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    Welcome to the Fan Fiction Master Challenge Index! Herein you will find listings for responses to all active challenges.

  2. The Challenge System

  3. 1) Anyone interested in hosting a challenge must create a challenge thread in Resource where participants can put links to their responses.

    2) Organizers should use the same thread for all challenges. This means one Resource thread for all their challenge ideas, as the title bar can be appropriately updated. If you are the organizer for an existing discussion/challenge thread, you may continue to use that thread for challenges particular to the subject.

    3) Participants may post their responses in individual threads in the appropriate story forum. They MUST include the name of the challenge in the title bar.

    4) New Story Indexers are free to skip challenge response threads. Therefore, placing indexing info in the threads is optional.

    5) Challenge organizers must list responses in this thread.

  4. The Challenge Index System

  5. 1) Organisers get one post for all challenge responses, no matter how many challenges they have running at once, editing in stories as necessary.

    2) The index post should be made with an index sock of some sort. This way, in the event that the challenge thread changes hands, the new organiser can easily take over.

    3) The format for listing responses should be:

    Organiser's Name or Challenge Sock Name (as applicable)

    Challenge Name (you may include a short description of the challenge, if you like)

    Era (as applicable)

    Story Title by Author

    4) Color markups are not allowed, as they will slow down loading time for the thread.

    5) If a challenge thread racks up too many responses to fit into one post, we will allot another post in the index thread. If absolutely necessary, we will consider creating a separate thread to house the links for larger challenge threads.


    1) Existing discussion/challenge threads that have one response thread for all challenges may continue to use that method. If so desired, they may list the link to their response thread(s) in this Index (in case people accidentally post responses outside of that thread). If they choose to switch to the individual thread format, they will be required to index responses.

    2) Existing threads may also index stories in the one response thread in this Index. If organisers choose to do this, please be aware that listing page numbers depends on everyone's posts-per-page settings.


    All posts in this thread should be for indexing purposes only. If you post a comment or question in here, we will answer or direct you to the appropriate challenge organizer. But for the sake of keeping things organized, we will delete the post.

    If you have any questions, please PM us.

    Current Challenge Threads: Updated 9/6/10

    Please check this list before starting a new challenge to make sure a challenge like it is not currently running.

    Monday Mush Mania
    Dear Diary 2010
    Ultimate Drabble Challenge V
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    Teh Mods - will update as we get these done.

    Dare Challenge Entries:

    Before the Saga:

    Give Them Enough Rope... by BrentusofGath

    Shadows of a Lost Padawan by VaderLVR64

    Ghosts of the Future by maychorian

    Of My Heart by DarthIshtar

    Friendly Enemies by Agent_Jaid

    Jello: It?s Not Just for Dessert Anymore by dianethx

    The Orphan Son by Sara_Kenobi

    In Desperate Need of a Vacation by Commander-DWH

    Strange Companions by Durhelediel

    Pain of the Living by Neo-Paladin

    What She Saw by raisedbywolves

    Proof of Heart by Nienna_Narmolanya

    Out of Bounds by Princess_Arulmozhi

    The Union of Opposites by Exeter

    Lost by kateydidnt

    The Saga:

    &end by JediNemesis

    "The Duel" ? A Retelling by Darth rebasthgiLyrrehC by CherryLightsaber

    Devoured by Envy by obi_ew

    Reality Bites by leia_naberrie

    Just for Tonight by Jennifer_Lyn

    Cold by Siaynoqsbride

    And Vega Lights My Way by DarthBreezy

    Rethink Your Life by Lovely-in-Orange

    A Day in the Life by cdmcc

    Leveling the Field by DarthIshtar

    All Alone by pink_saber_girl

    Episode 1: The Republic Show by PadmeLeiaJaina

    Holiday by PadawanKayla

    My Queen! by Master_Noi

    Absolution by Layren

    Know Thy Enemy by Wendynat

    There are No Children Here by Bale

    Whispers in the Dark by bobill

    You don't own me: or, Why I don't like straw by Pandora26

    Think of Me by Alethia

    The Poisoned Chamber by gauss1

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    Thread Host: JinnIsMine aka dianethx and Layren

    Qui-Gon Jinn Challenge Thread Index ? Part 1

    1. Quiku (Qui-Gon Haiku) Challenge
    Write a haiku about Qui-Gon (Quiku). Haikus are 17 syllable poems (usually three lines of 5, 7, 5 syllables but they don't have to be).

