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Fanfic trailers (add on)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by SiriGallia, Aug 2, 2001.

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  1. DarthIshtar

    DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master star 9

    Mar 26, 2001
    Huzzah for Discworld!
  2. Mar17swgirl

    Mar17swgirl Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Dec 26, 2000
  3. shanobi

    shanobi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 11, 2001
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    Please excuse the interruption :)

  4. Rhodna

    Rhodna Jedi Youngling star 2

    Nov 28, 2006
    This is a preview of one of the stories that I'm currently working on. It's a combination between trailer and single scene.


    A woman's voice whispers.

    Padme/Moran: The world fades. It turns from color to shades of gray. Or perhaps I'm just going blind.

    A red sun begins to rise over the skyscrapers of Coruscant, bathing the planet in an eerie, crimson glow.

    Anakin's Dark Deeds begins to play gently.

    A row of white-armored troops begin to descend from large transport vehicles, with a Star Destroyer clearly visible in the sky, looming like a threatening shadow.

    Padme/Moran: I believed in the Empire - how could I not, when I was raised and educated in its doctrines?

    A long line of young Cadets, saluting smartly, as their commanding officer passes.

    More young people, in uniforms, looking up in awe at a black marble statue of the Emperor.

    Padme/Moran: We were told what to think and how to act, but we did not know it. To our deluded minds, everything that was done was executed out of free will and patriotism. What foolishness!

    A young woman, dressed in a gray uniform, walking up the hallways of a Star Destroyer.

    Padme/Moran: But there comes a time when... your mind starts to awake. Or, at least mine did so.

    The young woman, shaking and screaming in her sleep.

    Padme/Moran: I began to see... memories. Of a past life. Things that I shouldn't have normally remembered.

    Very quick flash of images. A white beach. A dark blue mountain lake. A beautiful city. Screams and smoke in the air. Dead bodies on the ground. The Senate Dome. Palpatine, smiling. A small, happy family. A blond-haired man, facing in another direction. Fire. Darkness, all-consuming, boiling, burning, charring. Screams, pleas, pain, horror, heartache.

    A pair of blue eyes burning yellow.

    Darkness. Nothing. The awaiting embrace of Death.

    The young woman, her voice hoarse from screaming, falling from her bed.

    Padme/Moran: I tried to deny the truth for years. I refused to see that which was right in front of me.

    The woman, swallowing a fist-full of tranquilizers and grimacing in disgust at herself in the mirror.

    Padme/Moran: But then, the day of awakening came.

    The rows of stormtroopers cordoning off a plaza and surrounding the gathering of people within.

    Padme/Moran: And it was a violent, wretched, strangely ironic awakening. One that I would not wish upon any other living being in this world.

    The troopers, raising their rifles as one and taking careful aim.

    A tall man, giving a sharp order.

    The woman, standing next to him, watching with growing horror.

    Padme/Moran: The nightmare began.

    The troopers, opening fire.

    Padme/Moran: It was a bloodbath. A slaughter. They were unarmed civilians, in a peaceful protest.

    Screams, pain, smoke in the air. Blood spattering the stone dais. Bodies falling, collapsing over each other. Empty, blank, dead gazes, staring upwards.

    Padme/Moran: None were spared.

    The woman, desperately clutching at her head, closing her eyes tightly and fighting against the memories.

    A small boy, fallen on the ground, trampled by the soldiers.

    No more.

    A droid army, marching down the city streets and shooting any civilians on sight.

    No more.

    A Father, protecting his family with his own life from the troopers.

    No more!

    The grassy battlefield, after the conflict, littered with hundreds upon hundreds of Gungan bodies.

    Please, no more!

    The plaza, strewn with charred, bloodied bodies. Moans of the dying Pleas for help. Cries of anguish.

    A man's face, twisted into an unspeakable mask of rage and Darkness.

    Pain, gasping, choking, pleading, loving...


    Force, please make it stop!

    A scream, piercing the air, making the troopers stop. A woman, falling to the ground.

  5. Earthknight

    Earthknight Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 3, 2002
    And now the premier of the GUARDIANS OF LIGHT trailer. The epic Star Wars and Kingdom Hearts crossover that will debut this winter on the Beyond the Saga board.

    [The Skywalker theme begins to gently play]

    Shiny green LucasFilm Ltd. logo appears on the screen then fades.

    A Square Enix logo suddenly appears but soon fades as the classic Disney castle logo appears.

    Screen goes black.

    [The soft Skywalker theme continues to play]

    Allana( sitting on a couch chair looking at someone offscreen): Ben...don't you ever wish that things will change? That everyone could just live together peacefully.

    Ben( who has a data pad in his left hand): Of course, I do. But sadly, things like that only happen in fairy tales.

    A shot of Allana looks down at the ground sadly. The screen fades.

    [Skywalker theme continues on]

    A shot of Jag in a white admiral suit standing in the middle of a large circular Council room.

    A male Chiss seated next to several other Chiss( staring at Jag off screen): Peace with the Alliance is not possible.

    A shot of Jag turning his disappointed gaze to the ground as the male Chiss says offscreen: We will have to deny your request, Admiral Fel.

    [Dark sinister music suddenly begins to play]

    A long blackhaired 21 year old man in gray robes( staring at something off screen): Everything is going according to plan.

    A shot of a young silver haired boy looking up at someone off screen.

    The long black haired man( smiling evilly at the screen): They have no idea what their future holds.

    A shot of the neo heartless rising out of the ground.

    [A single deep drum beat] A shot of hundreds of neo heartless swarming up the buildings of Cloud City.

    [A single deep drum beat]A shot of dozens of terrified people trying to escape a large group of neo heartless.

    [A single deep drum beat] A shot of a shiny blue gummiship fleeing a greenish planet. A wider shot of the green planet quickly fading away.

