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    FanFic Spoiler Policy

    With the casting announcement today, it's possible we will be getting spoilers soon. As per board rules, spoilers for Episode 7 and beyond, including spin-off movies must remain in the appropriate forum (currently in 7SA). This applies to all threads in resource, including the social thread.

    FanFiction using spoilers for the upcoming movies is allowed with the following stipulations:

    • A spoiler warning must be in the subject line of the thread.
      Example: Awesome Story Title - Action - H/L, Luke, R2 - Possible E7 Spoilers
    • A spoiler warning must be at the top of the body of the thread and must be obvious (no hiding it with similar to the background colors or very small font.)
    • If your story isn't intended to have spoilers and you later decide to add them, you must do the above and then warn in an obvious manner before the next post of the story.
    There is a NO tolerance policy for spoilers. If you do not make every effort to warn people of possible spoilers your story will be removed in it's entirety and you will receive a temporary ban.

    What Is and Isn't a Spoiler?

    From 7NSA, which applies board wide:
    Basically, a good rule of thumb is, if you think it might be a spoiler, it probably is. Remember that some people love spoilers and some people don't, let's not ruin it for anyone.

    *Note - We are currently discussing a new system of tagging stories with regards to the new announcements. More info will be forth coming. Currently, please tag with the current system the best you can.
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    Hey ladies,

    Feel free to delete this post if you want the 1st post to stand on its own, but I have a question: now that at least a partial cast list is out, is that a non-spoiler? I mean, it's public knowledge, so I assume it would be considered Non, but I want to make sure.

    Also, are you going to sticky this post? I certainly know I'll want to reference it for specifics from time to time, as I don't intend to go spoiler-free.

    Thanks for putting this up for us! :)
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    Questions are fine. :)

    Anything officially released by Disney/LFL is not a spoiler, so no, casting isn't a spoiler. I'd be careful if they let us know who they will play, just because that could give something away that people might not want to know, but if they tell us officially, it's not a spoiler.

    Yep, It's going to be stickied after a few days, I just left it non-stickied because people tend to see things better if it's not initially stickied.
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    Just want to add, as a general rule, because we know is a trusted site (it's the official site so anything on there is direct from Disney/LFL), anything announced/covered on there is a non-spoiler.
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