    No More, No Less by AnakinsHeir
    The Force by AnakinsHeir
    Heart, Brow and Hair by ardavenport
    Stray by ardavenport
    Strands by ardavenport
    Rogue by ardavenport
    Living Force by ardavenport
    Strength by ardavenport
    Learning Way by ardavenport
    Master's Light by AthenaLeigh
    Apprentice by AthenaLeigh
    Moonlit by AthenaLeigh
    Jedi in my head, by AthenaLeigh
    Compassion by AthenaLeigh
    Hold On by AthenaLeigh
    Stardust by AthenaLeigh
    Faramir by AthenaLeigh
    free spirit by AthenaLeigh
    Qui Gon-Jinn by brodiew
    Flash and clashing swords by DarthIshtar
    Cranky Padawan by DarthIshtar
    And so it begins by dianethx
    Going down to Duty and Death by dianethx
    Writer's Dilemma by dianethx
    Warmth by dianethx
    To Obi-Wan's Question by dianethx
    Turning by dianethx
    The Living Force by dianethx
    Cut and Print by dianethx
    Pride goeth before a Fall by dianethx
    Questions by dianethx
    A new Beginning by dianethx
    Not again by dianethx
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    Organizer: Jedi Trace

    Mara Jade Skywalker Discussion Thread challenge index

    Holiday Challenge (December 2005)

    Impossible?just Impossible by Trepidation

    The House of Bacaard by Jedi Trace

    Rita Windey's Show by Jadie

    Mara Sans Skywalker challenge (November 2005)

    Unstoppable by Trepidation

    Still Worth It by VaderLVR64

    The Business of Good People by JadeSolo

    Little Angel by RedGold

    Survivor by Jadie

    Insatiable by JadeLotus

    Not the Easy Thing to Do by divapilot

    Surprise Blessing challenge (October 2005)

    So Predictable by Thrawn McEwok

    Revelations from the Dark Dwarf by Trepidation

    Mara Challenge Response by RedGold

    Berry-Bliss Cream by Jedi-2B

    Out of Sorts by VaderLVR64

    In the 'Fresher by ginchy

    Freckles by JadeLotus

    I'm So Going to Kill You! by Jadie

    Flyboys and Fertility by Jedi Trace

    Important Questions by kayladie97

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    Hostess: Twich
    Partner in Crime: Lola64

    First Sentence Challenge: Where the challenge provides a sentence that must be used to begin your entry. You simply fill in the rest. Any era, any character, any storyline.

    Watch out for surprises like ending sentences, first sentences from literary classics and our new holiday bonus sentences.

    Simply visit our resource thread here to join in the fun: First Sentence Challenge New sentences are posted each Wednesday.

    See ya there. :)

