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    The Multiverse is a vast place filled with heroes and villains. As an ancient war reignites itself, all will be forced to to take a side. The sides, and the reasons for the war will be answered as the War for the Fate of the Multiverse begins.
    Welcome to the Fate of the Multiverse, a Sandbox RP with a main story you can become involved in, or you can do whatever the Sith you want. You can be any character from Frodo Baggins to Darth Vader. Ever wanted to have Stormtroopers attack Hyrule, or Iron Man to duke it out with Boba Fett? This is the place to do it!

    About the Multiverse
    Simply put, the Multiverse is a collection of worlds of literally anything you can imagine. They are divided into four types: a universes, alternate universes, miniverses, and mash-up universes.

    A standard universe is one where the main established continuity exists. For instance, the Star Wars Canonverse is a standard universe, unfortunately for us.

    An alternate universe is when a specific point in a main universe has a differing outcome than the main continuity. Let's imagine that the Separatists won the Clone Wars instead of the Republic-turned-Empire. That is an alternate universe.

    A miniverse is used when a universe has several universes it has already crossed into, but has several different continuities. DC comics and Marvel have multiple Miniverses.

    A mash-up universe is simply when two different universes are mashed together. For instance, mashing Legend of Zelda with Star Wars could result in Link replacing Luke Skywalker, or combining Disney with DC could have Kim Possible become a Green Lantern.

    The Optional Main Story
    The ancient Rotaercs and Yortseds were basically the forgers of the Multiverse. In ancient times, they went to war for unknown reasons, which essentially wiped them out. But they had interbred with local beings in the Multiverse, creating half-breeds, or halflings.

    The Halflings are nowhere near as powerful as their ancestors, and aside from being born with knowledge on how to jump universes, they have the original race's abilities along with a special perk of your choosing. For instance, a Halfling that was half-Gungan would have the ability to breathe underwater as well as a perk of your choosing.

    WARNING!The groups do have a difference, which will be explained in-game, but if you look closely at the names, there is a hint or two, so choose wisely!

    The Rules
    1. My word is law.
    2. All RP laws apply here (Godmod, ect)
    3. Be respectful of your fellow players, even if they are RPing your mortal enemies.
    4. No killing other player characters unless authorized to do so.
    5. PM (Personal Message) all apps to me
    6. Character limit is six, with two factions.
    7. Fourth Wall breaking=not allowed
    8. Each post is at least one paragraph long
    9. I reserve the right to nerf/deny any character application I choose
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    A Bit on Arcs
    In this kind of RP, arcs that have been planned for weeks or in rare occasions, months, have been ruined by new players. Ruining an arc is in this RP called, "Sacking of Coruscant" in honor of one of the many times this has been done. We had planned on going to the Jedi Temple for advice, and a new player applied as the Daleks and invaded Coruscant. This is not technically a rule, but it is a necessary and proper sub-rule under Rule 3. I know that without fresh blood, or keyboards, RPing would grow old and stale, so I have come up with a fair compromise: Reserving arcs and who you wish to be involved if you wish for no one to ruin your planned arc. However, if you have not reserved it, I am not responsible for any ruined outcomes.
    Arc Application
    Name of Arc:
    Players, Characters Involved:
    Basic Plotline (You don't have to ruin the whole thing):

    Are new players allowed to hop in?
    Halflings Explained Further
    Halflings are the products of a member of one of the two ancient races (Yortseds or Rotaercs) interbreeding with other races (Humans, Gungans, ect.). Until the end of the first story arc, no one is capable of Multiverse Travel beyond miniverses but the Halflings. So, why be a Halfling if you can be someone cool? Halflings each have a unique perk of your choice in addition to traveling the Multiverse and having the powers of the secondary race.

