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Fanfic trailers (add on)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by SiriGallia, Aug 2, 2001.

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  1. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    A beautiful world

    The camera zooms in on a little village and pans along a neatly paved road to two houses and a harbour

    A fisherman is readying his nets

    The camera zooms in on another part: the Jedi enclave

    Two men are donning their wetsuits and readying their boat

    Clone troopers are readying two other boats

    Now playing on the Saga

    [link=]the old man and the sea[/link]

  2. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    A James Bond like theme is playing

    The camera zooms in on a woman with a medical robe draped acros her body and centers on her neck where a small pinprick of blood can be seen.

    A seedy bar in a seedy district of Devara and a man can be seen entering the bar
    Two blasters are strapped to his side. He looks into the camera and two sharp piercing brown almost black eyes can be seen in a friendly face and iron-grey hair surrounds it.

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    [link=]The name is Bhik, Magin Bhik[/link]
  3. Broken_Circle

    Broken_Circle Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 24, 2007

    Xanatos DelThani should never have turned.

    A bloody battlefield. A slow-motion pan as two lightsabers hum in the background; we hear Qui-Gon's voice raised in anguish.

    "Xanatos - I had no choice! Xanatos!"

    Still in slow motion, we see Yoda in his meditation chambers; we can see his ears droop in defeat even as we hear the first sounds of battle. Then, suddenly, they stop; a blue lightsaber drops slowly from nerveless fingers and we hear Xanatos's voice for the first time, a horrified whisper.

    X:"What have I done?"

    Yoda's eyes snap open; time speeds up.

    Voice-over: In a world where Xanatos made the right choice

    We see Xanatos in Jedi robes, kneeling to be Knighted

    History as we know it

    Xanatos strides forward to stand next to Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan in the Council Chamber.

    X:"I will take Anakin as my Padawan learner." We can see Obi-Wan's shocked face behind him.

    Will change forever

    As the Darkness rises

    Anakin and Xanatos are in Chancellor Palpatine's office.

    X:"Come along, Anakin, the Chancellor is a busy man." Xanatos shoots Palpatine a suspicious look as they turn to leave.

    Can one man's choices

    Xanatos paces restlessly in front of a window.

    Change the destiny of a galaxy?

    Xanatos, Anakin, and Obi-Wan flash across the screen.

    Find out

    Coming soon to a forum near you!
  4. SithGirl132

    SithGirl132 Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 6, 2005
    A temple on Ziost. Sitting in the shadows, looking very peaceful, is Vergere.

    VERGERE: Welcome, visitor. Like everyone else, you come here seeking my tales. I know all, so they say. You wish to know of Jaina and Jacen Solo?

    The voxyn-cloning lab on Myrkr.

    VERGERE (V.O.): Jacen Solo was taken to be a Yuuzhan Vong warrior. If it had not been for Jaina, he would have succeeded. Jaina Solo descended into madness and dark power, and had it not been for Jacen, she would have become a Sith and succeeded ni ruling the galaxy.

    A massive yorik coral arena, filled with Yuuzhan Vong. In the center shines a blood-red and sapphire-blue pair of lightsabers, dueling fiercely.

    Zoom in. The combatants are Jaina and Jacen. He is wearing vonduun crab armor and has an amphistaff wrapped around one hand. Her eyes glow red, and she is obviously in the grip of the Dark Side.

    The duel heightens, and Jacen begins using a combination of lightsaber and amphistaff. In response, Jaina ignites a lightwhip as well...

    She overpowers Jacen, killing the amphistaff and knocking the lightsaber out of his hands.

    JAINA: (holding lightsaber to Jacen's throat) Be grateful I spared you. Though if I succeed as planned, there will be many who wish I hadn?t.

    VERGERE: (V.O.) Jaina fell through her insanity and made it into true Dark power. Jacen could have done so much more if he had just listened to me...

    Jaina and Jacen in a lightsaber battle again. Finally, Jacen is backed into a corner...

    JACEN: (extinguishes lightsaber) Fighting darkness with darkness is wrong to me and will never achieve anything. The only thing that can ever bring down darkness is the light. I?m sorry for what happened to you, and I will always love the part of you that is still my sister Jaina, but I will fight you until you either turn or die.

    JAINA: So be it...

    Fade to black.

    Return to the temple in Ziost. Vergere is holding a lightsaber in her lap, an exact match for the one Jaina was holding in that last duel with Jacen.

    VERGERE: (looks straight at camera) Now you see, dear friend, what awaits you in my tale. Are you still curious? (pause) Then come join me, in [link=]Lightsaber and Amphistaff.[/link]

    She ignites the lightsaber, and it glows in an eerie blood-red. Then Vergere stands and smiles.

    VERGERE: (con'td) But be forewarned, everything I tell you is a lie...
  5. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    A wreck of a republic cruiser
    the camera zooms in to a huge skull and pans away to a shuttle being loaded with wounded clone troopers

    Obi-Wan is carrying a body

    It is Asajj Ventress and she appears dead.

