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Fanfic trailers (add on)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by SiriGallia, Aug 2, 2001.

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  1. Ewok-Kenobi

    Ewok-Kenobi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 11, 2006
    Not Our World

    Halo music, changes as the trailer plays on, to suit the scene.
    A group of Marines on a Pelican preparing for battle.
    Seargent Johnson is giving out a battle plan.

    Pelican lands in a torrent of Plasmafire, troops leap out, two are blasted immediatly, and fall to the ground, smoking.

    Johnson and troops are on what appears to be a beach, taking cover behind some rocks, and trying to hold off the unseen attackers. Johnson shouts somthing into his radio, and another marine is blasted. There are explosions and blasts in other locations too, where there is other fighting. A marine is struck by a blue grenade, which sticks to him, and then explodes, blasting him to bits.
    By now there is just Johnson and two other marines, and the unseen attackers are advancing, there sihloettes are now visible through the smoke, some are small, others large.
    Johnson and the two marines are forced into the open, and are attempting to retreat.
    One of the smaaler fat creatures, wearing red armour, steps into view.

    Suddenly, a large metal container lands directly on top of the grunt, and everybody stops firing for a moment. A tall furry alien moves into view, and looks inquiringly at the container.
    A large metal door is ejected, smashing into the Brute, and crushing it against a rock.

    With a torrent of fire from two SMG's, Master chief steps out of the container, taking down over half of the advancing forces in less than five seconds.
    With a new found hope, the marines and Johnson fight back.

    A loud noise blasts by overhead, and the camera pans up.
    A large, asteroid like living ship blasts by, followed closely by two X-wings, which are firing into what appears to be a miniature black hole. Suddenly, another craft, purple, joins the chase. It blasts the two X-wings, and begins to fire at the Coralskipper, taking it by surprise, and getting a plasma burst in behind its Void. it is destroyed.
    Camera pans up, into space, showing what appears to be a 3 way battle, with big purple ships, strange living ones, and the UNSC and the New Republic joined together.
    Big black screen comes up, gives title, and below title says:
    Not our world, screening at Beyond the saga, now!
  2. Tizzel

    Tizzel Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 17, 2007
    [link=]Betrayel, Hunger, Pain I: Fall of the Five Lords[/link]

    Trailer 1(Zayne and Alek)

    Black Screen

    Woman's Voice: Imbeciles and Fools. Thats all you are. I should never have chosen the two of you.

    We see Zayne Carrick looking pissed off. Than we see Alek standing beside him, looking at the ground and half turned toward Zayne.

    Same Voice: But than, why did I chose you?

    We see Master Kavar and Master Vash standing at the top or a fleet of stairs.

    Kavar: So, Zayne is innocent.

    Vash: And what of Alek?

    Kavar: I assume he walks with the shattered remains of the old Master and Zayne.

    Vash: She is using them to gain power for herself.

    A padawan runs up the stairs to the two masters.

    Padawan: Master Kavar. She has returned.

    Black Screen, Credits

    Voice of Vrook Lamar: Exile, to all six of them.

    Trailer 2(Revan and Malak)

    Black Screen.

    [b]Revan's Voice: Malak, Manners.[/b]

    We see a young padawan running through a battle field explosions everywhere, he falls and a Mandalorian stands over him.

    Black Screen

    We see Malak and a figure in the shadows

    [b]Figure's Voice: If you were to face an ancient Sith Lord in combat, you would learn that we are as children playing with toys compared to the prowess of the old Masters.[/b]

    [b]Malak: I can beat anyone, I am...[/b]

    Malak goes flying against the wall

    Black Screen

    We see the padawan from before, the Mandalorian falls next to him headless.

    [b]Revan: Are you ok? Do not let these Mandalorian's scare you. Let go of all fear. That is what my Master told me.[/b]

    Black Screen, Credits

    [b]Voice of Vrook Lamar: Exile, to all six of them.[/b]


    [b]Trailer 3(Krynda)[/b]

    We see a desert, all we hear is the wend.

    [b]Woman's voice: Revan was power. Staring into his eyes was like staring into the heart of the Force. Even then, you could see the Jedi he would slay etched on his soul.
    We see a lone hut in a clearing, beat up, and a skeleton lies on the door steep.

    [b]Woman's Voice: I hold the knowledge of betrayal. I have been betrayed in my heart, and will betray in turn. It's only natural. [/b]

    We see a destroyed battlefield.

    [b]Woman's Voice: It pleases me that you don't address me as master, I have no use for the title and frankly the "Masters" are clueless. The only Master is the Force, and yet we all control it.[/b]

    Black Screen, Credits

    [b]Voice of Vrook Lamar: Exile, to all six of them.[/b]

    Please go read it!!![face_peace]

  3. MsLanna

    MsLanna Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 8, 2005
    What begins as a simple rescue mission for Leila Durmon...

    "You might have heard that my daughter has gone missing," Graden finally supplied.

    "I have."

    "It seems that the kidnapper is rather keen on keeping her and has decided, among other things, to surround her only with women."

    ...proves to have some catches...

    The gloved hand of the Mando closed over the datacard. "I work alone."

    "Great, so do I." Leila shot back. "So we will not get into each other's way. Good plan."


    "Jango Fett," his filtered voice came as he went past her.

    "Enchante," Leila grumbled.

    ...than she would have liked.

    "A week?" Leila echoed. "In that case you'd better hope that Mator Raad is either eye candy or impotent."

    "The only woman whose safety and inviolacy I am paid to care for is Lord Graden's daughter."

    Leila eyed him speculatingly. Purchasable - now, that was an idea.

    "You cant afford me," he said, as if he had been reading her mind.

    "You just wait and-"

    "I will wait patiently," he interrupted her, "all the part of forever it will take you to amass the money."

    And left to her own devices...

    "How little you know about our abilities with beauty," the Daja laughed. "And no more protests. Mator Raad is still a man. He will appreciate the company of a pretty girl. Trust your Daja Hanna and soon everything might just be perfect for you, little pikka."

    Leila pretended to hang her head in obedience, but inside she was jubilant. If everything went well, she might be out of here the very same night. And the Gods help Jango Fett if he was still around - if they could!

    ...which are the same for all women since the beginnings...

    "Oh, dear, I am so stupid," she exclaimed as if a sudden thought had hit her and pressed her hands on her mouth. It was difficult to speak through them, but she managed suspiciously well. "Here I was to cheer you up, and now I tell you such sad things. I am so sorry, Mator!" She bounced her head onto the floor and jumped up.

    "I'll dance again, Mator Raad, I will not make you sad!" She launched a wild dance, making sure to trip over her own feet a few times. From the corner of her eyes she saw a tiny smile in Raad's face and knew she had as good as won.

    "Lana, that is your name, is it not? Lana, do stop please."

    ...the assassin is still determined to succeed.
    If only for payback.

    The first story in a series centred around the assassin Leila Durmon and the trouble she has with a certain Mandalorian bounty hunter.

