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Vancouver Fanfiction: Untitled (SW/OEAI Crossover)

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by Azeria_Jade, Nov 11, 2002.

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  1. Azeria_Jade

    Azeria_Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 3, 2001
    Sane people beware, this story gets REALLY weird. Oh, and I need a title, so if you think of something, please let me know!

    Untitled Story
    A "Star Wars" and "Of Entities and Impossibilities" Crossover

    There is a place, outside of the universes, beyond the land of dreams, where time itself is repelled. A place of white, a place of silence a place apart. Somewhere in this lost ?bubble? in the multiverse, a young girl lies sleeping.

    She is small, and fragile looking, her hair is pure white and cut short to her chin. The girl is curled up in a fetal sleeping position, a purple gown crumpled like so much laundry around her. She is passive and calm in her sleep, protected from the harms of life. But this girl is not alone, around her, others lie sleeping. There are four others, sprawled across this desolate white place. One has blond hair pulled back into a long braid. She is wearing a simple blue gown that seems to have remained neat even though she sleeps in a rather undignified position. Clutched in one hand is a small pair of glasses, the other hand holds another girl's hand. This one has light brown hair done up in two small buns. Beside her is a dark girl, with black hair and a distinctly unfriendly expression on her face. Then, last but not least, a red-head with a rather sad expression as if nightmares are able to plague her even in this lost place. An eternity or an instant pass for these girls, empires fall, and flowers bloom.

    The girl with white hair, shivers and slowly opens her eyes. They are a pale, stormy gray, filled with intelligence. She sits up and takes in her surroundings, blinking her large watery eyes. She gets to her feet, paying no heed to her rather crumpled appearance and rushes over to the closest of the other sleeping girls. She starts to shake the tallest girl, the one with the long braid.

    ?Crystal!? The white haired girl, hisses, almost afraid to raise her voice here. The blond turns over, ignoring her. ?Crystal, two-for-one sale at the Gap!? Instantly, the blond lurches up, startling the small, bun-haired blond beside her awake.

    ?That was a dirty trick, Jules,? the one called Crystal glowered at her friend, she placed her glasses on he face. ?We?re obviously no where near a decent clothing department.? She glances over at the girl beside her, ?how you feelin? Alora?? The one called Alora, rubbed away the sleep from her eyes and got to her feet.

    ?Well, here we are again. Where are Soluya and Ellen?? Alora asked, then spotted the last two girls, getting to their feet.

    ?I?m starting to get sick of waking up and wondering where the heck I am,? the black haired girl, Soluya, grumbled. Behind her, the sad girl, Ellen takes in her surroundings with an uneasy eye.

    ?What?s going on?? Alora asked, feeling a chill run along her spine, as she helped Crystal to her feet. Soluya stroked her chin in thought.

    ?This is how we first met Alpha, about a year ago, but-? she began.

    ?This definitely isn?t the Cathedral,? Crystal interrupted, she turned to the white-haired girl, ?Julian, what?s going on??

    ?I am just as confused as you, Crys,? Julian admitted, ?I have no idea where we are.?

    ?Could it be Omega?? Ellen asked nervously.

    ?Impossible, I- Raleigh killed him,? Julian protested.

    ?Shadra?? Soluya offered, then shook her head, ?no, that wouldn?t make sense, she?s serving penance in another universe.?

    ?Could she have come to terms with her powers faster then we did? She was a pure one.? Alora pointed out. Julian shook her head.

    ?No, despite her powers, I doubt she could go against Princess Celestial?s memory block.?

    ?Then what the hell is going on?!? Crystal cried, throwing her arms up in exasperation, her glasses, slid down her face.

    ?Maybe it has something to do with that door,? Ellen suggested, pointing over their shoulders. The small ground turned around and sure enough, there hovered an elaborate door.

    ?Well, I?ve seen some odd things in my seventeen years, but this is definitely one of the oddest,? Alora remarked, beside her, Crys
  2. Azeria_Jade

    Azeria_Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 3, 2001
    *Looks around*

    Even here, no one wants to read it.
  3. Azeria_Jade

    Azeria_Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 3, 2001
    Julian groaned and sat up, putting a hand to her spinning head. This was happening far too often in her opinion. She took a look at her surroundings. She was in a dimly lit street, actually more of an alley, with garbage and filth everywhere. Unsavory beings lurked in the dark corners. Julian got to her feet and brushed the worst of the muck off her robe, then looked up. And up and up and up. The buildings vanished into the clouds as air-borne vehicles darted past them. She swallowed and muttered, ?Toto, we ain?t in Kansas anymore.? Abruptly, she felt a cold, clammy hand on her shoulder, Julian turned about and found herself staring into the face of a green-horned man. He spoke to her, but all she heard was gibberish. Automatically, her hand went to her ear and found her ear piece there, relieved she activated it.

    ?-so why don?t you and I find more accommodating quarters?? She caught the end of the horned man?s proposal. He leered a her, and she didn?t need her telepathy to realize his intent. Smiling stiffly, she push his hand off her shoulder.

    ?I?m sorry, but I?m rather busy. I?m supposed to meet up with my friends,? not entirely a lie.

    ?I?m sure they wouldn?t mind you being late, or, if they are like yourself, they could join us?? He moved in far too close, she could smell heavy liquor on his breath. She felt a twinge of fear.