    Now playing on the Saga board

    [link=]Boz Pity aftermath[/link]

  6. DarthJainaSolo

    DarthJainaSolo Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 8, 2007
    (Note: I barely have anything in this fic planned other than a few supporting details. I thought it would be fun to make a trailer anyway.)

    Coming January 1st?

    [SCENE: In a bedroom. TAHIRI VEILA is sitting at a desk, in front of a window with the sun shining on her face. She is writing intently in a her datapad.]

    TAHIRI (V.O.)
    Your father came home today. I still haven?t told him. I?m waiting for the right moment.

    [ANAKIN SOLO appears in the doorway of the bedroom, leaning up against the frame and smiling.]

    What are you writing?

    [TAHIRI turns around in her seat.]

    I?m keeping a journal now. Didn?t I tell you?

    Can I read it?

    [TAHIRI laughs.]

    [SCENE: Night. TAHIRI and ANAKIN are in bed. ANAKIN is asleep, while TAHIRI gets up and walks over to her desk and again starts writing.]

    TAHIRI (V.O.)
    I?m going to be honest with you: I?m terrified.

    [She looks back over at ANAKIN, sleeping soundly, and sighs.]

    [SCENE: Day. ANAKIN and TAHIRI are enjoying a picnic in the meadow.]

    Anakin?I?m pregnant.

    [Close-up of ANAKIN. There is a mix of shock nad terror, which fades into ultimate joy as he smiles and starts laughing.]

    [They kiss.]

    ANAKIN (V.O.)
    I am so happy right now.

    [SCENE: Solo family dinner. JACEN SOLO is there with TENEL KA, JAINA SOLO is there, as well as HAN and LEIA SOLO and ANAKIN and TAHIRI.]




    [Close-up of JACEN, who gives ANAKIN a knowing look.]

    [SCENE: A galactic toy store. A clerk makes small talk with ANAKIN and TAHIRI.]

    Boy or girl?


    (at the same time)

    [They look at each other.]

    (to the clerk)
    We have a bet going on?

    It?s a girl.

    [SCENE: Tahiri is sitting outside on a porch, writing. The sun is out and she is very pregnant by this time.]

    TAHIRI (V.O.)
    They say that any day now, you?ll be making an appearance.

    [She holds a stuffed bantha cub to her stomach.]

    TAHIRI (V.O.)
    He?s waiting for you when you feel like joining our world.

    [SCENE: A kitchen. ANAKIN and TAHIRI are doing dishes together.]

    I?m jealous.

    Of our child?

    No, of you. I feel like you?ve had months with him ?


    And I?m just a stranger.

    (shaking her head)
    Trust me, you aren?t a stranger to her.


    [SCENE: Delivery room. TAHIRI is smiling from her bed, with ANAKIN beside her, holding their newborn child. ANAKIN kisses the baby?s forehead.]

    [SCENE: Dark hallway. Late at night. TAHIRI is sitting down, leaning against the wall, with the datapad in her lap. Her head is rested back.]

    TAHIRI (V.O.)
    Some people have said that the hardest choice is between love and duty.

    [SCENE: A wedding reception. ANAKIN and TAHIRI are dancing together ? ANAKIN in a tuxedo and TAHIRI in a short, slim fitting, red dress.]

    TAHIRI (V.O.)
    They haven?t figured out that they?re the same.

    [They kiss.]

    [link=]Stuffed Bantha Cubs[/link]

    Written for the 2008 Dear Diary Challenge
  7. ardavenport

    ardavenport Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 16, 2004
    Hmmmmm, I've never tried out this trailer thing. I was wondering, is it just for upcoming or current fics? Or can it be for ones that are already done? Or even done and locked?
  8. DarthJainaSolo

    DarthJainaSolo Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 8, 2007
    I'm pretty sure that it can be for any of your fics that you want. If I'm wrong, someone may correct me.

    Coming Soon?

    [SCENE: A girl of about seventeen, with straight auburn pulled back in a loose ponytail and wearing nurse?s scrubs, enters a building, looking nervous. This is MORGANA TAINER, as she begins our story.]

    [SCENE: In what looks like a medic?s office. MORGANA is cleansing a young man?s shoulder wound with bacta. The man groans.]

    An everyday woman?

    [SCENE: Indoors, a living room with MORGANA and her parents.]

    I want to become a nurse. I want to help people.

    That?s all well and good?but first you have to help yourself.

    Struggles to follow her dream.

    [SCENE: A medcenter/hospital hiring office. A recruiter meets with MORGANA.]

    I?m sorry. We can?t afford to hire any new workers right now.

    [SCENE: MORGANA is walking outside of the recruiting office and sighs at the bottom of the stairs.]

