Fan Day III in Lafayette

Discussion in 'New Orleans, LA' started by wicket_the_ewok, Apr 12, 2005.

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  1. wicket_the_ewok Jedi Youngling

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    May 16, 2002
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    Hey there, my name is seth 'wicket' segura and i am a member of FanForce Acadiana here in lafayette. we are putting on Fan Day III the weekend ROTS comes out (May 21st to be exact). if yall would like, you are more than welcome to come and if you are willing you can help out too. check out [link=,_LA/b10065/]FanForce Acadiana's Boards[/link] for more info. some of the stuff is set, but we need all the support we can get

    Thanks a bunch and May the Force be with you.
  2. Darth Mischievous Jedi Grand Master

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    Oct 12, 1999
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    Thanks for the info, but there are unfortunately not many of us here.

    I tried to get things organized in this forum at the onset but to no avail.

    I find it amazing that smaller areas of this State have more posters than the entire New Orleans metro area.
  3. EmpireForever Jedi Grand Master

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    The metro area of N.O. doesn't exactly strike me as downtown Star Warsville.
  4. anthonymaul Jedi Padawan

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    thanks,but I wont be in town yet......
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