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    This guy is going on in beyond, is currently on hiatus but would love to get more user feedback!

    Title:when eyes are closed
    era: NJO/LOTF
    A/N: It's AU to everything, i haven't gotten that far yet. ben is 13 if that helps.

    "Don't leave me, Father."

    "Don't leave me," he moaned, still trapped by unconsciousness. This time as the dream changed; it was different. He felt darkness coming, but it was not the same; he knew it still was not something to encourage. A feeling in his stomach told him what was coming.

    "Callista, I love you, I want you forever."

    "I love you, Luke but I can't I just," she said, starting to move away." Not without the Force as a guide."

    "Shhh, it's okay," he coddled. He pulled her against him and looked into her eyes.

    "You're just so beautiful,I can't live without you." he said.

    He kissed her passionately, feeling himself growing warm. Their tongues locked inside one of their mouths. He could not tell whose it was, and it did not matter; he would love her forever. He looked into her eyes again, so beautiful, the grey turned to black that radiated across her face her body all over, until?

    "Don't leave me! No! Come back!"

    "Luke? What's wrong?" came Mara's voice from next to him on the bed. He felt her reach for her blaster. Typical Mara: shoot first, ask questions later.

    "Nothing, just go back to sleep; its okay." He only said it to comfort himself. She was already easing back in a peaceful trance. She was so beautiful, breathing shallowly, her chest rising and falling steadily. No way am I lucky enough to get a decent night?s sleep, I guess. Oh well, that?s what I get for being a Jedi with a family.

    He got up and went to the kitchen. Maybe some hot chocolate can help. He hit the button on the food prep unit aimlessly. Why am I having these dreams? Did I do something wrong? I?m so confused.

    "So, what is bothering you?" Mara had woken up and followed him into the kitchen.

    "No, no, nothing. I'm fine. You, ah, startled me."

    "A likely story." She smiled, moving toward him. "What?s is on your mind?"

    "I've been dreaming lately"

    "I know about the nightmares."

    "A Jedi does not have nightmares, Mara."

    "And Skywalker men don't have a temper, either, I bet."

    "That?s not very nice, you know," he said, hugging her lightly. Her skin, the warmth she radiated, gave him comfort. Something, anything, was real, not a dream, a vision, just there, existing.

    "You can talk to me, Luke. I think I can handle anything."

    "Hey kid, come here and sit." he said putting on a grim smile
    "Sure Uncle!"
    "All right kid you aren't that cute just call me Han ok? Uncle makes me feel so? old"
    "Ok, Han, Why am I here? My dad wouldn?t tell me anything."
    "First off just know this thing wasn't my idea at all." Ben looked at him funny "it was your dads and your auntie Leia's."
    "Then why are you??"
    "Because it kind of is a tough subject and your father wanted out" he winked
    "Well then," he shifted his feet nervously "start"
    "Ok" he huffed where do I start? "Ben have you ever told a girl she was pretty?"
    "Well sure, all the time but?"
    "And really meant it?"
    "Not really my mom would just tell me to?"
    "Never ever?"
    "No Han sir but what does this have to do??"
    "Because soon you will," he said quickly trying to get it out as fast as he could " you will start seeing girls and feeling well? things you have never felt before." He spat out
    "Right Han but why?"
    "And then you going to want to do that stuff like hug girls and kiss them and other? stuff"
    "Like what?"
    Force kid take a hint what do I tell him now? " just important stuff, good stuff, great stuff just it's err? natural stuff and well just?" oh great what now? " Never kidnap a girl!"
    "What!" he shouted voice cracking
    "Because they won't like it but if you're lucky you can still get married and have kids and?" he babbled not noticing Ben's interjections.
    "Whoa whoa you're saying all this stuff has to do with having kids?!?!"
    "Yes" he panted out of breath "It does. />
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    Scooby-Doo and the Super-Evil Sith Lord

    Music: Force Theme
    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

    The Mystery Inc. gang runs from the Ghost Clown.
    The gang traps the Aztec witch doctor.
    Voice: They have faced countless monsters in every part of their world.
    The Creeper is snatched by a huge net.
    The cliched interdimensional warp hole sucks in the gang.
    Voice: But are they ready... for a whole new galaxy?
    The gang pops out of the hole and lands on Beru in the Lars Homestead.
    Voice: Okay... maybe not.

    Music: Duel of the Fates
    Velma inspects the dead body of Luke Skywalker.
    Voice: A mysterious murder.
    Velma: Hmm...
    Darth Vader duels Ben Kenobi in the Jundland Wastes.
    Vader: You will not escape this time!
    Emperor Palpatine chases Shaggy and Scooby through the corridors of the Imperial Palace.
    Palpatine: Hahaha!
    Voice: A deranged ruler.
    Daphne removes the mask of an unseen figure.
    Daphne: Do I really have to touch it?
    Voice: A shadowed manipulator.
    Scooby narrowly dodges Palpatine's Force Lightning.
    Scooby jumps into Shaggy's arms.
    Scooby runs away from a pursuing being, knocking over the rest of the gang.
    Voice: And one dog... to save them all.
    Insane Gungan laughter echoes.

    Music: Scooby-Doo Theme
    Scooby-Doo and the Super-Evil Sith Lord
    Coming Soon to The Saga
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    Text: Dark times have again descended upon the galaxy. Friends are fighting against friends as Corellia?s bid for independence turns into civil war.

    Shot of dejected looking Wedge Antilles wearing Corellian Military uniform.

    Shot of haggard looking Tycho Celchu wearing Galactic Alliance uniform.

    Text: But is everything really as it seems?

    Shot of brown haired woman staring down Cal Omas.

    Woman: I will find the truth in this conflict!

    Omas: That is admirable of you. I wish you luck in your endeavor. Truth often does not like to be found.

    Text: One woman?s quest for truth will take her farther than she could ever have imagined. She will find unlikely allies? and enemies.

    VO: Can the galaxy handle the truth? Can she handle it?

    Shot of numerous beings watching a HoloNet report in shock.

    Text: Reports from the Corellian Conflict

    Text: Now playing in Beyond the Saga.

    Fade to black.

    [link=]Reports from the Corellian Conflict[/link]/>
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    Events are inexorably drawn to a lynchpin in time.
    At the same moment, the door wrenched open with a squeal of metal. Tahiri stood there, a blaster in one hand.

    "Do-ro'ik vong pratte!" she shouted.

    Themion, open-mouthed, turned to face her and she hit him with a Force blast that threw him three meters. He would have gone much farther, but the jaundiced wall stopped him with prejudice, and he collapsed, groaning.

    "I warned you," Anakin said.

    Drawn to a Temporal Fulcrum on which a specific future rises.
    She stopped, very suddenly, when he found her face with his fingers. Her cheek was smooth and cold. He found a stray lock of hair across her eyebrow and traced lightly over the raised scars on her forehead.

    Anakin rarely did things he didn't know he was going to do. But it had never occurred to him that he was going to kiss Tahiri until his lips were already touching hers. They were cold, and she pulled back.

    A future birthed, in one white-hot blinding moment.
    Anakin used the Force to nudge the sphere away, then caught an amphistaff in the ribs and went down hard, letting his lightsaber fall from his hand. His aura was only a faint glow, flickering between dim and nonexistent. The maelstrom inside was dying away now, flowing back into the Force.