    How your Halfling travels the Multiverse is up to you whether by thought, waving a hand, or whatever you want! The perk can be literally anything within reason from having a body made completely out of metal to having an ability to control expensive objects. The secondary race part is basically simple-if your Halfling is part Kryptonian, then he/she gets to go Superman-powered. If you're Halfling is half-Saiyan, then they go bananas when they see the moon. However, in the Character section, I have explained which races and characters are semi-banned.
    Time is Crazy
    If you want to use Darth Vader while someone else wants to use Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars, and another using Padawan Anakin, that it totally cool because each one has different sets of knowledge, skills, experiences, and abilities. However, if you want to use Han Solo in his prime, and someone else already is, you can't. However, you can use Young or Old Han.

    Multiversal Travel
    You all are probably wondering how to travel the Multiverse. It's really easy. After the First Arc in the Story, Multiverse Travel is open. You literally can do it however you want, except via technology with the exception of Miniverses. Only Halflings can travel throughout the universes freely.

    For those of you with little imaginations, ask yourself how media does it. In Narnia, a Wardrobe works. In Alice in Wonderland, a Rabbithole does the job. Anything is possible. Use your imagination!

    Factions are either a group of people working as a team or a governmental organization exerting military control over an area, hence the name Team or Military Factions. The Ghost Crew would be a Team Faction, and the 501st would be a Military Faction.

    Now, there is one type of faction banned-Superfactions-which is divided into two types: Multiversal Superfactions and Natural Superfactions. Generally, Superfactions are multiple factions joined in one faction, for instance joining the Empire with Mordor is a Multiversal Superfaction. A Natural Superfaction is when a normal faction is taken to it's logical extreme. Applying for the Republic allows control of the Jedi, the Senate, the Chancellor, all of the Republic Armies, Republic worlds, ect. That is too much power for one player to wield, but controlling one unit of the republic-like the 501st, is not a big deal. The idea is not to control the most area, but to interact with one another.

    There are two other rules for factions: all major leaders should have a character application and each military faction is not allowed more than one million soldiers, unit or not. The applications won't affect your roster, but it will show me that you don't just want power.

    Faction Application
    Type of Faction:

    History of Faction (two paragraphs minimum):
    Number of members/soldiers:

    Important Members and their roles:

    (If Military Faction, continue)
    Basic Soldier and equipment:
    Specialist soldiers and their equipment:
    Vehicles used:
    Technology used:

    Universe Application
    This application should clarify alternate universes, mash-up universes, OC universes, ect. That way, nobody is confused.

    If Alternate or Mash-up Universe, which universe(s) is this one stemming from?
    Describe the Universe (two paragraphs minimum): Suggestions include technology, important events, ect. If it's an alternate universe, explain the different outcome and it's effects. If Mash-up universe, explain what's the same or different. (Delete this paragraph)


    Now, we get to the important part: Characters. Before you fill out an app for that Kryptonian or Saiyan, I will say that using them is on a trial base. If you are being unfair, I will use a three strikes policy before kicking you. If continued abuse of those kinds of characters occurs, I will ban them from the RP.

    There are two banned powerlevel in this RP: Reality Busters and Galaxy Busters. Having either of these is totally unfair because in the RB case, it allows free reign of Godmod. Galaxy Busters dwarf almost everyone else in size. Remember: the RP is not about powers, but interaction.

    There is one power banned in all cases but two: mind control in any form. The exceptions are, as follows, with consent and importance to the story, and when used on an NPC.

    Character Application
    Appearance: (Description or Image)

    Halfling?(Y or N):
    Race (if halfling, put the other half):
    If halfling, name the perk:

    Universe of Origin:
    Personality (A paragraph minimum):
    D&D Alignment:

    Bio (Two Paragraphs Minimum):
    Powers and Skills:

    Anything they have that they can't carry:
    Random Facts (three minimum):

    Theme Song (Optional):

    And, the RP's theme song:
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    GM Approved!