    MORGANA (V.O.)
    There?s one more option.

    [SCENE: The same from the beginning, only from MORGANA?S point of view. She is about the enter the Telos Military Academy.]

    [SCENE: MORGANA is talking to an Academy recruiter.]

    You?ve got good test scores.
    (MORGANA looks at him hopefully.)
    You?ll work for Doctor Koresh.

    [SCENE: The doctor?s office. DOCTOR KORESH is showing MORGANA the ropes.]

    The bacta patches are in the top cabinet, kolto in the bottom. Gauze, bandages, and cotton material are in the drawers.

    MORGANA (V.O.)
    I can work my way up from here.

    She never expected?

    [SCENE: The doctor?s office at the Academy. MORGANA turns around to see a student ? CARTH ONASI ? walking in, holding his elbow.]


    [MORGANA smiles at him.]

    To fall in love.

    [SCENE: MORGANA is wrapping Carth?s elbow, as he grimaces and groans.]

    I can?t do anything to stop the pain.

    Well, you can go out with me.

    [MORGANA pauses and looks up at him.]

    That was a poor attempt at a joke.


    [MORGANA continues her work.]

    I wouldn?t say no to dinner, though.

    [SCENE: Some fancy restaurant with a ballroom floor. CARTH and MORGANA dance together.]

    MORGANA (V.O.)
    It?s been six months?I can?t believe how much I?ve fallen for him.

    [SCENE: Kitchen table. MORGANA is with her parents.]

    Who is this boy, anyway?

    [MORGANA smirks.]

    [SCENE: CARTH is taking an oath as he graduates from the Academy.]

    [SCENE: CARTH and MORGANA are standing upon a hill, looking at the city from afar.]

    What?s next?

    I?m joining the Telos Security Force.

    Good for you.

    What about you?

    [SCENE: MORGANA treating a student?s wounds.]

    MORGANA (V.O.)
    I?m the chief medic now at the Academy.

    [SCENE: Night. CARTH and MORGANA are sitting on a park bench. He?s got his arm around her.]

    Marry me.

    [SCENE: Same scene of the park bench, only from afar this time. They kiss.]

    [SCENE: Wedding day. CARTH and MORGANA share their first kiss as husband and wife.]

    [SCENE: MORGANA walks down a street with three other women. They are laughing together.]

    My life is too perfect right now.

    WOMAN #1
    Enjoy it, don?t question it.

    [SCENE: A doctor?s office ? only this time MORGANA is the patient, not the medic.]

    You?re pregnant.

    [SCENE: Indoors. Carth and Morgana?s home. MORGANA is visibly pregnant.]

    They want me to join the Republic Navy.

    Carth, that?s wonderful.

    Is it?

    [She puts her arms around his shoulders.]

    You?ve always dreamed of serving the Republic. Here?s your chance.

    [They kiss.]

    [SCENE: Hospital room. CARTH holds a baby DUSTIL.]

    [SCENE: Military base. CARTH salutes his commanding officer.]

    [SCENE: Home. MORGANA watches as CARTH plays with a toddler DUSTIL.]

    MORGANA (V.O.)
    I can?t believe how happy I am.

    [Close-up of MORGANA, who is smiling. The rest of the scene goes quiet.]

    MORGANA (V.O.)
    Is it too good
  9. yodas_waiter

    yodas_waiter Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 31, 2006
    20th Century Fox Logo


    LucasFilm logo


    Hector Viralte [V.O]: Something is happening to me Al and I can't understand it. I have these bad dreams, visions almost...

    (flashes of Coruscant burning, an individual in dark Sith armour standing at the top of a skyscraper)


    Hector [V.O]:...I can see things before they happen...


    Hector Viralte (in stormtrooper armour): Get down!

    (pulls down another stormtrooper as blaster fire erupts in front of them)


    Hector Viralte: Look out!

    (Hector pulls back a woman leaning on a balcony railing as it breaks off)

    Man: How did you do that?


    Hector [V.O]:...I, and this is where it gets really strange, I can manipulate objects...


    (Hector is standing in the middle a living room with multiple objects floating around him. He has a look of awe on his face)

    Hector Viralte [V.O]:...but not only objects, Al...I can manipulate peoples minds!


    (A woman, Belle, walks into the living room unannounced as Hector is watching the objects floating around him)

    Belle: Hector! What is going on!?

    Hector (Hector is startled and is waving his hands fervently in front of him as the objects are dropping out of the air): Belle! You didn't see anything!

    Belle (in a monotone voice): I didn't see anything.

    Hector: What?

    Belle: What?


    Hector Viralte [V.O]: What is happening to me?

    Al [V.O]: Now, I'm just a protocol droid but it seems to me that you are displaying the characteristics of Force Sensitivity. You've got Force Powers, like the Jedi of the Old Republic.

    Hector Viralte [V.O]: What should I do with these powers? It's impossible to hide them!