    Nom Anor rushed for the detonator again. Anakin waited, waited until the executor was almost on it, then reached out with the Force one last time, rolling the sphere toward the cargo pod.

    He did not hear the angry curse that followed, nor did he see Nom Anor fleeing at a dead run.

    A future made event by event, link by link, a living chain of action, reaction and change.
    Jaina lets the lighting flow down through her, the blast shoots out at Kyp, who deftly catches it and dispels it back into the Force. He smirks at her. "I can summon it; I can get rid of it."

    Jacen hangs in the white. It is all he knows, all he is. She has taken his family and friends from him. Has taken him from them. She has taken the Force. And he despairs.

    Tahiri feels dead inside; wrapped up in his battered robe, ignoring the looks she gets for wearing the bloodstained garment. She feels dead inside, because he is. Where he should be is just an empty gaping hole.

    Alter one event and a new future comes to be.
    He tries to lunge forward, but the two men on either side of him tighten their grips, pulling him to a stop, one of them knocks his feet out from beneath him, slamming him hard down against the ground.

    The pressure in the Force builds to a crescendo, and Tahiri's name erupts from Anakin's throat. The sound of his scream is lost in the roar of the explosion.

    Splinter a link and a new chain is forged.
    Anakin presses his fingertips to Tahiri's lips once more; he stands and turns back towards Jero. The crackle of the fire behind him, and the hum of his saber are the only sounds that intrude on the scene.


    She jumps, using the Force to push herself higher, and grasps a branch. She leverages herself up, her saber held at the ready, as she watches the swamp around them. Anakin lowers himself, and backs up against the roots of the trees; his muddy head barely visible against the bark, his ice-blue eyes the only giveaway of his position. Be still![/] His Force command calms her, and she stops her nervous playing with her black hair. The Force command is a sign that he has a plan and a purpose. She presses her body tighter against the tree, bracing herself into a position where she doesn't need to move.


    They finally arrive at the mess, and Mara sits down at the table, while Luke goes to get them some food.
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    Close shot of Padmé with a lightsaber, the green glow playing against her face.

    Flash to black

    Text: In the saga forum?

    Flash back to Padmé, drawing her lightsaber up in an attack-ready position

    Text:?another saga reaches an end.

    Padmé attacks quickly and her blade strikes?.Anakin?s!

    They fight for a few more minutes, quiet dangerously as if intending to hurt each other and then flash to black.

    Music: Battle of the Heroes, slowly at first then faster

    Padmé: Something?s going to happen?

    Jedi line up either side of Yoda igniting their lightsabers.

    Padmé:? we may have to choose sides?

    Shot of Anakin with Palpatine, quick flash to Anakin with Obi-Wan.

    Padmé: ?we may have to consider doing the right thing?

    Shot of Palpatine in the Senate surrounded by applause.

    Padmé:?and not what we have to do.

    Anakin and Padmé stare at each other, he looks troubled.

    Anakin: But I can?t do nothing.

    Shots of the battle above Coruscant, of three Jedi starfighters coloured yellow, red and green streaking through the battle.
    Shots of Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padmé fighting droids and moving through the corridors of the Invisible Hand.
    Shots of the three Jedi fighting Dooku together and Anakin is entranced by watching Padmé fight, even stopping to watch her with an impressed smile.
    In flashes, short at first but longer the picture changes. Gradually Padmé is seen charging at something with her lightsaber, then collapsing to the ground with lightning bolts shooting at her.

    Quick jump cut to Anakin, Padmé looks at him, concerned.

    Padmé: Anakin? Are you all right?

    Anakin turns away from her with a pained expression.

    Fade to a long shot with Padmé holding her lightsaber, there is a fire in her eyes that is almost blinding. Slowly the shot gets closer until only

    Padmé: I?m sorry, Anakin. I love you, and I tried to save you, but I won?t let you destroy yourself.

    Padmé attacks, her lightsaber slicing across the frame and a jump cut to black.

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    A Lark with Fangs

    [Music: Force Theme]
    Text: Time flows like a river...
    [Anakin and Obi-Wan talk during Qui-Gon's funeral.]
    [Anakin stares at his mother's grave on Tatooine.]
    [Obi-Wan duels Anakin on Mustafar.]
    Text: But a river can be redirected.

    [Music: (a piano plays ominously)]
    [A beaten Anakin crawls away from a cold-looking woman.]
    [Close-up on the woman's icy eyes.]
    Woman: You're so much fun to watch.
    [The woman has Anakin's lightsaber in her hand. Her hand glows, and the lightsaber crumbles.]
    [Anakin thrashes on the floor in agony.]
    Anakin: Leave me alone!
    [Several lightning bolts strike Anakin.]
    Anakin: Stop it... please.
    [A cross-shaped knife pierces the back of Obi-Wan's head in slow-motion.]
    Woman: (echoing) And it all began with a knife to his old master's head.

    [Anakin whimpers on the floor of a dark room.]

    [link=]A Lark with Fangs[/link]
    Now Playing in The Saga
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    The Battle of the Clans

    Battle of the Heroes music blares
    Twentieth Century Fox Logo
    LucasFilm Limited Logo

    Clip of the Trickster ship flying over the trees of the planet of Dathomir.

    Clip of Anakin Solo bowing to a council of witches.

    V.O. (Anakin Solo): I think something?s wrong with Jaina and Jacen.
    Clip of Jaina Solo, Jacen Solo, and Tenal Ka walking covered in their cloaks while bracing themselves against rain and harsh winds.

    V.O. (Older Woman): You want us to wage war on our sworn enemies.
    Clip of a great mass of witches standing at the ready in an open field.

    V.O. (Younger Woman):
    We have not had a full-scale war since the Battle of Dathomir eighteen years ago.
    Clip of two great masses of witches clashing into each other.

    Clip of Mara Jade Skywalker fighting two cloaked figures with dual darksabers with her blazing purple lightsaber on a dark, windy, rainy planet.

    Clips of Jaina, Jacen, Anakin, and Tenal Ka fighting wildly dressed witches, some hand-to-hand, some lightsaber-to-darksaber .

    Transition to Across the Stars music

    V.O. (Tenal Ka):
    I think I have always loved you, Jacen.
    Clip of Tenal Ka and Jacen coming closer together nearly into a kiss.

    Clip of a fire explosion and a loud bang.

    Fade out.

    Fade in.

    V.O. (Jacen Solo): Please wake up Tenal Ka?
    Clip of Jacen holding Tenal Ka in his arms as he is kneeling to the ground. Tenal Ka?s body is limp.

    Fade out.

    Fade in.

    V.O. (Mara Jade Skywalker):
    I?ll find them.
    Clip of Jaina and Mara embracing each other.

    Fade out.

    Fade in.

    V.O. (Anakin Solo): Their fate could decide the fates of many more civilizations, yours included.
    Clip of witches being slaughtered on a battlefield.

    Fade out.

    Transition to Battle of the Heroes music

    Fade in.

    Clip of a close-up of the face of an elderly woman?a witch?her eyes containing ruptured blood vessels, beads hanging from her neck.