    Name: Han Solo
    Gender: Male
    Halfling (Y or N): No
    Race (If halfling, state other half): Human
    Age: 31
    Universe of Orgin: Star Wars Saga
    Personality:Known for his cockiness and dry wit, Han liked to exude the exterior of a man who was only looking out for himself and his love of money. It was only after hanging around him for a time, and in turn, earning his trust, that individuals began to discover that he truly had a heart of gold. He was loyal to those he considered friends and proved to be thoroughly grounded in his ideals. But despite these qualities, he also had a bit of a reckless streak, which prevented him from staying in one place for too long and made him somewhat unpredictable.
    D&D Alignment: Chaotic neutral
    Bio: Very little is known of Han Solo’s past. Having left his homeworld of Corellia behind, Han became a spice smuggler under the employ of Jabba the Hutt to make ends meet. Along with his co-pilot and partner, the Wookiee Chewbacca (who had sworn a life debt to Solo), Han traversed the galaxy in search of adventure and a better way of life. This, of course, did not come without its consequences. During a routine run, Solo was forced to dump his shipment of spice after an Imperial patrol intercepted and boarded his ship. While he was able to thwart the Imperial threat, the spice had been lost. As a result, he found himself owing Jabba the Hutt a lot of money to make up for the lost investment. This incident would permanently sour the working relationship between Solo and the Hutt going forward.

    Fortunately for Solo, his luck seemed to have changed when he agreed to charter an old man, a farm boy and two droids to Alderaan in a last-ditch effort to collect the funds he needed to repay his debts. But instead of a reprieve, Han got more than he bargained for when he found himself caught up in the middle of the war between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. After reluctantly helping to rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star, he briefly fought in the Battle of Yavin, where Luke Skywalker destroyed the dreaded super weapon with a well-placed torpedo shot. This victory ensured that Solo would always have a place within the Alliance.

    But despite the offer, Han remained hesitant to fully commit himself to the cause, especially with the threat of Jabba's bounty hunters always looming over his head. While he continued to remain with the group and offered his assistance where needed, his debt to the Hutt continued to haunt him. He would need to find a means to pay him off…and soon.
    Skills and Powers: Han was an exceptional pilot with one of the fastest draws in the galaxy. While he had a penchant for getting himself into trouble, he almost always found a way to either talk himself out of the situation or slip away unscathed by using unorthodox methods. In this sense, luck was certainly on his side. Han was also fluent in several alien languages, including Shyriiwook, Huttese and Rodenese, to name a few. He was also a fairly decent mechanic, having made several of his own modifications to his ship, the Millennium Falcon. In addition, he also had an affinity for Sabacc and other games of chance.
    Weakness(es): At times, Han is so confident in his own abilities, that he refuses to accept help or listen to the advice of others. This lack of judgment has proven to be a detriment in tight situations in the past, and no doubt, will continue to be a problem in the future. As an aside, it also makes him come across as argumentative and extremely self-centered. In addition, Han is also overly-protective of his property, particularly his ship; it has reached the point where he is hesitant to allow anyone else to pilot or tinker with her systems. Finally, Han has an irrational fear of bugs or any kind of insectoid species.
    Equipment:Modified DL-44 blaster pistol; gun belt and holster; droid caller; vibroblade concealed in boot; comlink
    Anything they have that they can't carry: Modified YT-1300 Corellian Light Freighter (the Millennium Falcon)
    Random Facts (three minimum):
    – managed to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs
    – raced swoops and other small craft in his youth
    – won his ship, the Millennium Falcon, from fellow smuggler and close friend Lando Calrissian in a Sabacc tournament
    – dislikes droids and prefers to work without them
    – has a habit of loosening the nuts and bolts around the Falcon to determine how the ship is performing
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    Faction Application
    Name: Vader’s Crew
    Type of Faction: Team
    History of Faction:
    Beset by rivals vying for his position as the Emperor's Right Hand, Vader joined forces with the rogue archeologist Doctor Aphra, the Protocol Droid Triple-Zero, and the astromech Droid Bee-Tee-One. Together, they put the droid factories on Geonosis back into production to create an army of unwavering loyalty, and discovered the identity of the pilot who destroyed the Death Star, Luke Skywalker.
    Number of members/soldiers:
    Leader: Darth Vader
    Important Members and their roles:
    Triple-Zero (Torture Specialist and Translator)
    BT-1 (Weaponized Astromech)
    Doctor Aphra (Investigator)
    Homebase: Executor
    Name: Darth Vader/Anakin Skywaker
    Gender: Male
    Halfling?(Y or N): N
    Race (if halfling, put the other half): Human/Cyborg
    If halfling, name the perk:
    Age: 42
    Universe of Origin: Star Wars Canonverse
    Personality (A paragraph minimum):
    Vader is an utterly ruthless, merciless enforcer to the Emperor. He holds much disdain for failure, on occasion executing his own officers. He buries the memories of what he once was deep within him, deeming his former self weak. He is quiet, impatient, and impulsive.
    D&D Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Bio (Two Paragraphs Minimum):
    Vader was born Anakin Skywalker, a slave. Growing up serving Watto helped his skill with fixing things and his love for podracing. Little occurred until Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-wan Kenobi arrived on the planet requiring parts to repair their ship. The Jedi bet Watto that Skywalker would win the race and he did. Sadly, Qui-Gon died before he could make good on his promise to train the boy. Instead, he was apprenticed by Obi-wan Kenobi, and the two grew a long brotherly friendship.