    Al [V.O]: Use them responsibly


    (a cloaked figure lands in the shadow, wearing a Sith armour painted black)

    Rodian Thug: Who's that?!

    Nikto Thug: Some kind of Imperial enforcer, but he's alone. Get him!

    (the cloaked figure stretches out his hands and the thugs fly into the air and bang heavily into the wall)

    [screen fades to black]

    [a title emerges through the haze]


    Coming Soon to the Saga Forum

  10. Broken_Circle

    Broken_Circle Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 24, 2007
    Text: Padawan Xanatos DelThani had nearly finished his apprentice-ship.

    Qui-Gon: (Standing with his hand on Xanatos?s shoulder before the Council) ?I nominate my Padawan to undergo the Trials.

    Text: The stage was set; one last mission would see him Knighted?

    Qui-Gon and Xanatos are seen leaving the Temple on a Corellian freighter.

    Qui-Gon: ?We are heading toward Telos.? Xanatos?s slightly surprised face?

    Text: Or would it?

    We hear the roar of Togorians and see the wreckage of the inside of the freighter. There are cables hanging loose and sparks; the ship is dark. And lying in a pool is Xanatos?s lightsaber, still ignited, significantly missing its owner. Qui-Gon kneels down to pick it up; we see his shocked, numb expression and then hear a whispered ?No.?

    V.O. Ten years after Xanatos disappeared, Qui-Gon Jinn?s past will return to haunt him.

    We see Xanatos, his eyes a deadly shade of ice blue, focused as he advances with vibroshiv in hand. Qui-Gon?s shock can be seen, as well as Obi-Wan?s determined face behind him.

    Qui-Gon: ?Xanatos!? Xanatos does not appear to hear him and advances, a snarl on his lips.

    Text: When all is not as it seems?

    Xanatos?s face again, this time seemingly bewildered.

    Xanatos: ?Master??

    A shot of Xanatos receiving his lightsaber back; he seems shocked somehow.

    Text: Will the mistakes of the past shape the course of the future?

    Image flashes: Xanatos fighting alongside Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. Xanatos, looking both sad and weary. Yoda frowning.

    X: (Lightsaber in hand, trembling with rage) ?This scum made me what I am!?

    Q: ?Xanatos, no!?

    [link=]Now playing![/link]
  11. Quigonjecca

    Quigonjecca Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 2, 2007
    A light, tinkling melody, intermingled with a more melecholy tone starts playing (Think "The Birth of the Twins" from the ROTS sountrack)

    A young, female voice starts speaking: VO: I'm Krishna

    A shot of a pale-skinned, black haired baby is shown

    VO: I'm not your average Jedi...

    A shot of a girl with raging eyes, matte, charcoal hair and pale, pasty skin.

    In fact, some people say I'm not a Jedi at all.

    The choir picks (Duel of the Fates).

    Scenes flash by:

    Krishna and Xanatos talking

    Krishna asking "Are you sure you want to do this?" trying to hide an evil grin.

    The two padawans are dueling with real lightsabers.

    Xanatos towering over Krishna with an ignited blade

    Qui-Gon Jinn running in the room "NO! XANATOS NO!"

    Xanatos running the blade through Krishna's neck.

    Everything goes black.

    A shot of Qui-Gon Jinn kneeling beside the girl. "You've killed her."


    "Master Jinn?" Krishna wakes up-- with a nasty, black scar on her neck.

    Xanatos looking stunned. "Krishna... you're not dead!"


    I've touched the Dark Side...

    A shot of an older, angrier Krishna, hurling something through the air with eyes ablaze.

    ...and I am not ashamed


    VO: I'm Obi-Wan!

    VO (Krishna): Hello Obi-Wan-- My name is Krishna Skywalker.


    [link=]Dark Child[/link]: Now playing at a Saga Board near you
  12. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    A cheerful tune plays

    Coruscant, the Jeditemple, one of the hangars

    An old very hairy man with rubber boots and stained tunics is readying a transport

    A crèchemaster guides a three year old boy towards him.

    Marc Tilliani was a dark haired 3 year old human with intense brown eyes.
    Master Ekiway smiled and thought ?Marc had been chosen to accompany me on the trip with master Rian. I have drawn his piece of paper when we were naming the Nerf.? He said ?nice to see you Marc. I have heard about your improvement with your swimming lessons.?

    Coruscant Coco-town
    Dex's Diner is preparing for another day and a cheerful looking Dex puts down his comlink.

    A farmhouse is beautifully situated at the foot of the large mountainrange. Large fields of grass and grains surround it and Nerfs, Meari?s and Husans are grazing in the meadows.

    It is a Jedi agristation

    Now playing: [link=]They are animals[/link]
  13. TheOnlyJediPrincess

    TheOnlyJediPrincess Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 11, 2006
    [Black screen]

    LUKE V.O.
    There are a lot of things about my own daughter that are a mystery to me.

