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Vancouver Fanfiction: To Those Who Have Gone Before

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by Azeria_Jade, Nov 21, 2002.

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  1. Azeria_Jade

    Azeria_Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 3, 2001
    This is a very dark story, so if you are squimish, I advise you to turn back now.

    "To Those Who Have Gone Before"
    A NJO Future Fic

    Edited according to Dan's suggestions!

    So many times, I have sat here taking my life in my hands just to watch the stars above me, to feel the wind on my face and to take a break from the stinking underbelly of broken Coruscant.

    It's unusually quiet tonight. The Yuuzhan Vong creatures are few and far between. I needed only to kill one to hide my existence this evening.Maybe they think that no one is left. It has been twenty years... twenty years of torture and nightmares, blood and loss. All my life, it has been a battle for life...for freedom. The Yuuzhan Vong have control of most, if not all the planets in our galaxy - we lost our communication equipment a few years ago, so we can't be sure. And on Coruscant, the one world they refuse to take, (too polluted by machines, I believe) everything is burning in ruins. The scattered survivors spread through the tunnels and the mortal hell under the once glorious skyscrapers.

    Sometimes I wonder if there really is a higher power out there like the Yuuzhan Vong believe, and if he or she is mocking us...

    I close my eyes and try to imagine a galaxy of peace where you grow up surrounded by family and friends. family has been dead since I was five and I still have my father's lightsaber. I wish they were here - I'm so confused! I don't know what to do! How am I supposed to save the galaxy on my own? Everywhere I go, people hate me, or try to kill me...

    So many people are gone: people I knew and loved, people I could have known...

    The Wookiee Chewbacca - I had heard many stories about him: friend, mechanic, and adventurer. He died in the first Yuuzhan Vong assault, when they used a dovin basal to pull a moon onto the world of Sernpidal.

    The Jedi are all gone. The one-time defenders of the Republic, crushed by the Empire, were rising from the ashes to live again but were struck down yet again. I am the last, for whenever someone shows the slightest Force talent now, they are instantly killed.

    Luke and Mara Skywalker, Han, Leia, Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo: one by one, they fell to the power from beyond.

    My eyes narrow, for I can feel them watering. I curse and dash away the impossible tears. I stand and prepare to return below for the night. The cold, night air swirls my black cloak about me, I touch my father's lightsaber and take one last look at the heavens.

    I am Ben Skywalker, the last Jedi Knight, defender of what once was...

    I am alone...
  2. Azeria_Jade

    Azeria_Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 3, 2001
    This morning I woke up with a headache, definitely not a good start to a day. I put on my cloak and made my way out onto what had once been the main street of ?The Underground?. It was deserted as usual, most people don?t dare come up this far.

    I picked my way through the rubble of fallen buildings and a few scattered pieces of machinery. When the Yuuzhan Vong first attacked Courscant eighteen years ago, there had been a massive rampage of destruction across the planet - droids, computers, even ships were torn and battered to appease the oncoming warriors.

    It had been a foolish attempt. The Yuuzhan Vong descended into a sea of terror, they overtook the Senate and hung their gutted bodies from posts for all to see. Then, there was a purge of life. Everything the Yuuzhan Vong could lay their hands on was crushed, and they didn?t leave until they were certain nothing could rise from the wreckage. Even then, they left behind a few of their ?pets?.

    The Yuuzhan Vong didn?t try to worldshape the lower realms of Courscant. They wrapped the world in a garden of life, leaving a mechanical heart.

    My mind was filled with half-forgotten images of those days, of blood and death. The first time I killed a Yuuzhan Vong was when they invaded our Jedi refuge. I was seven at the time.

    Suddenly, I froze as a familiar sound caught my attention. It sounded like a wooden pipe of some sort, but I knew better. I quickly hid behind a piece of debris, holding my breath, hoping it wouldn?t sense me. The sound of crunching metal moved towards me, it was headed my way. My chest began to hurt, and a drop of sweat dribbled down my brow.

    A large, reptilian-like creature swaggered past, whistling. It was on all fours and as big as a small space-fighter. Completely covered in blades, the Xeronian Seeker was a much feared monster. I had heard from a scholar I briefly knew that the Yuuzhan Vong had created these beings based on a krayt dragon from Tatooine. It snuffled and whistled, making no move to stop. I assumed it hadn?t picked up my scent and I released my breath.

    Big mistake.

