?ve become a Jedi if they were not stripped of the Force,? Harrar said quietly.

    ?That?s very difficult for me to think about considering ? well, I?m willing to help you though. You may be the first of your people who the Force may forgive,? Luke replied.

    ?I know what my people ? what we did to you. We made a mistake. We obsessed ourselves with war.?

    ?Clear your mind Harrar. Picture yourself among the Chiss, who were also alienated as you were.?

    Luke could hear Harrar?s steady breathing and went to work. He reached out to Harrar with the force. Of course he couldn?t feel him, he didn?t exist in it. But Luke was searching for him. Something he?d never done, but it couldn?t hurt. Luke went deep into the Force, deeper than he?d ever gone in a long time.

    I need you to show me Harrar in the Force, Luke said to the force.

    ?That which you seek is too far away. Go back Luke,? a voice, Ben Kenobi, said.

    ?Ben, I need your help. Please guide me!? Luke called.

    ?Go back Luke,? Ben repeated.

    Luke called to him, but he didn?t answer. So he came back out and he saw Harrar, still breathing deeply.

    ?You can stop now,? Luke said. Harrar opened his eyes. ?We?re done for today,? Luke continued. Harrar nodded, not asking what Luke found because he already knew.

    Jaina woke up with a start as she felt someone touch the side of her face lightly.

    ?Shh, I didn?t mean to wake you up,? Jag said quietly.

    ?It?s alright, I needed to wake up anyways,? Jaina replied, sitting up on the crashcouch.

    ?Did you know that someone is here? I know who it is and he won?t tell me why he?s here,? Jag said.

    ?Let?s go see,? Jaina got up.

    When they got outside of the Falcon Jaina saw a blue skinned Chiss leaning against the Falcon.

    ?Jaina Solo, it is a pleasure to meet one such as you. My name is Broknym,? Broknym said, bowing to Jaina.

    ?Please, there?s no reason to bow,? Jaina caught him midway.

    ?I?ve heard of everything you?ve done. You acted as a Yuuzhan Vong goddess. You and your brother were wanted by the Yuuzhan Vong,? Broknym said.

    ?What did you need sir?? Jaina asked, ignoring what he had said.

    ?I?d like you to be in a starfighter show this afternoon Colonel. And also you Colonel Fel,? Broknym said.

    ?You mean fighting to the death??

    ?No, no Colonel Solo. Just a demonstration for others who?d like to join the CEDF.?

    ?Oh, I guess I can do that,? Jaina said.

    ?Count me in too,? Jag said, smiling and putting a hand on Jaina?s shoulder.
  3. Lady_WinterCelchu

    Lady_WinterCelchu Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 23, 2003
    Interesting start. Keep it up.

    MJSLSBS Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 15, 2003
    interesting. can't wait for more.


    JAGSGURL15 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 21, 2003
    great job so far cant wait for moreee
  6. JediSolo13

    JediSolo13 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 13, 2004
    Next chapter is finally up! Thanks for all the reviews!

    Wyn fell across the floor as Jacen pushed her with the Force.

    ?You have the Force, use it!? Jacen said, helping her up.

    ?I can?t! I?m too old! Maybe if I was older I could use the force,? Wyn said, giving up as she had over the past hour.

    ?It?s not about being too old or too young Wyn. It?s about knowing that you can use it,? Jacen told her.

    ?You?re right. It?s just hard is all. I mean my whole life I never had to worry about being Force sensitive or joining the CEDF. My father would never let me become a Jedi or lose my life in combat.?

    ?Sure, but look at my sister. She?s been fighting the Vong for years and she?s still here,? Jacen walked towards the door which opened as he approached it.

    ?Where are you going?? Wyn asked, running her hand through her hair and pulling it back into a ponytail.

    ?To get a drink somewhere,? Jacen said, flashing her a Solo smile.

    Her heart fluttered as he did. She smiled and looked over at his lightsaber which was sitting on a small stand that looked like ice. Truly art by a Chiss who became famous by creating this stuff all over Csilla. Wyn turned towards it and she heard the door shut with a swish! He?d showed it to her. It had been green and he?d used it to cut a piece of rope and showed her how easy it cut through things. She walked towards it and picked it up. It was smooth where the power button was. She put her thumb over the power button and held it there as a long green bar came shooting out of it. It scared her and she jumped, dropping it. But as she screamed she reached out to it with the Force and caught it. It floated in midair and she smiled. She moved her hand around, letting the unpowered lightsaber stay in line with her hand, but it was inches away from her right hand.

    She practiced pushing it further from her, and she succeeded. She pulled it towards her, but as she did the door opened with another swish! . That broke her concentration and the lightsaber fell from her Force grip. She turned her head towards the door, and she saw Jacen leaning against the doorway.

    ?Having fun?? Jacen asked.

    ?Uh, yeah?? she half asked him.

    ?Try again. And this time reach out to me through the Force while keeping the lightsaber in the air,? Jacen told her smirking, and handing her the lightsaber.

