Lit Fate of the Jedi (9 Hardcover Series) General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Literature' started by THRAWN007, Jul 2, 2008.

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    I'm amenable to this option.
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    As I've now created an official sticky for Apocalypse, please take any discussion of spoilers or potential spoilers there.
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    I haven't posted on the boards in a while, but I have been speed reading the Fate of the Jedi series. Does anyone know of a thread on here or anywhere else that gives a spoiler list of deaths you can link me to? I'm near the beginning of "Allies"...It's been years since I decided I want to know ahead of time...
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    FOTJ round-up in the latest Insider has a bug Apocalypse spoiler, which I won't mention here, but it also shed some light on the previous novels.

    The "obscure Force-organization" of the month was intentional reference to Odyssey's journey. Abeloth's Cthulhoid appearance was also very much intentional. A sub-theme that was supposed to be less than obvious involves Luke grooming Ben into the next Grand Master of the Order because noone else seems fit - only to realize Ben has his own path and Luke himself had too many expectations of his future successor.

    There are also a lot of unused covers shows to us for the first time. We get two possible covers for Fate of the Jedi: The Crisis Erupts (written by FPO Author), a cover for Fate of the Jedi: Enter the Sith, a cover for Fate of the Jedi: Enigma and an alternate cover for Outcast.

    Pretty interesting, and the spoiler was the one I already managed to learn anyway.
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