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    A great way to relive the stresses of creativity is by writing, and what better to write then Star Wars fanfiction?

    "The Prophecy of the Force Series"
    Part One: Shroud of Darkness
    By: Rachel

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

    It has been one month since Chancellor Palpatine?s decision to create a grand army of the Republic. The separatists have grown more violent, and have begun to hire privateers to battle the formidable clone army. It is clearly evident that if this crisis is not solved soon, the battles could erupt into full-scale war.

    Meanwhile, Anakin Skywalker has yet to reveal his liaison with Senator Amidala. As he travels to Coruscant to break the news, he wonders what the Council?s reaction will be...


    The dark nondescript Republic shuttle slid through the atmosphere of the capital planet. Among the wide variety of passengers that begun to gather their things for departure, a cloaked figure hovered by the exit. As the ship landed on a platform, various beings could be seen waiting for the passengers. The cloaked figure waited for the others to brush past and then silently followed. A man with a scruffy brown beard moved forward to greet him. The cloaked figure pulled his hood back to reveal the handsome face of Anakin Skywalker. Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi smiled at his padawan, and nodded his head in greeting.

    ?It?s good to see you again, young Padawan,? Obi-Wan said, slapping his friend on the shoulder. Anakin gave a slight smile, and for a fleeting moment Obi-Wan felt an odd tinge to his sense, but it passed in an instant.

    ?You too, Master.? The two Jedi then turned to pass through the laughing crowd around them.


    The Senate was especially unruly today, and it had taken Chancellor Palpatine several tries to calm the group. Finally, the shouts were reduced to murmurs between aids. Palpatine swept his piercing gaze across the room, his brow furrowed as if he was trying to read the minds of the senators.

    ?I do realize that the separatists are a growing threat that concerns us all, but our army of clones is more than enough protection,? he smiled, as if he believed that his words would calm any twitches of doubt.

    It almost worked.

    ?These clones are indeed an impressive force. Though, where did we get them all in such a short amount of time?? Senator Bail Organa spoke up. The tall dark man was a much respected politician, and Palpatine knew he would have to keep an eye on him.

    ?You?d be surprised at how much our technology has progressed in the past decade. What was once deemed impossible is now commonplace,? Palpatine countered.

    Bail appeared to accept this, but there was still a slight look of suspicion on his face. Palpatine smiled again. Yes indeed, someone worth watching...


    Jedi Masters Yoda and Mace Windu were waiting for Anakin and Obi-Wan as they entered the temple. Anakin?s gaze flickered briefly from their faces to the floor. Yoda tapped his gimer stick.

    ?Adjusting to new arm, you are?? Yoda asked casually, moving forward to inspect the clearly mechanical replacement, Anakin had. The young Jedi clenched his fist in response.

    ?Yes, Master Yoda, I?m no stranger to machines,? he said softly.

    ?Is there anything you?d like to report to us?? Master Windu inquired. His face wore its usual blank expression, although he seemed to be regarding Anakin intently. The padawan swallowed, and shook his head.

    ?No, Master, everything is fine,? he answered slowly, trying to keep his nerves steady. Anakin could feel Obi-Wan?s sense relax slightly, but Windu and Yoda?s remained rigid. If they suspected anything, they held their peace. Yoda nodded, and hummed low in his throat.

    ?Good to see you again, young Skywalker.?

    With that, Yoda and Windu brushed past Obi-Wan and Anakin. Left alone, they silently studied each other carefully. Their bond had not been mended in their month apart.

    ?How?s Senator Amidala?? Obi-Wan asked. Anakin shrugged.

    ?She?s fine.?

    ?Your feelings reveal you, Padawan. They h
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    I've said it before, and will say it again.

    This is cool. :)
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    I only got one thing to say..... woah
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    Yay! Feedback! Here's another blurb as my thanks.