    Before the Saga

    There's Nothing Like Good Brandy by VaderLVR64

    The Lost Souls by leaimoody

    The Saga

    A fitting End by brodiew

    The Will of the Force by Roain_Xantos

    Final Hour by Alley_Skywalker

    Mishaps by Alley_Skywalker

    If It Be A Dream by VaderLVR64

    On the Edge by Milteck

    May I Offer You A Drink by amidalachick

    Beyond the Saga

    Made for Her by Lola64

    Light by brodiew

    Everything by oldjedinurse

    Pleasure & Pain by Kidan

    How Few Remain by Kissa

    Two Sides of the Same Coin by Kidan

    Blue Jay by Kissa

    Fel Babies by Kissa

    The Perfect Gift by Kidan

    The Proposal] by Kidan

    To Die Here by Kissa

    BlueJay by Kissa

    The Proposal by Kidan

    Heaven?s Tears by Kidan

    Final Kiss by Kidan

    Not that Cruel by Kissa

    Three, Antilles, Goat Stuff by Jade_Pilot

    The Skywalker Curse by Kidan

    Wait by Kidan

    Gideon?s Gift by oldjedinurse

    A Life Not His Own by Kidan

    When the Serpent Sits Upon the Throne by Zonoma

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    Organiser?s Name: Idrelle_Miocovani

    Challenge Name: The Disabilities Challenge: Making the GFFA Aware of Those Who Are Handicapped

    Before the Saga

    1. Free Challenge

    Injury by Idrelle_Miocovani
    I Didn?t Want to Stop the Music by Kudzu
    No Such Thing as a Partial Person by Commander-DHW
    If I Ever Leave This World Alive by Renton Kenobi
    Different by Force-sensitiveLyn23
    Transition by Sephrenia

    2. Happy/Humor Challenge

    (no entries yet)

    The Saga

    1. Free Challenge

    The Strongest One by Idrelle_Miocovani
    The Gift of Today by VaderLVR64

    2. The Happy/Humor Challenge

    (no entries yet)

    Beyond the Saga

    1. Free Challenge

    Someone to Hold On To by Idrelle_Miocovani
    Blessed by FelsGoddess
    A Place in the Universe by oldjedinurse
    False Hope is Better than No Hope by PadmeLeiaJaina
    Sight by Vongchild
    At the Patents Office by Vongchild
    Little Sister by Chewie-Fan
    Untitled Fic by Lola64
    True Love by ginchy
    The Sound of Silence by Lusa_Thul
    Warrior, Born of Warriors by SilSolo
    My Best Friend Edana by SpikeLeadJF]
    Leave Me Alone by Canadian_Maple_Leaf
    Enabled by the Force by JalendaviLady
    Through a Child's Eyes by VaderLVR64
    The Key to Everything by JalendaviLady

    2. Happy/Humor Challenge

    Friends Long Gone by JalendaviLady
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    Legacy Child: Ben Skywalker Society Thread

    Host:LegacyChild1 (ZaraValinor and mavjade)

    Ben Denying the Force Challenge (The REAL April Challenge 2006)
    Light Green Eyes by Meredith_Kenobi
    Sand and Sun by JediMaster_Jen
    Jade's Scion by Kidan
    Into Our Intended Place by VaderLVR64
    Reconciliation by Jade_Pilot
    Forsaken but not Forgotten by ZaraValinor
    11.3.67 by SilSolo
    Skywalker's Scionby Ginchy
    Scion of History by mavjade

    Super Hero Challenge (April Fools Challenge 2006)
    Jedi Man by ZaraValinor
    StarKiller Kid vs. Evil Lord Man by mavjade
    Darth Big Words Strikes Back by jackyyy17
    Captain Skywalker by Jade_Pilot
    Striking Man! Watch out galaxy! Ben's gorgeous smile is a killer! by Meredith_Kenobi

    Ben in Training Challenge (March 2006)
    The Well Versed Jediby Jade_Pilot
    Not So Important Moral by Meredith_Kenobi
    THe Trouble with Darth Big Words by jackyyy17
    Love is the Greatest Sacrifice by mavjade

    Romance with Canon Character Challenge (February 2006)
    Ben and... by JediMaster_Jen
    Crushin' by brodiew
    Japor by Kidan
    Juxtaposition by ZaraValinor
    Like Father, Like Son by JadeLotus
    Lover's Day Date by Jackyyy17
    Love Will Remain by mavjade
    What Really Matters by JacenSolo89

    Ben and Twin sister Challenge (January 2006)
    Home Again by: Meredith_Kenobi
    The Dreamcatcher by: JediMaster_Jen
    I'd Give Anything by: mavjade
    At the End of All Things by: ZaraValinor