    Now on the friendly Before the Saga Board in your neighbourhood.
  4. Idrelle_Miocovani

    Idrelle_Miocovani Jedi Master star 6

    Feb 5, 2005

    Black screen. Padmé?s Ruminations plays softly in the background.

    The LUCASFILM logo fades in, lighting up the screen, and fades out.

    An image of JAINA SOLO, sweaty-faced and holding her lightsaber in one hand, fades in and out. An image of KYP DURRON follows; he stands at the top of a set of stairs, shrouded in darkness.

    What would you do?

    An image of PADMÉ AMIDALA running wildly towards a ship appears and fades. An image of ANAKIN SKYWALKER battling someone with a red lightsaber follows and fades out.

    ... if you could change one incident from the past?

    JAINA and KYP cautiously approach a tall, metal pillar engraved with strange markings. JAINA glances over her shoulder, a look of fear and awe on her face.

    ? to save the future?

    The music switches to the Force Theme. An X-Wing flies towards Mustafar, followed by several other X-Wings and the Millennium Falcon. The camera zooms in on JAINA as she expertly pilots her craft.

    Fade to black. The music swells ominously into Duel of the Fates. A hooded and cloaked man stands on the stairs leading into a chamber. Through the windows, we can see the fiery landscape of Mustafar. Standing in the chamber, staring incredulously at the man, are JAINA, JACEN, LUKE SKYWALKER, MARA JADE SKYWALKER, HAN SOLO, LEIA ORGANA SOLO, CORRAN HORN and KYP DURRON. JAINA steps slowly towards the man, a cold expression on her face.

    JAINA: You can?t be Palpatine. He?s dead, he died on the Death Star.

    The screen flickers with a quick succession of shots of a ferocious lightsaber battle: PALPATINE using a Force-wave to throw the Jedi into a wall, knocking CORRAN out unconscious; LUKE, JAINA and MARA battling PALPATINE simultaneously; MARA lying on the steps with PALPATINE?S blade at her throat. The last image fades out and is replaced with JACEN diving towards PALPATINE.

    JAINA: NO!

    Fade to black. JAINA?S scream fades to an eerie silence as Duel of the Fates fades into menacing silence.

    What if?

    Ominous, low string music plays (Palpatine?s Teachings) as JAINA looks at someone off-camera.

    JAINA: (snapping) Don?t be stupid. Time travel doesn?t exist. I don?t care what Palpatine said. It?s not true.

    MAN (V/O): How do you know that something is impossible? Did the human species not once think that travel through space was impossible?

    The camera pans over to reveal a tall, hooded man. Fade out.

    ?time travel?

    MAN (V/O): You will be pulled through the wormhole by your own Force-sensitivity. However, it is almost impossible to tell where you will come out.

    ?did exist?

    A rapid succession of shots reveals a dark, swirling mass dotted with streaks of silver light; then we see JAINA and KYP lying on the ground in a deserted alley. They stand up and look around and are suddenly engulfed in blaster fire which then turns to stun bolts as they parry with their lightsabers. Suddenly, they drop to the ground. An officer wearing a helmet and armour approaches.

    OFFICER: Take their lightsabers and any other weapons they have. We?ll take them to General Grievous. He may be interested in Jedi captives.

    Fade to black. The low string music grows and morphs into Battle of the Heroes. JAINA and KYP are running through wide corridors on a ship and almost slide into ray shields. On the other side of the ray shields are ANAKIN SKYWALKER, OBI-WAN KENOBI and PALPATINE, who stare incredulously at them. The scene changes to a vicious duel between the Jedi and GENERAL GRIEVOUS on the bridge of the Invisible Hand.

    This time around?

    The Invisible Hand crash-lands on a runway on Coruscant. In the cockpit, JAINA turns to ANAKIN.

    JAINA (out of breath): You should? have let me?
  5. TigerofRobare

    TigerofRobare Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 11, 2006
    He took away her family . . .

    Luke screams "Nooooooo!" as glass shatters and metal objects are deformed

    A person frozen carbonite is led away; it is Ben

    He left her to die . . .

    Mara: You're as vile as he was.

    Jacen: Who?

    Mara: Palpatine.

    He destroyed her Order . . .

    Star Destroyers blockade Ossus.

    Black armored Galactic Guard troops march on the Jedi Temple.

    He revived her enemies . . .

    Mara, seen from behind in a green jumpsuit, holds her lightsaber high as several IG-88's close in on her.

    Aleema Rar, holding a thermal detonator launcher, giggles uncontolably.

    This Summer . . .

    Mara stabs at an old Aing Tii monk with her lightsaber, but he jumps on top of it.

    Mara Jade . . .

    Jacen: Do you find me sadistic?

    Jacen ignites his lightsaber.

    Will . . .

    Mara (smiles innocently): Why would I ever think that, dear nephew?


    This fanfic has been rated S for spoilers
  6. DarthJainaSolo

    DarthJainaSolo Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 8, 2007
    Now Playing?

    [SCENE: Outdoors, night. JAINA SOLO is standing in the middle of a forest, her lightsaber lit, with JAGGED FEL by her side, blaster at the ready.]

    She?s coming.

    [SCENE: Outdoors, day. We see JACEN SOLO?S body being carried by HAN SOLO, LEIA ORGANA SOLO, JAINA SOLO, and LUKE SKYWALKER. Dozens of people are watching.]

    HAN (V.O.)
    You have no idea what it?s like to lose a son. I?ve lost two.

    [SCENE: Outdoors, day. Hundreds of battle droids are in attack position as a two-year old ALLANA stands in the middle of them, and BEN SKYWALKER runs to her rescue and picks her up, then makes a run for it.]


    [SCENE: JAINA is fighting a dark enemy on a Star Destroyer, whose face no one can see. Jaina is using her violet lightsaber, while her foe?s saber is red.]

    Is shrouded

    [SCENE: Outdoors, night. Jag is walking down a street, his blaster out. His face is contorted in fury.]

    Come on out, you coward!

    What did you just call me?

    (JAG turns around, shocked but not afraid, and fired his blaster in the direction of the voice.)

    In Mystery

    [SCENE: Outdoors, day. We are in a meadow, JAINA is running in pursuit of something. JAG is chasing her.]

    JAINA (V.O.)
    I won?t stop until I find out who killed him!

    [SCENE: Indoors, night. JAINA looks inside a bedroom, where ALLANA is sleeping.]

    JAG (V.O.)
    You would risk your own niece?s life on some stupid hunt for revenge? Like Luke, after Mara?


    [SCENE: Outdoors, outside of Hapes Palace. Luke?s face is contorted, almost deformed, by his anger.]

    You killed her!


    [SCENE: Millenium Falcon. HAN and LEIA are having an argument.]

    If it came down between Jaina and Luke ?

    You know I?d save Jaina!

    [SCENE: Mustafar. JAINA is standing on a pole over an ocean of lava, using her lightsaber as a balancing stick.]

    JAINA (V.O.)
    I refuse to be like you, Luke. But I won?t ever forgive you.