    The administrative offices of Theed Palace were spacious and splendidly decorated. This particular office was a pale green color, and had a few family holos scattered on the walls. In the room?s four corners, a cheery plant was placed. And in the center of the floor lay an elaborate wooden desk, along with a dark haired woman seated at it. Behind her a large glass window let in the sunlight and allowed her a magnificent look at her world.

    Padmé Amidala Skywalker was sorting through a large pile of paperwork when her sister Sola, burst into the room. Her usual tidy appearance was in disarray, and she was trying to catch her breath as she collapsed into a small chair before Padmé.

    ?I... got your message,? she puffed. ?What?s going on??

    She glanced up at her sister. Her brow was furrowed with a deep concern. Padmé felt an ache develop inside her - why couldn?t she have informed her family sooner?

    ?Sola, I want to talk about Anakin,? she said, getting to her feet.

    She was beautifully dressed, as always, in a flowery yellow dress with matching hair piece ? it was Anakin?s favorite. Her sister began to smile. When she had taken the Jedi padawan to meet her family over a month ago they had welcomed him with open arms.

    ?Ah, you need any tips?? Sola?s worry had vanished, replaced by her customary cheerfulness.

    ?No, I want to confess something,?

    Padme turned away from her, to face the large open window. It revealed to her all the glorious splendor of Naboo. Her home, her wonderful home.

    ?Anakin and I. We--? She took a slow, deep breath. ?We?re married.?

    She could feel her sister?s stunned silence wash up against her back. She tortured her lower lip with her teeth and waited for the astonished exclamations to begin. To her surprise, they didn?t. Sola got up from her seat and moved over beside Padmé, resting a slender hand on her shoulder.

    ?Why didn?t you tell us??

    ?Because it?s forbidden for a Jedi, and since I am such a public figure...? she trailed off, her pain showing in her voice and the tears that began to well in her soft brown eyes. She faced her sister. Sola?s expression read hurt and sympathy.

    ?They always talk of love being the most powerful emotion,? Sola whispered, trying to offer some advice, or comfort. Padmé dabbed away at her tears.

    ?I tried to tell myself that it would be foolish, and even now I know that it is. We were talking one night and I told him it would destroy us.? The senator felt an emotional shudder ripple through her body. ?It will. Our love is a terrible thing.?


    Padmé jerked in surprise at the force in her sister?s voice. Sola looked furious at Padmé?s words.

    ?How can you possibly say that? There is no such thing as a terrible love; rather it?s a precious gift that too few out there enjoy. You can?t tell yourself that, and personally, I think it?s wrong for the Jedi to put such binders on their disciples.?

    At this, Padmé gasped. How could her sister say such things about the Republic?s protectors? Though, her sister was on a roll and continued speaking.

    ?You can?t force yourself to feel something for a person, you can?t just say to yourself ?I will love, not love, this person?.?

    ?I...? For one of the few times in her life, Padmé was speechless.

    ?Anyway, this Anakin seems like he?s a very special person.?

    Sola moved to hug her sister. Padmé gratefully embraced her and agreed, ?He is.?

    They were silent for a moment, basking in the sun?s warm glow. Here, it didn?t seem possible that the evils in the galaxy above could ever touch them.

    ?Cherish what you have together,? Sola said, pulling gently away and looking out the window towards the sky. ?I have this feeling that you?re not going to have much peace for a while yet.?
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    Master Yoda was sitting in a darkened room, meditating. The small green Jedi was definite proof that you should never judge by appearances. Strange images flashed through his mind, many possible futures.

    Skywalker... Fire... Pain... Darkness...

    But, the light - the incredible light!

    He twitched.


    He opened his eyes, to pinpoint Master Windu and Jedi Kenobi both sitting on flat, cushioned seats across from him. Waiting patiently, they were regarding Yoda oddly.

    ?What do you see?? Windu asked calmly.

    However, buried deep inside, he felt a dark apprehension. Things were happening much too fast in the galaxy for his liking; one wrong move and terrible things could befall them. Yoda sighed. The Jedi relied on his voice too much, rather when they needed to make their own judgments.