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    Thread Host: Kestella aka Kestrel_Kenobi, Stella_Ripple and Nienna_Narmolanya.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn Challenge Thread Index

    1. Obi's Attachments Challenge
    Attachments by Kidan
    Keeping the High Ground by Pyxelle
    Letting Go by Kestrel_Kenobi
    Its...Complicated by aabbccdd

    2. Obi Sings Challenge
    Canzonet by Pyxelle
    A Meal Earned by KELIA
    Singing Obi- at Mustafar by fistofthedarklord
    Like Your Father, Like My Son by Laine_Snowtrekker
    Unsung by Princess_Arulmozhi
    Your Song by ObsessedwithSW

    3. That Never Happened Challenge
    A Visit Home by Laine_Snowtrekker
    Not his Master by Kestrel_Kenobi

    4. Obi-Wan and the Seven Dwarfs Challenge
    Unintended Consequences by KELIA
    Mirror, Mirror On The Wall by LilyHobbitJedi
    Mission Complete by Laine_Snowtrekker

    5. Dress Up Obi!
    A Holo Is Worth A Thousand Words by LilyHobbitJedi
    When on Zirba, Do as the Zirbans Do by VaderLVR64
    Pyjamas Come Before A Fall by Kestrel_Kenobi
    The Clothes Make the Hermit by ardavenport (aka Anne Davenport)
    Keeping Up Appearances by Nienna Narmolanya

    6. Evil Obi!
    Iniquityâ??s Argument by jodiwent
    Bittersweet Revenge by Star_Angel
    From My Point of View... by Jennifer_Lyn

    Please note from now on (Sept '06) Kestella will be indexing the Qui-Gon Challenge stories...for all challenge stories before this date please look to the JinnIsMine sock.

    7. Take a Chance on a Challenge!
    The Portal by VaderLVR64
    Both Hands by VaderLVR64
    D is for Disaster by Layren
    Into the Dark by Nienna_Narmolanya

    8. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
    No Doubt by VaderLVR64
    Great by ardavenport

    9. Winter sentences
    Dirty Snow by bmwgurl17
    Let It Snow by LilyHobbitJedi
    Strangers in the Night by ardavenport
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    Hostess: Jaya Solo

    "First" Newbie Challenge: The challenge is to write a "first" for a character that should be the length of a vignette.

    Of Dreams and Drowning by Artanis

    Bidding Farewell by Art_Of_War
    Identity by Oddly Salacious
    Embrace the Dark by MegumiFuu
    Empty by DreamingIce
    The Lullaby by Luna_Nightshade
    Demon's Den by MsLanna
    Scattered Thoughts; If only by Daenarrah
    Adrift by Oddly Salacious

    Homecoming by jaina_clan_solo
    The Tears We Hide... by IronSight
    First Death by Trimaj
    On the Job by CelinaMarniss
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    Host: Bale
    Title: Quotations Roulette Version 2.0: Non-SW Movie Quotes

    Deathmatch: The Bendak Starkiller Interview By WyoJedi
    Old Wisdom By SabyneAmberle
    Play it, Sam By Kidan
    Unnatural Woman By Yodan
    When the Blind Man Sings By CherryLightsaber
    Corellia Twirl By Commander-DWH
    Nothing is Unforgivable By Correllian_ale
    Burdens of Command By Lusa_Thul
    Beautiful Flying By Jedi-Rike
    The Queen at My Table By Divapilot
    Flyboy By padawan lunetta
    You've Already Failed By Trepidation
    Carpe Diem By Kelia
    Silence Spoke Volumes By Jags_gurl
    From the Misadventures of Cid Stryker: Vermin Problems By Rogue_Pilot_2347
    Anakin 'Gump' Solo By Imperial-Hippy
    Of Droids and Love By Flowerlady
    Never Silent By Japor_Angel
    Failure to Communicate By VaderLVR64
    Here's Looking at You, Kid By SakuraTsukikage
    And The Little Dog Too By The_Face
    Genesis of Cruelty by Darth_Father-in-law
    Return by CodeName_Targeter
    Dead People by NYCitygurl
    Into the Fire by Kestrel_Kenobi
    Strangers by ccp
    The Absinthe Heart by Inara
    Darth Gipper by Kissa
    Stella! Hey, Stella! by Daenarrah
    Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures by IrishEyedJedi
    Elinda City by Elana
    My Bounty by Mouse2
    Seeking Vengeance by Kissa
    This Isn't the Life I Ordered by magehound