    Clip of Jaina and Jacen fighting each other, lightsaber to lightsaber in harsh, rainy conditions.

    Clip of more fighting on a battlefield between thousands of witches.

    Clip of Jaina with lightsaber in hand, the saber protruding out of Tenal Ka?s back, both their faces in pain, staring into each other?s eyes.

    Clip of Jacen being pelted with small red pyramidal figurines.

    Clip of Jaina and a witch staring at each other, their lightsabers pushed against each other.

    V.O. (Han Solo): Just tell me what to shoot.
    Clip of Han Solo taking aim with his DH-44 blaster pistol.

    Music abrupts

    Fade out.

    War drums beating softly in the background

    V.O. (Young Woman): Let the Battle of the Clans begin.
    Words on screen: Star Wars: Battle of the Clans


    Completely fade out.
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    Teaser 1: Ravaged Galaxy

    Cue Darth Nihilus theme from KOTOR 2.

    VO: Frail Man "There are dark places in the galaxy, places where they do not tread. You want to find power boy, then use your anger to discover the first world of darkness."

    Cuts to flashes of a cloaked figure with red reflections of figures against the black cloak.

    VO: Jedi Master "Beware of them. They killed two of us, on the expedition..." pause, "If your going to help your friends obey the code,"

    Silence. Suddenly drumming starts.

    Images flash by... of friends long gone. Jedi are seen being killed and wounded from the past.

    At the end the picture frames create a larger picture of a masked man holding a red lightsaber.

    Bold words appear as screen goes dark.

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    Political trailer for ROTS AU

    Shot of the Jedi Temple

    Jump to shot of Obi-Wan, Yoda, Mace Windu and Renust Nju sitting on pods in a meditation chamber.

    Mace: The dark side of the Force surrounds the Chancellor.

    Shot of Anakin and Palpatine walking together.

    Palpatine: The Jedi Council want control of the Republic.

    Anakin stares at him incredulously.

    Anakin: I don?t think?

    Palpatine looks at him carefully.

    Palpatine: Anakin, search your feelings. You know, don?t you?

    Jump cut to Mace?s face.

    Mace: I sense a plot to destroy the Jedi.

    Shot of Jedi leaving the briefing room, shot of Anakin before the Council.

    Shot of Padmé with Mon Mothma, Bail Organa and Danta Pela

    Mon Mothma: We need to know if the Jedi are willing to stand with us.

    Padmé looks shocked, jump to shot of her talking with Obi-Wan.

    Obi-Wan: Is this what you meant about choosing sides?

    Padmé looks uncertain.

    Shot of Bail in the Senate meeting with a hooded Padmé

    Bail: We want to save the Republic?

    Shot of Palpatine looking at a hologram of Republic systems.

    Bail:?and this means doing things we consider?questionable.

    Shot of Anakin pointing his lightsaber blade at Palpatine, his eyes ablaze with anger.

    Quick succession of shots:
    Mace, Yoda and a few Jedi holograms around a table
    Palpatine at his desk receiving Anakin and Padmé
    Shot of Bail, Mothma and several other senators
    Shot of Anakin and Padmé talking in the dark together
    Shot of Yoda, his expression grim but meditative.

    Yoda: Hold onto hope we must.

    Revenge of the Sith AU ? Jedi Padmé

    [link=] Now playing in Saga. [/link]

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    X-wing: Hero's Return


    Cue Music: The Throne Room/End Title from ANH...

    Announcer voice of Face Loran (VO): "Wedge Antilles. Hero of the New Republic..."

    Fade to clip of huge crowd cheering at a press conference.

    Face (VO): "Destroyer of Death Stars..."

    Fade to clip of Death Star trench run.

    Face (VO): "Slayer of Star Destroyers..."

    Fade to clip of Star Destroyer exploding in the wake of an x-wing attack run.

    Face (VO): "And Protector of Planets..."

    Fade to clip of Adumar.

    Face (VO): " about to face ::cough:: his greatest challenge yet..."

    Music approaches opening climax...

    Face [monotone] (VO): "Rookies."

    Music abruptly cuts out with the sound of a record needle being pulled.
    Fade in to clip of Wedge, Tycho, Hobbie, and Wes seated at a briefing table.
    Cue Music: David Bowie - Golden Years

    Face (VO): "This summer, four of the New Republic's finest:"

    Face (VO): "Wedge Antilles,"
    Cut to clip of Wedge with face in hands
    Wedge: ?Didn't I tell you to have him committed??

    Face (VO): "Tycho Celchu,"
    Cut to new clip of Tycho rolling eyes
    Tycho: ?I'll get the medic...?

    Face (VO): "Hobbie Klivan,"
    Cut to new clip with Hobbie whining
    Hobbie: ?But Wedge...?

    Face (VO): "And...Wes Janson?..."
    Cut to Wes, bouncing up and down on a chair.
    Wes Janson: ?Ooo! Wedge? Can we fly the rookies out and shoot at them? I?ve always really wanted to do that!?

    Fade to shot of confused looking pilots stepping out from a bulk transport.

    Face (VO): "...will be called upon by the New Republic to train a new squadron of x-wing pilots."

    Cut to clip of an x-wing rising off the deck and crashing into the ceiling above

    Pilot (VO): "...uh, my mistake Lead. I'll repaint that."

    Cut to shooting range, close up on stationary target. A laser bolt flashes 3 feet wide.

    Wes Janson: "What in the...were your eyes even open!? Wedge! Hey, Wedge! Kitchen duty for this one...he's shooting with his eyes closed."

    Cut to space, a dogfight

    Pilot (Comm VO): "Hold on three, coming arou.....was that an Ewok?!"
    Wes Janson (Comm VO): ::giggle:: "I don't know. Ask lead."

    Fade to shot from ground, panning upward to follow x-wings streaking past

    Face (VO): "No rules."

    Cut to shot of x-wing exploding.

    Face (VO): "No guidance."

    Cut to different battle shot.
    Wedge (Comm VO): "Control! Where is my kriffing backup?! I?m all alone out here!"

    Face (VO): "No escape."

    Cut to Wedge being interupted while addressing a line of pilots.
    Pilot: "Uh, we're not new..."

    Fade to black

    Face (VO): "Force help them."

    Fade in text...

    X-wing: Hero's Return...
    Now playing in [link=]Beyond the Saga[/link].

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    Twentieth Century Fox Logo
    LucasFilm Limited Logo

    Fade to black

    Clip to an X-Wing floating dead in space.

    Clip of Jacen, Luke, and a Jedi Healer standing over a sleeping Tristam in the med-ward.

    V.O. (Jacen Solo): You are being sent to the planet Arrynia.

    Clip of Ben Skywalker and Allana in a ship's cockpit, looking at a planet through the transparisteel.

    V.O. (Jacen Solo): I've compiled all of the information that we know...though I'm not sure how much of it is true. Most of it is from the man's own words.

    Clip of a small city surrounded by a wall in the middle of the desert.

    V.O. (Ben Skywalker): I think this guy was trying to keep us as uninformed as possible.

    Drums begin playing softly and slowly.

    Clip of Ben throwing open a door, stopping a short-haired woman who is holding a mysterious vial. She looks at him and runs away guiltily.