    ?Much I see, paths that could be taken,? he said

    ?Anakin?? Obi-Wan asked. His devotion to the Padawan was, of course, admirable. A trait he inherited from his late Master, Qui-Gon Jinn.

    ?I see much pain in store for him,? Yoda admitted, ?and much darkness.?

    Windu looked startled at this. It had not occurred to any of them that the Dark Side could touch the one of the prophecy.

    ?He will not fail,? Obi-Wan insisted, passion flooding into his voice. ?Anakin is the Chosen One. His destiny has been cast to fulfil the prophecy!? Yoda shook his head, not so much with denial than with worry.

    ?Not always certain, is the future.?

    ?But the prophecy-? Obi-Wan began, when Yoda interrupted him.

    ?So certain are you, of what the prophecy is??

    He slapped his stick against the floor, and gave the Jedi Knight a stern look. Obi-Wan bit his lip and held his peace. The prophecy was a sore point between many Jedi. It was obvious that Master Yoda didn?t want to start a confrontation of beliefs. Obi-Wan sighed, subjected to the great weight of stress upon his shoulders. Now that it had been revealed that Dooku, an ex-Jedi and former student of Master Yoda?s no less, had been seduced, seemingly unknowing, by the Dark Side.

    Dark times were fast approaching, and the thing was, no one seemed to be able to stop it. Obi-Wan looked out the window to the chaotic swarm of vehicles speeding through the airways.

    Anakin, what is your true power? What is your destiny?
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    Wow! Rachel, even though I read these sections of "The Prophecy of the Force" as your secondary Beta Reader, everytime I read them again I am utterly amazed. In fact, the other day I was trying to figure out what I was doing at your age, 15, and I can tell you that I wasn't writing anything of this high-calibre. You've got some serious literary talent, and I honestly believe that you'll be able to develop a succesful career as a professional writer in the future. ;)
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    *sniff, sniff* Thank you for the comments!

    Anakin Skywalker was not a particularly patient person, especially when it came to his Jedi abilities. He had challenged Master Windu to three lightsaber battles in the past standard week, and lost them all. The fact that he might not be as good as he thought he was, irritated him immensely. Intense sessions of practicing between the duels didn?t appear to have helped much. Then again, what was he doing wrong?

    However, Obi-Wan had spouted a seemingly endless array of ?helpful? suggestions.

    Anakin sighed.

    Perhaps he should try harder with his Master ? could he be correct about these few things?

    He subconsciously clenched his mechanical fist. Before, he had been so sure that he could pass the trials easily, and now, well, life was a lot more uncertain. He smiled slightly, thinking of Padmé. She was someone he could tell anything to; he could count on his Angel for anything.

    Nevertheless, when he needed her, she wasn?t here, and he needed someone to talk to.

    He stood and headed for the door.


    Chancellor Palpatine loved the large window in his office. He would frequently stand there and gaze out at the passing people - physical evidence of the power he had. He lifted a hand to stroke a long finger down his cheek.

    That wasn?t the only physical evidence he?d obtained. He turned as his office door slid open, and smiled at the young man who strode in.

    ?Welcome, young Skywalker,? he greeted him, clasping his hands behind his back. ?What brings you here today??

    ?I need your advice,? Anakin blurted.

    Palpatine took his seat behind his desk, and motioned for Anakin to do the same. The young Padawan complied and stared off distraught into space. He needed help, and he always felt comfortable around the Supreme Chancellor, who seemed to understand him well.

    ?If I can advise, I shall,? Palpatine replied, leaning back in his seat. This should be interesting.

    ?I broke one of the most important rules imposed by the Jedi Council,? he admitted. ?I believe I followed my heart, but I?m afraid to talk to the Council.?

    ?What did you do??

    ?I got married, to Pad?Senator Amidala,? he confessed, and after a moment, added quickly, ?I love her.?