    [SCENE: A dark figure runs away with ALLANA, who is unconscious.]

    [SCENE: Millenium Falcon. JAINA and JAG receive a holotransmission from this figure.]

    If you would like to see her again, alive, you?ll do what we say.

    If you would like to avoid the skin being ripped off of your flesh and your heart being ripped out of your chest, you?ll release her. Now.

    [SCENE: In the DARK WOMAN?S, or LUMIYA?s, lair, which is a dark dungeon.]

    I have never responded to threats very well.

    Neither have we.


    [SCENE: Oudoors, day. It is beautiful outside, with mountains in the distance. HAN is walking down an aisle with JAINA, in a wedding dress, her face covered by a veil.]

    [SCENE: At the same wedding, JAG lifts JAINA?S veil.]

    [SCENE: Same wedding. JAG and JAINA kiss.]


    [SCENE: Space battle. JAINA and JAG are both flying separate X-wings.]

    Follow my lead, two.

    Gotcha covered, love.

    To Survive

    [SCENE: Indoors. A Coruscant apartment living room. Day. ALLANA is curled up to JAG.]

    Jacen was my Daddy.


    Do you still love me, anyway?

    I couldn?t love you any more than I do.

    An Epic Tale of Love and Hate

    [SCENE: Spaceport. Day. JAINA, JAG, HAN, and LEIA, are watching something intently, presumably the landing of a craft.]


    Now playing in Beyond the Saga
  7. Alley_Skywalker

    Alley_Skywalker Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 27, 2005
    Soft, haunting music plays in the background as a black screen fades into a shot of four Jedi (one lies on the ground -- dead) in a shadowy cave-like chamber. The female Jedi is holding a young boy dressed in black in her arms.

    Jag: Well, what do we do with him?

    Gordon: We should take him back to the temple.

    Jag: The temple? Are you insane, Gordon? He's a Sith.

    What if a Sith...

    Gordon: A Sith trainee, not even an apprentice. If we put him through rehab--

    ...became a Jedi?

    A shot of two young Jedi Knights settled in the cockpit of a ship.

    Charly: Jes, it's been years. He's a Jedi now, a knight. When will you stop seeing him as a Darksider?

    Jesce: Honestly? Probably never.

    Could he resist the temptation...

    Shot of the same boy as in the beggining, only 16 years older and dressed as a Jedi Knight standing in the middle of a ship's quarters holding a Sith holocrone pyramid that has begun to glow red. The air is filled with hissing whispers that seem to come from the pyramid.

    Voices from the Pyramid: Ahasha...muranu prehashu...onishi hatah hanah harah...mesaha...katah...onishi hatah...

    Adam: What do you want from me?

    ...of the Dark Side?

    Shot of Adam standing in a dark chamber lit only by a ring of red lightsabers. A Dark Lord is facing him with his hood pulled up so only his glowing eyes are seen.

    Dark Lord: Come, Adam. Take the oath. Take the Blood Oath and be rid of all this pain and confusion. Be with those who admire and respect you. Become my apprentice. It is not too late. The Dark Side welcomes you.

    Music picks up pace.

    Quick shot of Charly and Jesce running down a hallway in the Jedi temple.

    Shot of Jesce swinging his lightsaber at the Sith holocrone at a run, Charly is right behind him.

    Charly: Jes, no!

    Shot of Jesce and Charly walking side by side.

    Jesce: There's a war going on, Charly. Something's always off.

    From the author that brought you Tainted Outsider.

    Shot of Jesce and Charly walking side by side. Both are looking concerned.

    Charly: Why would Adam know anything?

    Jesce: You know how intimately the Dark Side would be able to speak to him.

    Charly: Point taken. However--Ah!

    Shot of Adam looking wide-eyed and scared.

    Adam: Charly...Charly...

    Dark Lord: ...Despises you.

    Cut to shot of Adam falling to his knees.

    Cut to shot of Charly knocking on Adams door

    Charly: Adam! Adam, open the door, damn it!

    [link=]Original Sin[/link]

    Close up shot on Jag as the music stops.

    Jag: Do as you wish, but I warn you. This will not end well.

    Playing in Before The Saga.
  8. solobratz

    solobratz Jedi Knight star 1

    Feb 13, 2006
    The galaxy is imprisoned by an evil Empire...

    Duel of Fates (slow part) plays softly in background.

    Fade in to Luke, arms folded, surveying thousands of stormtroopers marching onto Capital Ships.

    Cut to Luke, kneeling before Vader, who is plugged into a chair with many tubes and wires.

    LUKE: What is your bidding, father?

    The Rebel Alliance is no more...

    Shot of Han and Leia on Endor, taking cover. Both have blasters in hand.

    LEIA: I love you.

    HAN: I know.

    They spring out from cover, cut suddenly to black.

    But there are still those who fight against the Empire...

    Shiv Sedran fires his blaster while running. Two Barabels are beside him, also firing blaster rifles.

    Will they succeed?

    Duel of Fates swells to main melody.

    Shiv runs down corridor, breathing heavily. Cut to space, a Headhunter and Yacht engage TIE Fighters. On top of a rocky mesa, Shiv and Morgayne fight back to back against stormtroopers. Luke raises a red lightsaber, striking down at the camera.

    In Summer 2007...

    Desperate times...

    Shiv is backed up against the wall by a Stormtrooper, the troopers blaster at his throat. Morgayne screams in agony as lightning flows across her body.

    Call for desperate measures...

    Shiv places his blaster to an Imperial Officer's head, pulls the trigger. Morgayne cuts two Stormtroopers in half with her lightsaber. Morgayne and Shiv jump out of a speeder as it explodes.

    And the fate of the galaxy...

    A crowd of aliens and humans look up, their expressions shocked and afraid.

    Will depend on the...

    [link=]Last Rebels[/link]
  9. MsLanna

    MsLanna Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 8, 2005
    An easy mission should be cause to be happy...

    The message telling her employer about her success had already gone out, telling about the fate of unfortunate Eran McGry. The guy had been real eye candy and it had taken little to no effort to sneak into his life and bed. Even though he had a wife and two daughters. Men will be men.

    ...but somehow...

    She had given Eran a good kick or two extra when she found out, but unfortunately, he had already been dead then.

    ...things are not going Leila's way...

    He had managed to get CorSec onto their trail and as soon as the ship had went down on Tenjoo it had been dutifully impounded. Not only that, it had also been collected by the organisation for further investigation. Which left Leila stuck.

    ...when hope appears in it's most unlikely form.

    "Well, well, what have we here," Leila commented as she stopped at Fett's cell door. "Got stuck, Mando'a?"

    Or has it?

