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    Mara is a darling! Makes you think that any daughter she had would be just as outspoken and definite in her opinions ;)

    Appreciated her mother's understandable concerns and liked the natural air of teasing with Jalen and Lucius. Every one has their 'favorite' Jedi, rather like being a sports fan. :D
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    LOVE toddler Mara!

    And I love how real your children are, and the true sense of caring and love between the parents and children and teachers. It's a wonderful community. So of course I live in fear for them....!
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    A lovely new chapter and little Mara is so cute :)

    Nagina is right, the part about taking babys and toddlers from their families was never something I liked about the Jedi-Order. I do get, why they are doing it but it still feels wrong.
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    @SWpants: You are such fun, dear pants. I am glad that you are out there and always put a fat smile on my face!

    @Tyranus230: But due to my holiday feeling, they do not flow so easily. I am also nervous posting them somehow.

    @earlybird-obi-wan: Even against Skywalkers without a beard! ;)

    @Lady_Misty: I do not know if she made fun of Master Yoda, but here in my fic she loves the little, green guy to pieces.

    @Nyota's Heart: I wonder if you like my next update that much... ;)

    @aleja2: It helps my fic that I am a kindergarten teacher... :)

    @Cem_Fel: Thanks for finding the time to comment and being my friend. And also drowning in a flood of photos on "whats app" that show the progress of my SW felt dolls or the SW puzzle that you gave me as a present!

    Chapter 2:

    The breakfast is mostly uneventful. There are the usual little quarrels about the food, friendly and, let us be honest, pointless. Shakti and I are watchful. And of course there is the typical citter chatter of our children. Since the clone wars have started it is about the names of the battle fields, the heroic acts of the Jedi, the bravery of the clones.

    “Mace Windu is not cool. Who has a purple light sabre anyway?” - “Blue is so ordinary.” - “But green looks like puke.” - “Make it yellow.” - “There are no yellow light sabres, nerfherder.”

    “I like Cody the best! He is fearless and clever. Rex is okay, but Cody...” - “Rex could strike Cody down in no time.” - “Oh yeah?”

    “When I am grown, I will marry Ahsoka Tano.” - “But you wanted to marry me and Nyota...” - “Sorry. You have no lekku.”

    “One Skywalker sticker for seven Obi-Wan stickers...” - “Are you crazy? What sort of deal is that? Is your father a Toydarian?” - “No a former Correllian smuggler!” - “Yuck!”

    After a while, Shakti and I get tired of listening. As I pick up a Jawa doll from the floor, she leans in to me confidentially. “Hey, beauty!” she jokes.

    “This had better be about the educational program of our beloved senate,” I say with a huge grin.

    “Nope.” My colleagues grin is almost as wide as mine. “We have a date for you, my husband and I.”

    I try to stay calm in front of the children, but one of the framed paintings starts vibrating.
    “Nagina, you silly bantha cow,” I reprimand myself as the painting sails towards the floor. “Stay right in the middle. Between serenity and chaos. The middle way.”

    Shakti picks the frame up. Luckily, it is unbreakable glass. “Oh, I thought I really fixed that blasted gallery board yesterday.”

    “Blasted is a bad word.” Beaplli shivers visibly with disgust.

    “Really?” Shakti replies sharply. “Fancy that!”

    While she puts the painting back, I try to find a more neutral expression for my face.

    Little Mara looks at me knowingly. With a sweet smile she puts her hand on mine. I can feel her brain buzzing. “Middle,” she babbles. “Find middle.”

    I take a deep breath, do my best not to flinch away from the two year old. “Thanks, Shak, I really appreciate your effort.” I start stroking Mara´s head with my free hand. But I have a busy schedule the next two weeks.”

    Shakti does not look convinced at all. “Ray is a nice guy. You should give him a try.”

    As I open my mouth for a reprimand the entrance door opens likewise.
    Silence falls.

    The children stare ahead with their eyes wide open.

    Ray is history before he even had the chance to meet me at all.

    My very unlikely rescue team has arrived. I recognize my uncle´s body guards before I can set eyes on him.

    There must be something amiss. Usually our lives do not intermingle at all.

    I rise stiffly from my table, giving my best not to fall apart with joy or fear.

    “The... chan... chan,” Shakti yelps. “Here.”

    This is either an unscheduled family visit or it is an invitation to my own execution. “Let the games begin,” I breathe, sending a silent prayer to Shiraya.


    (To be continued!)
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    Since the clone wars have started it is about the names of the battle fields

    See (and this isn’t your fault), I don’t understand why they were calling it that. Why the CLONE wars? What was up with Yoda saying that? How did it stick? It’s just some weird semantics I never understood.
    It’s so true - the names of the places and the people fighting.

    “When I am grown, I will marry Ahsoka Tano.”

    Excuse me while I vomit up everything I ever ate. Ever.
    I abhor Ahsoka. She shouldn’t even exist. Where in the bloody kriffing nine Corellian hells did she come from? IF SHE WASN’T THERE IN ROTS OR MENTIONED OR ANYTHING AND ANAKIN WASN’T A MASTER THEN SHUT UP LUCAS THERE IS NO WH*** APPRENTICE.

    It’s also a bit odd that they have action figures of real people. We see Presidential bobble heads and stuff but no Queen stickers or trading cards of the leaders of the world or anything.

    Wait. Shakti isn’t Shaak Ti, right? Their names are just similar?

    Ray is history before he even had the chance to meet me at all.

    Mph, I’m sure that was true before this moment too.

    well now, isn’t that a fun ending. :/
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    I love also the reviews of Pants. LOL [:D]

    I coincidentally was also wondering why they were called the Clone Wars. :huh? :p

    Nagina is thinking quit trying to fix/match me up.

    And yuppers, I just bet her uncle's unannounced visits or even announced and expected would throw things into a tizzy. [face_nail_biting]
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    Sounds like the school playgrounds that I remember from my four year stint in the public school system. Though you couldn't escape similar talk at church. Once my class's Sunday School teacher didn't come and it was three of us in our classroom and the two boys started talking some Star Wars, it was 1999, while I believe a fourth member of the class either went to another class or wandered the hallways due to a mental handicap. We had some fun before an adult discovered that we were unsupervised and sent us to another classroom. That was the Sunday that one of the boys broke a chair.

    The Separatists have arrived at Coruscant.
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    Fun with the children at the playground and a date/fix;)
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