    Clip of Allana blocking laser bolts with her yellow lightsaber with King Prinz standing behind her calmly.

    V.O. (Rae Brachen): You don't know anything about this planet or its people.

    Clip of Ben grabbing a hold of Rae's arm. They glare at each other.

    V.O. (Rae Brachen): Stay out of this.

    The drums are faster and louder now.

    Clip of Ben and Allana fighting with each other, lightsabers glowing.

    Clip of Ben running down a long hall.

    Clip of Allana crouched in the corner of a bare room, head down.

    Clip of Queen Eirae speaking softly with Rae.

    V.O. (Allana): I don't think we have any idea of who we can and can't trust anymore.

    Cut to Allana fighting furiously with out-dated droids and three men. A man walks into the room while she is fighting, cloak hiding his identity. He orders Allana's attackers to stop.

    V.O. (Allana, stunned): You?

    Drums are at full speed and at their loudest now

    Clip of Ben and Rae fighting side-by-side, Ben holding his lightsaber and Rae shooting her blaster.

    Clip of Queen Eirae and Allana staring at each other in an empty room. Allana looks confused.

    Clip of Tristam holding a blaster to Jacen's head.

    Clip of Tristam pulling Eirae into his arms.

    Clip of Jacen and Ben facing each other. Jacen looks extremely upset, and Ben looks ashamed.

    Clip of Jacen, Ben, and Rae barging into a bare room where Allana is lying unconscious on the floor.

    Clip of Eirae crying and looking up at Ben.

    V.O. (Queen Eirae): Save them from what I have done.

    Fade out

    Fade in

    Clip of Ben rushing towards the screen with an army of Arrynian citizens running behind him. Ben slashes his lightsaber, and the screen fades out like it has been cut.

    Fade out

    Words on screen: Silent So Long

    [link=]Now playing on the Beyond the Saga Boards[/link]

  12. Katana_Geldar Jedi Grand Master

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    Renust Nju trailer

    Text: Renust Nju

    Shot of Nju holding two blue lightsabers

    Text: Jedi Master

    Shot of Nju flipping backwards with his lightsabers

    Text: Jedi Council member

    Shot of Nju in the Council chamber

    Text: Traitor

    Shot of Nju with Mace, Yoda and Obi-Wan

    Nju: eventually the Sith will overstep and reveal himself

    Shot of Nju crossing lightsabers with Yoda

    Music: Duel of the Fates
    Shot of Nju in the middle of a fight with lots of Jedi
    Shot of Nju fighting Kuan Yin Nevu
    Shot of Nju with his face close to Mace?s
    Shot of Nju watching lightsabers circle around him
    Shot of Nju swinging a blue lightsaber back and forward

    Text: The Sith Lord in the Jedi Council

    Shot of Dooku and Nju together, lightsabers out

    Text: Read his last stand against Yoda!

    Shot of Nju and Yoda?s faces very close, lightsabers between them.

    Text: Revenge of the Sith AU

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    - 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm Limited Logos -

    *Skywalker theme starts to play*

    Coruscant, Jedi temple. The Temple Archives and Jocasta Nu appear.

    Shot to Leia and Obi-wan, both standing by a computer.

    Do you want to know what happened twelve years ago?

    I'm not sure.

    Close-up to Leia.

    We need you there. Everything is not like it seems to be.

    Padmé's apartment. Shot to Leia and Padmé, both sitting on the divan, holding each others' hands.

    Mom, why are they suddenly despising me? What have I done to make them angry?

    Close-up to Leia, turning her glance down to the floor.

    Sometimes you don't have to do anything. Sometimes you just have to...exist.

    Padmé's apartment, shot to Luke and Leia, standing in their mother's workroom.

    Do you promise me something, Leia?

    Depends on what it is.

    Promise that you will always be my sister - no matter what happens.

    Coruscant, Jedi Temple. Luke and Obi-wan are sitting in the empty council room.

    The past, the present or the future is not in your hands. You cannot fight against the will of the Force.

    Close-up to Luke, having a frustrated expression in his face.

    I don?t want to defy the Force or its will. I just want to fight against the injustice.

    Remember, that there is no death...

    Jedi Temple, Luke and Yoda are in the Council room.

    A close-up to Luke, having a serious expression in his face.

    What's happening in that planet?

    Send you to find out, we will. To Hypori, you must go.

    ...there is only the Force.

    A shot to young, blonde-haired woman, dressed in a festive, white gown.

    Father, I want to help them. I know better than anyone else how it feels to live with a single parent.

    Bail, caressing Minya's cheek in his other hand, and smiling gently.

    My darling...I just don't want any troubles to you.

    Do not seek vengeance, my little ones...

    A shot to Luke, holding a lightsaber, obviously angry with somebody. Mara is in unconsciousness, lying in the ground.

    A very quick flash of a red light.

    ...or you will suffer the same fate as I did.

    A lightsaber pushed trough his chest, Anakin collapses lifelessly to the ground.

    A shot to a young, tall woman with auburn hair, holding a blaster.

    A shot to Obi-wan walking amongst a shantytown, people watching him suspiciously.

    Quick shots:

    * A large explosion.
    * Mara and Luke running.
    * Bail Organa looking out from his office's window.
    * Padme sitting in her bed, face buried to her palms.
    * Leia Skywalker, standing in the soil of Hypori, looking at the black sky.

    Who are you? What you did to my father?

    Quick shots:

    * Again a shot of young, tall woman with auburn hair.
    * A shot to Kamino and the Grand Army of the Republic.
    * Bail and Padmé embracing each other.
    * Another explosion.
    * Dead clone troopers lying on the ground.
    * Gale Skywalker, lying on the ground, wounded.
    * Leia Skywalker, holding a heavy blaster in her hands.
    * A shot to the black sky.


    Coming soon to the Saga board.

  14. rebel_cheese Jedi Master

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    [link=]The Lost Sword[/link] . . .

    A figure from the past is being reborn . . .

    "I saw a vision of the future. One not that long from now. I saw a woman much like Jaina Solo . . . except she wasn`t Jaina, not anymore." Kyle said.

    "You saw her as a Sith?" Tionne`s voice had genuine alarm in it, Kyle could see that she believed him.

    Tresk scoffed. "The future is always in motion, Katarn. What you`re discussing has a miniscule chance of happening."

    Kyle ignored Tresk, an insult to the Bothans, and one he dared to make. "Yes. I believe Jaina will soon be killed, and reborn as someone else: a Lady of a Sith. Darth Maladi."

    A Lady of the Sith and her apprentice prepare to re-create the Sith . . .

    "Now leave. Go train our first students. I will continue assembling mercenaries to guard this place . . . for I'm sure the Jedi and the Rebellion will come here soon." the author speaks.

    "I will do so, my Lady." the armored man says, and he stands up, bows one last time, and exits the way he came.

    The author smiles. Not as she originally wrote the rebirth of the Sith, but don't all authors make plot adjustments?

    This was just an adjustment that was larger and more dramatic than she had originally intended.

    Now, to craft the next chapter.

    A desperate battle to stop a former Jedi Master . . .