    Find out in [link=]Misconception[/link], now on your friendly [link=]Before Saga FanFiction Board[/link].
  10. saber_death

    saber_death Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 2, 2005
    Now Playing in Beyond the Saga

    A LOTF Fan-Fic

    [link=]Heirs of the Chosen One[/link]

    Voice Over (Anakin Skywalker): There is an ancient Jedi lesson that says that the greater a being?s connection with the Force, the greater the acts of good and evil they can perform. My own life proved the truth of this statement, for I had the greatest connection to the Force ever seen, and did things both as good and as evil as anyone in known history.

    clips of the Jedi Temple slaughter and Palpatine being killed on the second Death Star

    I passed this power on, to my children who have used that power for good.

    clips of the Skywalker twins fighting in the Rebellion, Leia as Chief of State, and Luke battling Shmirra

    Now my grandchildren have been trained to use the power of the Chosen One, and how they use that power will impact the galaxy more than any of them realize.

    the Solo twins glare at each other over red and blue lightsaber blades

    Jacen: I will be the man Vader wanted to be, the man our uncle was too afraid to become.

    Jaina: No, Darth Caedus, you won?t; I won?t let you.

    As the galaxy goes to war, and heroes are lost

    Luke stands in the rain, in the middle of a large field, as a dark robed figure approaches with a violet lightsaber

    Luke: I don?t want to destroy you.

    Hooded Figure: I know uncle; you intend to spare me just like you spared my namesake. But I?m going to win, so it won?t be an issue as I won?t be nearly so merciful.

    other dead things come back to life

    A dark robed figure bows before Jacen

    Jacen: You have done well my apprentice. Soon the Sith will rule the galaxy, and the Jedi will be extinct.

    Han and Jaina looking at someone off screen with expressions of shock

    Han: How the kriff did Fel manage to get his son crowned Emperor?

    Jaina and Tahiri sit at the controls of the Falcon

    Jaina: Are you sure it was really him?

    Tahiri: He might have tricked me about his loyalties, but he couldn?t have faked his identity.

    I restored Balance to the Force, but now it is up to my heirs, and their allies, to keep it.

    Kyp and Corran stand to either side of Luke as they all ignite their lightsabers

    Off screen GAG Commander: Arrest the traitors!

    As wars are fought and lives lost,

    Leia stand on the bridge of a Star Destroyer, with a view of two fleets battling near Centerpoint Station

    Leia: Tell all ship commanders to move around as much as possible, and to concentrate their fire on the Anakin; we have to keep the Sith from focusing their power against any individual ship.

    love is found and lost,

    Jaina smiles down at a dark haired man lieing on the ground

    Jaina: I?ve always loved you. It just took all of this for me to realize it.

    Tenal Ka standing in her Dathomiri armor and holding her lit lightsaber, facing Jacen in his Sith robes

    Jacen: I thought you loved me.

    Tenal Ka: I loved Jacen Solo, the boy I met at the Academy, and the man I fought beside in the Vong war. You?re just a Sith who happens to look like him.

    even as hope survives and new life is created.

    Han holds a small infant in his arms and smiles

    Han: She?s got her grandfather?s good looks.

    Leia: And my family?s power. Let?s hope she uses it better than her father has.

    As always, there is the danger of becoming the very thing they fight and fear.

    Ben holds a picture of Mara and looks up at Zekk with tears in his eyes

    Ben: It?s so hard not to give in, to just hate Jacen and use that power against him.

    Zekk: Your mother died trying to protect you from the Sith, giving in to your hate would make her sacrifice meaningless.

    Ben nods as the scene fades to black

    Only if the Heirs of the Chosen One stand firm in the light can the servants of the Dark Side be stopped.
  11. JENNA

    JENNA Jedi Master star 2

    Jun 19, 2005

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away...

    Hope has been shattered...


    Darkness has fallen across the galaxy...

    {the screen lightens slightly, revealing a dark cloaked figure electrocuting a beige-clad figure who lying on the floor}

    But still...

    {in the darkness, you hear a lightsaber ignite}

    light remains

    *fast moving voices sound in the darkness*


    "I will always see you as you were-- a friend, a Jedi."

    "You are under arrest."

    Now, be prepared...

    {the screen finally lightens, showing Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, lightsabers interlocked in a duel in a dim light}


    *evil cackling*


    "This ends here... and now."


    "I knew, all along... there was still good in you... I knew it..."


    "I am always watching over you. Be mindful. The wrath of Sidious is something you shouldn't take lightly."


    ***On screen***

    Anakin is holding Obi-Wan, tears falling from his eyes. Obi-Wan sees something over Anakin's shoulder. "WATCH OUT, ANAKIN!!"

    *screen blacks out*

    THE WRATH OF THE SITH -- coming soon
  12. Idrelle_Miocovani

    Idrelle_Miocovani Jedi Master star 6

    Feb 5, 2005
    The Fox Logo appears and fades. The Lucasfilm Logo appears and fades. A chilling, Celtic melody begins to play.

    Mist covers dark, rolling hills.

    Once every thousand years?

    A dark rider charges through the mist.

    Taerlyndan appears?

    A blue and white planet swirls in the sky.

    Bringing with it all the wonders of the world?

    Tall, white-peaked mountains shimmer on the screen. The scene cuts and we see a black dragon rearing on its hind legs. The scene cuts again and we see a bright light, a shot of fire and the spread wings of a red-gold phoenix.

    And all the horrors of human nature?

    A black haired woman stands in the centre of a dark chamber. She clasps her hands together and immediately her eyes turn a luminous white and blue-white electricity cackles around her.

    FRIEDA: [screaming] JEDI!

    The Celtic music stops abruptly. We see JAINA SOLO standing in the middle of a forest glen, dressed in a long blue dress with a red cloak. She is surrounded by a group of people: an old, frail-looking man, a tiny girl, a tall, red-haired woman and an anxious-looking young man. All have symbols painted on their faces in green and blue.

    JAINA: What do you want of me?

    This year?

    The music picks up with a sweeping, epic score (King Arthur). JACEN SOLO stumbles through a desert storm, wrapped in a long brown cloak.

    Five Jedi have answered Taerlyndan?s call.

    An image of JAINA is shown, traveling through snow high up on a mountain, a red cloak around her shoulders. There is a quiver of arrows on her back and a bow is in her hand. Her lightsaber hangs from a girdle around her waist. The belt is shaped like the branches of trees.

    An image of JACEN is shown, traveling through the desert at top speed on a white stallion. He is riding towards a black spot on the horizon, one hand held in front of him; his expression is one of severe concentration.

    An image of KYP DURRON is shown; he is in the middle of a vast army, fighting for his life, wearing armour and mounted on a horse, wielding a bright sword.

    An image of TAHIRI VEILA, wearing a torn and burnt jumpsuit, is shown. She is standing a forest, in the rain.

    An image of ZEKK is shown. He stands in the centre of a quarry, bare-chested, a scar running down one of his sides. His eyes are closed and he is holding his hands aloft in front of him.

    All are trapped.

    KYP is standing in the middle of a grand hall, addressing the DUKE OF FERRAN.

    KYP: What do you mean, it?s destroyed?

    DUKE: Master Durron, though you are a guest in my household, I must remind you that the contraption you call a ship is ? was ? a terrible thing. It was cursed. Therefore, it had to be destroyed.

    KYP: Sithspit! You don?t realize what you?ve done, do you?

