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Fan Fic2:Ansion Uprising

Discussion in 'Greenville, SC' started by Dark_side_fatty, Feb 22, 2003.

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  1. Dark_side_fatty

    Dark_side_fatty Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 26, 2002

    ''The final battle is at hand!This is the last chance for the Confederacy,surrender,or die.''And with that,Commander Joup walked away from the stand.Now,what was that thing I was supposed to do,oh yes,the dispute between Ansion and Republic thought the commander as he walked on.
    ''Commander!Commander,a word,please?''The newsreporters crouded him but were pushed back by a senate guard.
    Whats that smell?Gas!
    ''May I have your attention,we are under attack,please move toward the exit,now,''This could be bad.

    What a day,thought holonet reporter,Palquis Serina,as he sliped a cigaret into his mouth.Oh great,he thought,now the rest of the press is coming to take this location.As the blast doors opened,a terrified look came across their faces,what?He thought.

    ''For todays around the galaxy,we take you to Ansion,where a local terrorist group attacked a Republic embassy,where a republic commander was giving a press confrence on the war,15 are confirmed dead,others wounded,back to you ,Roua,''
    As Uona turned off the holo projector,she felt a sharp pain in her chest,hunger.Ever since the war started the people of Emperess Teta
    have had little to eat.Maybe,if the planet had not backed the Republic,she would not be hungry right now.

    As the Gunship setteled down in the clearing,the blasts came at Niu'loy with the ferosity of a nexu.He quickly rememberd his mission:Destroy the terrorist cell backed by the sepratists.Well,that might not be so easy,since,this cell was equiped with ATTs.An explosion rattled the ground,and the gunship burst into flames.

    ''I would like to join the SMoET,please.''
    ''You must be joking little lady,your not old enough to join the SMoET,''
    ''I am serious,''
    ''Ehh,well maybe...hey,Tomuia,how old do you have to be to join again?''
    ''I'm 18,thank you,''
    ''Ok,now whats your name?''
    ''Uona Iopa,''
    ''Well,I guess your in!''
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.