    [A single deep drum beat] A shot of the black haired man( staring at someone off screen): Once we have those two sources of power. We will be able to not also destroy a planet....

    [A single deep drum beat]Screen goes black.

    The blackhaired man( offscreen): But an entire galaxy.

    [The orchestrated music begins to pick up pace]

    A shot of Squall and Aerith walking side by side down a high tech hallway.

    Squall: Ivalice and the Federation are two of the most highly developed civilizations in the galaxy.

    A shot of Princess Ashe and several armored judges strolling in front of the screen.

    Squall(offscreen): If we can unite them.

    A shot of Maria Treydor and Fayte Leingod looking sternly down at dozens of tough looking commandos.

    A shot of Squall( looking straight at Aerith offscreen): It will be the first steps in forming a Galactic Alliance.

    A shot of Ashe abruptly standing up from a large table.

    Ashe( glaring at someone offscreen): I would see the kingdoms of Ivalice burn to the ground before ever accepting a treaty with the Federation!

    A shot of Squall seated in a chair shaking his head disappointedly.

    A shot of Maria in front of a large window looking out at space.

    Maria: Ivalicians are nothing more than cowardly terrorists.

    A shot of Aerith looking at someone offscreen with disappointment in her eyes.

    Maria(offscreen): Peace with them is impossible.

    Screen goes black.

    [A single deep drum beat]The black haired man( offscreen): There will be no unity in your galaxy.

    A shot of Sora pointing the Kingdom Key at someone offscreen.

    Sora: Who are you?

    A shot of the black haired man smiling wickedly.

    The screen switches to shot of Sora and the black haired man looking straight at each other.

    The black haired man: You and I are more a like than you think.

    A shot of Sora staring darkly at someone off screen.

    Sora( sitting next to Kairi): He's not planning on turning everyone into a heartle
  6. Kidan

    Kidan TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jul 20, 2003
    [Black Screen]

    [hl=black]A Legacy From the Past[/hl]


    Han got a two-handed grip on the handle, as one might a staff, so that the blade would point straight down. Activating it, he raised it over his head, and then drove it down, almost vertically into the flattened area of the fallen limb. The tip of the energy blade struck the hardwood and began to burn through, producing a rich, fragrant smoke.

    And when it had burned a hole deep enough to bury four or so centimeters of the pommel itself, Han switched it off, so that the handle stuck fast in the limb. Luke stepped forward. "Should the need ever arise, it can be withdrawn by someone as virtuous as yourself, Chewbacca."


    [hl=black]An Unknown Daughter[/hl]


    A thirteen year old girl stands in the middle of the Skorch Fields. Her face is uplifted towards the sun, and with her eyes closed she just stands there basking in the peace. The wind blows through the field, whipping her long blonde hair around her.

    Sitting on the bench at the side of the field is another blonde. This one is older, barefoot and has three vertical scars on her forehead. She watches the younger blonde through narrow green eyes, deciding if she should train her or not.


    [hl=black]A Plot to Further the War[/hl]


    Cere Hollista leans back in her chair slightly, watching the man seated across from her. His dark brown hair is parted impeccably, and his tunic is cut along the current fashion lines out from Coruscant. Intelligent brown eyes are settled deep into his face, an aristocratic nose hangs over the thin lines of his lips almost like a beak. One side of his lips is curled slightly into a small half-smile, as if he is aware of some secret of the universe which Cere can never be privy to. His name is Jerod Pollit, and he is a high ranking officer in the Corellian government here to negotiate a treaty with BioTech Industries.


    [hl=black]The Need Has Risen[/hl]


    She twists her arms slightly, one hand slipping under the sleeve of the other arm. A moment later she pulls out the collapsed staff. It's a simple weapon, compressed flow-metal, the same technology used in Tendandro battle droids for their self-healing armor, extends from the length of a lightsaber to just over a meter and a half long - equal extension from both ends. Noelani raises the staff, positioning it as close to the warrior's face as possible, and then depresses the small button to extend it.

    The weapon extends into the warrior's eye and he bellows in rage, dropping Noelani. Without hesitating she twists the staff around and slams it against the side of his head. He crumples to the ground bleeding profusely from where she had struck him.


    Noelani is falling through the trees. She slams into a branch, her abused body screaming in pain. Something heavy lands on the same branch, causing it to sway from the sudden increase in weight. Just enough movement to start her sliding again, she begins slipping off, and she rolls over casting her arms wide. Her hand clasps around a pommel of metal, halting her slide for a moment, until the pipe seems to work itself loose. A new voice seems to whisper in her head, a calming voice, telling her to center herself, to not panic. To reach out with the Force.

    She opens her eyes, and looks down at the abyss of darkness beneath her, suddenly afraid.


    Noelani steels herself, pushing back her shoulders and meeting the warriors gaze head on. Rulmon Yah glances at Drago, his sneer growing wider. "I think I might be able to buy your daughter a bit more time, Infidel scum."

    Drago moves so fast that Noelani is unable to track him. One moment he is behind the counter and the next he is up and over it, his claws extended and slicing at the vonduun crab armor which the warrior wears
  7. SithGirl132

    SithGirl132 Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 6, 2005
    Great to find this thread! Wow, a place to advertise my latest story.


    [In orbit above the Forest Moon of Endor.]

    (Cold, evil voice): It has been 5 years since a pitiful group of Rebels tried to destroy the Second Death Star. They succeded, but at horrible cost. Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader survived, and Luke Skywalker turned to the Dark Side.

    [View of the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban]

    (Cold, evil voice again): The shattered Rebellion is rebuilding now, eighteen years later. Luke Skywalker must decide if he is friend or foe. Will he return to the light, or stay in the Dark Side and support the new Empress Jaina? Can she rule an unstable galaxy? Can Jacen Solo follow the path of the Jedi or will he, too, fall?

