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Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Patches37, May 13, 2007.

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  1. Patches37

    Patches37 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 26, 2007
    Ok guys, I thought I'd start this thread for general art stuff. Any sketches,drawings, painting, sculptures, post the pictures here. Also any little writing, short stories, poetry, and jokes. So to get things started here is a poem I wrote.

    Where Do Jedi Get Their Hair Cut?
    Where do Jedi get their hair cut?
    At the mall on Tatooine?
    Is there a Super-Cuts on Kashyyyk?
    They'd do well there I think.
    Do they have to travel
    from so far and wide
    to the stylists on Coruscant
    or trust a Bothan barber
    far out near the rim?
    Or must they stay in hiding
    and let their hair grow shaggy?
    The ones with hair at least.
    But Obi-Wan was so well kempt
    with hair and beard well groomed.
    He must have found a place he liked
    for the occasional brush up and trim.
  2. JediSoccerDad

    JediSoccerDad Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 12, 2004
    Just a small piece from a Story Post I wrote a while back in the PBEM (P.lay B.y E.mail) Game that I play in. Hope you enjoy :) (P.S. The game goes away from canon & is very loose. More for fun than authenticity).



    [Planet Roon, Tawntoom, The Dart Flower Inn]

    Jared steadily set up his various weapons and firearms, taking
    inventory while securing them on his Mandalorian Armor. As the others
    sat in silence and collected their senses, Jasmine watched the
    unknown masked bounty hunter prepare for what looked to be, war.
    Finally, she could not hold her tongue any longer.. A trait that her
    master said was far too prevalent in the young padawan learner..

    "Look, sir.. I appreciate your aid in our escape.., but I would like
    to know who you are, as well as why you helped us in the first
    place.." She told him.

    Jared made no motion to respond to her and continued prepping his

    "Sir!" Jasmine repeated, grabbing Jared from behind.

    With no hint of motion, Jared spun around, swinging half of a lit,
    green, double-bladed lightsaber. The destination of Jared's swing was
    halted by red lightsaber. Unable to actually decipher what was
    occurring, Jasmine shifted from the dual. She looked around and saw
    Og'Qard lying on the table, however Taia was no longer there.
    Instead, staring into the eyes of the masked bounty hunter was a
    woman dressed in a skintight outfit, with short white spiked hair.

    Jared ignited the other end of his double-bladed lightsaber and
    twirled around to strike from the other side. The woman countered
    with a second red lightsaber, paring his strike with ease. Jared
    flipped backward and took a battle stance. The stance revealed that
    the bounty hunter was a master in the Ataru Form, or Way of the Hawk-
    Bat, a difficult acrobatic form of lightsaber combat. It was at that
    moment that the woman shut down her lightsabers.

    "He is Jedi." She commented emotionlessly.

    Jasmine looked over at the bounty hunter, who shut his double-bladed
    lightsaber down and removed his helmet. His long, semi-dreadlocked
    jet-black hair dropped down. The band of pale yellow across his upper
    face seemed to accent his tan skin color and dark eyes.

    "At one time, Schizan!" Jared returned, in an almost insulting tone.

    Jasmine looked back at the woman, who was now gone, only to reveal
    Taia standing there.

    "I thought you stayed on your own planet, freak!" Jared added.

    "Not if the cause is just. And I am no freak! At least I embrace who
    I am. You hide from yourself, using a helmet to mask that which you
    truly are!" Taia returned, moving up toward Jared as she was loosing
    patience with his insults.

    Suddenly, both were thrust apart with a powerful force push. As the
    two stumbled up, they looked over to see Jasmine holding Og'Qard. The
    two took the hint and calmly sat. Then, all of them opened their
    minds to communicate with the Wol Cabas****e.

    "It is obvious that this bounty hunter was another force user
    recruited by Master Xian." The Wol Cabas****e commented mentally.

    "My name is Jared Zac'ryah Vos, of the Clan Vos. I was a Jedi Knight
    during the wars. During that time I believed that I had lost both my
    wife and son." Jared responded and paused.

    "I was wrong, at least about my wife. She was one of the force users
    that the Shadow Guards captured. I did not trust the invitation, so I
    was watching from here. When I saw her I was too late to stop them."
    He added.

    "I will not loose her again." Jared finished.

  3. JediSoccerDad

    JediSoccerDad Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 12, 2004
    Another piece from one of my Posts..


    Bored, bored, bored...

    This ship has become my home and playground of sorts. I know every
    bend, every crawlway space and I have spaceboarded it all. Of
    course `mon capitan' said he'd hang me from the outerhull if he
    caught me boarding again on the ship.


    Ah hell, I lived a full short life! But right now.. I'm STILL bored,
    bored, bored... I almost feel like asking Shepherd for another
    training session.


    ::hears a crash coming from Medical::

    "That sounds promising.." I say aloud, as I take a hard bank on my
    board and whiz down the corridor, toward Medical.

    As I reach my destination, I hop off my board and slide it in the
    sling that secures it across my back. I enter and see Elysia trying
    to talk down a new girl. "Damn she's hot!", I think to myself, as I
    walk toward the young girl. She has a wild look to her. Not sure if
    she's going to try to take me out. Then again, I had the wild look
    once too. I remember when I lived on the streets and was on my own.
    I remember when I trusted no one but myself. As I get within a foot
    from her, I sit down on the floor, near where she is crouched down

    "My name is Jade." I tell her.

    She looks at me. Her eyes so fierce. Wild. Almost untamed.

    "You hungry?" I add, reaching out to her slowly.

    Again, I think she is going to try and take me down. I mean, ****,
    she looks like she is either going to take my hand and come with me,
    or bite my fingers off when they're close enough. It almost seems
    like she is trying to decide.

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