    Anakin half-expected Palpatine to reel back in shock, but the old man just sat there, his face impassive.

    The Republic Chancellor regarded the Jedi silently for a moment, before he gave judgement.

    ?I see, and you think the Jedi would not approve??

    ?No, they never approve of anything about me, or anything that I do. It was pure luck that they accepted me as a Jedi. Originally, they thought I was too old.? He sighed, slumping into the seat. ?You have to be a Jedi Knight to be married, and your marriage has to be pre-approved by the Council.?

    ?I think you should keep this a secret,? Palpatine said, sitting up, and addressing the padawan carefully.

    Anakin blinked in surprise at his puzzling mentor. Not tell them? Could you keep secrets from the Masters?

    ?Anakin, I care about your well being - do you really want to risk your Masters? wrath? This little secret can?t possibly hurt anyone.?

    ?I guess, but-?

    ?Do you want to take the risk that they might make you leave Senator Amidala??

    That sent a such ripple of alarm through Anakin that it became reflected on his face. That hadn?t occurred to him - his mind was made up now. He rose and gave a shallow bow to Chancellor Palpatine.

    ?I thank you for your guidance, sir,? he said, respectfully. With that, he marched out.

    Palpatine smiled, everything was going smoothly...
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    Padmé, while she did not enjoy medical checkups, was pleased that she had an excuse for a brief escape from the pressing matters that seemed to be relentlessly tormenting her days. Now that she thought about it, there was a twinge of contempt at being prodded by cold medical equipment. However, she went through the examination without much complaint, and afterwards, was asked to wait in the lounge. Stepping out of Dr. Aria?s office, she took a seat in the corner, her cloak around her and her hood drawn up to hide her face. She wanted to be at peace from the pressures of the public eye.

    To pass the time, she turned her gaze to the lounge?s other occupants. There was an old man with a cane leaning back in his seat, eyes closed. His lips were moving slightly, as if he were talking to himself. Moving on, a young mother was waiting with her two daughters - the similarities between them were so obvious. The smaller girl, a mere baby, was crying into her mother?s shoulder. She had obviously been given a shot, as was evident by the small mark on her arm. The mother, occupied with her distraught baby, didn?t notice her elder daughter had wander off.

    Padmé was now anxiously watching for the medic. As nice as it was to just sit here alone, she did have her duties.


    Padmé turned at the voice. Standing before her was the young girl - perhaps seven years old.

    ?Hello,? she responded, giving the girl a warm smile.

    ?I?m Sairah, that?s my mom and my baby sis, Wehnde. What are you in for??

    Padmé felt a ripple of mirth run through her at Sairah?s manner.

    ?Just a checkup,? she replied. ?My name is Padmé.?

    ?That?s a pretty name. It means ?absolute truth?,? Sairah stated. Padmé blinked in surprise.

    ?How did you know that??

    ?My great-grandma?s name was Padmé. Oh, it?s my turn!?

    Sairah?s mother had risen from her chair with a now calm baby. She moved towards the door where a male medic was waiting. Sairah turned to go and smiled up at Padmé,


    She sprinted off.

    Children were such wonders; they were so pure, so derived of any evil. Why couldn?t people retain that innocence as they grew up? Why did greed and dark impulses have to appear?

    ?M?lady?? Padmé looked up at her medic and got to her feet. Dr. Aria had a somewhat nervous look on her face, and her manner was certainly agitated.

    ?What is it??

    ?Well, I have some wonderful news. I sincerely hope you will be pleased.?

    ?Tell me.?


    Inside his room at the Jedi Temple, Anakin awoke from a deep sleep. He had felt something like a tremor of shock in the Force. He stretched out, but couldn?t find the source or anything wrong. He wondered what it had been. And why was his mind suddenly filled with thoughts of Padmé, and two small indefinite figures?


    Padmé turned away from the medic, her liquid brown eyes filled with... joy? Dismay? The medic shifted uneasily behind her.