    DUKE: I have saved Caledon from a terrible fate.

    KYP: You?ve TRAPPED me here, you idiot! Here! On a stinking little planet that knows nothing!

    The scene changes into one of ZEKK sitting in the quarry, talking to a girl with long black hair. Her face is marked with bruises, scars and a brand in the shape of a crescent moon.

    ZEKK: Can you take me back to where you found me?

    SEIJA: I am sorry, but I can?t. There is nothing left.

    The scene changes and we see JAINA standing in a forest glen. A young man, TRISTAN, stands beside her. He takes her hand.

    TRISTAN: What do you remember? Of your past, of your friends, of your family?

    JAINA: [hesitating] Nothing.

    All have enemies.

    JACEN stands in the centre of a great chamber made of gold and marble. A man dressed in rich golden robes sweeps through the room. A woman accompanies him, her face veiled.

    KING SHAKIR: The King of Caledon wishes
  13. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Here is a trailer for the final story of my trilogy to come to Beyond the Sega Forum.


    ??I have encountered a vergence in the force,? Qui-gon said, lifting his chin upwards to show the council his confidence.

    ?A vergence you say?? Yoda said, clearly not expecting this news as with the other of the Jedi Council.

    ?Located around a person?? Mace Windu asked.

    ?A Boy,? Qui-gon replied. ?His cells haves the highest concentration of Midi-chlorians I have seen in a life form. It is possible he was conceived by the midi-chlorians.?

    This news caused the Jedi Masters to look at each other. ?You refer to the prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the Force. You believe it?s this boy??

    * * * *

    Young Anakin Skywalker turned around and smiled. His innocent smile was enough to light up an entire room.

    * * * *

    ?I don?t presume to??

    ?But you do! Revealed your opinion is,? Yoda interrupted, pushing through his false modesty.

    * * * *

    No longer the young boy from Tatooine, Anakin, now a full fledged Jedi Knight swung his light saber brilliantly, destroying all the droids on the bridge as he ran to catch up and rescue his mentor, Chancellor Palpatine.

    * * * *

    ?I don?t trust him,? Mace Window said calmly. He expressed his fears to Master Yoda and Master Kenobi on board the military transport. He consciously looked away at Master Kenobi knowing how close to Anakin the young master was to his Padawan.

    ?With all due respect, Master, is he not the chosen one?? Obi-Wan replied. ?Is he not to destroy the Sith and bring balance to the Force??

    * * * *

    Anakin stared down at the helpless Count Dooku. Anakin now had his own lightsaber and Count Dooku?s and he crossed the two blades in front of his neck. The Chancellor pressured him to kill him, but it was against everything he knew the Jedi was about. Why was this urge growing in him to kill this now unarmed enemy? As if an unknown force took control of the body, he pulled back both lightsabers, severing his head from his shoulders.

    * * * *

    Anakin came storming out of the hut. Rage took control of him as he instantly killed the two sand people that guarded the tent entrance. They had no time to react or defend themselves. The rest of the camp was now alerted to his presence and came charging at him with their staffs. Tears strolled down Anakin?s eyes. These monsters had killed his mother, now he was going to kill every last one of them, including the women and children. They all deserve to die.

    * * * *
    Back on Coruscant with Mace Windu, Obi-Wan, and Yoda.

    ?So the prophecy says,? Mace replied, looking at Obi-Wan with a stone cold look on his face.

    ?A prophecy that misread could have been,? Yoda added, reminding the two masters of the scenario that no one wanted to think about. After all, past Jedi have claimed to have found the Chosen one, but yet the Sith are still alive. A looming cloud of doubt now hovered over the young Jedi Knight. Were they wrong about this once again?

    * * * *

    Anikan screamed in agony as he tried to pull himself away from the river of magma with his damaged mechanical arm. His body weight fought against him, as he seemed to slide closer and closer to the fire.

    Obi-Wan turned off his lightsaber. His heart was breaking at the sight of what had become of his Padawan learner and his best friend. ?You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them?? His voice crackled as tears flowed from his eyes. Anakin only returned his gaze with a gaze of hatred and despise. ??bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!?

    Why had Yoda forced him to do this. This was the most painful thing he had ever done. Seeing Anakan like this was eating him alive, but in the end it was Anakin who brought this on himself.

    * * * *

    ?Hence forth, you shall be known as?Darth Vader,? The scarred Chancellor looked down at his ne
  14. danny117ca

    danny117ca Jedi Youngling

    Aug 27, 2007
    [link=]Honour, Soul and Sword[/link]

    In a world in turmoil,

    Shows a scene of the arguing Senate, everyone pointing, shouting, etc...

    The business of killing becomes routine.

    Shows a scene of a battle.

    And No one excels it that business than Mandalorian, raised with Honour, Soul and Sword.

    Shows a red clad Mandalorian firing on the run with two WESTAR-34 pistols.

    Honour, Soul and Sword. In the Beyond the Saga Forum near you!
  15. Jedi-Ant

    Jedi-Ant Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 3, 2007

    Teaser Trailer # 1:

    *the soft crescendos of twinkling strings and a lone flute play in the background as the glittering green of the Lucas Films logo appears on the screen, the quickly disappears in a flash of blinding white*

    *from amongst the bright white comes a voice, loud, desperate and piercing*


    *the white transforms into a brilliant flash of gold, followed by brief glimpses of various scenes, a single drum beat signalling the change of each scene flash, almost like a heartbeat*

    [Opens with a trio of X-wings emerging from a ball of golden flames, the leader shooting straight forward and the other two curving to avoid a searing projectile.]

    [Cuts to a Yuuzhan Vong coral skipper colliding with an X-wing and both explode on impact, scattering red-hot debris across the black of space.]

    [Cuts to the face of Tesar Sebatyne, his reptilian mouth opened wide as if he were bellowing, his scaled hands clamped down firmly on the yoke of his fighter. The yoke and his hands jerk suddenly to the left.]

    [Cuts to Zekk and Raynar running through the Myrkr forest, guns blazing at a shadow speeding close behind them.]

    [Cuts to a mass of Yuuzhan Vong warriors charging a group of Jedi with lightsabers raised across their chests, a handful of cowering, crying children sheltered behind them.]

    *the drum beating stops and there is silence*

    Cal Omas: We cannot win this war.

    *cue Imperial March*

    [Cuts to Luke Skywalker, Cal Omas and a legion of political advisors striding through a brightly lit corridor in the offices on Mon Calamari, their faces set hard with concentration.]

    [Cuts to Nen Yim bowing over a broken body at her feet and lashing out with a quick slice of a coufee.]

    *the Imperial March cuts out to a low drone*

    Luke: I will not consent to genocide.

    Cal Omas: Then the galaxy will die.

    *a loud, resonating boom sounds out, then the screen is bathed once more in pure white light*

    *the soft strings and flute begin playing again like a whispered hum*


    a Jedi-Ant fiction

    Coming to Beyond the Saga, September 1st 2007.