    [Clash of lightsabers is heard.]

    There are traitors everywhere, and no one's loyalties are certain. Which side will win in this epic battle?

    Find out.


    Now playing: [link=]Misguided Trust[/link] on Beyond The Saga message boards!
  8. Onoto

    Onoto Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 7, 2004
    I've been wondering how to advertise my series without looking like a shmuck. ;)


    (Sandy room on Tattooine. An Imperial officer has his feet on his desk. Another sleeps at another desk. No music.)

    First Officer: Dallada, can I ask you a question?

    Dallada (remains still): Shoot.

    (Up tempo music begins. Cuts to barroom. Brawl is taking place. The two officers are standing back to back.)

    Dallada: Holding up, Levitt? (Punches an attacker)

    Levitt: I was doing this before you were born, Lieutenant!

    (Cuts to Rebel cruiser. Levitt, dressed in Imperial battle armor. Runs down corridor firing.)

    Levitt: Keep going! We have to get to the bridge!

    (Cuts to Dallada rolling down Rebel hallway. He finishes roll and is in a crouching stance with his blaster at the ready.)

    (Cuts to a dark cell. Music remains up tempo, but it becomes more dramatic. Levitt is lying on the floor.)

    Man (Voiceover): He hasn't revealed anything yet. We'll continue our...interrogation.

    (Cuts to black. Music brightens. Title screen. Music stops suddenly. Cuts to sandy room.)

    Levitt: You ever had a girl?

    Dallada: Well, I met these two dancers on Nar Shaddaa...

    (Cuts to "On the Saga Forum Now!" Black.)


    [link=]The Levitt & Dallada Stories[/link]

    It's an ongoing series. I've posted two of the many stories I have planned. Take a look!
  9. WyoJedi

    WyoJedi Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 2005
    (Don LaFontaine voice-over)

    [hl=black]On a planet long forgotten...[/hl]

    A shuttle approaches a dark, ominous planet and begins descending toward the atmosphere.

    Fade to Black

    [hl=black]A dark power is growing...[/hl]

    A pair of yellow eyes peers out of the darkness of the night.

    Fade to black

    [hl=black]And the search for a friend...[/hl]

    Mara Jade stands in front of an immense stone temple surrounded on all sides by massive swamps.

    Fade to black

    [hl=black]Could lead to destruction...[/hl]

    [Heartbeats sound between each successive scene and increase in tempo]

    Mara and Luke in a romantic embrace atop the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin.
    Kyle Katarn raises his lightaber above his head in an attack posture.
    Mara is pulled under the waters of the swamp by a dianoga.
    A large man in dark robes kneels before a shining, ebony throne.
    Mara throws her hand out unleashing a Force push on an unseen enemy.
    Close up of a man hidden under a dark hood. Slowly two hands rise up to move the hood back.
    Screen goes black.

    Mara: You don't know who you're dealing with.

    Voice: Oh, but I do... my young apprentice.

    [link=]Hand of Fate[/link] Now playing in Beyond the Saga
  10. DarthSanctimonious

    DarthSanctimonious Jedi Knight star 3

    Sep 18, 2006
    [hl=black]A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away?[/hl]

    [Cue that music we?ve all heard a hundred times]

    [hl=black]STAR WARS:


    Peace! 1000 years have passed since the Battle of Yavin. The Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, itself a replacement for the New Republic, has been replaced with the NEW UNIFIED GALACTIC COMMONWEALTH OF SELF-DETERMINING AUTONOMOUS PLANETARY GOVERNMENTS UNITED IN FREELY-HELD CONFEDERATION FOR THE PURPOSES OF FREE TRADE, MUTUAL DEFENCE, OPEN RELATIONS, AND UNIVERSALLY ASSURED PROSPERITY. Today, the NUGCOSDAPGUIFHCFTPOFTMDORAUAP, as the new government has come to be popularly known, prospers under the leadership of Grandiose Premier POOBAH THE HUTT, a thinly-veiled allegory for twenty-first-century American politics.

    The Jedi Order as it once was is no more: after a couple reiterations of the same events, the Jedi decided there was really no reason to keep pretending the non-Skywalker Jedi were significant forces in the galaxy. Under the divinely inspired leadership of His Magnificent Radiance LUKE SKYWALKER XXI, Supreme Patriarch of the HOLY CHURCH OF THE SON OF THE SON OF THE SUNS, the Jedi continue to warn one another of the dangers posed by the dark side as they have done for 1,026 generations. Disagreement with the Patriarch, or insinuation that any lesser Jedi could equal or best a Skywalker, is considered heresy.

    As is the case upon every important millennial, some galaxy-stopping event is about to take place. Now that the infodump is complete, our story opens on a large space battle in which our heroes combat GENERIC MANDALORIAN SPACE PIRATES to keep themselves occupied until such time as the real villain of the story, the vile LORD ULTRA DEATH, unveils himself and starts a galaxy-spanning war of unprecedented proportions?[/hl]

    [voice-over=unnecessary_timbre]Now in [link=]theaters everywhere[/link]. Rated PG for gratuitous violence, inane mush, abuse of the "shift" and "one" keys, and pointless villainy.[/voice-over]
  11. SithGirl132

    SithGirl132 Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 6, 2005
    I have another trailer- yes I'm writing 2 stories simultaneously!

    (Beginning of Les Miserables overture)

    What if...Les Miserables met the Star Wars galaxy?

    Anakin Skywalker came back from the Dark Side and raised his daughter, as was Padme's dying wish.

    Now it is the eve of the Battle of Yavin, and the very sheltered Leia has fallen in love with a young Rebel.

    What will happen in the battle, a space-opera version of the battles of
    Les Miserables?