    [SCENE: lights come up and a young woman is standing on a stage in a cantina on Tattooine. She smiles and takes a bow.]

    [SCENE: Jacen enters the cantina in a hurry and sees the girl on the stage]

    JACEN V.O.
    I was also wondering, why you sent her away?

    [SCENE: Jacen can?t take his eyes off the girl as he makes his way to his seat]

    LUKE V.O.
    I was trying to protect her.

    [SCENE: The girl walks up to Jacen who is sitting at an empty bar waiting]

    LUKE V.O.
    You see, Sara is very unique. The power she possesses I have never seen in one Jedi before.

    [Scene: Sara and Jacen are in the kitchen of a Tattooine hut she lives in. Sara is standing playing with a glass of water and Jacen sitting at the table watching her in fascination]

    ?You?re a Jedi aren?t you??

    ?Yea. How did you know??

    ?I just do.?

    ?You can feel the Force, can?t you??

    [ Sara nodded her head yes.]

    ?So can your son.?

    [Sara looks Jacen strait in the eyes.]

    ?You leave my son alone.?

    [SCENE: Jacen is pulling Sara into his arms, both of them smiling at each other lovingly]

    ?There is something that I?ve wanted to do since I saw you?

    ?What?s that??

    [Jacen slowly leaned in and kissed her on the lips deeply]

    [SCENE: A little boy runs out of a detention cell and down the hall of a into Sara?s arms. She looks up from her son to find that Luke Skywalker is standing in front of her in disbelief.]

    [SCENE: Sara slowly walked up to him. She wraps her arms around his neck and hugs him tightly.]


    [SCENE: Jacen and Sara are at a computer terminal. Jacen is scrolling through the screens and Sara is playing with the wires to the computer.]

    ?So that?s your dad? Why didn?t you tell me who he was??

    ?It?s not something I like to advertise and I was supposed to be in hiding.?

    ?What about us? He is my Uncle.?

    ?It?s not like I have his blood in me. He took me in when I had no one.?

    [Black out]

    LUKE V.O.
    The Jedi are in grave danger. The Yuuzhan Vong has created a creature designed to hunt and kill Jedi.

    [SCENE: light comes up as Jacen stands up from his chair in front of a room of fellow Jedi to make an announcement]

    ?I know that I do not agree with the mission, but as Anakin?s brother I feel I should be the first to volunteer for it?

    [SCENE: At the space port, Luke stands with his arms around Mara and Sara who are watching Sara?s son Obi-Wan and Ben boarding a ship with other children.]

    SARA V.O.
    Why do I have to loose both my boys in one day?

    [SCENE: Sara slowly walks in to her Tattooine hut to find Books on the floor, chairs broken the table tipped upside down, there were markings on the wall that looked like blaster shots.]

    There is a disturbance in the force. This disturbance might give us the chance we need to obtain the child.

    [SCENE: Out side the Falcon on Hapes A distraught Sara is struggling to pull away from her fathers grasp]

    ?No, I want to see him!?

    [SCENE: in a temple on Korriban, Darth Themus sits up strait in his throne in anger.]

    ?Where is the key??

    [SCENE: Jacen sitting on the ground in the ruins of the old Jedi Temple looking up at man dressed in rages who has a mischievous look in his eye]

    ?What do you want from me??

    [SCENE: Sara slowly gets up out of bed and walks to her son?s room and finds that he is not there.]

    The Key

    JACEN V.O.
    If you touch Sara or Obi-wan again, you will have to deal with me.

    [SCENE: at the space port Jacen is standing face to face with Kyp. The two men are glaring at each other]

    ?Don?t make threats Solo. Your Uncle wouldn?t like it.?

    [SCENE: Sara storms into her bed room with a determined look, followed by her father]

    ?Sara, what are you doing??

    [He stops her at the doorway]

    ?I?m going to get my son back.?
  14. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron, the longest-running, legendary JC fanfic is returning for new readers this February 25, 2008. Catch all of the action and drama from the beginning!
  15. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron, the longest-running, legendary JC fanfic is returning for new readers this February 25, 2008. Catch all of the action and drama from the beginning!
  16. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron, the longest-running, legendary JC fanfic is returning for new readers this February 25, 2008. Catch all of the action and drama from the beginning!
  17. Lightsaber123

    Lightsaber123 Jedi Master star 3

    Aug 31, 2007

    a Lightsaber123 Film.

    a Darth Mu production

    Dianjian brother studios.


    <V.O. by Warren Beaty>

    Do I behave like a Sith? You know, I bet I could grill a nerfburger on your chest right now, if I wanted to. You know, Pikros, I'd like to believe that you're aware enough even now to know that there's nothing Sithly in my actions. Well, maybe towards those other... jokers, but not you. No Pikros, at this moment, this is me at my most...