    Ten years later, he was tasked to protect Senator Padme Amidala of Naboo, whom he also met on Tatooine, from assassins after two botched attempts on her life while his Master searched for the man hiring the assassins. It turned out that all was planned by Count Dooku, leader of the Confederacy of Independent States, sparking the beginning of the Clone Wars, lasting three years. He married Amidala after the First Battle of Genosis

    Skywalker was involved in many campaigns in the Clone Wars such as the Battle of Christophsis, Ryloth, Bothawui, Kaliida, Saleucami, First and Second battles in Felucia, Mon Cala, Lola Sayu, and Cato Neimodia. Alongside him fought his detatchment of Clone Troopers, the 501st, and his apprentice, Ahsoka Tano. He was known for his reckless attitude, but he never risked his life without risking theirs, too.

    In the final stages of the Clone Wars, he was assigned to rescue the kidnapped Chancellor Palapatine. He duelled Count Dooku, and on Palapatine’s urging, killed him. He landed the ship safely, saving himself, Obi-wan, and his Master.

    He trusted Palapatine with all of his secrets, including his marriage. Palapatine later revealled himself to be the Sith Lord, claiming he was the only way Anakin could save Padme. Anakin betrayed the Jedi Order, and became Darth Vader. One of the survivors of Order 66 was his former Master, Obi-wan, who duelled him on Mustafar, dealing many injuries. The injuries caused him only to be able to survive in his robotic suit.

    Vader has been the Emperor’s weapon since Mustafar. He has been destroying Rebels, heading the Death Star, and killing off the Emperor’s rivals. Lately, since the destruction of the Death Star, Vader has been blamed by his Master for the destruction of the superweapon.
    Powers and Skills:
    Vader is proficient in several Lightsaber forms, but due to his suit, he must use Form V. He can also feel things through the Force and has Force visions on occasion. He is strong enough with his Telekenisis to tear apart an AT-AT. His Force Push is strong enough to tear apart lyeck skin, which is particularly resistant to blaster bolts. He can use a Force-Enhanced Jump. He has been an excellent pilot since the Clone Wars, and is an excellent mechanic. He is proficient in the Ancient Sith, Huttese, Bith, and Basic.
    In a physical sense, his weakness is his suit. Due to the injuries given to him by Obi-wan Kenobi, he cannot survive for an extended amount of time without it. When wearing his suit, it makes his movements slow and bulky.