    Find out in [link=]The Sun Will Rise[/link], Now Playing on The Saga message boards.
  12. Ewok-Kenobi

    Ewok-Kenobi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 11, 2006
    is this board about posting any of your stories?
    and you are only writing what a trailer would be like, right?

    if so:

    The temple escape (this is the name of this part. all parts are in chapters. i have written to chap 1 part 5.

    White lettering, black background; The Jedi are being purged from the universe.

    shot of clone troops killing a jedi.

    But one last group stand in thier way.

    clones in dark building, searching for jedi. one clone breaks off from the group to search a room. as he enters the dark, mysterious room, the door slams behind him. And with a Snap-Hiss, a deep blue blade flares into life.

    a group that...

    clone clone raises rifle. more blades ignite.

    Just wont die.

    shot of hundreds of clone troops charging a jedi position.

    A group of padawans, who will save the galaxy from the evil of the empire at any cost... or will they?

    Find out when i write my next chap! (can be found [link=]HERE[/link])
  13. starpwner1211

    starpwner1211 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 3, 2007

    Even though my Halo crossover isn't done...

    I'd like a trailer for it.

    We thought the war was over....

    (Master Chief carries assault rifle and kills a Grunt)

    We thought they were finished....
    (Flood contaminates random person)

    But, somehow, How did this go wrong?

    Chief: I need a gun!

    Flood soldiers get shot as Banshees fly over fighting Flood TIES, Master Chief kills a Jedi, Dhan goes and finds a Forerunner structure, Covenant soldiers kill Flood with stormtroopers allying.

    Some strange LOTR music plays


    Master Chief kills Palps.

    That would be my trailer!

    Star Pwner
  14. Dark_Jedi_Kenobi

    Dark_Jedi_Kenobi Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Oct 3, 2004

    Black Screen

    [VO - N-11 Ordo] It's strange, living each day knowing that your life is worthless. To your superiors your just another number. Kal promised to change that for us. He promised to give us our lives back.

    Fade in from black to Kal Skirata standing with his hand on Ordo's shoulder

    [VO - Kal] I promise you Ord'ika, we'll find Ko Sai and we'll have him make this right

    [li]Kal and the Nulls land on Kamino[/li]
    [li]A blaster battle in flawless white halls[/li]
    [li]A Null throws a grenade which explodes violently[/li]

    Flashes to a scene of Skirata and Delta/Omega squads assembled in front of a group of Jedi

    [VO - Mace Windu] We're sending you to Muunilinst, your target is the Separatist leadership

    [li]A star destroyer speeds through space in a battle with several crusiers[/li]
    [li]Kal and the commandos pursue a subject on Muunilinst[/li]

    Flashes to a scene of Kal assembled in front of the Nulls

    [VO - Kal] There's nothing left for us here, but I've tracked down Sai, it's time for us to finish this once and for all.

    [li]A fierce battle on Mygeeto[/li]
    [li]Rain pours on the commandos on Kamino[/li]
    [li]Thousands of clone troopers descend on the Jedi Temple[/li]
    [li]Atin lines up a shot with Walon Vau in his scope[/li]
    [li]Bardan Jusik fights for his life in the Temple[/li]
    [li]Etiam Tur-Mukan looks behind her an a grassy planet[/li]
    [li]Darman rips of his helmet and smashes it into a wall[/li]
    [li]Ordo raises his gun[/li]
    [li]Kal cries out as he runs towards a comrade[/li]



    Read the story [link=]here[/link], download the trailer music [link=]here[/link].
  15. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    This one is posted on the saga board


    A jetski is soaring through the waves of the ocean of the beautiful planet of Ganaris

    Anakin : this is fun

    Yosh: thought you would like it

    Two hammock are swaying between the trees

    Obi-Wan sleeps

    Benno Perion snores

    Two Jedi healers are building a Jeditemple out of sand

    Master Aaqu mindtalking: he is recovered fully

    Master Kaagi Adin mindtalking: yes
  16. Darth_Manion

    Darth_Manion Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 5, 2007
    Okay, so here's what a trailer for my current cross-over story . . . .

    Open with a horizon the sun is either setting or rising, casting an erie red light over the landscape. We hear a deep, over-dramatic narrator voice . . . .

    N: In a universe where nothing makes sense . . .

    N: There is a hero . . . .

    We see the silhouette of a guy in stormtrooper armor (minus helmet) brandish a lighsaber

    N: That really doesn't want to be here.

    There is a montage of random explosions and spaceships flying past. There's the Heart of Gold (ship from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)crash landing in a forest. We see a huge disc-shaped ship explode as a laser shoots through it and it crashes into the sea. We see Boba Fett pumping ammo into a drej (from Titan A.E.), and finally Darth Vader on the bridge of a Star Destroyer, the Grim Reaper in the background over his shoulder.

    N: Will he save the universe?

    Shot of a Sargent Johnson (from Halo) eating Master Chief whole.

    N: Can he save himself?

    We see Agent Fox Mulder (from the X-Files) being choked by Darth Vader.

    N: Of course not. None of them actually figure out what's going on.

    Shot of the Earth surrounded by the ships from Independence Day, A Vogon Constructor Fleet, and lots of other stuff.

    Then Earth blows up.

    N: But will you?

    Title screen come up


    Then Boba Fett appears, and jabs a finger at the camera

    FETT: Remember kids, guns don't kill people . . .

    He lifts up his rifle and shoots a random guy in the face

    FETT: . . . I do.

    * * *
  17. d962831

    d962831 Jedi Youngling

    Mar 27, 2007
    Fic: Mine
    Title: Exile by choice (Now showing!)

    [Dramatic music(possibly Requiem for a Dream?)]

    Shot of Atrus as a boy standing on the steps of the Jedi Temple in the rain.

    Shot of the hilt of a lightsaber, then a white blade as it is activated.

    Follows the saber as Atrus walks down the steps, dragging the saber against them.