    Host: amidalachick
    Title: D'oh! The Simpsons Quotations Roulette Challenge

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    Hostess: Darth_Father-in-law aka Song_Roulette_Agent

    Title: Song roulette challenge

    Bad Moon Rising by Chilla

    #17 by the_wandering_shadow

    I'm Alone Here by Meredith_Kenobi

    Suddenly I see by Noelie

    Harder to breathe by WyoJedi

    Friend of Foe by Kissa

    What then? by VaderLVR64

    Believe Me by RX_Sith

    Hold The Line by FlashofLight

    One by Jennifer_Lyn

    Too lost in you by Chewie-Fan

    Touch the Sky by Daenarrah

    Cataclysm (Bloodstained Ashes) by firnuial

    Just a glance by Jade_Pilot

    Every breath you take by ccp

    Bound by the life by DarthIshtar

    End of Days by Healer_Leona

    Everything burns by Lusa_Thul

    Hush, Hush Darling by divapilot

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    Custodian: lazykbys_left

    The Gentlemen's Writing Guild Challenges Index

    December 2006 - First Kill: an OC's first kill and its consequences
    Family Honor by BigE
    Guardian of the Stone by CodyMonKenobi
    Cause and Effect by lazykbys

    October 2006 - Halloween: scare the heck out of someone
    Here Comes Pain by KILIK
    Nemesis by SkalenFehl
    Perdition by ZEGO

    October 2006 - Battle with Darth Real Life (unofficial)

    August 2006 - Dueling Hearts: a final confrontation between two enemies
    Deliver Me by Art_Of_War
    I Can Live Without It by Kidan
    A Wrestler's Job by lazykbys
    The Last Deep Breath by Oddly_Salacious
    The Ties That Bind Us by ZEGO

    June 2006 - Fast Cars, Fast Women: men, their hot rods, and their women (unofficial)
    A Day at the Races by BigE
    The Reasons We Fight For by ZEGO

    December 2005 - Christmas on Coruscant
    Anakin's Life Day Lesson by BigE

    October 2005 - Horror Movie Crossover
    SAW by darksideyesplease

    September 2005 - Ladies' Choice: vignette between ESB and RotJ
    There is Still Good by aldocassidy
    Together by Exeter
    Hiding Behind Reason by lazykbys

    August 2005 - What if Anakin hadn't choked Padme on Mustafar?
    Anakin Once More by BigE
    This Was His Destiny . . . by Briman
    A Warning from Within by Exeter
    Grieving Losses by Killik_Twilight
    Rise of a Queen by Souderwan

    July 2005 - Republic Commando: a group-authored fic
    RC Chronicles: Alpha Squad by the Gentlemen's Writing Guild
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    Host: - Knight-Ander
    Title: - Tales of Order 66 Challenge

    My challenge to the writers was to write a vignette or short story in which Order 66 is carried out. The only real condition I had was that the line, "It will be done, my lord," must be used at some point in the story. We wound up getting 70 entries!