    [b][u]Teaser Trailer # 2:[/u] [/b]

    *There is no music this time, only the intermittent beats of a single drum, pounding away each flashing scene*

    [A flash of bright light cuts to the first scene, of a young Valin Horn lying in a large bed covered in white sheets. A girl in tattered robes with dirty blonde hair is at his side, clutching at one of his frigid hands.]

    [Another flash, this time of Ganner Rhysode, standing tall on the command deck of a Star Destroyer, his determined gaze staring out to space.]

    [Cuts to a scene of Zekk and Tenel Ka, huddled together in a tight crevasse and smiling shyly.]

    [Another flash of light, followed by a frantic Jagged Fel in the cockpit of his clawcraft, punching at the control panel and pulling up hard on the stick.]

    [Cuts to a scene of a small black ship hurtling towards the earth and exploding into a ball of liquid orange and gold flames upon impact.]

    *The pace of the drum beats quicken, and the scenes flash by more quickly*

    [Flash ? a battered Tsavong Lah, raising his amphistaff above his head and slicing down through organic armour.]

    [Flash ? Han and Leia running through a smoky corridor with Ben Skywalker in their arms.]

    [Flash ? Nen Yim bowing before the Supreme Overlord.]

    [Flash ? a Yuuzhan Vong skip in the docking bay of a Star Destroyer, surrounded by a squadron of armed guards.]

    [Flash ? a blue finger traces lightly over the newly-joined skin on Ganner Rhysode?s mechanical hand.]

    [Flash ? Jacen Solo, gently cupping Tahiri?s chin in one hand as he wipes away a single tear.]

    *The drum beats to a stop, and there is silence for a split s>
  16. Katana_Geldar

    Katana_Geldar Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Mar 3, 2003
    (The voice over is quasi-cinematic, the sort you?d hear on a standard movie trailer)

    Shot of Coruscant during the day, traffic flowing

    Voice over: From the writer who gave you Darth Dad?

    Shot of Coco Town (near Dex?s Diner)

    Voice over:?the Jedi Padmé trilogy?

    Shot of a prison-looking building with the sign ?Coco Town Penitentiary?

    Voice over:?and The Chosen Apprentice.

    Shot of a dark skinned man in prison outfit being led out of a barred door.

    Voice over: A whole new trilogy?

    Shot of a dark skinned man in front of a counter while a guard goes through stuff in a metal box.

    Voice over:?and it?s hardboiled.

    Guard (voice over): Jali Dawler, occupation Coruscant Security Officer

    Shot of a Nautolean (Guren Trell)

    Guren: You know that no one will trust you.

    Shot of Jali at a café, smoking a cigarette
    Quick shots of a blonde woman (Tira Sengel)
    A mauve Twi?lek (Nami Kotour)
    A Devaronian (Balor Giderra)

    Balor: Jalis! Friends! Dawlers!

    Shot of Vos Gesal Street

    Voice over: After seven years in prison?

    Jali (voice over): I knew I had been set up?

    Shot of a bar

    Jali (voice over): ?those credits didn?t appear in my account by themselves.

    Shot of a Jali with a black haired guy (Tollan Antilles) at a table

    Voice over:?Jali tries to find the one who framed him.

    Extreme close-up of Tollan?s face

    Tollan: I think I have it? what you need to get clear.

    Shot of Jali examining Tollan?s dead body

    Jali (voice over): It wasn?t an accident

    Shot of Jali talking to a woman (Verda Menyan Antilles)

    Verda: You mean he was?murdered?

    Jali nods

    Voice over: Expect action?

    Shot of an explosion with Jali and Balor running away from it

    Voice over:?thrills?

    Shot of Jali on a speeder bike shooting down an airspeeder

    Voice over:?and perhaps a little corruption.

    Shot of a grumpy man in a Security Officer uniform (Captain Vantel)

    Vantel: Dawler, what in nine Corellian hells are you doing here?

    (As names are said, images of the characters are shown.

    Voice over: Jali Dawler, Tira Sengel, Verda Menyan Antilles, Balor Giderra, Guren Trell, Nami Kotour, Tollan Antilles, Captain Vantel?

    Shot of a Miralukan pointing a gun at Jali

    Voice over:?and Nuada Vekstar

    Nuada: I can take it from here.

    Fade to black then the words slam onto the screen as the voice over says them

    Voice over: The Seventh Star

    Text: Currently playing in Before the Saga
  17. SithGirl132

    SithGirl132 Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 6, 2005
    I have another trailer to post. This is fun!

    [i]A view of Coruscant at night, the lights on the planet shining like jewels.[/i]

    NARRATOR: It has been seven years since the Empress Jaina was brought down by a mysterious assasin. The New Republic has taken over, and the galaxy is supposedly at peace.

    [i]Camera flys over the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban.[/i]

    NARRATOR: Jacen Solo is now a fully trained Jedi Knight, under the guidance of Vergere. Little does he know that she is setting him up for disaster.

    [i]Fire consumes an abandoned temple on Korriban. In the center of the inferno, there is a funeral pyre. The body on it is Jaina's.[/i]

    JAINA'S VOICE: My Empire will rise again! I am the Dark Lady of the Sith. My brother, I wield power you could never imagine.

    [i]The eyes of Jaina's corpse are open and seem alive, the fire reflecting ominously.[/i]

    JAINA'S VOICE: I will continue my work from beyond the grave.

    [i]The flames grow in intensity, finally devouring the screen. Return to a fly-by of Korriban.[/i]

    JACEN'S VOICE: I'm still nervous about Jaina's death. It doesn't feel like she's gone for good.

    VERGERE'S VOICE: Yet you feel no guilt for knowing she was murdered.

    [i]("Battle of the Heroes" begins playing.)

    At the edge of a cliff on Korriban, Jacen and a mysterious Sith woman duel. They are perfectly matched in strength and skill, neither one gaining an advantage.[/i]

    SITH WOMAN: I am not yet dead. I am here to finish my Master's work, that was left unfinished at the time of her murder.

    JACEN: (turns away, extinguishes lightsaber) I will never let the Dark Side destroy me like it did my sister.

    SITH WOMAN: (tempting) But what if the Dark Side could help you rebuild the galaxy?

    JACEN: Everyone who tries to rebuild the galaxy in their own image just causes more pain.

    [i](Music ends.)

    The battle begins again. From a cliff above, Vergere looks down at the combatants.[/i]

    VERGERE: It's almost sad that he is not suitable for my purposes. But perhaps the son of Luke Skywalker himself will be...

    [i]Camera switches to the Jedi Temple, under construction on Coruscant.

    A shot of Luke and Mara Skywalker's apartment, in the Jedi Temple. Luke and Mara are sitting on the couch together, talking quietly.[/i]

    LUKE: Jacen was dangerously under the influence of the feathery little Jedi. I do not trust her.

    MARA: (to herself) The Dark Side is so strong in this family. If Ben can escape its grasp, then perhaps we can hope again.