    [Fades to black]

    Padawan: He's back! He's back!

    Jedi master: How could he have become so powerful?

    Atrus looks sadly into the camera

    Atrus: Everything has a cost.

    [Music changes and becomes faster]

    Shows scene of Atrus standing before the council

    Jeng:Explain yourself Atrus! First you choose exile then you return. Why?

    Atrus smirks

    Atrus:I'll give you one guess.

    Cycles through several scenes showing Atrus, Mira, Canderous, Jeng, and others while a voice overlaps it.

    Voice:He found a flaw in the Code? What is it?

    Shows Atrus with his jaw clenched.

    Atrus:I lost everything Mira! Everything! If I had known the cost of this power I would never have excepted it!

    Mira:What cost?

    Atrus:My family!

    Mira's eyes go wide in surprise and Atrus turns away in tears.

    [Screen fades then reappears at another sceen]

    Atrus stands in the middle of a street facing several sith with their sabers drawn. Atrus smiles slowly.

    [Screen slides to a new scene]

    Revan:You can't leave! There are thousands more of them out there, you said so yourself!

    Atrus:So? I've done all I can, if you want my help you know what to do.

    Jeng:We will not change the code because you believe it's wrong.

    Atrus:I know it's wrong!

    The jedi masters leave, and Mira is left standing alone with Atrus.

    Mira:After everything that has happened, after everything that will happen, you're still choosing exile?

    Atrus does not reply for a long time until Mira begins to walk away

    Atrus:I never chose exile.

    Mira stops and faces him

    Atrus:I chose to follow the Code. They chose to follow lies.

    Mira:So instead of making them see the truth you're giving up?

    Atrus:I was ready to show them the truth once, but the Sith took that chance from me.

    Mira:You're wrong. I see the Force swirling around you, I know you're right, make them see it!

    Atrus: I can not make the willingly blind see. I'm sorry Mira. Goodbye.

    [Scene changes to Mira and a librarian studying the ancient Jedi Code]

    Mira: And this mark here, what does it mean?

    Librarian frowns and studies the mark

    Librarian:Well I've never seen that before, and here it is again!

    Mira runs through the temple and bursts into the council chamber. They all look at her in surprise and expectance. She grins.

    Mira:He was right.

    [Shows credits then a black screen. It slowly lightens until you can see a Sith standing over Atrus who is battered and bloody]

    Sith:They have abandoned you. Are you ready to die?

    Atrus grins as the face of someone he knows flashes in his mind

    Atrus:Not quite.

    Atrus yells and twists as he lunges at the Sith. The Sith's saber swings across the screen and it goes black.
  18. starpwner1211

    starpwner1211 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 3, 2007

    May sound familiar but...

    MY Trailer for the Ultimate Trio of X-overs. CNC, Halo, SW. about as long as the world's longest movie trailer

    Lucasfilm logo appears
    Twentieth Century Fox logo appears
    Bungie Logo appears.
    EA logo appears.

    You remember this galaxy

    Luke comes out of his home and looks at sunset.

    You never forgot it

    But, You haven't heard of this.

    KANE: Peace through Power!

    Soldiers chant anthem.

    Fog clears as General Solomon interrogates 343 Guilty Spark. 343 disappears

    Darth Vader takes out the Scrin single handedly as TIE Fighters grace the sky

    Anthem still continues

    The Ultimate fight.

    Kane kicks Emperor as his lightsaber flies into Kanes' hands

    Palps: You can't win, we're both immortal.

    Kane: Ha! As if!

    But... One man can stop this.

    Anthem stops

    Master Chief comes out of the rubble. He comes out to see a Nod base being under attack by the Covenant.
    A GDI soldier comes to contact with a Flood bug and Chief shoots him.

    Star Wars music plays

    Han: As if I wasn't being attacked by those purple aliens!

    Han shoots the Covenant commander with the Milleium Falcon's secret laser.

    Master Chief kills a google of stormtroopers within 1 milisecond.

    MC: That was fast Cortana, Let's get out.

    Halo music plays

    Coming soon in Fall 2007
    Coincides with Halo 3


  19. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    A fic I am writing currently is titled

    Two red beads

    A menacing theme plays

    A rural district of Coruscant
    Tapping is heard and the camera reveals a gruffy man working on the navcomp of a speeder

    The Jeditheme plays

    The camera zooms in on the Jeditemple in all its glory. The early morning sun is just rising.
    Fading to a Jeditemple apartment it focusses on Shh-kir a big Barkanian lizard and a Jedi archivist. He is nursing a sprained forelimb.

    Switch to the archives and Jocasta Nu is revealed. She has a worried look as she is studying a list of names.
  20. Katana_Geldar

    Katana_Geldar Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Mar 3, 2003
    The Chosen Apprentice Teaser Trailer

    Text: Twenty years since Naboo?

    Fade to shot of Qui-Gon being stabbed by Maxah and falling.

    Fade to black.

    Text: Ten years since Imbroglio?

    Fade to shot of Padmé with a lightsaber

    Fade to black.

    Text: Three years since the Clone Wars?

    Fade to shot of Sidious exploding.

    Dissolve to shot of Anakin and Obi-Wan standing at the window at the end of ROTS AU

    Dissolve to a slightly older Obi-Wan standing on a balcony at the Temple, he looks worried

    Dissolve to a slightly older Anakin slinking through a dark corridor

    Flash to shot of the Senate in session.

    Flash to shot of Mas Amedda standing in the Chancellor?s box.

    Shot of Bail Organa with Mon Mothma.

    Bail: Everything did change, it?s just not everyone has changed with it.

    Shot of Anakin, sitting on the ground like a cornered animal.

    Obi-Wan: Sometimes I just don?t know what to do with him.

    Shot of Anakin thrashing in bed.