    The Xeronian Seeker swung its massive head towards me and roared. In a flash, I drew my lightsaber and held it out in a defensive position. The beast charged. Using the Force I propelled myself up in a flip onto its back. I jabbed downwards with my blade into its shoulder. If it were possible, the Xeronian Seeker howled even louder. A ripple of movement ran along its back and flung me free. I tumbled head over heels backwards to land on my feet. A large, bladed tail swung towards me, but I was ready. With a swift horizontal cut I severed its tail in two. Its roar of challenge became a shriek of pain. My lips twisted into a feral grin. In its distress, the Xeronian Seeker stomped its oversized feet and attempted to crush me with its oversized talons. I dodged nimbly out of the way... smack into a large rock that the tail I had cut had knocked free. I was trapped. I turned to face my enemy and the enormous creature slammed into me.

    The rock behind me moved, slamming into more debris to roll down a hidden hill behind it. It must have been quite a sight, I thought to myself later - a man, a monster and some very large rocks rolling down a hill.

    I landed face first onto what used to be a hovercraft and my head shot up to see where my opponent had landed. As my gaze swept the area, I saw four humans fleeing in terror from the snapping jaws of a creature from hell.

    People? I thought to myself, as I leaped to my feet. With the Xeronian Seeker distracted by the far more defenseless targets, I charged. When I was about a meter away I leaped and landed on its face. Wasting no time, I plunged my lightsaber through the creature?s head and into its brain. It died instantly, slumping forward into a cold, silent mass.

    Breathing heavily, I deactivated my weapon and jumped down from the carcass. The four humans approached me, slowly and with great fear. Three scraggly young men and one blond girl about my age. We stared at each other in sile
  3. Azeria_Jade

    Azeria_Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 3, 2001
    It was a relatively big camp, bigger then most. That had it's pros and cons. It would be able to defend itself better, but the Xeronian Seekers would be able to find it easier.

    The beings present represented a wide variety of races, Bimms, Humans, Aqualish, Bothans, Calamari, you name it. That was also a rarity, since when the invasion started in earnest, races began to keep together and became particularly violent to outsiders.

    But despite the advances this small "colony" was making, they still kept their distance from me. I carried a lightsaber and was therefore Jedi, and it is well known that we are doom on two feet.

    A ragged, elderly man approached me. The way he stood, and the sense I got from him, led me to believe he was the unofficial leader of this group. He warily extended his hand towards me, and I accepted it with a firm shake. Instantly, the tension in the air decreased, as I had obviously done something right.

    "I'd like to thank you for saving our lives young man, we?re very grateful.?

    ?It was nothing.? I said. It felt weird to speak, as I?ve been alone for so long that I?m not used to talking.

    ?No, it wasn?t nothing, most people now would have let my people be torn to pieces by that damn beast. I remember the time when everyone treated each other with decency.?

    A few paces away, a ragged young human male laughed. His face was drawn back into a twisted smirk as he moved his gaze from the old man and me.

    ?Right Chalco, we all have heard your stories about the ?good ol? days? with the grand protection of Skywalker?s Jedi Knights and the Glorious Republic.? The old man, Chalco, spun to face the youth, scowling.

    ?Impertinent young pup! How dare you speak of our civilization that way! Our way of life? Our people!? Another young male crossed his arms in defiance, I shook my head. What was it with rebellious teenagers? The two male humans stepped forward to Chalco. Tall and muscular, they dwarfed their elder easily. I let my hand drop towards my lightsaber in case things started heating up.

    ?Knock it off Zane, we don?t need your testosterone battles here.? The girl I had rescued earlier, stepped between the two opposing parties. Zane blinked in shock and stepped back from the girl.

    ?Hey, Shari, we weren?t doin? nothin?? He stammered, raising his hands. Shari glared at him.

    ?Then let?s keep it that way.? She turned towards me, and her eyes now held a much more friendly light. ?I apologize stranger, for these boys? bad manners. They just don?t know when to keep their mouths shut.? She sent another glare of fire at the boys, who had now retreated to the back of the crowd. ?So, what brings you here? Looking for family?? Shari asked me, genuine curiosity in her eyes and mind. The crowd around us began to disperse, and soon, was just me, Chalco and Shari.

    ?My family?s all dead.? I stated simply, Shari?s eyes widened. Chalco nodded grimly, his eyes took on a dim light.

    ?Military family?? He asked, I shrugged.

    ?Sort of.?

    ?Which one of your parents the Jedi?? I was silent, and he shrugged. He smiled slightly, ?relax boy, I was just wondering. I had some dealings with Jedi myself. Young fellow by the name of Anakin Solo, heard of him??

    I felt my body go cold.

    ?Who hasn?t??

    ?Right, anyway. Good lad, not at all the stereotypical Jedi, he had a noble soul,? Chalco shook his head sadly, ?I was devastated when I heard about his death at the hands of those bastards.?


