Fan Film Pre-Production (New Orleans area)

Discussion in 'Lafayette, LA' started by lost-ark, Nov 24, 2001.

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  1. lost-ark Jedi Youngling

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    Hello All, however few that may be. I posted here once a while ago, but now that the fan film is getting closer to a reality I'm posting again.

    I am a grad film student at the University of New Orleans and I'm going to put together a fan film to be shot here.

    This will (hopefully) be a BIG fan film and not some rinky-dink-guys-banging-sticks-backyard film.

    Being a student at UNO I have access to their Greenscreen cyclorama as well as their software studio which has it's own full out motion capture system/3d/compositing/etc...

    What I need are actors and crew!

    I need 3d animators who are proficient in at least one of these:

    texture mapping

    COSTUMES! This is a BIG one. If you have costumes from the Empire/Jedi era I need you! Stormtroopers, Biker Scouts, Royal Guard, Emperial Officers. As well as any Tatooine-ish alien guarbs or masks for background characters.

    There are 2 main characters, male 18-25, but there will also be many secondaries and extras. You don't need any acting experience to be an extra or secondary character.

    The story is set between Empire and Jedi. I am working setting up a webpage for cast and crew to visit.

    Shooting won't begin till around January or Febuary. Most will be shot on the greenscreen stage at the UNO studio with the rest in various wooded areas.

    If interested contact me at

    If you tried contacting me before, I'm sorry but My hard drive crashed and I lost your emails.

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    Hey everyone,

    I actually contacted this cat concerning his fan film. This was his response:

    Date: 3/22/02 @ 10:48PM

    "There will be many roles for extras, troopers, rebels, etc... I'm trying to get my props and preproduction ready for a shoot after summer, sometime in the fall. If you are free then we will surely need many extras. I'll contact you again when shooting is closer.

    -John S. Gorumba"

    What do you think? Neat hugh?
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