    Personality-wise, he is emotionally conflicted. Desiring to serve the emperor, he is perpetually haunted by his past, when he killed his own wife with his hand. He detests his past, deeming it weakness, and prefers not to talk about it. He frequently uses action to hide his feelings. He fears his son, not due to his strength in the Force, nor his lightsaber skills, but the fact that Luke Skywalker reminded him of his wife, and made him question things he had believed about the Dark Side for years.
    Vader carries very little with him. He wears his armor whenever he is out and about, which allows for him to survive in the most harsh conditions. At his belt, his lightsaber is stationed, ready for when he wishes to use it.
    Anything they have that they can't carry:
    Lambda T-4a shuttle equipped with 5 laser cannons, hyperdrive, and a deflector shield
    Random Facts (three minimum):
    He killed his wife
    He has no father; many theories say that the Force is his father
    He knew he was going to become Vader long before he did
    Theme Song: Imperial March

    Name: Doctor Aphra
    Gender: Female

    Halfling?(Y or N):N
    Race (if halfling, put the other half): Human
    If halfling, name the perk:
    Age: 30
    Universe of Origin: Star Wars Canonverse
    Personality (A paragraph minimum):
    Doctor Aphra is a quick-thinking, backtalking girl with luck to match Han Solo. She is impulsive and cynical. She is uncompassionate, and is not above playing dirty. She is also prone to risk-taking.
    D&D Alignment: True Neutral
    Bio (Two Paragraphs Minimum):
    Aphra grew up in a frontier forest world with her mother during the Clone Wars. Raiders attempted to steal everything, and once prompted to run, she did, but came back with a cannon of some sort, killing the raiders. It did not prevent her mother’s death.

    Her interest in old weapons and droids followed her to adulthood, and she became an archeologist and technician. She went to prison for unknown crimes, but didn’t stay long. She eventually got on terms with the Droid Gota, a group of droids that refused to go dormant after the Separatists ordered the droid shutdown.

    She eventually met Darth Vader, who hired her to assist him in building a personal droid army using the dormant factory on Geonosis. She also helped Vader discover that he had rivals for his seat as the Emperor’s Apprentice.
    Powers and Skills:
    Aphra knows how to reprogram droids. She is a good pilot, and an excellent planner. She knows where to find information.
    Her risk-taking can lead to disastrous consequences. She tends to be unaware of her surroundings on occasion. Her attitude has often times made her many enemies.
    DH-17 Blaster
    Anything they have that they can't carry:
    Her ship, the Ark Angel
    Random Facts (three minimum):
    She has a history with Sana Starros
    She hangs out with a bunch of CIS droids
    She had to steal Triple-Zero’s personality matrix

    Name: Regina/the Evil Queen
    Gender: Female
    Halfling?(Y or N): N
    Race (if halfling, put the other half):
    If halfling, name the perk:
    Age: 30s
    Universe of Origin:
    Once Upon a Time-Enchanted Forest Realm
    Personality:The Queen knows what she wants and is determined to get it, no matter what it costs. She is merciless, cruel, and cunning. She is very sarcastic, overdramatic, and exaggerative. She is cold, and calculating. She prefers fear above all other weapons.
    D&D Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Bio (Two Paragraphs Minimum):
    Evil is never born; it’s made. None illustrates this more than the Evil Queen. All her life, Regina has been modeling clay that would later harden as the Evil Queen.

    Early in life, Regina was born to Cora and Prince Henry. While Cora wished Regina would act like a lady, Regina had none of it. She wished for nothing but to be herself. All of that changed when she rescued a girl on a runaway horse. That girl was Snow White. The two took an instant liking to one another and Snow’s recently widowed father, the King, decided to marry Regina. Regina had little to say in the matter.

