Thriller Far Cry: An Island Survival Adventure

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    IC: Leon Dufort
    The Beach

    "Hey... " she said quietly at first, shaking Leon, "Hey, you need to wake up!" She was still panicking, and shook Leon harder.

    Leon awakened from his sleep. He'd had the craziest dream of his life. Worse than the time he'd stumbled through a bar in Cancun after taking some illicit substances. That had been in his youth. The wild days were gone now. He was a married man, a father of two, an ex-soldier, a man simply trying to get home.

    Sally had awakened him. Something was clearly off. She seemed stressed, anxious, and was pointing toward a footprint in the sand. Leon put on his glasses and sighed. He was still on this damned island. This place of fire. This place where souls went to die. He followed her animated gestures as his eyes settled on small footprints leading into the trees. Was this part of the noise he'd heard the other night when he'd gone in to the brush? Were there children here? Were there pygmies? He'd heard about those strange indigenous people from National Geographic.

    "Wonderful." Carrie murmured. "First, weird dreams, and now strange footprints."

    "This could be a trap," Leon muttered, "or it could be someone's sick idea of a joke. We're running out of supplies here on the beach. We will have to go inland at some point. The question we need to ask ourselves is do we all go in there together or do we send small groups in to do some reconnaissance?"

    He knew which option he'd pick.

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