    ?It seemed to be shock that started everything, because about a year later his brother and father were killed. His mother a short time later. Then about a month before the Vong took absolute control, Skywalker and his wife mara Jade were killed.? Chalco was watching my face carefully, he trying for a reaction. But why? I remained a statue. If he wanted something, he would have to come out and say it. ?It was only just last year,? he continued, ?that the last of them, Jaina Solo was reported dead.?

    ?Quite the tragidy.? I remarked softly.

    Chalco turned to Shari, ?Will you
  4. Azeria_Jade

    Azeria_Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 3, 2001
    ?What is it?? Shari asked, getting swiftly to her feet. It felt like an evil darkness had invaded, I recognized that feeling... My eyes widened, no... It couldn?t be...

    ?Run,? I whispered softly, Shari stared at me, and her fear became icy cold. ?I said run! Wake everyone and tell them to get out, they are coming.? Shari didn?t bother to ask who they were, she just turned and made off as fast as she could. I drew my lightsaber and the green blade shot out. I waited, a cold dread filling me. Sometimes, the Yuuzhan Vong would send down warriors in training to take on some of the survivors left, as practice.

    I saw them.

    Like a dark swarm they swept over the desolation, an army from the depths of hell. And, standing still as they rushed forward, a single figure watched me. Sweat sprang out on my forehead, it was her...


    Once, when I was very small I had a nightmare. Maybe it was a Jedi vision, I?m not sure, but it caused me to wake up crying. My mother rushed into the room and held me tight to her. When ever she was near I felt safe, happy. I was close to my father too, but nothing like the link I had with my mother. Every waking moment I could feel her love for me pulsing through the Force. Anyway, I stopped crying when she hugged me, telling me that the nightmares could never touch me as long as she was with me. I believed her.

    When my parents died, that intense, primal love vanished and the darkness of the universe touched me with cold, prying fingers. It was my cousin, Jaina who found me with my dead parents and the remains of the Yuuzhan Vong I had killed. I had rushed to her, sobbing. I needed to touch warmth, love. Jaina didn?t say anything, she just took my hand and pulled me away. She cared for me as best she could, but all the time we were together she was... distant. Being so young I didn?t understand, I thought she didn?t care. Looking back, I know she did, she loved me in her own way and she felt it was her duty to look out for me. We were the last of our family, the Solos and Skywalkers. The reality of the horrors around her chipped away at Jaina?s spirit, tearing her apart till she was little more then a shell. Watching her fade was almost as terrible as the sudden death of my parents.

    When she died, I found myself a young teen alone in a world. Nowhere to go, for who would take in a Force-sensitive? And a Skywalker at that? It would bring the retribution of the Vong down them. Responses to me ranged from mild cries of outrage to being attacked with all manners of dangerous objects. I stopped communicating with people, shutting myself off and becoming one of the pathetic, defeated masses.

    One day during my wanderings, I met up with a young girl called Katri. She was dark haired with watery blue eyes. Another hiding Force-sensitive, we connected almost immediately. I needed companionship and caring so badly I let her draw me out. I had never had any experience with the Dark Side, so I never realised her true intentions

    I only awakened to the facts when the Vong came to ?collect us?. There was a terrible battle, and I remember her bleeding form being carried off by a few Vong as I fled. I thought that was the end of her.

    Until now.


    I knew I didn?t stand a chance against the mass of Yuuzhan Vong surging forward, so I turned and ran after Shari. She was pulling her father through the crowd of hysterical survivors. I heard a voice call out - ?Jedi!? I turned and saw Zane and his friends, eyes dark with menace, heading towards me.

    ?You brought them here!? Zane accused venomously, thrusting out a long finger towards my face. I glared at him. Why did it never change?

    ?No,? I said simply. It would be pointless to give an explanation, because they never wanted to hear anything but confirmation of their own wild ideas. Zane pulled out an old, crusted blaster from beneath his tunic and pointed it straight at my face. His entire arm was shaking.

    ?Zane!? It was Shari, she had spotted me and had left her father?s side, foolish girl that she was. ?Stop it Zane

    MASTER_OBI-DAN Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 30, 2002
    "This is a very dark story, so if you are squimish, I advise you to turn back now."

    Wow! You were right, Rachel; this is a very dark FanFiction story. But [hl=black]darkness[/hl] can be good; especially when the writer, like yourself, knows how to properly frame and deliver it. In fact, after reading this FanFiction story, I have to say that you've piqued my curiousity about the NJO Series: something that I still have to read.

    In terms of the story itself, I love your decision to tell it from the point-of-view of Ben Skywalker; he is a good choice for a first-person narrator. Also, your subtle use of flashbacks (a i]literary technique[/i]) is both refined and well-positioned within the story. ;) Lastly, I'm mildly curious to see whether a romantic relationship will develop between Ben and Shari. :confused:

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