    ?Pregnant?? she whispered to herself.
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    Two swarms met on a battlefield. One army of mechanical precision, the other of hot-blooded calculation - both with airs of demonic skeletons. With a silent breath of wind, before the hideous cry to arms, the army swarms flood towards each other in an apocalyptic rush of chaos.

    The wheels of destiny turned.


    Senator Padmé Amidala Skywalker received a holo-transmission from Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan. Alderaan and Naboo had always kept close ties despite the great distance between them.

    ?It?s bad, isn?t it?? she commented.

    Just yesterday, she had read reports of a gruesome battle between clone soldiers and battle droids on Tynna. How could this be happening?

    ?And it will get worse before it gets better,? Senator Organa stated, a hint of sadness in his voice. ?Your influence is needed here.?

    ?My influence wasn?t much good in trying to convince the senators that an army of the Republic was foolish.?

    ?With the arrival of the clones from Kamino, that decision was taken out of our hands. You?re very well respected, and you might be surprised at how many senators are willing to listen to you.?

    ?If you say so,? Padmé replied doubtfully. Senator Organa nodded at her.

    ?We?ll talk again soon. Organa out.?

    The transmission ended and Padmé sank back into her chair. Matters in the galaxy were becoming steadily worse. She touched her stomach gently. At least she would be able to see Anakin, and bring him a little surprise.

    Two little surprises, actually.

    She bit her lower lip, knowing being pregnant meant it would be next to impossible to conceal their relationship from the Jedi. But... They would come to that problem when it arrived. Meanwhile, she had a journey to prepare for. Hitting a button on her desk, she called for Dormé.
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    Even though I?ve read these sections of ?The Prophecy of the Force? before, I am still enthralled every time I read them again. In particular (and I know I?ve said this before), I am absolutely in awe of your phraseology/choice of words for Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. In fact, I can almost hear the fantastic Ian MacDiarmid?s voice, uttering these words as I read over them. Thus, well done, Rachel! ;)

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    Thank you! I'm very flattered!

    NEW SEARCH? Dooku
    ACCESSING DATA: No such subject found
    CROSS-REFERENCE DATA: No such subject found

    Obi-Wan leaned back into his chair; he hadn?t really expected to find any useful information, but it was worth a chance. His head turned slightly as a familiar presence entered the hall. Anakin strode purposefully towards him. His emotions were slightly muddled, as if he were preoccupied with something.

    ?Your focus isn?t here, Padawan,? Kenobi murmured softly, ?distraction is dangerous in these times.?

    ?Yes, Master,? Anakin replied absently, he glanced at the screen. ?What are you looking for??

    ?Dooku, I thought to check to see if any information on him remained in the archive, but unfortunately it has vanished like Kamino.? At the mention of Dooku?s name, Anakin absently flexed the fingers of his mechanical hand.

    ?Did you hear about the latest attack, Master? The entire Council is going to be witnessing the next full senate meeting to discuss what to do. Everyone will be there.?

    ?Including Padmé...?

    ?And?? Obi-Wan now looked up at his Padawan. His expression was unreadable.

    ?And well, that seems a bit pointless to me,? Anakin admitted. He took to an empty chair next to his Master. Obi-Wan shifted to face him.

    ?Open discussion is very important over a serious issue, and civil war is a very serious issue.? There was now a hint of steel in his voice.

    ?Yes, Master, but we know what Dooku and his people are doing is wrong - why aren?t we out there now trying to stop it??

    ?A course of action must be decided.?

    ?A swing of a lightsaber is a course of action.?

    ?Recklessness leads to carelessness, which can harbour bad results.? Obi-Wan glanced down at Anakin?s new arm; it glinted slightly in the lighting of the hall. Anakin clenched his fist.

    ?Think Anakin, please, I don?t want you getting hurt again.? Anakin blinked in bewilderment at this, Obi-Wan was usually never so open with his feelings. He got up to leave, only to take a few steps, and spin back around.