    "She was my Master! My friend!" Waxarn cried, and he aimed a swipe right at Callista's knees, which she leapt over. Callista counter-attacked then, her blade aiming straight down towards Waxarn's back. No time to react.

    But then . . .

    Leia made it there first. She attacked Callista's blade, and Callista's blade was held six inches above Waxarn's back.

    The human Jedi immediately ducked away, and Leia's and Callista's blades moved upright, yet remained locked together.

    "Well, well." Callista's lips moved into a strange, eerie half-smile. Her golden-orange eyes were fiery, contaminated by her darkness.

    Callista, a woman Leia had once known and cared for, had become a dark hole, a pit in the Force, where only the darkness knew.

    "Hello there, Leia. I don't think you wanted this kind of reunion, did you?" Callista said, her tone sarcastic, bordering on mocking.

    Waxarn scrambled to his feet, and, having had time to regain control of his time, he made a careful strike at Callista, forcing her to unlock her blade from Leia's and defend against the blow.

    Corran saw the room. He could see another station far away from them, up a flight of stairs from the balcony entrance, where, he guessed, the arming procedure was awaiting Callista's hands to arm.

    They had kept Callista occupied, he sensed. Millions of souls did not cry out in shock and fear like they had when the Loyalists were obliterated.

    Callista hadn't armed the laser.

    Where all four remaining combatants stood seemed to be the control room, where computer consoles were about, and some plexiglass screens with random patterns strewn across them.

    Corran approached the battle, and, with Callista knocked away from Leia, all four combatants stood in their preferred forms, the three Jedi having backed Callista against the wall. Just behind Callista were gigantic viewports, where the battle was easily observed. In the distance yellow-red explosions could be seen, as more ships and starfighters were destroyed in infernoes.

    Where more soldiers died.

    Callista smiled at the three remaining Jedi. "Very good, making it this far. You do understand I wanted all of you here, don't you?"

    "You do? That doesn't make any sense." Waxarn asked, his scarred face revealing puzzlement.

    "Do you seriously think the five of you actually managed to stop me from firing that laser? No. I could have fired it ages ago. I could have wiped out one or two of your fleets in an instant." Callista said, her left hand pointing outside, her e
  15. DarthQuellonis Jedi Padawan

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    VO: What makes the fire grow? What makes it strong, gives it fuel, to grow and engulf the weak structure of it's victim? Can you see my lies, my deceit, the trust that dies in my lap? I am the destroyer of all the despised energy that I glare at. Does this concept evoke thought within you, those hidden desires, of nature by fire? Do they not give you pleasure, do they trap and bind? I cannot treasure their wisdom, not anymore, but can you?

    Images flash of a Jedi dueling his master.

    VO: I cannot blind, or bind. I say only what I see. In the tumultuous era I find no time, it's was only my mind and me, my hate was my sword, that made me soar. From the depths of time, I cannot not be found, because I am not the binder, I cannot be found.

    You see a Jedi getting killed by someone's bare hands in show of brutal strength.

    VO: When my master spies and lurks in the nightclubs he is afraid. Afraid of my shadow, my facade. Fear does not define the, it is more defined than this.

    A Jedi bows before someone hidden in the darkness of an alleyway.

    VO: When they send their chance after me, it will be the end for their life, their Order, most importantly their loves.

    A blue blade is ignited in the darkness of a capital ship corridor, illuminating the face of one.

    Unknown Release
  16. Katana_Geldar Jedi Grand Master

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    Text: Padmé Naberrie

    Shot of Padmé with her lightsaber

    Text: Jedi Knight

    Shot of Padmé pushing Anakin away with the Force

    Text: Yet what she knows?

    Shot of Padmé with her head hooded looking very sad

    Text:?could destroy her?

    Quick flash of Renust Nju

    Shot of Padmé and Anakin

    Padmé: He?s a Sith Lord!

    Music: Battle of the Heroes

    Shot of Padmé fighting Dooku and Dooku throwing her back
    Shot of Padmé running with Kuan Yin and Anakin through the Temple
    Shot of Padmé fighting Anakin
    Shot of Padmé with her lightsaber, retreating moving her lightsaber with her.
    Shot of Padmé being pulled away by Anakin, her face stricken with pain

    Padmé: NOOO!

    Text: Read Padmé?s fight against Anakin!

    Revenge of the Sith AU

    [link=] Now playing in Saga. [/link]
  17. CherryLightsaber Jedi Knight

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    This is a trailer for my fic, [link=]"The Old or the New"[/link]. I'd love more feedback, if you so chose to give me it.

    (The 20th Century Fox logo fades in and out, followed by the Lucasfilm Ltd. logo and the Monolithsoft logo. Finally, a quote from Nietzche's works appears in red text.)

    Deep Male Voice/Text: "Nihilism stands at the door..."

    (Shion Uzuki speaks with the 1st Division Director via computer.)

    Director: ....the Galaxy Federation has decided to gather a handful of representatives from each of its allied factions and send them to this galaxy within one week. Wilhelm has chosen you to represent Vector...

    (As the Director speaks, Shion boards the Elsa. The main melody of the "Xenosaga II Opening Theme" fades in. She reunites with her friends on the bridge, then the Elsa departs from the Dämmerung once the Director finishes speaking. The scene shifts to Coruscant as the Xenosaga group is transported to the Republic Executive Building. Shion and her friends speak with Palpatine in his office. The "Xenosaga II Opening Theme" fades.)

    Palpatine: I am Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Recently, several planets have been attacked by odd creatures.

    Shion: These creatures are called Gnosis.

    (Once Shion says "Gnosis", the choral section of "Duel of the Fates" plays quietly. The following scenes are shown rapidly:
    - A swarm of Gnosis approach Utapau.
    - A Twi'lek Jedi slices a Gnosis in half.
    - Obi-Wan finds General Grievous's corpse lying on a landing platform in Pau City.
    - Several Star Destroyers explode.
    - Jr. pummels a Gnosis with bullets.)

    (Anakin speaks with Palpatine in his private office.)

    Anakin: I know I could have done something. A whole civilization would still be there if I had been allowed to go.

    Palpatine: They don't trust you, Anakin.

    (KOS-MOS duels Anakin, her R-BLADE clashing with a training lightsaber. The scene fades to black. Red text appears. "Duel of the Fates" fades out.)

    Deep Male Voice/Text: "whence comes this uncanniest of all guests?"

    (The following scenes are shown rapidly as the most tense part of "Battle of the Heroes" is heard:
    - Margulis holds his sword to Nute Gunray's neck.
    - Massive amounts of Gnosis approach Coruscant.
    - Anakin parries a lightsaber strike from an armored Gnosis.
    - MOMO aims an arrow as a Gnosis.
    - Ziggy confronts an unseen enemy.
    The scene fades away, and more red text appears.)

    Nephilim/Text: Who will you save?

    (- The E.S. Dinah slashes at the E.S. Issachar with its R-FANG.
    - Padmé lies on an operating table as Anakin kneels by her.
    - The Senate Building collapses in on itself.
    - chaos confronts Palpatine aboard a Star Destroyer.
    - Anakin gazes at two newborn twins.
    - Nephilim turns around and faces the viewer.
    The scene fades away, and the title appears. "Battle of the Heroes" fades into the female chanting of "In the Beginning, There Was...")