    Quick flash of Padmé?s face as Anakin is choking her on Mustafar

    Anakin sits up in bed, his eyes wide.

    Anakin: I killed her.

    Shot of a green-skinned humanoid in the senate, Senator Triev Stokra.

    Stokra: The Jedi Order has over-stepped its bounds.

    Shot of the Jedi Council watching a hologram of Stokra.

    Stokra: What is to stop the Jedi intervening again?

    Shot of Yoda looking worried

    Yoda: Troubling this is.

    Shot of Obi-Wan and Anakin walking in the Temple

    Obi-Wan: In the past the Jedi have not needed to move in the interests of democracy?

    Quick flash of Padmé killing Sidious

    Obi-Wan: ?and there are some that resent that we still have that right.

    Quick succession of shots:

    Anakin running through the Temple
    Obi-Wan behind the controls of a starship
    A dark eyed girl hesitantly approaches Anakin
    The Senate filled with shouting senators
    Obi-Wan standing before a group of children waving lightsabers
    Anakin fighting a dark-cloaked dark Jedi with a blue blade

    Quickly jump to a young Han Solo, casually leaning against a wall.

    Han: I know the way places like this work.

    Text: The Chosen Apprentice

    The exciting sequel to the Jedi Padmé trilogy.

    Coming soon to Saga.

  21. TKeira_Lea

    TKeira_Lea Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 10, 2002
    The following is a teaser trailer for a post-Sacrifice short story.






    Teaser Trailer

    The Fox Logo appears and fades. The Lucasfilm Logo appears and fades. The haunting melody of ?Padmé?s Destiny? begins as a series of images appears simultaneously with spoken words.

    Announcer (voiceover): This summer, the author of the Force Evolution series ?
    Zekk strides through an opening door.

    Announcer (voiceover): ? and the creative team behind The Courtship of Jagged Fel ?
    A holographic map of the galaxy erupts around Jag.

    Announcer (voiceover): ? bring you a new short story from the Legacy of the Force saga.
    Jaina spins, raising her arm to shield her body.

    Announcer (voiceover): Amid the star systems of Hapes ?
    A Jedi shuttle glides through the Transitory Mists.

    Announcer (voiceover): ? the strands of destiny begin to converge.
    Tenel Ka, dressed in traditional Dathomiri warrior skins, gives Allana a firm hug before passing her into Jag?s waiting arms.

    The music abruptly changes to the martial rhythm of ?Duel of the Fates,? now without spoken words.

    Jaina crashes into Han?s embrace.

    Leia lifts her downward gaze to meet Luke?s angry stare.

    Framed against an expansive cavern, two figures clad in black circle each other.

    Atop a funeral pyre, Mara?s red hair begins to stir from the rising heat of the newborn flames below.

    The music shifts to the frantic tension of ?The Asteroid Field.?

    Ben (voiceover): This is about trust.
    With Tenel Ka at his side, Jacen steps into a ring of robed figures. The flickering light from a large fire reflects in his irises.

    Leia (voiceover): He?s my brother.
    Luke falls to his knees, clutching his stomach.

    Tenel Ka (voiceover): It can only be you.
    A red blade slashes from high left to low right.

    The music transitions into the driving beat of ?Battle of the Heroes.?

    Announcer (voiceover): For a family torn apart by tragedy?
    Leia, lightsaber drawn, and Han, blaster raised, sprint to a stop at either side of Jaina, who has her blade ignited as well.

    Announcer (voiceover): ?the moment of truth is at hand.
    Jag speaks into a comm station. As the camera pans, the viewscreen reveals an imposing, gray-haired man whose chiseled face bears an eyepatch.

    Announcer (voiceover): Death is only the beginning ?
    Zekk hustles to keep up with Jag?s rapid, purposeful strides down a bright corridor.

    Announcer (voiceover): ? when love faces its ultimate test.
    Fire erupts along the horizon until the entire screen is awash with red and orange flames.

    As ?Battle of the Heroes? crescendos to conclusion, red text on a black background appears.

    [hl=black]STAR WARS: LEGACY OF THE FORCE[/hl]

    The music stops suddenly and the words vanish. After a second?s silence, the blackness is broken by the distinctive snap-hiss of a lightsaber.

    In darkness, a swath of purple ignites to reveal Jaina?s grim face.

    Announcer (voiceover): Rated PG. Starts this weekend on the Beyond the Saga board.



  22. Katana_Geldar

    Katana_Geldar Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Mar 3, 2003
    Space?with the blackness, the stars and the silence.

    A large freighter flies over the camera.

    Inside the ship, there?s a human pilot at the console.

    Pilot: Captain, we have a transmission coming in.

    The Captain, Ridel Stowe, sits on a seat next to the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Stowe: Patch it through, but stand-by for an attack run.

    Music: Here They Come!
    The freighter zooms through space pursued by two blockade runners who fire on it. The freighter flies over the camera and a quick jump cut to a remote droid, one of about ten that fire on Anakin as fends off bolts with his lightsaber. Music fades to Battle of the Heroes.

    Obi-Wan is standing to one side, looking rather sad as he watches Anakin.

    Obi-Wan: Sometimes I don?t know what to do with him.

    Music fades to Force-Theme during shots of the Jedi Temple. Jedi walking through the corridors contentedly until a rather tormented Anakin stalks through Darth Vader-style. He turns to look outside.

    Anakin: I?ve been having?dreams

    Quick flash of Padmé screaming and then back to Anakin staring out the window. He screws up his face and then turns away.

    Music: The Immolation Scene fades in.

    Yoda watches Anakin walk away, shaking his head.

    Yoda: Underestimate the Force we must never do, Anakin?

    Anakin is watching Padmé being tortured with Force-lightning, he is in obvious anguish.

    Yoda:?if revealed to us something is by the Force, a right to question it we may not have.