    Thanks again to all the authors who participated! =D=

    Rise by Sara_Kenobi

    Why Did You Betray Me? by Killik_Twilight, entered by JediCallista_1_6_e54

    No One Could Survive by DarthIshtar

    Eyes of Ice by JediCallista_1_6_e54

    Slow Motion Nightmare by SabyneAmberle

    Margin of Error by Jedi_Linewalker

    Sacrifice by the_wandering_shadow

    Darkness Falls by Jedi-Vader-Lilly

    Beyond the Sea: Aayla Secura by DarthPolymerase

    Extinguished by LukesTheMan

    Twilight Rising by Killik_Twilight

    Eyes of Ice by DarthIshtar

    Endings by Zane-Marit

    Loyal Betrayal by _JM_

    Let him Survive by JediCallista_1_6_e54

    Her Last Hope by Sabe126

    Am I Crying? by -RebelScum-

    Last of the Jedi by SkalenFehl

    Final Reckoning by AngelQueen

    As Liberty Dies by ZekksGoddess

    The General's Fall by Sara_Kenobi

    The Defective Clone by Brant_Flir

    It Only Takes One by JediCallista_1_6_e54

    The Cruelest of Betrayals by maderic

    The Saddest Bullet by Ob-wan-shawa

    Jedi Tragedy by JediMaster_Jen

    Parting the Veil by Jedi_Linewalker

    My Last Friend by Rime

    Let the Little Ones Come to Me by ForceAchtungBaby

    The Flipping Yoda by DCWiz00

    The Enemy of My Enemy by BigE

    Nature by _JM_

    Sixty-Six Candles by Drabbo_Fett
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    Overseer for the challenge is Jade_Max, though the thread host is SilSolo
    Crack Ship Roulette Challenge

    Roulette Challenge designed to have the participants pick two random numbers and write a romance/mush story about the pairing they're given. The randomized pairings have been created by Jade_Max and she will distribute them. PM Jade_Max to obtain your pairing. See the above thread link for details

    All stories are listed by era and then by author as it takes place in multiple eras.

    Crack!Ship Story Index ? by Era & Author




    Current Skimmer
    Pull-out Portrait

    What a Girl Wants

    The Voice of Experience


    In the Pale Moonlight

    Courting the Dark Lord

    Must Hate Ewoks

    A Little Kindness
    The Start of Something New

    Aggressive Negotiations
    Cerulean Jade
    Forbidden Rendezvous
    Phantabulously Phat
    Tragedy on the Landing Pad - WIP

    A Disquieting Love

    Another Time, Another Place

    Win or Die

    Breath and Glory

    Girl Troubles


    An Unexpected Proposal
    Horn and Hornblower

    I am Telbun. I Understand
    The Memories, the Dreams, and Nen Yim

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    Thread Host: JinnIsMine aka dianethx and Layren

    Qui-Gon Jinn Challenge Thread Index ? Part 2

    11. Drabble Challenge
    Write a drabble. A drabble is a 100 word story, no more, no less.

    Today's Lesson by Healer_Leona
    Becoming one with the Force (a.k.a. Qui-Gon's final act of defiance.) by kateydidnt
    Envy by VaderLVR64
    My drabble by darshaassant
    Dreams pass in time by dianethx
    Test Run by DarthIshtar
    Nothing More, Nothing Less by BrokenNoseOfQui-Gon
    Let the games begin by dianethx
    The Certain Path by Layren
    Jedi Fantasy by Healer_Leona
    Face Through the Force by ardavenport
    DOOKU by ardavenport
    Holocron Block by ardavenport

    12. Evil Qui-Gon Challenge
    Qui-Gon Jinn is evil and yet he is still Qui-Gon? somehow. Sith Lord or assassin or down-and-out crook or any other wicked incarnation, let your imagination roam with the bad guy.

    With Loaded Dice by raisedbywolves
    A Question of Faith by ithesock
    Ecstasy by dianethx
    I Want It Back by VaderLVR64
    All for the Greater Good by Kynstar
    A Broken Sacrifice by Layren
    "The Last Fall" by vader_incarnate
    Attachments by -The-Negotiator-
    THE EDGE by Princess_Arulmozhi
    Talking to Myself by Lilith Demodae
    A Padawan You Already Have by ardavenport (aka Anne Davenport)

    13. Qui/Obi/Ani Challenge
    Write a story/scene/whatever with Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Anakin. Heck you could even do a dead trio if you want....And to make it more interesting, it has to be between 500 and 3000 words and include the following: blood, gems, starfighter, grin, and fluffy....