    [i]On the floor, seven-year-old Ben looks up from his toys. He glances out the window...[/i]

    JAINA'S VOICE: Ben, you are so much stronger than your parents will allow you to be. Come join my side. Come find your cousin and his mentor. You will have everything you desire, and much more.

    [i]Ben shudders, looking terrified and tempted at the same time. Evil laughter is heard off-screen.

    Scene switches to a shadowy dream-battle: the mysterious Sith woman is sparring with a twelve-year-old girl. [Camaria, OC][/i]

    SITH WOMAN: You must fulfill your destiny with us.

    CAMARIA: (aside) If my destiny is to follow my visions of great power, so be it. But the great power always seems to come at great cost to everyone else.

    [i]Lightsabers cross, one red, one silver. The screen fades to black again.[/i]

    NARRATOR: Who will win in an epic battle of good and evil, in which Luke Skywalker and Jacen Solo fight for their lives and to preserve the Jedi Order? Will Jaina's dark legacy live on and overshadow another generation? Who is this mysterious Sith and why is she alive? And what are Vergere's motives? To whom does she owe loyalty? What lies in store for an unwary galaxy?

    Find out.

    [link=]Misguided Hope[/link], now playing on Beyond the Saga.

  18. HyperionRising

    HyperionRising Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 15, 2007
    [face_alien_1]A [link=]Saber Girls[/link] Production[face_alien_1]

    Written by HyperionRising

    Directed by Saber Girl Jaina

    The Shattered Galaxy

    Twenty-five years ago the Alliance to Restore the Republic, mere weeks after its great victory at Endor and its joint victory with the Bakuran Imperials, fell apart, following the assassination of Mon Mothma.

    Mon Mothma's body sits in a command chair, as if sleeping. The red of her blood contrasts sharply with her white robes.

    The heroes of the Rebellion fled its destruction. Some continued to fight.

    Wedge Antillies, looking tired and worn, climbs out of his X-Wing.

    Others ...

    Shot of Han, Leia, and Luke celebrating together after Endor.

    ... disappeared.

    The image fades to white.

    A new power, a New Empire rose.

    Ysanne Isard sitting on the Emperor's throne on Coruscant.

    But on the fringes, a degree of freedom survives.

    A teenage girl with with mid-length brown hair, wearing a crash helmet, a leather jacket and pants and a tight dark blue shirt heads a pack of swoop racers, grinning widely.

    Far from the center there is some remnant of hope lives on.

    Gaeriel Captison sits across at her desk, looking at Soontir Fel, who wears the uniform of the Bakuran Defense Fleet.

    On the Rim, life continues uninterupted.

    Gavin Darklighter works on a moisture vaporator. His wife Sera comes up behind him and puts a hand on his shoulder. He smiles at her.

    And in this shattered galaxy, something is stirring.

    A young man with dark hair stands watching the twin Tatooine suns set. A young blonde woman comes up behind him and he turns to her.

    A man with brown hair and brandy-brown eyes holds his hand over a deep wound in another man's arm. The first man closes his eyes, seemingly either concentrating deeply or letting go entirely, and the wound begins to heal.

    The girl from the speeder race, now a woman in her early twenties, sits at a bar, an Adumari blastsword strapped to her hip, nursing a glass of Juma Juice of the archaic alcoholic variety. A man with a square face and short black hair, his eyes obscured by a Bothan perception visor, sits down beside her and orders a beer.

    Something begins.

    The man is speaking to the woman now: ?I want you to get me into the Corellian system, then get me and four other individuals out.?

    A middle-aged man dressed as a CorSec agent runs his hands over a light saber.

    A different blonde woman than the one on Tatooine looks out a view port at what appears to be the skeleton of a Death Star. At her side are a tall redhead and a brown haired man, who's hand is entwined with the redhead's.

    Something returns.

    A silver lightsaber, ignited by a man's hand.


    A green lightsaber, spun by a man's hand.


    A blue lightsaber, held by a woman's hand, moves in a stabbing motion.


    The speeder woman, flanked by the healer and a woman with braided hair and scale armor, the square-faced man and the blue eyed young man, ignites a purple lightsaber held vertically in front of her body.
  19. Quigonjecca

    Quigonjecca Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 2, 2007
    Written by: Quigonjecca

    A soft, but haunting melody that reminds you of a lilting, desert scene begins.

    A shot of a teenage girl with dark hair is shown. She is stumbling across the Tatooine sand dunes. She fades out of the picture for a moment, only to reappear in a close up. The girl's face is streaked with tears, and she looks delerious.

    One girl...

    The music keeps playing Moya Brennen's 'Mothers of the Desert'. An eerie, yet almost angelic voice begins to sing.

    Where will we run...

    Can change the fate...

    The girl falls, and she lays unconcious on the desert floor.

    Of the galaxy

    Suddenly, the music picks up, and a harsh, but haunting choir starts up in the background. The picture fades to black.

    The girl is sitting by her mother's bedside. The orchestra kicks up.

    Mother: Don't let me stray! (she goes limp)

    Girl: Mother!


    The girl is stumbling from hut to hut. She looks around.

    Girl: Am I the only one left?


    Villagers sit around a cooking fire.

    Villager: It's the Mysterious Stranger! It has to be his fault!


    A shot of Palpatine is shown


    A shot of the girl, crying on her knees is shown. The desert winds are whipping in her hair.

    Girl: Why spare me?!

    All the music stops. The haunting female voice begins to sing again.

    Where will we run?

    A haunting, bell or chime is heard, as if carried across throught the wind.

    The orchestra and choir start up again

    Scenes flash:

    The girl, crying

    The girl watching others fall

    The village elders yelling at each other: "We can't just evacuate! We would expose everyone else!"

    The village healers shaking their head: "We don't know what this is!" Pointing to a delerious and dying man.

    The girl: Is there no cure?

    The girl falls onto the dunes

    A man with a whip is shouting. "Get over here or your gone!"

    Everything goes quiet and the screen goes black.

    Anakin: Goodnight mom!

    The orchestra performs one final hit

    Where will we run...

    Mothers of the Desert

    Rated PG

    Now playing:
  20. Jedi-Ant

    Jedi-Ant Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 3, 2007

    Sorry.. [face_blush]
  21. dancing_star

    dancing_star Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 24, 2007
    *strangely mysterious and somewhat dramatic male voice narrates*

    From the creator of fluffy, angsty, semi-humorous friendship fics....
    Comes yet another fluffy, angsty, semi-humorous friendship fic. :D
    Starring Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo....


    Soon after ROTJ, Luke Skwalker is traumatized following his interrogation, and it's up to Han and Leia to comfort him.

    [face_plain] Exciting :p

    But you must hurry! This fic won't be on the first page for long! [face_laugh]

    Rated G
    Now playing on the "Beyond the Saga" thread....

    Catch it here!
  22. Quigonjecca

    Quigonjecca Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 2, 2007
    Voice over: Now playing in the 'Saga' theater near you...

    The scene opens to Han and Leia and Luke walking down a white hallway in the Rebel base on Hoth. A New Hope plays in the back ground. The camera fades to show the faces of each of the characters up close and individualy.