    ?Yes?? Obi-Wan had already turned back to the computer screen, and was busying himself with prior matters. Anakin shook his head.

    ?Never mind, it?s nothing.? He strode off, the soft clicking of the terminal keys following him down the hall.

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    A dark warrior strolled proudly down a plain corridor. His droids were fighting admirably against the Republic?s new clone army. He gave a toothy grin to the air. The Republic had no idea - the pawns they were - what was truly going on in the galaxy around them. This period of bloodshed would soon give birth to a new era - a glorious era of unity.

    The corridor spilled out into a dimly lit room, furnished with only two seats and a desk. Behind the desk sat a hunched figure dressed in black, a hood pulled up to hide his face. The warrior gave a deep, respectful bow to his master.

    ?Sit, Dooku, what news do you bring?? The dark-cloaked figure?s voice was low and raspy, with intelligent eyes peering out at the servant. With a swirl of his cloak, Dooku took the seat and leaned back. Sometimes he wondered why his master bothered having him report;, he seemed to know everything before he did.

    ?Master Sidious, the war between the Separatists and the Republic is heating up. There have been rumors of people?s resentment towards the lack of Jedi involvement.?

    ?Excellent, what of the young Jedi you wounded??

    ?Anakin Skywalker?? Dooku paused. ?He is recovered, and is at this moment with his Master Obi-Wan Kenobi at the Jedi Temple.? He eyed his master. ?Do you wish that I dispose of him??

    ?No.? A hint of steel formed in Sidious?s voice. ?I want you to keep away from him. I have plans for his future.? Though Dooku could not see his master?s face, he could easily imagine the smile that formed there.

    ?There have been... rumors of him ever since he arrived at the temple over ten years ago. He was declared too old for training at first, and then they allowed Kenobi - barely a Knight - to train him! Oh, and the whispers of the prophecy...?

    Sidious was silent; Dooku felt a slight twinge of nervousness, which he crushed beneath his anger. Perhaps, Sidious did not know of the prophecy? No, that was impossible. He was not one to let information slip pass him, especially something as important as this.

    ?Do you believe Skywalker is part of the prophecy?? Was that curiosity he detected in his master?s voice? He swallowed.

    ?He is indeed an admirable Padawan. Before, I dismissed it as a dream, but the Council?.but after our battle... I felt a ?strangeness? in him.?

    ?A ?strangeness???

    ?I know of no better why to explain it, Master. During our battle, there was a fleeting instant where I felt something inside of him - a power that no Jedi has been able to touch.? Dooku nodded, pleased with his perception and continued. ?There are legends of the ancient Knights - of how they had powers we have long lost. Perhaps, this Anakin has the ability to tap these lost powers??

    ?Perhaps,? Sidious mused, ?but I think it is much more then that.? He got to his feet, as did Dooku and stepped around his desk.

    ?A confrontation of destiny is looming with the Council. The Jedi must be put out of the picture. Go, sow the seeds of distrust and anger against the Jedi. The order will fall to make way for a new era!?

    Dooku smiled.


    Anakin felt light-hearted, and a spring was in his step as he moved through the Temple with uncustomary grace. His passed one of the Council members.

    ?Good afternoon, Master Windu!? he smiled broadly and hurried on. The Jedi Master paused, and stared after him, wondering at this abrupt, and welcomed, change. Bemused, he shook his head and continued towards Master Yoda?s meditation room.

    It was indeed a good day for Anakin Skywalker - not because tomorrow was the day the Senate would pass judgment on a new course of action for the war. But because a certain special senator was landing on Coruscant in less then an hour. Padme, his beautiful Padme, he wanted to meet her and perhaps steal her away from her duties so they could share a moment. He remembered back to the time on Tatooine. When they had first met, he had asked her if she was an angel. She had smiled and laughed at his childish question. His heart fluttered. He wasn?t so sure he had been wrong.