    Regina decided to run away with her true love rather than be trapped in a loveless marriage. She managed to convince Snow to keep the secret, but Cora was persuasive. She tricked Snow into telling her where Regina was, then proceeded to rip out the heart of the man Regina loved, and crush it right in front of her eyes. Regina was then forced to marry the King.

    Her disdain for her mother grew, and eventually, opportunity knocked. Acquiring her mother’s spellbook, which is how Cora kept her from running off, she called out for Rumplestiltskin, the greatest wizard in all the realms. He appeared to her and she told him of her plight. He gave her a magic mirror, which led to Wonderland. All she had to do was push her mother in. She did so, but determined never to use magic again.

    Sadly, this was untrue. She believed that magic could bring back her love, who was killed by Cora. Rumplestiltskin, with the help of Doctor Frankenstien, faked an attempt to bring back the dead. However, he did convince her that it was good to have power.

    Regina determined to use her newfound power to exact revenge on Snow White. Everyone loved Snow White more, even than her “husband.” He always spent more and more time with his daughter. Finally, she devised a plan to kill him. She acted as if she were in love with another man, and her husband locked her in her room. Tricking a genie into releasing Agrabah Vipers into the King’s bed, she became the ruling monarch. The genie, thinking he did this for love, was disappointed, but then used a wish that had been bestowed upon him to, “be with her forever, look upon her face always, never to leave her side.” He wasn’t careful what he wished for, because he found himself trapped in the pocket mirror at Regina’s side.

    With her husband dead, she was the sole leading monarch in the kingdom. Snow White had no idea the Queen was trying to kill her. The Queen sent the Huntsman after her, who let Snow White go, but lost his heart to the Queen, who ripped it out of his chest and used it to control him. Many attempts were made on Snow’s life, but each time the girl would slip through her fingers. Determined to take Snow White’s heart, she will never give up until it is in her hands.
    Powers and Skills:
    She knows magic; her main technique is to use a fireball
    She can rip out someone’s heart with magic
    Turning stuff into stone
    Elemental manipulation
    Mirror Magic-allows her to spy on/communicate using her mirrors
    Weak sleeping curse
    Healing with magic
    Can take voices using magic
    Can make people forget things through a Forgetting Potion
    Can turn things into wood
    Locating Spell
    Water Creation
    Plant Manipulation
    Can use protection spell
    Can use blood magic
    Power-wise, she is unable to break the laws of magic: raising the dead, changing the past, or force someone to fall in love.
    There is yet one more thing about magic she can fall privy to: the price. All magic comes at a terrible price that you must pay. Personality-wise, Regina’s determination can backfire, and she tends to underestimate her opponents.
    She carries a rapier, a spellbook, her magic mirror containing the trapped Genie
    Anything they have that they can't carry:
    She’s got a castle, and her brewing table
    Random Facts (three minimum):
    Her sister is the Wicked Witch of the West
    She controls the Huntsman
    She pretended to be Ursula the Sea Witch

    Character Application
    Name: Darth Vitiosus
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (Description or Image)
    Without Armor:
    Halfling?(Y or N): Y
    Race (if halfling, put the other half): Time Lord
    If halfling, name the perk: Aside from the standard halfling procedures, her perk is that she has a deeper connection to the Force, and can use it to forcibly concoct visions of anything she wishes to see as long as it is in the present and that vision is in that specific universe
    Age: 35
    Universe of Origin: Doctor Who
    Personality (A paragraph minimum):
    As she is part Time Lord, she has gone through regenerations, causing her appearance and personality to change. Currently, she is insightful, logical, reasonable, and rarely foolable. She is also deceitful, cautious, crafty, vicious and willful.
    D&D Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Bio (Two Paragraphs Minimum):
    Growing up not knowing her parents nor her name, on the planet of Dromund Kaas, she started stealing to survive. She was nicknamed “Harpy” on the street due to her obnoxious. One day, when she was ten she attempted to steal from the wrong person: a Sith Lord. Naturally, he pursued her and caught her, but then she did something unexpected. The threats of torture he spewed as he dragged her body with a flick of his wrist caused something inside of her to snap, and she threw her arms forward, throwing the Sith Lord at least twenty feet. She ran off that day, but the Sith pursued When he finally found her, he promised her power and revenge against those who wronged her, if she would only give into the Dark Side and become his apprentice. She accepted.