    Text: The Old or the New

    Text: Now Playing in The Saga/>
  18. ZebulaNebula Jedi Master

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    Alright: here's a full trailer for the next installment of my Renewal arc.

    Music begins: Wagner's "Ride of the Valkries"

    Fade through LFL logo and TF.N logo.

    Fade to scene of a Hapan fleet pummeling a mass of Bothan Assault Cruisers

    Announcer(VO): For the third time in a century, the Galaxy is split in civil war.

    Fade to INT Senate chambers, dusk.

    Traest Kre'fey(from his box): If you will not turn over Zonoma Sekot and all the Yuuzhan Vong, we will be forced to secede from the Alliance and take it by force. Who is with me? Who will see justice done?

    Announcer(VO): The fallout of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion has driven a rift down the center of the Galactic Alliance.

    Music switches to the "007 theme"

    Fade to INT Bothawui, Combined Clans Building, night. Leia Organa-Solo and Blaez Ald'Ruhn slip into a darkened office.

    Blaez: I think I found the files, Master.

    Leia: Good, let's make sure they're the real thing before we get outta here.

    Announcer(VO): Two Jedi Kinights are sent to gather information about the new movement ...

    A pair of uniformed Bothans rush in the door, shouting.

    Announcer(VO): With violent results

    The Jedi ignite their lightsabers before the scene shifts to an intense space battle.

    Music ramps up to Rammstein's "Sonne"

    Announcer(VO): Meanwhile the Alliance fleet dukes it out with the newly created Covenant of Free Worlds.

    The camera zooms in on the Star Defender Sentinel as it unleashes a furious attack on a Kuati carrier group. From there, it follows an enemy torpedo from a frigate to the Millenium Falcon. After the impact, the scarred YT1300 launches several escape pods and the scene flashes to white.

    The music fades to a quietly menacing version of Palpatine's theme as the scene coalesces into two men walking along a catwalk on Mustafar as lava roils in the background.

    Announcer(VO): Is some dark menace behind this war?

    Darth Elasmius: Is all in order, Darth Sheol?

    Darth Sheol: It is, my master.

    Darth Elasmius: Goooooooood

    Music fades to the theme from "The good, the bad and the ugly"

    Scene switches to two massive armies gathering on the plains of Ansion. From there, it switches again to the bridge of the Battle Dragon Red Dawn

    Tenel Ka stands as she begins a speech

    Hapan officer: Channel open, Your Majesty

    Tenel Ka(resolutely): I know many of you are nervous, that you have never faced a real battle before. I know also that many others faced far greater odds by my side during the Yuuzhan Vong incursion and know what we can do. Even though we are defending the Vong from our former allies, we can do this. The foes may be different, but WE ARE HAPES, HEAR US ROAR! We will not back down, we will drive the Covenant to the rim like Banthas before a Krayt dragon.

    fade to black.

    Music drops to the Alliance theme from ANH

    Announcer(VO): Prepare for the clash of furies

    The Words "Renewal III" flash onto the screen, looking like steel armor plates.

    Announcer(VO): As the galaxy is put through it's test

    The words "Season of Pain" flash on red accompanied by a lightsaber's snap-hiss

    Announcer(VO): Opening Labor Day weekend 2006 on "Beyond the Saga". />
  19. Katana_Geldar Jedi Grand Master

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    Text: Mace Windu

    Shot of Mace talking with Obi-Wan, Yoda and Nju

    Text: Jedi Master

    Shot of Mace with Palpatine on the landing pad

    Text: Jedi Council member

    Shot of Mace glaring at Anakin during a Council session

    Text: Unrivalled lightsaber duellist

    Shot of Mace igniting his lightsaber and standing his ground.

    Mace: I sense a plot to destroy the Jedi.

    Music: Duel of the Fates

    Shot of Mace whirling his lightsaber around
    Shot of Mace running through the Temple
    Shot of Mace jumping through the air, his lightsaber moving madly
    Shot of Mace and Dooku fighting

    Text: Read Mace?s clash against Dooku

    Shot of Mace pinning Dooku against the wall, his lightsaber ready to behead the count.

    Revenge of the Sith AU

    [link=] Now playing in Saga. [/link]
  20. Corran_Fett Jedi Padawan

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    Since I could very well need more readers for my finished 25,000 word novella (so much work, so little feedback [face_worried] ), I'm giving this a try, too.

    [link=]Rage of the Shadow Warriors: Honor Guard[/link]

    I would appreciate every single new reader. :) (and before start reading, please check the announcement on the first page.)
    Mando'a), all fitting to the visuals and action.

    TEXT[ANNOUNCED(VO) and on black background]: Mandalorians
    Shots of Mandalorian Drop Ships landing, and dozens of Mandalorian warriors, led by a Mandalorian in silver and golden armor, RONAN BAREC, forming up on the small, tropical island in the dimm ambience of the evening's sunset.

    TEXT[ANNOUNCED(VO) and with dark-red-glowing font on black background]: And the Galaxy's Most Notorious Bounty Hunter
    Close-up of Mandalore Boba Fett in a spacecraft, who is enganged in a battle against Yuuzhan Vong ground forces.

    TEXT[ANNOUNCED(VO) and with dark-red-glowing font on black background]: In a united struggle against extragalactic invaders

    Pause (only black)

    TEXT[ANNOUNCED(VO) and with dark-red-glowing font on black background]: The Yuuzhan Vong
    Shots of fierce looking Yuuzhan Vong warriors on a dark, misty battlefield covered with corpses, ready to strike with their living weapons.

    TEXT[ANNOUNCED(VO) and with dark-red-glowing font on black background]: The odds are about to change
    Shot of a Yuuzhan Vong Commander and his Inferior in the Yuuzhan Vong Headquarter

    INFERIOR: "Sir, we have a meteor shower incoming."
    Fades to a scene in the atmosphere above DUBRILLION, with about fifteen meteor-like glowing and rapidly descending objects coming down on the planet.

    Fades back to the Yuuzhan Vong base.

    COMMANDER: "Send in a squadron of yorik-ets."

    Flash to another scene in the same place.
    INFERIOR: "Sir, we have lost contact to the pilots of the yorik-ets!"

    COMMANDER(furious): "Send in another one!"

    Fades to the starting scene on the small island, only that there are no Mandalorians to be seen.

    A Yuuzhan Vong transport craft lands, with a warrior platoon deloying. The subaltern leading them looks around, before he suddenly sees figures appearing in the distance.

    Motion slows and camera moves to the silver/golden armored Mandalorian, RONAN BAREC, who has a rifle with a bayonet aimed at the Yuuzhan Vong subaltern. He pulls the trigger, and a bullet fires right into the Yuuzhan Vong's head, all in slow motion with the camera moving back to the Vong.

    TEXT[ANNOUNCED(VO) and with dark-red-glowing font on black background]: But even the galaxy's most skilled warriors don't stand against an overwhelming force.
    Shots of hundreds of Yuuzhan Vong storming a Mandalorian position, and the Mandalorians retreat.

    TEXT[ANNOUNCED(VO) and with dark-red-glowing font on black background]: The situation is more than desperate, before another highly skilled warrior comes to their aide.
    Shots of a red, blurry silhouette amidst a group of Yuuzhan Vong warriors, falling to the ground one after another.