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    In the darkness of space, two fleets clash. The world below them is lush with life, until...

    Ships explode, raining shrapnel on the land, other?s crash, destroying majestic trees. Chemicals seep into the dirt to poison the plant life, and the planet shudders with the effects of war. The world?s few remaining people pull themselves from the wreckage and ask themselves why the Gods would do this? Then, with tears for their once beautiful soil, they try to heal their dying home.


    The first thing Padmé saw when she debarked the ship was Anakin waiting for her. She carefully kept a smile from her face, pleasure that he had come filled her. He stood there in his Jedi robes, tall and elegant, his Padawan braid flapping in the wind. Dormé and Sabé gave each other knowing glances, as Padme stepped to greet her secret husband.

    ?It is a pleasure to once again see you, Jedi Skywalker.? She gave him a slight nod as he bowed low to her.

    ?The pleasure is all mine. I shall escort you to your quarters.?

    He waited as Padmé signaled her guards that everything was all right. Then, she followed him into the building. They were silent, walking side-by-side through the halls, various technicians and other personal moved aside for them as they recognized the Senator. They came to the Naboo suite, where she had met Anakin after ten years apart. Now she did allow a smile to creep across her face.

    Anakin tapped the pad, and the door slid. He gestured and she stepped inside. As soon as the door closed, she glanced at him, an eyebrow raised.

    ?Don?t worry, I disabled all of the security cameras and put in a looping tape.?

    ?How clever.?

    She embraced him fiercely, thinking about how good it was to have him against her again. ?I?ve really missed you.? Padmé pulled away from the hug just enough to give him a kiss on the cheek.

    ?Not half as much as I?ve missed you,? he retorted, brushing his hand across her cheek. ?It?s been so quiet.?

    ?Are you accusing me of being noisy and disruptive?? she asked, faking indignation. Playing, she slapped his arm.

    ?Maybe. But perhaps I like noisy and disruptive!?

    She stared at him then chuckled; he was so improper, so completely against all of her rules. She loved it.

    They came together in a kiss...


    Obi-Wan stood silent before the Council, waiting for their verdict. Deep inside he felt a twinge of nervousness. He quickly shunted it away; it would do him no good if the Council read that in him.

    ?This is most unusual,? Mace Windu commented, stroking his fingers.

    Yoda glanced over at his long time friend and waited. The tall black human, it seemed, was to be the voice for this meeting.

    ?Senator Organa seemed very sure that a Jedi?s guidance would be needed,? Obi-Wan remarked. ?What I don?t understand is-?

    ?Why you?? Master Windu interrupted. He nodded sagely. ?Why indeed.?

    Obi-Wan kept his peace, but deep inside him he felt that something out there was growing - something that could be for good or evil. A vital turning point was coming, and he had a terrible feeling that he could do nothing to stop it.

    --- The next post is a new one...
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    I?m amazed how well you were able to accurately capture the palpable tension between the two Sith, Darth Tyranus & Sidious. To be sure, the mutual respect and mistrust between both characters are difficult elements to intermingle; but you have managed to do so with relative ease - this is very impressive. :D


    Also, the atmosphere of repressed passion between Anakin and Padmé on Coruscant, in public, that you were able to create was just simply awesome. Well done, Rachel. ;)

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    Wow! Thanks so much Dan! And as special appretiation, here is the FIRST totally orignal "PotF" post on this board!



    There was a small room, painted totally black with no doors or windows for access. Nonetheless, there were people inside this box room. There were two - one male, one female; opposites in form, but not mind. The boy, his features blurred, ignited a blue lightsaber and swung it towards the girl, his opponent. But her ruby red blade slashed it aside.

    Together they battled - a dual that defied everything. The female backed the boy up to a wall, so he stepped to the side and continued the fight, moving backwards up the barrier. Soon they hung upside down from the ceiling. The precision and excellence of the fighters was so great, that it looked as if the dual could go on forever. However, the two warriors made a mistake. The girl swung just a little too high, whilst the boy jabbed out an inch too low.