    After accepting, it became clear that she was not the only one the Dark Lord of the Sith was eyeing. At least a dozen other children between the ages of six and thirteen were also recruited. Through various tasks and challenges, the numbers whittled down as many of the children did not return for the next task as each one was increasingly more difficult than the prior. A few of the children were killed in front simply for returning without the completed task.

    As the tasks increased in difficulty, so did the competition between the acolytes. Realizing that only one would survive, many of the weaker recruits banded together against the stronger ones. Harpy had none of it, and in fact, made sure she was one of the last to complete the task, though she knew full well that she could have done it in a tenth of the time it took for the other acolytes.

    Eventually, when three acolytes remained, they were taken to an outdoor arena. Each was given a vibroblade. The Sith Lord announced to them that they would fight to the death, and the winner would be his apprentice. Almost instantly, the other two acolytes were hacking at one another, but Harpy sat in an isolated corner of the arena and waited. But after a few minutes of fighting, the other two acolytes realized she was playing them for fools and attacked her. She attempted to fight back, but was disarmed almost immediately. Instead of running, she stood still and fought with even more ferocity. Leaping on the back of the nearest opponent, she clawed his eyes out before ripping the blade from his hand and stabbing him with it. The final opponent attempted to surrender, but used it only as a ploy to lure her in. Just before he struck her down, she threw him across the arena with the Force. She then marched over to him with a cruel smile on her face before stabbing him.

    Dubbing her, Darth Vitiosus, the Sith Lord sent her on many tasks, using her to humiliate and crush his rivals. Her master was on the Council, and wished one day to become more than a Council Member. When he had used her for all purposes he planned, he betrayed her, and began planning to set himself up as Emperor. He made the mistake of not killing her personally. As is the way of the Sith, once the apprentice surpasses the Master, the Master is killed. And Vitiosus tormented her former Master so much, that his body was not even recognizable. Thus became she a Sith Lord.

    After many years as a Sith Lord, Vitiosus met a man claiming he was her father. He fell to his knees and begged her forgiveness. He told her that not only was she not human, she was half-Yortsed and half-Time Lord. He told her of the Yortsed’s responsibility, and his quest to restore the galaxy. He told her of his ability to travel worlds, and that she could join him in his quest. In response, she beheaded him.

    Combining her newfound knowledge with the Force, she tried it, and disappeared from the Sith Empire completely. She is currently travelling the universe performing her father’s quest alone.
    Powers and Skills:
    Force Choke
    Force Lightning
    Dark Illusion
    Force Destruction
    Drain Force
    Lightning Storm
    Force Maelstrom
    Force Rage
    Force Slow
    Regeneration (12 left)
    Time Lord physiology

    If you stop her hearts before she regenerates, or take one of them, she can’t regenerate. She also relies more on her allies than her own strength.
    Dual lightsabers, armor
    Anything they have that they can't carry:
    Random Facts (three minimum):
    Vitiosus means vicious
    She prefers to work in the shadows
    Can change her gender in regeneration

    Name: Idan
    Gender: Male
    Halfling?(Y or N): Y
    Race (if halfling, put the other half): Rotearc/Firebender
    If halfling, name the perk:
    He can exceed in firebending beyond anyone in his world. He can turn any weapon into a flaming one.
    Age: 25
    Universe of Origin: Avatar: TLA
    Personality (A paragraph minimum):
    Idan is hot-headed, arrogant, naive, and stubborn. He is also casual and amusing. Finally, he is optimistic, cheerful, simple, and clever.
    D&D Alignment: Neutral Good
    Bio (Two Paragraphs Minimum):
    Idan was born and raised in the Fire Nation. As he lived closer to the fighting, and rumors began circulating that the Earth Nation was pushing back, his mother took him as a six year old to another world. In this world, there was no war, no bending, and no Earth Nation. In fact, they came to stay there until it was safe. But little creatures wielding various bending skills existed. They were called, “Pokemon”