    Positions the lightsaber

    <Warren Beaty's Voice>: "Compassionate"

    Pikros, dubbed by Uma Thurman: "Ben... It's your baby"


    Black screen with Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang" plays, sans second verse

    KILL BEN Vol 1.


    Pikros: [drags Mu the orderly's head between a hospital door, and screams] WHERE'S BEN!
    Mu: Ugh!
    Pikros: WHERE'S BEN!
    Mu: Ugh!
    Mu: Please... stop... hitting me...
    Pikros: WHERE'S BEN!
    Mu: Ugh!
    Mu: I... I don't know who BEN is!
    Pikros: Murglakpoodoo!
    Pikros: [then she notices the tattoos of "MU" on one hand, and "KARK" on another, then starts to remember the orderly standing by her bed]
    Mu: [flashback] Well ain'cha the slice of cutie pie they said you were... Janes Doe... They don't know kriff about you! Well, I'm from Nar Shadar Hutt Space, My name is MU, and I'm here to kark... Hahahahahahaha...
    Pikros: [gently] Your name is "Mu"... right?
    Mu: [Mu gulps]
    Pikros: [getting angrier and angrier] ... and you came here to "kark", RIGHT?
    [prepares for one last mighty slam]
    Mu: [screaming] WAIT A MINUTE!
    [with one mighty slam, The Bride kills Mu the orderly]
    Pikros: [scrambles through Mu's corpse and finds a datachip] Love Commander... You KARKER!
    [one last slam]


    Pikros: [in Huttese] Jysella Horn! You and I have unfinished business!


    Pikros: [voiceover narration] As I lay in the galley of Mu's yacht, trying to will my limbs out of entropy, I could see the faces of the kruzies that did this to me and the Rom responsible. Members all of Ben's brainchild - the Grand Council of the New Jedi Order. When fortune smiles on something as violent and ugly as revenge, it seems proof like no other, that Force is conscious, and not only does It sees through you, you're doing Its will.


    Seha Dorvald by Daryl Hannah: Hello, Ben.
    Ben: What's her condition?
    Seha Dorvald: Comatose.
    Ben: Where is she?
    Seha Dorvald: I'm standing over her right now.
    Ben: That's my girl. Seha, you're gonna have to abort the mission.
    Seha Dorvald: WHAT?
    Ben: We owe her better than that.
    Ben: Will you keep your voice down?
    Seha Dorvald: [whispering] You don't owe her CHUTA!
    Ben: May I say one thing?
    Seha Dorvald: Speak
    Ben: Y'all beat the hell out of that woman, but you didn't kill her. And I put a whole in her head, but her heart just kept on beatin'. Now, you saw that yourself with your own beautiful blue eye, did you not? We've done a lot of things to this lady. And if she ever wakes up, we'll do a whole lot more. But one thing we won't do is sneak into her room in the night like a filthy rat and kill her in her sleep. And the reason we won't do that thing is because... that thing would lower us. Don't you agree, Miss Dorvald?
    Seha Dorvald: I guess.
    Ben: Do you really have to guess?
    Seha Dorvald: [sighs] No. I don't really have to guess. I know.
    Ben: Come on home, honey.
    Seha Dorvald: Affirmative.
    Ben: I love you very much.
    Seha Dorvald: I love you too. bye bye.



    Based on Character The Shaped Jeedai by
    L and M.

    In theaters everywhere in the BytS by 2010.

  18. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron, the longest-running, legendary JC fanfic is returning for new readers this February 25, 2008. Catch all of the action and drama from the beginning!
  19. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    a red glowing piece

    the camera zooms in on a black clad Jedimaster.
    A leather band encircles his head. He is sightless and he smiles.

    He is Jerec and his padawan Ameesa Darys have retrieved some Sith artifacts.

    A chancellor is smiling wickedly.

    A dark theme is playing

    Now on the saga

    [link=]Lure of the holocron[/link]
  20. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron, the longest-running, legendary JC fanfic is returning for new readers this February 25, 2008. Catch all of the action and drama from the beginning!
  21. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron, the longest-running, legendary JC fanfic is returning for new readers this February 25, 2008. Catch all of the action and drama from the beginning!
  22. Ultima_1

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    May 16, 2001
    Trailer 1
    Fade to two figures in space suits watching the Myrkr strike team.
    Caedus [VO]: I can take you back to any point in Anakin?s life, Tahiri.

    Tahiri is standing face to face with Han and Leia in a hangar bay.
    Tahiri: Anakin would want me to support Jacen.

    Leia: Anakin?
    Leia pulls free from Han and moves towards Tahiri, who pulls her lightsaber.

    Fade to Tahiri wearing a Galactic Alliance Guard uniform and looking in a mirror.
    Leia [VO]: What is there to discuss? She sided with Jacen.