    Blame Diane, And I Guess Layren, But Mostly, Diane by Knight_Dilettante
    Pushing Back by -The-Negotiator
    She Walks In Beauty by Knight_Dilettante
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    First 2006 Dare challenge Responses:

    Index of Responses:

    Title: I'll Drink to That
    Author: Jade_Max

    Title: Revolution! A Musical
    Author: brodiew

    Title: Hannah and Lucy
    Author: Kynstar

    Title: A Twist of Fate
    Author: Kidan

    Title: Voices in the Wild
    Author: WyoJedi

    Title: A Nightmare on Coruscant Street
    Author: BrentusofGath

    Title: The Contingency
    Author: AnakinsFavorite

    Title: Family
    Author: Astronut

    Title: The Interview
    Author: cdmcc

    Title: Gyyytar Player
    Author: Meredith_Kenobi

    Title: Hell Hath No Fury
    Author: ophelia

    Title: On Your Back
    Author: DarthIsthar

    Title: Artoo?s Big Adventure
    Author: LilyHobbitJedi

    Title: Refusal to Listen
    Author: Kissa

    Title: Everything Has a Price
    Author: Lusa_Thul

    Title: A Short Time Ago, In A Neighbourhood Not Far Away
    Author: bi0nic

    Title: Unstandard Deviations
    Author: amidalachick

    Title: Attila the Hutt?s Diary
    Author: Kelia

    Title: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    Author: RX_Sith

    Title: In the Morning
    Author: Rabideuphonium

    Title: Act II, Scene XXIII
    Author: Elana

    Title: The Ms. Galaxy Competition
    Author: Darth_Intangable

    Title: The Things We Accept
    Author: Juliet316

    Title: It?s Going to Rain
    Author: jedi_of_ennth

    Title: The Shaman and the Warrior
    Author: Jennifer_Lyn

    Title: Picture This
    Author: JediNemesis

    Title: Not Again
    Author: Trimaj

    Title: Reunited
    Author: PadwanKayla

    Title: You Call This A Honeymoon? by Knight_Dilettante

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    Hijacking Leona's UP! to use this post for the OC Dueling Circle Challenge - ale

    2005/2006 OC Dueling Circle Challenges:
    Like cut-throat Oc competition? (well not cut-throat, but the stories ARE intense) check out the
    OC Dueling Circle brought to you by SabyneAmberle

    Challenge #1 submitted by CommanderConrad

    Write a fic (any length) in which at least one of your OCs dies. It can be natural causes, illness, or injury.


    A. In the Service of the Chancellor by Lord_Zeron
    B. Whisper a Prayer by Jedi_Linewalker WINNER!
    C. Out of the Depths by Darth Ishtar
    D. Birth of the Sith Vampire's Code by Master Solo
    E. Birth of a Rebellion by Lola64
    F. Order 66 by Vongchild

    Challenge #2 submitted by Jedi_LineWalker

    Have an OC, or group of OCs, assist a canon character in some way, big or small, without the canon character knowing they've had the help.


    A. Stories They Would Never Tell by Commander-DWH WINNER!
    B. A Gift of Gimer by Lord_Zeron
    C. All in a Day's Work by lordmaul13
    D. The Last Command by the_wandering_shadow

    Challenge #3 submitted by Commander_DWH

    First Impressions: Have your OC make a memorable first impression on someone, be it good, bad, or any reason that something would be particularly noteworthy.