    When he turned ten, he was able to obtain the Pokemon Trainer License. Realizing he could master all the elements, and not just one, he chose the Water Type Pokemon, Squirtle, as his first Pokemon. From then on, he trained his Pokemon, battled trainers, and defeated gym after gym.

    Five years passed, and he was becoming well-known throughout the region. As was his tradition after traveling a region, he returned home to his mother. When he returned, he saw that not only his mother was there, but also his father. His joy turned to grief when he discovered he was not only to return to the Fire Nation, but also join the war. He was also told that his Pokemon could not join him in the war. Instead, they would stay hidden on the massive metal vessel that took them to the Pokemon world.

    The only comfort that Idan took was that he would serve alongside his father and that General Iroh, firstborn son of the Firelord was his commander. Many battles were fought, and most were won. All was well, and when the Siege of Ba Sing Se occured, Idan and his father were right in the center of it during the 600 day siege.

    On the final day, Idan’s father fell. As he lay dying, he told his son of his powers, and more importantly of the ship that could travel worlds. Idan now lives in a secluded area of the mountain, where his ship lies, living in peace with his Pokemon.
    Powers and Skills:
    Multiverse Knowledge
    When he gets stubborn, he won’t listen to advice from anyone. Not only that, but his tomfoolery and hot-headedness can get him into trouble.
    Equipment: He carries his pokemon team with him.
    He only has seventeeen Pokemon: Clefable, Klinklang, Alola Meowth, Duskull, Dragonair, Butterfree, Beartic, Sudowoodo, Raichu, Arbok, Simisage, Pidgeot, Blastoise, Hitmontop, Rapidash, and Miltank.
    He also has Mega Evolution Stones.
    Anything they have that they can't carry: CATHERINE (Computer Automated Traveling Headquarters Everywhere Innovatively Needing Energy)
    Random Facts (three minimum):
    He’s been to every region in the Pokemon World
    He has beaten a Pokemon League Tournament
    He has fought in over a dozen battles

    Name: Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr.
    Gender: Male
    Halfling?(Y or N): N
    Race (if halfling, put the other half): human
    Age: 35
    Universe of Origin: Indiana Jones
    Personality (A paragraph minimum):
    Indy is seemingly cynical and hard-hearted at first glance. He does maintain a sense of compassion, honor, and integrity. He is also materialistic, and will fight dirty when meant to.
    D&D Alignment: Neutral Good
    Bio (Two Paragraphs Minimum):
    Indy has travelled all throughout the world with his father, Doctor Henry Jones Senior. Even as a toddler, he has been from Africa to Europe, even meeting the famous Theodore Roosevelt in his travels. As he grew older, he still travelled with his father. Eventually, they moved to Utah, where Indy became a Boy Scout.

    Indy was given his inspiration in life when he stole the Cross of Cornando from a group of treasure hunters. He was forced to surrender the treasure, but gave them such a challenge that one of them gave Indy his fedora. From that day on, Indy dreamed of finding relics and placing them in museums.

    Indy has found many relics while hunted by many enemies. He has survived plane crashes, Nazis, being tortured by a voodoo doll, and a closed up tomb. He has found the Ark of the Covenant, along with many other artifacts.
    Powers and Skills:
    Knows 27 different languages
    Brief Martial Artist
    Expert in Hand to Hand
    Pretty women
    Gets himself wrapped into troubles he can barely escape
    Random Facts (three minimum):
    He had an affair with his mentor’s daughter who was a child at the time
    He really hates Nazis
    He fought in both world wars