Amph Fave Characters in Fiction Lit.

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    As of recently: Thursday Next :p
  2. Arwen Sith Jedi Master

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    There are so many!

    Weyrwoman Moreta (6th Pass Pern)
    FitzChivalry Farseer
    Anne Shirley/Blythe
    Brainship Hypatia Cade
  3. HandofSkywalker86 Jedi Master

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    A Song of Ice and Fire
    Jon Snow
    Brandon Stark (Bran)
    Neddard Stark
    Daenyris Targ
    Caitlin Stark

    Prince of Nothing
    Ansurimbor Kellhus (Probably my favorite overall)

    Pug ConDoin
    Arutha ConDoin
    Macros the Black
    Mara Acoma
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