    A. Seeking the Light by Lola 64
    B. The Bounty Hunter by emimar
    C. Meeting the Boss by Lord_Zeron
    D. Another Day at the Office by Livi-Wan WINNER!
    E. Weapons of Choice by Commander-DWH
    F. Yellow - An Excerpt From the Life of Lord Octavius Nyro by OmnipotentSeal
    G. Enigma by Rogue_Pilot_2347
    H. The Rebel ARC Trooper by Brant_Flir

    Challenge #4 submitted by Livi_Wan

    Write an event from the Star Wars movies as if your OC was a witness to it. Say, if they were in the Outlander club when Anakin and Obi-Wan were chasing Zam, or a spectator at the Boonta Eve podrace.


    A. An Honest Clone's Work by Aiden_Sanic
    B. Destruction by the_wandering_shadow WINNER!
    C. The Once and Future Queen by lindemacil
    D. Old Wounds by Commander-DWH
    E. Recollections by Rogue_Pilot_2347
    F. The Battle of Geonosis by emimar

    Challenge #5 submi
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    Reserved for challenges from the Palpatine Characterization Thread

    First Challenge: Palpatine Humor

    Title: Palpatine: The Corpse Bride of Jar Jar Binks
    Author: Darth Ishtar
    Summary: I won't spoil it. Ish says, "Note: Just in time for Halloween, I set out to write the most revolting, clean horror story possible. Enjoy and I'd keep a barf bag handy if I were you."

    Don't let this one lonely story stand alone. The Palpy Humor Challenge seeks YOU!

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    Thread 2008: The Second Annual Winter Holifay Fic-gift Exchange Challenge

    Thread 2007:The Winter Holiday Fic-Gift Exchange Challenge

    Host: mavjade

    Master List 2008

    Before the Saga

    Choice by Seremela for C1-J2 -Revan, Carth Onasi, a little bit of HK-47 - Romance

    Gift From the Soul, Gift From the Heart by earlybird_obi_wan for LillyHobbitJedi -Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Siri Tachi-

    Mery What?? byGuNgAnFaN3090 for earlybird_obi_wan -Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Siri Tachi-

    The Curious Case of Binks, Bombad Palpy, and Vadey Shmadey by JediXManSerenaKenobi for JEDIGUNSHIP - Darth Vader, Jar-Jar Binks- Humor

    Seriously by snowspeeder_gunner for JediXManSerenaKenobi -Kit Fisto, Aayla Secura, Saesee Tiin, other random Jedi-

    A Pleasant Surprise by LillyHobbitJedi for Alexis_Wingstar -Qui-Gon Jinn, Shmi, Anakin Skywalker-

    Food Fight by JEDIGUNSHIP for GuNgAnFan3090 -Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca- Action, Humor

    Oh, She Has an Idea Alright by Rau_Fang for Laine_Snowtrekker -Han Solo, Leia Organa- Banter

    Islancio by TheMusicalJedi for KELIA -Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, Yoda- Romance

    Friends by Laine_Snowtrekker for dancing_star -Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa-

    Passing Graces by DarthIstar for TheMusicalJedi -Obi-Wan, Padme, Ahsoka- Humor, Drama

    Dance, Dance Gamorrean by C1-J2 for MsLanna -OC, Anakin Skywalker- Humor

    Distractions by mavjade for madman007 -Mara Jade, The Emperor- Angst

    A Boys Night Out by Alexis_Wingstar for Rau_fang -Han, Lando, and Chewbacca- Humor

    Beyond the Saga

    Keep Away by Mira_Jade for Idrelle_Miocovani -Wes Janson, Mara Jade- Humor, Romance

    Café 1930 by Idrelle_Miocovani for Ceillean -Kyp Durron, Eliziya (Liz) Thompson (OC)- Humor, Romance

    Dubious Dinner by MiralukaJedi for snowspeed_gunner -Wedge Antillies, Hobbie Kilvan, Wes Janson- Humor

    Peace on Coruscant by RK_Striker_JK_5 for Aiel - Entire Skywalker family, Obi-Wan, Yoda- Humor

    One Request by madman007 for Lightsaber123 -Ben Skywalker, Shira Brie, Lumiya- Romance

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