    TEXT[ANNOUNCED(VO) and on black background]: Kir Kanos.
    Close-up of the same scene only a short time later, with Kanos in his crimson-red Royal Guard armor standing on a heep of Yuuzhan Vong corpses.

    TEXT[ANNOUNCED(VO) and on black background]: With an united enemy like that, the Yuuzhan Vong are about to experience an all new level of pain.

    Shots of an Mandalorian Gunboat dropping napal bombs and parachute troopers with flamethrowers, with Yuuzhan Vong desintegrating under waves of fire. Cam
  21. Elana Jedi Knight

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    Voiceover: Some questions have no answers?

    A group of children gathered in a clear space behind the slave hovels on Tatooine.
    Child?s voice: ?What about you, Anakin? Did your mother ever tell you who your father was??

    Some answers lead to more questions?

    Shmi and seven year old Anakin at the table in their hovel. Shmi holds Anakin?s chin in her hand and gazes into his eyes.
    Shmi: ?I wanted a child to love, Anakin, and you came to me. Does anything else really matter??

    Sometimes the past is too painful to remember?

    A woman with short red hair leans close to a much younger Shmi.
    Woman?s voice: ?You?re a slave just like me, no better than I am, and if you don?t learn what that means pretty quick, I promise you?ll be sorry.?

    But too precious to forget?

    A tall blonde man, Kern, reaches across a table to put a small uprooted plant into Shmi?s hands.
    Kern: ?Even on Tatooine there are flowers. I thought of you, when I saw it. Still growing, still green? still beautiful.?

    Sometimes evil can reach across the galaxy?

    Two figures, faces obscured by black hooded robes, confer.
    One hooded figure: ?Life feeds on death, and death on life, and only in the collapse of a star can a black hole be born. Somewhere in the galaxy tonight, a female who has been touched by death yearns for life?

    And love can reach beyond death?

    Kern?s face, haloed by blue sparkles.
    Kern: ?I cannot undo what has been done??

    Some risks must be taken?

    Kern and Shmi sit side by side in a walled courtyard.
    Kern: ?Shmi, do you trust me??
    Shmi: ?With my life.?

    Vows sworn?

    In the same courtyard, Kern and Shmi face each other, a chain of flowers twined around their clasped hands.
    Kern: ?Give you my hand.?
    Shmi: ?Give you my heart.?

    Prices paid?

    Streaks of blaster fire.

    Kern: ?Run, Shmi??

    If the galaxy is to be saved?

    Kern: ?Though he fall into the darkness, it need not be forever, for love will always be able to reach him, no matter how deeply he sleeps, and wake him again to the light.?

    And sometimes a fairy tale can hold unexpected truth?

    Shmi sits on the edge of Anakin?s bed, telling him a story, as he listens intently.
    Shmi: ?Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, before the Republic or even space travel, on some world like Alderaan or Naboo where they still had kings and queens, a royal princess was born?

    The Slumbering Princess.


    Now playing in Before the Saga.
  22. The_IAB Jedi Youngling

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    This trailer is somewhat different then others I have seen. (I hope that is not against the rules?)
    It is a MAJOR teaser... however, the story is NOW PLAYING in the Beyond the Saga forum!

    Voice Over:
    I can never atone for the things I?ve done.
    But I will not speed the path of darkness as I once did.
    Nor will I stand and watch as all fall before it.
    There is a path set before me now,
    and I will not fail.
    Not again.

    Followed by the words:
    ??And in the time of greatest despair,
    there shall come a savior,
    and he shall be known as:
    - Journal of the Whills 3:127

    The Son of the Suns, a post Episode 6 AU, is now playing!

    An Insanity Awareness Bureau Production.

    ~JediSkye, of the Insanity Awareness Bureau
  23. Idrelle_Miocovani Jedi Master

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    A crossover fic of mine that I started some months back...


    [fade in from black]

    [The Force Theme is played]

    A long time ago?

    [Fade In: we see several shots: lowering on to Coruscant, the Millennium Falcon flying through the sky, blue lightning]

    A galaxy far, far away would soon collide?

    [Fade In: we see Yavin IV, Luke?s Jedi Academy, the Jedi Academy students, shot of blue lightning]

    With Another?

    [Fade In: we see the Millennium Falcon flying, a zoom-in on the Earth, a forest, and an odd-looking house]

    [Fade to black]

    [Padmé?s Ruminations is played]

    They were only three children, strong with the Force?

    [Image of a young Jaina]

    [Image of a young Jacen]

    [Image of a young Anakin]

    They left behind the world they knew? forever.

    [Fade to black]

    [Duel of the Fates is played]

    Crossover Pictures Presents?

    [Shot of a giant chess board]

    [Shot of a menacing, moving, and dangerous-looking Queen chess piece raising a sword]

    [Shot of a menacing pawn chess piece slicing another chess piece in half]

    [Dust and marble fly everywhere]


    [Zoom in on The Burrow]

    [Shot of the Millennium Falcon falling from the sky and landing in a grove of trees]

    [The Solo children exit a crushed-looking Millennium Falcon and look, in shock, around the grove]

    [Three red-haired boys appear]

    FRED WEASLEY: Who the hell are you?

    JACEN: We crashed here, we need ?

    FRED: Crashed?

    JAINA: What kind of question is that?

    [Fade out]

    It?s the Adventure of a lifetime?

    [Walking through a dark, old stone corridor. Jacen is holding a wand, lighting the way. Jaina is gripping her lightsaber.]

    ANAKIN: Do you wonder if Mom and Dad are worried about us?

    JAINA (quietly): No? they never really cared.

    JACEN: Watch out!

    [All three of them duck as something caves in and crashes to the floor]


    [Shot of Hermione Granger casting a spell at a large plant]

    [Shot of Ollivander?s wand shop. Jaina waves a wand that shoots blue and white sparks]

    OLLIVANDER (VOICE OVER): Eight inches, made of finest furze and with a unicorn hair core.

    [Shot of Jacen holding a wand that also shoots blue and white sparks]

    OLLIVANDER (VOICE OVER): Ten inches, bendable. Made of the finest blackthorn wood with a unicorn hair as its core.

    [Shot of Jaina waving her wand in a large room filled with other people. Nothing is happening.]

    [Shot of Jaina in Professor Dumbledore?s office, looking very worried]

    JAINA: Why can?t I use magic anymore?

    DUMBLEDORE: This is a decision that you must make on your own, Miss Solo.

    [Fade out]


    [Shot of Hogwarts castle at night. Several people are running on the roof.]

    HERMIONE: We are going to be in so much trouble.

    JAINA: Shut up, would you! Someone?s going to hear us!

    RON WEASLEY: What are we doing?

    JAINA: Didn?t I tell you to shut up?

    RON: No, you told Hermione to shut up.

    [Shot of Harry Potter falling through the sky]

    [Shot of Jaina riding a broomstick]

    [Shot of Jacen falling down a dark shaft]

    [Shot of Hermione raising her wand and pointing it at Jacen]

    HERMIONE: Petrificus Totalus!

