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Farewell FanForce and TFN

Discussion in 'King of Prussia, PA' started by Calixte, Feb 29, 2004.

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  1. Calixte

    Calixte Jedi Youngling star 4

    May 3, 2002
    Well the decision has been made. Philly Outer Rim has discussed and voted to sever ties from our FanForce association. Given the current circumstances with 'elements of ownership' we've simply had enough of the drama, over-censoring of opinion and attitudes of folks who claim to love the same thing we love - Star Wars and all of the aspects of being a fan of the movies. We believe that our offline friendships are more important than a group of message boards. We believe that we will still be able to network and gain membership simply by being who we are with our own private website present on the Internet. We do not intend to abandon all of the wonderful friends we've made on TFN and we hope to see you at future events. To the Boston Rebels - we'd still like to maintain contact with you. You can find us on our website. :)

    Those of you we've done events with, we hope you'll still maintain contact with us. We are still a Star Wars fan club after all, and the world is big enough to give an independent club room to exist. Some of us will still be lurking around TFN from time to time, unless of course there is no TFN soon b/c of current circumstances. Please keep in touch.

    If anyone has questions, please feel free to email me privately at

    It was a good ride TFN. Glad we got our start here. But best for us to move on and leave the nest.

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