    They cleaved each other in two.

    Anakin?s eyes snapped open, a slight shudder running through him. For a moment he was confused as to where he was. The bed he was on was far roomier and softer than the one he slept in at the Jedi Temple. Then everything came flooding back in a warm memory.

    He glanced down at the sleeping figure snuggled against his chest; her chocolate brown hair was in disarray and mostly covered her face. Anakin tried to shift his position when he realized his hand was completely tangled in her hair. Slowly, so as not to wake her, he gently pulled his hand free of her brown locks. A faint smile sprung to his lips as he stroked her soft cheek.

    What was she dreaming about? He wished he knew. It would be so easy to peek into her dreams, but he would never consider doing that to his Padme. Yes, his Padme. Her eyelids fluttered, and then gradually opened. She turned her eyes up to him and smiled.

    ?Good morning.? Her voice was light and sweet. It sent tingles down his spine.

    ?Good morning to you, wife of mine,? Anakin replied, kissing her forehead.

    Padme moved to sit up and he reluctantly pulled away from her. He wanted to lay there with her forever, but Padme had other ideas.

    She got out of bed and opened the doors to her extensive closet, filled with more outfits than some used in a lifetime. After a moments? consideration, Padme selected a green-shaded outfit, with a small jeweled headpiece. She started to pull on her clothes when she noticed Anakin was staring at her from the bed. He was propped up on one arm, grinning at her with a rather silly expression.

    ?What are you looking at? This isn?t anything you haven?t seen before,? she chided him gently. Anakin?s grin, if it were possible, widened.

    ?Just thinking about how lucky I am to be close to the most incredible person in the universe,? he remarked, speaking from the bottom of his heart. A slight flush of red sprung to Padme?s cheeks.

    ?My, such flattery, wouldn?t that be frowned on for a Jedi?? she teased. His playful expression turned to one of shocked innocence.

    ?Me? Flatter? Never, I speak only the truth!? Padme chuckled at this, and then finished getting dressed. Anakin watched her leave in silence then reached for his Jedi robes.


    ?The Jedi Council has never been so divided,? Master Mace Windu thought to himself, watching the alarming sight of bickering Jedi crescendo in the chamber. Things were happening far too fast, and the Jedi no longer had the luxury for meditation. The Jedi had worked perfectly for thousands of generations, never altering their ways - so why was everything failing them now?

    ?Perhaps the imbalance, that young Skywalker must fix - or we may be too old to see why,? Yoda had said when Mace had asked him the night before. His last few words had puzzled Windu; Yoda might be near nine hundred years of age, but he himself was barely forty. He stroked his fingers as the arguments around him continued. All was not well in paradise.


    Obi-Wan met Anakin in one of the corridors of the Jedi Temple; the young Padawan was watching the air
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    I really, really enjoyed this last section of PotF, Rachel. ;) First off, the unknown identity of two mysterious combatants in Anakin?s dream is quite intriguing.

    Secondly, the bickering in the Jedi Council was a very gutsy advancement IMHO. But in the aftermath of AOTC and the slaughter of the Jedi in the Geonosian Execution Arena, the interjection of fear and bickering within the normally calm and meditative Jedi Council is a very logical addition to the story arc. ;)


    Lastly, I really liked the concept of having Obi-wan living in a state of denial about Anakin?s potential as ?The Chosen One.? Because after all, Obi-Wan as a character, has a certain level of unexposed and inherent cockiness after TPM; he has achieved the rank of Jedi Knight without taking the Trials, and was the first Jedi in centuries to take out a Sith Warrior (one who defeated his own Master no less). Only until the OT does Obi-Wan fully concede that properly training and handling Anakin was outside of his ability. But showing signs of this denial in the PotF is a significant advancement with Obi-Wan?s character that is not really seen in AOTC. Thus, well done, Rachel. ;)
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