    Tenel Ka [VO]: I felt Tahiri?s reaction through the Force It didn?t feel like sadness. It was more like obsession.
    The camera focuses on a younger Jaina and Anakin, who then disappear. It pans over to Tahiri stumbling against a wall.

    Cut to Tahiri and GAG soldiers fighting against a group of Confederation soldiers in a ship?s corridor.
    Caedus [VO]: She isn?t suitable to be my apprentice, but she does have her uses.

    Cut to Tahiri face to face with Lando.
    Tahiri: If Tendrando Arms breaks its contract with the Galactic Alliance, I will be back to arrest you for treason.
    Lando: Tahiri, I can?t believe that you would threaten me.

    Cut to Tahiri dueling Lowbacca in the halls of the Fountain Palace.

    Cut to Tahiri and Caedus standing face to face.
    Caedus: If you betray me, you will never see Anakin again.

    Fade to black
    Legacy of the Force: Endgame coming soon to Beyond the Saga

    Trailer 2
    Fade to Caedus talking to a holocron gatekeeper.
    Caedus: What can you tell me about battle meditation?

    Cut to the Sith Meditation Sphere landing amid ruins

    Cut to Jaina talking to Jag in the lounge of the Falcon.
    Jaina: I understand what it means to be the Sword of the Jedi. I?m going to have to be the one to take Jacen down.

    Cut to the Falcon being pursued by a pair of X-wings.

    Cut to Luke and Ben in a small bedroom. Luke opens a case and removes a lightsaber.
    Luke: Both your mother and I have used this lightsaber. I think it?s time for you to have it.
    Ben takes the lightsaber and holds it for a moment.
    Ben: I don?t deserve this, Dad. Not after what I?ve done.

    Cut to Caedus deflecting blaster shots being fired by Bothans. Out of nowhere, a pair of shots from offscreen hit one of the Bothans.

    Cut to Leia and Han sitting with Allana in her bedroom

    Cut to Caedus talking with Admiral Niathal.
    Caedus: She forgets that I am the Galactic Alliance.
    Niathal: Don?t you mean that we are the Galactic Alliance?

    Cut to Mon Calamari star cruisers exchanging fire with Battle Dragons.
    Leia [VO]: Jacen is using battle meditation against us.

    Cut to Caedus and Jaina staring each other down.
    Caedus: You don?t have the power to defeat me, Jaina.
    Jaina ignites her lightsaber.
    Jaina: We?ll just have to see about that, won?t we, Jacen.

    Cut to two squadrons of X-wings fighting each other
    Syal [VO]: Jedi? Sith? Sometimes it?s hard for those of us caught in the middle to see the difference.

    Fade to black
    Legacy of the Force: Endgame coming soon to Beyond the Saga
  23. Anakin_Heartbreaker

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    Sep 24, 2004
    Teaser One

    The Twi?Lek gasped and reflexively clasped the merciless chain around her slender neck in an effort to break free, but the resistance only annoyed the gigantic slug. He pulled on it again forcing the beautiful and terrified slave to collapse to her knees, and plead for her freedom. The callous laughs of the spectators echoed amongst the boisterous music, as the lavender skinned beauty?s eyes were partially obscured by the powerful beams of light that penetrated the otherwise dark chamber.

    Almost suddenly, she felt the relentless tugging of the chain stop. The Twi?lek bravely looked up through the strong beams of white light, and noticed a seemingly indestructible hand holding the metallic shackle in its grip. The crowd was silent, and even the vivacious orchestra had stopped playing.

    The invincible and daunting grip belonged to the domineeringly silhouette of Anakin Skywalker. His roguishly golden tousled hair fell across his lean face, masking his formidable blue eyes from the bewildered and outraged audience, whilst he stared passively at the celestial light reflecting off the durasteel floor. Jabba scornfully pulled on the chain, but the unwavering figure standing before him refused to yield.

    A wry smile manifested on Skywalker?s lean face, as he noticed from the corner of his eyes, that he was gradually getting surrounded by Jabba?s affiliates.

    ?When I take on a new Mark, I don?t intend to be distracted by other scum.? Skywalker said. ?But since everyone here is responsible for the pain that ravaged my home, my family?nobody is going to get out alive.?

    Jabba gasped with the terrifying realization as to who was standing before him.

    ?The Hitman???

    ?Isn?t it?? Anakin replied.

    From the Undisputed Master of Action

    Anakin Skywalker?.

    The Hitman

    Don?t Hunt What You Can?t Kill

    Now playing on the Saga Boards.
  24. Sticks

    Sticks Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 27, 2001
    Oh my, it's been a long time since I did one of these...


    Fic: Mine, coming in March.

    The Fugitive Queen

    Ext. shot of a broad plain at sunrise, long grass waving gently in a breeze. A narrow track crosses the plain, and presently a procession of streamlined silver maglev cars travel down this rail and off toward the horizon.

