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    This is being reposted again to get the HTML working. :D

    If any of these threads are locked, please PM any of your friendly neighborhood fan fic mods to get it unlocked. :)

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    <img src=> - Important threads and reminders you should check out.

    <img src=> - New additions to the index

    <center><font size=5><b>Fan Fiction Master Index</b></font></center>

    <center><img src=></center>

    <center><font size=4>Quick Reference Links</font></center>

    <img src=> TF.N Fan Fiction Archive
    Old and new fan fiction stories across the GFFA to enjoy

    <img src=> The Fan Fiction FAQ
    Fan Fiction Rules and Guidelines

    <img src=> Before the Saga Forum
    For the posting of stories that take place before the events of The Phantom Menace.

    <img src=> The Saga Forum
    For stories that take place between the evens of The Phantom Menace and the end of Return of the Jedi.

    <img src=> Beyond the Saga Forum
    For the posting of stories that takes place after the events of Return of the Jedi.

    <img src=> Getting to Know You...
    A fun thread to introduce yourself to other board members

    <img src=> The Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia
    A great resource for finding out just about anything about the Star Wars universe

    <img src=> Invaluable Sites
    Links to off board websites with helpful information for writers

    <center><img src=></center>

    <center><img src=ht/>
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    <center><img src=></center>

    <center><font size=4>Fan Fiction Official List of Award Winners</font></center>

    <center><img src=></center>

    <img src=> Beyond The Saga Summer 2007

    Best Alternate Universe
    Exodus by YodaKenobi

    Best Canon
    The Blood of the Hand by MirandaFair

    Best Action
    Exodus by YodaKenobi

    Best Drama
    Beloved Deceiver by VaderLVR64

    Best Romance
    Flowerlady by Flowerlady

    Best Humor
    Thimblerig Gambit by PonyTricks

    Best All Around
    Exodus by YodaKenobi

    Most Underrated
    Hers by ThrawnMcEwok

    Best Response To A Challenge
    Shirtless in Coruscant by Tahi

    Best Songfic
    Useless Dreams byVaderLVR64

    Best Poem
    Redemption Of Angels by Mira_Jade

    Best Crossover
    As Times Goes By by The_Burberry_Ewok

    Best Short Story
    Jedi Adept: Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts by Kidan

    Best Epic
    Not My Father?s Son by VaderLVR64

    Best Vignette
    Fuzzy by VaderLVR64

    Best Series
    The last Dance by RedGold

    Best Canon Interpretation, Male
    Luke Skywalker in A Moment by ginchy

    Best Canon Interpretation, Female
    Mara Jade Skywalker in Running by MirandaFair

    Best Original Character, Male
    Jaryn Skywalker in My Brother, Myself by Jade_Pilot

    Best Original Character, Female
    Alida Maritin in The Keeper of Memories by divapilot

    Best Child
    Ben Skywalker in To Overcome by ginchy

    Best Non-Human
    Alida Maritin in The Keeper of Memories: the Journal of Alida Maritin by divapilot

    Best Villa
    Darth Malig in Exodus by YodaKenobi

    Best Ensemble Cast
    The Blood of the Hand by MirandaFair


    Not My Father?s S
  3. LAJ_FETT Tech Admin and Collecting/Lucasfilm Ltd Mod

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    Sorry, I'm hijacking this post for the following listing of past awards.

    I also want to thank ardavenport for taking the enormous time and effort into compiling our awards winners list into a by era list as well. She deserves a millions hugs for this. [:D]



    BEFORE THE SAGA: Best Alternate Universe
    (Winter 2003) Forsaken and Begotten by Arldetta
    (Summer 2004) Pushing Me Away by obi_ew and Shaindl
    (Wiinter 2004 - Reader's Choice) To Serve My Master - a Story of the Sith - Dark Obi-Wan by VaderLVR64
    (Summer 2005) The Unchosen by maychorian
    (Winter 2005) Gah! by Princess_Arulmozhi
    (Summer 2006) The Learner by Princess_Arulmozhi
    (Summer 2007) Love Me Two Times by BrentusofGath

    BEFORE THE SAGA: Best Canon
    (Summer 2004) A Change of Plans by LuvEwan
    (Wiinter 2004 - Reader's Choice) Darkness of Temptation by Layren and Kynstar
    (Summer 2005) Decisions of Darkness by Layren and Kynstar
    (Winter 2005) Interwoven by -The-Negotiator- ( a.k.a. LuvEwan)
    (Summer 2006) Descent into the Dark by Souderwan
    (Summer 2007) The Living Gift by VaderLVR64

    BEFORE THE SAGA: Best Action
    (Winter 2003) Tale of a Jedi: Volume I by red_rose_knight
    (Summer 2004) The Panther's Cub by PaddyJuan
    (Wiinter 2004 - Reader's Choice) An Improbable Mission by Knight_Dilettante
    (Summer 2005) Decisions of Darkness by Layren and Kynstar
    (Winter 2005) The Blue Side of the Force: Book 1[/link
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    I've noticed that from the Shadows OC Interveiws has been locked - could we have it unlocked or revived?
  5. dianethx Jedi Master

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    I thought we were going to have a list of past award winners. I don't see it on the list...
  6. Healer_Leona Manager Emeritus

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    Hmmm, I do remember something about winners, I'll see if there's a list somewhere. I seem to remember someone haivng one. :D:D

    As to a thread unlocked, I can take care of it.

    If there are other issues, please feel free to PM me as I don't always notice new posts here. :) :)
  7. REVANLORD Jedi Padawan

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    Wow. That thing is HUGE. 8-}
  8. aden Jedi Youngling

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  9. Yodan Jedi Master

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  10. Healer_Leona Manager Emeritus

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    Thanks Yodan, I've added it. :)
  11. Courtney_Solo Jedi Master

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    Just dropping by to say how much I appriciate this being here! Thanks for working so hard on it! :D

    C @};- S
  12. ardavenport Jedi Master

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    I was just wondering if you keep track of who the nominees are for the awards and not just the winners?
  13. Healer_Leona Manager Emeritus

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    Add the winners of the awards is a new thing for the Index and as yet we only keep track of the winners. As you can see they are rather extensive to begin with. ;)

    Again, I'd ask that anyone with question might want to PM any of the mods as often it's not noticed when a new post is here. Thanks :D
  14. leia_naberrie Jedi Master

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    Nice job, mods! =D=

    Just spotted something: Under 'Writing Advice and Discussion', there's a broken link between the 'AU Factor' and 'Coming up with Titles'
  15. VadersMistress Jedi Knight

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    Ooo! Nice job, mods! =D=

    I was looking for a link and I noticed that the "Fluxx" link under GAMES is broken. It just has spaces that need to be edited out is all. :D
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