    Han is determined; Leia is resolute; Luke is focused.

    Voice over: A story of friendship, mystery, suspense and...

    The music abruptly stops, and the camera zooms out again. Leia's datapad beeps, she pulls it out of her pocket.

    Han: (suddenly jumping at Leia) GIMME!

    Luke (Starts laughing helplessly)

    Voice over: Song parodies?

    The chorus for "Say this Sooner" by The Almost begins to play

    Voice over: This October...

    Tinny voice: You have mail!

    Leia: (laughing helplessly) Who's-- Who's writing these?

    Voice over: Someone...

    Luke: The Vadey Bunch? (Looks confused)

    Voice over: Is playing...

    Han: (Laughing) Princess, you've got a good sense of humor!

    Leia: It wasn't me!

    Voice over: The ultimate prank

    Han: We have to find out who is writing these parodies!

    Leia: (Looks around) Where's Luke?

    Luke: (Still laughing hopelessly, his face is beet red from lack of oxygen.)

    Han: (Rolls his eyes) C'mon Luke, it wasn't that funny!

    Voice over: "Bored Rebels"

    The music stops. Luke is still laughing, and is clearly not breathing. Han punches him in the stomach, which makes Luke inhale sharply.

    Luke: Thanks, I think...

    Han: No problem, any time!

    Voice over: Now playing. This story has been rated HG for helpless giggling

    Here's the link:
  23. star_writer24

    star_writer24 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 15, 2006
    Reconciled Trailer

    Now Playing?


    HAN (V.O.)
    This isn't a mission Luke. It's a Sacrifice.

    [Duel of the Fates begins to play?]


    [Two figures stand side by side looking out over dozens of blazing Jedi funeral pyres.]


    [MARA kneeling over a body, glares up at a dark haired man standing beside LUKE.]

    Who are you?

    [A shocked LUKE sits across a desk from an amused TALON KARRDE.]

    He's Force sensitive!

    Thinking about stealing away another ace associate Skywalker?


    [LUKE stares down a dark haired man.]

    Secrets are a dangerous thing.


    [The dark haired man rips a masque away from his face.]


    [ A distraught ANAKIN SOLO kneels before MARA. His light saber held out to her.]

    Forgive me.

    There is nothing to forgive.

    [X-Wings engaging skips.]

    Are you seeing this!


    [Scene: TAHIRI standing next to a viewport her forehead pressed against the transparisteel, her hand clutching at a something hanging from a chain around her neck.]


    TAHIRI (V.O)
    Who are you?

    No one of consequence.

    [A roaring rushing sounds builds in the background and as the scenes flash by the pace grows faster as the roar grows louder.]

    Flash-[Jacen standing in the command center of Star Destroyer, overseeing a space battle.]

    Flash- [Anakin dueling Vergere in a lab.]

    Flash- [Jaina in the cockpit of her X-Wing frantically looking over her shoulder.]

    Flash- [Tahiri lying in a hospital bed holding an infant.]

    Flash-[Jaina standing in a dark tunnel, light saber in hand, a look of shock upon on her face.]

    Flash- [Vergere in a cockpit as her fighter erupts into flames.]


    Vergere (V.O.)
    He is progressing.

    Lumiya (V.O)
    He will embrace the darkness.

    [Two large evil eyes slowly appear on the screen in the darkness.]

    [link=]Reconciled[/link] playing on the Beyond the Saga Forum

  24. Lightsaber123

    Lightsaber123 Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 31, 2007
    The Theme from the Beginning of every Harry Potter movie.
    Plays for 15 seconds.

    Harry Potter Logo

    Drowned out by Binary SunSet

    HP Logo replaced by

    STAR WARS logo

    Yuuzhan Vong A: We are here, Dread Lord. At last, the promised galaxy.

    YZ Coralskippers launch from Carrier Analog. They destroy all Satellites around Earth. Obliterating the helpless International Space Station.

    Yuuzhan Vong B: We have done what the heretic Shimmra and Quoreal could not.

    Hermione screaming: Harry!

    Shots of Yuuzhan Vong lands on the British Isles.

    Yuuzhan Vong C: This galaxy is not adequate. We must leave.

    Voldemort: AVADA KEDAVRA! The green light flashes toward someone suspiciously looking like Yun Yuuzhan.

    Albus Dumbledore: We must do what is right. We must drive back these scarheads. Mr. Malfoy here will be our liaison with Tom

    Yuuzhan Vong A: I present to you, Lord Xiyi, beloved of the Gods, our most perfect effort: A priestess of the Deception sect, Erl Miong

    A Bushy haired Yuuzhan Vong steps forward.

    "What is your will, Lord Xiyi?"

    Erl Miong steps forward in the front of a dozen YZ's toward a prostrate Harry Potter. Wand extended, she pokes him, and turns the body.

    "Hermione, Please."


    Is the Yuuzhan Vong back? Could it be? Is it some kind of Hallowmenoveen Joke? Gantoris Morlel will report from Dagobah. But first, Rachela with the Intergalactic Weather. Rachela?

  25. LordNyax113

    LordNyax113 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 11, 2007
    Coruscant, dawn

    A lone human male's voice plays

    They say that for the light to shine, there must be darkness...

    I disagree...the dark is all that exists permeates the air, echoes in our minds, blinds our eyes...and it now envelopes the galaxy...

    The Jedi are gone...for the most part...I am a Jedi...I wander, trying to find some way of preserving the last tangible elements of our way of life...

    To sit by idle, to do nothing to stop the oncoming futile...some of us wait, afraid, afraid of a Sith Lord slowly approaching, ready to strike...

    I am not one of these any longer...I will fight back...and I am not the only one...

    *Dual of Fates plays*

    *Two Jedi, a Chadra-Fan and a Bothan, are shown fighting clones*

    "Eliminate the traitors"

    *Bail Organa looks concerned, standing at Mon Mothma*

    "The ends do not justify the means!"

    *Thousands of protestors stand at the base of the Senate building, denouncing the Empire*

    "The Empire can remove us over our dead bodies!"

    "That had already been arranged," admonishes a lone male Jedi.

    *Darth Vader is shown murdering the above protestors*

    "WHAT! A Jedi! WHERE?!"

    *The lone male Jedi gets the drop on Vader, then is shown using Electric Judgement upon the Sith Lord*

    "I was lucky to get the drop on time our encounter shall perhaps be the end for me."

    *An Ithorian Jedi holds his lightsaber, preparing to face a masked enemy, wielding a violet blade*

    "Who are you?" he asks...

    *The music rises*

    *The four Jedi are seen aboard a Star Destroyer*

    "We will not allow the Empire to enslave the Ithorians! May the Force be with us all."

    *A series of scenes flashes in order on screen, including but not limited to, clones firing their longblasters, the Jedi attacking the Star Destroyer crew, and the male Jedi's red blade locked with Vader's8


    Now Playing in "The Saga"

    Darth Vader: "It is pointless to resist, Jedi"

    "We'll see about that"
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