    Instead of using her hand to take it. She reached out to the Force again, but she wasn?t sure how. She tried with all of her might, closing her eyes. She reached out her right hand. She felt it! She opened her eyes, and smiled as she saw it floating. She saw Jacen?s face alight with happiness. She reached out to Jacen with the Force. And it was the same. Just like she?d felt the lightsaber, she felt Jacen. But maybe she shouldn?t be felling him right now. But not like that! She thought. Her concentration wavered as she got nervous. The lightsaber fell, but Jacen pulled it towards him with the Force. He looked at her and then said,

    ?I think you?ve done enough for today. You might not want to tell your dad about our training sessions until later on,? Jacen said, grabbing his Jedi robe and heading out again.

    Wyn put her hand to her forehead. He probably knew what she?d been thinking when she dropped the lightsaber. And the truth was.... he did.
  7. JadeDjo

    JadeDjo Jedi Master star 2

    Feb 14, 2004
    Just found this, Good job. :)
  8. Elfsheen

    Elfsheen Jedi Knight star 5

    Feb 9, 2003
    I like this. It's good. Something new! Keep it up!

    JAGSGURL15 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 21, 2003
    Great JOB!!!

    dying for more of this story!
  10. JediSolo13

    JediSolo13 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 13, 2004
    Soory for the long wait but here it is, the next chapter!

    Luke Skywalker sat in the Baron Fel?s place. It was a nice place. Of course Soontir had one teenage girl living here, and now his son was back for a little while, so it was a little messy. Leia, Han, and Mara were talking to Syal and Soontir right now. Luke wasn?t paying attention as he was trying to grab onto a feeling he was having. He reached out further, into the atmosphere of the planet and back down, searching . . . there. A feeling of darkness, of fury, of betrayal. That?s all he felt and it was overwhelming him.

    ?Luke, stop,? Mara said in the corner of Luke?s mind.

    Then Luke saw the person all this was coming from. A Chiss, at a docking bay near here. He had a lightsaber on his belt. Then he saw another man, a man that looked crazed, crazed by anger.

    ?No, no, don?t let him get me,? Luke moaned, and he almost thought he heard a thump somewhere.

    Then he was back. Mara stood away from him, holding Ben tightly. Leia was near him, almost crowding him because she was so worried. Han stood back, letting Leia figure what was wrong with him.

    ?Who did you see?? Leia asked him.

    ?A boy, well a young man. He?s in trouble, but we have to go now,? Luke said, getting himself up.

    Anakin Solo watched Valin Horn fiddle with a broken droid. He?s a lot like me, Anakin thought. Anakin walked up to him.

    ?Need help there?? he asked Valin.

    ?Uh, I got it thanks. I don?t want to waste your time,? Valin said.

    ?Valin, I?m not doing anything. I?m flat out bored, and it looks like you are too. So let?s go for a walk, what do you say?? Anakin asked him.

    Valin looked at him thinking. Then he stood and walked beside Anakin. Anakin didn?t say anything to him. He didn?t know what to say.

    ?I was watching you back there fixing that droid. And I realized that you remind me of well . . . me,? Anakin started lamely.

    ?You don?t need to tell me I?m good at stuff Anakin. You?re my hero,? Valin said, almost murmuring.

    Anakin smiled at him. He?d never thought of himself as a hero before. Then right then and there Anakin made his decision.

    ?Valin, would you be my apprentice?? Anakin asked Valin, stopping and looking at him.

    Valin looked up from the floor and stopped too. Did he just hear right that Anakin Solo wanted to take him on as an apprentice?

    ?Wow, I?d be honored to be your apprentice,? Valin said eagerly. Then not wanting to appear too eager, he stopped smiling.

    Anakin smiled and they continued to walk. They walked no where really, just into the depths of a new relationship. So they walked and walked. Anakin suddenly found them lost. He opened a door to his right and found it leading out to a hangar bay.

    ?Uh . . . I think we?re lost. How do we get back?? Valin asked him.

    Anakin suddenly frowned. They weren?t lost. The Force had guided them here. Then he saw Tahiri pinned against the wall by a woman who was a Chiss.

    ?Let her go!? Anakin yelled at the woman.

    The woman pushed Tahiri?s head back against the wall and she slumped to the ground.

    ?Don?t try to stop me Jedi. He?s here. He?s here. And I?ll kill him before he touches me or my son!? The Chiss woman yelled at the top of her lungs.

    The woman tried to punch Anakin but he ducked just in time. His sort of long brown hair flew in the air as he ducked her attack. The last thing Tahiri remembered thinking is of how well Anakin could fight and how good he looked doing it. Tahiri smiled and then, blackness.

    Anakin drew his lightsaber, to find the woman already had a lightsaber drawn.

    ?You?re a Jedi!? Anakin said, amazed.

    ?A Dark Jedi to be precise. When he comes seeking you, help him,? the woman told Anakin and he thought she was ill or something.

    Then the woman turned around and sprinted away out a door. Anakin stared after her. What was she talking about?

    ?Excuse me, I need you to tell me where Luke Skywalker, Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo, or Anakin Solo are,? a young Chiss man said to Anakin tapping on his shoulder.

    ?When he comes seeking you,
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