    ?No means no,? she told him firmly, backing away until she bumped into the wall. The man stepped forward, his expression revealing that his was going to forgo the friendly attitude, when they were suddenly interrupted.

    ?The lady said no, that usually is a request in most cultures for you to back off.? You don't need "usually" and "in most cultures" the man said calmly, Julian stared at him. He was rather short, with brown hair and green eyes and clad in an entirely green robe. She had never seen him before, but she had the strangest feeling she knew who he was. Obviously, the alien man knew, because he hissed and disappeared into the murky alley, Julian breathed a sigh of relief. The man turned to her, ?are you all right??

    ?Yes, thank you very much,? she nodded her thanks to him.

    ?It?s generally not a good idea for a young girl like yourself to be wandering alone down here,? the man said, looking about for others, but they were alone.

    ?I realize that, Mr. uh...??

    ?Horn, Corran Horn.? He said, she smiled, the name sounded familiar but she still couldn?t make any connections. Oh well, it?d come to her sooner or later.

    ?Well, Mr. Horn, this may sounded strange, but I have no idea where I am. What planet is this??

    ?Coruscant, I think I better get you out of here, you seem to have amnesia.? Corran took her arm and began to lead her away. Julian?s intuition said to trust him, but she didn?t know where her friends where.

    ?Thank you, but I need to find-? she broke, the name Corran Horn and Coruscant had clicked in her brain. Her eyes widened. ?Oh my God...?

  4. Azeria_Jade

    Azeria_Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 3, 2001
    Crystal and Alora found themselves, as usual, in a dangerous situation. They were fleeing a group of red eyed beings, Crystal felt this wasn?t fair at all, it wasn't her fault they had fallen in the alien?s dinner. Beside her, Alora stumbled but kept going, the beings were so close behind them they could hear their snapping jaws. ?This is so not fair!? Crystal whined inside her head, ?the others are probably happy, safe and clean while we?re stuck running from yucky monsters!? The seventeen-year-old vowed to find a way to make the universe compensate for this.

    She swore she heard someone laugh.

    ?Look out!? Alora cried, and the two girl?s skidded to a halt, Crystal gulped. They had reached the end of a building, and down below, cars were flying. They turned around, the alien-things were snarling at them, and foaming at the mouth. Alora took her friend?s hand, ?Crys, I?ve got an idea,? she whispered.

    ?I hope it?s a good one, genius-girl,? Crystal muttered back, ?because this situation is rapidly becoming less and less desirable.?

    ?Okay then, hold on tight,? it was only as she jerked Crystal backwards, that it became known what she intended.

    ?No!? Crystal tried to cry, but it came out more as ?Noooowwwaaaaaa!?

    They fell.

    Zipping down past cars and startled drivers, the wind whipped at their hair and clothes, Crystal?s eyes stung. Then with a harsh jolt, they stopped and hovered in mid-air. Crystal moaned and closed her eyes, she had always hated heights.

    ?Alora, never ever do that again, okay?? she asked her friend, Alora giggled, then made a noise that sounded suspiciously like ?wee!? The air slid over Crystal and they began to fly, more slowly this time, through the sky. Against her better judgment, Crystal opened her eyes. Alora was looking around for a place to land, when she spotted someone.

    ?Crystal, look! It?s Soluya!? The young girl flew over to the building where the dark haired girl stood. Alora put Crystal gently down and then landed on the edge of the building wall. ?I?m just so incredible!?

    ?How modest,? Soluya growled, looking angry, but then, she always looked angry. ?You could have gotten yourselves killed!? Crystal looked up from kissing the ground and glared.

    ?Hey, I wasn?t the one who had the idea of doing the jump of death off a thousand story building.? Soluya snorted then looked back over her shoulder, their was a large glass bubble bulging up from the roof.

    ?There's some sort of meeting going on inside, I was thinking we could break in a find out where we are.? Crystal nodded, ?Yeah, and get ourselves caught and killed while we?re at it.?

    ?If you have a better idea?? Soluya crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow.

    ?I?m working on it pyro-girl,? Crystal clenched her teeth, Alora slipped between them sensing the familiar tension that seemed to always be between them.

    ?We could always knock on a door and ask for help?? She suggested, Soluya stared, then rolled her eyes.

    ?Fine, let?s do it that way then,? she waved her hand vaguely, ?the door?s over there.? there

    While this was happening, Crystal had sauntered over to the glass bubble and peered down inside it. Their was a fish being, a hairy-thing as well as two humans, standing and talking together. She smiled, the human male was pretty cute, but by the proximity between him and the human woman, they were probably going out, or married. He looked too old for her anyway. Hoping for a better view, she climbed on top of the bubble.

    ?Crystal!? Alora and Soluya rushed over to her, they grabbed at her feet, trying to pull her off and save her from doing something stupid.

    Too late.


    Leia Organa Solo sighed and glanced up at her husband Han, situations like these haunted her at night and made her think that the New Republic would never be able to stay together.

    ?It?s up to us to find a solution, ?she said to Ackbar and Fey?lya, ?help won?t just fall into our laps-? I can see what's coming!

    There was a loud crash and the glass ceiling shattered, falling down onto their

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    May 7, 2002
    woah..... this fanfic is so awesome!
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