    WILEM GERRAD: (offscreen) Tell me about Aleria.

    Int. shot of a maglev car. A beautiful young woman, MIRAN MONTAIGNE, smiles at Wilem. They sit side by side, their backs against the wall of the car.

    MIRAN: It's complicated.

    Int. shot of a cramped attic, at night. Wilem and CEDRON ORGANA face Miran and HAELON ESLER.

    CEDRON: You have our sympathies for the loss of your parents.

    Ext. shot of a city street, at night. Six heavily armed men surround Wilem, Miran, Haelon, and Cedron, pointing high-powered glowlamps at them.

    MAN: Your dynasty is at an end.

    FLASH TO: The same street, a moment later--Cedron has ignited his lightsaber and is fighting three of the men as Wilem, Miran, and Haelon flee.

    WILEM: We have to go back!

    HAELON: Don't be a fool.

    Int. shot of the maglev car again. Wilem shuts his eyes tightly.

    WILEM: I don't know if I can do this on my own.

    MIRAN: He has taught you well.

    Int. shot of an abandoned cottage, at night. Wilem kisses Miran. She blinks in surprise, then slaps him. Blushing, Wilem turns away to find Haelon glaring at him. Haelon slaps him, too, clearly challenging him to a duel. Wilem reaches into his tunic and removes his lightsaber.

    WILEM: (smirking) Don't be a fool.

    Montage with dramatic music - Wilem faces Miran in a large domed chamber; Haelon fires a holdout blaster at the attackers in the city street; Wilem places his hand on a man in the maglev car who is obviously very ill; Haelon and Miran emerge from a tiny hiding place; Miran reaches out to Wilem and kisses him passionately; an aged man in the same large chamber lowers a crown onto Miran's head. CUT TO: Int. shot of the grand chamber--Wilem gazes in obvious admiration at Miran.

    ANNOUNCER: James McAvoy.

    Int. shot of the cramped attic, at night. Cedron bows to Miran and Haelon.

    ANNOUNCER: Jude Law.

    Int. shot of the maglev car, at night. Haelon stares intently at something on the other end of the car.

    ANNOUNCER: Lucas Grabeel.

    Ext. shot of the deck of a large skiff, floating above an ocean. Miran leans on the rail and turns to smile at someone offscreen.

    ANNOUNCER: And Ellen Page.

    Int. shot of the grand chamber. Miran, now several years older, sits on a throne facing Wilem.

    MIRAN: The story's not over. Tell me the rest.

    FADE TO: Title card.

    ANNOUNCER: The Fugitive Queen. Coming soon to a thread near you.
  25. Commander-DWH

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    Nov 3, 2003
    Music: "Chosen" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Two sisters pulled into a war

    ALYSE: You can't stop me from going, you know.

    SKYE: No, but I can volunteer my services and go with you.

    But in two different worlds

    ALYSE is shown sparring with KYLAN in a training room, both with blue lightsabers

    SKYE sits at a computer terminal in a room with four other computer specialists

    JASH: So, let me get this straight. Your twin sister is a Jedi.

    SKYE: Yes.

    JASH: But you're not a Jedi.

    SKYE: No.

    JASH: How does that even work?

    Both of them must find their way

    ALYSE: The Mandalorians can be stopped here, now. Why can't you see that this is a good thing?

    SKYE: Because I've read the full transcript of General Larkin's plans, and I'm not sure I agree with her methods.

    ALYSE: You're a network programmer. You don't know anything about battle.

    SKYE: Maybe not. But I do know what's right, and what isn't.

    And both must make a choice

    WES: (reading from console) Skye?

    SKYE: What?

    WES: It's your sister...

    Cut to Alyse communicating with a small holo of Darth Revan

    ALYSE: I'd be honoured to fight with you.

    Long shot of the Sith fleet floating in space

    See Skye typing furiously into her console

    See Alyse bow before Revan and Malak

    Special effects as code dissolves into binary and the screen goes white

    SKYE: (storming down the corridor, WES close on her heels) I'm not giving up on my sister. There has to be a way.

    WES: I wouldn't count on it, the way things have been going lately.

    Cut to the cafeteria, where Skye sits across from a young man

    CARTER: You can't just jump ship and join the Sith to keep your sister in line.

    SKYE: You don't understand. I've always looked out for her.

    CARTER: At some point you'll have to realize that you're not responsible for her actions.

    When the lines aren't as clear as they once seemed...

    Sometimes the only solution will break your heart.

    Show a charge of soldiers holding red lightsabers, ALYSE clearly among them

    Cut to a long shot of the Sith attacking Telos, turbolasers pummeling the planet

    Show a Republic ship exploding

    Close up of SKYE's eyes, looking down at her terminal

    SKYE: I'm sorry, sis.

    [link=]The Blue Side of the Force: Luminosity[/link]
    Now Playing in BEFORE THE SAGA
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