Tidewater, VA Fantasci Prop Display Table

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by jediknight88, May 25, 2009.

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  1. jediknight88 Jedi Master

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    May 19, 2002
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    Hey hey people,

    It's me your friendly neighborhood Sith Lord!

    I will be making sure we get enough props and quality display items for the massive display we are going to put on at this years Fantasci!

    So post what you have available to bring and display. Please bring items that you feel comfortable displaying. I reccommend that all props be placed under class if possible. And again, please only post your high end quality display items. Since Fantasci is back, we want to present our display table professionally and and as high quality as possible.

    I will be bringing:

    1. Staff Lightsaber
    2. Boba Fett Armor
    3. Boba Fett Boots
    4. Boba Fett Jetpack
    5. Boba Fett Wookie Braids (New and Improved)
    6. Sith Holocron
    7. Sith Communicators
    8. Sith Holoprojectors
  2. Darth_Primus6 Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 13, 2007
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    I have the same usual crappy stuff(lol)

    2 light sabers
    2 comm links
    wrist comm
    light whip
    power cores
    display case
    storm trooperblaster (may be finished, or under construction)

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    Aug 12, 2005
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    shaak Ti saber
    A99 breather
    holo pojector
    padawan braid

  4. Boba_Fett_fanatic Jedi Youngling

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    Jun 3, 2009
    I will be bringing my R2-D2 trash can. It's pretty sweet because of all the detail and the fact that it can be used as a trash can.
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