    Anakin covers his eyes with his hands and then turns away.

    Quick flashes of scenes to the tune of Duel of the Fates.

    Anakin and another Jedi having a lightsaber fight on top of a speeder bus.
    Obi-Wan flying through space evading laserfire.
    Anakin free-falling through Coruscant.
    Darth Vader?s mask is lowered onto Anakin?s face
    A Jedi with a blue lightsaber attacking a green-skinned humanoid.

    Music suddenly stops as Anakin kneels before the cloaked figure of Sidious.

    Sidious: A powerful Sith you will become. Henceforth, you shall be known as Darth?Vader.

    Anakin: NOOO!

    Fade to black quickly.

    Music: Darth Vader?s theme

    Text: The Chosen Apprentice

    The exciting sequel to the Jedi Padmé trilogy.

    Coming June 17 to Saga
  23. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    The Following is a teaser for my first fiction in the trilogy:
    Star Wars Episode VII: The New Order

    The trumpets blasted the Republic theme, which had the entire room stand to their feet.

    * * * *

    Gideon: How did they come up with the conclusion of the East Republican Alliance conspiring with the Imperial Order?

    Luke: I do not know, but it appears that the evidence that was brought back was not nearly enough. In fact, it made things worse.

    Jacina: What does this mean for the New Republic?"

    Luke: It means that the New Republic has failed; it no longer exists. The Galaxy has just entered another major war!

    * * * *

    Ty-kra' went to pull the trigger, but less then a millisecond before his finger reacted the command from his brain, an invisible force knocked the gun onto the sandy ground. The hooded figure had waved his human hand, and it was instantly clear to the three smugglers who they were dealing with.

    "He is a Jedi! Kill them both!" Ty-kra' screamed, dropping to the ground quickly and pounce at the gun.

    "Sorry to break it to you, but I am not a he!" The Jedi ripped the cloak off to reveal a woman with long black hair braded into a single ponytail, which came down just past the shoulders.

    * * * *

    A violent squealing pierced the silence as an ankle-sized reptile-like creature came flying towards Jacina's chest. With quick reflexes, she dodged the attack and sliced the creature through the gut. These creatures were very grotesque looking beasts with moon-slit eyes, and rounded snout sharp fangs and a tongue like a snake. In an instant another came at Jacina from another angle, dashing out at her like a rushing arrow. Again, Jacina thwarted the attack and sliced it in half.

    One popped out and lunged at Gideon. Gideon, and his quick reflexes, pulled out his blaster and shot it down. "This is not bad? A few more and they'll learn not to mess with us." Out of the brushes, surrounding them were hundreds of these creatures, none of them fazed or deterred from getting what they wanted. "Now this presents a problem."

    * * * *

    "Are you questioning my power?" Mar-Sithious gazed at him with an evil look.
    Yes, Kartel was taller than Mar-Sithious. He was a giant, and very strong and bulky, but he was soft at heart. He could not hold a serious leadership role even if he had wanted too.

    ?No, my master, I would never dream of doing such. I have seen your powers; not even Skywalker can compare to you!"

    "I will destroy them when they make their attack. They have no true understanding of who I really am. No one truly knows who I really am!"

    * * * *

    Let me see it," Jacina asked Gideon.

    "She was there, she will confirm what I say!" Gideon handed the mechanical head to Jacina. She turned it upside down and looked on the edges where it should have been bolted to the androids neck. "Some of the circuits is slightly melted, and the edge is slightly burned."

    "So, what does that mean." Jacina remained silent, as she focused on her thoughts. Gideon could see the change in emotions and seriousness in her eyes. Something was very wrong. "What's wrong?"

    "This could only have been done by a light saber."

    "I know you didn't do it, and you are the only Jedi around," Gideon replied.

    "I don't know how it can be, but it's a sith!"

    * * * *

    The sith was not much taller than her, which gave her a distinct disadvantage when trying to defend such an attack. A jump to the left or the right, will open herself up for a unforeseen brilliant maneuver in which there was no telling if the sith would think of doing it. For most Jedi's, there would be no choice in the matter, but she was different from most normal Jedi's.

    Jacina dropped, with her right leg in front of her and her left leg behind her in a perfect split, as she angled her light saber horizontally over her head to block the attack. "Ouch!" Gideon was

    * * * *
    (On Board the Star Destroyer Constantine)

    A Young girl, with blonde, straight hair exited the turbo-lift. Anakin had not noticed and continued on his way, but sh
  24. AnakinsFavorite

    AnakinsFavorite Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 10, 2006

    There is complete darkness


    One post to rule them all
    One writer to type them
    One Mod to bring them all
    And in the darkness bind them.

    There is a sudden flash of light in which something- it is not completely revealed- is momentarily shown? only to be replaced by darkness.

    MSLANNA?S VOICE: It has come to us? this destiny. If we cannot write the great heroics that have befallen these BOARDS, no one can.

    There is another flash? and then darkness.

    ANAKINSFAVORITE?S VOICE: One does not simply walk into DARTH WRITER?S BLOCK?S lair. Its black doors are guarded by more than just dead PLOT BUNNIES. There is evil there that does not sleep, and the Great Eye is ever watchful. It is a messy bachelor?s pad, riddled with abandoned PLOTS, SPAM, and OLD SOCKS; the very air you breathe is a poisonous fume. Not with ten thousand writers could you do this. It is folly.

    There is another flash and then? a face is shown, pressed up against the camera.


    DARTHISHTAR: Um, can we start this over? This Musical isn?t, like, half as exciting or as tragic as they made it out to be.

    The camera pulls away to find the three hosts of FANFICTION! THE MUSICAL standing there with crumpled pieces of paper in their hands and more than grumpy faces. They all begin pointing fingers at each other and start arguing.