    [Jacen falls to the floor, paralyzed]

    [Shot of Jaina, Jacen, Hermione, Ron and Harry creeping through the Forbidden Forest at night. There is a loud BANG and they all scream.]

    [Shot of a curtain of leaves parting and Jaina?s eyes widening.]

    JAINA: What the--? A ship?

    [Fade out]


    [Shot of Ginny Weasley standing beside Anakin. Both of them are waving as the Hogwarts Express pulls out]

    [Shot of the Weasley twins walking on either side of Jaina]

    FRED: There?s rumors of dragons guarding the top security vaults.

    GEORGE: Anything could be waiting for a chance to grab you a/>
  24. 92SE-R Jedi Master

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    Fic: 92SE-R, with possible chapters by DarthIshtar
    Title: To the Edge of Night: Book 1

    Black fades into a scene of Coruscant viewed from space, Vader is standing on the bridge of a Star Destroyer, holding his helmet at his side.

    (Vader V/O)This is where it began...

    -Fade to black-

    black fades into scene of celebration on Coruscant, people cheering, and banners stating "Empire Day"

    (Vader V/O)This is where the Jedi were destroyed...

    scene changes to the Jedi Temple, flying through the hallways, nothing is moving, all the walls still bear the scars of blaster fire

    (Vader V/O)It has been one year since their betrayal...

    Fade to black

    Mechanical breathing starts

    scene changes to a close up of Vader, wearing the helmet.

    (Vader V/O)Now I will seek my revenge.

    Scenes flash

    Vader dueling with a Jedi, in a forest, driving him back with powerful blows.
    A fleet of Star Deystroyers coming into orbit above a blue and green planet, with other non-Imperial ships already in formation above the planet.
    The Emperor looking out at Coruscant, from his balcony, laughing.

    (VO)One man's quest for revenge(VO)
    scene of Vader igniting his lightsaber, a forest in the background
    (V)I will show you the true meaning of pain.

    (VO)One man looking to control the galaxy(VO)
    scene of Palpatine talking to Tarkin, in his office
    (P)Do what must be done.

    (VO)One group not willing to surrender their freedom(VO)
    scene of Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and others, in Bail's castle on Alderaan
    (B)We must fight this from the inside.

    (VO)Two children with different destinies(VO)
    scene of Leia, one year old, with Bail and Breha, looking at the sunset of Alderaan.
    scene of Luke, one year old, with Owen and Beru, looking at the twin suns set on Tatooine

    (VO)One last hope for a dying order(VO)
    scene of Yoda building a house, around the escape pod that he landed on Dagoba

    (VO)And the secret that will cause a fall(VO)
    Scene of a vast workshop, sparks flying, and conveyor belts moving

    (VO)Soon, the fight for survival will begin(VO)
    scenes flash

    Wookies fighting an onslaught of Storm troopers.
    Space battle above a blue and green planet.
    The Senate, in session, with people obviously aggitated.

    (VO)Hayden Christensen(VO)
    Vader, lightsaber ignited, looking towards the sky

    (VO)Jimmy Smits(VO)
    Bail, holding Leia, smiling

    (VO)Ian McDiarmid(VO)
    Palpatine, walking down a corridor, talking to Vader

    -Fade to black-

    To the Edge of Night: Book 1
    Now playing in 'The Saga'
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    This is a trailer for my Star Wars/Discworld fic which I'm going to start very soon. Hopefully this trailer will interest you. ;)


    [Black screen]

    There is a world...

    [A small flickering light appears in the distance, slowly growing]

    Where magic is ordinary

    [The light takes shape as the camera gets closer. We see a hunched figure illuminated by the light of a candle.]

    But now something is bound to happen

    [The camera moves closer to the figure]

    Something which is extraordinary even by the most extreme standards

    [The figure turns its head towards the camera. It's an orangutan]

    THE LIBRARIAN: "Oook?"

    [Cut to a spaceship flying past a pulsating neutron star.]

    They thought they had it under control

    [Cut to the ship's cockpit. The ship rocks as Anakin is struggling with the controls. Red lights flash everywhere]

    ANAKIN: "Don't worry, I've got everything under control!"

    OBI-WAN: "No, you don't!"

    [An explosion rocks the ship and the screen goes abruptly black]

    Now they're stuck in a foreign world...

    [Fade in to a half-naked Anakin lying in a gutter. It's raining. Close-up to his bruised face as he wakes up]

    ANAKIN: "Where the hell am I?"


    [Cut to Padme, waking up in a bed.]

    PADME: "Where am I?"

    And with no idea how to get back

    [Cut to Obi-Wan, looking around in a complete darkness.]

    OBI-WAN: "What is this place?"

    [Cut to black screen]

    Well, they'll just have to manage, right?

    [Cut to a sweeping shot as the camera flies over a busy city]

    [Cut to Commander Samuel Vimes patting Anakin on the shoulder]

    VIMES: "Welcome to Ankh-Morpork, lad."

    ANAKIN (muttering): "This is worse than Mos Eisley and bottom level Coruscant combined..."

    [Cut to a busy street, bustling with activity. There are merchants, carriages, and people of all races walking to and fro]

    LORD VETINARI (V.O.): "Trust me, it is by no means an easy task to rule this city."

    [Cut to Padme, looking outraged]

    PADME: "But it's still dictatorship!"

    LORD VETINARI: "Actually, I prefer the term 'reasonable tyrrany'."

    [Padme stares, speechless. Vetinari gives her a small smile]

    [Cut to Anakin, in a City Watch uniform, grabbing a thug]

    ANAKIN: "You're nicked, chum!"

    CORPORAL NOBBS (grinning): "You're learnin' fast, boy."

    [Anakin grins back]

    [Cut to a couple of shadowy figures, moving stealthily in a dark alley]

    OBI-WAN (V.O.): "There is no death, there is the Force."

    [Cut to Death giving Obi-Wan a sideways look]


    [Cut to Padme, looking resolute]

    PADME: "We must find a way to get back."

    [Cut to Obi-Wan, slamming a book shut]

    OBI-WAN: "Right. That's it."

    [Cut to Anakin, fencing with Vimes. Corporal Nobbs and Sergeant Colon are watching, jaws dropped. Nobby's cigarette butt falls out of his mouth]

    NOBBY: "That's -ing amazing."

    COLON (frowning): "There you go again with that 'ing' word, Nobby. What does it mean?"

    [Cut to Obi-Wan, talking to Ponder Stibbons]

    OBI-WAN: "And you think it will work?"

    STIBBONS (shrugging): "It might. Who knows? We've never had visitors from another universe here."

    [Cut to Anakin standing in the Library of the Unseen University. He's looking up, fascinated]

    ANAKIN: "I feel so much... power in here."

    [Cut to Obi-Wan shouting]

    OBI-WAN: "Anakin!"

    [Cut to Padme and Lord Vetinari dining together. The Patrician raises his glass and smiles]

    [Cut to the Librarian looking at Artoo-Detoo]

    THE LIBRARIAN: "Oook?"

    ARTOO: "Bweeep."

    THE LIBRARIAN (nodding): "Oook."

    [Cut to Anakin running down a street]

    [Cut to the Tower of Art being illuminated by a lightning]

    [Cut to black screen]

    Mar17swgirl proudly presents
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