    ANAKINSFAVORITE: It was MSLANNA?S idea to make it all dramatic- I wanted to focus more on the mush! And it?s hard with no cast- how are we supposed to make a trailer with just the three of us?


    ANNOUNCER?S VOICE: Coming this summer to a BOARD near you? Feel the romance?

    The scene cuts to an empty corridor in the Short Attention Span Theatre. DARTHISHTAR and RK_STRIKER_JK_5 are having a quiet moment alone.

    DARTHISHTAR: So, what do you think of my PORTABLE PALPY?

    ANNOUNCER'S VOICE: See the action?

    The next recorded scenes were so boring that they weren?t worth mentioning.

    Once again, DARTHISHTAR?S voice is heard as her face is smashed up against the camera.

    DARTHISHTAR: Um, Mr. Cameraman, can we start over? We have it this time?



    It is a? rabbit.

    WHISKERS: (Is obviously confused) I don?t see it. Is it behind the bunny?

    ANAKIN_HEARTBREAKER: (Breathes) Look at those teeth! Think of the plots!

    WYOJEDI: Maybe the bunny is it in disguise!

    WHISKERS: I want to pet it! To the horror of everyone gathered, he jumps out from be-hind the couch and rushes towards the pet?



    i?m a barby gurl
    from a barby wurld
    i?m made of plastic-

    Over on the couch, DARTHISHTAR applies the sixth coat of green nail polish to her toes? and suddenly falls asleep in middle of the act. The bottle falls onto the floor and makes a nasty stain on the already gross carpet.

    DARTH WRITER'S BLOCK: muwhahahaaaaa! mi evil plan has workd!

    DARTHISHTAR: (Suddenly wakes up) Where am I? What?s my name? Upon seeing DARTH WRITER'S BLOCK, she groans? and falls back asleep.


    GIRLS: (Now forming a conga line and circling the NEWBIE)

    Tell us more, tell us more

    Tell us more, tell us more

    WHISKERS: (Hugging her)

    Can I be your friend?


    I just hope this fandom never ends.
    I hope to be here to make more friends.
    I will commit to fanfic with solemn vows
    I want to do this forever from now
    Fanfic dreams coming ?part at the seams
    But uh-oh, those faaaaaaanfic nights


    Out of nowhere jumps a dozen Fanficcers, all of them doing the can-can in bright tunics and flowing shirts.

    We fanficcers are stable
    We write when e're we're able!
    We tell our scenes and fighting scenes
    Of footwork im
  25. AnakinsFavorite

    AnakinsFavorite Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 10, 2006

    What if, when you died, you got to visit five people- five people whose lives affected your own and your mere existence changed theirs? What if you got the chance to make amends with all you had broken, to say a final goodbye to your loved ones?

    After being accepted into the Force, Anakin Skywalker was given one such chance to go back and say sorry to all those he had hurt.

    To see his mother?

    Looking at him in a tender and loving way that any mother is capable of, Shmi Skywalker pressed her shaking hands against her face as if unable to believe this reuniting.

    Years of suffering caused the man to stumble across the floor but, when he finally reached his mother, the Chosen One fell to his knees and buried his face into the folds of her familiar but worn dress. *Mother* Suddenly, Anakin realized that no words left his lips and, upon trying again, was met with failure. Why could he not speak during this one moment which was dearer to him than all else?

    Patiently, she stroked his blond locks, tears also coursing down her face. ?My son??

    *I failed you?*

    ?You failed only your self- I am proud of you.?

    Make amends with Mace Windu?

    ?You are mad at me,? Mace said softly, holding the other man?s gaze with his own firm one. ?Tell me, Skywalker, what do you usually do with this anger you are feeling??


    Slaughtering innocent younglings.

    Destroying families.

    He?d done it all, unaware at the time of the great pain and regret that it would later cause. How could a person do such terrible things? It all seemed like a ghost, something that had never really happened? but it had.

    ?Hit me.?

    ?W? what?? Anakin sputtered, nearly falling off the bench again in shock. Did the sternest of all the Jedi Masters just demand that he embrace his anger?
    ?Hit me- you know you want to.?

    Searching for the trick behind all of this, the former Sith instead gazed down at his fist.

    A black glove had appeared there- the transformation had begun again.

    ?No,? he whispered, shaking while trying to fight off the strong emotions. He couldn?t harm Mace- it would feel so?


    A moment later and without knowing that he?d even moved, Anakin pulled his fist away from where a bruise was forming on the other Jedi?s cheek. Reeling back upon realizing what had happened, he collapsed back onto the bench once more.

    ?Is that it? I still sense much anger from you.?

    This snapped all of his reserve- with a furry that Anakin hadn?t thought remained, the Chosen One lunged with all of his might, wanting to make Mace hurt, wanting to watch him bleed and feel the same pain that had haunted each of Vader?s footsteps.

    Suffer? scream? beg for mercy...

    All the while this was unleashed, the Jedi Master merely stat there with a clenched jaw, turning his face accordingly to receive more blows.

    Suddenly, the violence ended, and only the sound of labored breathing could be heard over the trickling water.

    ?Why did you stop?? the Korun Master asked quietly, turning the other cheek so that it remained vulnerable. If he was in great pain, the man did not show it.

    At first, the other really did not know the answer to this- why had he stopped? ?I? no?? Anakin stammered, looking down at the gloved hand which had splotches of red on it before glancing up to Mace?s face which were now bruising.

    ?As Vader, could- or would- you have stopped??



    Another pause ensued as the younger man viewed the damage he?d done to yet another innocent victim, someone who had only intended to help him.

    Vader wouldn?t have stopped, but I can? and will.

    Having always been intensely connected into the weavings and threads of the Force, Mace sat there studying the young man, peering into his soul. ?My mission here is complete.?

    Beg forgiveness of Obi-Wan?

    Sometimes, admitting you?re wrong is the hardest
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